Linden Lab’s Effort to Improve Grid Stability

I want to explain our ongoing efforts to make Second Life as robust and stable as possible, while at the same time continuing to improve the quality and depth of the in-world experience. Innovative new features like 3D voice, WindLight, and Sculpties are essential for the continued evolution of Second Life; feature stasis just isn’t a good option. However, we are now devoting the majority of our development resources to considerably less visible behind-the-scenes improvements. These back-end changes have long-term benefits for the entire community, and will also help the grid withstand the sort of infrastructure failure we’ve encountered recently (described in my post here). I’ll use the rest of this post to highlight this work.

Bug Fixes
Fixing individual bugs and system failures remains a high priority for us, and our largest (and growing) internal development group is dedicated to these tasks. The open source community is also a great help in this effort, and our team integrates a large number of fixes submitted by external developers. Some of these improvements were recently highlighted in Sardonyx Linden’s post on this blog.

Modern Infrastructure
Much of the server-to-server communication happening within the Second Life grid is based on old technology which has served well beyond its initial design. When a failed database causes grid-wide problems, a de-rez doesn’t complete, or a teleport explodes on lift-off, this is usually why. So, there are currently multiple teams working on the wholesale elimination of this technology, replacing it with a modern web-service based approach. This is a big effort and will take a long time, but the benefits are myriad: when finished, this will improve reliability, eliminate data bottlenecks on crowded sims, allow multiple versions to co-exist, enable global scalability, and allow us to dispense with VPNs altogether. We’ve started to see first fruit in the form of fewer planned outages; most new releases no longer require us to shut down the whole grid.

Fewer Failure Points
In addition, Linden Lab engineers are working to improve our database failover capabilities and to reduce single points-of-failure in the network infrastructure. We’re also refactoring all of our recurring data maintenance processes to reduce the impact of these on the main grid. Ideally, all of this work will be completely invisible to residents, but it will mean less grid downtime.

Viewer Stability
Generally Second Life client crashes are handled by the ongoing bug-fixing project mentioned above, but a group of our graphics specialists have recently formed a team to improve the rendering code which is at the root of most crashes. This should lead to a more stable client on a wider variety of computer hardware.

Simulator Stability
We’ve been talking about upgrading the Havok physics engine included in the sim software for years, and haven’t managed to deliver. However, this project is making real progress now and will be ready for a beta test soon. The Havok 4 version in development can withstand the majority of physics glitches and attacks that cause most sim crashes. A little farther out, we’ll be replacing the guts of LSL execution with Mono, which was on hold for a long time but is moving forward again. This will result in massive performance gains for scripts, but will also make sims (especially very busy sims) more stable.

A New Response Team
As Second Life has grown, so too has Linden Lab. We’ve recently created the Production Operations team (a virtual fire department, if you will), which will add a new level of grid monitoring and trouble response. This group will provide superior 24/7 monitoring, and will diagnose, solve and escalate technical issues that arise on the Second Life grid, network and website. These engineers will also develop tools and automation technologies for monitoring and repairing Second Life more efficiently. We’re currently hiring new members for Production Ops all over the world – the job listing is here.

We’ll periodically be posting updates on our continued efforts, and their relative success or failure. In the meantime, we depend on your feedback – please continue to report the bugs you experience.

As Second Life matures – more residents have more time, effort and money invested in-world than ever before – Linden Lab must be accountable for making the virtual world robust and stable, without losing sight of all the new capabilities we hope to add. There’s a great deal of work to be done, but we have far more resources than we did a year ago, and there are more engineers dedicated to stability and scalability than are working on 3D voice, WindLight, or sculpties combined. I believe that we’re headed in the right direction.

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116 Responses to Linden Lab’s Effort to Improve Grid Stability

  1. It sounds like SL is starting to look “Bright” again. As everything i think has really “darkened” with all the downtimes, Lag and problem’s with sim crossings. Hope to see the results in the coming year.


  2. Owen Oyen says:

    As regards database glitches, please examine Jasckle and Toegambol. Neither will allow vehicles to enter, and both are part of popular SL sailing race courses.

  3. Vivienne says:


    We love you. Keep on rocking like that!


  4. Blinders Off says:

    Is anyone aware that Windlight totally messes up bright and shiney textures? What this means is that as soon as Windlight is introduced on the board, you can kiss your metal and glass textures goodbye. They will turn to wood, stone and rubber. Just thought I’d mention that. Are we really ready to trade in our nice cars, swords and armor for pretty clouds?

  5. Apollo Case says:

    Good to see this laid out with some clear targets, especially for sim stability, Havoc and scripting improvements.

    One thing LL can do is upgrade all the class 4 servers to class 5. That would help a lot.

    The other thing is setting a target date for opening up the server source code.

  6. Ann Otoole says:

    Please keep us informed in a manner that allows us to prepare for new capabilities. It is no fun when something like Havoc 4 is released rendering existing products obsolete. Keep this in mind from a merchant perspective. What happens when things sold for a year no longer function or have the same appearance as they did prior to the new technology release. A for instance would be use of shine on prims when windlight is released. If the shine is not identical to the way it was before there may be thousands of people demanding refunds. it is not a pretty situation nor is it easy to deal with.

    One thing that is really necessary is a serious data and metadata architecture for Secondlife. Coupled with this we need such capabilities as individual avatar rollbacks/restores so when a major inventory loss occurs it can be recovered. This is something that needs to be automated so the support team can handle it.

    Thanks for the post. You guys had a silent period going there and it makes a lot of us uncomfortable and suspicious.

  7. Kerik Rau says:

    Yay they finally respond with some promises instead of looking like a dead horse we were beating on. Now that you have mentioned your intentions we intent to hold you to them.

    Meanwhile it still looks like the grid is on fire with random sims going down all around me.

  8. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    Through the past blog posts and the forum of the old times I could tell the above was happening, not so much the details but the basic moves you’ve been employing to keep SL moving forward.

    Thing is most people don’t have my background or ability to read between your lines and choose to believe nothing’s happening.

    It’s good that you spelled all of it out in *one* place.

  9. Michael Kolache says:

    Let me say this about reports on intent and progress.. RIGHT ON!!

  10. Deandra Watts says:

    Sounds like a good plan. I’m looking forward to seeing it all implemented. Sorry to come off so “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but experience has taught me that actions speak louder than words.

    The other thing that would really improve my SL experience would be if you guys bought me a new computer. This hamster’s getting way tired….

  11. Bradley Bracken says:

    It’s always darkest before the dawn….it’s good to see some light again. Thank You!


