New Update Process: Introducing Release Candidate Viewers!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

We’re changing our release process for Second Life viewers that we think everyone will benefit from. Going forward, optional viewer updates containing the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features — referred to as Release Candidates — will be available for public testing against the Second Life Grid before being released as the primary viewer download. The Second Life 1.18.3 Release Candidate viewer includes 65 bug fixes and is now available for download from the optional downloads page.

In the past, we offered beta viewers for testing against the Beta Grid, but given that these could not be used for daily tasks, they did not receive a tremendous amount of attention unless coupled with a new feature only available on the Beta Grid. Given our emphasis on shipping fixes and with Message Liberation behind us, this doesn’t get upcoming viewer releases the sort of attention they deserve. In addition, we know that Residents have mixed feelings about the “Optional Update” alert, given that they may not have had the opportunity to test the new release in advance.

To accommodate this, before an updated Second Life viewer is released as an update, we’ll post the final build as a “Release Candidate” (RC) which can be installed side-by-side with the regular SL viewer (much like a First Look viewer). If blocking bugs are found in the RC, we’ll fix them and update the RC until it’s stabilized, at which point the same code will be made available as an (optional) viewer update. This is your opportunity to test out our soon-to-be released viewers — BEFORE they are the primary download — and let us know about anything we may have missed during our internal testing. We believe that this will benefit both Residents who want to be on the “cutting edge”, and also make the transition process to future versions a smoother one.

The current, stable production viewer will (continue to) be available from the main download page, but optional viewer updates containing the latest round of bug fixes and/or soon-to-be-released new features will be available from this optional downloads page. Also, we’ll continue to release First Look viewers, which give Residents a sneak peak at themed sets of features (like WindLight) well before they’re ready for prime time. If you’re confused, the main difference is that a Release Candidate, like its name implies, is a lot closer to having its changes included in the main viewer than a First Look, which requires much more testing.

NOTE: If you choose to use the Release Candidate viewer, you will NOT be automatically notified in the viewer when the Release Candidate viewer becomes the primary viewer download, so please refer to this blog, the main download page, or simply use (more info) to get the newest main viewer version.

The Second Life 1.18.3 Release Candidate viewer includes 65 bug fixes and is available for download here. Please report any issues you find with our Release Candidate viewer in the Issue Tracker and set the “Affects Version/s” to 1.18.3.

Thanks for your help improving the Second Life viewer and experience!

Complete Release Notes follow…

Release Notes for Second Life 1.18.3(2) August 27, 2007

* Altered beacon behavior
** The beacon shaft is always drawn
** The arrow is drawn if the lateral distance to the location being tracked is less than your view distance
** The text appears if the total distance to the location being tracked is less than your view distance
* Changed Bug Reporting links to http:// instead of https://
* Build mode no longer automatically turns on beacons
* Removed ‘Ping User’ in statistics window (was returning 0, as userserver no longer exists)
* Removed ‘Open’ menu option when clothing is selected (as ‘Wear’ is available)
* Added minimize button to Inventory

LSL changes:
* Ability to get details about an object by object key:
** list llGetObjectDetails(key id, list params)
*** id = the key of the object to get info about.
*** params = a list of the object details requested: [OBJECT_NAME, OBJECT_OWNER]
*** returns a list of values in the order requested: [ “Object_Name”, <the UUID key of the owner>]
**** OBJECT_UNKNOWN_DETAIL Returned by llGetObjectDetails when passed an invalid object parameter type.
**** OBJECT_NAME Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s name.
**** OBJECT_DESC Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s description.
**** OBJECT_POS Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s position.
**** OBJECT_ROT Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s rotation.
**** OBJECT_VELOCITY Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s velocity.
**** OBJECT_OWNER Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s owner’s key. Will be NULL_KEY if group owned.
**** OBJECT_GROUP Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s group’s key.
**** OBJECT_CREATOR Used with llGetObjectDetails to get an object’s creator’s key.

Bug fixes:
* Fixed inworld map region search failing if a space is included after the region name
* Fixed Appearance editor preview squares after changing tabs
* Fixed a bug with LODs for sculpted prims
* Fixed flexy causes llTargetOmega child objects to not rotate
* Fixed an incorrect Support link
* Fixed clipboard capture on login screen’s config info
* Fixed web browser widget shows up blank when connecting via https
* Fixed doubleclicking text entry fields should select a single word first, then the entire field
* Fixed items renamed from Recent Items not displaying the correct name in All Items
* Fixed physical memory calls with more than 4GB of memory
* Fixed viewer crash by clicking Connect button repeatedly
* Fixed crash in viewer when receiving bad HUD Effects
* Fixed a Linux client crash
* Fixed client on 64-bit Linux systems that cannot find their GL drivers
* Improved Linux client threading
* Improved client performance after closing an inventory folder with a large number of items
* CID-633: Possible string overflow (and generally lame code)
* CID-634: Possible string overflow (and generally lame code)
* CID-639: Possible use of uninitialized mouse co-ordinates
* CID-641: LLToolGrab::onMouseCaptureLost() doesn’t check that projectPosAgentToScreen succeeded
* CID-698: LLFloaterTexturePicker::isDirty() is not correctly overriding ancestor
* SVC-300: Spam upon TP out of Help Island Public, per calling card and landmark
* VWR-1079: Group Notice dialog: message text can’t be copied and pasted
* VWR-1187: Profile > Classifieds tab shows confirmation dialog when no changes are made
* VWR-1225: Embedded notecards not functioning
* VWR-1230: Text highlighting in Chat History window is cancelled when history scrolls
* VWR-1372: Sculpt prim topology reverts to sphere unexpectedly
* VWR-1398: Appearance editor’s previews do not render correctly (1.17.2)
* VWR-1460: Can not see permissions of objects in Buy Contents window when item has long name
* VWR-1564: Viewer crashes when started with the “-local” argument.
* VWR-1566: An attempt to fix the glDrawRangeElements crashes (refcount LLDrawInfo )
* VWR-1567: Change the default item name for “snapshot to inventory” to something more usefull than “snapshot”
* VWR-1638: confused viewer – displays login and regular menus and buttons
* VWR-1640: login retires cause LLFrameStatView::setup() to seg fault
* VWR-1647: “Show end of last IM conversation” in Preferences/Communication automatically remains checked after OK-ing unchecked
* VWR-1699: Sculpt map preview inaccurate
* VWR-1714: Folders flashing in Inventory window with Filters and ‘Always show folders’ checked
* VWR-1721: GUI quirk in groups
* VWR-1722: Profiles are editable in two places (including Search browser)
* VWR-1736: Add a Invite to Group option to the Avatar Pie Menu
* VWR-1743: LLFloaterGroups source code inconsistencies
* VWR-1761: Group Invite Suggestion–add ‘view group info’ to invite dialog box
* VWR-1808: Possible crash in llviewerobjectlist
* VWR-1823: Bad typecast for 64 bit systems, llagent llfloatercustomize
* VWR-1861: Renaming items in inventory folders does not update item sort order
* VWR-1872: An attempt to fix the “empty inventory trash” crashes
* VWR-1880: Modify “Ctrl-F” to call Search/Replace Dialog when invoked inside Script Window
* VWR-1891: Detect a Debian bulid-host, as is done for Fedora
* VWR-1892: Use pkgconfig for more libraries in the standalone build
* VWR-1942: An error in the do-while example of the LSL Scripting Guide could cause infinite looping.
* VWR-1951: Hide Particles is not working from the View > Beacons menu item
* VWR-1968: Possible crash in llmultigesture.cpp
* VWR-1976: Solaris’ fprintf segfaults on NULL arguments
* VWR-1987: Segfault on startup if audio doesn’t initialize.
* VWR-2036: Build tools floater does not remember its position on restart
* VWR-2144: Client crashes when deleting unsaved gestures
* VWR-2152: Possible crash in llviewerobjectlist
* VWR-240: Cannot input Japanese characters from keyboard on Linux
* VWR-423: Selecting group charter text causes Apply/Ignore/Cancel popup even if the text wasn’t changed
* SVC-493: Objects with “Linden” in their name can’t be muted
* VWR-493: Statistics bar, Packet Loss: % sign is doubled
* VWR-749: Bandwidth indicator: Kbps, should not have capital k
* VWR-819: Open the “More>>” section of the edit tools by default and persist it across sessions
* VWR-866: Sculpties suffer HORRIBLY from JPEG artifacts
* VWR-942: logRanOffEndOfPacket is too terse when it logs packet data, add some more info

