Second Life Down for Scheduled Maintenance [Updated]

As announced earlier, Second life is being taken down for scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, August 22, 08:00am SLT (PDT) (15:00 GMT).

[Updated 10:40] The bulk of the work is done. We are performing internal testing now. One issue has been identified and is being investigated.

[Updated 11:00] First set of issues is resolved, but a new one has been discovered and is being worked on now. Once this is resolved, we need to complete additional testing prior to opening up the grid. We expect this to be completed by 11:30.

[Updated 11:25] The new issue has been resolved, but deploying the fix and subsequent testing will take some additional time. We now expect the grid to open by 12:00

[Updated 12:15] We have completed deployment for the fix and are continuing testing.

[Updated 12:45] We have identified another problem, resolved it and deployed the fix. We are again testing prior to opening up.

[Updated 13:05] We have identified yet another issue which would affect inworld email delivery. We are currently fixing it and resuming testing.

[Updated 13:30] Email delivery to and from Secondlife is not currently working. This affects any scripted objects that use email and the transmission to and from Secondlife IM via email. Our developers have identified the issue and are currently working on a fix. We need to get this resolved before we re-open the grid.

[Updated 14:25] We’re open!

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189 Responses to Second Life Down for Scheduled Maintenance [Updated]

  1. Hadley Yoshikawa says:


    Did I get that out of all of our systems?

  2. Calliope Simon says:

    1. how long will this take?
    2. what’s being accomplished?
    3. why do you have to take down the entire grid for every upgrade?
    4. is there a client update with this? If so, is it finally in the form of a patch, rather than a full version?

  3. Wiseguy Capra says:

    good luck this time…rofl

  4. Marni Grut says:

    What time will it be back up?

  5. Maura Beresford says:

    Well, which is it? PDT or GMT?

  6. INNAH TIZZY says:

    Why does it have to be every darn week and ever darn day we have to go thru this nonsense!!! Doesnt someone know how to develop a system thats stable? geesh

  7. Wiseguy Capra says:

    “August 22, 2007, 7:55 am Second Life is Down for Scheduled Maintenance. We are planning on returning to service at 11am SLT (PDT)”

  8. Nava Muni says:

    Wow – nothing like trying to confuse us all by mixing your time zones.

  9. Murron says:

    Wow, 7 hours scheduled down time? Is that a typo????

    Please, please PLEASE do not use this update to make the voice viewer mandatory, PLEASE.

    And it would be VERY nice is this (very lengthy) downtime includes the means to figure out where our vanished stuff has gone to. I’ve lost almost 1500 items in the last 10 days (and yes, I had copy perms on the objects and rezzed them on a parcel I had perm to rez on…and SL STILL ate them!).

  10. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    If you had copy permissions, you should have copied. Then nothing would be lost.

  11. U M says:

    Why are you acting like did not expect this? it has been posted on the blog for a few day? We need this down time.

  12. Cookie_Juran says:

    Why all the negative posts??? I anyone of us can do better and build a system like this..then apply for the job. Quit your whinning and accept this as a nessaccary evil. πŸ™‚

  13. Buster McNutt says:

    keep up the AWESOME work!!!

    I have been playing for allmost 6 months now and i NEVER ONCE lost a inventory item

    You people that lose things, you must be doing something wrong!!

  14. JG says:

    Wow, from two hours down, to three hours down, to now SEVEN hours down?? Yikes!

  15. Watchdog says:

    LL. You might want to start taking some time to remove the 100 or so illegal gambling operations I’ve filed notices about while you are doing the this maintenance. I don’t want to see SL shut down by the Feds becuase you’re not doing your job keeping gambling out of SL!

  16. Announced earlier? Where and when?

  17. Eos Ultsch says:

    SEVEN HOURS? okay, hopefully things will run smoother after LL does some work.. if that’s the case I can stay away for seven hours. πŸ˜‰

  18. Digital Digital says:

    LOL — Just woke up got online and boom — 2 mins later, grid closing for maintenance! Maybe I missed something I didn’t know there was going to be maintenance LOL, well good luck linden lab hopefully everything goes well with this update! πŸ˜€

  19. nobody says:

    How long will it be down?

  20. I hope the maintenance fixes the slew of problems they’ve been having lately. /obligatory whining off

  21. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    thought it was only 3 hours

  22. Prad Prathivi says:

    It’s not 7 hours downtime – read the blog entry properly.

  23. Yannic Yifu says:

    Hurry, i cant be anymore without SL

  24. trucker watts says:

    maybe we could have recent fix since it has been down a loooooooongggggg time i hope u all have a great day

  25. Aleen Torok says:

    not again…

  26. Nicolle Mougin says:

    oh no no no no nononononooooooo
    It’s my fault I didn’t see the announcement:(
    But still, guys this is toooo long! I NEED to upload my textures please please guys be quick
    I can’t live without SL

  27. Binx Allen says:

    I think downtime with anything should be expected you know? Perhaps this could be the moment where they could finally resolve some lag issues and packet loss. Perhaps today of all days as we stand here at the beginning not the end of all things we can master the SL experiance to the best of our avabilities and overcome the lag as one together! FIGHT THE LAG….

    ok lolz @ me.. I just wanted to have a comment in here too πŸ˜› thanks now I feel special. :)))


  28. Jazzine Jewell says:

    @11 Buster, you REALLY cant be serious?? At the tender age of 6 months, you would DARE suggest that ppl who loose items have done something WRONG??? You need to get a THIRD LIFE until you understand wth you are talking about.

