[Updated] Scheduled Downtime Wednesday 8/22 8:00am-11:00am PDT


Second Life will be unavailable from 8:00am-11:00am PDT (15:00-18:00 GMT) for a scheduled update. No viewer update will be required.

It turns out we will need to start one hour earlier than announced.

We need to block off some time to have the grid empty to complete the deployment of the code we initiated last week. We’ll be keeping the downtime as short as possible, but it looks like it may take 2 3 hours.

After the downtime we’ll allow logins to the grid, but shortly thereafter start a rolling restart of the grid’s regions to have them pick up the newer code. This will take approximately 3 hours to hit the whole grid.

The restarts will introduce the first iteration of our Het Grid work (no special controls for region owners yet; it simply allows Linden to have finer control over grid upgrades).

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132 Responses to [Updated] Scheduled Downtime Wednesday 8/22 8:00am-11:00am PDT

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t HetGrid introduced in 1.18.2?

  2. Aryon Dagger says:

    As an SL user from the UK, I wonder why every time there is downtime, it majorly affects the Europeans greatly. How about doing your downtime when it will affect the US more for a change. While I amd probably most Europeans appreciate the time difference which means you are working while we are enjoying SL, its hard to understand why you can’t arrange to do some things later on in your day so it affects us less. Thanks.

  3. Pinkie Piek says:

    i just want to know are there now also problems in SL,after last downtime its a mess, all works slow and the whole day we can’t tp normally and the rezzing is also a problem, also keeps our iventory’s on loading.

    hope this can be solved ASP.

  4. Ann Otoole says:

    i hope whatever you do that you fix the damage done Wednesday. sl is barely usable now. the stuttering is unreal. even in a frikking sim with only 1 avatar in it! it is bad enough now for me to consider quitting. and this stupid feature where you have to zoom in on every avatar to get all of their attachments, such as hair, to fully complete rezzing. it is just so stupid it is unbelievable. absolutely no testing is done on this garbage at all and you can’t even convince us you have serious engineers at work. and place names can be null. so that proves you don’t have a data architect at all. no wonder it keeps getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.

  5. Jaxx Tardis says:

    Right now I’d love to have a stability-only related client release, I’m crashing worse than ever and collision numbers in sims are so badly out of whack that a single avatar walking around introduces physics lag to the sim.

  6. Proxima Saenz says:

    I have to share Aryon Dagger’s opinion, everytime it is Europe who gets the shit. I mean when you guys in USA make the downtime it is at Europe like 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM. These times are so stupid, cant you make it on another time? And why again a downtime?
    It is better to let SL down for 1 whole day and do all the stuff you need to do, so when it opens again it is relyable and there wont be any downtime anymore. Because you have to admitt Linden, the way things now are going… that ”sucks”
    Just look at the gambling policy and you know what I am talking about…

  7. Broccoli Curry says:

    Seconding the change of maintenance time so europeans dont get inconvenienced all the time

  8. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Aryon, you really want LL to be doing updates later in the day, right before they go home for the evening?

  9. Taff Nouvelle says:

    Firstly this is not a complain, merely an observation.
    It appears that Second Life is no longer a platform ( game ) for its users, but a test bed for the up and coming 3D internet. Stability will never be returned since the major objective is test and trial of all the features which will be part of the new WWW.
    When users realise this they will understand that we are part of a huge leap forward, and not merely players in a game.
    The bad part of this is that we are paying to be test subjects, usually that works the other way, test subjects are paid to do the testing.
    I was hoping to move completely into SL to make my living, this is still a possibility as designers and programmers will be needed for the new WWW, but I no longer have the illusion that this “world” is viable on its own merits.

  10. Cazz Ayres says:

    I totaly agree with Aryon. please give europeans a break and scedule downtimes to take in different locations around the world. I am also in the uk and all updates are done in our evenings when we get the chance to sit peacefully and enjoy everything sl has to offer

  11. Solar Legion says:

    Not having the issues you’re describing there Ann.

    It’s either your machine or your connection.

    Then again if I closed the ports SL communicates on I’d probably have the same issues as well.

  12. Tiara says:

    I am missing my folders in sl, that’s scared me.I dont know if it’s problem of my internet or the particularly sl…

  13. chazz xi says:

    yep, since Wednesday i have crashing spells where i crash every couple minutes, i also see the shuttering the last post mentioned, my camera repeatedly keeps getting stuck to the back of my head, i keep hearing strange sounds ect. my friends describe the exact same things.

  14. Akake Jun says:

    Personally, I’ve noticed things actually getting better. I mean, I’m crashing (Slightly) less, and my vehicles are significantly more stable. From what I read in these comments, I’m wondering:How many people try to play SL on a dial-up connection? I’m on DSL, and quite a way away from the hub.
    Honestly, it seems like I’m not getting the same problems (As frequently) as the rest of you. Since last Wednesday, I’ve noticed a (Slight) improvement over the way things were when I joined in April.
    Once again:How many of you people are using dial-up?
    Oh, and people who may complain they can’t afford DSL or better, but aren’t using free accounts:If you can afford to pay for SL, you can afford to pay for the net connection needed for SL.

    -Akake Jun

  15. janmak says:

    I have the same problem Ann.

    Solar : I have the same connection and machine … Just that SL is slower on them now

  16. U M says:

    Well we need this down time. I say yes.

  17. chazz xi says:

    sorry Solar Legion, its not anns computer or connection, everyone i know is seeing one or more of these problems. if you dont see them your are very lucky. this did start wed so its clearly a problem that needs to be addressed. your post is really laughable solar. ports wouldn’t, or couldn’t have a thing to do with any of this.

  18. PF Philbin says:

    Ann, no problems here either. For me, the speed and smoothness since last Wednedsay has been quite good, much better than it was before the rollout/restart. I even have my library back in my inventory!

    Europeans — I feel your pain. But I think a primary consideration is that if they do rollouts early in their work day, then most of the staff is there to take care of unexpected problems. If they waited until later and encountered a problem, then SL could be down until the main support staff arrives the next morning.

  19. U M says:

    Well think about the population as a whole, during these down times. Favoring one over another is just crazy.

