[RE-RESOLVED] Service outages in approximately 200 regions

[1:26 AM PST on 22 Aug, 07]

The new switch is in place, and most of the affected regions have been restored to normal connection. The grid engineer is working to restart the few holdouts.

Thanks much for your patience, and good night 🙂

[1:04 AM PST on 22 Aug, 07]

We’re on site at the colocation facility, and about 5 minutes into the operation of replacing the faulty hardware. We’ll update again soon.

[11:57 PM PST on 21 Aug, 07]

Yikes, a mild case of premature jubilation on our side. The switch issue’s back with a vengeance…currently, between 180 and 200 regions are incommunicado.

The current repair estimate is 45 minutes to an hour. We’ll keep you posted.

[11:06 PM PST on 21 Aug, 07] The faulty links have been repaired. Thanks for your patience!

[ORIGINAL] Operations is investigating loss of communication between the Grid and about 100 regions. Preliminary diagnosis is that a switch has failed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’ll keep you posted.

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