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142 Responses to New Update Process: Introducing Release Candidate Viewers!

  1. Vahn Dagger says:

    I just downloaded it. Lovely viewer and great fixes all around. Looks like you’re living up to your promise to focus on bugs. ^^

  2. SAYWHAT! says:


  3. blaze hienrichs says:

    sounds like a good idea 🙂

  4. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Now this i like. Sounds like a real step forward. Well done

  5. Amanda Ascot says:

    Finally! I’ve been calling for just this procedure for months — almost a half-year’s worth of months in fact. Could it be that somebody is actually listening?

    This is wonderful news, Bridie. I’d like to hug you, kiss you, and give you some of my freshly-baked chocolate-chip cookies — not necessarily in that order! This will finally make it possible to test bug fixes under the load of a stressed Grid, and it’s pretty easy to find it stressed out any more.

    What *does* concern me is the sheer number of bug fixes in this release, though. I’d rather see fewer changes more often. Bug fixes can break things that were OK. Changes can interact in ways that are unpredictable in complex systems. This has the potential for causing a lot of very difficult to track down problems. Still, it’s a positive step, and I applaud it.

  6. CrimsonWings Eun says:

    looks good, thanks for all the bug reports residents

  7. Jessicka Graves says:

    Stop updating. Fix the game. Get rid of age verification, a very small, handful of Second Life wants it, you only allow 100-150 comments, and most of them are AGAINST verification. You say you are trusting us, but you are implicating a process that proves how much you distrust us to use the game. Second Life should not have a PG area, its for ADULTS only, and should be available to anyone over the age of 18, if they lie, so what? Who cares? Your game barely works, I could list bugs until I turn blue in the face, and you are only adding more and more and more, when the main thing doesn’t work. Fix the game first, then add cool stuff.

  8. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    No fix for the freezing bug? T_T

  9. Dekka Raymaker says:

    What happens to testing or own textures or animations before uploading them to the main grid, as the free testing facility gone? And if it has one as to wonder if this was the main intent all a long?

  10. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Lots and lots of good fixes (one of my own inthere too! ^^)

    but this one: “** The beacon shaft is always drawn”

    Ugh, and yes tested it, how does one turn OFF a beacon now that you can’t click the red arrow? A lot of times I’ll “map stalk” a friend to see wher they are then decide not to bother them and I’m left (now) with a permanant beacon to them till I search for something else? Or double clicking on a sim to tp but necessarily right on top of where I wanted to go or any other numebr of times you didn;t necessarily intend on goign near the beacon point.

    That was something that really didn’t need fixing and now causes a problem as far as I can see…

  11. Rdutch Hearn says:

    Excellent process, will participate. Giant step in right direction

  12. Dekka: You can take any viewer to the beta grid by adding –aditi to the shortcut in the icon.

    “c:\program files\secondlife\secondlife.exe” –aditi

  13. Anonymous says:

    @ Farallon
    I simply go to the map, and select “clear” then the beacon goes away…

  14. Adam Spark says:

    “If you’re confused, the main difference is that a Release Candidate, like its name implies, is a lot closer to having its changes included in the main viewer than a First Look, which requires much more testing.”

    Requires more testing? Isn’t that the beta?

    This is redundant. If the problem is that the beta doesn’t get much testing because it doesn’t connect to the main grid, and you still need first look to accomplish that comprehensive testing, then do away with the beta. Call First Look the beta release and follow up with a Release Candidate.

  15. Yaco Despres says:

    WOW…… right now i can’t remember any of the bugs i was working around all the time that HASN’T been fixed!!! GREAT WORK!!!

  16. Justa Koba says:

    /me Still crashes with all viewers, 1 week unable to access inventory or world map.
    I have done all the obvious clear cache, reinstall….

    My Girlfriends account works just fine on the same PC

    I get hundreds of this line in the log files
    “WARNING: LLInventoryPanel::buildNewViews: Couldn’t find parent folder for child “

  17. concerned says:

    This is a great idea however please offer current version,a version without voice and the new test on the downloads page,We are not stupid and can chose whats right for us so underneath the general downloads include rollback versions.Not every version you release but a few staggered versions would be very helpful,I have always made a point of downloading and saving decent builds but many either just click update when they sign in or don’t have the space to store it so an achieve now the grid has become optional updatable would be great.I ask this because so many people ask me if i have a rollback and it makes sense to everyone i think.

  18. Ann Otoole says:

    use of software engineering labels for versions sounds nice. hopefully you will get a handle on source code version management so merged code doesn’t bring back a plethora of previously fixed defects as has been the case historically. may as well test. won’t know if sl will be worth the time if the string of major self induced PR damage hits doesn’t stop soon. i mean you guys just openly admitted you allow minors on the mature grid in that one post about age .. err.. (yea you changed it) identity verification. and word is already out all over the various sl related websites that the bs provider you selected is so easily gamed with false info that it is pathetic. what a waste of OUR money for a noble good intending cause.

  19. Jessica Elytis says:

    Any hope of Voice/Non-Voice clients?

    I really would like to have updates, but I really really really really really REALLY hate the new Communicate UI. Clumsy and crowded. 4 in 1 is not better than 4 separate imo.

    While I realize my dislike of the Communicate UI is not earth-shattering, neither is Voice *smirks* When your vocal cords do not work properly, typing in text to communicate is slightly better ^.~ Anyone who wants Voice, great, I have no issue with the Feature, only the UI involved.

    Optional idea: Would it be possible for us Residents to pick and choose what UI’s we want, and what we don’t? As the Client view is all client-side (go figure), I can’t see that it would have an impact on the actual performance of the system. Only in how we interface with it.


  20. concerned says:

    justa are you running on shared network,if you are diconnect it and have your pc hard wired in if its the same you know its not you or your pc is infected if it runs fine then you need to sort network

  21. concerned says:

    @14 the new communicate interface is without doubt the worst addition to sl in recent times.I don’t know 1 person who likes it and hopefully the lindens have listened restore old interface and have a seperate button for voice comms.

  22. Ann Otoole says:

    * VWR-1861: Renaming items in inventory folders does not update item sort order

    this wasn’t broken. worked on mine. so exactly what code version were you guys working on anyway?

  23. Justa Koba says:

    @15 I have tried connecting every way I can, as stated my GF uses same PC, same everything, she can do anything she cares to, wehere my account freezes, send me a IM if you think you could help me any further.

