[RESOLVED] Login issues

[10:50 AM PDT 08/19/07]

The issues have been resolved.

We’re sorry for the interruption of your sunday! Thank you for your patience.

[10:20 AM PDT 08/19/07]

We are experiencing issues with logins, teleports and search related services failing. Our Ops team is investigating the issue at the moment.

We will keep you posted.

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204 Responses to [RESOLVED] Login issues

  1. Jana Kamachi says:

    Good job, you caught that right away. Usually have to wait half an hour for any mention of an issue.

  2. damet neumann says:

    thanks nice to see someone noticed 😛

  3. Luca Vasilopita says:

    Glad you caught this. I’ve only just started having this issue about 30 minutes ago. Hope you get it solved soon. A repeat of yesterday’s timely technical support would be awesome.

  4. Spikez Stine says:

    Ah, fantastic! I noticed that a while ago. Glad to hear the Ops team is working on it. 🙂

    ~Spikez Stine

  5. Marty Gausman says:

    not again lmao

  6. HatHead Rickenbacker says:

    best be turning off the comments today 😀

  7. Celina Kamachi says:

    Glad too – just try to log on after a quick log off for 30 minutes now, hope it works soon again.

  8. Chasy Furse says:

    they forgot to tell us about the broken money transactions, rezzing objects, giving inventory.
    Anything left working? rofl

  9. Digital Digital says:

    Keep up the awesome work linden lab!

  10. Matti Shan says:

    To everybody who is currently missing me at the Sommerfest-Event on Apfelland: I have this problems too and hope that you Linden people will resolve this quickly. Thanks.

  11. Hmm it would appear that the episode yesterday was not fully resolved? A fair few people have been having random trouble with teleports for the last few hours, and others major lag/rezzing issues.

    I was doing fine up until animations just stopped working and after logging out I couldn’t log back in.

    Not a good weekend really for many. *sigh*

  12. Drake Storaro says:

    Fer Sure, who ever finally noticed it. I just wanted to give ya a huge thanks and a free hug, so here ya go. *Hugs*

    ‡Drake Storaro‡

  13. Newchief Congrejo says:

    yea luca it would be great when it is solved as quick as yesterday only difference plz make sure it doesnt repeat itself again :/

  14. Jadyn Jurgis says:

    This is becoming a habit really. I wonder if we will get a pro-rated bill? (not). I have only a limited time to play and this cuts into my time. sighs………….

  15. Abi Laryukov says:

    Seems there’s a problem with mornings for you guys! 10am – 10.30am is not a good time. Typical… the only time today I get chance to spend some quality time on SL and I can’t login! Well miffed!

  16. Hpathe Boucher says:

    I´m stuck in the loading page

  17. Striker Roffo says:

    While I appreciate the posting regarding “logins, teleports, and search related services failing”, I can’t help to mention that the problem is more systemic. There seems to be an inability to rez items, delete items and create anything that will have to access the databases.

    The problems continue to mount and it seems that everyday there are more issues. Please take the time and review the issues before calling the problem “Resolved”. Because if you don’t it will just pop up again and infurate all the residents even more.

  18. Fonzy says:

    At least its official and i don’t have to rip apart my hardware ;P

  19. memory says:

    +me cries i need my fix!!! lol:D sounds familiar from yesterday !!!

  20. Hewitt Huet says:

    What another problem? Nahhh. This must be the same blog entry that got posted twice from yesterday, by mistake. Everything’s great as long as I dont log in!!!


  21. Hope Dreier says:

    One wonders if there is anyone there who understands networking anymore. Really people this is unacceptable.

  22. Ricardo Lewsey says:

    And I just thought it was the UK having problems, and getting disconnected from the rest of the SL Universe. Thanks for being on top of the situation.

  23. memory magellan says:

    waaaaaaaaaah /me cries and wails

  24. magiquemerlin says:

    Is it me or is this “issue” occurring almost every day?
    Hard to believe it is a different issue every tome causing the same symptoms.

  25. Naima aya says:

    Login steel freezing, And problems with money transactions too.

  26. Spikez Stine says:


  27. Nanami Kamachi says:

    Blimey, all these issues, then some.

    I love SL, and support the support team, but please, these faults are getting worse with each passing month.

  28. Chibi says:

    Well, I’ve been getting issues yesturday or Havoc-reacking LAG, but it’s nice to see you guys doing something about issues

  29. Fatima Lycia says:

    Ech :c Oh well just get us back up asap please & ty :p

  30. Luna Larsen says:

    just login issues, tp and search ? lol. wow and you notice it just now ? well it is sunday sure nothing is working. that is not new 😉
    so ops get up and fix it. good luck 😀

  31. Shaka Taurog says:

    Nice, coments are not “off” 😉

    Should be a good idea to send an ingame notice to prevent people to buy some stuff ^^
    Hope the Ops team will resolve this issue once & for all (same issue we encounter yesterday)…

  32. Titus Teichmann says:

    Awesome…. That all I can come up with.

  33. Kiia Koba says:

    I have been having problems all day (past 8 hours) have crashed 7 times, couldnt tp, couldnt give inventory, couldnt move! and now cannot log in, Im very glad you noticed it.. please fix it quick, i have an event in 2 hours!!! xx

  34. broads Lindbergh says:

    the whole grids running slow logged out to see if any better now cant get back in , meltdown has arriveied

  35. Isis Okelly says:

    hmmmm wonders why the lindens did this time

  36. I guess next weekend’s in-world portion of the SLCC is going to be quite an adventure. Yay.

  37. Niobe Capalini says:

    What’s new? Seems like just another day in sl…. Wondering what has been working on the last sheduled downtime, to me it seems like nothing changed.

  38. Enola Lunasea says:

    Aye I noticed some issues earlier myself. Also my issues with my clothing disappearing again started happening again, so now I can tell something might be up if it happens again :). Usually if my clothes start having a hard time showing when I’ve got them on, I expect a few other issues will soon follow :). LOL.

    You all are doing a great and wonderful job, keep up the work!!!

