Newsletter Posted!


Have you got the downtime blues? View the latest installment of Second Opinion, the Second Life newsletter, on our website and coming soon, grab a newly updated copy from one of our in-world locations. (Don’t forget to sign up for automatic in-world delivery of upcoming issues!) This month in Second Opinion, find out what Sabin Linden says about Het-Grid, get information on SLCC, learn about AjaxLife in our interview with Katharine Berry, read up on Stephany Linden’s voice tips and tricks, check out our view on the new features vs. bug fixes debate … and more!

Also, as a reminder, we are no longer emailing the newsletter, but will instead continue to improve the online and in-world versions for everyone to enjoy. For example, you can now get the RSS feed directly delivered to your RSS reader du jour. Have any suggestions on how to make the newsletter better? Email them to the editor.

[UPDATE] Thank you for your comments. We greatly appreciate your continued patience during downtime. Please note that in the near future, and thanks to Het-Grid, downtime will occur less frequently. Don’t know about Het-Grid? Check out Breaking News in this month’s newsletter.

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242 Responses to Newsletter Posted!

  1. MrLunk Voom says:

    hmm downtime blues…
    inworld links hmmm 😦
    when are you done ?
    and what are the new bugs ?

  2. Sammy says:

    “Don’t forget to sign up for automatic in-world delivery of upcoming issues!”

    Didn’t we do that when we made our accounts to begin with? Everyday I get issue after issue after issue and never had to subscribe to them specifically. FIX YOUR GIMPED CODE =P

  3. inacentaur says:

    [Updated 12:00] Another new issue has been resolved, but deploying the fix and subsequent testing will take some additional time. We now expect the grid to open by 12:30

  4. B says:

    Why is the post with maintenance and updates to, always pushed down from top of the blog? Could whoever updates the maintenance post make sure its bumped to the top of the blog as well?

  5. Marni Grut says:

    😦 downtime blues indeed why cant they do updates not on EU time!

  6. Digital Digital says:

    I am really happy that lindens are finding this before opening! Keep up the great work Linden Lab! 😀

  7. Celina Kamachi says:

    Yes, we read about while we wait for it ^^

  8. Belial Zadeh says:

    @5 LOL Dig

  9. Isabel Hocken says:

    AHH! I’m about to die, I have an event @ 12pm slt! I pray you guys are up right then! Because sometimes the time you put is not the actual time you are back up!

    /me crosses fingers and has high hopes. o.O

  10. Hey folks, don´t you think, to post first the news that you will open the grid a “little” later is much more important to the most here than some newsletters?! Well, maybe you do, during i am writing this, but seems a little tactics behind that, we are Lindens, no stupid folks 😉

  11. Henriksen says:

    Hmm, LL grabs their eraser and changes 11am to 12 noon thinking no one notices and no forum post over the past 40 minutes or prior letting us know things are running behind schedule.

  12. Bee Mizser says:

    @2 IIRC signing up for automatic in-world delivery of the newsletter was optional.

    I personally have never received the newsletter in-world.

  13. Firefly Pau says:

    There goes our Wednesday party again.
    Ok, i am already used to it, if there is told that SL comes back at 11 am, it is mostly an hour later. Sometimes more, about 1 and a half or 2 hours. But more is also not very rare 😦

  14. Well…neat. Keep it up.

  15. Harmony colman says:

    well im glad to see somethings working and thank you iridium for the update on this and for everyone whos giving this linden a hard time back off she is one of the very few who will sit down and take the time to talk to you evenw ith ehr busy schdule out of all the lindens she is one of the very few cool so pick on one of the ignorant ones

  16. Morellocherry Raymaker says:

    ARGH! why do you guys do this EVERY week…sooooo annoying . Just get it sorted now…..please ! lol

  17. amber2ndlife says:

    Give us a later time & come on early….instead of pushing maintenance time back. lol 🙂

  18. Gimm says:

    Oh how fun. A newsletter.

  19. Golem Ogee says:

    Yawns….. wags his tail…. looks at LL with BIG eyes… is it open yet?

  20. Villanova says:

    I fully appreciate your maintainance efforts but I am irritated by features like the newsletter when the core functionality of SL is in such a bad state.

  21. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    Im praying that itll actually be back at 12 lol .

  22. Myname Jones says:

    How long will it be till its open, AFTER they say its going to be open?? Any takers on that one haha. I think LL is doing a great job, now just if we could log in and have everything there that we loged out with. Might be nice. We can cry about down time and all, but I do think there doing a great job. These things are expected and they handle them. I get mad when I crash out of game as well and have lag when there should be none. But on the great days where it goes smooth (not allot of those) it makes it all worth it 🙂

    Keep up the good work LL

  23. Redneck Racer says:

    all im saying, is amen dig wt.g. l.l. **==

  24. Aloe Stradling says:

    We stopped holding events on wendsdays, period. Even after it comes back up, lag is hel as everyone surges on to get their sl fix, and things often as not go all glitched anyway.

  25. When I woke up, it said 11.

  26. Fenleab Barrett says:

    Where’s our pie while we wait?! >:O

    Welcome to the internet, where men are men, women are men, and children are the FBI.

  27. Kion Kuhn says:

    :/ Please be done soon. I haven’t gotten my fix for today. xD

  28. Kaetzchen Dieffenbach says:

    Wow – a newsletter… this has to be one of the worst timings ever. Can we have the grid back up first before asking us to read the news while we are bored?

  29. Mussi denn musi denn bluesi zum SL Städle hinaus ….

  30. Pheonix Pooraka says:

    Please, please, please, please, please, PLEEEAAASSSSSSSE, EVEN PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON THE TOP AND MOUNTAINS OF SUGAR, Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Patty R says:

    How can we schedule OUR appoitments on SL if you say 11am, later you say 12pm… maybe soon you’ll say 1pm who knows??