  20. Benja says:

    Can you put the link up again for the Google calendar of grid downtimes? Thx 😉

  21. U M says:

    @11 well I would not say that. Alfa texture turning object totally invisble unlesss you touch it. Is not my idea of a working game. This started last night and is continuing now. We the moment we are nearing 40,000 online users. Meltdown is apond us soon…….

  22. Akake Jun says:

    Oh and, #7:I think you’re overthinking things just a wee bit. This is a GAME. A very innovative and complex game, but a game nonetheless. Seriously, it’s not a new internet, it’s not a new (Non-virtual) reality, it’s not a revolution in anything save perhaps for game design, it’s a GAME!!!

    Or kill me.

    -Akake Jun

  23. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    I also don’t know what Ann is talking about, since 18.1 my SL has run very well. Lag has been low in nearly all sims I visit and I’m not having any problem with my avatar or others rezzing for me. 18.2 is also running great for me and voice works perfectly.

  24. Jeremy says:

    As a long long time user I understand about the down time and everything but this is ridiculouos today. I have been trying to log in for a half hour now and while one can get in, one can only get in as “ruth” and ruth can’t move teleport or even see herself until the sim goes red a minute later and you have to log in again.

    Even this is hardly unusual for SL, but could you at least update the blog of the system status page to let everyone know that SL is unusable today? Over all the years I have been playing this bnothers me the most about Linden Lab. They are more worries about PR than anythign else, and I mean *anything*.

    Time and time again over the last six months to a year, SL is completely unuseable and the “online” stats make it clear that practically no one is able to log on, but the status site says “up and running” and the blog makes no mention of anythign more recent than some great thing they fixed a couple of days ago.

    Could you at least try to implement some of that “honesty” and “communication” and “community” that you guys blab on and on about? Only the newbies believe that stuff anymore guys. How about making it real and owning up to the mistakes, the downtime etc.?

    Or how about making some realistic downtime plans instead of always saying it will be just an hour or two and havve it turn into multiple hours of hell?

  25. Element says:

    Well said #3 and let’s face it, this update isn’t going to fix anything and SL will just keep spiraling downward.

    @13: The link you’re looking for is in the middle of the blog post for “Scheduled Downtime, Wednesday 8/15, 9am-11am (PDT)”. Just keep scrolling back and you’ll find it.

  26. 3 points:

    – take care of the grid: focus on bringing back performance and stability
    – take care of the non-US citizens: there must be changing timeframes for offline work
    – take care of citizens and estate owner: if the grid is affected badly for more than 3 days, don´t only refund for addvertisment, there is more money lost


  27. Korena Starbrook says:

    lag has been HORRIBLE.

    Worse than ever before.

  28. Jakyl Lightfoot says:

    This code introduction was supposed to have been done with this recent past update…what were you doing instead?

  29. Anonymous says:

    To EVERYONE bitching about time frames; NOTHING has changed since SL has been in existence. When YOU came in it was on Wednesdays at it’s normal time (and pretty much still is). ANYTIME the grid is down is inconvenient for EVERYONE , NOT just you overseas people (Self-absorbed thought helps no one). Maybe when Linden Lab employs a full time staff this might be possible, but right now it isn’t, so simply deal with it 😉

  30. xiuide shan says:

    the problems you describe seem to be client based, not server based, check your settings, and make sure your computer/connection can handle the setting you have them on. Also, while i do not like seeing crashes either, for a “game” that for all intensive pourposes, is free (in the fact that you dont HAVE to get a subscription, or buy anything) I say they do fairly well with bugs, on the scale that they deal with.

    @non-US players
    I really do feel for you, and I understand that the downtimes are bad for you, But you must understand LL is a US based company, they are not a website that can stay up and run 24/7. they run off standard PTD time, because thats where they are based, im sure, if they were based in the UK, for example, the downtime would not be different, it would still be 9am-11am, but instead they would run off UK time. LL can only work with what they have, and what they have, is PDT time.


  31. Quantum says:

    After 16-months in-world, I am much calmer about these things now but appreciate the comments made by those who are railing about the current performance. SL seems to go in cycles of good and bad (Oct – Dec 2006 was a nightmare). I know it will settle down so I will put up with the grey world and lag for now.

    However – and here comes my rant….Lindens please use the ticket contact system productively. I asked a simple question is the grid having problems or was it me. I was effectively told it was me…But as these comments show, there IS a Grid problem. I can handle the truth, trust me 🙂 I have become more patient since joining SL than have have ever been. Just don’t bull5hite me.

    Bring on the maintenance 🙂

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  33. Kettu Keiko says:

    Ann, i see your complaints on nearly every blog entry (obvious exagerration, but often you leave more than one when you do.) I’ve had nearly no client performance problems – on this computer – since the new local lighting engine replaced the broken light from the days of yore (what was that, 1.10?). Even the first iteration of flexi prims was cool. Peak performace was gained on the absolute first First Look release ever made. (the first First Look was, IMO, the best client ever released)

    I do mention “on this computer” for a reason.

    When I had upgraded my RAM from 1GB PC1800 (266Mhz) to 1GB PC3200 (400Mhz, not even in dual-channel mode since my mobo did not support it), that’s when i went from unstable to “mmmmm”

    All it took was the memory speed.

    Now, a long time later, i mananged to upgrade other parts (CPU AMD2400+ -> AMD64 4000+; Mobo 32bit only -> 64-bit ready ; RAM 1GB PC3200 -> 3GB PC3200; GPU Nvidia Ti400 AGP4x -> ATI X1600 AGP8X). These days, that’s nowhere near the ‘ultimate gaming rig’ in fact, with the exception of the RAM amount and graphcis card, most computers and laptops sold in stores are offered pretty cheap are better *grin*… but SL works quite smoothly at a draw distance of 160 meters or more with full effects everything. My only problems are usually network related (packet losses are horrid), or when Linden Labs has failing parts affecting everybody. From my experience, THE biggest factor in stability and performance is AMOUNT (for stability) and SPEED (for smoothness) of RAM.

