Support Expands Services

In our ongoing effort to improve our support services, we have recently expanded the hours for billing and outworld technical support to 24/7. This was made possible through the use of an outsourced group based in the UK that we are working with very closely to provide excellent service for our residents.

What this means to you is that billing help is available by phone, live chat and ticketing all day, every day, regardless of your location. Outworld technical support (handles issues with your computer accessing Second Life: software crashes, graphics problems, connection issues) is also available via text chat and ticketing 24/7 for premium Residents. We will shortly be providing service in a number of international languages through this portal as well.

Concierge team is also announcing improvements. We have added a new team member (welcome Rowan!) who will be starting with us on September 1st as the Educational Concierge. With the addition of Rowan and another concierge specialist, we will at last be able to bridge that final 5 hour gap and provide 24×7 phone, text chat and ticketing support for the Concierge clients.

We are also very happy to announce that our phone wait time for billing is currently averaging 2 minutes – not the best we can do, but very much better than it has been. Concierge phone wait time is also between 30 seconds-2 minutes consistently.

You can access the support portal here: Support Portal

Watch this space for more improvements in support in the very near future!

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59 Responses to Support Expands Services

  1. Alberto Gimenez says:

    Hola me dirijo a uds. con el fin de consultar el motivo por el c ual no puedo entrar al programa o juego me da al siguiente notificacion q, el usuario no es correcto o la contraseña agradesco me respondan en español si es posible gracias atte. alberto Gimenez

  2. Jana Kamachi says:

    Alright! This will be very helpful in the future, for those late nighters.

  3. Melanie Milland says:

    Now, that is an improvement! love to here it, way to go!

    Now, if the concierge chat could only be inworld again…. like live help used to be, that would be best!

  4. sounds cool….

    respecting the european customer is a important sign !

    having weekend-support is a great benefit.

    btw: would someone take care of my more than 2 weeks old NEW call plz ?

    amuseed, in good mood…


  5. Alex1 Richardson says:


  6. FD Spark says:

    I just hope in improving things for the majority it won’t affect the American residents.

  7. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Do premium members get a British telephone contact number or will it be routed through the US telephone number?

    A good move anyways.

  8. Tony says:

    Very good, a step in the right direction. Where are the support people actually based? I know the group are in the UK, but where are the support workers?

  9. Satelle says:

    Good news. I’m looking forward to getting an actual response outside of seeking Live Help for basic Private Region questions.

    Two days waiting on finding out when my bill date is for my region. Why account information about islands isn’t available on the web like basic account info is is beyond me. Maybe it is and the ticket will be answered with that info.

    Still, good news. Really.

  10. ahh !

    a international 800-number would be a major advantage !

    at least publish regular (non 8xx) numbers, so international customers can reach support with no trouble…


  11. Desmond Shang says:

    Two minutes!?

    Spectacularly improved! Wonderful news Cyn!

  12. mimi says:

    wow.. thanks for the support! omg your live chat support is very hepfull ^^

    seems like thing are going the right way!

  13. Bobo Decosta says:

    Finally some service level!

  14. Bradley Bracken says:

    I live in California so the additional hours don’t affect me too much but I take it as a wonderful sign. Thank you!

    Have been a manager in the call center industry for many years I am very impressed by the 30 sec – 2 minute wait time. Keep up the great work!

  15. Damona Rau says:

    Expanding Support…

    is there the search an map included? Or why is the search and map offline again…

    Make your work Lindens, show us, that you can do it better as in the past…


  16. Jayden B says:


  17. Kira says:

    not just search and map , TPs are down log ins are dead objects wont rez….seems this new support comes at a good time eh?