    Other than that, I like the new viewer.

  24. Rooke Ayres says:

    If mutilated sculpties (especially waves and rips in sharp edges) have been cleaned up, I’ll be one very happy camper! 😀 😀

  25. concerned says:

    @18 just check have you logged in you account on her pc and was it the same?

  26. Argent Stonecutter says:

    ** The arrow is drawn if the lateral distance to the location being tracked is less than your view distance
    ** The text appears if the total distance to the location being tracked is less than your view distance

    I need the arrow always drawn, and I really I don’t care about the shaft.

    Please make this change optional.

  27. Justa Koba says:

    same PC, Same Everything, I log out stand up and she goes on…

    Support ticket is 7 days old, I was blown off at the viewer crash/ bug triage meeting today

    @19, I can tell you that sculpties are tricky. try modeling by moving and adjusting edges instead of the individual verts, besides that the sculpt type has alot to do with how they look in world.

  28. Keiki Lemieux says:

    Hey what happened to VWR-1448? Did it get into the this RC? It was fixed on 8/21. I don’t think it did, I’m still seeing the problem.

  29. Franja Russell says:

    I really did read this blog carefully, honest. But I didn’t understand much of it.

    It sounds as if there’s some kind of extra version of improvements which you want us to download before it appears on the sign-in home page. It seems to say it will run in our computers along side the version that’s already there. This is very confusing.

    I’m not getting much help from Linden Lab. When I phone, they refer me to some websites which have up to 100 links to things that don’t sound anything like what I’m trying to ask about.

    So far, I’ have not been connected to any Technician. There’s supposed to be some box someplace, called “Ticket” which apparently the person at Linden Lab can see but I can’t because he/she is looking at a different page than I am even when I thought I typed in the http:// thing they gave me.

    Please remember that there ARE SL participants with VERY little background in computers. Yes, I’ve taken SL classes. Yes, I’ve taken computer classes wherever I can find them within 40 miles of where I live. But, when you’re starting from a ZERO background, even the “Introduction to..” classes are daunting.

    Bottom line, I am completely confused about what is this apparently new process of installing improvements. Can someone explain it in very plain language?

  30. Wyald Woolley says:

    I noticed you are fixing some things that were already fixed in the last versions of the viewer.

    And I noticed that you are not fixing any of the terrible bugs, such as freezing (thanks to “voice”), gliding instead of walking, and a serious delay in attachments wanting to rezz. What’s with fixing typos and not REAL serious problems?

  31. concerned says:

    If your prefemces are the same and your allowing inventory to fetch like do a search for an item and wait out the sever call without doing to many actions or if your recent items are not being cleared after log in then this is a result of an earlier download lat 1.7 or early 1.8 did it to me and did a complete sl clean up,uninstalled removed all files and reg entries and still happened on reinstal.eventually i managed to sort it buy removing all sl files refs,reg enties and then clearing out %temp% folder then went back double checked everything was gone and when i reinstalled sl everything was fine,recent items clear on log out and only lag i get is from inventory fetch.

  32. Kat Hynes says:

    My sincere thanks to everyone at LL for bringing Second Life into my life!
    I crash!
    I lose inventory,(albeit only about 20,000$ worth) so far.
    I have lag.
    I freeze during intimate moments.
    Wake up people, there is so much fun to be had.
    Does anyone honestly believe there is a LL conspiracy to invade your privacy.
    Destroy what they have painstakingly built?
    I welcome age verification, although do agree with the thought that it’s like “closing the barn door after the horse is out”
    But think people, think of all the friendships made, the rich experiences, (sensual and otherwise) !
    Please trust LL, they have not built SL to harm anyone but rather to enhance their RL’s.
    So quit whining people and get back to the basics of SL
    DUH !

  33. Yaco Despres says:

    @14 you can detach (‘tear off’) the ‘Near Me’ panel by clicking on the small icon under the close box that looks like a square with a diagonal arrow. it will keep detached, the client will remember your preference, and ‘Ctrl-H’ opens and closes only that panel, without the rest of the communicate thing.

  34. Justa Koba says:


    If you only had ANY Idea how much I have wanting to hear that much…
    Thank you so much!

    I thought I had removed every last bit -inc. reg entries and temp- and don’t have another pc to try on at the moment. Gotta run out for the evening but look forward to trying again.

    Please send me an IM so I know who to than if things go well =))

    Thank you for the continued improvements and updates LL even if I sound ill, I do love SL and only want to contribute.

  35. Predreus Twang says:

    The uninstaller with the Release Candidate will uninstall x:\Program Files\SecondLife instead of x:\Program Files\SecondLifeReleaseCandidate, with x being the drive you have SecondLife installed on. So if you end up wanting to uninstall the RC be prepared to have to reinstall the normal client as well

  36. Kat Hynes says:

    Oh wait ! Yes I’m “only” 6 months old here.
    Haven’t a clue about the tech jargon.
    Is this good, I don’t know.
    Is this bad, I don’t know.
    I do know Second Life was meant to be fun.
    So to all you wanna be Lindens ,quit criticizing and start contributing!

  37. Dytska Vieria says:

    The friends list seems to have a problem, or maybe it is just LL, but all I see is (waiting).. Other than that, it seems much faster and the freezing problem I had earlier today everytime I open Texture Picker is gone.

  38. someone says:

    oh i love the word “optional” viewer.ive chosen not to use the newer viewers mainly because of the crappy communicate window i i refuse to use,and also because of i refuse to use voice.well bugfixes are just included in newer viewes?does that means you have to use a newer viewer to play a “stable” sl?so whats “optional” then on the viewers? they are not!nice turn LL 😦

  39. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    Now THIS test scheme works.

  40. Leena Deschanel says:

    Isn’t this what the firstlook viewer was all about?

  41. Bryon Ruxton says:

    Kill, Kill, Kill the Communicate Window, Please!

    VWR-1311 Suggestions for Communicate Window
    VWR-1237 The Communicate window is far too large
    VWR-1678 Friends list cannot be separated from communicate window
    VWR-1905 COMMUNICATE window takes up 25% of screen
    VWR-2048 Current keyboard navigation of Communicate window is not useful
    VWR-1550 Get rid of the new communicator window and revert to the older seperate windows
    VWR-1076 Meta-Issue: Usability suggestions for new voice/chat Communicate window
    VWR-1708 Allow “Communicate” window “Contacts” tab to take up less horizontal space
    VWR-1549 Simple fix for the communicate window to move Friends and Groups tabs from left to top
    VWR-1240 Communications Panel Design change
    VWR-1252 New “communicate” box, 2 issues
    VWR-1205 The new ‘Communicate’ widget in the Voice FirstLook is… too large/unweildy/bad

    Is Linden Lab convinced yet?

    Please VOTE to push the issue!

    Thank you

  42. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Would someone please translate this blog post for me, please?

    In a brief, easy-to-understand way that tells me what I should do or not do, and how it will affect my Second Life.


  43. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    the current “stable” release? lol, you can’t even fool some of the people with that statement.

  44. U M says:

    Oh gesh more voice client release and stll none for non voice wanting people, Nice going LL! You again prove you don`t care about what we want.

  45. Gareee taov says:

    So this is.. um.. exactly like the first look viewer concept then,. but repackaged under a new name?

    Or will there still also be a first look cliten for something like windlight?

    Seems tracking issues with 3 different clients would be additing additional work, so I’d think you’d just remove all the first look link and download stuff, and stick with current, and RC releases.