  32. Piro Juran says:

    You know, if the bugs were fixed before Second Life actually went up and online, or if they actually tested the code with a fake, hidden Second Life on a much smaller scale for any errors, then we wouldn’t really deal with it… but yeah, the newsletter is a good idea.

  33. Khashai Steinbeck says:

    I will not post about all the other blatantly obvious issues at hand, because the are… blatantly. obvious.

    That being said, you folks over at LL have got to try harder to please get the correct time zone on these blog posts. I understand, that sometimes it can be difficult to do the math, what with you being in Pacific Time and SL being in SL Time, which is …wait, Pacific Time? wtf??

  34. YoKo Blackadder says:

    Well, it’s nice that the previous time (11:00) has been pushed way further 😉
    Hope, it will come back at 12:00
    I am missing my SLingo session 😉

  35. Great stuff! The HET grid sounds like a winner

  36. Malarthi Behemoth says:

    @10 Some people can’t code. I know I can’t. Some people have to be working on fun stuff neh?

  37. Newsletter…..what a waste of linden resources.

  38. ——————————————————————————

    nice work that Maintinance… but i need my Squadron in the air!
    we had training as option but now i cant even put an airplane in the air!

    I dont want to have a Shameless Defent again! my Squadrons need to go airborne.


    Greets: Chaves Shu (SL Sky Team owner/ SL Squadron leader).

  39. Scott Deharo says:

    Woo nice job katharine!


  40. Roger, hast du Elvis zum Frühstück gegessen ? 😉

  41. Love Araw says:

    Linden keep up the good work. I can live if SL is not on I got a rl ……………LOL

  42. Miata Collas says:

    Wow…I just signed up yesterday and now can’t get on..does this happen often?

  43. Redneck Racer says:

    oh and one more thing, im a computer tech and ive learned, when u go into a server to fix one thing, u find other, as well as when u fix one problem, u run into several more, thank god for l.l. and the effort they put into it other wise wed all still be playing pac- man (not saying theres any thing wrong w/ the pac) ;P

  44. Gantheral Mason says:

    with LL it’s to be expected they say one thing and do something else they say 11am but really mean 12pm of course they really mean 1pm they just keep pushing it back.

  45. Jordyn Grier says:

    lmao. i love reading the comments on this stuff. some ppl are just like !@#$%^* omg sl is still down? havin withdrawals n stuff. chill out ppl. log onto the beta if u need an sl fix. im gonna start a group in-world called SL Junkies. lmfao

  46. Marriah Dinzeo says:

    I mean really.. Pushing down the MAINTENANCE blog… to give us links for thing In-world.. yeah.. way to go. Make people even more annoyed with the downtime that’s already going on by posting in-world links. =|

  47. Cat Cotton says:

    Mind giving the subscription base some idea of what bugs you found while trying to fix the existing bugs and errors on the existing grid?
    Did you fix the chat lag?
    Did you fix the lag spikes?
    Did you fix the missing inventory bugs?
    Did you resolve the issue of the land market now being flooded?

    Paying customers wanna know.

  48. Jechi Beck says:

    Hasta los webs de tantas caídas por mantenimiento en SL: nunca son en nuestras horas de sueño y además NO cumplen los horarios. Por qué no dicen directamente que van a tardar una o dos horas más? Al final sí se va a tratar de las 7 horas de las que se hablaba al principio

  49. Anylyn Hax says:

    Second Life Maintenance [COMPLETE]
    [RESOLVED] Second Life Website Partially Online
    [RESOLVED] Phone support lines temporarily down
    [RESOLVED] Search temporarily down
    [RESOLVED] Login issues
    [RESOLVED] Temporary service outage
    [RE-RESOLVED] Service outages in approximately 200 regions
    [Resolved] Second Life Support Portal Restored

    Didnt we agree last week that all problems are solved now ?

  50. JoeyMacaroni Vella says:

    The solution is really pretty simple; close the books on membership. The system has OBVIOUSLY reached its its peak. I don’t think SL should allow anymore new accounts (including anymore ALTs) until the system is able to handle at least 250,000 simultaneous users; anything less and you’re just beating a dead horse. Regardless of how many millions have TRIED SL (apparently nearing 9 million) whats important is how many can function at one time on the system. It appears 35,000 is the top of that scale and anytime we go over that we start to see major problems. So, to summarize, SL is a pretty much a world with 40,000 people in it… period. Don’t expect things to get any better under the current conditions.

  51. Blaise Timtam says:

    Suggestion: close the grid EVERY wednesday. and if everything is working fine, Lindens can have free time instead. Could be motivating 😉

  52. twitch furse says:

    its cool to have a newsletter but i personaly think that there are more major issues that should be worked out before working on those things but i LOVE the great work keep doing well lol i hope it stops at 12

  53. Uhm Chaves… ur a lil dominating xD… \_ () \_…

    but ur right anyway… we cant get even 1 airplane airborne. atleast 20! =S there we go! our Squadron getting killed!

    or… eeh… what ever…. Anny Girl with a club online here??¿¿


  54. Nicolle Mougin says:

    graaaaaaa hurry up or i’ll kill someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gnagnaganaganagaaaaaaaaaa

  55. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    lol @ 21

  56. Sasja says:

    At 15…

    Sl time is sl time.
    It now say’s 12 so it’s 12.
    Sl time is also california time, iff that’s more easy.
    Even i know the times And I’m from Holland.

  57. LordRingsMottoEatMore says:

    SL always seems to take way longer than they suggest they will to be offline.