  34. Ann Otoole says:

    maybe i should downgrade to a lower end rig from this Dual SLI machine. however i am not the only one experiencing the stuttering and jumping bean prims all over the grid. and this condition has a new “timing” feel to it i have never witnessed before.

  35. richard says:

    when you have cereal boxes for severs you will have lag !

  36. Solar Legion says:

    again Ann, as you can se – it’s not the servers. A few people have said they don’t have the same issues.

    My lag issues have more to do with my connection and hardware (the few lag issues I do have) – ATI and SL don’t get along very well.

    The rest of my rig is just above the system requirements LL lists at that: The only changes I’ve made have been to boost the pagefile to about 4-5GB and open the proper ports.

    try that first – if you ened a port list, IM me in world.

  37. Frank Skosh says:

    as far as the “affecting europeans” coincidence of downtime schedules…
    would you rather they do it at the end of their work-day, and then put up with a problem-riddled grid for the entire day until the big guns come back in? or have them already there and working on the problems we all know set in right after maintenance…

  38. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I am getting tired of the Europeans complaining about everything that does not favor them somehow in SL. I think the Lindens have gone out of their way to provide multi lingual support, allow embassies and taxing agencies from europe, create help islands for numerous non english speaking countries- perhaps the europeans are not aware that brazil australia japan and other countries besides them are also participating in SL. It would be interesting to see how many europeans actually pay for land or premium membership in SL, it may be that the Linden Labs people merely favor the paying customers.

  39. Pereira Bechir says:

    Since the first look on voice was launched, my FPS was terrible so I kept my ‘common’ client (without voice) working also. Then it stopped to work, as I thought it would. Then I downloaded the Aug/10 release and felt finally saved cause my FPS worked twice better and really stable but at the same time, some friends of mine was having constant crashes.
    Then today, after this last downtime, everything became sloooowwww again. Even typing is hard! So, why should I upgrade my hardware? I understand how PC configurations may be variated but simply doesnt make sense how SL comes worse or better to different people. Tented to believe on that 3DWWW testing that was commented above.

  40. Kettu Keiko says:

    Jumping bean and stuttering prims sounds more like network issues (packet losses and out-of-order packets) between you and Linden Labs. I get that on occasion myself.. on occasion.. it’s always always always been network problems when that happens. A few days ago i was working on an object and a few steps in, it looked like it went through a dozen “Undo’s” and “Redo’s” and usually stopped a couple steps back. After that i had to stop since i knew i wasn’t going to be able to build properly and retain my sanity at the same time.

    Network issues.. often but not always originating at Linden.. If it affects everybody or most everybody, it’s at Linden.. if it’s affecting just you and/or a handful of people, it’s somewhere else. If it affects solely you, then (unfortunately) the problem most likely is on your end or your ISP’s end. (My ISP, a very good cable company, tends to get overwhelmed around noon (occasionally) or mid-evening (430-630p my time.. this is more frequent) to the point where the DNS lookup fails and i can’t get anything)

    I’ve heard in the past that graphics cards to a certain point, no longer affect the performance of SL. Thus your dual SLI (Nvidia PCI-e) is only marginally an improvement factor over my silly little ATI AGP card. I assume you have 512Mb or 1GB of onboard video RAM with your dual SLI. My single card has 512Mb (woohoo! 🙂 so the generational differences would be yours wields far more raw power .. (hehe)

  41. Strangedays Balhaus says:

    What’s enough is enough — gonna uninstall the software and try the Chinese thing, just out of curiosity: I’ve been through at least 6 or 7 updatings and each of them made things worse, if possible. Stuff lost, avis unrecognizable and unchangeable, list gone and so on…don’t need to linger on it, each of us knows that very well. When clients get to some 15,000 or more the system crashes — no way. So, what’s the use of updating versions? Rather close 2L down for a week and put things in order, for good. Else…goodbye (for good as well), as in my case and in – i gather – that of thousands of others. Though it’s a pity you’ve ruined this splendid toy. And, a final question: why this voice thing? This is (was) not a MSN service or anything like that. Why trying to imitate something that hadn’t anything to do with the original purpose of 2L?

  42. Wyald Woolley says:

    Interesting…since the “upgrade” last Wednesday more people seem to be in-world at any given time. Could it be people aren’t crashing as much and are actually staying in-world longer> Maybe it’s just that I notice the numbers when they are peaking.

    SL is still acting squirily, some things seem to be working better, while others seem to “lock up” more frequently. The frame rate seems to be much worse what in once was.

    Maybe next Wednesday’s taser shock to the grid will do more good then harm, but I’m gonna go hide under the bed for a while afterwards just in case. 🙂

  43. Burgess Miles says:

    Just focus on stability please! We don’t want or need fancy features when we can’t really enjoy them anyway…STABILITY!!! PLEASE!

  44. Mikhail Obscure says:

    As a European I agree with the necessity for early downtimes whilst SL is administered only from California. Saying that its about time that they were to provide full 24/7 service to reflect their role as a global provider.

    Lag issues have become more noticable for me since the recent event where the whole grid suffered a 50% decrease in performance, true it was subsequently repaired during a rolling restart but still performance for me, at least, is not what is used to be.

    Finally; Anne: quote:

    “I am getting tired of the Europeans complaining about everything that does not favor them somehow in SL”

    -Excuse me have you been profiling all the people posting complaints in these blogs? So you mean they are all European, or do you mean the one single issue raised here about the downtime? (which by the way is the topic of this blog)

    “It would be interesting to see how many europeans actually pay for land or premium membership in SL, it may be that the Linden Labs people merely favor the paying customers”

    – was there any need for the insulting comment about Europeans? Implying we are non-paying? I can assure you that as a sim and estate owner us foreigners certainly do pay for our sl, as do nearly all of my fellow British friends.

  45. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    An interesting perspective Taff. Also a lot of good hardware advice in this blog but your take Taff is quite imaginative and could quite possibly be influencing a bit of what goes on back in the ‘lab’.

