Burning Life 2007!

For the last four years, the Burning Life festival has helped Second Life Residents recognize the true creative potential of our ever-changing and ever-growing world. This year, Second Life’s annual homage to Burning Man is back, bigger and more imaginative than ever!

The Burning Life grounds will appear in the shape of an 18-estate island. The specially created location echoes the spirit of Burning Man’s Black Rock Desert without the blood-boiling Nevada heat and the bitterly cold nights. Burning Life will begin on September 24th this year in order to provide real life Burning Man attendees with the opportunity to participate. Monday, October 1st after the Temple burn, will mark the disappearance of Burning Life once again. Objects and land ownership will be wiped, leaving participants and visitors with a lingering suspicion that it was all just a wonderful dream.

Burning Life Details
Burning Life is about collaborative art and expression, not commerce. No sales (or other money transactions) or advertisements are allowed. The Burning Life parcels cannot be terraformed and will not capture dwell. As this is a collaborative project, participants are asked to limit their use of scripts to insure that the festival grounds offer a level performance that allows visitors to enjoy everyone’s creations.

Event Specifications
Use of Burning Life land is free of charge and won’t count against your land tier. Small theme camps are first come, first serve. You can register for any one of those 62 plots through the terminals placed on each parcel. Apply for a large theme camp, of which there are only 16, by submitting a detailed proposal to the Burning Life committee no later than September 7, 2007. Art installs are also available! This year, we are pleased to announce that over 250 art installs will be open for registration. Like theme camps, small art installs are first come, first serve and large installs will be assigned after all proposals have been reviewed. As with theme camps, please submit your proposal for a large art install before the September 7th deadline.

Important Dates
Deadline for Proposal Submissions: Friday, September 7, 2007 at 4pm PDT.
Plots Assigned: No later than Monday, September 10, 2007.
Land Must be Claimed: Monday, September 17, 2007.
Burning the Man: Sunday, September 30, 2007 (watch for more information).
Burning the Temple: Monday, October 1, 2007.
Land Reclaimed: Friday, October 5, 2007.

Resident Events at Burning Life
We encourage Residents who would like to be involved in the Burning Life celebration to please join the group “.:Burning Life:.”, founded by Vicero Lambert, Executive Director of Burning Life, to help in brainstorming and planning other community-driven events for this year’s festival.


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73 Responses to Burning Life 2007!

  1. TaraLi Jie says:

    Will free-to-copy and 0L sales be allowed?

  2. Woot! I hope everyone is going to love this years Burning Life 😀

  3. anonymouse says:

    No Blog on all that region that were down and nothing on why the simperformance has dropped very clearly after the downtime?

  4. Here is a list of groups you can be involved in when you join:
    Mutant Vehicles
    The Artery
    BRC Post Office
    BL Greeters
    Fire Runners

    And, that’s just to name a few.. ;O)-

    Special thanks to all the Lindens for sponsoring this awesome event!!

  5. Liderc Dagger says:

    This sounds like fun 😀

  6. Able Whitman says:

    An 18-estate island? Neat! How big will the 62 smaller camp plots be?

  7. Marianne McCann says:

    Oh maaan! I was hopin dis would be back. Hmn… what to plot for a plot…

  8. Oh, I’m curious about this! I’ve heard about it, but being such a new Resi, I’m experiencing everything for the first time. (Just like SL’s birthday, yes) I imagine it will be great fun!

  9. Scott Deharo says:

    Will the teen grid get one?

  10. Jamma Newt says:

    Looking forward to seeing what all hatches out in the desert! Thanks to the Lindens for providing the land and to Vicero, Corvaire and the rest of the BL volunteers for stepping up to get things rolling. Glad we have enough time to get things organized properly 🙂

  11. Iridium Linden says:

    Stay tuned to this blog for an upcoming Teen Second Life event announcement.

  12. Just for everyones information:
    Large Theme Camps will be distrabuted by email request to request@burninglife.org

    Small Theme Camps and Camps will be done via a terminal on the plot.

    Art Installments on the playa will be open to anyone wanting to build with the restriction og 50 prims per build with a max of 5 builds per account.

  13. Prim counts & parcel sized will be avlible on the website as soon as we can get that established.

  14. U M says:

    Its been wonderful thank you!