  29. Temporal Mitra says:

    @ Calliope…all your questions are answered in this post…

    for those who dont understand time zones…15:00 GMT = 8:00 SLT or PDT…they are telling you when it will start..not the duration…

    and last but not least…this is the first rollout of het-grid…their new way of handling upgrades and updates into the future…it will make testing of new features able to be done on the main grid, and will give residents a lot more control over when and if they perform their own viewer updates…now…take three deep breaths..and repeat after me….”this is a goooooooood thing”…

  30. Redmoonblade says:

    15, Its not. One fix will create two more problems.

  31. Balder Miles says:

    Please fix the recent inventory while you are at it.

  32. Bailey Dazy says:

    I think people are misreading the post. It will only be down until 1pm slt or 13:00 hours slt.
    8SLT = 15:00 GMT. Thats when the downtime is STARTING.

  33. Aleen Torok says:

    it will take approx 3 hours. but useally it goes over.

  34. Lister Lameth says:

    I hope there will be a fix for the voice on mac clients. I have been trying SL on two macs, no voice at all after the public voice release. =(

  35. kimber enoch says:

    Good luck, be quick, fix things and yay for a hug just as sl goes down :)) Oh and in the UK its 4pm. And please do pj parties at your end and put it down when the uk isnt prime time. PJ parties are fun!

  36. Coby says:

    It does not say how long it will take. Only that it will begin at 8:00 am PDT (which is equivalent to 15:00 GMT).

  37. Maddison Mokeev says:

    I read it as “only” 3 hrs downtime.. well, time to clean the bathroom I guess!

  38. Aesop Thatch says:

    Unfortunately, if you lost stuff, it’s gone. ‘Nuff said. I mean, -gone-, but just unlinked from your record in the database, it jsut doesnt exist anymore.

    Would be kind of nice to know whats going on, but eh,… Whoever asked for a patch- ITS 30 BLOODY MEGS?! Thats -nothing- even compared to PATHES you get for games liike WoW.

    Head on ovver to #secondlife on EFNET IRC for some good times.

  39. Camryn Baxter says:


    The downtime begins at 8:00 PDT or 15:00 GMT. There is no mention of how long the downtime is going to last.

  40. This is incrediably complicated software. It works or we wouldn’t keep using it. Thanks to the Lindens and the Company.

  41. Narayan Amat says:

    I only wonder WHY all the updates/downtimes/etc are always at the same time, normally between 7am to noon SLT, im european.. know what this means? When the grid is off, it means no SL for me today.

  42. Ann Otoole says:

    maybe they will fix what the screwed up last week eh? sl has never been as crashy and visually distorted with alpha ordering problems as it has been for the last week.

  43. Christophe003 Carter says:

    Why don’t you do the scheduled maintenances over night?
    I mean, taking down the entire grid just at the time that we get home from work you take down the entire grid untill we need to go to sleep for our next day of work. SL Would be much more attractive if scheduled maintenance would be done at night.

  44. Bambi says:

    Please stop taking the grid down on Wednesdays….do it in the middle of the night EST. you know like 3:00am when not that many people are here…

  45. Pixel Beam says:

    Get the bugs out in version 1… I’m looking forward to version 2! Obligatory siding with LL off….


  46. Pussy Dailey says:

    Hey guys, get it right.
    We brits are on BST right now. 1 hour forwards.
    You do it every time.

    BST = Summertime = GMT+1
    GMT = Wintertime

    Write that down and stick it on the wall.

    Bye xxx

  47. Lichtje Moonsoo says:

    Please if you all upthere are fixing things, please dont forget the inventory, so its running well without losses! πŸ™‚

  48. Proxima Saenz says:

    7 hours is really much, and again it hits the Europe timezone.
    It is now 17:00 in Europe. And 7 hours later we have midnight when the dowmtime is over. So no SL for Europe this day anymore.
    And now first we have to see if the downtime will bring something good. So good that this is one of the last downtimes SL needs.
    Goodluck LindenLab! May luck be with you:P.

  49. Redmoonblade says:

    August 22, 2007, 7:55 am Second Life is Down for Scheduled Maintenance. We are planning on returning to service at 11am SLT (PDT)

  50. Justa Koba says:

    What happened!!!!

    I have never had a complaint with SL

    I logged on this morning and my work is gone!!!
    about 1000 items in my inventory cannot be found after plenty of time to “load” and around 150 of those are sculpt maps that I had paid to upload 😦

    What happened and what can be done?

  51. Christopher says:

    well some body need a new watch 8 am pdt is 16.00gmt come on guys get it right

  52. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    Pussy Dailey Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 8:05 AM PDT

    Hey guys, get it right.
    We brits are on BST right now. 1 hour forwards.
    You do it every time.

    BST = Summertime = GMT+1
    GMT = Wintertime

    Write that down and stick it on the wall.

    Bye xxx

    Write this down GMT never changes. GMT is used as a standard in a lot of computer applications.

    Just because you are on BST doesn’t mean GMT changed.

  53. Talena Giha says:

    Hi Perfect! Just at a moment i have to finish something. I do understand the grid needs mantainance.
    But… Why do you choose always for a griddown at the moment my timzone (GMT+1) is comming to SL. Maybe you can arrange the next mantainence at a time another Timzone finds it closed. Working in the evening or night can be fun to. Even for the Lindens. Lol.

  54. Digital Digital says:

    Well I also need to add in the past few months I have not lost any inventory, I’ve been in game much longer and lost a rather expensive item and other small things but lately things have been better!

