Rolling Restart Completed

We will be executing a rolling restart to finalize the upgrade we performed yesterday. It will progress in a wave heading down across the map. Each region is given a 5 minute warning, then restarted. The restart only takes a few minutes, so you can teleport to another region (either much further south or further north), wait a few minutes, then teleport back.

[Updated 2:44pm] Rolling restart completed.

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101 Responses to Rolling Restart Completed

  1. Nitram Foden says:

    Keep up doing the good work Lindens, even if we sometimes dislike your actions 🙂 But in the end we all benefit from it.

  2. HealthStar says:

    Any information on fixing the animation upload issues that are causing ava parts to float? Will it be fixed witht the restart?

    /me hopes

  3. Koroz Kline says:

    Hopefully a good end to an good update ????

    But…. sighs … 5 minutes notice?

  4. Enola Lunasea says:

    Would this also be causing issues of people who got or something and having a hard time relogging in?

    Cause I at the moment cann’t log in at all. Just wondering :).

  5. Chavi says:

    And how would we know what is north and what is south??

  6. [UPDATE] Thank you for your comments. We greatly appreciate your continued patience during downtime. Please note that in the near future, and thanks to Het-Grid, downtime will occur less frequently. Don’t know about Het-Grid? Check out Breaking News in this month’s newsletter.


    We got told about this a month ago YET WE HAVe SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH DOWNTIME!!!!!!!!! SL is becoming a JOKE…. Nothing works right we get lied to say stuff is fixed when it is clearly not. We get told less downtime when there is MORE NOW!!!!!!

    LL you guys sure keep your word!!!!

  7. Berry Steinhoff says:


    Check the map 😉

  8. Flux Cortes says:

    Up is north
    Down is south

  9. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Hmm… are everyone’s comments held in moderation, or just a selecty few members?

    Haven’t seen this before.

  10. Cheta says:

    Chavi :
    The mini-map and the full size map have compass indicators on them. N = North. Just find a sim way south of where you are or way north if there back. If the sim is red, do not try there.

  11. Millie Thompson says:

    North would be the top of your MAIN MAP screen. South would be the bottom part of your MAIN MAP. Likewise East is the right part, and West the left part.

    The mini map also shows N, E, S, W indicators.

  12. Sedary Raymaker says:

    And how would we know what is north and what is south??

    I check out various landmarks on the Map to get their direction and distance and choose one to port to in advance.

    Or I log off and wait 10 minutes before logging back on.

  13. Ben says:

    ChangeLog please 🙂

  14. bigmoe says:

    when will this being?

  15. Bring on the wave, got my board ready…………

  16. stone daniels says:

    Oh Please,I hope this makes my second life expierience better.
    Since the last maint.(yesterday) It has sucked out loud,everything is grey,I can’t walk in a straight line,voice quality is now terrible. wth?
    What’s the point of paying for something if I can’t enjoy it anymore.
    Stone Daniels heads to change his account to free.

  17. Scott Deharo says:

    It’s not fair you do the teen grid in like. One wave, because we’re so far. Lol it’s like everyone on the grid is trying to escape, it’s crazyness.

  18. Scott Deharo says:

    Anywho today is my rez day YAY

  19. DD Otoole says:

    @4 Lol. Yeah hopefully this fix the updates.

    @5 I hope ppl know about that, or they have to get a compass to firgue that out.

    Lets hope this fix the crashes, i just got one today. -.-

  20. Vincent Nacon says:

    @4: It’s not a downtime…. it’s a restart, get it right!

    PEOPLE, please don’t even bother whining stuff in here.

    Because 90% of the time, people whines and it get up to 100 posts.

    Let us actually use the post for good reason…. not to whine like Prok.

  21. pantaiputih korobase says:

    keep on this good work, LL

  22. A restart is still downtime. Its downtime on the grid you want to be in. After 7 hours of DOWNTIME yesterday u think they would have reset the grid then!!!!! We got told LESS DOWNTIME with a HET-GRID!!!!!! So far thats big one big BS lie!!!!!!!

  23. pantaiputih korobase says:

    btw: meanwhile i spend more time reading the blog (if open to comments) than in SL, a miracle!!!

  24. pantaiputih korobase says:

    well, LL take my money, no reward for downtimes, no reward for your amateur like acting… wonders if the master plan is to attract 9.000.000 people and then go down, close the game?
    if you are not able to provide us with a stable system pretty soon, enthusiasm, empathy probably will be gone as well as any economic aspect
    good luck!