  39. GC Continental says:

    I finally got in only to be told that I was being logged out because I was attempting to log in from another location. Um.. isn’t that done by IP? It only happens when I gots login issues like the one posted above 😉

    Still fightin’ it. I’m only trying to get voice to work 😦

  40. LinXoa Yue says:

    My opinion is that u have a new version of the malware virus, possibly another more virulent strain of virus.
    Basically as soon as SL began having issues more than a week ago, my computer also killed multiple viruses.
    How is this relevant? The only program running in my pc is Second Life and of course the windows operating software. No other programs installed, no trial software, nothing outside of security software.
    My Firewall stting are extremely cautious and nothing penetrates without explicit permission from myself only.
    The dates, times, and severity honestly preclude the assumption something else is attacking my hardware.
    Please investigate as EVERY time I run Second Life Software I am besieged with warnings about this or that virus.
    Kill the infection and SL will Live again. 🙂

  41. Jasemin Beerbaum says:

    Oh thats great… no one day without problems…thank you LindenLabs… its time to give money back for the month

  42. Lindens need Hugs! says:

    anyone else get tired of this? come on this is like da ja vu….. or actually its more like GROUNDHOG DAY!!

  43. Flyleadzbak Tomorrow says:

    And there was me just about to do a full reboot on my laptop….Im new and a bit dumb. I want freebies so hurry up and get me back in

  44. Maura Beresford says:

    Yeah, everything’s jacked up. Can’t receive money, Search is going in and out of funtionality, various regions are inaccessible, logins take for-freaking-ever, attachments not rezzing at all… oh, and I just got disconnected. I guess that last one is the only -good- thing that’s happened today in SL.

    I’m so pleased that I never paid any real money for this.

  45. Cirdan Ultsch says:

    Just can’t log in! I guess it’s going to be rl for a while, heh? 🙂

  46. Kiia Koba says:

    oh yer i forgot about voice not working as well…. have nearly thrown my pc out of the window several times today.. please dont make me do that!!!

  47. Ya riiight Guys fix your damn asset…. Since weeks we are missing Objects, disapear from your Inventory or after rezed….. I do not care if someone can teleport – and I do not care if your Team works on it, cuse they work since over 6 month on it…. better would be if your Team get it done someday…..

  48. Spikez Stine says:

    Wow … lots of comments. 😛

  49. DreamAngel Flanagan says:

    hmmm…for the past 2 weeks same problems??? Losing inventory and RL $ …and OH yeah almost forgot…NO one seems to care?

  50. Uzul says:

    My uneducated guess…SQL DB went tits up

  51. Dana Vanmoer says:

    broads Lindbergh Have been struggling like you all day and I thought usually a relog helps
    maybe it would be a good idea to warn those already inworld that there are log in problems so others don’t do as we did?
    what do you think lindens can you send a notice telling everyone if they log out they won’t get back in?

  52. Teejay Vanbeeck says:

    Ah great.. And another night wasted for building here 😦

    My invent doesnt even want to load my items.. hope you’ll be fixing this soon.. it’s starting to get quite annoying all these problems again lately…

  53. Valentyne Beaumont says:

    I was thinking it was just me. I am glad to know its an all over problem and not just an operator problem. I hope it gets fixed soon I was in game and crashed and now can not get back in.

  54. Polymetus says:

    We’re experiencing severe problems as a consequence of these login problems. Please resolve them quickly, Linden.

  55. Hope Dreier says:

    I wonder exactly what the Viewer is doing while it’s waiting for login (Logging in. Second life may appear frozen. Please wait.)so that it consumes 99% of the CPU and there is almost no network traffic?

  56. Damon Morris says:

    And just when you think they couldn’t break sl more then it already was.

  57. Brett Finsbury says:

    wow and you can add that failure to rezz bug too. both a friend and I both lost shoes while trying to put the item on. both no copy. another lost a flight band luckly it was a copy. So be careful with the rezz thing folks.

  58. Naima aya says:

    ahhh, ok.. Just came back to say that I in. Nut Tp sometimes fail :(.. If u keep insist u can do it.

    See ya

  59. Kira says:

    just speechless……

  60. Rick Marikh says:

    Your ICT systems are childplay!

    GOOOOOGLE please buy SL today, this is Really crapp!!!

  61. Marsha Auer says:

    Hey There,
    Why did I first think, it could be a pc problem on my side??? 😉
    Because it is not a Wednesday!
    Ok, so we bear with LL and hope the best.
    Has anybody some reading stuff? A good book or something?

  62. Ciel Eilde says:

    Gosh, I was waiting for this. I thought something was wrong with my Second Life or that there was something up with my connection. But this has definitely cleared things up. Sheesh~! Wish that these things would be put up more quickly, I reinstalled SL once and restarted my computer twice before this damned notice popped up.

    Oh well, glad it’s up now – hope it’s fixed soon. I want my SL fix~!

  63. danica falta says:

    I hope linden lab can get SL up fast i was stuck in the squatting position from a dance…i hope my character isnt still being seen by people at that one club! O_O!! please hurry!!! :p

  64. Belial Zadeh says:

    Oh c’mon everyone, stop moaning. It’s not like you pay for SL now is it?? Oh, wait a minute………………………..

  65. Buster McNutter says:

    i dream of a glorious weekend where i can sit online playing sl for 72 hours but it seems it will never come troo

  66. Cindia Tomsen says:


  67. tupac choche says:

    It is amazing to think that this – a commercial organization purportedly providing a platform for recreation and enterprise many depend upon – can be based on such flakey technology and held together by sticky tape and string… Not only that, but the we, the paying customers, actually put up with this?

  68. Jaysn says:

    I’m sick of all these issues i pay a LOT of money to you people and things like this keep happening :/ i think you should maybe hire some people who have been doing things like this longer so they dont keep breaking it i mean omg i have like 1/4 sim and its not very useable with all the lag and other issues -.- please fix these issues sighs

  69. Gomez Bracken says:

    LL – Why not just set up a cron job to post this blog entry every 24 hours?

  70. DJSnowball says:

    I Don´t can loggin me but it´s to long an wenn i come in i can´t transprot me to another place

  71. Mazok Nishi says:


    Linden what hell are you doing ? Are you trying to kill the small still existing Buisness in SL ?

    Everyday a new Hazzard, False Bans … SIM Crashes as without any seeable reason, Billing Outages, Login outages, TP Errors ? How should be able to maintain a reliable Service if nothing works ?

    Did you have a serious Hacking Problem as mentioned some weeks a go ?

    Are you unable to maintain a stabil service ?

    What the Hell is the reason behind those ongoing Problems …

    There are three options : Human Fault, Exploiding, System inherent Faults … whats the cause of all those recent problems ?