  46. Tegg B says:

    I oppose the changing of the maintenance times to suit Europeans, why should you stuff it for Austrailasia, Brazil, & USA to suit you guys?
    The best time to do maintenace is when maximum resources are available to counter unexpected problems. Ever tried getting spare parts at midnight? Yeah, the 7-11 will have a new 2kw powersupply and hypertel interface. Hmm, oh joy the grid is down for an extra 8 hours to make Europe happy, maybe 16 hours total?
    Your’re introducing new code, the guy that wrote it is on Dayshift, and it goes wrong? Fixed in 1 hour by the guy on the spot, 4 hours by skeleton staff talking over the phone to him or waiting for him to arrive.
    I don’t like when CoH or WoW goes down on at 11pm for me either, can I get it changed to suit Australian late night players too please………..

  47. The only time I have performance issues is:
    1) When the sim I am in has more than 10 people and/or the sim has a ton of heavy textures and scripts running.
    2) When I have my Voice Changer on.

    Trying to sound like robot is cool but that thing takes a good chunk of CPU power and really cripples SL’s performance. I hope you that use a voice changer like MorphVOX or VoDi realize they use a lot of CPU Power. Hit ctrl, alt, delete and bring up Windows Task Manager and see how much CPU power they use.
    Turn it on go into SL at a busy place, then turn it off and see if it runs smoother. For me it is night and day difference.

    CPU: 2000mhz AMD 3000+
    Radeon X1950Pro PCIe 256
    2gig PC3200

    Even with the voice changer off going to sim with a lot of people is a mess. SL is a social platform so it would be nice to be able to be around a lot of people and still be able to walk and move the cam.

  48. Dirk Felix says:

    Gee Wiz, seems that SL still has connections issues with DNS errors. Did I say say pathetic? ;

  49. Fuzzball Ortega says:

    Lag…..I’m used to. Been dealing with it since I started SL last August. But when everyone on a private island redmaps at the same time, three times in a row, something isn’t right. Happening with residents who’s computers are running above the minimum requirements and paying extra money with their internet provider for faster access on the ‘net. Lucky for us, one of the managers has a few Lindens on her friends list…..and four times already, she’s stumped the Lindens with problems.

    I’d also like to point out, that after our second redmapping, we had the voice option disabled across the island, wouldn’t you know it, the island was taking up fewer processing power……course, the third redmapping and when we returned, voice was enabled again.

  50. jefferey Heart says:

    One of the reason’s I suspect that they do their Maintenance during US hours is that they are a US company and located in the Pacific Time Zone. Also, may avoid paying NIGHT differential pay for the Programmers and personal required to make the changes. (Not sure about the NIGHT differential laws in California but know Washington and Oregon have to pay more to have people work LATE into the Nights here.

  51. Sapphie Sequent says:

    I would love to see the stability fixed, and for SL to be made compatable with all versions of Vista not just the lower spec versions. I have Vista Ultimate (through no choice of my own) the newer updates wont even work. DLL errors in both the downloads since Voice was introduced to the main grid. SL has turned into Silence Land for me and a few of my friends, I just urge SL to not make any mandatory updates until all the bug and fixes have been worked out.

    @35, they get differential pay in Calif for night-time and weekends I believe

  52. Rudolph Ormsby says:

    Based in Europe – have no problem with regular Wednesday downtime.

    Regarding performance issues, it is probably about time that LL update their “minimum requirements page” – I could not possibly imagine dealing with SL on anything less than 2 GB of 400 MHz RAM, but people might just survive if they have 1 Gb and are still running XP, with absolutely every other Windows program switched off and disabled.

  53. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I find running SL on a win2k machine is faster then xp by far I can run it nicely on a very old 800 mhz celeron w/256 mb ram
    but cant run it on xp useing the same machine.

  54. Carter Liveoak says:

    For whatever it may be worth,
    I’ve eliminated (and so has my wife) freeze/stutter/etc. issues by doing a full uninstall and reinstall.

  55. Calliope Simon says:

    To everyone complaining about the scheduling of this downtime:

    You cannot expect linden lab technicians to work odd hours, can you? After all, they’re sysadmins, and sysadmins NEVER work crazy hours.

  56. Sascha says:

    Hmm, maybe you can fix those manifold crashes of sims then or the bad loading behaviour of textures. Looks like either bandwidth dropped or something is wrong again.

  57. Digital Digital says:

    I am very happy with the maintenance schedule doesn’t bug me at all 😉

  58. Cethlenn Miles says:

    I agree with those asking for a time change for the downtime. I understand the point about wanting to have all day to work out bugs, but from experience I know that it is possible to come in a few hours early, stay late, or shuffle things around accordingly so that one group of customers does not constantly get hit with downtime.

    By the way, from an IT background myself, I do expect technicians and system administrators to run a tight, responsive ship and take the extra time needed to get things done. I remember my husband and I getting quite a few calls when the network went down at 3 am.

    After the voice update I’ve noticed a lot of increased lag and difficulty getting things to rez properly. My computer’s fine but my husband’s cannot handle the crap that came with the last update. It would be really appreciated if Linden Labs would work on the network stability before adding more bells and whistles.


  59. Phil Priestman says:

    I concure with Ann about the lag problems.. last couple days SL has been horrible.. ton of lag, stuff never rezzing, sims crashing/restarting multiple times, tp’s failing, etc etc.. whatever the Lindens did this week has really screwed something up.

  60. U M says:

    Weekly down times are needed. There is no such thing as a perfect game. Even if we are 80% away away from it. 🙂

  61. Furo Lane says:

    Looks up at the sky and prays … ‘oh lord, let SL be ISO-8601 complaint and bring them out of the dark, thats all I ask for’

  62. Point Taken says:

    # 21 Kettu Keiko Ann is not making it up. Every time I login I have to wait for my clothing to download, this happened after the last update. The lag is crazy in a sim with one or two ppl. I can make a video with Fraps to prove it if necessary. All these ppl complaining about it aren’t making it up. If it was how YOU say it is perfect with no lag and no viewer issued then there wouldn’t be all these ppl complaining. No sir, you may be a LL employee’s ALT for all I know, but you cant convince me that you are using SL everyday and leaving your home sim and not having these issues. That and SIM CROSSING is preposterous, all of your attachments going up you butt, give me a break with all this happy happy no problem, you obviously never really use SL much less cross a sim line. I am so fed up when someone finally speaks up on the real problems and somebody comes along who obviously never uses SL and tries to squelch it, and if you keep doing that LL is not going to do anything about it and it will continue to get more and more aggravating to use. Please stop doing that so we can get these issues tended to. If your not having a problem FINE. But let us, the ones who are really out their testing this software get the right information to the ppl who can fix. That’s all I’m asking. Thank you.