  46. concerned says:

    Cocao you can instal this update and keep your current sl build but as this new veiwer is on the main grid and no info is given i’d suggest purchases and actiuons you do within this veiwer will be perminent.maybe someone could correct me on this but you will have the option to log in current account or the optional test veiwer.

  47. ** list llGetObjectDetails(key id, list params)

    Fucking win. >D
    This makes it possible for residents to create scanners for bad objects (grey goo for instance, or mass drivers that propel unwary residents a dozen sims away), gives them the potential to stop them, and the ability to figure out who made the thing in the first place. This ALSO makes it easier to make items that home in on other objects based on velocity (allowing for AA like behavior in shielding, or more intelligent “bot” objects in games).

    Now all we need is a way to scan 64 objects or more (I’m assuming powers of 2 here), and the ability to return objects (see llReturnObject()) and we can make our own anti-grey goo objects for sim defense.

  48. Fluf says:

    .. ?
    I’ve thought about this for ohhh many seconds now! 🙂
    So we have a debian like structure?
    Stable – Testing – Unstable is the same as …
    Release – Release Candidate – Firstlook
    Fine. So why would anyone with half a brain run Firstlook??
    And I seem to be missing how I know if I’m running the release candidate when the next RC comes along? Do I wait till my RC is so out of date it won’t load up? Uhm so how many concurrent versions of releases / release candidates and firstlook versions will we have on grid at the same time? Eeeps!
    Fantastic plan guys, but … How the hell does it actually work???
    Debian has something of a structure to this process across hundreds (thousands) of contributing packages. I’m not sure how it works with one package. The viewer. Follow up post please?!?!?!?

  49. Coincidentally, I’m fully behind this:

    The old system worked great, there was no need to change it. Now instead of having most of my screen available, 1/4 of my vertical space is taken up by the communicate window because it won’t scale down far enough with the friends/groups window lashed to it.

  50. Breeze Winnfield says:

    So to get the bug fixes we have do download a viewer that includes voice and the new stinky chatterbox? Ouch, your twisting my arm.

  51. Revolution Perenti says:

    Lindens this release is frinkin awesome ,
    good news 🙂
    thanks again for the work behind this milestone and to the devs and lets not forget the open source 😛
    Rev 🙂

  52. U M says:

    this forces everyone to the first look client. They have said continously that we had options. But that too is taken away from us, now many wil be forced to deal with voice and its crappy stabilty and sickening chatbox! Oh free world here right? “OUR WORLD………….YOUR GRIEF”

  53. Ann Otoole says:

    first thing i noticed was a decrease in lag. i was pleased. for a moment. then i noticed why. it appears you slammed a even heavier limit on how many objects will rez in the viewer. the net effect is in a sim with a lot of avatars a lot are either bald or have parts of hair wigs rezzed resulting in utterly stupid appearances. in addition the builds people work so hard on are partially rezzed with portions missing. You seem to continue the process of reducing resolution and degrading the environment more and more in the direction of flat earth 2D programming. This is not a release candidate at all. perhaps linden research should spend more time in sl traveling about using the software you develop and see for yourself how it actually works before declaring a version a release candidate.

  54. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I am commenting on the ‘Identity Verification’ system because I believe many of you have missed the true and critical components of how this system integrates into the Patriot Act and how it works to eliminate the last bastion of true freedom in the United States.

    Linden Labs has stated in their previous blog entry regarding ‘Identity Verification’ that their single most important goal is to ‘protect our children’ from the adult material in SecondLife. I believe that this is false propoganda supporting a political movement that works to remove all prospects of independent freedom for online users.

    To further clarify the underlying motives behind Linden Labs false propoganda you must cross reference quotes taken from Aristotle’s Integrity public website regarding the purpose of Aristotle’s services:

    Quote from :
    “The service provides merchants and government agencies with PATRIOT ACT compliance and compliance with age verification laws and guidelines.”

    My friends, THIS is the true purpose of what Linden Labs once called ‘Age Verification’ and has recently re-described as ‘Identity Verification’. It is a tool to further decrease the freedom of thought, of expression of free will and of self-determination that SecondLife and United States Citizens have previously enjoyed.

    Aristotle International Inc. does not have any intention of keeping our personal data secret. While it openly states that “This site does not provide visitors’ information to third parties.” the specific wording is misleading.

    The wording, taken in context and with a grain of salt only proves that Aristotle will not share information about ‘hits’ or ‘visitors’ to third-parties regarding visits to their WEBSITE. This statement specifically excludes information (personal data) gained from activities outside their ‘public’ website infrastructure. More to the point, this allows Aristotle to share information with third-parties at their discretion when it has been collected from other sources, such as ‘Identity Verification’ in SecondLife.

    Statements by Linden Labs regarding non-storage of our personal data is an outright lie. While Linden Labs will not maintain a database of our data Aristotle will. As supporting proof I would like to present Exhibit A:

    This document states several things which PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that our data will be used AGAINST us and to CONTROL US POLITICALLY!!!

    The following statements are from Exhibit A:


    About Aristotle:
    Aristotle, Inc. is the leading political technology firm in the United States. Widely recognized for having revolutionized politics, Aristotle is a non-partisan firm that has been in existence for over 25 years.

    You’ve got a plan. It’s a solid strategy. It reflects years of experience and lessons learned the hard way. Now you need CONTROL – of your RESOURCES, your COMMUNICATIONS, your PEOPLE, and your INFORMATION.

    One Company, One Solution:
    Aristotle is recognized as the pioneer in political campaign technology. Every occupant of the White House – Democrat and Republican – for more than 25 years, has been an Aristotle customer, as are most U.S. Senators, most members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Democratic and Republican state party organizations.


    Please, I urge everyone to have a look at supporting document Exhibit A. This new ‘Identity Verification’ data is yet another channel of data for this politically oriented data collection engine. Take careful note of the contact information provided in Exhibit A, especially the address: “205 Pennsylvania Ave, SE – WASHINGTON,DC”. Now look at the map kindly provided by Yahoo! maps that shows the location of this address:

    ARISTOTLE INTERNATIONAL INC. IS OPERATING 1 BLOCK AWAY FROM THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL. It is directly beside the Library of Congress and a few blocks away from the Supreme Court. The evidence cited above is concrete, uncontestable PROOF that Linden Labs and their campaign to ‘protect our children from pornography and gambling’ is part of a much larger false propaganda campaign by the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT to further enhance it’s control and manipulation of not only American citizens, but also citizens WORLDWIDE.

    How much longer are we – the residents of SecondLife and Members of the International Community – going to allow this perpetuation of misinformation and blatant mind-control to continue. It is time that we stand up for our freedoms. As of this moment I am publicly announcing the formation of the Virtual Sovereignty Movement. Several weeks ago I formed the VSM in opposition to the supreme dictatorship of Linden Labs and today I am extending it’s goals to the abolition of corporate, political and religious misinformation, propaganda and mind-control (virtual slavery) over virtual worlds.

    As an community of international free-thinking individuals we must join in unity against the dystopian mind-control and oppressive regulations imposed on our digital universe. We must help protect our rights to self-determination and expression of individual will. The tyranny we face is intent on commiting creative genocide. We must stand strong against this tyranny as one nation, undivided and become the juggernaut that will forge the foundation of a SecondLife that is truly ‘Your World’ and ‘Your Imagination’.

