Scheduled Downtime, Wednesday 8/15, 9am-11am (PDT)

Second Life will be unavailable from 9:00am-11:00am PDT (16:00-18:00 GMT) for a scheduled update. No viewer update will be required.

We need to block off some time to have the grid empty for some server code upgrades and database work. We’ll be keeping the downtime as short as possible, but it looks like it make take 2 hours.

After the downtime we’ll allow logins to the grid, but shortly thereafter start a rolling restart of the grid’s regions to have them pick up the newer code. This will take approximately 3 hours to hit the whole grid.

The restarts will introduce server-side voice improvements (reducing bogus invites, etc) as well as the first iteration of our Het Grid work (no special controls for region owners yet; it simply allows Linden to have finer control over grid upgrades). (See below)

I’ve started publishing a Google Calendar of SL Scheduled Downtimes (XML/RSS, iCal). Feedback appreciated.

[Update: Oops, had the GMT times wrong. Sorry about that!]

[Update: Updated the calendar URLs; it was accidentally created in the wrong domain.]

[Update @ Tuesday 9pm]

Further testing has revealed some issues in the new code we were planning to roll out. While the issues have been fixed, we believe that we need to spend additional time testing to ensure that the changes will behave as expected. However, the scheduled downtime will remain as announced.

The bulk of the work planned during the first two hours is required server and database maintenance work that will go ahead as planned, and involves no new code. We plan to also roll out a much smaller set of server-side patches that have been tested during the rolling restart later in the day.

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134 Responses to Scheduled Downtime, Wednesday 8/15, 9am-11am (PDT)

  1. TaraLi Jie says:

    Does this relate to the massive mess of problems from last week? Or should we expect more fun?

  2. Helen Dayton says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed! 🙂 The short down-time will certainly be appreciated here in the UK where down-times always happen in our early evenings.

  3. mcp Moriarty says:

    Will any of these upgrades ever address the attachments ending up at ones waist or the HUDs vanishing?! when teleporting ;-(((

    Not to mention the double teleporting. Also “Quit” on the teleport blank screen is almost always fatal?! Why even have it there…. :-(((((((

  4. Helen Dayton says:

    Just one thing I want to mention… you give the GMT times as 14:00-16:00 GMT, but the GMT times will actually be 16:00-18:00 – which is 17:00-19:00 British Summer time. 🙂

  5. venus says:

    Im glad. but please do something about lag since the voice upgrade.

  6. A Google Calendar of SL Scheduled Downtimes . . . . Hurray!!!!

  7. Dirk Felix says:

    What you really need is new eniginerring staff. The quality of the grid is pathetic at best. Features when rolled out are full of bugs, emerency grid closures and banal blog posts from marketing team. 😉

  8. Benja says:

    The Google Calendar is a great idea – that can be bookmarked, thus providing a quick way of checking planned downtimes.

  9. notagambler says:

    why do i need to stop voice each time i come back to my land?

  10. I already have LL’s Office Hours calendar in my collection of Google Calendars. This one’s much appreciated as well! Thank you, and good luck with the gridwork.

  11. saijanai says:

    Something people should understand: these current upgrades aren’t bug-fixes, but the equivalent of jacking up the house while people are living in it and pouring new concrete for a new foundation with all new, shiny pluming, up-to-spec wiring, computer networking, etc., and even places reserved for indoor swimming pools and saunas!

    Once the foundation is laid, they will start replacing worn out bricks and tile and transferring the outlet’s power to the new power-wiring, etc. This can’t be seen as merely patching bugs, but as installing an entirely new Second Life, hopefully without anyone even noticing anything except improved performance and fewer errors.

    My hat’s off to the Lindens. When I finally understood the plan, I thought it too complex to be workable, and yet they seem to be doing it!

  12. richard says:

    are we going to have to call a plumper?