  25. This doesn’t explain the failed “handshakes” and log-ins I experienced earlier today. I hope the restarts address that issue.

    But, I would still send donuts to thank you for all the time you put in.

  26. Barb Collas says:

    Pleaseeeeeeeeee … no more updates until you have tested, re-tested, and re-tested again!!!! Every time, things get worse!!!! We can’t even tp now without getting totally booted off SL!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR PLEASE hire some people who know what they are doing?????????

  27. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Well, if future viewer updates are to be optional, then please, please, PLEASE take it off being a blocking dialog that prevents login until you’ve clicked Continue. Either include a checkbox for Don Not show this Daialog Again, or move it to a message line, or inworld Blue messages (maybe create a new colour, say brick red, for system announcements?

    It’s so annoying to have that thing pop up every single time.

  28. pantaiputih korobase says:

    we value your free expression (but only when we allow to….)
    ‘comments closed’

  29. Justa Koba says:

    Please tell me that this restart will help with
    Ticket #: 4051-4237152

    I’m dieing here, I don’t care to do anything but upload and see my textures/sculpt maps….

  30. Orchid Dollinger says:

    After 7 hours of downtime yesterday, I find yet again that I can’t log in today. What’s the BS reason this time?

  31. Franklyn Mendes says:

    I would highly appreciate when a countdown time would warn the user again that the region restarts so one doesn’t get logged of in the middle of a negotiation.

    But anyway thanks for restarting, it is getting faster again 😉

  32. Suzi Phlox says:

    Whine, Whine Whine! Get a grip folks. No one has a gun to your head. The exit is over there….if you find the SL experience so terrible then please use it.

  33. Mal says:

    got 60 seconds notice only…and oops..was in the and profiles didn’t work for me, tps didn’t work either…wish i could go back in time…like a year ago..that was awesome

  34. Sedary Raymaker says:

    We got told LESS DOWNTIME with a HET-GRID!

    Yeah! LL should be able to upgrade their software without having to restart it just like I can with all the software on my computer!

    Oh, wait…

  35. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    Rolling Update? Um sure… Not to be rude or offensive but second life for the past month has been working extreamly poorly, you said it was a few weeks ago and just “started” when everyone including the mentors/live helpers have been reporting issues left and right, And rolling Updates? Tp failing, Lost of inventory, inventory not loading, Sims getting crashed by Griefers shotting mega prims and dashing to another sim/region to do the same thing, same results, I was up all last night following that person and attempting to report him, Can we please just make second life stable, and not worry about new features and such. I would rather see Second life stay like it is but actually work, and I think allot of people would agree..

  36. Jesse says:

    has anyone else noticed all the avies that are being duplicated in the 0,0 corner after sitting on something (like a dance ball) … looking at 8 – 10 there right now, and the sim was just reset( manually, has not rolled yet)

    Just hopes the roll fixes the horrific performance problems.

  37. Sammy says:

    Wow, nice notice as usual gimps. Weren’t you supposed to do this yesterday? I don’t suppose that eventually you’ll figure out that you can do the restart as PART of the maintenance downtime right?

  38. Deeka Hold says:

    there are troubles with TP’ing, many people crash after teleporting – i do hope this restart resolves that automatically


  39. Hewitt Huet says:

    Everything is great. No complaints at all!

    Except it took me 30 minutes to log in yesterday, I still have inventory missing, and my scripts arent reliably saving. But other than that things are great! Thanks, LL!!!

  40. Cat Cotton says:

    I think its probably a great thing that SL is having so many issues right now. This should all make great news stories at this years SLCC 07 going on this weekend. Oh wait…weren’t there problems last year too? Yes. Hopefully this time however the news media will be a little more daring and report honestly on how SL runs for the average user: Poorly.

  41. Gomez Bracken says:

    This is the rolling restart that Concierge told me earlier wasn’t happening today… Pah – Right in the middle of our event…

  42. Orcus Hax says:

    Get a life people! I was in the middle of designing some shoes, got kicked out.

    Read the blog, waited a few second’s and loged back in. Thanks LL for the update.

  43. Jayden B says:

    Will this fix all the inabilities to TP, missing money, map not working, profiles not loading that happened last night between 00:00 and 06:00?