    Somtimes i feel like you trying to Sabatage my Service o.O

  72. dantheron heckroth says:

    wow I just got on fine but when then all of a sudden,I couldn’t move,and then I noticed other people couldn’t…

    I have been having trouble logging in a couple times as well,and I talking is all f*cked up.lol

    Good Luck Ops Team XD

  73. TS Allen says:

    Glad the issue is being dealt with. Too bad the lag issue is never addressed at all. I mean really, Lag is listed in the bug reports as an issue to be reported, it is the single biggest issue that every resident every day, gets worse every day, causes countless problems, and gets zero attention. I’ll give dap to LL when the real problems in game are resoloved if ever they do.

  74. So, if it’s a virus that’s causing the problems, LinXoa Yue, what do you say about my problems? I just logged in and was logged out after TPing home… and I’m on a Mac. This is another case of the grid flaking out, not a virus.

    Things haven’t been really stable since the power outages at the colo. I’m waiting for the day that LL finally says “Okay, we’re going to do a proper cold boot of the whole system to try and clean things up”.

  75. TS Allen says:

    it is the single biggest issue that effects every resident every day*

  76. Mind you, I’ve been considering buying in as a premium member for a week or so now, but I can’t bring myself to drop the cash on it with the daily stability problems. I already lost over $200L in purchases that never made it to my inventory due to problems one night, so I’m not sure if spending real world money on the system is a god idea at this point.

  77. Shadow P. says:

    At least they’re working on it, I haven’t been able to log in for a while now…

  78. Marsha Auer says:

    got in again!! 🙂

  79. Joel Ra says:


  80. Pisces Extraordinaire says:

    yes well why dont ppl try the beta site for a while its empty an running ok maybe take some pressure off main grid ?

  81. Pisces Extraordinaire says:

    ok i just go on anyways lol

  82. Wilson says:

    PAY FOR THIS CRAP??? oh, i did 😦

  83. Damascus Dagger says:

    SL just seems to be getting more unstable. In the last 2 months.. i dont think there has been a stretch of 3 days where there hasnt been some kind of grid-wide issue.stop screwing soround with it with band aids and actually FIX THE DAMN THING!!!!!!!!!!.. we would all be a lot more responsive to a working grid than the duct taped world were now forced to endure.

  84. JoeyMacaroni Vella says:

    The solution is really pretty simple; close the books on membership. The system has OBVIOUSLY reached its its peak. I don’t think SL should allow anymore new accounts (including anymore ALTs) until the system is able to handle at least 250,000 simultaneous users; anything less and you’re just beating a dead horse. Regardless of how many millions have TRIED SL (apparently nearing 9 million) whats important is how many can function at one time on the system. It appears 35,000 is the top of that scale and anytime we go over that we start to see major problems. So, to summarize, SL is a pretty much a world with 40,000 people in it… period. Don’t expect things to get any better under the current conditions.

  85. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    of course there are log in and other issues, but I was wondering if other people were having a hard time or crashing when they tried to turn thier heads or rotate the camera. This has been happening for quite a while with me, so long that I have become used to it.
    I have been here a while and this didn’t used to happen, sometimes I notice little things like this that are degrading in SL, like the draw distance slowly going down.

  86. Ceja Laval says:

    So it’s just another normal weekend in SL where you can’t depend on anything working, or to put it another way, you can depend on one problem after another. For those of us with limited time to spend in SL during the week, the weekend used to be something to look forward to. Now every log-in instills a sense of dread, le alone the thought of experimenting with trying something new. Trying to help newbies how to do things? Every other sentence is “well, it SHOULD work this way”…

  87. Pash0utlaw Oh says:

    I have a dream! I have a dream, that one day I will come to my PC, click the SL link, and travel directly into SL. I have a dream, that one day I will use a landmark and be instantly teleported to my destination. I have a dream, that one day I will type a friend’s new character name into the search engine, and it will immediately give me all the possible combinations for that name so that I may find said friend without delay. I have a dream, that when I try to change my shirt, SL won’t leave me stark naked in front of strangers while giving me the “there’s already an attachment pending” message. I have a dream, that when I DO get logged in, or teleported, that I don’t end up looking like some bald headed 6 year old who’s trying to wear big people clothes.

    Yes, Lindens, I have a dream…

  88. Walther Kondrad says:

    … ad don’t forget the rezzing items prob, the payment failures, the voice chat malfunctions, that horribly lag on some places and much more… If there will be a weekend someday, where SL runs stable, I will make a BIG mark on my calendar! Maybe somewhere in 2010?

  89. Delgado Cinquetti says:

    Comment unavailable at this time. Please try again later.

  90. Gracie Foden says:

    Glad all are aware of this and looking forward to smooth improvements on these issues.

    SL is fun.

  91. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    Oh, and scripted objects that do not show up in proper perspective or are otherwisw intermittent.

  92. Butch Kappler says:

    Funny.. my SL’s been running fine the past two-three days.. granted it’s rare that I can go a couple hours without SL messing up.. in either case.. and I can’t believe I’m saying this.. but LL might in fact be improving.. slowly though it may be.. I look forward to seeing LL fix the ‘oops our premature release of voice is causing a wreck on our system’ issue

  93. Gracie Foden says:

    Oh yes! It will be nice to not end up naked in public due to clothes rezzing on their own without my permission LOL!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  94. Miyushu Babii says:

    I LOVE SL !!!! It is part of my RL now…despite what anyone says…it does become part of one’s RL….that said….

    I send nothing but good ” IT healing” energy to all the hard working individuals, who diligently do their best, to keep SL running smoothly, so that my “lives” are complete.

    And although, on occasion, technology fails us…it gives me the opportunity to go clean my bathroom.

  95. Well Guys you might send me one of your Team Members, since 2 hours I replace items to my customers, getting replacements from other store owners. Disconnected each 4 minutes cuse of a bad stream connection… I dont think so ! Login takes up to 8 minutes and hey finaly after 2 years of Second Life, the client reset itself cuse of my new system settings ? I don’t know whatcha doin but that isnt work at all….. Get this fixed otherwise you could just close your grid in some weeks, alot of people already leaving, or start to replace money and items since its not our fault…..

    And do not tell me with each report I send, please visit us at our office…..since its always empty . I have a office too, you might meet me there next time lol

  96. PW says:

    Thank you LL!

  97. Renee Faulds says:

    Wow they have a office…let me search for it………

  98. sammy says:

    This is totaly WACK!

    i make an account and i cant log on!

  99. Johnny Rambler says:

    /me scoots in here before the comments get turned turned off.

    *sighs*…I’ve become numb to all this each weekend.

  100. Tega Demina says:

    Since last night my fucking inventory has been missing….it would be nice to see it replaced….grrrrr…….