  15. Plots will not be avalible till we get the sim setup and ready. No exact date for that yet.

  16. A few words from the RL.. http://BurningMan.com

    I hope this juices you as much as it did me ;O)-

    “”There is a yet unnamed art movement that may prove to be of some significance, and Burning Man is close to its center. It often manifests itself as circus, ritual, and spectacle. It is a movement away from a dialogue between an individual artist and a sophisticated audience, and towards collaboration amongst a big, wild, free and diverse community. It is a movement away from galleries, schools and other institutions and towards an art produced in and for casual groups of participants, more akin to clans and tribes, based on aesthetic affinities and bonds of friendship. It is a movement away from static gallery art and formal theater and towards site-specific, time-specific installation and performance. It is a rejection of spoon-fed corporate culture and an affirmation of the homemade, the idiosyncratic, the personal. It is profoundly democratic. It is radically inclusive, it is a difficult challenge, and it is beckoning.”

    Most installations contain an interactive element which allows participants to fully engage with the piece, instead of viewing it from a safe distance as we are used to in our museum- and gallery-oriented world. Participants are encouraged to explore and interact with the art, and may well find themselves helping an artist to build a structure or performing some task to activate an art object. Touching, climbing, entering, spinning, engaging and exploring are encouraged.”

  17. hoku Ferraris says:

    sounds really fun
    but how am i supposed to participate in this when SL isn’t letting me log in. I tried logging into my friends account and it goes on. We’re in the same region too. I don’t know where really to complain about this so I’m just complaining about it right here. Someone let me know why this is happening

  18. Turner Singh says:


    I wanted to build a camp this year and now I can!! wahoo. Take that Aqua!

  19. I hope I can get in on it this year. There was some pretty cool stuff last year.

  20. Weedy says:

    I am quite concerened with a few things. First of all, submitting proposals for large themes is judged by whom? Secondly, releasing blocks f small plots is relative to who is online and who is not. Thirdly gettting a small plot and being forced to “apply” for more prims does not ensure the email will be repsoned to or the request will be granted, leaving someone with a 50 prim plot they have no choice but to gove back.

    Some people are being given special consideration for plots while others are told to fend for themselves with a “snooze you lose” derby.

    When the releases are announced, on a limited number of people will be allowed in the sims, hence I forsee campers winning and those who have jobs losing.

    I have given up on even considering trying to get a plot for this rat race.

  21. If plots go to fast, we will pull back and “disable” plot machines, so as to cover all timelines and work hours. ;O)- Please not be concerned Weedy, we will do our best to accomodate everyone, and that includes you as well. Just keep in mind, we can only retain what we can retain, there is no magic wand that will allow us more then allowed. Could you please contact me in-world, I have a role I’m sure you will be satisfied with. That is, if you would like to participate.

  22. Dirk Felix says:

    BurningLife is about ripping off the concept of Burning Man. 😉

  23. RoseLinUK London says:

    Will our SL event follow the theme of the RL event at all.. it sounds like a good theme!

    “The Art Theme for Burning Man 2007 is “The Green Man”. Our theme concerns humanity’s relationship to nature. Do we, as conscious beings, exist outside of nature’s sway, or does its force impel us and inform the central root of who and what we are?”

    Sounds like a worthy and inspiring theme if we adopt it 🙂


  24. Not for nothing, but what constitutes a ‘detailed proposal’?

  25. britney benford says:

    well, i must say that i’m happy to see burning life returned, however, i must wonder though, are we going to be treated to a similar performance when the man burns, where the lindens camp on the sim that the man is set up in, and so none of the residents are going to be able to participate? last year, when the man burned, it seemed to be a celebration for the lindens, by the residents, rather than a welcoming event in the true nature of burning man. i ask that this year, that the lindens, instead of paying lip service to the ideals of burning man, actually allow the ideals to weigh out, and allow the residents to participate in the festivities, as opposed to leaving us watching from around the sim edges, clustered together, trying to feel like we are welcome members of SL.

  26. Winter Ventura says:

    “Small theme camps are first come, first serve. You can register for any one of those 62 plots through the terminals placed on each parcel.”

    Uhm… when do we sign up? and where do we go?

  27. Walker Moore says:

    Burning Life rocked last year. I’d only been in Second Life two months and it seemed so radical for a whole continent of creativity to be dropped onto the grid. Great to see it come around again. =)

  28. I took a quick look at the map on the site (http://burninglife.org/) and noticed that there are 14 1/4 sim parcels. I take it those are for the large camps. That means a large camp should have 3750 prims. The smaller camps appear to be of varying sizes, including 1/8 sim (1875 prims), and 1/16 sim (937 prims). One of the sims yas a “Y” cut; who knows what that’s for. The center 6 sims have colored blobs and no other divisions. Perhaps they haven’t decided yet what to do with these, other than host the center-stage burning event and perhaps other events that will draw big crowds.

