Wonderful wiki resources you should know about

Friendly greetings! It’s me again, here with s’more knowledge to make your Second Life easier. My recent posts have all been inspired by questions I get asked a lot by Residents in our community, and the same is true today.

A wiki is a bunch of a web pages with info which you can add to. Simplifying, I know, but you may’ve heard of the likes of such popular wikis as… Wikipedia. Many passionate communities, like the TV show Heroes (which I am an ardent fan of), have wikis.

And since we’re a passionate community who cares deeply when things go right, wrong, and otherwise, we have one too.

The Second Life Wiki is suitably located at wiki.secondlife.com. It’s been viewed over 7.5 million times (more on those metrics later!), and its original purpose was to allow Residents to contribute to our Open Source initiative — perfectly fitting because OS encourages such group participation. Over time, we’ve added more sections, like the Volunteers one — again, another field where people come together to do great things.

On the wiki is a lot of info from Lindens and Residents you won’t find anywhere else, and that’s why I’m here, to take you on a tour of some of the best stuff that hasn’t been the most obvious to find, and save you time.

The 7 Portals
The wiki has several main themed gateways, or “portals”. Right now, they are:

Individual pages can, but don’t have to be included in a portal. The most visited is the LSL Portal, which grew from nothing to become the frequently-consulted guide it is today. Interested in learning scripting? Come!

Check these portals out, see what interests you, then go deeper…

» Viewer Roadmap
When it comes to future features and bug fixes, I often get asked:

“Will we ever get X in Second Life?”
“When is X going to be fixed?”

There’s a lot of ???s about the road ahead, and naturally, when I have info I can share with you, I do.

That’s why I’m happy to broadcast that Senior Developer Steve Linden has started the Viewer Roadmap page, including a Stability section containing both the overarching strokes and finer points of what we aim to achieve.

Note that per the name, these are viewer improvements and not server ones, but over time, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, I hope these pages will keep growing to be more and more useful in communicating our directions. Now that you know this exists, indulge your curiosity!

There’s also a Render Roadmap, with links to upcoming projects like Avatar Puppeteering and WindLight, both of which are still being actively worked on. Wikis are rich in connections, and once you start surfing, it can be pretty addictive learning.

A lot of those pages have less than 100 views as of this writing, so again, THIS IS WHY I’M GETTING THE WORD OUT FOR YOUR BENEFIT!

And speaking of rendering…

» Sculpted Prims
If you don’t live under a low-poly rock, you’ve probably heard of “sculpties”. And if you’ve never heard of them, then let me tell ya, this part of the wiki is one of my faves, because after Qarl Linden opened the gates… =@_@=


it’s been greatly expanded, many thanx to the numerous Resis who contributed.

With over 100,000 views to date, this is proof positive of how collective knowledge can benefit our online society — see the FAQ if you’re a beginner, learn more about terms used in 3D modeling, and find out about other software you can use to make sculpties.

Learn something of use to others? Take a few minutes and add your legacy to the wiki, future novices will thank you!

Which brings us to…

» Tutorials category
A fledgling but special collection. Admittedly, some of it comes from old notecards and is out-of-date, but since this is a wiki, anyone who knows better can update at their leisure.

I’ve personally started several link lists o’ help:

  • Video Tutorials – When words and still pictures aren’t enough… the wiki’s 3rd-most-viewed page!
  • Texture Tools – I love textures! Who doesn’t?
  • Clothing Tutorials – Making clothing is a cornerstone of SL content creation.
  • Snapshots & Postcards – The fine art of inworld photography.
  • Debug Help – Need to learn how to find your SecondLife.log or get your Fast Timers results?

As “live documents”, I’m always appreciative of wandering explorers who can help fill in the gaps.

Another highlight is the Voice Mentors’ Getting Started with Voice tutorial. These Residents have translated it into multiple languages so talking globally is easier.

So what’s the difference between content here and our Support Portal‘s Knowledge Base? A couple things come to mind:

  • Residents can contribute their own unofficial help, hosted by us.
  • You can easily link to these pages directly. (Hopefully, we’ll eventually be able to link to KB articles too.)

So, if you’re thinking of writing up a tutorial, I sure welcome it! It feels great to be a teacher; when I was new to Second Life, a lot of people helped me, and now I aspire to help many more.