    Of course, at that time, with no live chat in the support portal… no lindens on duty even watching the grid as Non-USA people use it.. the problem goes unreported and unfixed.

  44. Justa Koba says:

    What do I have to do to get help?

    “WARNING: LLInventoryPanel::buildNewViews: Couldn’t find parent folder for child ”
    Every time I access my inventory and search for something I get hundreds and hundreds of that line in my log file. When the “fetched items” reaches a particular level my screen freezes. I have not done any major rearranging of items to prompt this,

    I have done all the basic things, reinstall, clear cache…. please IM me if you can help

  45. SL Business says:

    Slightly off topic, but I ‘d like to mention that I personally don’t like being treated like a child by Linden Lab employees.
    Comments such as the ones made by Teeple Linden are misplaced:
    “In-world L$ purchases and land transactions should perform normally. Thanks much for your patience while we ironed this out :-)”
    or more specifically:
    “Yikes, a mild case of premature jubilation on our side. The switch issue’s back with a vengeance…currently, between 180 and 200 regions are incommunicado.”

    Sorry for whining, but joking and smiling (as if this was game) about technical issues to your customers face is quite unwelcome and inappropriate as far as i am concerned…

  46. Timothy Scarborough says:

    To all the whiners, please call, 1-800 WHAAAAHH!!!

  47. Meade Paravane says:

    @30: Done a cache clear, Justa?

  48. Meade Paravane says:

    /me votes for being able to edit blog comments!

    Ignore me, Justa.

  49. Lance Sismondi says:

    I opened a ticket on being logged off every 5-10 minutes. Is this happening to anyone else? Movement is near impossible with FPS being very erratic and very noticeable packet loss.

  50. Alysha says:

    I would be overjoyed to hear that yesterday’s update/fix/whatever will cure the insanity of my Recent Items tab. That thing hasn’t cleared in over a month. Not to mention the fact that I am continually having to clear my cache so that I can reclaim 2000+ items that magically disappear at a whim.

    Pretty please?????

  51. Gimm says:

    AHHHHHH. Okay. Fine. At least I havn’t had as much happen to me as some of the others. I’ve been lucky for the most part. But, hopefully this will help fix everything! And thank you for the time you’ve put in to trying to make second life work better. I know many people are angry about almost all the things you do, but at least we know you’re trying to work on it.

  52. Arnold Wilder says:

    Unfortunatly, the sim I am in keeps crashing even after the rolling restart. Let’s hope something is fixed at least.

  53. Donique says:

    I lost my entire inventory this morning, anyone would be mad, then i went to recover all my lost items in various places, and then somehow weerd stuf starts to happn, like i cant teli to help island, my bling ends up in my crotch. then after an hour i found out that the island has been shutdown for some god forsaken reason, probably because there were 2 many ppl complaining. wtf, then i went 2 check on places down south, that were closing so the “wave” is not doin’ 2 good, then i get stuck on one of the island “down south” and couldent telli away so i got a countdown, and couldent do anything about it, so now i am logged off and pissed >-(

  54. Tarina says:

    I missed my learning session today. I’m really bummed. I can not even get online.. I visited the support page too. Is it me, or SL? i’m so confused. do rolling restarts do that? It’s been 30min… or more..since alerts.

  55. Storm Chatnoir says:

    (Yes, I’ve posted this before, and I’ll post it again, until Linden Labs Listens.)

    Fix The World.

    Dear LL;

    I’d be a lot more sympathetic to your problems and ‘thank you for your patience’ messages if you hadn’t made this situation yourselves over the years.

    The fact is, SL isn’t going to get better quickly, and it won’t get better *AT ALL* if LL doesn’t sit down and fix the basics. As the community has been begging them to do for years. We could have waited for the bells and whistles, and the ice cream on the cake, We understood that SL was to be a work in progress, constantly evolving.

    Why didn’t you?

    It took a long time for me to move from ’slightly annoyed’ to ‘Furious’ and it will take time for this paying customer to get back to ’satisfied with my SL Experience.’ –

    Show me you’ve changed.

    Show me you care.

    Show me I’m doing the right thing by standing by you, SL.

    Show me I’m not waisting my time.

    Fix The World.