  13. Tony says:

    The proof will be in the pudding. You’ve ignored some big issues such as inventory loss and concentrated on what you consider funky features (and seriously, voice is neither new or innovative). Windlight on the other hand is, yet it took a back burner.

    You guys need to work on better ways to communicate with your customers. Customer service = customer retention.

    However I do appreciate that you are taking steps in the right direction, just ensure you mean it.

  14. Agree with #8: reports about what’s happening behind the scenes are comforting, please keep them up. Otherwise we, the Residents, are left in the dark. All we see is continuing grid failures, with no word about what Linden Lab is doing to relieve it and prevent future incidents.

    So, thanks for the report, Ian Linden! And thanks to all the Lindens working in the background to make it happen, too!

  15. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I’ll belive it only when I see it way to often in the past LL has said this but it never happends. Dont get your hopes up it might just be more PR and nothing else

  16. LittleRed Snook says:

    Sounds like progress, looking forward to seeing the results of these additions as they come…I’ll be waiting, along with many others. 🙂

  17. @12, the do mention inventory loss (in a way) – the asset server is mostly responsible for that come under “Fewer Failure Points”

    It’s good to see this summary of what’s going on, and it points to there still being light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck in your rollout of these new features.

  18. Rest says:

    The most sense ive heard in a long time!


  19. Montana Corleone says:

    The reason why Windlight took a back burner is in the newsletter: it badly affect performance so has had to have a majot rewrite. Well this is good news, although belated. You could have said this a long time ago, or did you wait until people had started leaving in droves?

    Funny this not requiring downtimes for updates. We’ve had one optional viewer, and two downtimes so far since that was out lol, the last of which was overdue as four successive bugs were found…

    Now don’t get us wrong, us whingers are not Luddites. All we wanted was the grid more stable first, before you put more load on it. That’s sort of the industry sandard way of doing things before adding in yet more bug prone features, making tracing of problems even harder.

    Now that even Torley is commenting on the blog that performance is atrocious, you have finally realised. So go easy on any more updates that bring more load until you have some of this sorted. SL is almost unplayable for some as it is, taking hours to do tasks now that used to take 20 minutes. If you’d taken more notice of the Open Letter, things perhaps would not have slipped so bad.

    Let alone the thousands of failed deliveries and refunds that are driving merchants wild. But a step in the right direction, and let’s hope the bad times are behind us, because it can’t get much worse than it is at the moment. I’ve been on the verge of selling everything and moving to Wurm Online.

  20. “Innovative new features like 3D voice, WindLight, and Sculpties are essential for the continued evolution of Second Life; feature stasis just isn’t a good option.”

    You can have all the features you want but it will not be worth anything if we can’t use them. I do not see them “essential” at all at this point. Maybe that is investors telling you to do it or something new or drop funding. The residents of SL would be very happy to be able to walk across a sim and be in a crowded area with out massive lag. I think you would be very surprised at how many more concurrent users would be online if you fixed the basic function of SL over adding new stuff people cannot enjoy because of the massive lag issues.

    I think we are all glad you guys say you are making progress but I have heard it a few times over the years and have yet to see a major improvement in performance.

    If LL adds the stability and all the stuff they say they are going to add like puppeterring and better physics SL will be the end all virtual world. I really hope avatar detail and function will improve with puppetering and physics. Life like body part movement will be great along with the already good avatar detail the skin makers are doing.

    Good luck LL, I know I am hoping you guys can get it all going as well as you say you can and am not alone. SL is a great place with a lot of potential still. Just hope you don’t blow it before you can get all this working.

  21. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I have no idea what all the technical jargon means, if it means I can run around and look at things and turn my head without waiting for 5 minutes and if it means improved rez time and less lag, I say cive up the oppossable thumb on your hind legs and do it-some evolutions are dead ends anyway-it’s good to hear that making SL more viable for the general public will help the coorporate structures too- many of us (or maybe not) aren’t computer geeks at all, I generally come in here to make stuff, I really don’t know much about anything else, and as far as sculpted prims go I don’t know anyone that knows how to use them for anything- but if you make SL to run smoothly with more realism I congratulate you – and I appreciate the fact that you guys have heard us in here-finally- THANX!!!

  22. Keiko Rau says:

    Thanks Ian for this insightful post. Despite the bug hunters being the biggest development team, it seems that they are also the quietest.

    Smaller teams working on shiny new features make a lot of noise here, and you guys need to remember to make some noise too, so that we know that you are still there and working quietly in the background.

    Take a leaf from Torley’s book and post regularly – once a month or even once every two months would certainly be an improvement.

    Of all of the above, Im mostly looking forward to the render engine improvements right now – tired of crashing when I swing my camera around.

    Keep up the great work (and dont keep it to yourself!!)

  23. Montana Corleone says:

    Sorry to post again, but a couple of things. Bug fixes are all well and good, but it seems when you do add stuff you revert to old code and the old bugs that were fixed resurface. Re the resizing of IM window when closing a tab, the resurgence of failed permissions in posting Group IMs (which was fixed until the last “update”).

    I really hate the new messaging windows so much, you ought to have the choice to display “Old style” if you have voice turned off as many of us do (although I’m still running 1.18.06 because I hate voice so much). And if these genuinely are optional updates, stop reminding us and forcing us to press continue before logging in.

    And lastly, I got selected for the Customer Survey. It let me select Worse, but wouldn’t accept text in the Why box (on Mac), so I guess that is borked as well. But worse because of more lag, more crashes, more freezes, more inv loss, textures drawing incorrectly. More ruthing, more occasions when the pipe seems to stall altogether, and half the things remain grey for 20 minutes or more, usually necesssitating a relog to fix. So that’s not network my end, but your end. Tps have improved a bit, not quite so many failures. But that’s the only improvement I can think of.

  24. Ylikone Obscure says:

    Very encouraging news! Good work LL! This is the kind of announcement the community needs every once in a while. Makes me think that you haven’t completely forgotten about the end users.

  25. artisan Hawks says:

    This sounds like the news that I needed to hear! I was thinking it would be a shame if things continued to go the way they were going. It seemed like SL was going from bad to worse. But reading what I have just read give my faith that Sl still has a bright future. I for one think that the features that are provided are enough for the time being and to take a step back from bells and whistles to work on the structure base its self is a really wise thing to do. It makes me all warm inside just thinking about a Stable Sl with little lag!!!!

  26. Wyald Woolley says:

    Ian Linden wrote, “Much of the server-to-server communication happening within the Second Life grid is based on old technology which has served well beyond its initial design. When a failed database causes grid-wide problems, a de-rez doesn’t complete, or a teleport explodes on lift-off, this is usually why. So, there are currently multiple teams working on the wholesale elimination of this technology, replacing it with a modern web-service based approach. This is a big effort and will take a long time…”

    What do you mean by “long time”? Are you thinking weeks? Months? Years?