  63. Jyrras Wilder says:

    @2 sorry to say but we europeans have to live with it. LL is a us company.
    my question is this.. if they start work at 7am like all other poor souls why wait a entire 2 hours before pulling it down? why not get to it the first thing you do? >.>
    but we DO need the mainentance however.

  64. Torian says:

    37) Tristin is right. I am doing the same thing. SL on Win2k is way faster than XP. Use the old non voice client and it behaves okay most of the time.

  65. venus says:

    ann, maybe your machine is just a piece of crap? I never lag and dont have problems at all, so quit blaming the lindens. or better yet, make your own version of lag free sl.

  66. Doris Haller says:

    Didn’t I tell you to update only once a month with better prepared code?

    Now you’re back to update once a week and repair the update again the next week….

  67. Kelly Yaud says:

    I don’t seem to have any probs either. A few minor crashes here and there. So SL down during UK evening….. Hmmm I must go and see what this ‘Real Life’ that people mention is all about. lol ;D

  68. AnnieK Faulds says:

    A few crashes and lost gestures other than that its pretty ok, i tought this was real life… lol


  69. Kettu Keiko says:

    Real Life?? Oh No!!
    *runs and hides in bed*

  70. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I am sorry if you feel that you thought my blog was insulting, it certainly didn’t deal with the topic that was discussed, it had to do with the comments about how europe should get special consideration as far as downtimes were concerned, it seemed that little consideration was being paid to the actual workers at Linden Labs, whichis in the US, and it also neglected the rest of the world who might be inconvenienced if it was conducted entirely for the benefit of the europeans. I often blog off topic, many times the topics that are being brought up are not the most important things to me in SL. I would much prefer an SL where people allowed others to do as they please without all the complaints of unfairness, immorality or otherwise feeling insulted if I express myself in an open manner, I don’t play here to be politically, morally or religiously correct-I play here to get away from that.

  71. Garmin Kawaguichi says:

    The schedule of maintenance is excellent for us other Europeans; Wednesday let us dine quietly in family, digest and return finally in new SL to count the new bugs and to prepare our next bloody intervention in the blog!!!
    Be fan, have fun, and fan is fun(ny) in summer

  72. Christos Atlantis says:

    One quick question, what servers is SL currently being run on? For the $195.00 per month per sim (Mainland) and $295.00 per month island I would hope it is more than cereal boxes as some users have been saying in posts. Can anyone shed some light on this matter?

  73. Dirk Felix says:

    I think youre still having downtime eveyday since. This must be a new feature set, cool 😉

  74. Pingback: Second Life Downtime Aug 22nd « Second Life Reader

  75. citizen zhao says:

    question …. about maintenance…bug fixes etc … i’m not a BIG FAN of the voice as most of the 2003 …2004 …2005 …2006 residents i met but …ok ( sl was a world who allowed to forget flags, gender, weight, age, and to create a avatar and a life who was really a second one … voice kill that …) . my question is not about that but :
    many people worked …time and money was spent to make that voice possible. the same energy “focus” to FIX the bugs, to make the “classic sl” working better and more stable ????? and then …ok if sl want to add new stuff why not. maybe i’m naive but i think that if you had spent all that “energy” “focus” to make sl more stable before to try that voice…explaining people ok voice will come but we have FIRST to fix the most we can etc … -:) i’m sure that 99% of the blog answer would be THANKS LINDEN.
    (sorry for my bad english but i can moreless write in english …but not speak in english lol)
    have a nice day

  76. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Will something be done about the hippos while the grid is down? I’m suffering from hippos lately. They crawled into my friend list yesterday and are waiting there ever since. This is what my friend list looks like:


    The 2 upmost entries being bold. Well, my friend list used to be much longer, and I kinda miss all the other entries. I’m inworld for hours now, and still I only see Waiting Hippos, no friends. I get notified about friends logging out though, possibly upset that I didn’t say Hi.
    If you have a hippobuster or hippo exterminator in your team, please have him shoo away the critters on Wednesday, so I can see my friends again.

  77. I came into sl last September, from the UK and admittedly at first I too was a bit peeved about the constant time for the downtime being always the same. But I do realize it is a better time as there always seems to be major cleanup work after upgrades and I would rather the guys in the US had all day to sort problems than have to wait for the next day and inconvenience the whole world.
    I don’t think the Europeans want the time shifted only to suit them each week I think they just want it varied so all folk around the world get good and bad times. But as I said it isn’t practical anyway with the manpower and hardware/software being mainly available only in the daytimes.

    However if SL is going to provide a worldwide service they really are going to need to extend their customer service times to 24/7, and particularly premium and concierge support fully operational over the weekends and nights.
    The Lindens who do run these support services need also to have much more genuine information supplied to them so they can give informed comment and not have to give merely vague reassurances.
    Just my 2p worth

  78. Latonia Lambert says:

    Athena, you WERE insulting to intimate that few Europeans are paying members, especially as more Europeans than Americans play SL now.

    I have been playing since 2004 and have got used to the timing of downtimes and as someone mentioned, whatever time is chosen will affect someone in the world.

    Well said Citizen Zhao.

  79. The XO says:

    Nice one LL, I’m happy to see the downtime these days is much shorter. Only 2 hours compared to the 8 that it used to be this time last year!

    Viva la Liberación! Vive la Het Grid!

    Also more wonderful news… no viewer update – I am so happy. Why? Because it means I can stick with my old old non voice enabled viewer rather than that pile of utter poop thats currently shipping!

    It would be nice if people have voice disabled – it could look AND work something like the 1.17/1.18 versions before voice existed. Maybe you (or the community -hint hint) could make a non voice enabled viewer that looked and worked like 1.17/1.18. Whats the point of having the extra download size, resources, code, wasted CPU usage when I’m not wanting it. Plus the UI of the new viewer is frankly awful.