  55. Lizzie Scaggs says:

    OK at the mo the UK are on daylight saving time so 3pm is really 4pm so it will be up again at 7pm

  56. Binx Allen says:

    I agree with you Jazzine, packet loss has not picked any certain people and to say that the one’s losing must be doing something wrong is just unjustified.. I own a club, loads of land and I have lost sooooo much…. perhaps buster just doesn’t have many items to lose?

  57. Me says:

    Oh Great..

  58. Rebecca Eponym says:

    Please please please please…. do your job we love sl keep it alive ❀

  59. Paddy Mahoney says:

    I have a idea, stop adding content untill you get the game stable, its getting old seeing the same thngs break over and over and over.

  60. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    Second Life will be unavailable from 8:00am-11:00am PDT (15:00-18:00 GMT) for a scheduled update. No viewer update will be required.

    As stated in an earlier blog;-)



  61. Aleen Torok says:

    INNAH there are 10,000 people logging in ever week and 3 milion users registered, and god knows how many sims (sorry if that line was offencive to some people). So you jusat have to cope and think “linden arte making the game better”. Lags wont be sorted out because there parcel owner problems πŸ™‚

  62. Temporal Mitra says:

    ps…the downtime is NOT seven hours…it is three hours….deep breaths again….repeat after me….”it’s only three hours…sigh”

  63. Calliope Simon says:

    7 hours is of course unacceptable.

    Linden Labs, this is the last time I’m going to whine, so pucker up:

    You really, really made some huge mistakes with design and implementation of this monstrosity. Many of us have been telling you how to fix things from pretty much day 1, but always you know better than we do.

    Evidently you should have listened.

    But it’s too late for that now. You’ve sunk into irrelevancy at this point–and it’s only a few steps from there to extinction. Are you going to continue on the path you’re on, or are you going to start to finally fix it?

  64. Lozlo Peng says:


  65. Angelina Takacs says:

    I didn’t see anything about the downtime being 7hrs??? I thought it was only 3? What did I miss? lol. Great, now I actually have to work.

  66. Prim Barbosa says:

    Mother Fuckers



  67. Ganesha Xi says:

    Ok, since it’s hard to look in the blog list, I will post from a previous blog for your lols:
    Second Life will be unavailable from 8:00am-11:00am PDT (15:00-18:00 GMT) for a scheduled update. No viewer update will be required.
    When it says Wednesday, August 22, 08:00am SLT (PDT) – 15:00 GMT, it means it begins at 8am SLT, or 15:00 GMT. It’s not that hard to figure out, rather than posting senseless “OMG HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?!?” “OMG SEVEN HOURS? LOLZ!”
    Sheesh, use your brains, folks.

  68. Jayden Scofield says:

    @ 11: actually no…I think it was about a week ago that, out of the blue, I lost my wedding ring. I was wearing it when I decided I needed a relog. After logging in I got the message that an object couldn’t be created cause it was missing from the database. It turned out to be my wedding ring, an object I hadn’t done anything with in a long time since i value it’s meaning and therefor I never take it off.

    You’re just one of the lucky people! I was one of you until the above happened…

  69. Bertram Merlin says:

    I feel a littel sorry for all this having a hard time while
    Linden try fix some things. I hope they remove the
    voice options again and take down all Ban lines and
    ban them totaly… I also belive in Santa Claus…

    An while they work on the grid.. I will make some more
    textures adding to the lag πŸ™‚ And I have lost some
    things. My 50 maps texture vendor.. When I click
    on it… there was no name on the creator or the
    owner.. and it disapers.. when I try take it.. So
    what did I do wrong then ????

    Bertram Merlin

  70. Milan Martynov says:

    Good luck LL; hope you conquer The Monster of Lag forever!

  71. Kenny Stinger says:


  72. Basil Beattie says:

    oh well that slife

  73. Sherry Straaf says:

    I finally fixed up everything on sl 2 days ago i crashed for like freakin 25 times in 2-3 hours and you guys are doing this again and again every week ive been playing for almost a year now and i have never seen any program that has had as much updates as sl does i hope we dont go back to having issues again… fingers crossed

  74. Kimberlyjane Holmer says:

    Once again we here In Europe Get A RAW Deal From the USA

  75. javier says:

    no 15 gmt, but 16 gmt relative to 8 slt (pdt)
    8 pdt equivalent 16 gmt

  76. Anousjka says:

    For the ones that missed it earlyer, bookmark this page :

    That will keep you informed.

    Happy waiting πŸ™‚

  77. Pussy Dailey says:

    Yeah right.
    But our clocks read the time it is now, not one hour ago.
    We’re quite clever like that.

  78. reesesaenz says:

    People, we KNEW it was going down, good lord.
    We know that it will take 3 hours, we know there will not be a viewer download after the update, we know there will be a rolling update of no more than 3 hours afterwards for the sims to have them pick up the new code, we know that the update will introduce the first iteration of our Het Grid.

    Well that is …if you’ve read past blog posts about this maintenance, this one:

    If people would only learn how to read before throwing a million questions at everyone while the answers to them are already been noted.

  79. Temporal Mitra says:

    thinks that calliope is unable to tell time…or unwilling to read prior posts….regardless…she wishes to whine….so offers her some cheese to go with that whine….

  80. Watchdog says:

    Hey LL.

    Why did you remove my post about not taking action on the gambling sites I’ve been submitting? Use this downtime to address this issue as well!!

    I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed before the Feds take action against SL!

    With no other means of publicly voicing opions to your staff, I figure this is the best way.

  81. Villanova says:

    Make it stable please and replace that stupid Communicate window… Thanks!