  18. LittleRed Snook says:

    Wonderful! Some of my international friends will be very happy with this news, keep up the great work Lindens 🙂

  19. Eyerocker Picket says:

    Excellent news for us concierge clients! Bad news for the skumbag griefers. Now they cannot take a sim offline on friday evening and keep it offline until monday morning. Great job Lindens!! And the times before this that I have had to call with issues, I have never had to wait very long anyhow unlike my calls to other foreign computer support telephone numbers which could take forever. I could even understand the language the Lindens were using. Another giant leap forward!! Thank You!!

  20. Digital Digital says:

    Awesome , I am glad to see these improvements for the money I invest in to second life!

    Thanks! keep up the great work!

  21. Damona Rau says:

    maybe we have to call the expanded Support for any TP or search… but that will be a very expensive way to TP from germany… international calls aren’t cheap 🙂

    Lindens, grab your expanded support-team to the co-lo’s and fix SL! It’s friday and nothing will work, whats happend?

  22. Xplorer Cannoli says:

    This is great news LL! This is a sign of new growth to come. I am excited for the future!

  23. Sweet says:

    about bloody time now if you would just fix all the damn bugs we would be happy

  24. Anonymous says:

    Nothing more to say than KUDOS LL (Oh yes one more thing; You people need to stop hogging the blog. Its really to bad that many (Digital Digital and Hibernian Yellowjacket for example) think that this is a place to chat with others and intentionally post garbage in the last few spots to prevent OTHERS from posting (I do believe that is against the T.O.S, but to them who cares; ignorance is bliss 😉 …

  25. Tmayla Rotaru says:

    This is great! Thank you Lindens for this. I’m one of the US folks who’s usually online after 2300 SLT so being able to contact someone after usual business hours could be very helpful.

  26. Phil Deakins says:

    “With the addition of Rowan and another concierge specialist, we will at last be able to bridge that final 5 hour gap and provide 24×7 phone, text chat and ticketing support for the Concierge clients.”

    What 5 hour gap? I’ve never got anyone in live chat support, and I’m a conceirge member. The service stop promptly at 6 p.m. your time and doesn’t open again until the next morning. What 5 hour gap???

  27. LapisLazuli Tomorrow says:

    Thank you, that is excellent!

  28. Mercia McMahon says:

    An indication of the expected time to respond to a Concierge ticket would be helpful, especially as I have never got live text to work and I don’t live in North America. I do not think that it should take 12 days to OPEN a billing ticket (and a further 14 days to resolve it). Maybe too many Concierge staff are put on the phones to serve the North American customer base and so those low response times to the phones starts to look not very rosy at all.

  29. simon sugita says:

    lol big thumbs up keep up them great improvements !

  30. Lady Sakai says:

    WOOHOO Thanks guys that is great news :))

    *goes and wits for her sims to get moved*


  31. Dusky Jewell says:

    I was wondering when someone at Linden Labs would think of 24/7 support. That person should get a raise.

  32. ZoHa Boa says:

    Great news.
    I’m happy that you are doing something to make this a better products.

    But there is still a long way to go !

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  33. Greta Umarov says:

    PLEASE PUBLISH the phone numbers for support and billing, SOMEWHERE ELSE THAN THE SUPPORT PORTAL pages. I have not been able to use the support portal EVER. Your staff already know this. I cannot enter any information on the portal entry page, ANYWHERE with any link or field provided, that will allow me to use that feature.

    I know others are out there with the same problem because I have talked to them. We feel abandoned by a system that just refuses to listen.

    PLEASE PUBLISH THE PHONE SUPPORT NUMBERS on the main page where log in is required, so that those of us who fail to be able to use that feature, can use those phone numbers.

    Your support page is useless to us. Please read that again. Your support page is useless. I have talked to EVERYONE from a billing number I finally dragged out of a mentor, to email correspondance (who refuses to give me a direct email addy to support.)

    Is anyone listening? Geeze.

    Greta Umarov

  34. Greta Umarov says:

    OH yeah, forgot something. Bless Rowan, who’s the only one in your company that has actually LISTENED TO ME. But I hate calling her for every little thing because no one wants to give me a useful email contact for support.