    +_+_ * * * * * * * * Can we have a RULE that NO person be allowed to post to these blog responses more than 3 times. I saw one person post 15 times to one which meant 15 people were unable to give their response. It’s as though they treat it like a chat program. DOH !!! Get real !!! As both a Super Mod & Admin of several forums, I would implement such a rule when only 100 responses are allowed to these blogs. SO please keep user responses down to a maximum of 3 … or even two. Some people are really selfish & thoughtless (else do it deliberately!!!) ******* O _ o

  58. Myname Jones says:


    Need a third life??

  59. Huge Homewood says:

    @ Firefly
    you have allways think on Wednesday about downtimes.
    happend often as far i know lol i don´t do something on Wednesday just relaxing with my love ^^

  60. Flux Cortes says:

    Great now you just gave them ideas good job

  61. nietzscheen says:

    Blues??? Okay, I pay for a premium account, every down time make me not be able to go online. So part of my investisment in second life is lost. I don’t call that blues, I call that being financially realist. A good grid should have the following point:
    1. It should have been constructed as each region is independant.
    2. Each regions sould be able to comunicate using several different route.
    3. Each regions should be located in different part of the Real world so it ad redudency.
    4. The support team should not be at all cost at the same location. They should be in different part of the world so client could call all the time. Like you divide the globe in 4 part, it will make the service avalable all the time with a 8 hours shift.

  62. Yancy Yalin says:

    Please.. for the love of all that is holy… PLEASE! Fix the inventory issues! I have lost thousands of $L in stuff that has just disappeared from my inventory. Of course, I’ve managed to keep all the freebie crap’s just the good stuff that disappears. Where does it go??
    Fix the voice program. It works for me for a while then.. POOF! nothing. It just goes down. There is no consistency in it. It’s not my hardware. That’s all new and in perfect working condition.
    Fix the teleportirng issues. Several of my friends crash if and when they teleport to anywhere. If they don’t crash, they freeze. What’s up with that?

  63. KH Bristol says:

    Isn’t it funny how on the SL newsletter it shows land sales at an all time LOW even though they said that eliminating the gaming world would not affect the SL economy.. well, I guess it does hurt the little man, doesn’t it? Fancy that..

    But once again, the large network of corporations upholding SL win again because the little man has no say in the “local” laws.. funny how SL is a lot like RL at times..

  64. Nicolle Mougin says:

    GUYS!!!! YOU ARE BEHIND SCEDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. mimi says:

    “check out our view on the new features vs. bug fixes debate”

    im very curious what they have to say on this

  66. Kurenai Jun says:

    so, its like 4 min past 12AM PDT..

  67. Isidor Milev says:

    You all are dorks just do something else for the day, like work!

  68. Rich Gaudio says:

    I’m shocked to see how many people weren’t expecting a shut down when its been an every Wednesday event pretty much for as long as I have been here (Dec 2006)

    Downtime blues? Yeah I have them, they force me to spend money doing other things instead 😉
    I think there should be some kind of forum or message board the residents could use to post comments and suggestions and rants instead of just hoping for an open blog page to post such things on.

  69. loebe Xi says:

    I hope its a really BIG newsletter, my guts tells me.. I gonna need it

  70. Isabel Hocken says:

    Now it says 12:15! LOL!!!!

  71. Barney Nurmi says:

    please! i dont want to watch football!!

  72. Isidor Milev says:

    Why can’t you all find something else to do then wait for the grid to open up. I suggest go to work and stop sitting on your pc.

  73. Eos Ultsch says:

    When I went to login because I thought they might be back up:

    August 22, 2007, 12:01 pm August 22, 2007, 12:01 pm We are still down for maintenance. We expect to be back up at 12:15 SLT (PST)

    O RLY?

  74. Golem Ogee says:

    Begins to Gowl!! Noon come and gone LL… Idid you find my missing inventory yet?? because I havnt!

  75. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    We are still down for maintenance. We expect to be back up at 12:15 SLT (PST) i knew they would say sumthing like this -_-

  76. VAMPIRELLA Rojyo says:


  77. Soj says:


  78. Satine Cortes says:

    I dont know about you.. I dont care about anymore news and shit. I would just be so so happy if SL was lag free and going for just maybe.. 1 week? That would be awesome, like the good olé days before Lindens started poking too hard… I just want one… week.. of no crashes or lagspikes… *sighs* Well.. just open now.. im dying here >,>

  79. Locke Traveler says:

    *taps wristwatch*
    Guess I’ll read the newsletter… nicely timed distraction, LL.

  80. Korena Starbrook says:


    or something

  81. Val says:

    please all whiners and eropea-ons leave SL for good TY

  82. VAMPIRELLA Rojyo says:

    What about date this 12:15 SLT will be? 🙂

  83. Golem Ogee says:

    Grrrr Typonese Sorry

  84. Ramsi Allen says:

    I am somewhat happy that the lindens are starting to work a little harder on the maintenance but I think these problems need to be solved a little faster. So many problems normally. Hurry up please!

  85. Armina Balogh says:

    We are still down for maintenance. We expect to be back up at 12:15 SLT (PST)

    O RLY ?? you gotta speed up all you folks behind the screens.. please

  86. Liana Chenille says:

    WAHHHHH…imma pitch a fit ….honestly ….it’s not pretty… noone’s listening….I WANNA PLAYYYY

  87. Yancy Yalin says:

    I know it’s an inconvenience, sometimes an expensive inconvenience to some people, but I wouldn’t care if they shut down for a whole day if all the problems would get fixed. Actually FIXED!

  88. Sasja says:

    Ok.. 12 has past.
    There goes my love life whahahaha lmao.
    I agree with the inventory stuff.
    I’m a shopper lost a lott.
    didn’t come back with cache cleaing, it’s a fortune what you loose.
    I work hard for my money, Iff I buy smething I wanna wear it with both sleeves and not one missing

  89. Please says:

    We expect to be back up at 12:15 SLT (PST)

    Is this going to continue?