  101. Threshin Barnett says:

    Thank you for getting the log-ins taken care of…

    Please, please stop using the word “resolved”. Find a word that means the same thing if you have to, but “resolved” has become the equivalent of “brace yourselves cause things are really about to get bad.”

    lol Okay, done whining. Thanks again 😀 hugs

  102. GC Continental says:

    @32: Gracie – TP to my place next?


  103. sweety basevi says:

    are we sure it’s back up? I keep trying and either get the lovely crash notice, or, just for fun, site is being reset

  104. The XO says:

    C’mon guys, pull it together now! Especially after me saying how well it had been, now it goes to poop 😦

    And you’d also better pull your finger out LL, the Chinese version of SL – Hipihi is now in beta! Yes Lindens, the Chinese are coming…. better be ready!

  105. Despil Korobase says:

    You mean solved as in TP not working then getting stuck?

  106. Xen Akula says:

    @ #28

    Yes, I have also been experiencing those same issues. Especially the crashing and/or freezes when simply truning my avie to a different direction/view.

    I also agree that overall things in-world have become noticeably worse lately. Even when things are supposed to be working.

  107. Marianne McCann says:

    Login issues seem to be returning @ 11:30 pm SLT.

  108. Ann Otoole says:

    @25 – they would have to know what cron is to do that. not likely.

    weekends are high commerce periods. how utterly stupid that LL is not fully staffed on the weekends. yes thats right. you built this and now you have to support it. that means the people propping it up all week will have no life and must work 7 days a week. or you can hire some people smarter than you to fix it and help share the load and you can have a true 24*7 operation.

    overall looks like some of those ideas you had just are not working out. voice for sure. the grid is consistently dead since you shoved that garbage on the population that didn’t want or need it. just keep right on doing as you please. your the smartest babies in the world. your mommies tell you that daily.

  109. Alexandra Rucker says:

    You know, if things were actually RESOLVED when it was -posted- as resolved it would make our lives a lot easier…. and you’d get a LOT LESS complaints!

  110. Aleen Torok says:

    I cant login now!

  111. Polymetus says:

    Truly, Linden, weekends don’t exist in cyberspace. Or internationally for that matter, on a 24 hour clock. And I must agree, resolved doesn’t mean what you use it for. “repaired, for now”, would be better.

    But thanks anyway….

  112. Jonnyfx Pontchartrain says:

    Doesn’t seem to be resolved for me, either.

  113. hanzoh says:

    Still having problems logging in, and slow response from server (editing an object to see contents taking more than 10 minutes)

  114. Polymetus says:

    Or how about “We’ve applied, yet another, temporary patch”? If you were more honest with us, we might be more compassionate with you!

  115. Dirk Felix says:

    Gee, this looks so familiar, same bugs different week. Is this how engeineering keeps their jobs? Build upon a fataly flawed platform so the can fix the same bug – not once, not twice, but forever?

    Class 5 SIM for sale 😉

  116. Kody Garrigus says:

    mine as well…..I can’t log in at all

  117. Umbra Lunardi says:

    It seems to me that when someone like Ann CONSISTENTLY posts such woeful complaints that these people must be HATING every second of their SL experience, which leads me to wonder: if its SO BAD, why do you persist?????

    Its flawed, its growing in some interesting directions, not everyone likes what SL is becoming, get over it.

  118. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Hmm… my last comment is not appearing and it says that I’m trying to post a duplicate entry. Something is not working right here.

  119. @45 Umbra.
    Some of these people have $1,000’s USD invested in SL. They can bitch all they want. They are paying for the people that don’t invest in SL.

    Things are not well at Burnt Toast sim. Things are lagging very very badly. Can’t even move.

  120. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Sadly, I think the evil Float monster rears its ugly head again… Want proof floats are borked? Try this code:

    float bad_float = 1234567890.0987654321;
    vector bad_vector = ;

    The return values of these code statements when using llSay() are as follows:

    Bad Float? = 1234567936.000000
    Bad Vector? =

    Someone want to tell me how 1234567890.0987654321 becomes 1234567936.000000?

  121. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Sorry it borked the vector it was supposed to be 1234567936.000000,1234567936.000000,1234567936.000000

  122. Skylar says:

    Well I still cant log in …. ugh

  123. Eon Peterson says:

    On the topic of things being ‘Resolved’, I’ve had a number over the last year, but i thought i would share with you the one I had last week.

    Went to Support Inworld Chat, got answered immediately with “What can i help you with today?” “Great”, I thought. Told the Linden my problem: large parts of my house were missing plus parts of furniture. Waited….. and waited, and then after an hour I said I was losing patience… still nothing and then the session was ended.

    Well next day I received an email saying Problem Resolved. I read it, and couldn’t believe it.. lol. I’ve pasted it in below, but left the Linden gentleman’s name off to save his blushes and hope in so doing I’ll get better treatment next time…

    “We have solved your issue

    Solution: I apologize for the delay, unfortunately my internet connection has been having problems that causes Live Chats to frequently be dropped.


    (Name )”

    And that is all there was!

  124. Zan Beck says:

    If it’s fixed then I must be the only one who is still unable to connect…Booger SL hates me

  125. Me says:

    This is NOT resolved!!!

    I had my sister buy some of my new items to see if perms were set right – but she didn’t receive a single item (tried about 5 times, she bought copies of itmes, contents of items…), even though she was fully charged and I was paid… I’m sitting right next to her so I could watch it.

    She even received following message once:

    ‘Buy object failed because you don’t have enough L$’

    Of course that is not true and her balance showed correctly.

    So please, go back to work AND post it on the blog so everyone knows – I can’t stay at my shop all night long just to make sure nobody pays for anything that they won’t recieve anyway….

  126. sylvie matova says:

    Anyonce else been having dreadful packet loss the past week or so?

    Myself and friends in the UK have been seeing up to 216%.. no that’s not a typo, and 50% is very common.

    Symptons are seeing conversations completely out of sequence.
    Delays of up to 8 minutes in receiving what someone said can cause terrible problems and misunderstandings.

  127. Kiia Koba says:

    This is NOT resolved.. I have just crashed AGAIN!!! pleasedo not say an issue is reolved unless it is resolved.. just say.. its getting there or something!! i cant tp or move again.. grrrrrr im now missing het event i have sepnt all week planning and 1000’s of Lindons on.. NOT HAPPY

  128. jenn luke says:

    getting dns errors now yet i can log into the web site

  129. Vivienne says:

    They should have the guts and stand up and say: “Sorry, folks, we messed it up with a lousy server side 1.18 release. We apologise for that and will refund your premium accounts fpr three weeks of pain. 1.19 will fix stability, if not, we will stall any charging.”