» SLDev TrafficSLDev Traffic
Even if you’re not a programmer, these vivid summaries of Second Life development, involving much discussion between keen Lindens and Residents, are an insightful read — especially if you want to be enlightened about what goes on “behind the scenes”. Begat by Soft Linden, these digests are periodically edited by some of our excellent Open Source contributors.

» Linden Office Hours

Employees of Linden Lab hold scheduled inworld meetings with Residents. They’re generally focused on specific topics for productivity’s sake, and because as you know, while we have a shared vision, different Lindens have different job roles. This wiki page shows a regularly-updated schedule of the who, what, and where.

A particular weekly highlight are our bug triages — be sure to see Iridium’s excellent recap — where with Residents’ help, we go through specific bugs on our Issue Tracker (which also has a wiki page) and engage feedback on improving Second Life. If you’d like to get more involved, here’s your opportunity!

And in case you miss a session, some Lindens regularly post transcripts. For example, Zero Linden currently has 40 (!) logs containing a lot of technical gems on the inner workings of SL.

If your fave Lindens aren’t holding Office Hours and you’re interested, send IMs and let them know. 🙂 

Yes, you can have your own “home page” on the Second Life Wiki. To get there, just login and go to:


For example, mine is:


Then start editing and adding content! It can be as simple or as fancy as you like. Think of it as an extended profile.

If you’ve never edited a wiki before, there’s help for that too.

A few more tips for your pleasure:

  • Second Life Wiki statistics – Visit this to see some metrics on wiki usage. For example, as of this writing, there are almost 5,300 pages in the wiki, and almost 10,800 Residents have logged in (you need to login to edit, but anyone, even those who haven’t joined SL, can browse).
  • Better search – The wiki’s built-in search is kind of limited, which is why I turn to a familiar face, Google, for my queries. For example, if I want to search for stuff about textures, I enter this:
    site:wiki.secondlife.com texture
    You can also use this page to search via Google.
  • Customize the wiki’s look ‘n’ feel – Via Preferences, you can change various settings to suit you better.
  • Need a hard copy? – On the left of every page is a link that says “Printable version”. Click that to get a formatted version fit for paper.

I hope this has given you a taste of the possibilities our wiki offers.

See you next week,



Torley Linden is a Product Manager & more who regularly contributes to the Official Linden Blog. Torley loves making your Second Life happier — read Torley’s previous posts!

About Torley

Who am I? See http://torley.com/
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73 Responses to Wonderful wiki resources you should know about

  1. Eldrad Fonda says:

    Very nice well done People

  2. Ann Otoole says:

    thanks Torely! might mesh nicely with a project i am starting!

  3. Broccoli Curry says:

    Blogs suit Linden Lab.

    Forums suit residents.

    Remember who pays your salaries.


  4. Revolution Perenti says:

    thanks again Torley for work you are putting into second-life
    and lets not forget everyone try and get involved by second life platform even better.
    jira.secondlife.com take a look at some of recent bugs , reporduce these problems if you can fix some of the bugs if you are able too.
    or look at the latest wilki bug triage at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/ (thanks for torley the note)
    second life is a community project lets help each other
    see you again soon torley
    Revolution Perenti – Making your second Life Expierence better – SL Open Source Dev

  5. The XO says:

    Good update Torley – a wealth of information! Hopefully people will have a look around.

    Off topic slightly, but I just wanted to say congrats on a smooth and painless update yesterday. Everything went to plan and worked afterwards – superb!

  6. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Good information Torley. I have another question related to the Blog. On one of the last entry’s if you inspect it you will see several people posting multiple times.

    These entry’s have nothing to do with the subject matter and some are, only, one word.

    Is it possible to limit an individual to one post per subject. This would allow a more diversified comment base. In effect the inane are turning the Blog into a chat board with their selfish acts.

    Or at least some monitoring of the off topic chatting. Some seem to think that we need to hear their yowling everywhere.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Moose Maine says:

    Once Again, Torley exceeds everyone’s expectations! Suits at Linden Labs – Your NOT Paying Torley enough! Bravo Zulu Torley!

  8. Psistorm Ikura says:

    great post, Torley 🙂

    Im only missing one thing: maybe put a bit of a spotlight on the protocol exchange in the scripting wiki – I believe this could improve certain products a bit 🙂

  9. This should be a web page somewhere on the site. You managed to put up a lot of the stuff people look for on the site itself – I think you should add it to the SL site, as is, and list it under resources.