    The newsletter post is so ridiculus during such grid problem fixing like this.

    Please stop <____<

  90. rocket bachman says:

    The grid will be down for 2, no, 3, uh-oh…..

  91. Digital Digital says:

    Taps Feet , Looks at watch

  92. Ayngyll Lane says:

    @ #26 Nicolle…. Aren’t they always behind schedule?! *L* I don’t think I’ve EVER seen LL have the grid back up and running by the predicted time.

  93. Ramsi Allen says:

    I am somewhat happy that the lindens are starting to work a little harder on the maintenance but I think these problems need to be solved a little faster. Hurry up please!

  94. Tim Gagliano says:

    OK I will admit I am annoyed as many here.. but come on… they probably do have uncovered a huge issue here… You know, I would rather be sitting here trying to get in for the last hour, then LL opening up too soon and have like 300 regions down for a week because they did not do any QA on the work accomplished…. Yeah I wish they would hurry up.. But darnit… cut them some slack.

  95. Armina Balogh says:

    Yeah i lost inventory too
    about 2k of stuff, that hurts lol

    did you clear you cache sometimes help


  96. Armina Balogh says:

    Yeah i lost inventory too
    about 2k of stuff, that hurts lol

    did you clear you cache sometimes help


  97. Firefly Pau says:

    SL will be not back before 12:30 PM pdt, If They say that it will be 12:15. 😦 . But late stay positief 😦

  98. Anylyn Hax says:

    is that new voice feature ( that promotes analfabetism ) the root cause for the new chatlag ?
    if not… what is the root cause for the chat lag ?

  99. Liana Chenille says:

    Liana Chenille soooo hopes rocket is wrong:(

  100. samuel kingsford says:

    In through the nose. Out through the mouth.

  101. Wendie Beaumont says:

    I have a photo shoot in an hour, come on people!!!!!!!!

  102. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    Plays drums with keyboard* woops there goes the A key lol

  103. Flux Cortes says:

    Im gonna go take a nap

  104. Digital Digital says:

    @ Tim , Totally agree with you 😀 They seriously need a SL chat room LMFAO

  105. Arven Dagger says:

    Peh… I look away for about 5 minutes… Go get a sandwich… And Second Life is still down. At least i got a bit of something done today. Migt as well ride my bike and get some exercise, haven’t done that for about a day or so.

  106. Bohkka Rasikas says:

    Nice newsletter. Always interesting to see what other people find interesting.
    Please ignore the people who think that the newsletter is a big waste of time. They seem to think that EVERYONE at LL is a programmer and should be working on the software.
    I guess I’ll have to wait, though, to try some of the links posted in the newsletter.
    Keep up the good work.
    -From one programmer of complex systems to the LL programmers.-

  107. Armina Balogh says:

    Yeah i lost inventory too
    about 2k of stuff, that hurts lol

    did you clear you cache sometimes help



  108. Harmony colman says:

    its 12:08 do you knowwhere your second life is -_- cuase i dont

  109. False says:

    wow, sooooooooo blue, ima blue, cuz im l,osing money!! lol

  110. Youri Ashton says:

    Ow no! not another maintenance downtime!This siriously getting annoying, please LL fix it so we can all get back on! PLEASE I BEG YOU! 😮

  111. Roxanne Hynes says:

    I always have the downtime blues…
    there can’t be a day without any problems in SL

  112. Digital Digital says:

    Now the main page says they are changing the time to 12:15 but don’t see that in the blog!

  113. Golem Ogee says:

    It would be best if they say “Large problem has been found and we will be down till 1800 to repair it” not feed us 15 min cookies at a time so we are all on edge!

  114. Liana Chenille says:

    lol cloud….at least it seems we can chat here……another blog chat episode..helps pass the time

  115. r1dd1ck says:

    waiting for 12.15 to come and go…………….yawn

  116. Stonetroll Cyclops says:

    Maybe you should stop posting things to take peoples minds off of the grid being down for and hour but oh wait its now 2 hours what next 3? 4 maybe?

  117. @ 30 Rich, if you didnt notice it, a newsletter is at least some real “unimportant” thing now…and yes, sure many of us know already that it takes longer everytime. So, imagine, a job you get paid for, but you always or very often come too late to your job. How long you mean you have that job, ha?
    And another thing: better make Linden Lab motivating, that those issues which are big can be fixed finally…all you write is a slimy love-letter to Linden Lab…not very helpfull man, they are already RICH & “HAPPY”!!!

  118. My Psychiatrist has refused to continue to treat me unless I stop Second Life. She says shes tired of me paying them all that money every month for a service that don’t work half the time and adding to my mental distress. She said that money could buy me 3 whole hours with her instead of me only getting the 5 minutes I can afford now.
    Thank god the Newsletter is out. Now I have some thing to read while waiting in the offices when out looking for a new Therapists.

  119. Sky Lar says:

    As per usual, the grid downtime has lasted longer than what it should’ve been..


  120. Armina Balogh says:

    yes digital agreed XD even if SL is a chatroom ( WTF ITS DOWN ) xD XD XD XD

  121. Brett Finsbury says:

    so its taking longer than expected. rather the grid be down and fixed than up ands broken. good lucks folks. hope this does it. 🙂

  122. Raul Crimson says:

    And at 12:20 they will change to 12:30.
    Call it intuition.

  123. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @7 IIRC signing up for automatic in-world delivery of the newsletter was optional.

    @2 was making a joke.

    But seriously, in-world delivery of the newsletter is not only optional, it doesn’t work.