    Please, someone, anyone… ship a “traditional” looking/working non voice viewer.

    Aside from my hated of the new viewer.. the performance, stability and usability of SL have increased massivly. Downtimes shorter – I’m really impressed with it all. We know you are working furiously behind the scenes (ie. swapping out the engine while driving the car) but… nice work LL!

    Viva la Liberación! Vive la Het Grid!

  80. Georgette Whitfield says:

    This downtime is actually at dinnertime in Europe, unless you are in Spain and eat at 10pm! So, Europeans, do what I do and go and cook a nice meal, have a glass of wine, chill with your friends and family and come back on later in the evening when downtime is complete. Instead of being stressed by downtimes, start seeing them as Linden Lab’s way of doing you a favour by reminding you to ‘log in’ to RL once in a while!

  81. pantaiputih korobase says:

    I am still on the latest viewer version without voice. works pretty fine here. I only fear that one day, there probably will be a new mandatory update which includes voice. So, there is no way to avoid voice completely in the future (except turning it off). I really hope that voice does not affect the system performance (I know, I know it runs on different servers) as so many commented in various blogs.

    Downtimes at European prime time? Well, I am in Europe but I can deal with it as long as the downtimes are announced early enough, therfore: no prob and keep on going improving. I notice some tendency at LL to listen more to their customers and their needs lately, so LL go further on like this!

  82. The XO says:

    @Georgette Whitfield #52:

    Here here! My RL account has been dormant for some time and could use some time :-p

    I like the occasional downtime on Wednesday to be honest… and where ever you are in the world it’s going to affect someone. LL do it at these times because they have maximum staff and resources at those times in case something goes wrong.

    The chernobyl disaster occured during a night-time skeleton staff – look what happened there! Unqualified and insufficient staff just to suit times isn’t a good course of action.

    Besides, if they were to do it during another time and borked it, taking the grid out for 2 or 3 days, how would you feel then?


  83. Kasolai Nighbor says:


    I don’t know what others are seeing, but the voice client 1.18.2 has shown no difference in speed over the older one for me. I use the voice a lot and its a really nice feature, I’m glad linden put it in. My computer is not up to date and is not even PCI Express. Its AMD 2.17ghz, 2gig ram and AGP ATI x1950Pro video card. I still get from 25-60 fps in nearly all area’s, and talking with voice does not change the frame rate for me or seem to cause extra lag that wasn’t there already.

  84. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    Oh, another tip for people. Even if you have a single cpu like me, go to the Client/Rendering menu and enable Multi Threaded! For me it gives a BIG speed boost! Especially when many other avatars are near! To access the Client menu, put in the command control-alt-shift-D. You can remove the client/server menu by putting in that key command again. Linden should make multi threaded enabled by default all the time…

  85. Cat Cotton says:

    Our traffic numbers are way down from a couple of weeks ago. PPL are simply not logging in. I honesty think ppl are tired of waiting for a stable product at this point. I know I am.

  86. Balthazar says:

    You are right Cat, people are tired of waiting. I’ve been playing this game since december i tried to make a business happen in the game but the instability with creating prims got so bad i simply gave up i log in so little now it’s not really worth it now. Every update since december doesn’t seem to make the slightest bit of difference. I don’t understand why LL doesn’t just consider that perhaps the system in it’s current state including client is bugged and badly deployed in such a way that it’s not truly possible to fix all the problems, the problems must be so deeply ingrained that if they finally find a way to fix the longer lasting bugs that it will cripple the system entirely. I honestly think LL should count it’s loses now on the current SL deployment and build a completely new and seperate system architecture…test and test and test it as hard possible and then migrate users to it and go from there. There must be something these people have learnt along the way…they’ve had plenty of stuff ups to learn from.

  87. Melanie Milland says:

    Well, LL does seem to listen more, but I still fail to hear of a revamp of the new viewer UI, in tune with the overwhelming demand (look in Jira, no other oen issue has as many votes!), to break friends and groups out of the IM window again.
    So, i second #51, I still use the non-voice viewer. I actually would use voice, if that UI weren’t designed to make text chat next to impossible while being in-world!
    And, of course, if there was voice for Linux, another LL promise that I see no progress on.

  88. The XO says:

    I use Linux too, the old viewer, no voice – so I don’t care if they don’t enable it. If I was really really wanting to, I’d just boot to Windows.

    @ Balthazar #58:

    It’s been said before that LL are re-writing SL from the inside, bit by bit whilst keeping it running. As I said “swapping the engine and keeping the car running” and thats nearly impossible. The fact that SL even works in the first place is near amazing, the fact that LL are supporting, re-writing and re-deploying whilst moving is nothing short of a miracle.

    The current platform can’t just be frozen and a new one built. It would take years – and the current platform would never cope. So this is the only solution.

    Now before people brand me an LL “sympathiser” just read over some of my old blog posts. I get just as annoyed as everyone else, but I think there is a time and a place for praise and criticism and at the moment it’s praise.

  89. Yeah, for the one’s wanting the times changed remember these last 2 updates were code designed to not have to take the grid down for updates at all. So there will be no scheduled down time to change. 😉

    Only thing we should have to suffer is rolling restarts and unscheduled down time.

  90. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Greater consideration for European players when rolling out updates would be appreciated. For example, deploying updates at 0400 SL time would be 1200 GMT or 1300 for most of Europe, thus avoiding peak times for either region.

    Unless of course you are intentionally avoiding off-peak times in favour of peak time maintenance, and therefore a reduced impact on the grid once you open the doors and demand hits your server like a freight train.

  91. U M says:

    Recoding the whole game at the moment? Well that is hardly believable. I think you meant they are breaking the game piece by piece. If that is the case of rebuilding the UI and hardware. it will take years for it to be done right. So inthe mean time we have to deal with a piece of crap game until then? Nowonder LL is giving away the game now.