  13. At least a group of engineers with the know-how to jack up the house without it creaking so much. >)

    I’m hoping the voice updates will fix the problem I seem to be having where voice is enabled in our sim, but no one can use it.

  14. Kathryn Cassini says:

    Am I the only one still having log in problems?
    I havent been able to get in SL since friday morning.
    it crashes as soon as i get to connecting to region.
    can anyone please please help

  15. Ah. Finally. Was wondering when the Het grid stuff would start making its way in. Only, did I miss that Message Liberation was already implemented?

  16. PennyWhistle Cameron says:

    Its about damn time something was done. I don’t want to Second Life bash, or Linden Lab Bash, or bash the city of San Francisco, but its looking more and more like the organization is run by 14 year old boys. Rather than adding USELESS features, that most people dont want, FIX some of the on-going problems.

    I’m certainly happy that we have stars to look at, but I would much rather teleport and not have every attachment hanging off my ass. I love the thought of wind sweeping across the plains, but I would love to buy something and actually have it appear in my inventory. I’m glad the people too lazy to type can voice chat, but I would like to log in and not have 25 messages from people who have lost a pet in a Failure to Rez demanding a replacement. I’m tickled pink that people can dick around with Sculpture prims, but I would like to teleport home and have my region ACTUALLY BE THERE.

    It seems to me, I sit back every week and see Second Life self destructing as more features are added, but nothing is repaired.

  17. Whoops. Forgot it went in with 1.18. Nevermind.

  18. Corax Homewood says:

    While it’s great to see problems being fixed for those who can use voice, we still have no news about making voice work for Linux users. Our version of the viewer runs better than any of the others… except for the fact that we’re still deaf and dumb, and it seems like nobody’s paying us any attention. Meanwhile everytime I log in I still see the proud pronouncement of voice being fully enabled, which is blatently untrue.

  19. Dallas Seaton says:

    OK, thanks for the notice – and hope the upgrades go well.

    Afraid I don’t quite understand though – a couple hours of grid DOWN time, and THEN a rolling restart of all regions?? A region restart takes less than 5 minutes, so rather than inconveniencing us with hours of rolling restarts AFTER 2 hours of downtime, why aren’t you taking an extra 5 minutes during the downtime and just restarting them all at once before enabling logins??

  20. mcp Moriarty says:

    Ground work? lol
    Some of these bugs were not present at all when I signed up.
    They have been introduced and neglected. ;-/

  21. britney benford says:

    um, stupid question…
    “no viewer update required”
    shouldn’t that statement be omitted from future downtime announcements, since “the dia de liberacion”
    you freed up the server and client from needing to be mandatory updates i thought…

  22. Rudolph Ormsby says:

    Advance notice of downtime is always helpful. Thank you LL !

    I have made a proposal in JIRA (SL’s bug and feature voting tool) to have a DashBoard on grid status, to include details of known functionality of critical SL components when the Grid is back up. You can see (and vote for) the proposal at:

    It is hoped that such a feature (on the SL website’s grid Status page) would save a lot of time for residents, LL support staff and management. Check it out !

  23. Atashi Toshihiko says:

    I’m hoping this will stop that voice icon from popping up on my land every time I log in. Voice is disabled in the entire estate, but it still says voice enabled all the time.

    Also, speaking of “special controls for region owner”, what ever happened to that estate level governance thing they blogged about back around April?

  24. Amiryu Hosoi says:

    10+ crashes today, and some hung up the complete machine. While i get my thumbs up for Lindens, this is very frustrating, cant build, cant script, cant live!
    Please get things to ‘normal’

    Im going for the white wine now,


  25. Marzipan Maladay says:

    *Golf clap* That’s excellent. Thanks for announcing that you aren’t actually fixing anything important with this update. It’s good to see that Linden Lab has completely lost sight, again, of it’s obligation to provide a product which actually works. I wonder what would happen if all 8 million residents actually tried to log on at the same time since it’s clear that not even 1 person can log on and have this thing work as it’s supposed to.