    Inquiring minds want to know…how long to we tread water before relief arrives?

  27. Jessicka Graves says:

    Three words: About freaking time

  28. Daisy Beauchamp says:

    I’d love to know the projected dates of completion on these. Sounds great, but how far into the future are we going to have to wait?

  29. Llewelyn says:

    Havoc 4 I’ve heard will allow for physical attachments and actual body collisions as opposed to the current “boundary box” type collision. Will Havoc 4 allow us to set individual prims as phantom instead of the whole object? Otherwise that could cause quite a problem for attachments that use transparency for “animation” or repositioning… or is it too early to say?

    It’s also allow us to have fully linked pools if so 😀

  30. Stripey says:

    *salutes the whole LL team*
    It is great to hear that the gripes, moans and groans of the masses are being taken fairly seriously. I’m looking forward to the time when the world is more stable and reliable. For me, a stable SL is worth extended weeks of down time and a few hours here and there is a light price to pay.
    Here is wishing all the LL team (and the SL residents as well) bug free programming and easy transitions to new systems.

  31. Rooke Ayres says:


    This is the best news we’ve heard in a long time. The last few weeks had pretty much made me one of the biggest cynics on SL.

    One of the best ways to fix bugs is to completely replace the code and systems causing them. ( Of course, that may make new bugs, but at least the old ones will be gone. 😉 )

    If LL pulls this off successfully, I’ll not only be one happy camper, but also one of LL’s biggest supporters.

  32. Psistorm Ikura says:

    @3: the last release of windlight is months old. and if you look into the JIRA, you will find an issue that adresses the shiny issues, and said issue was resolved already, meaning it will most likely be in the new windlight release, whenever it comes.

    now ontopic:
    the list of future changes reads like a breeze, I am really looking forward to havok4, mono and of course the web services, which will hopefully increase net quality a lot 🙂

    keep it up guys, and I agree, make some more noise!

  33. Duckling Kwak says:

    Having run large-scale on-line services for over 20 years, it is good to see a succinct list that suggests that the technology basics are being addressed at LL. These represent essential steps to stabilize the platform and service and could be a welcome confirmation that things can improve in the foreseeable future. Time will tell.

    Regrettably, I still see a group of talented technologists without equally strong social & economic engineering working alongside as a cohesive team. For example, the sporadic blog communications – although much improved – still range from mostly adequate communications to outright bombshells that send shockwaves through the non-technical layers of SL – some times fatally.

    SL will fail if it only appeals to patient (and, let’s be honest, heavily addicted) technologists. To serve a larger and more diverse community SL MUST factor the human equation very, very carefully.

    As a technologist, I understand very well the complexity of the infrastructure and development efforts required to run Second Life. In many ways, that’s the “easy” part of running SL. But I also have an appreciation for the complexity of managing social networks and, in a very real sense, don’t see LL stepping up to the social responsibility of managing (or facilitating the management of) this new world (either in-world or in through its RL portals).

    The lack of acknowledgment of the human equation is, perhaps, one of the biggest threats to SL. It’s the part that makes it *OBVIOUS* why releasing X functionality at a specific moment is a really bad idea even if it’s the technologically correct thing to do, and why shifting the economy at a particular moment is more dangerous than postponing its much-needed evolution.

    Once the social fabric of SL is compromised, it is MYRIAD times harder to heal than fixing a broken web service or restarting a VPN tunnel. Strength at the social level will help SL survive (even if very crippled) lengthy downtime; cracks in that same foundation will make a rock-solid server farm with 99.9% uptime collapse.

    @7, I agree.

    @11, I agree…but only for “mood lighting.”

    @12 & @13 – I believe you represent a dangerously-growing sentiment in SL. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.


  34. AMD64 user says:

    I don’t think anyone is asking for “feature stasis” what we are asking for is that all man power is put on all of the current projects you have in the air, an that those are fixed before new things are introduced that introduce their own sets of issues.

  35. sirhc DeSantis says:

    agree with #19 – just talk to us. we understand where we play is really at the edge. Tell us something borked and we will go back. And quite frankly SL used to crash on me 3 – 7 times over a four hor period. Doesn’t now – its the same machine running it too. Tslk to us guys is all we ask.

  36. Yaay! This post by you was sorely needed. I think you tekkie types are finally learning a bit of PR. Most of us will be very patient if we are kept informed with great posts like this. I was thinking about leaving SL for awhile but now that I’ve read this my loyalty has returned in force 🙂

    Please keep this in mind, especially when the majority of comments you are getting are negative, and even more especially they are negative to the point you aren’t allowing them. It’s a sign that it’s time for a real progress report on the issues we really care about. What good is voice when you can’t tp or rezz an object or make transactions or are losing inventory? Those basic tenets of our second lives are what we care most about. Letting us know that you are in fact working on it and are indeed working to a plan is so very reassuring to us.

    Thanks for the update and please keep doing so. #19 Keiko is so right… regular posts will make us happy 🙂

  37. Very well written and insightful. I appreciate the detailed info and feel more connected…

  38. Jayden B says:

    Will TPing be fixed, it’s been as bad as December was today.

  39. Sorry to sound cynical, but this has been said before. So forgive me if I don’t thank you in advance, I did that last time, and you turned your back on the Community then.

    This time I’ll take the “wait and see” approach.

  40. GC Continental says:

    These are the best comments I’ve seen in a long time. Viva mi SL! Bèo fada a mo SL!

  41. Thanks for taking the time to provide a bit more insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s appreciated.

  42. Jacqueline Trudeau says:

    LL, we are a patient bunch. Reward our patience.

  43. Isobel says:

    @ 8: “I really hate the new messaging windows so much, you ought to have the choice to display “Old style” if you have voice turned off as many of us do (although I’m still running 1.18.06 because I hate voice so much). ”

    I’ve been using the Nicholaz viewer for a couple of weeks now. You have the option of basing it on the voice or non-voice version of sl, but both have the “old-style” Friends list! “Obvious” fixes like keeping your Client menu options from one session to the next make it a much smoother and more comfortable experience overall and Nicholaz is great at responding to crash reports (I mean, he really does RESPOND to them!)

