[RESOLVED] Phone support lines temporarily down

[10:48 PM PDT on 08/19/07]

Our Concierge phone lines are fully operational now.

We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

[8:42 AM PDT on 08/17/07]

Our Concierge phone support is still operating at reduced capacity, but are available in Live Chat and Tickets as normal. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to get this resolved.

[7:23 PM PDT on 08/16/07]

We appreciate the patience of Concierge residents dealing with reduced access throughout the day. We’ll update tomorrow, once Concierge phone service has been fully restored.

[12:56 PM PDT on 08/16/07]

Our Concierge phone support is still operating at reduced capacity, but they remain available via Live Chat and Tickets. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[11:49 AM PDT on 08/16/07]

The Billing phone lines are now fully operational. The Concierge support lines remain at reduced capacity, but Concierge can still be reached in Live Chat as normal.

[10:28 AM PDT on 08/16/07]

We have now partially restored phone access for the Billing and Concierge queues. However, we are still operating at reduced capacity – especially on the Concierge line – and Residents may experience longer hold times than normal.

[9:32 AM PDT on 08/16/07]

We are still working to restore Billing and Concierge phone support and will update you when further information is available. Thank you for your continued patience.

[8:35 AM PDT on 08/16/07]

The Second Life Support Phone lines still remain down at this time. We will keep you updated on any progress. Thank you for your patience.

We are experiencing issues with Concierge and Billing phone numbers at this time. You may experience issues reaching our personnel or experience extended wait times. We are working to correct this. Thank you for your patience.

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38 Responses to [RESOLVED] Phone support lines temporarily down

  1. Danny Odell says:

    Skype is down…

  2. U M says:

    O`Well 😦

  3. Tega Demina says:

    Everytime i go to log in a crash when getting to Region login -cries- Oh whoa as me i’m so addicted to this game lol

  4. Bo Rossen says:

    Funny that even your telephone system is skype based… too much dependancies on other systems… what is wrong with a descent hardware based telephony system LOL…

    I still use my hardware PBX… and I wont be putting THAT on VOIP hehe

    Ah well… we’ll survive πŸ˜€

  5. Dirk Felix says:

    This is pathetic ;(

  6. Cat Gisel says:

    I don’t see the need for phone support, or any for that matter.

    In fact if there weren’t so many users logging in SL would be lag free. There is never proof of any load on the SL servers when logins were closed, I further submit that the users are also the ones having issues and reporting them, and that aside from computer error messages I’d bet that SL itself has reported few (if any?) issues, and ONLY issues related to users, that it is the USERS causing all the problems. I don’t see SL logging ANY issues in Jira. I don’t see SL posting in the blogs or any of that. It’s the users that are the issue… users have infested and polluted SL. Oh no!

    Hey, wait, that means us….oh dear….uhm….

    *vainly presses delete repeatedly AFTER pressing enter*

    /me walks away quietly with her head hanging…

  7. Anonymous says:

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions πŸ˜‰

  8. Hehehe says:

    They were up? Oh yes, sorry! They gave me back the inventory items LL lost and I payed… or am i dreaming? LMAO

  9. Suda Tiramisu says:

    /me pats Cat Gisel on the back supportively.

  10. GoogleMama says:

    WOW, really pays to shell out those big bucks, doesn’t it…

  11. Recently Robbed says:

    Yeah right! – More likely they are all too stressed out from having to deal with users who are still waiting for refunds after Linden Labs double and triple billed their credit cards.



    Shouldnt more remote “Lindens” be hired to covar menbers issues…?
    umm like if the phones go down they could contact a “Concierge Liaison” in world and that “Liaison could give information & help also if needed use the many other means of contact the internet has blessed us with… like Skype, yahoo, MSN, Teamspeak <-just tp name afew… Just wondering.. would that help in anyway?
    well, i think it would bring back a lil more feeling into Second Life other then people thinking that SL has become cold etc..
    what happend to “Interaction?”
    just a thought..


    anyways hugs!

