will now immediately fetch you the latest release version of Second Life, no questions asked.

We figure out your operating system based on transparent information that is included in every HTTP web request made by a common browser. However, as with all “smart, convenient” software, it can guess wrong. If you need a specific operating system version:

For those of you that may be wondering, this is actually an old side project of mine that I never got around to until recently. It did not take up anyone else’s time but mine, and all bugs are my fault, so you should blame me. I hope you find it useful when you’re on a new computer that doesn’t have SL installed. (say, at a convention?)

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  1. Avacea Fasching says:

    Thank You, Jeff, I glad to see someone trying new projects on the website to make our lives a little easier..

  2. Keiko Rau says:

    Brilliant! A great first step.

    Step 2, Put this in the viewer and detect our current viewer version – only send updates that are newer than the current viewer.

    Step 3) Profit!

    Seriously… Thanks guys. This makes it real easy to get all the latest viewer bugfixes.

  3. Chakalak Skall says:

    a new computer would be great!

  4. Montana Corleone says:

    Well nice and thanks. Since 75% of us don’t even live in the US, I think it unlikely that many of us will be in Chicago, nor at the inworld sites if the birthday party fiasco is anything to go by. 500k of us would be difficult to fit in that hall I should imagine…

    If it’s seriously no questions asked, please stop reminding me of new “optional” updates every time I log in and have to press Continue. That is getting so irritating lol. A “Do Not Show This Dialog Box Again” checkbox would be nice.

    But really, was it such a big deal? The download page has always listed just the latest one, even when official dvice became revert to the last one. Still, I guess that might be one click saved. Pales via the multi clcks required to mess around with the new comsms windows to get them anywhere useful (each and every time you open the bloody things).

  5. Pyrii Akula says:

    But buggy as it’s fetching me when I’m running which has been latest for awhile.

  6. Wyald Woolley says:

    That’s great Phil. It’s always a comfort to know that someone can be counted on to be tuning their fiddle while Rome is in flames.

    BTW, the deck chairs have all been rearranged per your instructions…and might I freshen your drink? The ship had fortuitously just gotten an unexpected load of fresh ice.

  7. Eon Peterson says:

    Not sure about this. What exactly does it mean? If it’s not an ‘official’ update (and are we still going to get those?) who wants to download a lot of new bugs, even though now we can blame someone for them?

    I wish ppl at Linden Labs wouldn’t sometimes speak in language which they may understand but which is not clear to some of us (I hope I’m not the only one to be a bit confused by this post.. lol).

  8. Eon Peterson says:

    To refer to my earlier comment:

    “I wish ppl at Linden Labs wouldn’t sometimes speak in language which they may understand but which is not clear to some of us…”

    I think the answer would be to get Torley to compose/translate ALL posts in future.

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  10. This is great, nice work Jeff 😀

  11. Dekka Raymaker says:

    “# 5 Pyrii Akula Says:

    But buggy as it’s fetching me when I’m running which has been latest for awhile.”

    Yes the same for me, Mac user, Firefox browser.

  12. Caleb Francis says:

    how handy, thank you!

  13. #6 Wyald Woolley…
    While I don’t agree with you… your post was funny.
    OnTopic: I hope you put a link into the page as well for each type. Browser headers… lie sometimes.

  14. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Good idea Jeff, but don’t forget the other easy to use URL which everybody forgets about, the my. subdomain:

    Since it’s not registered maybe you should grab it and use it for something useful – I could see it used as an advanced profile page and perhaps it could support website uploads of SL assets (images, sounds, animations, etc…)

  15. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Getting me on Mac OS X 10.4.10 / Safari 3.0.3.

  16. @Dekka:

    Same here for Linux w/Firefox.

  17. Oh wait, turns out IS the latest for Linux. is an optional release, right?

  18. Great addition – thanks

  19. Blake says:

    Wyald..nice point girl

  20. Schizm Neutra says:

    Ummm, I started to download for Windows…and as the countdown message began I sau it said 9 HOURS and some minutes…I don’t think I have time to wait 9 hours for this download. Oh, and I have a cable connection and I just had maintenance done on my computer so I KNOW everything is ok with IT…can you say why it would take 9 hours to download this? Thankx for any information you can share..

  21. Luciftias says:

    “Ummm, I started to download for Windows…and as the countdown message began I sau it said 9 HOURS and some minutes…I don’t think I have time to wait 9 hours for this download.”

    Because Windows is notoriously bad at estimating download times.

  22. Rufio Broek says:

    hmmm Schizm Neutra it might be your cable or your connection or it depends on where your from since i have adsl
    and i downloaded it in 39 seconds ….