  82. tristan fraker says:

    downtime today is 3 hours 8:00-11:00 Linden time, plus rolling restart later, see the blog πŸ˜€

  83. Korena Starbrook says:

    lol Buster

    anyway – I suspect this downtime is all about voice and HET.

    I wouldn’t count on anything being fixed – just “shinier” πŸ™‚

    Either way – good luck Lindens – I continue to dream of a livable grid.

  84. Miles Corinthian says:

    well , SL is going to do a scheduled update again, I hope they get it right the first try… about people loosing things.. I’ve been on SL over a year now and never lost a thing… except in my inventory cause I can’t find it.. ha ha haaa… I wonder why so many people are loosing things, even when they have copy perm? anyways , I hope everyone passes the time doing something constructive.. me , I plan to clean my house, and maybe read a little… I almost forgot what books were because SL is so addictive… peace all

  85. Jazzine Jewell says:

    It’s not 7 hours ppl, it’s THREE. READ THE BLOG.

  86. Ally says:

    please fix the recent items in inventories recent items are now my old items and my old items are now acient items ..Please ..Please …. pretty please xxxx πŸ™‚ xxx

  87. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    So learn offset from GMT like everyone else and stop expecting LL to remember what your clock says.

  88. Dominik says:

    Why is that update always in the best european time?

    And in that time where most of the people are online ?????

  89. Musky says:

    Old dogs learning new tricks

  90. Anus says:

    Fuck this. Every week offline. This game sucks.

  91. utopia Taira says:

    Ok like I totally have a real life so like, i really don’t give a flying S&$T if the grid is down for like, 7 hours BUT CAN YOU FIX THE RECENT ITEMS ISSUE, for FuXSakeS!!!!!!!!!

  92. Jay Prospero says:

    According to the Blog last week, downtime is expected to last 2 hours, but the watch this space part of todays posting is looking like they aren’t sure? Some more info would be nice.

  93. Ann Otoole says:

    7 hours? try 3. 8-11 slt.

  94. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:


  95. Iska Miles says:

    Lol this down time 8- 15 doesnt mean 7 hours repairing, but that it will be at 15 greenwich time…. and 8 am us time….

    Hmm….nice….i will have time to make my household things..:D
    Hope you will improve it, and change it horrible user interface to the earlier, hate checking groups contacts and talk in one tab…ech…

    i hope also you will do it quickly….and the good thing i have notice is not many people are complaining..:D Taht means holidays are doing them good….reh reh reh…. πŸ™‚

  96. C’mon people. It’s friggin Wednsday. If you play SL enough you know every Weds. is … say it with me now … maintenance day! So get off your lazy butts and do something productive. Thank you SL, now I can finally take a shower on time and clean my house and not be late for actual important stuff I need to do.


  97. Rocky Merosi says:

    Ahhh yes another downtime. Well I for one dont mind it because it helps me get more stuff done RL. I just want to say good luck with the updates today as I am sure that they are needed. People if you would only understand that Linden Lab is made up of many different teams and each team has a job. There is a team that developes new features and a team that fixes things. I do read the blogs alot and every time I do I hear the same things. Stop adding new features and fix the broken ones. Well the thing is that they are fixing the broken ones. It might not be instant like you want but they are doing it. Oh and just a reminder that SL is a USA company and thats why the down times are in the morning PST which is also local time for Linden Labs RL. In order to be staffed right to do these updates, they need to do them at a time that the staff is at work since alot of it is physical on site updates. So next time you want to start complaing about the downtime during hours that are prime to you, think about the people doing them. They are real people doing a real job during real business hours. Sorry this was so long but normally when I go to post the blog is full already. SEE YOU ALL AT SLCC 2007!!!! HOO!!!!

  98. Lozlo Peng says:

    wow that’s 4pm-11pm for GMT people

    ff s

  99. Erna says:

    Grrrrr..SL alweiz spoils d best moments in my SL’s life! LOL
    Better make sure dis downtime is WORTH it!!

  100. Marina Mincemeat says:

    All can wisely use their time maintencing their own machines!

  101. Danielle says:

    Second Life will be unavailable from 8:00am-11:00am PDT (15:00-18:00 GMT) for a scheduled update. No viewer update will be required.

  102. blaze hienrichs says:

    %^$*&%^Β£$%^&%*^%Β£%&*^$%^&%$Β£$^%%&^ kicks ^&%^&%$^&^&*(&&* swings ^&^&*(^^&%&*^(**&^(*&)((*%&*^)(*+)_&)_^)*%&(&%(*)^ cry’s (-_-)

  103. Kenny Stinger says:

    Jest give us back The Games !!

  104. Zanthor Shiras says:

    The quality of my audio seems to have gotten worse since voice release… will this fix that? Is there a list of what’s being worked on somewhere? Thanks!

  105. I lost my favorite dancemachine. I crashed more than 10(!) yesterday when i playing on a great party as sl dj. The GridWide slowdown… To many problem…

  106. Wienerschnitzel Writer says:

    Haha. Yep, so right people πŸ˜€

  107. southshieldsdebbie allen says:

    Have you ever tried having more than one grid like Runescape? then there’ll be less players clogging up each one. sorry, not sure if i mean grids or servers, but im sure you know what i mean. I already have enough trouble locating most of my friends due to the time differences. Some people are a bit lost without this for soooo long a time. Anyway, i think this game is brilliant and the makers are genuises. xx

  108. Lieffie Niekerk says:

    How about running 2 SL’s?
    Whilst another is being updated and tested,
    people could keep going on in the other one?

    Just making sure/warning people
    from making any changes since they’ll be lost when the updated version comes on-line.