    Some character would be good. And Torley, you are some character… 🙂

  10. Psistorm Ikura says:

    since I just read through the “render roadmap” section:
    wow! – theres some tasty stuff on the horizon 😀

  11. Georgette Whitfield says:

    I love you, Torley! I didn’t know there were so many good tutorials on the wiki, thank you. And “Heroes” rocks! Hiro is my favourite character: heeeeeeerrrrrrrooooo Neeeeew Yoooorrrk!!!!!! Hehehe.

    Watermelony wishes,
    Georgette =D

  12. Ron Crimson says:

    WOW Torley!

    I usually never bother to post in blog responses but you continue to blow me away with your insightful, fun-to-read and incredibly USEFUL posts. I’ll be all over that wiki like syrup on pancakes, I know that much. 😀

    Long live Second Life!!!

  13. Benja says:

    Wow! Fantastic post Torley!

    puppeteering?! gosh!! that’s gonna be great fun in making videos!!

    oops, exclamation mark limit reached


  14. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Ta’ Tor’

  15. Keiko Rau says:

    You can always spot a Torley blog by its title. Thanks again Torley for the informative and upbeat posts – it makes a welcome change from what the other lindens have been posting here lately.

    Gotta agree with @6. There is a certain person who takes more than his fair share of comment space, and despite his recent postings under his initials only, we know who it is.

  16. Also definitely worth mentioning is the LSL wiki, where you can find in-depth information about LSL scripting. Despite past downtimes, multiple moves and current problems (very slow at times), this is still the ultimate LSL reference. You can currently find it at http://lslwiki.net/

  17. Doris Haller says:

    I am somewhat disappointed that the entry for “Inventory” does not contain help about using the inventory or a description that someone outside of LL can understand. It seems as it is a developer’s entry, not designed for end-users.
    Just read the contents list:
    * 1 Feature Design Document
    * 2 Functional Spec
    * 3 Test scripts
    * 4 Discussion for future improvements
    * 5 Relationship to other features
    * 6 User Guides

    The interesting entry “User Guides” shows me a “Not found” page.

    I expected a wiki-entry that tells me how to sort and filter the items etc.

  18. Doris Haller says:

    (I need an edit button.)

    Let me add that the Inventory-Entry is just an example. Same is true for “Build”, “Teleport” etc. All I found in the wiki (except for the FAQ) looks as it is for developers, not for users.

  19. Wiseguy Capra says:

    [quote]I am somewhat disappointed that the entry for “Inventory” does not contain help about using the inventory or a description that someone outside of LL can understand.[/quote]

    See, that’s why it is a wiki.
    If you feel this needs to be added then do so.
    A Wiki is a place for anyone to add content and not only the lindens or the people that have been here forever. Think something is missing or got a contrib you fell you should share it with others then add a page or section about it. Fill it with some content and watch it to see it grow with other people adding more to it. 🙂

  20. Marianne McCann says:

    Great post!

    There’s also the SL History Wiki at http://www.slhistory.org/ 🙂

  21. Psistorm Ikura says:

    @6: another suggestion would be to simply couple the blog with the SL logins. so you would need to login first to comment, like you need to post on the forums. I believe this would eliminate these problems 🙂

  22. ari blackthorne says:

    Wow – thanks Torley.

    You’re early this week aren’t you? Always can’t wait to see what you post on Fridays. LOL


  23. Blinders Off says:

    Loves Wikis. However there is at least one area on the SL Wiki that seriously needs attention: the LSL Wiki. This Wiki uses obscure, difficult-to-understand technogeek-speek that is difficult not only for newbies to follow, but even experienced programmers. There is an alarming lack of basic code examples, as well as a lack of practical application examples. The descriptions often tell what the item does, but not WHY it is needed or how it is used. It lacks essential information such as prerequisite code to make a certain function or event work.

    To summarize: the LSL Wiki needs to be simplified (written in language the average user can understand), there needs to be an actual code example for every function and event, and there needs to be a practical example for every item. If some of the SL scripters could form a group to dive in and completely re-write the LSL Wiki, they would be doing all of SL a big favor.