  23. Cat Cotton says:

    wtg Jeff 🙂

  24. Schizm Neutra says:

    Sooo, does that mean more or less time or should I just ignore it, Luciftias? Cause since I started the down load my packetloss is more in SL…hard to delete stuff, etc.

  25. Chaz Longstaff says:

    Gee, if I stop paying my premium membership, does that mean I get to complain MORE? :}

  26. Digital Digital says:

    This is really awesome!!! I love it THANKS! keep up the awesome updates!

  27. Pierre says:

    I think it can be useful also if you’re support staff and just want to be able to know when a new version comes along that you need to roll out to your users (yeah yeah, I know, enough with the jokes about SL stability already).

    Using these URLs in a HEAD request returns the URL to that latest version in that request (without downloading it yet). So I could setup a script that checks the page once a day for new versions.
    It would be nice to be able to check whether what is returned is a actually newer version than I’ve already got. I could of course just suppose that if the name is different than the one I downloaded the last time, it is newer, but if you would add a Last-Modified header which has the data/time of release of the version you’re providing it would be much easier to do.

    Anyways, it don’t always have to be the big scripts/changes that make live easier. 🙂

  28. MrLunk voom says:

    Is it posible to attach the referrercode to this URL ?
    So we can redirect people for signups and still earn the bonus ?

  29. hopefully, the version that came down is the one LL expects me to use…

    seems like downgrade…

    is a downgrade like stated above recomended ?

    however, i did the downgrade…


  30. Day Oh says:

    lol, FireFox, Windows XP Home

  31. Leeloo Nykvist says:

    Seems like some people misunderstood what this is about.

    It’s not a new viewer. It’s not something you should download now. It’s not time wasted that should better have been used fixing bugs. It’s a way of saving us time going to, scrolling down to the bottom, clicking download, finding the link to the right version, clicking it… It’s just a short cut to downloading whatever version of the viewer is the current version, by going directly to This was probably made by a webdesigner – not someone you’d want fixing grid or viewer bugs anyway – and might have taken about five minutes. It will save us about half a minute (each) when downloading the next version, or more, as the webserver is usually quite loaded when it’s time to download a new version.

  32. Foxxe Wilder says:

    AHHH more features… just what we need more features and less practical functionality…

    However I can’t help but to wonder why it is that they don’t have Second Life 1-18-2-0 Setup.exe in there instead of the faulty version.

  33. Lizbeth Marlowe says:

    Still fetching which is OLD…so it’s a good idea, but forgotten already?

  34. Dirk Felix says:

    Can i get the version that didnt caras all the time, version 1,14 😉

  35. Blinders Off says:

    Curse you Jeff, for making things easier. If this trend continues, SL might become user friendly! Ohno! ;D

  36. LadyKay Gable says:

    Jeff can only say that your having our interests at heart is truly a fullfilling wish. thank you for caring and doing somehing about it…you have a space in the heart of a grateful resident of Secondlife…THANKS

  37. Pussy Dailey says:

    Can I have a new computer too please?

  38. Chino Yray says:

    it really is easier to download through the new links and more understandable. than the download.

  39. Chance Unknown says:

    Shouldn’t this actually point to the most recent download available? The link above is offering 1.18.1 and we have been downloading 1.18.2 for awhile now.

  40. Fingol Boram says:

    Exactly Chance…. would be nice if it was actually the latest SW that was published…. or should we interpret this as the 1.18.2 is withdrawn and we should go back to the ?


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  42. Juliet Ceres says:

    So the guy who tries to make installing a new version of Second Life easier doesn’t know which version is the newest one and he obviously can’t be assed to read comments on his own blog post announcing his own feature.

    So fucken sad.

  43. Gaea Niven says:

    *sighs* I thought people read previous comments before posting. Best one to date #27

    If you are reading this comment please go back and read #27 by Leeloo Nykvist.

    Thank you for the auto links Jeff!

  44. Gaea: People don’t READ blogs. At best they just SCAN them.

    Anyway most people commenting don’t want to do anything constructive. They just want to complain.

    Know people like that IRL? Bet you do.

  45. Cat Gisel says:

    Please make sure previous working releases are still available, it will save a lot of hunting and stress 🙂

  46. Phillip Hultcrantz says:

    So if I find a bug can I come to your home and beat you with a wet noodle? hehe

    Anyway, that’s for the work, this is some nice stuff. 🙂

  47. Ninjastar Kawashima says:


  48. les says:

    Clean use is a successful design cornerstone and it’s good to see this…I guess. Was anyone having trouble logging onto and clicking download? If this is a hurdle to SL then it should be praised as a filter to keep out those who have zero understanding of how anything works.

    but let’s focus on time saving…this does save a click or two at the cost of a few more keystrokes, i guess. yawn.