    If you would like to join our cause and help liberate the once-free virtual universe please become a member of the Virtual Sovereignty Movement group in SecondLife. Membership is free and open to anyone. We are not here to make money, we are here to become the leading force in a revolution against the political invasions of privacy, destruction of freedoms and subliminal mind-control in SecondLife.

    Nulflux Negulesco
    Founder of VSM (Virtual Sovereignty Movement)

  55. Said says:

    quisiera que esta pagina este en español por favor

  56. Rusalka Writer says:

    The first attempt at launch went nowhere, just the logo bouncing in the dock. The next one froze up and I had to go to force quit on the Finder. I’m voting against your candidate.

  57. Kudo’s to the big list of fixes. Some were things that I hadn’t realized were bugs that I just took as normal. Keep up the good work. I love the idea of a release canidate seperate from a first look viewer.

  58. Ann Otoole says:

    good luck with your movement. i’m sure the men in black will be visiting you shortly. for those so inclined to compare regimes i invite you to compare political regimes that make use of occult symbolism as part of their movements. and to carry on your discussions in a forum intended for such futile discussions.

    me? i just want a viewer that provides what sl should be. a rich graphics immersion environment that is relatively lag free and doesn’t do odd things to non sl related internet connections. the sl viewer seems to be doing more than it used to do these days in relation to the open connections on the pc while the viewer is running.

  59. Elle Pollack says:

    Attempted Translation for the non techies:
    Release Candidate viewer = Has the changes scheduled to go into the next official viewer release, including bug fixes. Replaces the old system of testing new viewers on a seperate beta grid. “We don’t think it’s broken but we want to make sure before releasing it to the masses.”

    First Look = experimental new features, such as WindLight. These are things that are being worked on but not scheduled as official features yet and are probably nowhere near finished. Emphasis on experimental. “We’re certian this is broken somehow, help us make it better…and oh, look, shiny!”

  60. Rosuto Kanami says:

    MUST HAVE TELEPORT AGENT! ^___^ Pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee

  61. Rosuto Kanami says:

    Nulflux Negulesco your kinda a moron u wasted alot of time typing all tha tup because in the end linden labs has nothign to do with the fact that you yourself turn your PC on opened your browser and signed up for sl donwloded installed and joined the wonderful world of sl they do not force or make you in any way turn yoru pc on everyday and log in to sl so the movement you announce and your group you have founded is very in a simple word pointless

    if SL bothers you so much that you create a matrix style reality to justify your addiction to sl or the internet or PC get help but dont attack those who create and provide these services for poeple who can maturely handle the log in button and knwo how to seperate sl and RL

  62. James Mommsen says:

    hahahah at conspiracy nonsense. and haha at the vsm, give me a break. LL is an american company. it operates under american law. if you dont like it, leave.

  63. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    #47 – if you dont like it, leave.

    Of course, that’s how they treated black people who were against segregation and slavery. Ann, James, I came here to help defend your freedom, as well as everyone else. I am asking for the help and support of a community that has been oblivious to what is actually happening. This is not a campaign against the people, it is for the people and by the people. I do not intend to do anything other than get the word out about the truth. I’m not putting money into any political activies. I am speaking out solely because I feel it is the right thing to do, that we should not sit on our asses and allow it to happen right before our eyes. The group was formed so that others with similar opinions would have a channel for communication, other than this blog (that’s like your suggestion to take it to a private forum right Ann?).

  64. JetZep Zabelin says:

    This is cool

    #xx, i like more testing more testing =)

  65. dudleydr says:

    I just want to say that I think the communicate interface is great! It took awhile to get use to it, but now, everything is in one window and a breeze to use.

  66. JetZep Zabelin says:

    push the envelope so we can get e better ‘rich graphics immersion environment’ faster.

  67. Dale Innis says:

    I’m usually as amused by Grand Conspiracy Theories as the next guy and/or gal, but I gotta admit it’s a little worrying that the company that LL’s using to collect a certain amount of personal data from us for age-verification purposes is in fact the same company that promises ambitious politicians all sorts of data and data mining about the electorate. I mean, wtf an’ all, eh? I hadn’t noticed that before…

  68. LaeMiQian says:

    Age, Sex and Location info (though they forgot race verification, me thinks).

    Back on topic.

    If you like a stable (cough 😉 experience, stick to the official client on the main download page. If you like to be a bit ahead of the game at the risk of some (more) problems, try the optional Release Candidate. If you want to see what might be in the future, use the Firstlook, but don’t expect it to be stable.

    DO NOT use the RC or FL versions and then whine about stability issues (but do lodge bug reports). People using the mainline viewer have every right to complain all they like, though ;-D

  69. Works well so far, even under load. Thanks!

  70. I seem to be getting about a third the frame rate I was with the now obsolete non-voice viewer, and that’s with lower graphics settings.

    When I logged in to the old non-voice version, the login screen showed the new release candidate down at the bottom right. I didn’t get time to see if it was saying that that is what I was running or just a comment about the existence of the release candidate.

    Nice to see this, if this will help us use third party mods to the main viewer, and run the release candidate, independently from each other.

  71. Probably a nevermind on the apparent lowered framerate, I recall fiddling with my video card settings lately, turning some of the video card features up real high, probably higher than my video card really merits.

  72. Lestat Demain says:

    nice that someones finally noticed the userping situation NOW IF ONLY THE LINDENS COULD FIX THEIR END
    WARNING: LLCircuitData::checkCircuitTimeout for last ping 100.001 seconds ago.
    WARNING: LLCircuitData::checkCircuitTimeout for still dead, dropping.
    INFO: LLCircuit::removeCircuitData for
    /*WARNING: LLCircuitData::checkCircuitTimeout for last ping 101.465 seconds ago.
    WARNING: LLCircuitData::checkCircuitTimeout for still dead, dropping.
    INFO: LLCircuit::removeCircuitData for
    This obviously is NOT good while connected to the sim being dropped and being a major source of bugs i would really be looking closer guys

  73. mimi says:

    A great idea ^^ I hope it will work as well as it sounds!

    I think secondlife really needs something like this to compensate the loss of residents with this upcoming “age verification”

    As far as I could find, it’s illegal for me to give my personal information on the internet for verifvication purposes (I live in Holland). I’m not sure what to do now…

  74. wise clapsaddle says:

    Again LL make another bold step towards answering the plight of viewer related bugs.

    Your doing well guys, keep up the good work, and please listen and address the problems your userbase may help find before a mainstream release of the client……..this could stop alot of problems for alot of people very soon if all this works out.

  75. Giulio Prisco says:

    #43: “I am commenting on the ‘Identity Verification’ system because I believe many of you have missed the true and critical components of how this system integrates into the Patriot Act and how it works to eliminate the last bastion of true freedom in the United States”.

    LL is registered only in the US and the server are only in the US. So they have to comply not only with the US law, but also with the current mood of the US administration. Or else. Period.

    This can only be solved by a geographically distributed metaverse with independent operators and physical servers in many regions. A national system is just too vulnerable.

  76. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Man, I love bugfixes, especially those little annoying UI bugs like the chat history scrolling bug. Now, if only the chatterbox can die a quick and painful death, and never be spoken of again, I’d be a happy customer. *loses himself in memories of an efficient communication system* Ah… thank god for message liberation 😉

    Anyway. Kudos! *goes off to play with llGetObjectDetails* 🙂

  77. Giulio, I think you’re exactly right. A metaverse, that is to be as robust and agnostic to politics as the internet is, must be distributed. It will have to be built on standards and at least partly on open source. I see a race against time for any nascent metaverse: can it get hatched out of the egg before industrial-era politicians (read: old men) manage to kill it?