    Wishing you all nice day!

  109. Marty Gausman says:


  110. Aston says:

    I just hope i could have asked her phone number, or at least email adress before this happen….

  111. Alphonso Pidgeon says:

    How is 8am until 11am seven hours? What do they teach you people in schools?
    And to all the whiners, I say ” Go play on the other Second life.”
    Oh wait, there isn’t one. Thats right, this is one of a kind software, doing something that has never been done before. It’s not going to ever work perfectly unless they stop being state of the art, and I for one don’t want that. I’m happier at the cutting edge, even if it does come off the rails sometimes.
    Keep pushing the boundaries LL, I’m behind you.
    (Still not convinced about voice tho)

  112. hmmm, now I have time to have target pratice with my neighbors cat:)

  113. utopia Taira says:

    Ok like I totally have a real life so like, i really don’t give a flying S&$T if the grid is down for like, 7 hours BUT CAN YOU FIX THE RECENT ITEMS ISSUE, for FuxsakeS!!!!!!!!!

    WTF is this:::
    There was a small systems error. Please try refreshing the page and if the error is still there drop us a note and let us know.
    like that note will EVER be looked at ROFL!

  114. Wietse Cassini says:

    Isnt it a good idea to post a link to the release notes? So we can easily see what this is going to fix ?

  115. Kooky Jetaime says:

    To #2 –
    1. Like it said, 8A-11A, thats two(2) hours. please read before asking.
    2. Completing the work to bring Het Grid into existence. (If you want to know what Het Grid is, beyond what I say in #3, visit Zero Linden’s Wiki and read the transcripts of his office hours. Or better yet, stop by them and listen first hand.)
    3. This upgrade is designed to slow (and eventually stop) bringing the whole grid down. It will allow multiple server versions to run on the grid at the same time. Multiple Client Versions too!
    4. Patches aren’t going to be coming for a long time.. Creating a patch system isn’t priority. Btw, is 30 Megs REALLY that bad? its not like your on Dialup. (Yes, That was Sarcasm.. I’ve been asking for patches for 8 months. Its not a priority.)

    And before we get it, let me post this: The reason that Europe has to “Suffer” with losing SL during their “Prime Hours” (Its only from 3p-5p GMT.) is NOT because they are catering to American customers. It is because they are performing the work early in Linden Lab’s Business Day. For them, the office has been open an hour or two (maybe more depending on some Lindens schedules), the majority of the working staff is in the building, and as a result the entire staff can be mobilized to work on the update, testing or whatnot. OR in the event of a catastrophic failure of the update, the entire staff is available to test/diagnose/revise the software to get it back online.

    What would you say if they pushed an upgrade out at say, Midnight SLT, the upgrade had a catastrophic failure, and as a result the grid would be shut down until 3 or 4 the following day since they had to wait for everyone to come to work in the morning?

    And before you ask, No, you can not simply bring the entire staff in at Midnight on Wednesday. That would make it impossible to conduct business on Wednesday or Thursday during their normal business hours.

    I understand the reason behind it. Hopefully now you do to!

    *Jumps off Soap Box.

  116. Manjagan Rahja says:

    Aesop Thatch Says: “Unfortunately, if you lost stuff, it’s gone. β€˜Nuff said. I mean, -gone-, but just unlinked from your record in the database, it jsut doesnt exist anymore.”

    Are u sure abt this? My gf lost 7000+ items for hours, and got it all back again, after it started returning after an hour or two. (slowly counting up tho)

    Good Luck Lindenlab, we know ur trying hard…

  117. Digital Digital says:

    @ The quality of my audio seems to have gotten worse since voice release… will this fix that? Is there a list of what’s being worked on somewhere? Thanks! ,

    I haven’t noticed this could this be a driver issue?

  118. Aleen Torok says:

    ok, IM gonna say this even though my comments are never approved. But Linden. Pleaser think harder. This game is enough to make someone poor looking at the prices. I would NEVER pay for a game. Addicted or not. And with so many viruses, trojan bugs and lags. Frequent shutdowns. This game needs to go back to BETA. its obviously not working, and prices need rethinking. because im thinking about poor people who want to pay to play this game. who eventually end up poor because they got addicted and payed for it, goes for teen second life too.

  119. georget Allen says:

    encore une mise Γ  jour Γ  l’horizon …. une de plus … c’est la fin des vacances et l’heure des retrouvailles, merci Γ  vous …. de quoi retourner sur msn en fait ….

  120. Yeah, lot of crashing lately, but this isn’t a bug fix update, this is work on the Het Grid.

    lol @ complaining about downtime when they work on it. I assure you, whining about downtime while they work on something that will eventually lead to by far less downtime is falling on deaf ears.

  121. Anousjka says:

    A Extention of the amount of groups might be nice to.

    As merchant i’m always short, 25 just isnt enough.

  122. Teagan Summers says:

    17-00 hours is 5pm UK time that’s under an hour lol

  123. Sandor Balczo says:



    For all the kinder gentler people out there, there will be a maintenance work carried our for three hours starting now, with rolling restarts. No updates are available.

    For all those who do not understand what PDT and GMT is, they are:

    PDT=Central European Time less 9 hours, BST less 8 hours
    GMT=Central European Time less 2 hours, BST less 1 hour.