    All the perky, misguided blog announcements about how mysterious all the problems are and how hard you are all working to fix them just don’t cut it. I’m no longer interested in seeing this thing fixed because it’s clear it never will be, mostly due to lack of interest. It’s time to pull up a chair and just watch it circle the drain.

  26. Crusader Superior says:

    I just got banned from my account and i had NO games. SLI 2 days ago had all games (NO illegal games slots,poker,etc which i had none) and took down all my grid games..All the other grid games places are up STILL..This is clearly a miss use of power! michael,philip and robin linden have ignored me. now today they sent someone to my place and banned me as i was selling this guy 6 zyngos (only games on land at time!) some reason they dont like MY grid games but the rest are ok.. THIS NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED. THIS IS COMMUNISIM CLEARLY. this guy set me up and 15 min after he came and bought them started making settings on them and wouldnt pick them up and go..even tho there NOT illegal games as we all know. and the i was banned from SL. and they did this all cuz i told all my gruops and owner friends what crooked things michael linden did at our resort. this is what you get if you speak up or ask questions from Soviet Life! Iv been banned off SL due to administrater repremanding it said..and i never did anything wrong the first time..THIS GAME IS SMOKE AND MIRRORS WATCH OUT!

  27. Laura says:

    My apologies for the off topic but i need to say a thing and there s no room to do it:
    Are you LLabs aware you are destroying SL?
    Are you aware women actually have no choice nor options against the voice-chat? A woman CAN NOT disable voice: if a woman disables voice the most terrible thing lurks into relationships – the seed of doubt.
    Are you aware, LLabs, that SL is now a big drama? Have you heard the constant refrain: “Prove me who you are”?
    So, LLabs, is SL really “your world, your imagination”? Is SL really a place where you can free yourself and yourselves? Oh yes…express yourself!…but with your own real voice……Isnt this a violation of privacy?…
    Everybody must have the right to be who/what he/she wants to be.
    And – once again – stop saying “you can disable voice”! Actually women cant.

  28. topmate says:

    Downtime Google calendar added to my Google calendar.

    Sweet. Nice to see smart thinking.

  29. @Helen Dayton:

    Oops! Yes, sorry about the GMT times being wrong. Fixed that. Stupid typo on my part.

  30. @Csven Concord:

    Yes, Message Liberation went out as part of 1.18.0. That’s why there haven’t been any mandatory viewer updates since then.

  31. @Dallas Seaton:

    The rolling restart takes approximately 4 minutes *per region* end-to-end (not counting the 5 minute warning period, which is really just for resident convenience), but we can’t do all the regions at once.

    When a region shuts down or starts up, it needs to communicate with the central systems that manage what goes where. If 14,000 regions tried to do that at once the grid would get “higglety-pigglety” (technical term).

    To do a rolling restart of the grid takes at least 2 hours if residents are online. We’ve done it as quickly as 90 minutes with the doors closed.

    So the options are: (1) keep the grid closed for an additional 90 minutes or (2) open the doors, and ask everyone to be patient while the restart wave sweeps across the grid. The latter seems to be much better for the bulk of residents.

  32. Yann says:


    Should we prepare for even more troubles, or will the bugs be fixed this time?

    Hey…one can only hope, no?

  33. @britney benford:

    I keep posting “no viewer update required” because I keep getting asked. I’m glad you’re paying attention to all of the posts, but not everyone has gotten the memo!

  34. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Wow…Joshua…thank-you very much for coming on and answering some peeps questions in here…that is a major step forward it would seem to me since we rarely hear from a Linden other than to start the thread.
    Thanks…very informative….and the platform has been running perfectly for me since you had that “tunnel” problem with the trolls that live there.

  35. Korena Starbrook says:

    Grid downtime to improve voice.


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  37. Day Oh says:

    Awesome! Thanks!