  56. Restart took 30 minutes first time, now it’s restarting spontainusly.. wounder if it take 30 minutes each time now?

  57. Iain Etchegaray says:

    “Service level” is becoming a joke. We have a reasonable expectation that SL will (simply) WORK the overwhelming majority of the time. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. This probably explains why SL claims to have “millions” of members, but only “thousands” are ever active. It’s called “churn” and it put many dotcom companies out of business as the shell game evaporated. My home sim has been down for hours now, so I’m hardly inclined to be forgiving about the necessity of restarting a server; it simply should NOT cause this much trouble… consistently.

  58. Deise Morgan says:

    Hey so, got on SL today, Hantu sim went down (crashed), got back on, sim went down for a restart, with a 5 min warning. Waited, went back to Hantu, it crashed. Got back on, Hantu crashed again. A few surrounding sims followed this pattern. Please, please pleeeeeaaaasseeee don’t leave the mainland behind with all your corporate island daydreams, just like real life all the little shops and money makers are being shoved aside in favor of big money. The mainland has been a living hell for the past 4 months or so…not everyone can afford 1000+usd for make believe land. Carve out the 1000’s of little guys underneath all the big flashy names, and their neon signs come crashing down fairly quickly.

  59. Vanilla says:

    Will That fix All the traffic i lost on my land? Over 400!! on each location!! Or refund me money for classifieds

  60. Storyof Oh says:

    #33 Lance..YESSS i asked the q in the next down blog still open for comments (the phone line one) last night…i felt like i was trying to wade through treacle…this shouldn’t be happening after a downtime ‘fix’…wait…after 4 months i should know better… on a weeks vacation, maybe, just maybe i will be able to walk again then….

    Oh anyone noticed floating text hangs around when all code removed and slow anim textures still move ditto? and returning to inv and rerezzing does nothing……weird…the x file script…..

  61. HealthStar says:

    Well, the restart went thru my sim. It had no effect on the animation float bug. My ticket on it was “resolved”, but I can assure everyone that the problem still exists. This issue is not affecting only myself, I have talked to many people that are having issues with it.

    Jira # VWR-2207

  62. HealthStar says:

    Well, the restart went thru my sim. It had no effect on the animation float bug. My ticket on it was “resolved”, but I can assure everyone that the problem still exists. This issue is not affecting only myself, I have talked to many people that are having issues with it.

    Jira # VWR-2207

  63. Buckaroo Mu says:

    Uh – the floating text, and texture animations? That’s not a bug. Read the documentation – that’s ALWAYS been the way it works. There’s a reason for that.

    OK, Folks, I know it’s fun – it feels so much better when you have someone to blame – but if you’re that upset, and I’m directing this at you, ThaBiGGDoGG – if you hate SL so much, leave, and stop bothering the people that enjoy it. We won’t miss you. I promise.

  64. Donique says:

    wowowowowowowow. i log back on and i have brests. and no pants. great job, + now 4 some reason i cant edt. my aperence. just beautiful.

  65. HealthStar says:

    My sim was restarted. It didn’t fix the animation upload float issue. My ticket for the issue was however “resolved”. I can assure everyone that the problem is still very much there. I have talked to others and this is an issue that is effecting more than just myself.

    Jira # VWR-2207

    Forum Post –

  66. Jaxx Tardis says:

    In an attempt to post a somewhat ‘useful’ entry to this comment storm, when will a bug-patch viewer be released? I’ve had a HUGE memory leak since installing the official voice viewers that has been killing both my client ‘and’ my computer spontaneously. I can literally watch the number of megs in use by SL tick over, seems to explode at around 1.3 gigs of ram in use.

    XP Home, AMD 5200+, Nvidia 8800GTX, 2 gigs DDR2/800

  67. Rooke Ayres says:

    The restart is complete. Everything is fixed now.

    There’s nothing to see here. Move along.

  68. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Well it did refuse to delete some prims and returned them to my parcel and editing was a bit funk a few minutes ago – lost two prims to limbo after manually entering z values.

  69. Jayden B says:

    @42 >> Everything is fixed now.

    I’ll lay you odd’s 1000:1 that by the end of the day a new fault appears or one of the squashed ones gets re-opened and re-resolved.

  70. Storm Chatnoir says:

    So in other words, Jaxx, ( # 41) I should either reiterate the ‘me too’ comments about problems that are already covered, or tell LL how great a job it’s doing, or just shut up and grit my teeth as I have been for a very long time?

    I pay my bill just like everyone else. I have as much right to post what I feel here as you do.