    Free download from

  44. mimi says:

    OMG i so much hope stability of the grid will improve..
    Thanks you so much for giving us more info!

    one request: please do NOT add windlight if it will mess up shiny textures!
    There are still lots of customers complaining when items do not arrive (why don’t you inform people about this? Its no fun to getting angry IMs all the time) and I think many shop owners will be very unhappy when they receive even more

  45. pointside Sunbelter says:

    This is great news at least we know there is a plan, but current bugs need to be fixed, if you expect people to stay at ease for long. And for the love of god please fix sim crossing, We are all tired of having crotch-wigs

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  47. malachi amat says:

    just wondering if during all the changes and upgrades when and if we will ever be able to edit prims with out having to make the same calculated adjustments 15 times before the prims stay where you put them. or instead of having to rez the prim 5 times before it realizes you already rezzed a copy. i love SL i have more fun playing this than i have any other games out there and it seems that the old versions were far more stable than these new releases. curious also as to when we will see fixes to the troublesome friends list. either my list is waiting or hippos. not sure why its hippos but ok sure hippos it is. i understand that older hardware could be an issue and if so then why not just shut down for a day and replace it. i mean i can do my whole network here in a few hours by myself. im sure a team of professionals could do it in a day or a couple days then the hardware problem would be fixed. ah well looking forward to a grid that i can actually play the game on without relogging every 5 minutes or being crashed before i log in.

  48. Harle Armistice says:

    This is all really great to hear, it’s nice to have some insight into what progress is being made, and what progress is planned for the coming months. I’m sure you’ve alleviated the concerns of a lot of folk!

    Second Life is a big, complex machine with myriad bits and pieces needed to keep it working smoothly. I know it takes a lot of work to keep the wheels properly greased and whatnot, and so I’ve been keeping the faith. So to speak.

    Even so, the past couple of weeks have been a low point, but things are looking up, with this post. Good luck, and thanks for all the hard work!

  49. Blake says:

    The underlying message here is that SL is moving faster towards the “commercial” mainstream and “corporate” usability with the “infrastructure” being put into use. The big picture here is: LL is trying to appease the potential corporate “buyers” or “users” or both. You can bet that every “update” is another step to prove usabilty to corporate clients by LL.

  50. Manjagan Rahja says:

    3 Blinders Off Says:

    Is anyone aware that Windlight totally messes up bright and shiney textures? What this means is that as soon as Windlight is introduced on the board, you can kiss your metal and glass textures goodbye. They will turn to wood, stone and rubber. Just thought I’d mention that. Are we really ready to trade in our nice cars, swords and armor for pretty clouds?

    Are you kidding??? Is that gonna be fixed??

  51. Jessica Elytis says:

    Adding new things is a good idea. Adding new things to a broken system is always a bad idea. Not from the user’s side alone. Making new features only to have them broke when the bug they worked with is fixed has to be a nightmare.

    I agree to add new features, but as always, I feel an emphasis has to be made more on the fixes. Which it appears to be the case of agreement with LL with this blog.

    I would like to ask one thing:
    When you do add new things, listen to the feedback. Not just hear it, but listen to it.

    You say we needed 3D Voice. I say you are wrong. I say you’re not even listening to you customers. Is Voice a nice option to have? Yes. Was it wanted by even a significant portion of customers? No. Was it implemented in a way which was user-friendly? Not even close.

    All that was voiced (no pun intended) off the Beta Grid testing, by those testing it. Apparently the feedback fell on deaf ears, and thereby caused much controversy when implemented. Controversy that could easily have been avoided.

    You want to improve communication? Start with listening to those that report bugs and give suggestions to new features on the Beta Grid. I actually stopped going to the Beta Grid and even testing it, because no matter how many of us reported problems, no one seemed to care as the bugs went in regardless. When you don’t listen, we stop talking and start b*tching.


  52. Sounds great! I love hearing good news. While voice wasn’t warmly welcomed, I’ve seen some great uses of it inworld. The grid’s always going to change, because we’re on the bleeding edge of technology. I’m going to be patient and hope the changes are for the better! ^.^

  53. Andrea Faulkner says:

    Now if ANY of what was just said in this *pie in the sky, we promise we’re actually trying to help our customers* article actually happens, like.. oh… the AGE VERIFICATION they promised 4 months ago which never happened, or the LOCKING OUT NO PAYMENT INFO ACCOUNTS ON BUSY WEEKENDS they promised about SIX months ago which hasn’t happened once yet… I’ll be completely freaking *amazed*.

  54. Estella says:

    Thank you for posting this info. I’m very happy you guys are making it known that you really are listening and caring about the needs of players as well as the game. Communication with the players is important as is bug fixes and game stability. TY!

  55. HeySana Raymaker says:

    Great! Thank you for good news Ian.
    The one more feature I would like to be introduced in future releases is the freedom of flight.
    What if you make a free moovement zone, lets say above 128m? And possibility to fly between islands?
    What a pity that it is impossible to travel in the SL world with flying machines now.

  56. Salazar Jack says:

    Thanks for the update!

  57. Rascal Ratelle says:

    “feature stasis just isn’t a good option.” Why not?

    It may not be a good option to you guys, but for the sake of veiwer stability and performance it’s important.

    The way I see it is, LL does not want to entertain that option. Despite the new bugs created by newly added features.

  58. Very positive post. ty Lindens for your extreme hard work and dedication to this wonderful global environment. ;O)-

  59. Harle Armistice says:

    As LL has said before, many of the people not working on bug fixes are simply not suited to the task. And unless you think we’d be better suited by having a lot of extra coffee-fetchers who could be doing productive things elsewhere, there’s just not much reason to pull them off of their various projects.

    ‘Feature stasis’ isn’t a good option because it makes no sense. They’d have to fire many of their employees, or otherwise pay them to pointedly do nothing. It’s totally infeasible. LL is investing in the future of Second Life; they have eggs in different baskets because they are a large development company. They have a lot of employees with different skillsets, and as much as one would like to believe that they are all suited to solving your laundry list of problems, they’re not.

    The fact that LL has such a huge percentage of their employees devoted to fixing the problems that we are all experiencing is a great show of commitment toward improving Second Life. That some people are still complaining about them not doing enough is mind boggling to me. I’ve pretty well decided that there’s a group of SL residents who will never be pleased, ever.

    And for the record: Windlight is not going to have any impact on the database problems that people are complaining about. That tired old chestnut about ‘adding features to a broken product’ is like complaining that repainting a car that also needs an oil change is going to somehow make the engine fail. Windlight is just a change in the way the client renders light. Nothing more, nothing less. So stop complaining about it. Not implementing it is just going to waste a lot of people’s time, and for no particular reason except to satisfy a lot of people who have no idea what they’re talking about.