  38. Butlins Aquacade says:

    Well done Lindens, I say! Yes, new bugs come and old bugs go (well, sometimes lol) but I applaud the efforts being made. For all those who post the “SL stinks” messages – If you really hate it that much, why do you still use it? BTW did anyone notice the version number of the viewer? Looks like it’s still 1.x to me – That tells me that it’s still maturing. If we were on version 10 and had these problems I would have bailed out months ago! Good on you Lindens – Keep fixing those bugs and forging that brave new world!

  39. andrew johnson says:

    i like the new google calander which is good for tracking and good for planning the downtimes and new releases
    BTW: i think LL has done very good job trying keep grid stable

  40. JW Russell says:

    The iCal file would not open in my Microsoft Outlook. It says it might be corrupted.

  41. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    I would like to second the voices raised about better support for the linux client, better grid stability, reliable rezzing and teleporting and those irritating hairs on the bum type missplaced inventory that happens.

    But I must say that i see signs of better stability lurking around. Sure things crash and so, but it has been bader earlier.

    I also second the open grid as fast as possible and do a rolling restart before the other alternative with more down-time, as the downtime allways is on EU prime time anyway… 😦

    For voice features… Look out that there is a reliable way for land owners to turn off voice support for good, for us that doesn’t want the voice function on our lands. The same goes for the viewer. I don’t like to be reminded all the time about setting up voice.

    Speaking of viewer… with optional updates since 1.18.0, what about introducing a featire in the viewer to turn off notifications of optional updates, please?

    Now tell the cleaning lady to keep her vacum machine out of the building while the tech guys does their work fast and efficiant, so we all can get back on again, addicted as we are, aren’t we?

    And no coffee break for you back in LL HQ before the restart is over, do you hear??? LOL

  42. voice…voice….voice..voice….

    Where are the goodie ol’ times where you could chat in sl using ur keyboard? :-/ SL is already for us lazy people to spend a good time, why make it even more lazier?

    just dump that stuff and lets move one with the actual sl and make That one work smoothly.

    yeah yeah… i know a couple of 1000s of us wanna scream through a mic….. annoying the other millions who try to live a smooth 2nd life.

  43. ItsNaughtKnotty Cannned says:

    Please fix embedded notecards. Please.

  44. Adam Spark says:

    “Advance notice of downtime is always helpful.”

    And always given. This is actually somewhat short notice given their track record.

  45. The XO says:

    More downtime and hassle for voice – again 😦 Still I guess it’s here to stay.

    It would be nice if I could turn it off on my land… every time I do it gets switched back on! Is this LL’s “master plan” to say “look how popular it is everyone”

    As previously stated, please fix the notecards. How about a face-lift of that new god awful voice enabled viewer – trying to navigate it after the non-voice one is horrible.

    Here’s a suggestion – if voice is disabled on the viewer – disable all the clutter that goes withit and the demented friends/group/contact/history setup – that really is the pits! Not to mention noobs are going to have a breakdown before they figure it out.

    Lastly… thanks for the fore warning AND the terrific work you did keeping things online over the last “week of hell” – hats off on that aspect, can’t fault it.

  46. Marzipan Maladay says:

    Is there some reason why my blog post has been “awaiting moderation” for over an hour?

  47. Ann Otoole says:

    give them a chance to get some damage control done. it’s gonna take a very long time to restore even a shred of confidence but we have to give them a chance right?

    will this fix the problem with the database client disconnecting and loss of transactions? will you recode the viewer to shut down when such disconnects happen? as it is it is rather obvious the exception handling is amateur at best.

  48. wise clapsaddle says:

    “higglety-pigglety” (technical term).?, dude boot them all at once, its already the way you described lol.

    More seriously though, joshua is it in your power to tell us in a single post your plan for the upcoming month in regards to system stability?.

    One simple sentence would likely do your PR the world of good.