  92. Astarte says:

    Unfortunately I agree with several of the above. Whilst I welcome this move over to the HET grid…”to improve performance and scalability”…so far my synopsis of the move is, ever increasing packet losses; poor performance, with lag appearing to get worse by the day; teleports that seem to just manage to function before the grey screen of death; chat lag that makes involvment in a group almost impossible; and rezzing obects still debatable even in sims with less than 4 “agents” in situ.

    I do so hope this additional update is going to worth it…….. !! :).

    And yes I am UK so always get hit by these updates at prime play time, but I will stop complaining if these updates actually start to improve things instead of borking them.

  93. Zimmo says:

    Could not teleport.
    sorry, but the system was unable to complete your teleport request in a timely fashion.
    Please try again in a few minutes








    Could not teleport.
    sorry, but the system was unable to complete your teleport request in a timely fashion.
    Please try again in a few minutes








  94. fdg Freund says:

    Sorry Linden Labs, your performance of support, service and Grid stability now really IS ridiculous.

  95. Nou Corleone says:

    linden balance: loading….
    map: (unknown region)
    Group list:
    Could not teleport.
    sorry, but the system was unable to complete your teleport request in a timely fashion.
    Blog: …
    Please try again in a few minutes

  96. Korena Starbrook says:

    and in the meantine – SEARCH IS DOWN – LINDEN BALANCE IS LOADING….


    At least something is working.


  97. Kiboe Munro says:


  98. Kiboe Munro says:


  99. Kiboe Munro says:

    second life 2002-soon

  100. Cindi says:

    I’m not happy about the fact that the upgrades have done little to help, but as far as you Europeans go, stop whining about the time the upgrades happen. Its a U.S. company. If you want something like SL to be respectful of your timezones, start your own simulation.

  101. Kiboe Munro says:

    sorry for being like that, but this is rediculas, if you have one problem, it does not take 3 hours to fix it!

  102. Dirk Felix says:

    Seems SL is buggier than a ghetto, maybe XO feels this is snack time. Linden currency not loading, another pathetic day with limited functions. Maybe Torley can spin this into something good;)

    Private class 5 SIM for sale 😉

  103. Nou Corleone says:

    Group IM:
    Error starting a new IM with Yadda yadda group
    Error making request.
    please try again.

  104. Kiboe Munro says:

    well, this is wrong, some groups i am in are pointing to a PN attack

  105. Sabastian Mohr says:

    I find it funny that you all yell at the ppl that keep your secondlife running..instead of screaming at them why dont you give them some words of incourage ment as i have done programing and something of this caliber cannot be easy to maintain. There are to many variables in second life to be able to trouble shoot every problem while 200,000 users are running around running script. So before you throw a pre teen fit about “a game”, why dont we all take the time to appreciate all the hard work put into the construciton of one of the best progams i have ever had the pleasure of playing with,and thank LL for giving us the time we have had here already in hopes that our time can be longer and more interesting as the last.

  106. Nou Corleone says:

    Blog: Search temporarily down… LMAO! right…

  107. Melanie Milland says:

    Oh, puh-leeeze! Everything is blamed on the PN these days, if not the Lindens!

  108. Dirk Felix says:

    I think the marketing and engineering staff should have offices in Iraq and we dont let them come home until a quality product is achieved. 😉

    I would be more than happy to show my patriotism by giving each an american flag jacket, matching shirt, pants, socks and shoes. 😉

  109. Xen Akula says:

    ROFL @ #79

    Great idea!!!

    Thanks for the much needed laugh 🙂

  110. Vivienne says:

    Well, completely down again. Sa., 10:30 AM. No search, no money accounts, no teleports, just like two weeks ago.

    Face it, this 1.18 voice release is the WORST ever. Do your homework and get this thing running again. Or are there some Dallas servers down again? Ha Ha Ha. Did these notorious servers spin?

  111. Raven Primeau says:

    All I know is over the past few weeks my SL performance has been getting steadily worse and worse, You cant say its my machine etc.

    I know I have a bandwidth problem most of us in the UK seem to have but this is freaking rediculous. My account is 1 year old tomorrow and I would quit this heap if it wasn’t for those I love and hold dear here, saying that should something else come along perhaps we can group migrate out of lag hell

  112. Korena Starbrook says:

    What other company on earth can get away with charging people to use their service while at the same time promising absolutely nothing with regards to uptime, functionality, reliability, features etc.

    It’s amazing – they really are on the cutting edge.

  113. Kiboe Munro says:

    @83 umm, well there is one other company, and that is microsoft

  114. Kiboe Munro says:

    the reason i say that microstf is just like linden labs, the 11.5 million xbox 360s have major bugs, according to microsoft, and microsoft charges for online play in xbox live

  115. Gomez Bracken says:

    mmmm Deja Vu – isn’t this a copy of the blog post from last week before it was editied?

    I know that work like this has to be done – but the timings really should be varied.

    OR have one downtime slot PER month – (a little like MS do now for updates), where all the updates needed in the last month are done in one go. That will give you more time to test things, and cause less disruption to the grid – obviously critical updates can’t wait, but routine software updates can.

    It’s all good and well having the downtime during the daytime here in Europe, but then we have the reolloing restarts right through the evening… Surely you can work overtime once in a while and do these changes so they affect different timezones negativley each time. For us europeans, it seems we can only use SL 6/7 days a week at the moment (when they work!)

  116. Annecha Jun says:

    Guess I will watch some telvision instead…

  117. Why is the same stuff getting BROKE every week. SEARCH TP MONEY & so on come on GET the stuff fixed!!!!!!!!

  118. Hey guys, I am in the States. The typical Wednesday morning down time does cut into my SL time. So UK don’t think you’re the Lone Ranger here. Downtime affects everyone in some way no matter what.

    Three cheers for downtime to update, HIP HIP HURRAY!

    Having the Het Grid in place is a great thing.

    Yes it has to be done in stages, that is a good thing. When updates are done in stages it allows for more controlled responses to unstable situations.

    Think of it like weather in RL. It comes and it goes, it always changes, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes it’s great. Love the sunny days (personally I like overcast days) and batten down the hatches for the stormy days. The sun will come up tomorrow.