    But they won´t. And some day there wll be no premiums left to be refunded at all. Only a few thousand poseballhopping kids and some despaired corporations trying to sell bubblegum to the kids.

  130. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Several definitions for “RESOLVED” from dictionary.com:

    1. to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): I have resolved that I shall live to the full.
    2. to separate into constituent or elementary parts; break up; cause or disintegrate (usually fol. by into).
    3. to reduce or convert by, or as by, breaking up or disintegration (usually fol. by to or into).
    4. to convert or transform by any process (often used reflexively).
    5. to reduce by mental analysis (often fol. by into).
    6. to settle, determine, or state formally in a vote or resolution, as of a deliberative assembly.
    7. to deal with (a question, a matter of uncertainty, etc.) conclusively; settle; solve: to resolve the question before the board.
    8. to clear away or dispel (doubts, fears, etc.); answer: to resolve any doubts we may have had.
    9. Chemistry. to separate (a racemic mixture) into optically active components.
    10. Music. to cause (a voice part or the harmony as a whole) to progress from a dissonance to a consonance.
    11. Optics. to separate and make visible the individual parts of (an image); distinguish between.
    12. Medicine/Medical. to cause (swellings, inflammation, etc.) to disappear without suppuration.
    –verb (used without object)
    13. to come to a determination; make up one’s mind; determine (often fol. by on or upon): to resolve on a plan of action.
    14. to break up or disintegrate.
    15. to be reduced or changed by breaking up or otherwise (usually fol. by to or into).

    You are probably using definitions 1 and/or 7.

    Although some might believe you’re going with definitions 2, 3, 14 or 15.

    So yeah, I guess “resolved” is about right.

  131. Phil Priestman says:

    Linden definition of “Resolved”.. calling someone to restart whatever is failing and go back to bed with crossed fingers, hoping the problems will go away and nobody will notice.

    As others have said before, this is not resolved. The problems mentioned above still exist. I’ve been sitting here at “Connecting to region” for the last 10 minutes and it hasn’t moved an inch.

    Not to mention rez issues, lag, $Linden status amounts being wrong, inventory issues, etc etc. Please don’t waste time saying things are resolved until you know damn well they are.

  132. Somyos rossini says:

    Hi SL comunity.
    I am Somyos Rossini a member of ORDER OF TEMPLAR i have been attackted by WASTER SKRONSKI with a script that gives me 56 or more disciplinary reports.
    The SL autority has Suspended me for 100 days and more.

  133. squiz Clifton says:

    I wish people would stop saying the games still growing.
    They haven’t got it working right after all this time, i’m inclined
    to think they never will 😦

  134. Cloud Ewing says:


    SL still doesn’t work for me, I’m unable to login… does anyone know what is going on? 😦

  135. With all the glitches, I can’t buy Lindens today either!!!
    Every month, same problem!!!

  136. Kiia Koba says:

    HEy guess what…… you will never guess……. I JUST CRASHED AGAIN!!!!!! 13th time today.. and YES i am counting! I am getting very very very annoyed.. and you might say.. well give it up for the day then, but i cant, i have an event that has taken a week and THOUSANDs of L$ to plan.. and i am not even there!!! I am soooooo fed up today

  137. sweety basevi says:

    is there a magic code or spell to be able to get in today? that crash report is driving me nutz

  138. Storm Chatnoir says:

    Fix The World.

    Dear LL;

    I’d be a lot more sympathetic to your problems and ‘thank you for your patience’ messages if you hadn’t made this situation yourselves over the years.

    The fact is, SL isn’t going to get better quickly, and it won’t get better *AT ALL* if LL doesn’t sit down and fix the basics. As the community has been begging them to do for years. We could have waited for the bells and whistles, and the ice cream on the cake, We understood that SL was to be a work in progress, constantly evolving.

    Why didn’t you?

    It took a long time for me to move from ’slightly annoyed’ to ‘Furious’ and it will take time for this paying customer to get back to ’satisfied with my SL Experience.’ –

    Show me you’ve changed.

    Show me you care.

    Show me I’m doing the right thing by standing by you, SL.

    Show me I’m not waisting my time.

    Fix The World.

    (Yes, I’ve posted this before, and probably will again. Are you listening, LL?)

  139. Gee, Uncle Philip, Aunty Robin, care to comment on all these people, who aren’t me or the “usual others'” doing the complaining?

    Resolved means you fixed it. It doesn’t mean it will re-occur in 24 hours because we so screwed up our basic code that we can’t fix anything anymore!

    Guess Uncle Philip and Aunty Robin just don’t give a d*** about the SL Residents, only how much money they are making…tsk tsk Philip, I seriously thought better of you at one time.

  140. 1stO Pinion says:

    “[Resolved 7:21 PM Pacific on 8/03/07] …Thank you for your patience this evening.”
    “[5:14 PM Pacific on 8/03/07] … Thanks for your patience!”
    “[12:58 PM Pacific on 08/03/07] … We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.”

    This are some of the millions examples when LL thanks for the patience of its costumers, of course again at the beginning of this blog. Means LL believes that their clients have that patience.


    They are angry, have rage attack # ten in two hours and what not. But they are not patient. Please stop this stupid phrase which shows only that you really do not try or are not able to understand what your clients feel or think.

  141. girakittie says:

    I’m having issues logging in and it’s 2.10pm.

  142. Sandar Gausman says:

    Well, it seems that the Chineese, who seem to have no qualms about ignoring international copyright law, are launching a SL ripoff.

    However, they are usually pretty on top of things.

    If they manage to attract large numbers of people from SL, they will probably take a conservative approach to upgrades, based on what happened to SL.

    What a shame, America used to be the leader and innovator. Well, nothing lasts forever, I guess. To bad.

  143. Melanie Milland says:

    Fortunately, I was inworld all this time and didn’t crash, so these issues have not really touched me. While building in world, I did notice some asset issues, but took it to an empty class 5 and it worked like a charm then.
    I’m happy the Lindens now even _have_ an ops team on site on Sunday, and happy they are letting us know they have seen the issue and are working on it. Especially positive is the fact that the blogs now appear while the issue is still there, not 2 hours afterward.
    About the sincerity of the apologies, i cannot say anything, I’m no Linden.


    Now is the time to but the brakes on new features. Hipihi is not even close to SL, and it is still Windows only.

    Also, the avies look chinese – not a place I would like to live in, sorry.