  49. Gaea Niven says:

    @ JW Russell #30

    iCal is a Mac application. If you are using Microsoft Outlook you are likely using a PC. You would be better off using the Google Calendar in this case or even just typing it into your Outlook manually.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind some downtime that included server performance upgrades. I know voice is the new pretty but I’m concerned with how regularly crashes are happening, the look of avatars (seeming to be stuck between being a newbie and having a few veteran attachments), and the raise in inventory losses.

    What can we do to help LL improve these things?

  50. Viomax says:

    Here’s hoping the issues that have been plaguing our land for weeks (invisible “ghost” prims everywhere, TP, Inventory and Search Malfunctions) are at last on their way to be involved.

    Weeks of logging on to our property and being virtually unable to do ANYTHING because all the vital SL elements simply weren’t available to us.

    In good faith we’ve expanded our property, but nothing is more disconcerting to see a perfectly clean, vacant, apparently barren stretch of land and then learn that “1,177 prims are in use,” when in fact just 3 really exist.

    Only adds to the SL induced pain to learn that your next door neighbor is entirely free of any and all difficulties!

  51. Tony says:

    @38 we can give them constructive feedback. The blogs all too often turn into a whingefest, to be fair this one hasn’t been too bad so far.


  52. Russell Hagoromo says:

    voice SUCKS PERIOD.I dont want it on my land nor do i want to hear whiny,emo people complaing..LEARN to type!! if you want to talk, use Skype..

  53. Solar Legion says:

    Hmm, how about I use SL’s voice client instead?

    How about you stop telling everyone else which applications to use russ?

  54. Proxima Saenz says:

    Again a downtime?
    Well lets hope it wont be a week like we had last week…
    It is all good for SecondLife:) Even without casino’s.

  55. Locke Traveler says:

    Hallelujah! May the HetGrid finally begin. 😀

  56. les says:

    J.L *Message Liberation went out as part of 1.18.0. That’s why there haven’t been any mandatory viewer updates since then.

    Is this what has made SL unplayable for the last couple weeks?
    The post about the bad router was neat, but the problems persisted.

    Creating a notecard crashes SL, my router and my modem.

    Empty sims Lag on this grid. Vehicles sink into the ground. Running 1 script in a sim is enough to cause time dilation.

    Half of my prims refuse to delete.

    Sim’s are full of invis, yet solid, ghost prims.

    What are these 70% of LL staff fixing bugs up to? Has this phantom crew fixed ANYTHING? We’ve seen fixes from the hobbiest working on the O.S viewer, but what of LL, what are you guys fixing?

    How’s mono going? How’s havok+ going?

    I’m not sure how having 50 different viewer and region protocals will make things more stable.

    Toss the teen grid since there is not an age check on the main. It’s redundant and a stupid move from day one.

    …on and on…

    *taps his mic* this thing on?

    The UI for the communicate window is perhaps the most poorly designed UI in the game. Why? Who would put the user buttons on the 4 corners of a UI except LL…. on, so on…

    Realy, hire a project manager who is not one of the start up crew or watch SL die from continued ineptitude.

    And for the love of god don’t let ben design ANYTHING.

    carry on

  57. mimi says:

    please just dont spend so much time on voice… please fix the trouble with inventory loss.. items not arriving!!!!!!!!!!

    its a terrible shame i have had over 25 people last week complaining about paying and items not arriving… and thats just the top of the iceberg.. since many noobs dont know how to contact the creator of an item at all!

    why dont you announce it to people thats its not OUR FAULT that they dont get what they payed for

    its no fun getting mad people in IM everytime an object failed to arrive…. why dont you announce it at least once a week in a pop up?

    “10% of all items you buy does not arrive at all”

    this error has been complaint over by many many people for many many months.. yet still it exists…. and voice which 90% of the people doesnt wants.. it get fixes right away!

  58. Amy Faddoul says:

    Josh, who are you and what have you done with the Real Lindens? Hopefully you have locked them all in a nice cramped utility closet and set out renegade to fix thier fatally flawed platform. I’ll email you a donut. Get back to work.