    If ‘you’ have a specific tech problem – ‘Fill Out A Ticket’ and be told it’s fixed, or resolved. Or just be ignored. But leave this blog for ‘useful’ entries about the real issues that face LL as a company and SL as a world.

    Or – stay on topic and congratulate them on the restart.

  71. jewwatt voom says:

    Great i come back from the rolling retstart and half my club is missing and wont rez back what is linden lab gonna do about that there is a lot of time invested in building that place thanks a lot lindens

  72. Dirk Felix says:

    Pathetic, class 5 sim for sale 😉

  73. Storyof Oh says:

    #39 Buckaroo…er where is this info? so if i sell something with floating ‘info’ text the next owner can’t delete it ? And if i am selling in a SIM with a slow anim ban im screwed?

  74. Flennan Roffo says:

    What about the BETA grid? Last time I checked (1 min ago) it is still down.

  75. Wyald Woolley says:

    @34 Alysha who wrote:
    August 23rd, 2007 at 1:56 PM PDT
    I would be overjoyed to hear that yesterday’s update/fix/whatever will cure the insanity of my Recent Items tab. That thing hasn’t cleared in over a month.


    I’ve seen other people blog about this same issue….

    One of the incarnations of the viewer set the RECENT tab to show everything no matter how old. You need to set the duration back to something shorter. I have mine set for one hour. But sometimes I move it out to a day. Here’s how:

    Click on your RECENT tab and then go to the FILE mnu of your Inventory window and select “Show Filters” Set up your RECENT tab now to show what you want it to show and how old of changes you want to show up

  76. Ron Crimson says:

    Now look, people.

    The very first thing everyone should do RIGHT AFTER LOGGING IN is open the Inventory window and go to the Recent Items tab. Lo and behold, you’ll notice that it starts fetching items that aren’t yet in your local cache folder. Think of it as a resynchronization between you and the server grid. I do this everytime until all items are loaded, and my inventory is always perfectly fine. It’s so easy, I don’t know why you people keep wasting your energy complaining and whining on the blog page whenever another block of 100 comments opens along with a new post.

    So, once again: Log in. Open Inventory, open Recent Items. Wait for it to fetch all items. AND: if you still have ancient stuff in your Recent Items tab, no problem – JUST GO TO THE MENU AND RESET FILTERS.

    Is that so hard to figure out for 98% of SL’s residents??

  77. Doris Haller says:


    I know.

    I wonder why this needed to be changed, it worked better for me the way it was before: I had not to reset the filter every day…

  78. Cocoanut Koala says:

    Yeah, I have to reset that, too. I also have to reset the color preferences if I don’t want to see that illegible pink lettering for objects speaking. It would be nice if these things stuck.


  79. Wyald Woolley says:

    I’ve never had to RESET FILTERS. I just set up my filters the way I want them depending on what I’m looking for. If I know I added it to my inventory i the last 2 days, then I set it for “two days.” If I just got it during this last session, then maybe the “One Hour” setting is right.

    With +20,000 items in my inventory, doing a RESET FILTERS would take too long if I did that every time I came in-world. I’m glad I don’t feel I need to do it.

    I have lost a couple items over the last couple months but those have happened at time of purchase, and not lost from inventory once there were there.

    Hope this helps. I don’t doubt that RESET FILTERS doesn’t help some people in some situations, nor do I doubt that I’ve just been dang lucky about inventory loss issues. SL is way too buggy to say anything for sure. However, since I’ve seen several comments about the RECENT TAB being too full, I suspect that just dialing it back using the SHOW FILTERS is the answer for some people.

  80. Fluffie Shepherd says:

    Why is a few of te sims offline yet like the sim I live on??.. It is called Illusionist..

  81. Jayden B says:

    @47 To delete hovertext you need to set it to ” ” then stop the script after the previous text is erased then delete the script. You just can’t delete the script to remove the text, SL has never worked that way.

    And yes… you are right about the person who buys something from you… I bought an expensive treehouse from Grim Babies and there was freaking hovertext embedded in it, unfortunately it was also NoMod so you end up, as a customer, royally screwed made worse by the fact the creator never once returned my IMs asking for an unhovertexted version.

  82. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    I am curious was this a test of a new crew of developers because if it was not you need to seriously analyze your knowledge in code management.

    This performance would have resulted in the termination of the team in any corporate setting. On a 5 point grading system your performance rates a 1 or F.