    “my PMS trip is over”


  13. Anthony Beatty says:

    OK wats with there SIM CRASHES rite now????? sim i am in has crashed every 10 mins for the past 2 hours and im hearing that alot of sims are doing this………… so once again fixed a few worthless bugs on yesterdays update and the grid dies again … ffs this is boring now.

  14. hugs Anthony πŸ˜€

  15. OOoooooh!!!!!!


    I sent in a application for Concierge…

    when should i hear back?


    /me sits with head in hands waiting on answer


  16. Once Wanted2be says:

    Hey Kitty,

    Don’t hold your breath babe, I have submitted two applications in the past 6 months – Ain’t even had a courtesy response to let me know they received it – which got me thinking – do I really want to work for someone who treates customers and prospective employees in this way – No Thanks!

  17. Digital Digital says:

    These things happen, I used to run my own phone service and I remember these things happening. Can’t be helped!

  18. Scarlett Osumi says:

    Well, well dear Lindens
    2 weeks ago in Spain I could not log in for 5 days because of a waiting for region handshake……… followed by the message:”login packet never received by login servers!!!!
    Now back in Switzerland I cant log in because of the same bloody message!!!!!!!!
    I am slowely but surely getting frustrated, being a member that pays 195 US$ per month and not being able to log in ever so often!
    Oh and when I finally managed to log in from Spain and tried to rez some objects I lost them and never got them back!!!!! I must say that I am not very amused about all that!

  19. Linnrenate crosby says:

    Just woundering the url to the page that contain these phone#’s as i never have found them.

    I hope someone will put them more visible for us who is not so familiar with the structure of SL website

  20. Jordguitar Flasheart says:

    I am wondering if they use land lines or VOIP (skype)

  21. Gavin MacKay says:

    Well, Friday morning 7am… 4 crashes in 10 minutes, cant edit a notecard, and Group notices dont appear to work. Couldnt stay logged on long enough to know if anything actually worked, but it was nice to be Ruth again for the few minutes that I could get on.

  22. Blinders Off says:

    Someone once said “If Linden Lab fails to support its customers, it will lose its customers.”

    Over the past two years, we have seen Second Life drop from a 10% user retention rate to about 5%, with less than 2% of those paying members. Are they getting bigger? Yeah, by sheer weight of numbers. But someone at LL apparently doesn’t realize that losing half your retention percentage is bad news. That means one thing: your board is lousy and the majority of the people hate it.

    You can get some people to swallow poor service any time. But the majority are going elsewhere. Fact of life.

    Can’t get LL to answer emails (if yer lucky enough to even find an email). Phone line support is down. Major bugs continue for months and even years at a time. (When is that notecard bug going to be fixed, eh?).

    Hey, I’m not trashing Linden Lab. But it would be nice if they’d pay attention the alarm clock…

  23. Blinders Off says:

    But hey, got to be fair on this one:

    ((ThaBiGGDoGG Richez Says:
    August 16th, 2007 at 7:24 PM PDT
    i’ve waited over 56 hours for a response now from support. that must not be working either. they stole 20 games valued at 50K L$ from me this past week.))

    BiggDogg, if you still had gambling games sitting out after all the warning from LL, I think you got no complaints. Internet gambling has been illegal in the U.S. for a long time and for some strange reason, SL club owners thought that didn’t apply to them (like somehow L$ are just “play money”? LOL. Think “poker chips” people). Now if your games were absolutely not gambling (in other words, people didn’t have to pay to play) that is one thing. But if they were, hey guy, your problem you lost 50,000L. Internet gambling laws have been around a lot longer than LL’s decision.

  24. digital digital says:

    this stuff happens..

  25. Wyald Woolley says:

    digital digital Says:
    August 17th, 2007 at 1:07 PM PDT
    this stuff happens..

    I have noticed that it happens to LL more than any other company I have ever known…and it happens over and over and over.