    So, feature freeze and 6 months of bug fixing would sound pretty good to most residents, I believe, and would not cost LL the pole position.
    Quite the opposite, with competition on the horizon, it is most vital to have satisfied residents!

  144. Melanie Milland says:

    And, sorry, there is no edit feature here,…..

    ROLL BACK THAT CHATTERBOX “Communicate” UI, it’s an atrocity!

  145. Rooke Ayres says:


    It’s not resolved. I’ve been trying to save a note-card for over 1.5 hours now. The servers keep failing – over, and over, and over.

    I’m getting gosh-darned (stronger language withheld by biting my tongue) tired of having to recreate the same note-card.


    “We are NOT Mushrooms!”

    Fix the service and stop adding more features!

  146. KatieLynn Koba says:

    WTH? Am I the only one that is having troubles logging in, even when supposed problem has been resolved? I have been putting up with this for DAYS now! Log in…froze, cant move. log in… inventory not d’ling….log on…wait one minute, try again… log on… wait 5 minutes… log on… nothing rezzes… every two teleports… freeze up, begin above process all over again! Anyone here that can tell me what is going on? Is it my server, do i have a virus? Is it sl? Anyone? Is there a “third life” somewhere thats easier?

  147. GoogleMama says:

    Hey dudes, chiiiilllll…. this is California… the work week is Tuesday through Thursday, 11am to 1pm with an hour and a half lunch break from 11:15 to 12:45…

    You gotta accept that there will be problems that can’t be handled in normal business hours… besides, the rest of the time they are all too high to notice much….

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… it’s time to cut your losses and get OUT of SL before they go belly up and all vanish off the face of the Earth with your money….

  148. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    Since we keep seeing the same issues time after time after time they are obviously NOT RESOLVED. Stop lieing to us and actually do something to fix the problem. I can not imagine any other company anywhere that the technical people could have such a bad track record and still have thier jobs.

  149. nichoel mills says:

    i have not been able to get on second life sence like yeterday in the morning i am mad and i am glade u are working on it please get it working soon i have some stuff to do on second life please fix it lindin lab.

  150. Wyald Woolley says:

    Has anyone noticed how empty most of the clubs and nice places have become? It’s gotten creapy lately. And some of the places I really liked are gone…wipped clean…and I’m not talking about gambling places. Nice malls are totally empty of people…beautiful beaches swept clear of activity…RP sims lying idle…

    Uhhh…will the last one leaving please shut off the lights.

  151. Alicia Sautereau says:

    ty for all the problems that i`ve paid for

    i`m selling my sisland and items to return to freebie so there will be less funds available to screwup the grid and it might stay a day online longer

  152. lady arten says:

    ahh good weekend hey, paid my membership fee on the 15th saying now my account is disabled, cant even get into support either , whats going on eh , what i paid $72 00 for eh , cant sign into sl now im disabled again for not renewing membership, phoned lindens on 15th august renewed membership and today im disabled again for renewal of membership, you think this is fare eh , cus im sure im not we see tomorrow when i phone lindens , they best have good explanation , cant even get support page up , or account . damm

  153. Sylvie Matova says:

    And as of 3pm SL time… TP is screwed again.

    You have a unique definition of the work “resolved”

  154. Beatrix MacKay says:

    Unable to login is only ONE effect of the overall problem SL has, one together with öag,öag, lag, crashing, packet loss, losing invventory items on and on, non working TP’s….
    it is basically borked deep inside, so
    NOTHING is really resolved….

  155. Imogen Saltair says:

    Problems on a sunday fixed on a sunday? this is an improvement and good to see.. Thanks LL


  156. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I’m telling you guys, they need to fix their floats because it is directly related to the downfall of the entire system…
    1234567890.0987654321 DOES NOT EQUAL 1234567936.000000

    Am I the only one who see that the number is not only missing it’s decimal points but the last three digits of the real number are way off?

  157. Jack Hathor says:

    Nuflex, check the wiki on floats, its explained there

  158. andrew johnson says:

    good LL – fast service to fix the problems but it needs more work making a stable SL

  159. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Sure I looked on wiki first and it does not explain anything. Want to review what it says?

    Floating point data types are 32 bit numbers in IEEE-754 form. If you want a decimal point in your number, then it is a float.

    The Range is 1.175494351E-38 to 3.402823466E+38

    They can be specified in scientific notation like 2.6E-5.

    If a function requires a float as a parameter, be sure to specify a .0 so it is created as a float (e.g. 1.0)

    If you are dividing 2 constants, be sure to define them as floats or your result may get rounded. Better yet, do the math on your calculator and save the server some cycles.


    Ok so where exactly is it explained that a float with value:

    float bad_value = 1234567890.0987654321;

    Is evaluated as 1234567936.000000?

  160. Jayden B says:

    Thanks Lindens for working the weekend and for the recent efforts you have been trying to make to improve communications. It is seen and appreciated by many.

    I know that you are working hard to try and solve this recent issue of Grey lag that has hit the grid hard along with the stutteriness that many are seeing, especially on the Mac as I use.

    Keep slogging towards killing those buglets and stick in there with the better communications and responsiveness we have noticed. It’s appreciated, especially during times of borkage.

  161. Jack Hathor says:

    Sorry should have stated it the first post, its far beyond scope, but here is the url;


    ” A 32-bit float is divided into a 24-bit signed “mantissa” (containing the actual significant digits) and an 8-bit signed “exponent” (representing the magnitude that the mantissa will be multiplied with). A 23-bit (1 bit lost for sign) mantissa gives a precision equivalent to approximately 7 decimal digits (more exactly log10(223)). This means values are rarely exactly stored and, often more disturbingly, addition or subtraction of two numbers of vastly different magnitudes might yield unexpected results, as the mantissa can’t hold all the significant digits.”

    And even better :

    ” Example:
    340000000.0 + 4.0 = 340000000.0
    The correct answer (340000004.0) has 9 significant digits, thus the last two digits are lost.”

    Its something we all have to deal with , im sorry, i didnt invent it either

  162. U M says:

    With at the moment 41,000 wonders how long the white glue and paper chips are going to hold.

  163. Claudine Chantilly says:

    Excuse me, Ms Linden.. When will it be safe for me to add things to my clit without losing it?

  164. Coon Surya says:

    Now, I normally don’t have problems with Second Life, but I can tell you that whatever this issue is is definately not resolved. In fact, it appears as though the entire grid is unstable; Good, low-lag sims are lagging out and constantly crashing, within moments of logging in or teleporting to them. I’ve relogged some 5 times now, to the same results. The situation is so bad that I’m inclined to agree with an earlier poster suggesting your system was infected with a virus.