  124. Gil Druart says:

    Okay .. picking on someone else’s use of English in a multi-national space is not something I would normally do .. but honestly!

    By the editor (one assumes)

    “It is my view that the New Features vs. Bug Fixing juxtaposition misunderstands the issue and unfairly totalizes the detriment of features to the platform, in part because many new features are designed to optimize overarching performance.”

    What language is this written in? My mother-tongue is English and it is non-sense to me. What chance would the many residents whose English is not entirely fluent stand? Surely the purpose of a newsletter is to *communicate* not *obfuscate* (looks forward to seeing that last word in a future editorial). Please employ a sub-editor if needed to rewrite this exotic prose in basic English.

  125. FiestyPUP says:

    you know complaining about the grid not being up is not goin to get it up any faster… There are more things to do in life than sit on your fat arses and complain cause a virtual world is not up n runnin…

  126. Redneck Racer says:

    ok,heresmy third and final thought, if ur complaing abouts.l. and the way the operate, then just leave, no one is forcing you to tay, we have a saying here in kansas, if ya dont like there theres the X CLICK IT!! OKL.L. is taking a bit longer, as i said in my last post, as a comp tech and programer, delays ARE TO BE EXPECTED, then as my grandpa says , if ya aint gont nothing nice to say, keep ur trap shut R.I.P. RAYBURN “PAPI” CRAFT

  127. Armina Balogh says:

    Brett Finsbury Says:

    August 22nd, 2007 at 12:11 PM PDT

    so its taking longer than expected. rather the grid be down and fixed than up ands broken. good lucks folks. hope this does it.

    I want it to be up ( i dont care with the broken thing, its allways broken lol)

  128. rocket bachman says:

    my bad forgot 4

  129. Digital Digital says:

    I’m just happy they are not opening up the grid until things are fixed and tested 😀

  130. Cammera Zabelin says:

    ,,,,,,,crossing my fingers for the 12:15,,,,keep up the great work,,,,WOOT,,,my 1st post,,,,WOOT WOOT 🙂

  131. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    Raul dont say that ull make me have to reattach another keyboard key .

  132. False says:

    uhhhh anyone have a drink? im thirtsy and aging very fast

  133. Kenny Stinger says:

    Hope protester hit Chicago Hard Give BACK THE DAMN GAMES!!! i am not Wasting my $ on it !

  134. Brite johin says:

    Here’s a thought: Put up a timer counting down to when the grid is up.
    SL: love ya! I’ll make wednesdays my SL weekend.

  135. Soj says:

    what if it never came back on……

  136. Sam says:

    well u want them to make sure to fix all the bugs before opening. let the lindens fix all the shit thats messed up right now so when they open it up it will run better well hopefully never does but damn gotta atleast think positive kinda hard these days cuz something else goes bad

  137. Camryn Baxter says:

    Hey guys!

    How about working on getting SL back up instead of worrying about posting the newsletter?

    Your lack of updates and pushing back of opeing time is reminiscent of Microsoft releasing a new product.

    Here to hoping for a better downtime next time.

  138. Armina Balogh says:

    youre right digital, but i dont think they will fix it, in 6 days its broken again

  139. Henriksen says:

    I bet if we call LL, “Hey all, we’re stuck in a line at Starbucks spending your hard earned money on cappochinos, please leave a message at the tone and we’ll open the grid, err….nah, we’re not going back to the office again today, good day for a round of golf…beep”

  140. New at 12.
    Hello an welcome,Todays topick new that will be used inworld.
    Sounds Good if we were in world most of the time we spend out world wateing to get in.New Bugs,well as long an linden labs Gets more money the less thay fix caz with every update thay fix one bug but make 10 then theres a 4 week long deal of updates then thay get it down to a few bugs an Bam thay add some new thing no one really needs like a auto linden ass screatcher wich makes 16 new bugs but hay the more thay add maybe we will over look the real things that need to be fixed like every time theres like 43k people online theres huge lag an sim crashes an stuff.
    I got a new artical for you its called “How Linden Labs Killed SecondLife” caz even tho you like to show woot we got 9 million open account theres only 1 million play in 60 days lol thats like saying were huge if you look at it by the inch.
    More an More people go from secondlife each week an more over a 30 day span look at keeping the people that count an not inpress the new guy thats only been in world like 30days caz thats not hard to do hell most are blown over by a freebie box lol look i can make a fart sound woot:P
    so do your jobs do it good an move on to better things hell if it took me over a year to fix your car an still dont have it right you would not come back same thing here fix shit right .
    ok im done have a good day

  141. Please says:

    Completely agree with Camryn!

  142. jukes binder says:

    omg what a bunch of cry babies!!

  143. Armina Balogh says:

    QUOTE:”Your lack of updates and pushing back of opeing time is reminiscent of Microsoft releasing a new product.”
    HILARIOUS !!! XD but true

  144. Digital Digital says:

    @61 Camryn Baxter ,

    It’s not like everyone works in the area of what their fixing, I’m sure the news people are in another department.

    You should be happy that they are taking their time and working on things instead of opening it back up and having a big failure.