  124. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Sorry – since December 2006 I lost just one item (a cushion) and that was probably my fault. SL no longer crashes on me (in months) and never have any problems except when i lag it by leaving too much rubbish on my beach. Sorry – go ahead and flame me. Rock on LL

  125. Dratis Dagger says:


    well while your at it fix it so that dame blue box that appers in da coner stops crashing me every once in a dam while it crashes me in click of or yes or cansel or some thing and i fucking crash is that just me or any one else crash like that

  126. Temporal Mitra says:

    and a simple fix for those of you that have complaints about things disappearing from your inventory…go to preferences…and clear your cache…restart your session…and 9 out of 10 times…your inventory will be back…

  127. Calliope Simon says:

    Temporal Mothra hasn’t got twenty years of network engineering experience, but does have a nice watch, apparently.

  128. x- box says:

    just going on!

  129. Delilah Karas says:

    I was under the imprssion downtime was supposed to start at 9slt not 8slt?

    Otherwise, everything seems to be as previously announced so I don’t get why some of you are griping.

  130. Satine Planer says:

    Come on you guys please don’t tell me you haven’t figured out how to tell the time yet as 08:00 SLT/PDT is not 15:00 GMT everytime you Linden’s post about “Scheduled Maintenance” on here you always get the GMT wrong by at least an hour! 08:00 SLT is in fact 16:00 GMT i’m in the UK and thought you might like to know about that!

  131. Redmoonblade says:

    8 9 10 11

  132. nina says:

    well he already said he rezzed the items, so obviouly they are copied.
    you are familiar with how rezzing a copy item works hey?

    “Hadley Yoshikawa Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 7:58 AM PDT

    If you had copy permissions, you should have copied. Then nothing would be lost.”

  133. Innula Zenovka says:

    @Camryn..there is now a mention of how long the downlime is going to last: I’ve just been to the log-in page and it says (bottom left hand corner) that it’s expected to last until 11am SL time (ie.for three hours).

  134. Valenttina Carfagno says:

    Hey Linden Guys!!!! Since u r already working on the grid!! MAKE THE RECENT INVENTORY like it was before RECENT!!! Not all the items i have bought like in the past month!!!
    I bet if u made it like it was before ITEMS RECEIVED SINCE LAST LOG OFF people might keep track of their thngs better!!!
    This new inventory is driving me crazy ever since u guys changed it!!! :(((((

  135. Highwayzombie Moose says:

    Maintenance maybe because of NBC Today Show this morning. Al Qaeda terrorist!!! are using Second Life for testing blowing up buildings. You all know the FBI in the game looking around. I seen this on NBC news this morning on Today Show

  136. chmarr says:

    wow nothing says i love than a 9 min warning on a gridwide shutdown
    no prior notice or nothing and when they say 8am they really mean 7.55am i was in the middle of saving a project and POW

    “you have been logged out for server upgrade”

    as ofr a stable system…sheesh theres no such thing as stable with SL.
    sure they can do everything but can they stop greifers……nope
    can they stop hackers…….nope
    can they catch the person that stole all the vreditcard details…..nope they just make him a linden mentor XD

  137. Jhia Anatine says:

    Guys, 15:00 = 3PM GMT… which is 2:00PM Linden time and 5PM Eastern time…. to figure it out you subtract 12 from the number and use PM as if you are subtracting 12 that means the morning has passed already…

    This is a very long downtime and given LL horrible track record with updates makes me wonder just how many more problems will be created by this grid down event.

  138. Restless says:

    it’ open now?

  139. April says:

    Actually I am in the UK=GMT and we are on british summer time at the moment so its not 15.00 (3.00pm) its 16.00 (4.00pm) our clocks go forward 1 hr in the summer lol!

    And 3 hrs doesnt seem that bad but please guys no more than that im a newbie and addicted and I cant stand the withdrawl lol

    Much luv XXXXX

  140. Aeon Karas says:

    Pfft, i’m about to leave Second Life, i’m bored of the Almost daily ultra lenghed updates/

  141. Valenttina Carfagno says:

    Hey Linden Guys!!!! Since u r already working on the grid!! PLEASEEEEE MAKE THE RECENT INVENTORY like it was before RECENT!!! Not all the items i have bought like in the past month!!!
    I bet if u made it like it was before ITEMS RECEIVED SINCE LAST LOG OFF people might keep track of their thngs better!!!
    This new inventory is driving me crazy ever since u guys changed it!!! :(((((

  142. richyrich Allen says:

    i understand u have to take it down to make some updates by why always on wensdays at 8 slt? it means that its 5 pm in europe Everybody comes online then…. Plz switch the hours so every part of the first world is going down in prime time and everybody will be =
    thx and keep up the good work

  143. Adele Blackadder says:

    It’s 3 hours and it started 16:00 GMT. I live GMT+1 and it started 17:00.

  144. U M says:

    Can`t log in to the beta game.

  145. Iska Miles says:

    Did somoene deleted my post….or am i blind ? :/

  146. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    “nina Says:
    August 22nd, 2007 at 8:13 AM PDT

    well he already said he rezzed the items, so obviouly they are copied.
    you are familiar with how rezzing a copy item works hey?”

    If I can copy it, I make a copy in a backup folder and rez the original. Then, even if a bug bites me, I haven’t lost it. Just a copy.

    Familiar with minimizing your risk, hey?

  147. Eric Linden says:

    I think you all need to SHUT UP

  148. Vahleya Enoch says:

    I really do hope they fix the packet loss and rezzing issues, it takes me 10 minutes on a broadband connection to rezz an entire sim, which in regards to how fast my internet is, ends up being quite sad and pathetic. I know this is not my ISP’s problem and the problem lies within SL. For those of you who have lost items, I share your pain. I have lost items in the past also due to patches and new client versions. All in all, I have to thank the Lindens for listening to us whine, and at least attempting to do something about these issues we are experiencing. Also thank them for the game itself, and the work and effort they put into giving us a place to hang out and have fun. πŸ™‚

  149. Kenny Stinger says:

    Hey Linden Labs Since you Read this Hows The Law suit in Spain Going :))

  150. Digital Digital says:

    @ Iska, yes has been deleted

  151. Stsfuzzybear Hush says:

    The original notice for this scheduled downtime said: 8am to 11am. That’s 3 hours not 7 & definitely not 12.