    I’ll try again later; hope you can get it resolved tonight.


  165. Stephen M says:

    Yay get it fixed soon:)

  166. Damian .P. says:

    Normlly second life is the best it never stops working.Now ive had second life stop about 33 times people 33 TIMES.now if second life goes down another 33 times i am going to break me computer into two pices

  167. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Thanks jack and I apologize to everyone for taking up so much room in the blog (this is a pretty dead blog entry anyways).

    I read the info you posted and I am still having issues realizing why the mathematics of floats is so inconsistent. The explanation you posted above does not deny the fact that float is 32-bits, it just says that it is separated into 3 components. The 23-bit component represents a number with up to 7 decimal points of precision that is magnified by the 8-bit exponent and signed with the 1-bit left over. Theroetically that allows a 32-bit float to hold a value between 1.175494351E-38 to 3.402823466E+38.

    For those of you who don’t know how to convert the exponents into human readable numbers:

    1.175494351E-38 = 0.0056616434433493632088141499919912

    3.402823466E+38 = 162142895431250425323.185952655

    This structure does not prevent the number:

    1234567890.0987654321 from equaling 1234567890.0987654321

    Your explanation only enforces the fact that when:

    1234567890.0987654321 = 1234567936.000000

    Something very bad has happened to our value!!!

  168. Vivienne says:

    “The situation is so bad that I’m inclined to agree with an earlier poster suggesting your system was infected with a virus.”

    Yes. And the virus is named 1.18.

    He He

  169. Alicia Sautereau says:

    who cares about a floater while the grid is a sinker…

  170. Melanie Milland says:

    LOL, but the grid actually works for me about 80% of the time.
    I’m on about 12-18 hrs a day on the average. Most of the time it works.

    But that floater (Communicate) doesn’t work for me, not one minute!

  171. ****
    [10:50 AM PDT 08/19/07]

    The issues have been resolved.

    We’re sorry for the interruption of your sunday! Thank you for your patience.

    yea not to mention the interruptions of my MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY & SATURDAY!!!!!!!! Might as well break sh*t for Sunday on us too!!!!!!

  172. This is SAD…

    what happend to the SL i joined over a year ago..

    i have lost more friends and family members in the past few weeks
    then i have in over a year of membership…
    “all that leave say the same thing: All LL wants is money, they are Cold bots who care only for there own, no one has answered my ticket, and if someone has answered it.. they say they treat them as if they have no clue what there talking about, they have no one trust in a place that over charges thier credit cards, they have lost alot of business, they have been harrassed, spamed, and treated like a number on a ticket.. not like a human behind an avatar.. etc…
    My dealings with Lindens havent been like that… and i have alot of faith in SL & LL.. i mean ppl are human “even if they dont come across that way at times”

    My point is this.. this is a 3D VR world where ppl work, meet, mate, What ever the case is.. if it becomes to much to deal with and you are having Log on issues, loss of inventory, your avi grew a #@$@# over night WHATEVER! suck it up!!! i mean not every day is bad, you still have you’re business in the End.. you can still log on.. i mean life goes on so LETS GET A GRIP!


    a team should be set up to handel some of these issues…
    in world etc.

    It’s time LL gets out from behind the wall and becomes more interactive with the world they say they love so much…

    and us as members of SL do more reporting, tickets etc.. cause #$@#$ whining and telling ppl off here isnt going to change anything…

    acting will.. so to all of you who hate me right now.. 😀 love you too! hahha

    but be honest… how many of you really think that having a PMS trip on a blog will change anything?!

    go right to the people u need to go to and let them know you want more Lindens in World to handel these issues its ur money.. your VOICE!!!!!


    my pms trip is over….

    hugs everyone!!!!


  173. Nyla Rossini says:

    Can someone at LL have a look at the traffic monitor on search please, because since the seach problem as been ‘Resolved’ I seem to have lost over 300+ visitors which is really not good for business!!


  174. Jed Gregg says:

    Hello how can ya say its RESOLVED when i cant LOG IN !!!!!!

  175. ok here take a look and let me know what u all think..
    i was bored 😛


  176. chemiker kohl says:

    Oh fer crying out loud! The notation 3.402823466E+38 does NOT mean
    (3.402823466)^38 as you apparently think, but rather means
    (3.402823466)*(10^38). This misconception on your part obviously removes any shred of authority you might have been supposed to have on the subject of floating point number representations.

  177. Tiwi Whiteberry says:

    Crashing and/or freezes; thats mostly all i experienced here in SL since i born 8.8.2007. Shoot me! So i go back to RL and buy land from there.

  178. hmr1000 says:

    Hate to say it, but I just had a double teleport that caused me to have to log out of SL and now I am unable to log back in, so I guess this matter is not resolved, and as usual reports of a SL’s problems demise has been vastly overstated. Guys, would you seriously consider fixing some of the problems your last couple of upgrades have created rather than compounding them more by venturing deeper into the needless quagmire of Voice, and if you cannot fix them due to Voice just remove it and return to the prevoice status, fix the rest of the mess and try voice again when you have it in better shape.

  179. richard says:


  180. richard says:


  181. well u know what.. i havent had voce since new update i keep getting a gateway error.. but u know what.. IM HAPPY ITS OFF!!!!!



    no?!! well im gonna tell u anyways…

    1. alot of ppl talk #$@#$#$
    2. i found out alot of the “MEN” i knew are really females!!!!!
    3. some ppl sound worse then they look
    4. just omg!!!!!!!

    so YAY! for no voice!


    sorry just gotta be silly! 😛

    u don’t laugh.. you will cry ay?!


  182. P.s.. why you think im posting in this blog anyways.. i keep crashing :D!!!!!

    but its so much fun! really.. it is.. Reason…


    so suck it up we all are :D!


    omg im so gonna get it for that one! hahhaaha!

  183. thunderstruck Acropolis says:

    Resolved??!!!! NOT!!!! I’ve been tryin since 3pm PST to log in, and still cannot get in. Who are you fooling with this? Nobody that’s who. Resolved. yeah right.

  184. well again MONEY & SEARCH isnt working!!!!!!!!!