  145. Lindarrr Lane says:

    maybe the problem theyre having is that every time they tell us a time, 1823847 people try log in at once…. i know were all gonna try in 2 mins when its 12.15 😛

  146. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @24 yeah, block people posting here. See? You posted something so another one will not be able to. That sucks! .D

  147. iPeck Peccable says:

    Shouldnt be called Downtime, it should be Downday !
    Just say it will be down from 8 to 13 so we wont plan meetings and such 😉

  148. Bigfox Pye says:

    Hey look at it this way would you rather them open early and have all the lag bugs and other problems . Sit tight relax go for a walk do something active It isnt the end of the world

  149. fritz otoole says:

    Oh Lindens!
    You are telling us ever day that problems are resolved, you make a downtime every week (and cant even tell us before how long it will really be) … and still lag is on, search is sometimes on/off, the same applies to teleport, things are missing in the inventory (I was lucky. most of tham came back), whole houses are gone .. but we have speech (speech is Real Life folks, and I dont mix RL with SL) and soon some weird light .. and performance is going down.
    Yes – I am whining. No – I am not satisfied with the performance.
    I hoped last week when there was the first apology ever for the bad performance things will go better.
    They dont.
    Maybe any of those dozends of Linden Clones could tell me the long term stratgy behind this?
    I am a lucky guy anyway – I own nothing in theat crazy world, no land, no house, no club. But I want to use it!

  150. Liana Chenille says:


  151. Fender Todd says:

    I thought it was brave and very interesting that the letters LL posted about Voice were all essentially negative. I can only assume that this means that Linden Labs will now double or triple the number of developers, etc., working to deploy Voice.

  152. Myname Jones says:

    Exactly, I would rather see it fixed then work for and hour then rolling restarts then god knows what else.

  153. Not bothered, the footies on anyway, come on England!

  154. Armina Balogh says:

    I think they should fix the grid instead of fixing newsletter lol, but then i got something to read. WIN – WIN sitiuation

  155. Iridium what does it take to understand that the timing of this post is a tactical waste of something otherwise nicely put together and informative too?

    Next time wait one hour before posting. Market what you do, don’t just waste it.

  156. Delora Starbrook says:

    Maybe the grid will come up sometime soon? Maybe? I kinda have new product to roll out and.. well.. can’t. Because I can’t get on to do it.

  157. Digital Digital says:

    @ LordRingsMottoEatMore

    — Get a life lol

  158. Satine Cortes says:

    *shrugs* I just came realized. You want a blog or something to write on while SL is down, cause you miss SL, right? Why dont all of us who are nagging download the beta version and waste a few hours on there instead of nagging the LL´s. I know its awful, but hey.. they just do their work and im sure they are trying hard.

  159. Cat Cotton says:

    #40 Sad thing is this is pretty standard stuff when it comes to LL. I would much prefer to hear that SL is down say 12 hours than to be mislead for one min. We go threw this ever couple of weeks. Yup it’s getting real old real fast.

    Honestly would be nice, I can’t say I am keen on feeling like I am being strung along. Now add to that the issues that have never been resolved in the past 4 years. Yes honestly would be nice. These days I write Wednesday’s off; mainly because when the grid does come back up; we find new and costly issues. Oh joy.

  160. Ayngyll Lane says:

    Oh looky looky 12:15 and I still see the big red OFFLINE…no word fcrom LL yet? Why am I not surprised.

  161. VeryDirty Sands says:

    I’ve got 20L$ on it being after 12:30 PST.
    Oh, wait, I forgot, no betting allowed. =P

  162. Armina Balogh says:

    Then we rounded 12.15

  163. LillyAnne says:

    I guess its time to sitting here with my own thoughts.. OH GOD someone save me from them.. HURRY LL bring the grid up. My voices in my head are waking up. 😦

  164. rocket bachman says:

    @ 62
    new NEWS, SL update fails, suckit it up and pay

  165. thomas harmuth says:

    which year?

  166. Please says:

    Beta is down too Satine <____<

  167. Digital Digital says:

    @69 Satine Cortes — The Beta Grid is broken LOL

  168. Anonymous says:

    I agree with LordRingsMottoEatMore;

    Too many of you children (that’s right; children. IF you were adults, you would be more polite and allow others to post) hog the blog with their selfish quandries. If only more people could simply think of others and not themselves, this MIGHT be a better planet 😉

    WOOOOOO for Het-Grid!

  169. False says:

    Man, This Sux, This Means I hvae To Play “Real Life” or “1st Life” sniff sniff how boring haha!

  170. Liana Chenille says:


  171. “This month in Second Opinion, find out what Sabin Linden says about Het-Grid, get information on SLCC, learn about AjaxLife in our interview with Katharine Berry, read up on Stephany Linden’s voice tips and tricks, check out our view on the new features vs. bug fixes debate … and more!”

    Who cares ? Seriously the whole grid is more as one bug…. wait it’s not a bug it’s a feature 🙂 Talks are only words, we need to see the results of it, I can talk a whole day but does this fix something ? Signin up for a Newsletter might be coo, but we don’t need a Newsletter telling us we’re losing Inventory with each Login Session…..

    It’s a waste of time to keep your blog up to date, I would prefer you keep your “features/bugs” up to date and this does not mean list em, it means more time to fix those. Frankly we work on it, aint enough.

    you could make me really happy if you fix those, restore inventory, resent money and deal with our angry customers before you are goin to tell people about parties, newsletter, interviews or something stupid like new rendered sky…. who needs this ?

  172. Armina Balogh says:

    i think linden labs is holding coffee break right now

  173. Roxanne Hynes says:

    The most simple thing can cause people to not get angry about extended downtimes.

    Just overestimate your downtime.. if you think it will take 2 hours then tell us it will be down for 3 hours.
    You will have plenty of time left to fix minor things and do additional testing and be back up as promised or perhaps even sooner than promised and people will like this.

    Extending the downtime each time is not good at all and people will get impatient.

    It’s just common sense… use it.

  174. levyflanagan says:

    Is there a reson that SL is keeping their reports on what bugs being reported a big secret? They say they find a brand new issue that needs fixing but not state what it is. What be the big secret? And have they dealt with this “BLUTRACHE” virus problem and caught the person behind it. Is person a troller or griefer that is trying to spread this virus?