    Remember that wherever you go, there you are. Learn to be Water and flow with the changes, because there’s on one thing in life besides death you can count on… and that is change.

    I actually grown to like the Wednesday morning down time, that’s time I clean my bathroom, change the bed and do laundry without feeling guilty about taking precious time from my Second Life.

  119. Korena Starbrook says:

    the proclaim the problem has been solved


    Guess again. TPs still failing. Tranactions failing consistently.

  120. Ann Otoole says:

    its the weekend. nothing ever works on the weekend. the hamsters go home for the weekend.

    listen up LL.. get rid of traffic. by getting rid of traffic we lose the 20,000+ text viewer camping bots and all those related transactions go away.

    of course then the concurrency number would reflect reality and sl wouldn’t look so appealing with all 5,000 of us regulars online so i guess you will keep the bogus traffic and the bogus search results that go with it.

  121. Ann Otoole says:

    maybe linden research should frequent sl related websites and forums. if they did they would see the writing on the wall.

    to wit:

  122. Joker Opus says:

    I think its great that you are schedualing a down time to implement a new version. But I really do hope that on the new version you managed to fix some of this issues that are severly effecting the Second Life residents.

  123. Raven Primeau says:

    Hey ho the latest problem resolved, why then was I standing penniless trapped in the only sim I could tp into, stood lag frozen for over 10 minutes while it loaded. with my prim skirt round my knees and every other attachment up my arse.

    Then to rub salt in I crashed as SL allowed me slowly to put it all where it should be. So I’m back here to whine cos comments are strangely turned off on the correct post!

    And there was me thinking of expanding my land and actually starting a commercial venture in this heap of Dogdoo

  124. Kettu Keiko says:

    Ann.. they got rid of “dwell bonuses” a year ago, and the traffic statistic is now meaningless. Also, now that gambling in all forms is illegal, most camping chairs and camping dance pads are now being pulled because THEY are fueled by slot machines! This position puts some people like VGI out of business now.. but camping was primarily THE way to earn the dwell bonus on the stipend (the alternate way was to create a popular club, but club events were still limited to times run by owners whilst camping was a 24/7 ‘non-event’).

  125. Ann Otoole says:

    sorry kettu traffic is used in the way search results are ordered. therefore it is still used and is very bogus. they need to remove it and do so traumatically without any notice so we can see the useless sim owners scream loudly. of course its rather obvious those sim owners and LL are pretty much the same since the camping bots are propping up those concurrency numbers by most likely well over 50%. without the hack text based autocamping viewers commercially available (so much for open source you have to PAY for open source clients. a big DOH for LL) the number of users online would drop to maybe 5,000 to 10,000. and if they filtered out camping linden transactions the daily transactions would drop off as well. wouldn’t be looking like a gold farm anymore and maybe we could get back to building the creative social environment that is all sl has any value being. it sure will never be a commerce platform. that concept is dead due to the way this debacle has been unmanaged.

  126. Ann Otoole says:

    sorry only an extreme minority of sims are useless zombie camper zones. my statement made it sound like a broad blanket statement. my apologies.

  127. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Search is down, despite the last blog entry claiming that it has been resolved. Both classifieds and places show “Service unavailable”. Would be nice if the comments were left open in such “resolved” blog posts, to report further or persisting bugs… they always seem to persist lately, no matter what the blog says.

  128. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I think some of you are confused about the situation. Things like TP and search are not controlled by the client, they are controlled by the servers therefore when these services go down, the client is not to blame. The client only requests this information from the servers. Please, if you are going to bash a software update, bash the right one!

  129. Drakona Lewellen says:

    @ #24

    Well, about ATI and SL, that is because ATI does not support OpenGL as well as nVidia based cards. SL was created more along the lines of the OpenGL standard of rendering rather than Microsoft’s DirectX. There are good reasons for this…DX is more for your “standard” games…games that are basically “done” when you buy them and do not upgrade much later. DX is, imo, more stable for gaming, but it would not have worked for SL. OpenGL has been used historically for programs (not just games) that are 3D…such as architectural and special effects programs. SL is more along the line of the latter…since the prims and building in SL is quite dynamic and ever changing it’s more of a 3D program than a “game”…as in AutoCAD versus Counter-Strike Source.

    ATI was created in the 90’s to work almost exclusively with Direct X. nVidia’s main grab at the video card market was that they not only supported DX, but OpenGL as well. So if you are very serious about SL, unfortunately that means you need a nVidia chipset video card. Fortunately, there are many to choose from 🙂 If you do not believe me, you can check this out; it explains it better than I can.


    Besides, with my new rig, SL has not been terribly naughty…
    AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 3.014GHz
    ASUS Crosshair AM2 mobo with dual channel RAM nVidia 590 SLI
    2Gig (2x 1g) 800MHz Corsair XMS2 RAM in Dual channel
    500Gig WD SATA 3.0Gbs HDD @ 7200rpm
    nVidia 7950 GT KO (factory overclocked) 512mb PCI-E
    Plextor DVD+-RW

    As you can see I am not running in SLI as I am saving money for the Direct X 10 cards (nVidia 8+ series), but I readily admit this is one 1337 system…it is some what of a shawm that SL takes this kind of computer to run stable, as most people do not have the money or the care to get a system over $1K US. This is why other games do so well, in which they do not require the user to spend their life savings on a gaming rig. It is notable, however, that recent games have been pushing the user to open their wallet more on their computer, but that is the age in which we live. Until next time folks, be happy and if you have any computer issues dont hesitate to ask me in world 🙂

  130. All things that dont work right deal with LL’s network. They have to have the sh*tt*est network in the world. No where have I ever saw the same stuff breaking over & over & over & over & over &over week in & week out. Think if our web browsers the back & forward buttons decided to not work all the time.

    We get told things are fixed when its not. They temp fix a problem & do not completely fix it. They must DUCT TAPE everything that breaks instead if replacing whats broken!!!!

    We haven’t have a week straight without a search, TP or money asset not failing in months!!!!!

    thanks LL for voice!!!!!! sure has really helped SL run great

  131. THe END!!!!

    FREEPLAY does not equal WAGER!!!!!!!!

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