  35. Arsenic Soyinka says:

    yes, this IS great news … but! … werent there enuf unemployed or low
    salaried Americans around, who would have welcomed and enjoyed an
    opportunity for a job with a “Cutting Edge” American company like
    Linden Labs, instead of outsourcing potential American jobs to a
    foreign country, like the greedy Corporate Globalists do? … oh but wait!!
    … this is America, not a game … and its Real Life!

  36. Questar Utu says:

    Please also fix the inactive email address on the password retrieval page too. I am unable to access my other account because I can’t get the password off of an email address I don’t even remember the name of.

  37. Dirk Felix says:

    dies this mean someonewillactuLLY TERE THERE TO HTO HELP :

  38. Well I noticed as a Concierge customer. Work tickets take 9-10 days to a little over 1 month for billing issues. I never had a live chat, it was always unavailable. Phone service anywhere from half hour to a couple days to get through. Every month my account is messed up with billing.
    I hope it will get better. (>_<)

  39. Walker Moore says:

    I’d noticed this due to numerous billing issues I’ve had over the past fortnight — all quickly resolved via the support portal while all American Lindens were surely in bed — and I welcome it. Great news. =)

    I do wish you’d get your billing issues resolved though. I intend to call my credit card company on the 13th of each month to ensure they haven’t put a block on Linden Lab transactions again because if you can’t collect my land tier, I expect you’ll freeze my account. Even though it’s not my fault you can’t collect it. (9_9)

  40. Jed gregg says:

    lmao im lafing my ass off i have had troble with not geting sl for the last 5 days i have called them and they say to do all the stuff i have did 50 times over and sent in 4 or 5 tickcks ans still no one has helped me get in ALL I GET IS THIS —-> login falled second life can not be accesed from this computer

    wheres my help ? !!!!!!!!!

  41. Melanie Milland says:

    Again, I have to speak up for the Lindens here. Normally I am a vocal critic, but credit where credit is due!
    I have needed to use the chat 4 times in the past month. I have, each time, got a Linden, each time they took the time to listen to my issues and tried to resolve them as quickly as was possible under the circumstances.
    This has actually led to meeting an inworld Linden, a real rarity these days (thanks Harmony!).
    All issues I had were resolved!
    So, applause for the Lindens, who have started to listen again.

    And, my pet peeve, the Communicate window… I have actually come across a Wiki remark that said that the friends list will be separated again in future releases. No confirmation yet, but – YAY!!!

  42. Provide an in-world office where you have two to three Bug Geeks stationed to take BUG REPORTS.

    I won’t file a bug, as it takes too much of my time, and since I’m not getting paid by LL, then I will tell the first available Linden who I find Online about the issue. He/She can file the bug report, since they are getting paid.

    Having an in-world Office would also allow the Report Takers to ask questions like, “What were you doing right before this happened”, that most people probably wouldn’t mention.

  43. Hypatia Callisto says:

    It would be real handy to have the support now though :/ especially as my main computer for SL has been hardware banned with no explanation as to why. My lifestyle in SL consists of selling stuff in vendors, and banging on prims in my lab, and playing with sculpties, while visiting the occasional concert, so I’d like to know why my computer is banned.

    I suspect someone has spoofed my mac address, have someone contact me please!

  44. GoogleMama says:

    another outsource….. yeah, that’s bound to work well… all the others have been such peaches…..

  45. Cherry Campbell says:

    So much for 24/7 support. I called billing just now, and after being put on hold for 20 minutes was told that there was no one available to take my call and to call back later.

  46. GoogleMama says:

    Oh, but I DID forget to give you a pat on the back for finally tossing a bone to the EuroWhiners… way to go… that should shut them up for, oh, 30 seconds or until you outlaw some other perversion they’ve come to enjoy in SL….

  47. SpankMe Pinkerton says:

    Good job with expanded hours. This was much needed and most welcome.