    Oh and the gridhas only been down for 4 hours not 7. 🙂

  175. Digital Digital says:

    @ 73 WOOOT I’m in second life it’s open!!!!!!!!!

  176. Nanci Barthelmess says:

    I’m glad I got the newsletter to see some thing happening from a LL point-of-view. And yes, it’s past the scheduled time for the grid to come back up, but anyone who’s worked with software updates for any length of time knows that updates and server maintenance ALWAYS takes longer than you think it will. Unless your engineer multiplies his time estimates by a factor of four as a rule, but I for one would hate seeing a 12 hour downtime projected in the blog.

    Either way, they take as much time as they need to to try to get things ready for us. Thanks for giving us something SL-related to enjoy while you get the grid ready for us. No matter how long as it takes. I’m just hoping I don’t lose more inventory that I just had to buy again after it got lost once. And maybe they take a new snapshot for the beta grid so I can see if my missing inventory is there. 🙂

  177. AWM Mars says:

    Ummm.. they said 11… then 12.. then 12:15….
    is that Dates? Roll on December then….

  178. Jazzine Jewell says:

    /me waits for some brain child to ACTUALLY MAKE a sl chat site instead of ppl talking bout it…………

  179. Liana Chenille says:

    ermm…*looks at her clock*

  180. Satine Cortes says:

    Lol@ 76.. great.. *coughs* Well then I take it back. Then uhm, some smart person who can make a chatroom.. make one.. call it SL and let everyone be in there while downtime. Just make one hell of a big group and invite everyone =D *coughs* This sucks =(

  181. Deanne Davies says:

    WOW! This is insane. Ever since I woke up this morning I was hoping to get onto SL. I waited. I waited some more. Let’s see now it’s 12:15 PDT!!! Once again I can’t connect. What’s the new Status notice going to say now?? *Sigh* Please will you get this up and going a.s.a.p. Please fix all the problems. This is too much. Arghhhh!

  182. Soj says:

    and of course “anonymous” doesn’t have the stones to give itself a name when badmouthing what are no doubt his or her offspring

  183. damn says:

    did you realize,
    the update is now takin 50% longer????
    if id hand my bizzness over here like that,
    id have a problem!!

    time is money, n we dont have any so hurry up


  185. Delilah Karas says:

    I think your clocks are a wee bit fast, yo.

    Newsletter…eh. Getting the grid up so i can log in and having it work. That’d be favorite.

  186. Armina Balogh says:

    Yeah i agree to number 89, i want my freaking inventory back, and also the 10 lindens i lost on a slot machine, oh wait i dont think you can help me on that

  187. FiestyPUP says:

    Why is it so important for sl to be up n runnin on time…????

  188. Nicolle Mougin says:

    80 how come? it says down for me … hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagrgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  189. Anylyn Hax says:

    I bet 100 L , that the grid wont open before 12:30

  190. Stoned Jewell says:

    August 22, 2007, 12:01 pm August 22, 2007, 12:01 pm We are still down for maintenance. We NOT sure when will be done as the hamster just died!

  191. Armina Balogh says:

    SL is not open digital lol

  192. Digital Digital says:

    Mine said still closed for maintenance , I am online though it just took a while sitting there. So far things look ok to me.

  193. Armina Balogh says:

    i got comment number 100 GIVE ME A PRESENT

  194. Hibernian Yellowjacket says:

    Three little hours
    Approaching four point five
    Can I log on yet?

  195. Chibi says:

    why are you guys concered
    AT THE NEWSLETTER, We can get that if we want to, I’m more concered about the GRID being back up

  196. Tim Gagliano says:

    [Updated 12:15] We have completed deployment for the fix and are continuing testing.

    What did I tell ya… QA WOOOHOOO! (gets stuck in a Hoo… darn Blog Lag)

  197. fritz otoole says:

    hm .. you told us at 11:30 that the grid i down until 12:00 .. now its 12:20 .. the gris is still down.
    Will close my Laptop and go to bed .. I am in Europe here its 9:20 pm.
    Good night Lindens!

  198. Gimm says:

    Now, I usually wouldn’t mind the extended down time…BUT IT”S MY EFFING BIRTHDAY!

  199. Armina Balogh says:

    Ah well i dident lol

  200. Remember September 11, 2001 People and think of those who lost loved one’s while you complain about how long SL is down on Wednesday’s as it is not down as Much as it use to be on Wednesday’s
    despite how Poorly it has run last couple weeks it still is better then it use to be 🙂

  201. damn says:

    digital digital if you were on u wouldnt be following the blog liek tat eh? nice joke over there

  202. Armina Balogh says:


  203. I just want to comment that THE IRONY IS THICK when people who want to bitch about Linden Labs do so in clubs with creative middle fingers both pointing up to effectively F**K Linden Labs. THe thing is: they do so in chat while in avatars in a club in SL that is working just fine… voice not used only because of the music being so loud…. ( the private chat is rumored to not be as private as you would like,,, and has been spotty in using it with breaks in sound the last two days or so… I am hoping the maintenance helps.) …. I just so APPRECIATE LINDEN LABS AND SECOND LIFE. It is an amazing world filled with amazing people and awesome amounts of love. THANK YOU LINDEN LABS… for continuing to work and improve your already INCREDIBLE product.
    Bless all our hearts!!
    LIGHT AND LOVE ….. go see MOXY BARRACUDA live in concert to hear more about that…
    Luanna…. Living in joy and bringing joy to the world.

    PS .. if you visit my website…— be kind I am revamping again to simplify… and increase ease of use . ALSO USE WINDOW INTERNET EXPLORER> the tech people at godaddy are working on making things work better with Mozilla or Firefox. ( yeah I love FIREFOX MOZILLA too but it is not kind to you or my website as yet.)
    COMING SOON TO SL … an out reach from my website … teehee with practical demonstrations that cannot be done in Real Life easily…. watch my myspace ( iamluanna) and the website for updates on Second LIfe stuff. SHOWING THE LOVE!!!