    @ 11 I felt that way Buster in my infancy. Then I grew enough to know that things come & things go. But, nothing is permenant. And if you haven’t lost anything you are very, very lucky.

    The only thing I’ve found that makes losing things more likely is having more than 15,000 items in inventory. Go under that amount and sometimes things you haven’t seen in months pop back. πŸ˜‰

    I’ve been in this world (I don’t play games) for 9 months & am still learning. Like RL there is a loooooonnnnnngggggg learning curve in SL. It’s life long. πŸ˜‰

  152. Brett Finsbury says:

    If they have to shut down the grid to fix it fine with me. Lets just hope this is the magic fix we have all been waiting for.
    Good luck πŸ™‚

  153. olivier84 edelman says:

    another “up”date lol

    its 7 houres now or 3? :s

  154. Karoline Merlin says:

    Well it start at 8.00 and hopefully end at 11.00 only 3 hours to expect but who knows the future about what showing up in the mainentance and during the work the Lindens have to do i wish all Lindens they are working at this good luck, and hopefully not a mass of Stress by it *smiles at the Lindens softly*

  155. Shylah says:

    Wow, 7 hours scheduled down time? Is that a typo????

    i do not see that no whaere….
    I hope everyone get up clane the house take a bath…and Guess what Sl will still be here…We all will live..Yes i hope thay will fix everything But we no that will not happen.We will have new thing to get mad at…This is SL lol and we all love that game…

  156. U M says:

    why in the world would people from spain put a law suit on LL? They don`t are not big money spenders on sl anyways. Makes no sence.

  157. Anousjka says:

    A Extention of the amount of groups might be nice to.

    As merchant i’m always short, 25 groups just isnt enough.

  158. Louis Hanner says:

    Yeah, agree with me bro karas, and it’s obvious it’s gonna be laggier and buggier than before….these updates don’t fix anything, they’re designed to piss off customers.

  159. Isobel Gustafson says:

    DAMN! i have a f* Rez Day to celibrate!


    (wine wine)

  160. I am always amazed by the amount of people with really negative post’s within seconds of the grid going down especially when the details were clearly announced beforehand.
    SL Developers work damn hard, anyone complaining is welcome to contribute
    code to improve SL.

  161. blaze hienrichs says:

    …. well gess i gotto leave the house now 😦 curse’s damn down time … would like to know why down time’s ALLWAYS on uk day time ??? what the uk dont count ?? .. dont clame to know all about sl but not sure why the whole grid need’s to go down so much ?? seems like alllllll the time 😦 and allways on my time :((

  162. Stephe Erhler says:

    Buster and others, just because you haven’t had a specific problem yourself, don’t assume these problems don’t exist. I’ve had already rezed objects disapper from my land from one day to the next and wasn’t even logged on when it happened! And of course they were expensive no copy items.

    It’s like people who try to say lag doesn’t exist just because the sim they are on most of the time doesn’t have it, etc. I love SL or I’d just move on and do something else with my free time, but I just cringe everytime they add a “feature” because each feature add problems to the list of thing that still haven’t been addressed. Now I get to fight with “ghost prims” which people like Buster haven’t seen so in their view can’t exist. I’m happy for these people that they haven’t lost anything etc, but stop trying to blame the end user for some of these obvious problems SL has right now.

    I do hope they use this downtime to deal with some of the network connectivity problems or whatever is creating the mega lag I’ve seen on some of the older sims. We paid GOOD MONEY for the land on some of these (like the land my “skate and date” park is on in Dalarna) and if these older servers are having problems, they need to FIX THEM or upgrade them etc.

    It goes back to the “Voice has no affect on performance” lie. Even if somehow spacially activated voice code and clients did have zero impact on performance (not possible), if they had used these new voice servers to replace the old worn out sim servers some of the sims are on, they wouldn’t have these mega lag issues we are seeing on them. Come on Lindens, give us what we are paying for! I pay the same tier as anyone, why should I have to live with second tier performance because you won’t update these older servers? PLEASE before you add more shinies, deal with these other issues!!!!

    Stephe Ehrler

  163. olivier84 edelman says:

    can I advertise here? πŸ™‚

  164. Lieffie Niekerk says:

    Trying to post the very 1st time:
    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”?

    How about running 2 SL’s?
    Whilst another is being updated and tested,
    people could keep going on in the other one?

    Just making sure/warning people
    from making any changes since they’ll be lost when the updated version comes on-line.

    Wishing you all nice day!

  165. Aesop Thatch says:

    @ 63
    Are u sure abt this? My gf lost 7000+ items for hours, and got it all back again, after it started returning after an hour or two. (slowly counting up tho)

    Yeah, what happened to him was probably jsut a lag in the inventory loading, there has been a bug where you truly lose stuff, and if you have hit htis bug, its gone.