  48. Jesse says:

    Sorry to add to the negativity around here , but this has to be said in a place where people see it so I can at least virtually feel like I’m being heard by… someeeoneeee….

    Three days ago I submitted a ticket regarding a region issue in the support portal, and NOTHING. Not a peep. Nobody home? Eveeryone masquerading it up in Chicago? Don’t even think all concierge are in the U.S. so I doubt that. WTH is the deal?

  49. GoogleMama says:

    Better cinch up your belt, Jesse… my last encounter with LL support took 13 days for an initial response… that didn’t even address the issue I had. The final resolution, which was cancelling my account, took a total of 27 days… You have quite a wait left it would seem…

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  51. Jani Falta says:

    sounds like a big joke to me with the outworld technical support to 24/7 :-((
    cant log in since 3 days and all my support tickets are not answered till now.
    my oldest ticket is 11 days ago now.hmmm.all Lindens in holidays?
    called 2 times the support, got a friendly lonley working man in Canada,nobody in UK. heeeh its weekend ,I forgotten this.they work from monday till friday from 9-17.ok not really 24/7 service for a premium I get my money back the days there is no support and no log in to SL?

  52. Azur Straaf says:

    Does anyone think that response to support ticket has really improved after this?
    I am afraid I do not think so.
    I am waiting and waiting. Almost 2 weeks have passed. Still I am waiting.
    Using Chat suppor is much faster if you can speack English as a native launguage.

    We need more rapid response from Support team as well as ability of solving problem in Support team.
    Am I right, falks?

  53. DeepSurfer Koenig says:

    congrats for this businnes, buuuuuuuut why you dont works on the ticket system ???

    my Ticket #4051-4239768 dont grab since yesterday and i dont know why i blocked… Sorry SL-Wife needs me 😉

    Please inform me “why i blocked” and how long it takes that i can login

  54. cove rotaru says:

    hi ive got a problem i cant login since a few days ,could u tell me whats the problem? im waiting for help

  55. Linda Brynner says:

    It seems that Linden Lab picks up professional thougts and business governance. The challenge is to organise friendly and effective customer service within 24 hours, but how to organise this.
    A thought might be to set up support sites on each rl continent like PayPal does. Of course I do understand that a feasibility research would be needed for that and employees would need to be trained very thorougly. Communications tools would be telephone, skype, live chat, and e-mail, inworld IM. Well, just a thought.

  56. Terish Yohkoh says:

    this dam liden lab pisses me off i cant play second life need to wait for them to fix it whatever it is all i want to do is play closeist game i can get to this thing is it sucks as hell second life please fix the problom im haveing cant play cant do anything i log on into gray only seeing the grond or my avatar cant move or chat but i can lissen to music woooot lol off and on but thats it and it only happens to me i have asked my friends that where there they dont have the same problom no one i know dose and we are in the same region when it happens but it didnt happen to them why just me i dont know maybe second life is out for me lol

  57. Elaine Carvalho says:

    they had stolen my password and they had changed my address of email and now oque I make

  58. I do think it’s time to approach Customer Services (CS)professional, rather than the quiet nerdy childy methods ( and maybe the tyoical Americal lack of international orientation ). Many countries have difficulties with English… !!! Chinese, Latins, French and Germans for example. LL should setup regional support. In the key metrics we can all see the countries people are coming from.
    Setup a Latin support for South America + South Europe, English for US/CAN, UK, South Africa, Northern Europe, English Africa, Australia, India. And French for France, French Africa and French Canada, Far East, etc, etc.
    I tried to help a Belgium and German friend earlier as they have problems with English. 1st Answer LL: “Your friend can contact us”.
    Just as example. Less English experienced have almost no support !
    That’s totally living in a dark attic or something.
    Hire an MBA and plan to organise it for some day I would say and stop the nerdy features and details we don’t need. Please !

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