    However, the way identity verification is being handled has become something of a last straw for me. I once truly loved SL. By now, I am here mainly to stay in touch with the friends I’ve made, and I keep cutting back on my time in SL.

  78. Renee Faulds says:

    You know this may be alittle OFF TOPIC – but you keep on with this new CRAP! I WANT YOU TO FIX THE SOFTWARE FIRST ! I have crashed 24 times today – get that LL 24 friggin times. This time EVERY NIGHT (LISTEN NOW) EVERY NIGHT I start jerking and jagging and stuttering and slobbering all over myself. I push 8md bandwidth !!! HEAR THAT LL ???? It’s not on MY SIDE> I am damn tired of it. You charge me $9.95 every friggin month “ON TIME” cause that’s the only software you HAVE that WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of friggin posting here cause you never fix crap – you never answer OR resolve “BUG REPORTS” you do nothing but introduce new crap that screws things up more. You are loosing premium members and “gaining” newbies that don’t pay crap!!! I am sick and tired of you not addressing the issues brought up in the blog replies. You whistle and bell us and give us a story. LL you have some SERIOUS ISSUES to address. Some of which are SECURITY ISSUES>which I have told you about the bugs in your software and you ignore. You take our money – on time. When your “cracked” software allows avatars to poof objects and manipulate other avatars and access my funds – you have a serious problem -YET YOU PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT OR ANSWER MY REPORTS!!!! That’s “good” business! You pay absolutly no attention to “bug” or “abuse” reports except send me an email. I can use your online support fine “that works” half the time to waste 70 minutes to get no where and cut off. Your relationship with PayPal – well let’s just say PayPAl don’t like you. Straight up!!! Everytime I do PayPal I call to call you – on MY DIME to set it straight – let me hear you explain that LL. It does get straight but it costs me another 5 bucks long distance to do that. How many lindens it that LL? You can remove this post if you don’t like the truth.

  79. kotivalo hirvi says:

    Many or most SL-users are in distant corners of earth, so there is significant latency due to speed of light and other factors. Latency may cause some bugs that users closer don’t have and to a much lesser degree might save from some bugs that closer users have.

    So, partly test with latency causing devices if such exist and maybe outsource some testing to India.

    Packet loss is bigger problem with latency.

    Users and/or sim owners should have option that keystroke- and mouse control data is always sent 2 or 3 times in a row(in double or triple copies), in case first get lost. Also, some moving non-phantom object shape&position data should be able to go 2 or 3 times in row.

  80. Broccoli Curry says:

    Renee…. if it’s costing you that much to phone, why not just upgrade to premium, get all the L$ you need without having to buy it, and use the text chat on the support portal? Much easier, much less hassle, and more benefit to you.

  81. Renee Faulds says:

    I am a premium member and have over 75,000 sq.meters of land

  82. Masuyo Aabye says:

    this is a brilliant idea. it’ll shut up the moaners of people who say SL isn’t tested enough. well now you can test if for yourselves. oh and i haven’t had a single problem with SL for months, whatever problems you have are on your end. keep up the good work LL, ignore the tards.

  83. Masuyo Aabye says:

    60 Renee Faulds Says:
    August 29th, 2007 at 11:31 PM PDT

    You know this may be alittle OFF TOPIC – but you keep on with this new CRAP! I WANT YOU TO FIX THE SOFTWARE FIRST !

    umm, them releasing new viewers which contain bug fixes etc to make sure thay work on the main grid isn’t fixing it how exactly?

  84. Renee Faulds says:

    @63 I run an ASUS P5b motherboard 1066UFB 2 Gb ram Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor – 2.66GHz, 8MB Cache, 1066MHz FSB, dual EVGA GeForce 7300 GT 512MB PCIe – I have crashed 24 times today!! My friggin laptop runs better. What you have I’ll buy three off them.

  85. Renee Faulds says:

    @65 One bug fix causes 10 more – ever viewer release has cause let’s see……how much down time???? Ever fix ever rolling restart creates more probs. Search tp money inventory well list goes on. I will agree this is a complicated coding. How much down time was there this money. LL put that in your “statistics” pages. I have ALOT of money tied up in unreal land – and when day after day after day people can not use search “I loose money”. Let along people who own shops and malls. LL no makes no effort to say well “I won’t charge you this months membership fee” cause we screwed you out of thousands of lindens cause NOTHING friggin works. I like the “RE-RESOLVED” answer…….Well resolve the probs you started two viewers ago….and I sure somebody will have a smart remark to this post too.

  86. Astarte says:

    Jesus I wish people would stop moaning.

    The special ultranew thingies will be available in Firstlook

    This release candidate being talked of here, is a release of bug fixes that can be tested live on the grid before general release as a standard viewer.

    The standard viewer is still the same, and an updated version will be released once the bugs have been better tested by people using the release version.

    All these 3 versions can run side by side on the main grid if you want to use any of them.

    They are all live so anything you do as per purchases/auctions, are live and will affect your account.

    So simple why have we got peoples complaining about the fact that code is going to start being tested properly now, and the main viewer should become far more stable.

    What the hell are you people after………….!!!!!!

    And all those complaining about communicate box. Have you tried the tear offs. they act exactly as before we had the communicate box. Quit your money and get on with it…..!!

    And no I’m not a Linden Labs totally fan. I* have been vocal in the past and still am against other issues, but Hey they are trying to give everybody what they wanted here.

  87. Zephy Toshihiko says:

    #61 “get all the L$ you need without having to buy it,” WOW – tell me how you do that!

  88. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Renee “NOTHING friggin works” Faulds. Why do you invest $ in “NOTHING”? Some of us invest lots of time (with little or no return) and provide useful comments because we see SOMETHING.

  89. Benja says:

    Seems a sensible approach to me.

    Please maintain vigilance on the Release Notes though: new or visibly changed features result in time-wasting bug reports if not known!

    (I know, I’ve filed a few)


  90. Lyselle Munro says:

    ::raises hand::

    I actually love the new UI with the voice client. Everything is in one place & I needn’t always have my chat bar up or stop to click it & then history. I thought I would hate the thing but after a few days, I found that I could work much more quickly with the new one, not to mention work on building sometime or whatever & also talk at the same time much easier. So there is at least one person who likes the new interface.

    The only gripe I keep hearing in-world about it is that you can only size it down so far…a bunch of people I know want to be able to size down to only a few lines showing in order to conserve viewing space on their screen.

    Thanks for all the great work!

  91. Renee Faulds says:

    Linden Labs is the same as politician – tell you anything and promise you the world – until they get elected. LL “you” have my email address.. please explain how you are addressing the issues I have brought up here. I you don’t then I’ll post here again how you ignore paying members.

  92. U M says:

    anyone else having problems to log in?

  93. Anonymous says:

    yes…Borked again 😉

  94. Spank lovell says:

    Nulflux Negulesco please take your views to a blog entry thats more relevant. These blogs are limited to 100 messages and you have just wasted space for more relevant entries. I understand your need to get your message across but lets keep it relevent eh?

    I applaud this move. I for one have been screaming at LL to move their testing to a more “life like” environment and this does just that. OK some of the bug fixes may well break other features and functions but they will be found in the release candidate and NOT the main viewer. The main viewer now becomes a stable release, only changing when the RC has been fully tested in a live environment.