    Have you tried using the Communicate UI? With user buttons on the four outside corners? Please fire someone over this. I’m sure you make enough money to hire a decent UI developer. Maybe you can take a look Jeff. You can download SL here…

    Have you tried inviting a member to a group? Does this really need to include a billion clicks and different looking windows? Prolly the same person on design here. If they were replaced at this point we might have had a decent com UI now.

    If we could get the interface of SL to be usefull and not so timewasting, it would be more helpful then another ‘Cick to join FREE’ button and lead to more active accounts.

    8 million dead accounts agree with me. Perhaps even a few live ones.

    If you deliver on the Havok update (waiting 3 years for this vapor) then you can add 20 more clicks to the useless com window without grief from me. We can get torley to do a 4 part video special on how to IM a friend with 30 clicks when they may or may not show up in your friends list while standing right next to you. Hot!

    Anyway, enough rain on the parade.

    carry on

  49. hugsalot says:

    Any plans on having library of old versions of the SL viewer available in cases where there are problems with the current version?

  50. a minha amiga q falou sobre esse jogo

  51. ed44 says:

    Would be really nice if we could download the latest non voice viewer.

  52. AWM Mars says:

    Would it not have been useful to give out the direct link to the amazon servers.. would save having to load a page from the LL servers just to get that, especially as it is done by the 1,000 on update day.

  53. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    @38 / Hugsalot

    You *can* get an older viewer if you knew the exact version number.

    I.E. instead of using

    You can use
    to get the lovely voicefree SL viewer with the useful UI back 🙂

  54. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    Actually if you just uses
    you get a XML-list of all versions in their repository, so just lookup the filename you want and put it at the end of the URL.
    1.15 anyone? *grins*

  55. Could the blog be modified so that those writing solely to complain could simply increment a “kvetch counter”, to maximize useful content in the comments?

  56. Dirk Felix says:

    #27 Leeloo Nykvist
    So youre basically saying that Linden Labs with their superior thought proceess and innovative technology screwed the pooch once again with a mislabled, unusable, non-transparent, banal? Cool 😉

  57. Jasmine Chemistry says:

    It’s a good start of an excellent way of distribution. I tried it out, and I had to skip a bunch of files because they were bad in the distribution bundle (tried twice just in case it was a one time download problem). I also noted that it brought in older version and not latest. So there are some adjustments still to make, and so far it doesn’t get rid of the invalid DLL message that I get, but I’m only a free resident so…

    XP sp2 user

  58. Argent Stonecutter says:

    #27 – you write “It’s just a short cut to downloading whatever version of the viewer is the current version”.

    But it isn’t. THE CURRENT VERSION IS, but this link downloads

    #34,#35 – see above comment.

  59. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Who is the dummy who went and registered and is just parking it on godaddy?

    Oh well. Hopefully he / she gets a clue and at least points it to the links. Heck, they could make some cash if they put a google adsense spot there in the mean time.

  60. Jeff Linden says:

    Thanks for noticing that it is not the latest version. Pretty much as soon as we released this, we came up with a new use case- versions that are the “latest optional” version. That is what the websites are currently loading, but the “latest” version remains, as of writing,

    I think we’re still discussing whether we should default to the latest optional or non-optional version. At least, I still am.

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  62. Jeff Linden says:

    I have updated to send out 1.18.2. The behind-the-scenes situation is actually more complicated than it should be, hence the hesitation earlier I was expressing. Basically, the current “correct” approach is actually delivering the older version, and I would have to install a temporary hack to send out 1.18.2; but I’m committed to the position that we should maintain this additional temporary hack to make this useful, so there we go.

  63. Nickorific says:

    Hey everybody I am new to second life, and I’m having trouble logging into the second life client. I’ve already created a user name and password but I can’t seem to get the program working.

    Every time I try to login. It gives me an error telling me that my username and password are incorrect, which I know it. That isn’t true

  64. Britt Ember says:

    i cant connect is there somethin wrong with second life or my computer???

  65. sabbi says:

    I have recently downloaded SL, i use a wireless connection, which allows me onle 3 G per month, i have recently had my connection capped as they tell me i owe 1500 instead of the usual 50, so yes i am horrified.

    Can anyone shed any light on this problem please, i thought i was downloading a free softwear

    Regards sabbi

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