    Just some observations. I’m quite excited to see how this pans out.

  29. Broccoli Curry says:

    ““The Art Theme for Burning Man 2007 is “The Green Man”. Our theme concerns humanity’s relationship to nature. Do we, as conscious beings, exist outside of nature’s sway, or does its force impel us and inform the central root of who and what we are?””

    If it’s all about the environment… shouldn’t we all turn off our computers instead?


  30. C says:

    I’ll be in decomp at that time. You know cuz I’m leaving in 8 days for the real BRC. But if I can still think, I’ll run around like I’m going to be on the palya.

  31. Chrysala says:

    “Green Man” means more than eco friendly. Though i wish concepts would stop being presented in the old binary, aristotelian “A or B?” format

    never mind, just playing the fool here 😉

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  33. Aeper Jie says:

    Hmm Another Main Grid Event? When Does TG get something TG only?

  34. Zaphod Kotobide says:

    @27 Aeper Jie:

    Iridium Linden Says:
    August 15th, 2007 at 6:58 PM PDT

    Stay tuned to this blog for an upcoming Teen Second Life event announcement.

  35. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    “Stay tuned to this blog for an upcoming Teen Second Life event announcement.”

    The TG really would love something like this. It doesn’t have to be 18 sims either 😉

    *Awaiting the announcement eagarly*

  36. Maura Beresford says:

    As a Burner from 1998 and on, I can bet that Burning Life will be far better than what Burning Man has become today.

    Committees, commissions, a metric crapton of rules, and laws, all this was not part of BM of past. Please, don’t base Burning Life off of today’s Burning Man! Let’s create something that gives the finger to modern Burning Man.

  37. Maxx Monde says:

    I’ll take an entire sim to myself, thanks 🙂

    15,000 prims is just about enough.

  38. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    There’d be greater creativity in the world if the grid worked. Ah well, maybe they can get 18 out of 12,000 sims working properly.

    Odd concept from the land of conspicuous consumption…

  39. Cat Cotton says:

    Max Community Involvement Capacity:

    Last count we had 8 million subscribers.

  40. Cat Gisel says:

    Yay Cat! Remember also that it’s 8 million “accounts” not subscribers, as published. I hear what you are saying, though, but doubt LL is ever going to parse it’s numbers to exclude alts (if this is even possible). The numbers would plummet, and that’s a marketing suicide they are wise to avoid 🙂

  41. Farallon Greyskin says:

    My take:

    8 million signups
    400,000 active
    100,000 TRULY active
    10,000 truly active builders
    1000 builders interested in submitting for this event
    100 will actually do something substantial

    Not meant to be any kind of flame or anything 🙂 Just my best guess at “real” numbers.

  42. Maxx Monde says:

    Don’t forget the ones that build large genitals to be ‘controversial’

    P.S.(That won’t be me, thanks.)

  43. Currently The Sims are close to public access. We will open the sims once we setup everything. I expect that to be done around next wens day.

  44. a ) The Burning Man is on the community sims.
    b ) That’s 415+ at any given time.. the event is 10 days long.
    c ) We did think about the RL theme, and are still mulling that over. Either way, bring that RL experience in with you if you like.
    d ) Yes, it is a reflection of the real thing.. isn’t that what SL is and beyond? I vote we take it beyond ;O)-

    Let’s have some fun with this!!

  45. Here is a break down of the current sub groups we are orginizing.. if you don’t get into one of these groups, not to worry, I have much more stuff to do.

    Mutant Vehicles – Needed
    Everyone is encouraged to create out-of-this-world, funky, tantalizing and even disturbed rolling works of art, AKA.. Mutant Vehicles. The purpose of this group is to create and organize community used vehicles that will drive around in an orderly manner transporting folks from sim to sim, camp to camp, inspiration to aspiration, but at the same time expressing a sense of creativity and skill.

    The Artery – Filling.. still needed
    A creative leading role/s utilized to help in art submission selection. Need I say more?

    BRC Post Office – Lead filled, Post Persons needed
    I added this group to add more realism to the SL version of BM. In the Dream world, folks need to keep in touch with the Real World, and in SL I would like a place where artist can have mailboxes for folks to drop off there compliments and inspiration of their work.

    Blackrock Rangers – Filled
    Burners know who these fine folks are – The guardians between right and wrong with an understanding hand.

    BL Greeters – Needed.. must allow for spanking
    The first to meet and greet, the first you see filled with joyous glee. These are the liaisons between here and their, cross there paths to the great affair. Oh, and if it’s your first time in rank, make sure to give them a spank.