  166. Nomad Zabelin says:

    7 hrs how did you get that, down time from 08.00am PDT or 15.00 GMT + 1 hr summertime… and reading the blog also says no viewer upgrade …so roll on time to do some rl doh

  167. Gah, a lawsuit on a G-A-M-E? Unless it involves some kind of copyright issues … then wtf???

    “Oh my god, I accidently tped to a sex place, and then they all started harassing me, it was horrible I tell you horrible!” =/

  168. Nanami Oh says:

    I really hope that this maintenance will resolve a decent amount of issues that SLs been having. And it’s three hour downtime you sillies, not seven. Seven would be pushing it. Us addicted people would start slamming this comment box worse than what it’s already being hit. Best of luck to LL in getting everything spiffed up in SL, hopefully it’s for the best. ^^

  169. U M says:

    Gesh so what! we need ths down time. Having objects not ressing slow texture downloading! OMG what you want.

  170. Manjagan Rahja says:

    74 chmarr Says:

    August 22nd, 2007 at 8:13 AM PDT
    wow nothing says i love than a 9 min warning on a gridwide shutdown
    no prior notice or nothing and when they say 8am they really mean 7.55am i was in the middle of saving a project and POW


  171. Aleen Torok says:

    search PDT to GMT in google for a clock

  172. Brandy Begonia says:

    OH COME ON!!!!! You people must have has some poor excuse for a RL before you found SL NO?????? Do yourself a favor, try and find it again. Really people, it’s just not heathly………………take a zanix or something and call your shrinks, that should eat up 3 hours of your non existance in no time :))

  173. Sasja says:

    Number 11 Buster…

    I’ve played for 7 months and lost plenty, few day’s ago a katana from 800L that didn’t rezz well bye bye Katana, maybe someone is trying to tell me I’m not the fighting type lmao.

    And for the rest complaining about a 3 hour shtdown…
    It’s never good, iff they close the grid for the whole afternoon ( europe time ) you complain, iff it’s only 2 or 3 hours you also complain.
    SL is off lately don’t know iff you noticed, so I’m glad that they ( try to ) fix it rather than lett us just go on and loose stuff, crash and so on.

  174. Rachel Howey says:

    Have any og the people here who are complaining about SL tried any of the other virtual worlds available ? In my opinion they aren’t anywhere close to the standard of Second Life. Who know – they may improve but right now I think SL is the best. Go and download the others , try them and then come back and you’ll see what an achievement SL is. It’s nowhere near perfect but the best we have.

    I see several posts about people being surprised about the downtime or it lasting 7 hours. You’re all incorrect.

    Anyway downtime now is great as I’m off to the airport for my holidays. See ya !!!

  175. Hope Dreier says:

    If I may make a suggestion , instead of using GMT, which seems to confuse some, people why don’t you use the OFFICIAL base time of UTC
    (Coordinated Universal Time), this way people in the UK won’t think you’re talking about BST or whatever local time is in use in there, since they seem to take a proprietary interest in the term GMT. Just an Idea. Good luck on you fixes.

  176. Pussy Dailey says:

    Its 3 hrs + 4 to log in afterwards

  177. U M says:

    Anyone in the beta game?

  178. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    Are those GMT hours, or BST hours?

  179. tina lynch says:

    who bets that it will take more than 3 hours ? ; ))

  180. Im having trouble using different balls in SL .My Avatar is always sitting down when I use things…I have to click several times on it to make it work…Can you check this while youre in the system please? its getting anoying… theres a lot of lagging too and the game freezes a lot … thanks

  181. olivier84 edelman says:

    why are the downtimes allways in the noon for europe? never when I sleep… 😦 😦

  182. PK Dailey says:

    Hopefully this fixes the quirky problems that I’ve had since last Wednesday. Otherwise, the recent changes have had dramatic positive improvement on my SL experience – better FPS, less packet loss, etc. Only thing is that I have to clear cache every day now or the viewer slowly starts to choke.

  183. Elin Egoyan says:

    Well it is good that Linden upgrades regularly!!! If not, I think we had a lot more trouble as we have now. Only I wonder if they finaly fix my inventory. For over 2 month now my inventory recent items don’t empty after logging out. I just can’t use it anymore because it is a mess there. An d 3 times sending this in as a bug. I never gor any reply exept the autoreply. That is a pity I think ;(.

    For the reset keep up Linden…. but try to do the work fast ;-))))

  184. Echoe Howlett says:

    If I lost anything, knowing myself I wouldn’t have noticed it in the least. I’ve only been on SL for about a week, so eh~

    But really, we should use this downtime to better ideas and such to better our experiences on SL. I’m going to be making textures and learning scripts out myself! :3

    Can’t wait til it’s back up though!

  185. reesesaenz says:

    @ 76

    Everyone is trying to log onto it, so logins may be very slow or may fail, just keep trying. I’m logging in, currently doing the account maintenance. Be patient, if a few hundred thousand or even just one million people are trying to log on at the same time, you can expect slow logins.

  186. Digital Digital says:

    @ Rachel Howey ,

    I agree with you sl is such a awesome achievement no other virtual world comes close as far as I am concerned! Have a fabolous holiday!

    And as for me time to work on my web – site πŸ˜‰

  187. Iska Miles says:

    So one more time…..seems my post didnt seem good to Linden….

    You may change this terrible user interface, i hate checking contacts groups friends and talk i n one tab/window…..
    This is going me mad…..

    Also appearance option is not working correctly…. πŸ˜‰

    SO i am glad that there is a break i will have time to make my household things….and that is a pity that we have now 17.00 so almost whole evening broke…. without access to sl….but i am not addicted as other…can stand it…… holidays holidays….yay…. and it is raining out of the window….hm….

  188. U M says:

    OMG ERROR ERROR ERROR to log in the beta game

  189. Myhra says:

    Not happy! Not happy!!! Not happy!!!! 😦

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