  59. Torian says:

    What have we been hearing all along.. “Voice does not impact the grid because it runs on separate servers.” Well, if that were true then why is the whole grid down for voice updates???

  60. Ann Otoole says:

    well they are rolling out “het grid” so i guess we can expect the decline of secondlife to continue picking up speed. more code from the people that got sl to where it is today.

  61. jadz0r Conover says:

    Come on! Shut the grid down already. This “undelivered sales” crap is ridiculous. You know, you get the blue dialog asking if you want to accept X object from Y source. You accept it, but the object doesn’t appear in your inventory. And now people are flooding me with IM’s regarding this issue, because their money IS being taken but the product isn’t received.

  62. giri gritzi says:

    WHO cares about having VOICE when the GRID is in such PATHETIC shape…….. Fix the GRID then add features

  63. Miche Rainbow says:

    how come when any post posted by the lindens even says something close to voice people start saying things like “stop spending sooo much time on voice”…..*shakes head*….i hope that you know that they are working on the database too…

    “We need to block off some time to have the grid empty for some server code upgrades and database work. ”

    it’s in the first line people… before posting and complaining…please….working on voice is a very small part of the reason why they are shutting down the grid

    and for all the people who keep saying “use skype”…sorry, but i’d rather not use a program that hogs cpu and memory for a program that hogs cpu and memory….that…

    and hello people…not everyone can type at 60wpm, and not everyone can even learn…some people have arthritis, some people are missing a finger, etc.

    beyond that…voice is even a separate process on your computer, it’s completely separate on LL’s end….it doesn’t degrade performance…it doesn’t degrade performance for a region anymore than people using skype would

  64. giri gritzi says:

    Dear ….Butlins Aquacade….
    In June the Grid was 4 years old……..Uhhmmmmmm How long does it take to get things right….. At this rate my Son will be a great GRAND father before thing get fixed….

  65. AH says:

    I understand LLs’ desire for voice to be available. They’re envisioning a day when SL can be used as a true meeting place for more serious things than what we do now (e.g. virtual business meetings).

    However, I wish they would recognize that for what most people do now, voice is more intrusive than cool. Most users aren’t looking for an extension of their First Life, but instead one that is fully a Second one.

    As such, I wish they would push voice very far down on their triage/priority list outside of fixing any lag it produces for other players, and furthermore make property non-voice enabled by default, rather than owners having to constantly disable it; and instead focus time on fixing some major bugs that still exist, especially that of lost inventory.

    Too bad that this time fixing bugs will be wasted on voice instead of such things as inventory.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Too bad everything is fubar’d…TRANSACTIONS FAILING IN WORLD AND FROM slx… Dump YOUR amateur staff and put real adults in ops… This is the biggest joke on the planet right now :(Search the ‘net and TRY to find something positive about SL; NOT gonna happen 😦
    (any wonder why all you receive is bad press now?) Get some REAL programmers, and dump the script kiddies attempting writing this stuff you call “code”… Im tired of the crashing, losing inventory, having to replace customers lost inventory… THIS WAS NOT THIS WAY A YEAR AGO WHEN I JOINED, BOUGHT LAND (invested a small fortune). THIS IS NO WAY READY FOR PRIME TIME YET, and at the rate you are going, NEVER will be… Maybe you (LL) should say ciao to the Linden Tao, once and for all 😉

  67. Astarte says:


    “and for all the people who keep saying “use skype”…sorry, but i’d rather not use a program that hogs cpu and memory for a program that hogs cpu and memory….that…”

    Well funny you should say that I have SL taking up 40+% of the processor power, and what does Skype take ….normally 4%. and it is a hell of a lot clearer and cannot be overhead 100m away is SL.