  24. Revolution Perenti says:

    😆 Blinders wait till mono comes out i expect to be easier there not enough contribs for some reason.
    maybe if i find the time i will do some 😛
    Revolution Perenti

  25. Hypatia Callisto says:

    Thanks for the heads up, especially about the render roadmap, looking forward.

    /me drools over that, and avatar puppeteering 😀

  26. Doris Haller says:

    Wiseguy, I wanted to contribute but not if it is a wiki that addresses developers.
    All these things may be interesting, but for the simple user who is searching information, it is useless if he get too many information he does not need or understand and too less of what he was looking for.

    Simply adding or editing the content will not solve this.
    There should be separated places for this. When I search for “Inventory” I don’t want/need to know how to test it. Exactly these search results stopped me from using this.

  27. Billy Islander says:

    @22 Blinders you could,nt have put it any better , i,m just getting into scripting and when i looked at the lsl wiki i thought no way this is much too much for me then after a visit to The College of Scripting at Horsa decided maybe i could get into it.the lsl wiki definately needs simplifying for but many thanks to all who take time to contribute.

  28. Calliope Simon says:

    Is there something in the wiki about why Second Life is constantly broken? I’m not merely being cranky about it here, but also suggesting what would of course ultimately be the single most popular section of the wiki.

    Create a “Second Life Issues and Drawbacks” section, please.

  29. Zimmo says:

    With so many responses to Linden Blogs being “Bah, Humbug!” doesn’t it speak volumes when Torley gets thanked so profusely and enthusiastically?
    One Torley blog (or video) is worth hours and hours of trawling. Keep up the excellent work.


  30. simon sugita says:

    ty for the nice info im sure many more people will find the wiki’s now

  31. Tony says:

    Good update Torley, nice to see you promoting this stuff but Nobody Fugazi has a point. Maybe you could make this a sticky in one of the forums, or a link to the wiki from the main page or even better a link to this blog update!

  32. wise clapsaddle says:

    Very nice post torley. A great help to many including myself. Bit by bit my fears are being tackled by linden labs and i truly appreciate it.

    Please torley, joshua keep going, your on the right track and now the information is starting to get through. Just please try to acknowledge the burning questions residents are having as of late, they are scared, angry and dont have complete information on those subjects, please read up and when you get a chance let them know one way or another your full decisions on those matters and why.

    Least then they know and can understand your stance fully.

    Again thankyou for the increase in transparancy lately and keep it up

  33. Zimmo says:

    OH, AND, I agree with post #22!

    a couple of different examples that do not simply repeat the command word would be helpful.

    To help others Larnin’ themselves scripting two in-world locations that will make your life better.

    Bromley College’s Scripting Tutorials
    Daydream SE Islands (218, 39, 23)
    [this one has active exhibits which demo the code, then underneath you get a notecard with the actual script in it – some very cool examples you will be able to mod & use straight away]

    College of Scripting, Music, and Science
    Horsa (41, 239, 84)
    Different format from the above, but excellent resource.

  34. Parsimony Paragon says:

    Torley! I know we’re supposed to be embracing Taoism, but your blog today was the most Zen-like Second Life experience I’ve had in weeks! Thank you so very much for doing what you are doing, and I sincerely beseech the gods (and godesses) to let the positive energy flow of proactivity-with-clients you create permeate not only your work environment, but that of your hard-working peers, as well.

    Today, finally, I will openly accept the tag “FanBoy,” just for today(!), hehe…let’s see you MAKE ME ONE FOR LIFE, THAT’s why I left the other MMOG I was in to begin with!

    A question about the suggestions for the WIKI…can’t we make those additions ourselves? Perhaps some collaboration between those that have the knowledge and those that have the needs. Is there a WIKI section dedicated to users who simply would like to either work on the WIKI itself or make suggestions to those that do???

  35. Argent Stonecutter says:

    There’s a lot of information that didn’t get copied from the old scripting wiki to the new.

    The old wiki is online again at lslwiki.net.

    wiki.secondlife.com is a wiki.

    You know what you doing. Take off every Zig.

  36. Gabriel says:

    I’m a huge wiki fan (research mostly) and truly enjoyed my visit to your blog (found it “by accident”). I’ve bookmarked and will be returning often for more insights. Thanks!