    Segregating firstlook to “future features” only is also a good idea.

    LL all I ask is that you please, please, please keep a tight lock on version control between all 3 streams (live, RC and firstlook) and that you publish the most verbose release notes you can on all changes in the new version. Pehaps each bug entry should link back to the Jira so that we can see the bugs history?

    All said…. well done.

  95. Olaf Bosch says:

    Yes!!! I am happy to see this – As I always used Firstlook viewers, I will surely be a user of the release candidate viewers. And a big thank you for the Inventory minimize option!

    Thank you LL great work you are doing.

    BTW – I feel sorry for the people who crash a lot or have other problems with the viewer. I hardly ever have problems or chained-crashes, neither on windows or linux.

  96. Vaalith says:

    Logging in doesn’t work, confirmed.

  97. Simil Miles says:

    Hmm llGetObjectDetails is going to make things much easier, and lots of bug fixes, great great great, on the good way.
    So the beta grid is dead ? The only good thing about it was “free” uploads for full testing.
    Lets report all the new bugs before they get grid wide…

  98. Simba Fuhr says:

    We all love this (not really or ?)

  99. Anonymous says:

    Is SL working now? Can’t log in, nor access to ??

  100. Anonymous says:

    Sooo… where’s the update on the “temporarily offline grid”?

  101. Tegg B says:

    Renee Faulds Says:

    August 30th, 2007 at 12:05 AM PDT
    @65 One bug fix causes 10 more – ever viewer release has cause let’s see……how much down time???? Ever fix ever rolling restart creates more probs. Search tp money inventory well list goes on. I will agree this is a complicated coding. How much down time was there this money. LL put that in your “statistics” pages. I have ALOT of money tied up in unreal land – and when day after day after day people can not use search “I loose money”. Let along people who own shops and malls. LL no makes no effort to say well “I won’t charge you this months membership fee” cause we screwed you out of thousands of lindens cause NOTHING friggin works. I like the “RE-RESOLVED” answer…….Well resolve the probs you started two viewers ago….and I sure somebody will have a smart remark to this post too.

    LOL what a looney hypocrit, complains SL is Bjorked, won’t try the bug fixed viewers, doesn’t want bugs fixed because they cause more 10 times more bugs and doesn’t want anyone else to have a choice either 😛

    And there already is a non-voice option view,, uncheck the little “voice enabled” box and voice stops working. I don’t use it, but it’s here and I don’t see the point in having programmers double working on 2 versions for every release.

  102. Tiwi Whiteberry says:

    Second Life 1.18.3 Release Candidate viewer works smooth to me – much better than 1.18.2.
    At the moment there is log in problems!

  103. Winter Ventura says:

    “* VWR-866: Sculpties suffer HORRIBLY from JPEG artifacts”

    Deserves far more attention than the second from the bottom in the list of bugs fixed.

    “Allows upload of lossless small images for use on sculpted prims.” Sculpts suffer horribly from the compression inherent in the current texture upload settings. This is because an slight deviation in a texture’s colours can actually affect the spae of the object. This fix allows for an “uncompressed” image upload for the smaller image sizes, allowing cleaner sculpties to be made.

    Workarounds existed previously for this, including but not limited to, “uploading a larger sculpt texture” (which just increased the load time for the sculpt).. and a third party application that was essentially a modified (don’t say hacked) version of the SL Client. Both workarounds had their flaws.. but now WE can upload our OWN sculpts without compression… and that’s great news.

    Looking forward to this becomming a release candidate. (still waiting for you guys to respond to the dozens and dozens of user calls for “fixing the communicate window”).. till then, I’m using

  104. Fluf says:

    I’m not moaning .. I don’t think .. I’m just curious about the practicality. Try keeping track of running client versions. Look take today as step 1:
    Stable client (SC), Release Candidate (RC), FirstLook (FL)
    Now we fix a few bugs in the RC version but don’t filter them to FL:
    SC, RCx2, FL
    Now we fix a bigger bug in the RC and filter it up to the FL client.
    SC, RCx3, FLx2
    Now we make the last RC version current… which releases in effect a 4th RC version that becomes current.. and we release a new FL client on the same day..
    SCx4, RCx1, FLx3
    Now run through the whole thing again and before long you have maybe 9 different versions of viewer software on the grid???
    Now if that doesn’t slow down finding bugs I don’t know what will!! I’m just intrigued to know how it’s actually going to work…

  105. zebadee says:

    How about, you test your own bugs?

  106. Chastity says:

    I have to say I am eminently impressed with this new release candidate, I haven’t seen a crash of that magnitude in such a long time on my Linux system and I am prone to use Alpha software anyway. Repeatable too… log in, move, black screen and reboot. Oh well back to the logs and I’ll see what that was. And I was so hoping I could stick to my other projects!

  107. Nicolin Coswell says:

    Is there also a Version without the ugly communications UI that came with the unwanted voice stuff? I really hate the new UI…

  108. Kalima says:

    Please, ppl, show some respect for a genuine effort to address the bugs that are really pissing off Premium users…

    VWR-749: Bandwidth indicator: Kbps, should not have capital k

    Don’t you hate when you read “Kbps” instead of “kbps”? I was close to cancel my account because of this ‘bug’. So, stop saying LL doesn’t care, they are just addressing the critical problems first.

    If the communication window takes up to 25% of your screen, maybe your screen is too small, don’t you think? It’s your fault!!! Get a 29″ LCD and you’ll be fine.


    Seriously, what about sound testing practices, like continuous integration, unit testing… maybe Java, Python, or Ruby instead of C/C++? I can hear the screaming about performance, but… what’s the point to have a buggy app crashing faster instead of a more robust and stable not-so-flashy environment? I could live without voice chat, 100-prim hair, even particles or ambient sounds, if that means I won’t be crashing every 10 minutes…

  109. Apple Pinkney says:

    Would it be possible to have a viewer with the old IM/Friend/Group boxes for those of us who don’t use voice?

  110. Bau Ur says:

    I’m not sure I understand. Does this mean that new-feature updates will be made available separate from bug-fixing updates? So we can just download fixes for the feature’s we’ve got, without also getting new, buggy features?

    If so….THAT IS SO COOL!!!!

  111. Bau Ur says:

    …and if not, why not?

  112. someone says:

    i want just updates (that work) without having to use a completely new viewer with shiny new features nobody wants (except the LL fanboys and girls).i still use version and i dont intend to change that.
    ~my two cents~

  113. Jane says:

    “current, stable viewer”? Im strong laughing, not one was bader than the actual viewer! Lindens, you made with it some large steps backward! Remember, people dont want such a lagful game like the actual. The best viewer was rev. 1.4 with it was gaming better!! In simple words; was a sim full, moving was slow. Was a sim empty or less emptier, moving (and all other thing we do online then) faster. So i hope that you with the next viewer first good think before you do – not otherwise what the actual viewer unfortunately strongly proves.

  114. Digi Tal says:

    If you want to avoid redoing your settings do the following at your own risk:

    For Windows PCs:
    1. Close all open SL viewers.
    2. Explore to “C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SecondLife\user_settings”.
    3. Copy and paste the “settings.xml” file in that folder.
    4. Rename “Copy of settings.xml” to “settings_releasecandidate.xml”
    5. All done!

    When you launch the RC client now it will be populated with your settings from the main viewer. Don’t ask me why the RC setup can’t do this when it fails to find the settings file.