  68. Towanda Beerbaum says:

    what do you believe should I say with my voice? “Sorry darling for being late again, but it took more than 30 minutes to put my trousers on…while I crashed 3 times.” (for sure with an erotic tembre in my voice). Thank you for doing your work always in European prime time, when we have finished work and try to hv fun for a moment…we already have a voice. Read the comments and listen!

  69. RamessesIII Pharaoh says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! I think I’ll have a cup of tea…..

  70. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Uhm… voice improvements? There are dozens of improvements that everyone is currently hoping for, mainly fixing the bugs that hurt SL businesses as well as their customers.
    Vendors fail to hand out all contents or to give out any wares at all, inventory gets lost, items vanish on rez, prims vanish when trying to pick them up… the last thing we desperately need right now are voice improvements.

    Is it at least certain that this update won’t (again) break any really important function?

  71. Hyteha Ashton says:

    Will this fix the irritating dwarfism that no matter whats done by the player, it wont fix?

  72. Ann Otoole says:

    the three monkees (affectionate name for those working on sl)
    Hear no blog. Se no blog. say nothing of relevance.

  73. Thank you Joshua.

    Het Grid…sweet! I hope that goes very well.

    Concerning the calendar…

    I’m not sure if the calendar benefits anything to be honest. For office hours sure, there’s a lot of Lindens and having a single source location for all the office hours seems appropriate (and very handy), but for scheduled downtime seems like you’re doing double the work.

    All it would do is show a history of scheduled downtimes if I’m reading it right. I’m not sure why I would need this information to be honest. The blog is more than enough notice for downtime announcements (everyone sees it when they log in unless they direct login via shortcut editing). If it’s just a calendar that will simply show history, then I don’t see why I would ever refer to it.

    If it were a calendar listing projected downtime per month/quarter, now that would indeed be nice to have, but is LL at that stage yet? I still assume there will be updates every Wednesday unless advised otherwise by the blog.

  74. Solar Legion says:

    astarte – skype ‘borrows’ RAM and CPU power to aid slower users in their system.

    They even state that they do such a thing – someone pointed this out once before.

    No sale on your stats comparison.

  75. Kayleigh Morahan says:

    good to get some more infos in the last days. Thanks for this….

    But – why on earth put more unstable things in an unstable system???? Its just not to understand, why you don’ fix the old things before… SL is a business for you (and for some of the residents as well). And everyone who is in business nows: IT doesnt help to abate some of the symptoms, but never heal the cause…. or worse, give more causes for worse symptoms.
    (sorry if my english is not correct, its not my motherlanguage).

    So many bugs (and yes, please fix that bug with that insert – notecards) the lag is getting worse… and i really hope, that the next update, i HAVE to use will be in looooooooooong future. Voice (for me) is nothing for SL… if i want to talk, i have rl or use other communication ways.

    I still use an older version and can only hope, that i will NEVER have to use the latest update (not only because of the huge communication center, that cant be reduced very much, but also that for example particles cant be hide anymore in the latest version, something that is absolutly needful for me).

    At least…. we can only hope, that one day the responsible persons will open ears and mind….

  76. Element says:

    Posts #12 & #51 sum it all up. This has gotten absolutely ridiculous that Linden Labs can’t keep Second Life running smoothly for even a week. At the rate things are going they’ll be losing members and businesses left and right.

    It’s time to get your act together Linden Labs.

  77. Elle says:

    dear Lindens,
    thankyou for allowing comments back on firstly, wether you have bad or good things to say about the game we love to play EVERYONE should ahve a say reguarless of it others dont like it as long as its not total swearing. Everyone has views on this and they should be heard concidering every resident has had a bug at least twice in their SL.