  37. Dirk Felix says:

    Demand a real person on a phone or you will see more bribble like this to solve issues that are created my LL. 😉

    Torley can you be honest, you know more tansparent like you said LL should be weeks ago on why the platform is so unstable? 😉 Can you tell us how many were affected by hackers getting into customer DB? 😉

  38. Porsupah Ree says:

    Is there an official means of obtaining a snapshot of the wiki for offline browsing, or do we simply use a site-slurping app of our choice? Seems it’d be straightforward for an official tarball to be automatically generated each night, and placed at the same URL, for easy periodic syncing.

  39. Alysha says:

    Ok, maybe it’s me and I just need more sleep….

    But, I can’t login to my personal Wiki page. And I’m pretty sure I can follow instructions.

    Anyone? Help?

  40. Laehvul Rau says:

    Why does everyone assume that the wiki is run by, controlled, updated and handled by LL alone? Is the word “wiki” not being clearly enough defined?

    If YOU think that a wiki needs something more, add it! The whole beauty of a wiki is that many many people come together to add the information that they have, to create a cumulative whole. If everyone who thinks something is too technical, or lacking in details, or not there at all shrugs it off and assumes that it’s supposed to be that way, it’ll never get changed and then you’ll never be happy about the way the page looks.

    In short: Don’t like it? Do something about it! Wikis are great that way.

  41. les says:

    Wiseguy Capra Says:
    See, that’s why it is a wiki.
    If you feel this needs to be added then do so.


    did it already… this is the second wiki. No one (at least not me) is bothering with it cause who likes to do things twice, cept LL? Most of the usefull info was left behind.


    Revolution Perenti Says:
    second life is a community project lets help each other
    see you again soon torley
    Revolution Perenti – Making your second Life Expierence better – SL Open Source Dev

    —-where to do you get this fantasy that SL is a community project? It’s a PRIVATE COMPANY. It will never be open source while the linden’s think it’s a good idea to make millions selling Game Tokens.

    http://lslwiki.net./ <— better script wiki

  42. MP says:

    The wonderful wonderful wiki, a digital form of a sticky,

  43. Dirk Felix says:

    Torley where is the weekly post from last week? oops, forgot, grid was down with no means to post comments. I wonder why LL closed comments….hmmm 😉

  44. Blinders Off says:

    ((Laehvul Rau Says: Why does everyone assume that the wiki is run by, controlled, updated and handled by LL alone? Is the word “wiki” not being clearly enough defined? In short: Don’t like it? Do something about it! Wikis are great that way. ))

    Nice sentiments. To do something about a wiki, one has to have enough knowledge to do so. The LSL is not something the average user has the ability to update or alter. Further, such wikis are supposed to be there as a support function. Expecting the end users to write the documentation for Second Life is unrealistic… especially when it comes to something as technical as the LSL.

    Nice sentiments. But reality does step in there somewhere. Yeah sure, it would be great if the pro scripters on SL would step in and fix the LSL Wiki. Do we see that happening? Nah. So then, who owns SL in the end game, and who is responsible for reasonable system documentation. LL.

    And that’s why people look to LL for something like that. They’re the ones charging US$5000+ a year for an island… not me.

  45. Luna Larsen says:

    Torley, you keep our Secod Life alive. Every time i am upset and angry about SL you bring the life and sunshine back to our Second Life. 😀

    I learned so much from you. I use in many of my sculptures your textures. Every time i finish a new sculpture on my sim i thanks god that we got our Torley 😉

  46. Solar Legion says:

    Um, Les? second Life is a program. Linden Lab is the company

  47. Dirk Felix says:

    #42 Luna Larsen
    My $300 – 1,000 USD per month keeps SecondLife alive and the people like me me do the same. Torley is a PM and a master of spin. His role can’t do anything more than post this blog and try to get other marketing messages out. That’s his role, nothing less – nothing more. 😉

  48. CrazyTB Oh says:

    Yeah, the wiki. I hope someone from linden labs actually reads the “Talk:Voice_FAQ” page. Since Voice_FAQ is closed for editing, we ask things at that Talk page. And, for weeks, looks like nothing has changed…

    Linden Labs, take a look at that! There are very important things mentioned and asked there.

  49. mimi says:

    though I’m not a fan of adding new features when very important problems like many people not getting their items when theyve payed for them still exists, i think the puppeteering sounds very interesting

  50. Luna Larsen says:

    # Dirk Felix
    Well my 300 $ every month also keep SL alive 😉 and a few thousand more $ i put in to SL.
    You are not the only who put money in SL 😛

    Maybe Torley is a master of spin but his work is great and if all from Linden Lab would be like he, it would be good.