    Oh, and also regarding Windlight, I saw someone talking about how Windlight broke shiny textures. You’re right, it did. I don’t know if you noticed, but that early beta of Windlight broke a lot of things, which is a large part of why it was full-scale taken off of the beta download section. They’ve been making major changes to how it works. Otherwise they wouldn’t have taken it down for so long to work on it quietly. So please, no alarmist doom-saying before we’ve even seen the new beta?

    Thanks kindly.

  60. many good news in a few hours…

    maybe put up a milestone plan, so people have an idea on the timeline we are talking about.

    this would be a great improvement.

    you just did the right way again with information politics, that was a “no-info” politc fpr a while.

    everyone who has done project management knows: for those, not directly involved, they wanna know about:
    – goal
    – timeframe
    – % you hit the goal in-time



  61. U M says:

    If this means more bug fixing and less features we are going right.

  62. U M says:

    “The fact that LL has such a huge percentage of their employees devoted to fixing the problems that we are all experiencing is a great show of commitment toward improving Second Life. That some people are still complaining about them not doing enough is mind boggling to me. I’ve pretty well decided that there’s a group of SL residents who will never be pleased, ever.”

    Its a third part thats doing the bug fixes.LL adds features they out source Bug fixes……….

  63. wise clapsaddle says:

    THANKYOU Linden Labs!!!!!!

    I mentioned in a blog post here recently about being clearer on your intention, roadmap and current development path, and you came back with a shining example of professional response to that request.

    Look at the posts here, and look at them 2 weeks ago, see the difference, keep it up LL were counting on you.


  64. Phil Deakins says:

    “Innovative new features like 3D voice, WindLight, and Sculpties are essential for the continued evolution of Second Life; feature stasis just isn’t a good option.”

    Sorry, but that’s garbage. Nobody was crying out for sculpties, voice or windlight. They are absolutely non-essential. They are ego trips for LL, but that’s all.

    “However, we are now devoting the majority of our development resources to considerably less visible behind-the-scenes improvements.”

    Oh! So now it’s feature stasis until you make the thing stable, is it? That was a quick u-turn. Well, at least you’re now showing some degree of common sense, but I doubt it will last long. LL isn’t known for common sense.

    “… and there are more engineers dedicated to stability and scalability than are working on 3D voice, WindLight, or sculpties combined. I believe that we’re headed in the right direction.”

    You were slow. Everyone else knew, and told you, but you didn’t catch on, or you simply weren’t interested. Now maybe you’re learning – just maybe. I’m sure you’ll understand when I say that I’ll believe when I see it.

  65. pantaiputih korobase says:

    WOW, finally a blog, sincere and disclosing a plan. Guess, most of us really appreciate it that you give a perspective.
    There is only one point I disagree:
    ‘Innovative new features like 3D voice, WindLight, and Sculpties are essential for the continued evolution of Second Life; feature stasis just isn’t a good option. ‘
    I wouldn’T mind that much about feature stasis until the basic problems are fixed as we already have pretty much features to play with – or please just introduce new features only if you are 120 % sure that they do not affect the game.

    p.s. still on 1.18.06 which runs reasonably well for me

  66. Mel says:

    Love the blog, Ian. Someone mentioned to me last night about all the blogs coming through. I suspect the flood has something to do with SLCC…the timing seems a little coincidental.

    However, regardless…THIS is the type of thing that needs to come out when we SL users are having a hard time with SL: Explanations of what LL is doing to address the problems we are encountering….Not chirpy blogs about graphs or newsletters or some new feature that ALWAYS creates a problem for the end-user. LL may see those as a way of providing hope for better things but most of us residents groan because we know it adds to our growing list of complications.

    I have been here long enough to know that when you add a feature with good intent and good purpose…it always always messes up some other seemingly unrelated aspect of SL. I suppose it is inevitable with the complex codes and program that you have…but most of us (at least the older ones) do not look forward to new features with joy but with trepidation.

    So, when you post blogs like this that address the concerns of the populus (regardless of the spurring reason) and put the plans to improve SL on the back end out there in a non-techie way…. well, it truely does help.

    Thank you, Ian.

  67. Fleure Homewood says:

    Ian, I really appreciate the better description of Linden Labs efforts, but I also think that LL does not appreciate the exent of the problems in SL and the havoc it is causing to everything and everyone from merchants to builders to scripting to simply enjoying the spectacular oportunities for concerts in SL — but only if you are one of the chosen few to get into the sim, and don’t mind a crash or three.
    Seriously, it is almost futile to do anything in SL anymore but sit around and admire the pretty scenery. You do not seem to feel a sense of ugency about this, although there is some improvement in that awareness level.
    Still, it is true that SL is a magnificent, groundbreaking concept and as such may be difficult to implement initially. We can understand that. So please keep more detailed progress and issue reports coming.
    Thank you and all of Linden Labs for all the hard work that goes into making SL happen.

  68. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    Two points:

    While it’s good to hear these declarations from Ian, I do hope we are going to see some action. Blog posts are one thing – delivering the goods is something else.

    Secondly, having admitted that a lot of the current SL infrastructure is based on outdated technology (WHICH version of Havok?!!!), could we please aim for the latest technology this time – not just the easiest to implement?
    You guys got yourself in this mess by using what was often, even at the time of adoption, outdated technology, try and learn by that mistake please?

  69. Takeshi Kiama says:

    Declarations aside, I have seen my experience in SL improve. So I know they are doing something. Downtimes don’t last as long as they used to (remember that time not long ago where it was down all day???), TP’s are more often than not effortless, my shoes don’t stick in my butt like they used to, when something feels wrong when I’m in world its not long before the blog reflects it. These are just little things that make me feel that much better about SL and spending my dough here ^.^ I know there’s a long way to go, but this kitty sees the effort and wants to let you know, Rock on Linden Labs!

  70. Tegg B says:

    Cool some bright news, hope we can see some delivery dates soon on new features when a lot of the existing bugs are nailed 🙂

  71. honeydripper says:

    Thanks LL….the communication seems to be getting much better…that in itself is a huge improvement

  72. The XO says:

    @ Duckling Kwak #27:

    Agreed, I have seen this a million times (well maybe not quite that many) but you’re correct in what you say.

    /me shouts to LL “You guys are programmers – which you do very well. What you’re doing here is amazing, not to mention the re-write whilst it’s running BUT you need a ‘social’ team”.

    Maybe employ a few people to go around to the techies, find out whats going on, sit in on meetings, get a feel for it and then report back to the community. Even if the report is “We had a discussion on Windlight today, postponed it for 3 weeks and Philip knocked over a cup off coffee, Torley ate a water melon”.

    Spam the blog, give us tons of beautiful LL spam. People just want to know whats going on. As Duckling Kwak said, the non technical residents will certainly benefit.