  204. cloudstrife555 beck says:

    so is it up or is it still down?

  205. 2Silly4SL says:

    I love when SL is down, it’s a good opportunity to make a break and go to this blog where I can note
    1- that more people than me write a very bad English
    2- that I am less stupid than I usually think
    The previous blog with the time matter was very funny indeed.
    By the way it is 21:20pm here and 12:20pm in SLT/PDT, it’s very easy to add or remove 9 to get the right time:)

  206. South says:

    Hey, give them a break. Every server on the internet has issues, and every game has bugs. No one is perfect, and if you are having so many issues… why are you waiting on the SL website for the world to come back up?

    If SL really sucked, you wouldn’t be so addicted so chill already! Jeez!

  207. False says:

    yup, looks like im still stuck in “1st life” this sux

  208. Jazzine Jewell says:

    hey Digi if u r in, how bout tp the rest of us lol

  209. Armina Balogh says:

    its kinda down i think
    cant move

  210. Hibernian Yellowjacket says:

    &%#@, forgot a syllable

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever played a game wit such ^%#& downtime as SL. I mean, at least give us an estimate you think you can handle.

  211. Digital Digital says:

    Been online for a few mins but just got logged out LOL I wonder if I was supposed to get in LOL

  212. Myname Jones says:

    last post maybe??

  213. KayAnne Flanagan says:

    It’s good to close SL for maintenance but…..i have encountered problems each time before the said “closing” for I have time and again lost L$ and the problems I usually encountered are the “lost” of pricey belongings in my inventory…..and I have written complaints but to no avail…please Linden Lab try to fix transactions and the returns of belonging in the inventories,I am sure I am not the only one who’s having the same ones.

  214. Dliela Munro says:

    Well Well Well. Down time Blues. resolved by using Skype =P then again RL can be ok when down time is around. LOL Join Skype and get all the voice you want. Keep On Rockin Lindens ;;)

  215. Alexandria Fride says:

    @79 Fully correct
    If the indeed say a time where the have more time left and even maybe open sooner then planned everyone will be happy :o)

    But give them some time will ya all, rome isent build in one day ether and sl is a BIG game with lots of players on everyday its normal hardware failure, bugs in game etc….

    the should do like WoW having a schedule DOWNTIME a day every wensday if you all like that bether

    i do miss sl but i rather have bugs fixed then sl be on and having major lag every time where you cant possible walk or chat

    my 2cents

  216. whackawhacka says:

    been on SL for over 2 years.

    have NEVER seen so many problems like there have been in the last 6 months.

    anyone notice the problems get worse when 30,000 residents are online?

    methinks a bigger server farm is needed

    while waiting, I came across an interesting blog

    a cool conspiracy story blogged live. good time killer while the lindens ‘tweak’ 😛

  217. Myname Jones says:


  218. LillyAnne says:

    woohoo Im in even though grid says down.. now the voices will shut up 🙂

  219. Delicia Halderman says:

    Gets in Line as she waits looking at the Second Life Clock

    Okay Lindens its not 12:23 and Second Life is still not up yet, Lets get the grid back up or put a new notice out of whats happing please

  220. Kissa Noel says:

    Keep up the good work Lindens , I know we will be up and running in no time, just that I have school in Sl soon and cheerleading pratice at 3pm SLT … Hope I don’t miss cheering for our Lindens who has been keeping us up to date as the hours, minutes, seconds go by .. Rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Lindens !!!!!!!!

  221. Armina Balogh says:

    i was in too, got tossed off though

  222. Please says:

    …..tickles….takes a cigarette….turns on…..tickles…..mmmh ok ok better to go in da pub drinking….byes <____<

  223. Lunada Kidd says:

    Welly well well… when I first noticed this blog, the site said 12:30 soo… I don’t know where anyone saw 12:15. But I’m agreeing with 24 that it would be nice if some real bloggers with helpful information could actually post something here rather than ten or fifteen people saying ‘lol @..’ or some other useless nonsense. I have a nice tip to post if I can beat out some of those useless ones, which I had tried to post on the previous blog in response to someone but didn’t make it in time..

    You can rip your im windows away from your history window by clicking the lil zoomy square in the upper right corner, then the communicate button on the lower corner of the program will bring your im window up liberated from the history window. Yay! No more social blunders! Or at least that’s the theory…

    Sorry if I offended anyone, but I’m a bit annoyed that I can’t even begin to post something on one of these blogs and suddenly there’s no more room because this does seem to turn into an open chat forum. Please people be considerate enough to allow more important responses than I have seen thus far. I hope I have been helpful… Okay let me see if I can make it… click.

  224. Katharine Berry rocks!

  225. FiestyPUP says:

    u guys are way to much for me.. go invest in a television and watch that for a lil bit… while eating your bon bons

  226. Armina Balogh says:

    i was in but i got tossed out lol

  227. Kendrick McMillan says:

    LET ME IN……..LET ME IN…..I’ve no Poseballs in FL, no HUD and don’t know what I should do now…….If there is a God outside please let me se that the Grid is online………..AAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  228. Peus Lane says:

    How much is SL down ?

  229. Zenasa Qinan says:

    @84 Satine Cortes

    Or you could stop playing a female outlaw. Go back to disneyland.

  230. Ceejay Harvey says:

    and…its late again..

  231. Raul Crimson says:

    He he he, my intuition worked, maybe will be at 13:00?

  232. Digital Digital says:


  233. Hibernian Yellowjacket says:

    Last post?


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