  185. [23:20] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:20] SLBC MoneyBall shouts: JJuliana Bechir has just won 1L$ only for beeing here!
    [23:20] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:21] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:21] SLBC MoneyBall shouts: JJuliana Bechir has just won 1L$ only for beeing here!
    [23:21] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:22] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:22] SLBC MoneyBall shouts: JJuliana Bechir has just won 1L$ only for beeing here!
    [23:22] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:23] SLBC – Wonder Chair shouts: A New Magic Letter has been chosen. Cash is to be won: 1 L$ ! Does your name begin wtih N ?
    [23:23] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:23] SLBC MoneyBall shouts: Lana Madonna has just won 1L$ only for beeing here!
    [23:23] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
    [23:24] SLBC MoneyBall shouts: JJuliana Bechir has just won 1L$ only for beeing here!
    [23:24] The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.

  186. Kami Izumi says:

    Resolved my toosh!
    This is still going on!!
    Find it and fix it for cryin out loud!

  187. Jed Gregg says:

    Login Failed
    Second Life Cannot Be accessed from this Computer
    WTF !!!!!!

  188. marsha auer says:

    Hm, my comments were really friendly yesterday, but were not published.
    How come?

  189. Angel Vilas says:

    LOL Fixed huh still cant get in at 156am CDT

  190. ok thats bad!!!!!!!

  191. U M says:

    LOL your picking om money ball now?

  192. TheOtherBec Writer says:

    I’m crashing less than a minute after connect guys – just giving you a heads up that things aren’t as stable as reported.

  193. U M says:

    here we go again with asset server problems!

  194. Me says:

    Some sims may have been restored, but the one I run my business in obviously isn’t – map’s not showing there, customers complaining about failed deliveries, stale payments…. – it was all fine before the “interruption” (well, apart from aweful lag that’s been around for a while even with nobody else in the so called class5 sim), but ever since the “interruption” I keep having these problems, still hours later.

    So PLEASE – it’s not resolved – maybe some parts of the grid but most certainly not all.

    I’m working hard for my good reputation but something like that is just a killer, people thinking I just rip them off by not delivering … that and the fact that many couldn’t and still can’t pay anyway, so not only a loss of my good reputation but L$ also 😦

    PLEASE FIX THIS, it’s so extremly frustrating…

  195. zebadee says:

    everytime i manage to log in, the client crashing within 10 minutes anyway, until that is “resolved” you can fix what you want, it wont make a difference to my SL as i can do nothing anyway.


  196. U M says:

    i seeing someislands still have effects from the problems. rezzing object do at yopur own risk!

  197. Dusk Fauna says:

    Interesting. SL accepted my password for the latest update but not for logging in. I’ve not been here for months but my account is active, etc.

  198. Dusk Fauna says:

    A note: I used an old password and was able to download the update.
    I used another password that was used after some very old issue when all of us had to change our passwords. So the use of two passwords, one old to update, one newer to log-in worked. Mods/Tech support. Edit my two posts as you wish but they are different in nature. Tx!

  199. Doxent Zsigmond says:

    Today 20 Aug 2007 3:50 am SL is still having network issues from what i see. Huge packet loss, problems with teleporting even in the same sim. Rezzing taking ages. Something is wrong with the network. Ghost teleports, that occur by itself without request and if you cancel you loose all movement controls. Generally very choppy.

  200. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    When I complain about things that are going down I keep getting told it’s a problem with my browser and the ticket is “resolved”, then when I go to log on there is a blog saying they are having problems that I just wrote a ticket about-I wrote a ticket stating this and they gave me another “situation resolved” return saying I had failed to fix my browser-sorry guys, I am no computer geek but when I compare my computer system to others it is probably one of the strongest running configurations for a computer in SL-it isn’t my browser, if my computer is having trouble a lot of other people have already gone down. Oh, by the way, they used to have inworld help, and phone support-there used to be humans at the other end, we used to call them the Lindens-now there is only the coorporation,LINDEN LABS.
    A lot of my friends have quit SL, finally fed up-I feel like it a lot, but I have spent a lot of money to make my place work and still do, soon though I may join my friends, it seems ridiculous at this point to be upset with a computer simulation that never works properly-it did when I got here, you got my money when SL worked, then had me sign a TOS saying I would never get it back, it would be nice if you made SL work again, or haven’t you noticed the blogs you are getting? People care less about voice and sculpted prims than they do about the basic SL. The weekend log ons used to be almost 50,000, they have slipped about 10,000 the weeekdays were at about 43,000, now they are at about 35,000, surley that must be giving you a clue.

  201. Leah Salome says:

    It just really is frustating and pisses me off that every single day something doesn’t work. What a breath of fresh air it would be if Second Life actually ran smoothly for a whole week! You make a fortune as a business, customer service is none existant, people stay cause there is nothing similar available yet. Though I’m sure there will be soon so get your act together.

  202. Danziel Lane says:

    Well, what can I say. What I read: All issues resolved.

    But are they?
    Since yesterday, I cannot search for people, places, groups. So communication to other citizens is very difficult, as I cannot find them.

    As a teacher in SL, who tries hard to bring people to SL and to hold them here by teaching them it is most frustrating when I cannot login to prepare my classes, or, if I could I wait in the classroom and tp does not work any more.

    In the last 2 weeks 3 classes had to be cancelled, cause I would not log in or my students could not find the events or could not tp to the classroom.

    Plus: this is mostly happening in the busy times in Europe, when in L.A. the working day starts. Do you guys start your day with experiments in the grid? Do you just try something in the mornings?

    I always read: we apologize for the inconvenience.

    What I ask you for is good project management: DO NOT make major changes on Thursdays and Fridays to spoil our weekends and think of the Europeans that also want to enjoy SL and not suffer from your morning experiments.

    What I ask you for is: keep SL running.
    Do not dream of making it bigger, better, greater, … make it running safe and smooth.
    After that, on the base of a well running system, improve it.

    Thanks for something as great as SL,
    but please keep is alive and people motivated to log in.

  203. Digital Digital says:

    I don’t understand why everyone complains, if you all think you can do a better job why don’t you go and attempt something like this, I am sure you will fing out it is a lot harder then you think and Linden Lab is doing an amazing job! Come on now think of all the free accounts that don’t buy lindens or pay any monthly fees or don’t even have land they sure do a lot for all of those people on fixing accounts, and also making sure the grid is online and if not online they get it back online. So what if every once in a while second life goes down, you all need to stop complaining because they are doing a most awesome job, I do agree that sometimes Support is hard to get a hold of but honestly I have seen big improvements and look forward to see even more!
    Thank you linden lab for the hard work you do, I am sorry people complain about every little thing if only they knew what you all go through to do what you do.

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