    Now, go get some resumes of people with good social skills, communication skills, and a little technical background and have them communicate between “us” and “them”. Think of them as an API 😉 *winks

    That being said – fantastic work on things so far and I’m really impressed, hopeful and optimistic for the future.

    Vive la Second Life, Vive el Presidente 🙂

  73. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    It sure is good to see LL woke up. We all appreciate the work you’re doing, tho it’s often wondered how or why you come to certain decissions.

    I hope to see more communication from y’all, and ofcourse a lot of bugs fixed 🙂

  74. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thank you for the (long overdue) update, and for working towards a more stable Second Life. This single post has done a lot to restore my confidence in the Second Life model, and I look forward to the realisation of your plans.

  75. Pussy Dailey says:

    Well done guys!

    Lets hope it all works out.

    Keep it up 🙂

  76. Villanova says:

    Sorry guys, I still see you miss the point of how bad stability has become – I really do not care about engineers, servers and whatever tech – I cannot log in, move and rez in a decent manner and I get furious at your useless new features.

    On voice, happy if many likes it. It is simply a wrong feature for SL as it brings RL back into it and kills imagination. Additionally, it is intrusive and too demanding, not to mention all that increased stupidity and awful voices which at least are filtered by text chat.

  77. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    Nicholaz Beresford is disheartened at how bad you guys broke the voice viewer. He refuses to work on it now.

    Please fix the performance issues, an ffreezing bug.

  78. Brenda Maculate says:

    Thanks for the update, Ian! I’m glad to hear that things are going in the right direction and *where* they’re going.

    Getting a lot of “We’re doing things, trust us” messages does NOT help, when so many are having issues. Something like this, where we can see what changes are coming and we can see what’s happening behind the scenes, certainly is helpful.

  79. Lovely to see this post, Ian! =)

    Friendly greetings everyone… I believe traditionally, we haven’t communicated proportionally about the things we do. How the heck are you supposed to know we’re working on stuff if we never tell you? So, we’re changing this, and more show & tell is in order…

    Re: WindLight, I’m Product Manager of it, and there are a few quick important communica-bits:

    * It includes a collection of viewer performance & stability (P&S) improvements, rendering optimizations, old code cleanup. (Which is related to the “Viewer Stability” section above.) Those details will be included with the release notes when it gets re-released to our community. The pretty skies aren’t the only thing happening, there’s a lot more going on under-the-hood. It makes good sense.

    * Those wondering for regular, even informal reports on WindLight and other things I’m working on should bookmark and watch my wiki page — I do a lot of incremental scrawls and edits. I’m hoping like Office Hours have, it’ll encourage other Lindens to do something similar (time willing!).

    * WindLight has changed a *lot* since it was last in public First Look. It’s kind of like an old friend you meet later, and they’ve matured. Full bright appearance has been fixed, shiny looks a LOT shinier, the lighting’s too strong in some cases in the current build but I’m working with our talented devs to remedy that. If you want to see current, live, raw shots, please keep tuned into where I take pictures varying from the photorealistic to the surreal just about every day.

    * Another one of my responsibilities is identifying hot, confirmed bugs for Studio Blacklight… our caring engineers in that studio work on a lot of critical pains affecting the servers. I can often be found triaging issues. And speaking of “triage”, come visit our bug triages:

    Anyone who wants to talk more about this is more than welcome — and highly encouraged — to come chat with me at my Office Hours… info @

    More communication — words and followup actions, is always appreciated… I’ve been doing a lot of reiterating of points lately, which is fine, but it clearly means that we need to constantly update on what’s going on, and in my e-book, that’s a good thing (gah, and my texture loading has sucked lately, which is slowing my work down, so I’d like to see that get better too…)

    Every time I find a bug inworld, I either figure out a repro myself, or if I can’t, I search existing issues and ask Lindens who know more. Those of you following my blog since I started SL in ’04 ( ) know of my many adventures in this field, and how I experience the same problems you do. It may be obvious, but it needs to be said, so there, I said it, and look forward to working on improving your experience, day by day.

    Thanks earnestly for being with us. 🙂

  80. Chevonne Cazalet says:

    I am so releived and thrilled to see the Lindens disclosing what they are working on. This is exactly the kind of communication we the people need and desire. Good job LL! Second Life is wonderful, most of the time. Now this restores a bit of faith for us who had began to become hopeless!

  81. Goss Machin says:

    @ Torley 71
    Thanks for being so honest with us Torley. Further to “Anyone who wants to talk more about this is more than welcome — and highly encouraged — to come chat with me at my Office Hours”

    I’d like to make a suggestion……
    Why don’t you be pro-active, seek out some of the most voiciferous complainers and invite them to a meeting, then report back to us what transpired?

  82. Hern Worsley says:

    This is the post ive been waiting / hoping for.
    Thanks so much im greatly relieved and looking forward to what the future holds for SL again.

  83. Simply Hax says:

    Well, this sounds good so far, but so to late. I have no faith in LL and their will to fix these issues that have been in world for so long and caused so much problems. Loss of expencive items, support who resolve all problems with restart of sim (if we ever get suport), laggy servers, tp problems, just to mention some issues… And who need voice when we can’t play the “game”…

    Today we closed our club and the land will be put for sale, all crew got fired and I will downgrade all my Premium accounts and be a Basic user. I had a lot of fun and will be back now and then, but I’m not sure if I will become a Premium member again.

    Fix the problems, when the world is stable you can START to PLAN new features to the world. But, I guess they will keep putting out new features that will make things bad. The good thing is this blog that show they start to listen to their customers… it’s about time 😦

  84. GoogleMama says:

    Promises are like cookies… easy to make and even esier to break… I agree, this is a step in the right direction, but until we see some consistant improvement in both performance and communication…

  85. Jessica Hultcrantz says:


    More posts like this, that explains what is going on behind the thick curtains at *LL*. We deserve more information, and you guys needs to be better at it.

    This is a huge step in the right way, please continue posting information about what is going on, and also the tech stuff.

    Also please consider what was stated above:
    “I really hate the new messaging windows so much, you ought to have the choice to display “Old style” if you have voice turned off as many of us do (although I’m still running 1.18.06 because I hate voice so much). And if these genuinely are optional updates, stop reminding us and forcing us to press continue before logging in.”

    I’ll second that. Definitively.

  86. Good news, keep up the good/hard work Linden monkeys

  87. simplyperfect simon says:

    I’M TRULY SORRY TO SAY THIS, but this is the rpg equivalent of hearing a Vietnam briefing circa 1972! the strain to put a positive spin on an increasingly worsening situation smacks of press release b*llsh*t, if not outright lying! will the last resident to leave saigon AKA Second Life please turn off the windlight!