    Look at his homepage and in YouTube. He is doing good work no matter if this is his role or not 😉

  51. Chaz Longstaff says:

    #Dirk Felix.


  52. U M says:

    Havent we been promised at the satart of this is was simple to start with?

  53. Chalice Yao says:


    This right there may be the big non-bugfix thing that will make me go YAAAAY! when it is released. Forget Windlight, I’m so utterly rooting for that one.

  54. J S B says:

    Torley Torgeson=Torley Linden=BLOKE

  55. Jabath Steuart says:

    I live in mortal fear that the old scripting wiki will die someday and we will lose a wealth of knowledge. Programmers never have enough time to write documentation, and it’s an unwritten rule of programming that you never do anything twice if it can possibly be avoided. Copying articles from the old wiki to the new is a huge misuse of time that could be better spent actually writing scripts or helping others code better.

    Imagine a new resident trying their hand at scripting with only the new wiki to go on. With all the caveats and gotchas in LSL, even an experienced coder of other languages would be walking thru a minefield.

    Please LL, make a commitment to archiving the old wiki. I know it doesn’t fit in with your corporate color scheme, I know it will discourage people from adding to the new one, but it’s just too important a resource to lose.

  56. PeterSnow Hyun says:

    Just read the pupeteering entry. My mind is racing….walk hand in hand? Touch surfaces? Free form dancing?

    Thanks Torley for your post – always fun, always informative.

    left 1, left 1, slide, heel…or was it left 1, RIGHT 1, slide, heel… 🙂

  57. Amanda Ascot says:

    There’s not much I can add to this that hasn’t already been said. Kudo’s Torley! The wiki is horribly under-used, probably because many people are intimidated by it, as they are (and a bit understandably so) by the jira. What I would like to see is a way of clearly distinguishing between “canon” and things that might not be absolutely correct. I’m not saying there’s garbage in the wiki — only that there *could* be and there seems no way to tell.

    For those who see only limited usefulness in the LSL Portal, there’s a much better alternative in the LSL Wiki at http://www.lslwiki.net/lslwiki/wakka.php?wakka=HomePage , as Argent suggested. While much of this material is old, and may be outdated, it’s been around long enough, and was active enough at one time, to pretty thoroughly cover LSL, and really represents the only reasonably comprehensive documentation to LSL. I would think that Linden Lab would have a project underway to merge the information there, with its own LSL Portal, and then assign someone to actually keep the documentation up-to-date. At the moment documentation for LSL is woefully inadequate.

    And how about a search feature accessible in-world from the viewer that accesses the wiki and does not send you to a webpage using your default browser? Now that would be very cool, seeing as how there is no built-in Help documentation like we have grown to expect with every other complex application. The sad fact is that there is almost no way for someone unfamiliar with the user interface to discover what all those buttons and menu selections actually do without resulting to searches in the wiki, Knowledge Base (when it’s even accessible), or even Google. Where is the list of keyboard shortcuts … the one-line descriptions of what the various viewer functions are (other than just re-iterating the name of the function — a bit useless, in my opinion)? They don’t exist, to my knowledge. The wiki could at least partially make up for this, but people need to actually add to it. As far as I know there are no “wiki monkeys” on the Linden Lab staff — we are those critters, ourselves.

    @44: Dirk, don’t be so hard on Torley. He was doing this sort of thing (communicating with the masses) in Second Life even before becoming a Linden. I don’t see a “spin”, here. I see a consistently upbeat presentation of what is Good and what works in Second Life. Would you read a newspaper that never published the good news, or do you just want to hear how bad *everything* is, even though “everything” isn’t bad? I complain as bitterly about what doesn’t work and what is broken as everyone else does, but it’s not all about the Bad Things, here in the blog. There are Good Things about Second Life and Torley talks about those — a communicator who puts things in simple, non-technical terms, and in a lively, uplifting style that is rare in the blog, and has probably done more to make the nut and bolts of the user interface accessible to the general user than any other single person.