    I do not understand why you do updates in the middle of the week and during normal operating hours. Every major operation does major changes on a Sunday night in the early morning hours. The reason that your complete staff is there to test the upgrade does not hold water as that what simulations are used for. Also by bringing the patch crew in on Sunday night the normal staff will be there in the morning to bail you out, which it appears you require all the time.

    The amateur approach to the management of this game is beginning to reflect in the numbers of people who have given up and gone on to other past times.

    You may have 9 million on the books but that is a very bogus number. Playing mind games with your sub base will not help the bottom line.

    At this time, after being a premium customer for over 2 years I am selling the 150,000 square meters that I own and will become an observer and a revenue sink rather than a source.

    In effect you will now pay me to play until the final bell tolls.

    IF you EVER manage to rebuild the game into something that is not so riddled with unfixed bugs I may re purchase Islands but until that time I refuse to pay for the lack of quality any longer.

  83. Fellattione Aabye says:

    HI LL

    Just one BIG THANKS for all of what isn t working ????
    OK I may be an european member .. its now 0910am friday august 24, 2007 and can t still log in on SL ????

    Yesterday masses of problems with everything.

    My question: When will the FUN to be in SL and enjoying that beautidull thing that SL is/was .. will be OK again ???

    MAybe a solution: less updates, less experimenting with programming from your part … Remember .. NEVER CHANGE A WINNING TEAM … sorry but think that can be applied here too as NEVER CHANGE A GOOD PROGRAM or PART OF IT.

  84. Cat Whitman says:

    “Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts something unexpected has gone wrong…”

    Ovbiously the restart (and all those hours downtime) did a whole lot of good.

  85. Astarte says:

    Am I missing something or wasn’t HET grid supposed to have been implemented on the previous maintenance…not this one. (well that is what they said in their announcements. I assume we got this maintenance cos as usually some of the new HET grid didn’t work on the first attempt. Let us hope you fixed them all this time.

    But strange to find after leaving a sim which was running fine, I get the message I can’t get back (cannot be found) there even though it is showing on the map and I am talking to someone who has been there the whole time. I hope this restart also cures the failing to rez and constant crashes during building that I am currently suffering. Why did I pick now to be in the middle of remodelling the shop. Makes me wonder if it will ever get finished when I can only place and manipulate 2 pieces before crashing again.

  86. Doxent says:

    Please, please fix the teleports, its the main issue for me. Also databases and search, when teleports fail also databases and search do not work properly so it seems they are run on one system that fails. Also very annoying is when i get disconnected during teleport. Now it happens more often than before.

  87. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @56 You’re missing something because the announcement for Wednesday’s downtime also said there’d be a rolling restart afterward.

    Of course, it’s hardly your fault you missed it: that little tidbit was in the blog entry from last Friday *not* the one on Wednesday, which mentioned but didn’t link to the earlier, more detailed announcement. /me sighs

  88. Astarte says:


    No I am not missing anything. the previous maintenance announcement for the downtime on the 17th was for implementation of the HET grid. Or didn’t you read that one either.!!!

  89. Dekka Raymaker says:

    I just want to say, I’ll learnt two things two day, how to remove ‘Hovertext’ and how to stop 1,000 items showing up as recent items, thank you very much guys.

    I read stuff on SL all the time, help pages, forums, etc etc etc and not once in all my time in SL have I found the solution to those problems, life for me is a little bit more rosy now. 🙂

  90. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @58 —

    “After the downtime we’ll allow logins to the grid, but shortly thereafter start a rolling restart of the grid’s regions to have them pick up the newer code. This will take approximately 3 hours to hit the whole grid.

    “The restarts will introduce the first iteration of our Het Grid work (no special controls for region owners yet; it simply allows Linden to have finer control over grid upgrades).

    Note “rolling restart”. Note “first iteration”.

  91. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 49 Ron Crimson – “Is that so hard to figure out for 98% of SL’s residents??”

    Thank you, and apparantly yes, certainly not intuitive, that every time you log in you need to go and open a tab that is there for search purposes to make a remote database work properly.

    But you learn something every day, and how SL is borked even more than you thought. Of course if it was this easy to avoid inv loss, then it’s a bit of a surprise that not a single Linden has ever mentioned it here on the blog or on the JIRA after all the thousands and thousands of complaints about inv loss. Maybe because it doesn’t actually work at all?