  88. Bee Mizser says:

    This sounds positive, but for many people patience is wearing thin. These updates on the blog need to be more regular so that people are kept informed. One of the biggest failings of companies is communication. It is certainly something that LL need to work on.

    Please make sure these “stability” updates are fully tested before being implemented. The last thing residents want are broken promises.

    I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, keep us updated and you will have happy customers.

  89. Moll Dean says:

    Hello everybody…
    I am glad to read this post and I hope it is not just words.. only facts will show this.. but for long and long time, this is the first post that we all would like to read someday “Linden Lab’s Effort to Improve Grid Stability”.

    Due this I want to give my contribution, but I am not a developer, so let me tell you in text.
    I believe that would be great if we could drag the tools out of the viewer, such like we can do with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP©. So we would have one windows clean, just with the grid view.. Great for those who have 2 monitors.
    If this is already possible, please, let me know how to do.

    Good lucky LL and don’t let us living in the HOPELAND forever… Now I know you know what we want lol.

    All the best

    Ops.. by the way.. someone developed a system to place many avatars to camp and earn L$… if you turn off a dance pad (or other camp system) and the avatar desapeared is because they are using this software… I made all dance pads for group member only.. for a while it is working.
    These avatars are full time connected with the camp system, but there is no one behind them.. They look very newbie, but using man name with woman avatar, flex hair over default hair, they don’t reply you and where there one, there is more together. In my club there were 6 of them..

  90. Moll Dean says:

    oh… sorry.. and drag IM windows out of the main viewer too :))

    One more thing… We need VERY MUCH that SL accept other video format… please please please…
    but Stability goes FIRST

    Happy weekend guys

  91. JayR Cela says:

    This is positive response, to lingering problems. I hope it is not to late to reverse the flow of friends and associates that I personally know of, whom are simply leaving SL, for a number of reasons. and the #1 that comes to mind is.
    IT’S NOT FUN ANY MORE !!!!! Period ~ Plain & Simple. SL has been reduced to a major pain in the rear to even try to traverse all the screwy glitch’s that abound around us. And folks are loosing their patience. My self, I have no intentions of bailing out I am going to ride this platform till the END, and make the best of it. But a lot of people in RL that come here do not feel or share the same enthusiasm. And they are leaving because the Fun is Gone. I know the reasons and complexities of this type of VR experiment are vast and almost beyond comprehension to a large number of SL citizens.
    And I think people like Torley realize the gravity of the issues.
    ROCK ON LL / now is time to dig in and solve the identified problems and move Forward ~ not Sideways ~ nor Backwards. Long Live SL Long live the King.

    JayR Cela

  92. Suzi Phlox says:

    Well done! As a media relations consultant I have been appalled at the lack of communication between LL and residents. I am delighted to see that LL is beginning to see this too. Now if Torley and others will keep the info flowing it may put the brakes on the uninformed nattering nabobs of negativity that clutter these blogs with their whining and conspiracy theories. Go Lindens! Ten million registrations! Woot!

  93. Sindy Tsure says:

    Good stuff. TY for the info, Ian & Torley!

  94. LinXoa Yue says:

    I think it’s great you are being so open about the work Linden Labs is doing to improve our combined experience. Second Life has an addictive quality we all know, but frustration lingers when we as residents are left in the dark or given bland responses like ‘sorry for the trouble we’re working on it’ or ‘this and that issue are being investigated sorry you can’t log in’.

    How simply wonderful it is to be informed 🙂

    I for one appreciate the gift of information given here and am pleased to read posts that enlighten and not frustrate me.

    This new honest approach has convinced me to remain at the concierge level rather than bailing out of SL, and also reinforced my faith in the entire LL and SL staff.

    Thanks guys for showing me there is more going on than lag.

    I want to buy stock !!

  95. Valerie Bethune says:

    Without stability, everything else is worthless, so thank you. Stay on it.

  96. Amanda Ascot says:

    The Good: I applaud posts like this one. On the list of 5 most wanted things in Second Life, I suspect Communication is up there near the top. Not only are you communicating, but you’re telling us things that are relevant to our interests, in ways that the ordinary resident can understand, and giving links to terms and concepts which some of us might not understand. We’ve been clamoring for this for a long time, and it’s wonderful to see Linden Lab finally opening up and telling us about things that are going on behind the scenes. I’d love to see regular reports, here in the Blog, letting us know what bugs are being worked on. Sure, we can go to the jira to find that out. The trouble is that the jira is incomprehensible to a great many residents. I read it, I vote on issues, and have even reported a few. I still like the less-technical, more conversational, style of the Blog, though, when all I want is a “news report.”

    The Bad: Sugarcoating. It’s still going on, and it’s still not fooling about half of us, from the posts I’ve been reading. To state that adding features is “essential” in any way, when most of us are asking Linden Lab to *stop* adding features until the existing bugs are fixed, is not good PR. Sitting at your desks, pounding out code, as many Lindens do for a living, you don’t have the same perspective on what constitutes an “issue” as do those of us who have to struggle in-world, either to play, socialize, or actually do business. Second Life isn’t about new features. We already have the basis for something totally unlike anything anyone else has. Most of us are happy with that — or would be if it worked properly. In spite of all the people who have stated that they will not be using Voice, you guys still haven’t figured out that the hype over this feature was a mistake. It’s not as popular as you thought it would be, and, in fact, it has very much a negative rating by the majority of people I’ve talked to. I may the only Voice Mentor who doesn’t actually use it, except to listen to other people, although, as a supporter of Voice, I try my best to help other people who are having problems implementing it. I loved Windlight, even with its issues, but it caused performance hits (in spite of the few residents who will say otherwise). When it comes back I’ll welcome it, again, but this feature is hardly “essential” to the most important thing Linden Lab has to consider as they tweak the infrastructure of Second Life — attracting … and *keeping* a customer base. We don’t need Windlight to be happy here, and if it introduces problems we didn’t have before, we are not going to happy that it’s forced upon us. Havoc 4 and Mono? Bring ’em on! Unless, of course, they break things that are not broken.