  58. NiteZelmanov says:

    @50 and others touting the lslwiki. The biggest problem with “archiving” the lslwiki, or copying content to the official one is that there are no license terms associated with the content at lslwiki.net. Basically, no one knows which parts we are legally allowed to reproduce. If there was a clear statement on lslwiki saying that the info was public domain at the time of it being posted, then a perl script would have copied most of the content to the official wiki months ago. As it stands, we must assume that it is illegal to copy the content. 😦

  59. M.E. says:

    Torley’s posts are always informative and uplifting, she always makes me smile, while also teaching me something new.
    If everyone approached their job so enthusiastically, the world would be a better place.
    And I agree that this post should be added to the knowledge base and as a sticky in the forums.

  60. Blinders Off says:

    Hey, I know this is a little off-topic, but someone mentioned Windlight.

    Has anyone else noticed that Windlight plays absolute havok with bright and shiney textures?

    You want to see all metal items on SL turn into stone and wood? Just install Windlight. hubba hubba not.

  61. Jamma Newt says:

    I have to chuckle at the sense of humor behind the naming of “Linden Lab’s Studio Shiny”, the development home of such future features as Windlight and Puppeteering…

  62. Parsimony Paragon says:

    I don’t presume to know anything about the human behind the keyboard, but isn’t “Torley Linden” a female?

  63. Amanda Ascot says:

    Parsimony, the avatar you see as “Torley Linden” is presented as female. However, the person behind the keyboard is male, and it’s that person, and not the visual representation of that person as expressed in digital bits and rendered by your Second Life viewer, that is responsible for the words you see on this blog and which receives a paycheck from Linden Lab. If Torley expresses a desire to always be referred to as “she” then I’m sure we’ll all do so. I certainly will.

    I play various characters, myself, but the people behind the characters that *they* are playing don’t look at me across the table when I make an OOC comment and I’m playing as a male, and then treat me like a male.

    In short, I will respect Torley’s wishes, once they are made known, but until then referring to Torley Linden as “he” or “she” seems to be pretty much a 50:50 thing among those people who are aware of his/her “backstory”.

    Torley, your thoughts, please?

  64. Samantha Poindexter says:

    [Samantha rolls her eyes]

    Torley’s addressed the pronoun question several times in the past. The official position boils down to “use whatever pronoun you feel like.”

  65. Samantha Poindexter says:

    (The link I tried to add above is at http://torley.com/i-break-pronouns .)

  66. Revolution Perenti says:

    @ Parsimony Paragon check out torley website as i do daily and his youtube site too

    added my profile now Torley too @ https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Revolution_Perenti
    also released by first wilki script @
    thought i post it now before mono comes out 😛

    Rev 🙂

  67. Revolution Perenti says:

    forgot to say torley website is http://torley.com/
    enjoy 🙂

  68. Linda Brynner says:

    Hi, since Linden Lab seems to close comments quickly it is quiet a challenge to find any entry.
    Thank you very much for spoiling any professional business in sl.
    Yes, we do seem to take the risk to invest sl. However isn’t this part
    of any opportunity offered by sl ? May I ask at least how come that
    when any interaction starts with potential clients a crash seems to be
    evident? All goes well, except, when interaction starts with them.
    Can this be bad luck ? No it just cannot be. More and more I seem to believe that sl has no message to the residents at all, If sl collects the money via auctions, sale of private estates and tier, they don’t seem to have any other story. Yes we have decided to invest any in sl; hasn’t this been the pr fromsl ? I should think it is time to start a law suit against sl… The crashes on the moment you start to talk business in sl with people, exactly at that moment; this cannot be any chance of luck anymore, proven by stats. SL will be taken to law someday.

  69. My last post in the blog suggested pretty much what you covered here. I wasn’t aware that it was already available. Sorry about that.

    I swear I’ve spent a lot more time looking around in the wiki (and half the time not being able to find something I’m looking for but I know it’s there), so thank you for the tips.

    As always, thank you for sharing this invaluable information, but I hate you for leaving me wanting more…lol.

  70. Loraaga says:

    very nice idea

    but using a laptop I’m not able to see what exactly I have to do. the video is to small and looks blurred. and my english not good enough to understand the spoken advice :o(

  71. zebadee says:

    What a blatently obvious “break-in-the-error” posts post.

    you can imagine it at LL now “We have a list forming on the blog of 9 or 10 bad days, with reems and reems of blog posts showing it. WE NEED COMEDY RELIEF TO DIVERT ATTENTION FROM OUR ERRORS”

    *Torley Lindens beeper goes off.

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