  115. Digi Tal says:

    Sorry, forgot about the tags, should read:
    2. Explore to “C:\Documents and Settings\(your Windows username)\Application Data\SecondLife\user_settings”.

  116. Benja says:

    In the Release Notes there are some bug fixes prefixed with “CID-”
    what’s that then?

    In the Public JIRA, issues are prefixed
    VWR- for viewer, SVC- for service, WEB- for website and MISC- for miscellaneous.

  117. Sierra says:

    I can’t believe I am saying this but… *thank you*.
    I’m yet to test if the bug fixes that are said to have been fixed are actually fixed but llGetObjectDetails() alone is enough for me to say Thanks!

  118. harry Quijote says:

    so when will there be a proper win VIsta viewer that will actually let u use 512mb video ram with ur tested and aproved Geforce7 series video cards!!!???? It should be pretty common these days for lots of peoples. im tired of running my sl with 64mb!

    Work on priorities dammit!

    For rest sl is working great for me btw… except for the essential video memory! back to the xp boot again… sigh…

  119. Jamma Newt says:

    RE: * VWR-866: Sculpties suffer HORRIBLY from JPEG artifacts

    After initial testing with uploads of 128x and 64x sculptmaps, both compressed and lossless, I’m seeing far more horrible artifacts on the lossless images than the compressed ones. Sculpted prims created with the lossless maps are even worse now – shouldn’t it have been the other way around?

    (off to brave the intricacies of JIRA to demonstrate…)

  120. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Created Jira entry for the map beacon regression:

  121. Dingle Doigts says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Bridie. Better upfront testing is a blessing.

  122. Ooh, pretty WindLight login page!

  123. Hey Linden Lab, does a revolution starts here? 😀
    Well Linden Lab, dont let this happen.
    What can you do Linden Lab?
    Well, no one here gives a right clue, a lot of moaning.
    Hmmm, i would not care too much for that moaning, billions of ppl are moaning and suffering already in Real Life. It seems to go the same way here, ha? Second Life ?! I guess not even an alternative, you know why?!

  124. Argent Stonecutter says:

    PS: don’t forget that there’s a way to reduce the wasted space in the communicate window:

  125. Ron Crimson says:

    @67 (Astarte):

    THANK YOU. You’ve really spoken from my heart right there. I too am tired of whiners and complainers finding something negative to say about *everything* but especially about the *good things*.


    Sheesh!! Can we say “get a life??”


  126. Peng Barthelmess says:

    Thank you! The one thing that bugged me about the RC was the complete loss of my settings. For Linux users the appropriate files will be /pathto/home/.secondlife/user_settings. I just wonder why this wasn’t done automatically. I realize you may want to run tests with a new profile, but if we’re supposed to be testing current usage with the RC it seemed idiotic to treat me as someone who’s never used SL before.

    That may be in a README someplace, but for those finally able to get to use testing versions (my regular av was created one day too late to use the current Beta grid) this step really should have been made more clear in the post itself I was left feeling a pooch had been violated again, but then it was a Wednesday, or as I like to call it in SL, Hump the Pooch Day.

    Mow I can give it a proper testing.

  127. JetZep Zabelin says:

    I’m using the candidate viewer and I watch/contribute to JIRA when I notice problems, this way the next version of SL will work better at least on my machine =)

  128. Cat Gisel says:


    / \

    (And thanks Argent, I still don’t have voice, but I know I can’t hold out forever, sigh) 🙂

  129. Top Paine says:

    French mac user
    no sound in sl this afternoom
    someone have the same pb?

  130. Pingback: thursday - lindens listen! qarl rules! « primitive thoughts

  131. Zill New says:

    Chaps, I know this is OT, but I can’t find anywhere better to ask as a Basic member – what rezz date do you need to have to be able to access the beta grid (ADITI) for building experiments? It’s supposed to be visible on the logon page, but no. Maybe you techies know! Thank you.

  132. Alissa Sabre says:

    I’m slightly confused, but I believe VWR-240 has been fixed in 1.18.1(2) already.

  133. Justa Koba says:


    Make a better Uninstaller for the SL clients,

    I just spent over a week without my account and the only person to say a thing was “Concerned” here on this thread. If the Uninstaller removed all the temp files and DLL’s I wouldn’t have had any Issues.

    The problem I can see with this is multiple users on the same PC, but I’m sure this can be worked around

    In my highly frustrating week I was totally shunned by any avenue of contact I attempted. A VERY SIMPLE fix and no one would even give me an honest blow off.

    I’m doing more for you than you did for me you see….. Simple fixes/big issues.

    @ Concerned, OMG I owe you, LL Owes you, your a great asset.

  134. Goss Machin says:

    Wow —-> VWR-1736: Add a Invite to Group option to the Avatar Pie Menu
    Isn’t it great when you get something you never wanted and love it!!

    WTG Lindens and Open Source folk

  135. Patti Frye says:

    These are all great fixes…but…when are we going to have the one fix that is so frustrating…SVC-94
    I REPEAT SVC-94!!
    This has been an ongoing problem for over half a year…maybe longer.
    Should be at the TOP OF THE LIST for to do’s. PLEASE, PLEASE, fix this nightmare.

  136. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    #73 – Nulflux Negulesco please take your views to a blog entry thats more relevant. These blogs are limited to 100 messages and you have just wasted space for more relevant entries. I understand your need to get your message across but lets keep it relevent eh?

    Just because my post was long does not mean that it takes up extra entries. 1 Post = 1 Entry. Oh and do you care to tell me how I can post in a relevant blog, there doesn’t seem to be one related to corporate conspiracy and destruction of personal freedoms.

    I am entitled to post as much as the next idiot that can’t form a complete sentence, it’s called freedom of speech and I’m going to use it when and where I want to. I don’t need your permission to post my thoughts on the blog.

  137. Dirk Felix says:

    Another crap client and with the platform updates, grid is still in its 3rd world state. Nice going 😉

  138. Iexo Bethune says:

    Is “Generally lame code” a technical term? xD

  139. Travis Lambert says:

    Wow on VWR-1736: Add a Invite to Group option to the Avatar Pie Menu. This is awesome, and is going to save a ton of time – Thanks!!! 🙂

    I was under the impression that new LSL functions weren’t an option until the Mono implementation was completed. While llGetObjectDetails() is nice…. there are some other functions that could benefit a lot more folks on the ‘LSL Useful Function Wishlist’ on the Wiki here:

    For example, some sort of Name2Key function… even if its simply a Web API that returns the info… would be *really* helpful. (hint, hint) 🙂

  140. bridielinden says:


    Please see Elle Pollack comment @46 — thx Elle for helping clarify! However, beta viewers and the beta grid will still exist for testing riskier fixes (e.g., L$ issues, inventory issues, etc.).

    The Friends list fix (SVC-85) is server side. We hope to roll that out next week.

    @31 and others not happy with the Communicate Window, please attend one of Benjamin Linden’s office hours to discuss further:
    * Thursdays @ 3:00-4:00 PM SLT (Open Discussion)

    All Lindens with office hours listed here:

    Thanks Astarte for further explanation of our “menu” of available viewers. We’ll do our best to help everyone keep track of releases and fixes.

    Thanks for everyone’s continued feedback. Please report any new issues with repros in the Issue Tracker.

  141. Lane says:

    I am the only person who likes the way our chat windows is now, but too suggest some optionals.

    Although I an unable voiceand forget it exists and it works just fine for me.

    Fixing lags, crashes, freezes and loss of inventory would rock.

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