    The Ugly: This is all about perception and image — our perception of Linden Lab and the image problem it currently has. There’s a perception, right or wrong, which is shared by, it would seem, the majority of residents, that Linden Lab is not listening to us. We see new features dumped into a broken system. Those features are going to add problems of their own. They always do, and it’s inevitable with software this complex. Fix the system and then add those features. That way you’ll know what the baseline is when things start to go wrong. At this point I doubt the coders have even a hazy notion how their new features, or even bug fixes, might or might not cause a cascade of issues affecting things they hadn’t intended for them to affect. Every “upgrade” downgrades the performance of the Grid. This is not a good message to send to your user base. We keep telling you it’s happening and at least some Lindens, like Torley, are in-world for long enough periods to experience this, so if you don’t listen to the residents at least listen to your employees. Give us a Stable Grid before you introduce New Features. Do we have to sit at the entryway of an important building in Linden Village and set ourselves aflame before you’ll listen to us? If Voice is causing problems, rip it out of the system. If Windlight causes problems, do the same thing. Work with the existing code until it is reasonably bug-free. Continue working on new features, but in the background. Give us a chance to experience them on the Beta Grid, but keep them off the Main Grid and Teen Grid until those are fixed.

    The Problem: In a word … lack of direction. I don’t think it’s widely known that Linden Lab coders aren’t assigned tasks. They pick their own. It’s probably why we’re still experiencing the prim/texture snap-back bug that’s been around forever and which sometimes makes building an exercise in futility. Nobody is going to pick the difficult jobs when they can pick the easy ones when their measure of “productivity” is more related to the lines of debugged code they generate every day than to the difficulty of their project and whether or not they’re making any sort of progress on it at all. Put someone in charge of assigning tasks, and make those assignments largely dependant upon the votes the issues get in the jira. Yes, I know, you think you know what’s important to us. The fact, though, is that when you ignore the issues *we* consider to be issues, and we see lots of little cosmetic fixes being made, we have to wonder if you really want us around at all, and a lot of residents have already taken their cue from that.

  97. Don Duke says:

    nice 🙂 All sounds right.

    Can’t wait for Mono though 😀

  98. Dark Otsuzum says:

    Well I have crashed or had to relog several tims today because of grievers – when is SL going to put permanently ban people who demonstrably use cages to haass, and weapons to cause crashes?

    Grid stablity is no use if griever still cause accounts to crash


  99. Dark Otsuzum says:

    Well I have crashed or had to relog several tims today because of grievers – when is SL going to put permanently ban people who demonstrably use cages to haass, and weapons to cause crashes?

    Grid stablity is no use if grievers still cause accounts to crash


  100. Luciftias says:

    “It is simply a wrong feature for SL as it brings RL back into it and kills imagination.”

    And this is a bad thing?

  101. badger payne says:

    The open approach to admitting the obvious problems is to be applauded and is a welcome change in LL’s attitude to it’s customers …

    As a non-techy old person however, i find there is one thing that seems to be missing in the blog responses, namely, the limitations of the average PC. Whenever i buy the latest high graphics usage game, i spend some time in a trial and error routine to determine the best graphics / speed trade off, and this is as necessary in SL as in all other software.

    Personally, having only 1GB of RAM i prefer the nice graphics and turn everything on and sacrifice Voice, which i find lags me down constantly, turn it off, my PC runs SL very nicely.

    Also Top Tip, (mentioned before here, i know), you should really reinstall Windows (if you’re running it) every 6 months, it makes an amazing difference to lagging in SL

    Do i still think SL is worth the monthly subscription ? At the moment, only just !, it needs improvement obviously, but there does seem to be a positive change in LL’s attitude in the last few months, keep up the good work, buy some new servers, get some new routers and generally invest in the existing infrastructure at the same time time as introducing new innovations and you might just keep your very loyal and long suffering customer base.

    Res Ipsa Loquitur, Selah, Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride.

  102. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    @27 if ya have been in SL long enough you’ll notice its not a growing thing…its been here for years and also why most people dont stay in SL. The problems here get talked about but never fixed LL’s pr machine kickes in and says they will fix stuff…and they end up not doing it ;-( so no I wont belive what they say any more..just what they do

  103. Chino Yray says:

    this is late… but, who doesn’t want a good news? especially on the much awaited windlight.

  104. nina says:

    ill believe it when i see it.
    memories of open letter and a phoney town hall

  105. Are you going to be commenting all your code properly in the future so that opensource programmers don’t have to spend hours just working out what things do before doing useful things?

  106. nina says:

    one more thing:
    PLEASE do not force the voice client on me. wednesdays are dreadful, i keep expecting to find a forced client ‘upgrade’ to voice. the only client that i can run with any shred of usability is the nicholaz non voice client. how one guy can fix more bugs than 70% of the LL coders is quite telling hey. if voice is indeed going to be rammed down my throat ‘optionally’ against my will, can LL at the very least give warning so that i can return inventory put my land up for sale first?


  107. Iexo Bethune says:

    Havok 4… Wow… Just imagine what this means… Heck, the Lindens could even remake the damage system so instead of cheesily teleporting you elsewhere, it animates death, complete with ragdoll! I agree with the general sentiment here, SecondLife is starting to look bright again, and I can hardly wait to see all this implimented. Good work Lindens!

  108. Gareth Sleeper says:

    Hope it all works out. As for me, I’m about to start designing an entire prim outfit that attaches to my butt, since my attachments are STILL going there half the time.

  109. Akiko Koba says:

    All I can say is that this resident is now a little more inclined to return to paying premium for using SL after reading this – and yes – for ALL my avatars as I said I would when I dropped out of premium back in March.

    When I see more stability, I will gladly part with money again. This is the best online experience there is when it’s working properly. Get it sorted and I will show my support with hard cash.

  110. GoogleMama says:

    Very well said, Amanda! And in keeping with my view of LL and the demise of SL, you’ll note there was one run to three strikes in Amanada’s comment… in every ballgame I know, three strikes is an out…

  111. JayR Cela says:

    as far as stability goes I have 1 thing to ask
    Help us Oh~Be~Whan~Torley your our only Hope 😦

    LOL :_)

    JayR Cela

  112. Bucky Barkley says:

    Why isn’t this post coming from Cory, the CTO?

    Why are Cory and Robin still in their current positions?

    Is the Board of Directors simply not paying attention?
    The best announcement that could come out of the
    SLCC would be: “we’re going to get some world class managers
    on board, and reassign some current ones”.

  113. Breeze Winnfield says:

    You say Voice, Windlight and Sculpties are “essential”? I cant think of anything less “essential”. What critical function does sculpties provide?? Windlight never worked from the get go, yet you spent cash aquiring it and resources best devoted else where trying to get it to work. Sculpties are an outside of SL, program created texture that replaces inworld building skills, how the heck do you figure that is “essential”. You still dont get it, A STABLE GRID is what is essential. Maybe if you folks werent mucking around with silly stuff like sculpties you could deliver on those long long awaited grid improvements. We have heard these promises before.

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