    Common excuses:
    1. The check’s in the mail.
    2. This has never happened before.
    3. The phone never rang and I was there all day.

  26. Renee Faulds says:

    I have a very serious bug to report and it seems I can not actually talk to anybody at LL. I had a visitor to my land 3 days ago that was able to terraform with all land permissions tured off. Today they showed up and where able to delete inventory set to plot. If there is any Linden security out there please contacty me for details.

  27. kriss claymore says:

    renne lift all items ov value and put the red tape up you wont get a singlr penny from the lindens been there and done that on an old av good luck πŸ™‚

  28. Can someone tell me what a “Vivox Gateway Error is…?”

    since the new “client was Loaded to my computer i have not had voice… i keep getting that error warning then the voice tab goes black and i cant click it.. i turned in a bug report and also IM’d a member of the bug team with no responce.

    do i have to enter a ticket about entering a bug report?!

    i mean no biggie just wanna know.

    Thank πŸ™‚

  29. Lindens need Hugs! says:

    OK cant log on — so grid is dying again??!! this is beyond a joke now.

  30. MadMax juran says:

    Help me!

    It was everything proceeding correctly during the afternoon… I left house to lunch and when I bound the PC and I was to connect in the game, it appeared this message

    “Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer. If you feel this is an error”

    I wait that the Team organizer obtains to decide my problems, for what I have seen in the sites many people are with the same problem. Necessary with urgency of this answered attendance and if possible in Portuguese!


  31. Gerard Laasonen says:

    Doesn’t anybody find it coincidential that the period the congierce are downs is very much in line with the down time of Skype?

  32. Aeris Yue says:

    Hello, I was woundering if there was any Scripts to Play vidoes on sl, I tryed but I couldnt get Scripting. Please tell me how to do Scripting I cant Script lol I also tryed to going to Scripting classes on sl but I didnt hear from anyone from the group.


  33. hey ppl!

    i know alot of us have missing inventory… heres a little tip from afew friends that may help… πŸ™‚

    Recovering Missing Inventory in Second Life

    We all know that this happens from time to time. I have been supplied with a little workaround from Leo Linden that has been helpful to quite a few people. (By the way, I am NOT quoting Leo Linden here)

    If you realize that you have missing inventory, follow the steps below as soon as possible.

    1. If you do not yet have it installed, install the latest Beta Client.


    2. Login to the Beta Grid and find a quiet place where no one will annoy you while you are trying to solve a problem.


    3. Open your inventory, type in a search term and allow your inventory to populate.

    4. Got your goods back? Awesome! Quit the Beta client, login to the Main Grid and do the same thing. Once you have retrieved your items on the Main Grid and your inventory has fully populated, logout and cache that stuff.

    5. Log back into the Main Grid, recheck inventory, smile a lot, raise Hell as usual.

    This technique has been proven to work more than half the time so it may save your hide. Please bear in mind that you should only expect positive results if you attempt this workaround as soon as possible upon discovery of your missing items. I am not guaranteeing that you will be able to recover your items but having at least a chance at doing so is much better than no chance at all. I hope this helps some of the residents that fall victim to this issue.

  34. When we we get something positive from LL posted on this blog!!!!!!

    I’m tired of seeing all the stuff breaking!!!!!

  35. Allana Dion says:

    Service up service down … meh. Doesn’t really matter if apparently it’s easier just to ban someone than to bother solving his problem or returning money stolen from him. http://www.gridgrind.com/?p=174
    Come on guys, first you ban him because his bank is sick of you double billing him, now he’s banned from even logging in to support … because you can’t admit you’ve double billed him? And you wonder why LL is on several credit card company’s fraud watch lists?

  36. Storyof Oh says:

    huge lag, can hardly move around, money loading, slowww rezzing, tp crashes….deja vu…..anyone else?

  37. i cannot get on sl voice it keeps telling me somthing about Gateway Vixox, what is that and how can i get on sl voice

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