    Still, I’ll try it. Can’t be any worse than praying to the Rain Gods, or turning around six times, touching my toes and saying “Invisible Inv Invis no more” can it?

    So, how much slower can it all get, and how many more script time outs and failures can we cope with, as there are still a couple of shinies left to shoehorn in. And then what? Will LL finally sit down and listen, and fix the ruddy thing, or will they move on to the next set of shinies?

    I know slow down and lag is very subjective, but this week I can put some numbers on it. I had 5 items to delete and 15 to add in my inworld network vendor servers, SLX Magic Boxes, apex, Shop OnRez etc. Sevral servers, each with backups in different sims (because there are always downed sims it seems, comms errors and script timeouts at the best of times). Four or five months ago, this task wiyld have taken about an hour. Two months ago, maybe two to three hours.

    This week it took four hours just for 4 boxes. Two days later another 12 hours to do most of my JEVNs (so that counts out local temp network probs), and I still have 2 more to do. So that’s at least 6 times slower than two months ago, and 12 or more compared to four months ago.

    So what is responsible? The huge increase in land LL push out every month? The constant addition of shinies? New render pipeline, borked 1.15 messaging system, sculpties, Voice, Windlight? One or more is.

    One wonders if any Linden actually ever spends time in world outside their little village doing what most people do: creating and rezzing things, buying things, running a business, moving, tping, removing your stuff out your ass, partying and well, sorta attempting to enjoy SL. If they did, they might notice what they’ve been doing inworld over the last six months and why there are so many unhappy pandas about…

  92. Doug Sunbelter says:

    It’s Friday morning and I just experienced a rolling restart… I thought that was comlpeted yesterday?

  93. bigmoe says:

    listen to this. We have 4 sims connected together and 2 of the sims are class 2 sims. our oldest sim is faster and more stable then the newer sim (not talking the 2 class 5’s we just got) I have bug reported this sim more times then I can think of. if it crashes we have to wait 40min for it to reappera while our oldest sim is right backup after a restart.

  94. @61

    I also wonder were the Lindens hangout in SL. I have been playing since late 2005 and have only seen a couple Lindens in that time.

    I would recommend any of the Lindens and preferable tech support and the developers to head down to Luguna Bay sim or the 2 other very popular beaches and try to do, well, anything other than stand around and wait for things to rez.

    The last bit of land I bought and tried to use was a huge failure also. My friends that tried helping adding to the land were rewarded byu loosing objects thay paid for and could not copy. This happend like 6 MONTHS ago and they just made a post a few weeks ago saying they resolved it? I still see people loosing stuff. Also building wa only possible when no one else was in the sim otherwise primes ended up everywhere or not at all. Deleting primes sometimes took 20mins and most the time trying to rez a prime resulted in error message.

    That killed my main hobby in SL which was building. I try to go to popular area and chat but to laggy to even type sometimes. Not sure whats going on lately to make things so unusable.

    They need to rethink how much stuff can be puti n a sim and still make it usable by the entire number of avatars allowed in it I think. Just to much data trying to be transmitted and processed it seemes.

    Anyway some of the stuff they are looking to add looks pretty good. Windlight I careless about because I never look at the skies and when I do they look fine as is. More concerned with function.

    Hope they work on function for a while before other things. Can’t wait for the day I can buy land and build without issue again.

  95. Jaxx Tardis says:

    @45: Actually I’m just hoping they’ll give an ETA for the next client bug-fix release before I resort to breaking out my compiler. As for being on-topic or not, that really doesn’t seem to be a major factor that people take into consideration when posting comments to this blog, and far be it from me to attempt to set a trend.

    Is anyone else having a problem with the ‘walk’ animation not playing? It’s been really bad the past few weeks for me, watching my avatar just glide along the ground like he was wearing rolerskates on a downhill slope.

  96. Toko Voom says:

    Please note! The Traffic numbers are going down on any land i own!
    Please look in to it! Thank you

  97. Never touch a running system!

  98. Wheelerwood says:

    I guess I’ll have to take your word for it on the wonderful up dates since the site will not let me log on now.

  99. JetZep Zabelin says:

    #64 Your wonder? =) I see them pretty frequently.

  100. Shepphard Galbraith says:

    Seems the rolling restart delivered me a ghost or 68… Now I have been asking all who will listen how to locate and delete these obstacles of spirit not structure. A SIM RESTART they say … I wish to request one for Yoho please

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