    Fire Burners – Needed
    These are the de”light”ful folks who light your way when the sun goes down. this is actually a short shift two times a day.

    Road Warriors – Needed
    This is the heart of the entire DPW. The ones who are first, and the few that are last. From start to finish, we keep everything in line and running smoothly.

    The Weather Men – Filled
    These are the ones who give the BL it’s final touch of realism. They control the devils, the winds and the weather.

    Interactive Architects – No roles filled as of yet, you may make funky adaptations of current toys.
    Builders and scripter’s who donate there time to creating interactive items everyone will play with in the Center Camp and some to be givin away for free.

    Craftsman – 3 leads out of 4 filled and still need the ants.
    We need funky, crazy and totaly bizzare furniture for everyone to lounge on.. and we need some craftsman to build them.. they need to be unique so the snapshots are one of kind ;O)-

    We need leading roles in most of these areas, and from thier we can sift skills to there approriate group leaders.

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  47. New Wiki at burninglife.org!!!! Visit http://burninglife.org/wiki/ for all your awnsers to your questions. 🙂

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  51. Arsheba Nasu says:

    If you really want it to be representative of what Second Life has become, you should call it Camping Life.

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  53. jolly roger says:

    A few of us burners in the AEZ thought that the Alternative Energy Zone village (in the live BM) might go well here in SL. Is this a good enough idea that we ought to do a “detailed Proposal”?

  54. Well, now you have your camp theme.. Camp Camp lol

  55. Here is an updated list of groups with corresponding contacts:
    (groups highest in list are ones needing volunteers most)

    Mutant Vehicles – Contacts: Damanios Thetan or Hans Baldwin
    Interactive Architects – Contact: Treasure Box
    Lamp Lighters – Contact: Sabine Mcgettigan
    BL Greeters – Contact: Sandor Balczo or Electra Fargis
    Craftsman – Contact: Poid Mahovlich, Solar Lunardi or Jimmey Swindlehurst
    Black Rock Rangers – Contact: Skinlessbanana Oh
    BRC Post Office – Contact: Trouble Jewell
    The Weather Men – Contact: Corvaire Wind
    Road Warriors – Contact: Vicero Lambert

  56. Don’t forget the return of BurningLife.com’s take on the festival with reviews, comments and a little BS thrown in for good measure. Come and grin and gripe.

  57. kk, two things:
    Omaire Abattoir is in need of someone who will be at the RL BM event that is taking pictures. He is creating an observation deck… which will have a view of works on one level and farther up will be platforms with cool interactive panels that have facts and stuff about the RL event.
    It would be great if we could have up to date goings on as it’s happening, for the artist that are creating to come on up and check it out.

    Isis Desmoulins is still actively seeking entertainment venues to book for the entire span of Burning Life. Contact her for details.

    See you at the Playa!!

  58. Quick reminder for those efficiant folks who bookmarked this blog.
    The BL Land Grab starts today at 6pm. make sure to get there and find your terminal. no need to contact vicero, they are completely automated. He does give the DB time to update info, say 6-7 hours, then you get an IM letting you know you will need to start your claim and start somekind of build with-in 2 days (I believe, we where just discussing what would be an appropriate amount of time, and that seemed the best.)

    Can’t wait to see what everyone creates!

    See you at the Playa!!!

  59. Wyn Galbraith says:

    I’ve been trying to find where the camps are. Is there a map of what goes where? I don’t mean the small theme camps, but the smaller individual ones.

    I’ve met a person new to SL and thought it would be fun to have a camp there for her to hang out at and meet people.

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  61. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    So, no news on the Teen Burning Life event? There are those four mysterious sims that were marked as Main Grid that appeared off the coast of Sandbox Island, but now are merely inaccessible TG sims…. I wonder if they have anything to do with it. But please don’t save it until the last minute, Lindens!

    I really want to see what the TG would come up with for this 😀

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  67. Carmen says:

    The inventor of this game is ingenious. First, let’s offer people a chance to escape their realty by creating a “second life.” Then, their disillusioned sense of realty is further solidified by being able to actually purchase items for “real” dollars. So to me, there seems to be some inconsistencies…imaginary life…real dollars. I know this is a hard concenpt and the correlative effect may not seem immediately evident, but how do people justify escaping reality to a virtual, immaginary world, only to succumb to the same harshness that plagues ordinary life…paying too much money for too little return?

  68. guilherme says:

    february 1st, 2008 at 10.11pm pst

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