    I for one do apriciate the efforts involved and so thankyou LL however there are some serious changes that need to happen otherwise anyone that knows what happened on SWG, it will happen here, there are soo many bugs now it must be hard to know where to start first but i have a sugestion, get rid of the muppet in your office that insists apon feature after feature, i love voice and use it often but i would gladly go without if it mean, TPs worked, my recent items were fixed, MONEY WASNT BEING TAKEN! things wouldnt rez on my ass, LAG LAG LAG (which btw did anyone ever think to delete very old accounts that were very inactive? jus a thought since that might free up some space maybe) and now my personal latest bug, i cant move left or right. Now i love SL have put a lot of RL money in, there are plenty of people like myself that have never put soo much into an online game and yet others havde put more but the point is we are not all made of money and most are jus sat at home playing a game which demands soo much and gives very very little back in the way of support and fizing things.

    Thats not to say i really dont apricate all the hard work BUT it is your job and as such your performance is less than competant, we all pay your salery and the least you can do is enable comments on every single issue because people should at least feel heard.

    i really feel SL is coming to a sad end becasue its never been this laggy or buggy, new shiny features wont keep people, making the core product more stable will and then people might feel safer to put their money back in, please LL stop making it look like you dont want this game to be for the longterm!

    i also apricate the fact that Joshua Linden has answered people, its very good and i applude since its important, thankyou.
    Also all thsi nonsese with the grifers HAS to stop since people are starting to be vigilates and make the problem worse! you have to isolate their IP adress and ban them entirely and i know its a full time thing but ive seen soooooooo many kids on SL its not even funny anymore and the rules need to be stricter, this whole thing about gambling, wtf jus destroy peoples buisnesses why dont you, and you really should have thought how fascist america was before hand lol they have strange laws and i get that you have to cover your asses but seriously there has to come a point where we say no. Move yoour offices to sweden! cuz if you ban anymore things that keep the game going your gonna lose everyone and we shall be waving from entropia! thankyou. <–first blog comment sorry its long 🙂

  78. @Adam Spark:

    My apologies for the late notice on this downtime. Entirely my fault. The good news is that part of the downtime we expected to take over an hour clocked in during testing at around five minutes, so the overall duration of the downtime may end up being much shorter. We’ll see.

    @wise clapsaddle:

    I wish I had a sentence to sum things up, but I don’t. On the code side of things (which I can speak to), we’re prioritizing our work around reducing downtime and manageability. For example, one of the changes going out this week reduces further reduces the need for everyone to log off during updates, even to the central systems. And the Het Grid work allows us to test upcoming releases on the main grid (both in-house and with volunteer estate owners) to more thoroughly validate the code in a full production environment.

    @Cliff Dieffenbach:

    Yeah, the calendar is a little sparse now. Now that we’re trying to avoid downtime as much as possible, the ideal state is that the calendar is *empty*, but we’re probably still quite a ways away from that goal.

  79. Jordguitar Flasheart says:

    Josh, I think we wont mind the downtime as long as we have SL working all nice and fine.

  80. Brenda Maculate says:

    Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.

  81. Alyx Sands says:

    #40: Says the one with the typos in his post…funny, innit? And to slag off EVERY voice user as a whining emo is just….plain stupid, sorry. And by now you should know the blog is not the right place to complain about features you don’t like-go to JIRA and open an issue there.

  82. JetZep Zabelin says:

    VR is still pioneer territory.

    I feel sorry for the residents who kicks the puppies (new features) and whines wenever we hit a bumps in the road.

    Anyway, I am optimistic about improvements of reliability in the inventory/rezzing/etc. And if things dont turn out as well as expected, I understand that may also happen so I’m not going to throw a hissie fit about it.

    The previous blog said “The good news is that we have many projects in the works which will help improve the reliability of SL. We’re working on new infrastructure which will help us withstand the failures above, as well as store and transmit data more reliably, and we’re working on reducing both client and server crashes. Several of these projects are new, thanks to our growing technical team.”

    This I like.


  83. I loved de public Google Calendar of SL! Please make it permanent and affixed.

  84. JetZep Zabelin says:

    Ann Otool, Ann O’Troll


  85. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    ” If 14,000 regions tried to do that at once the grid would get “higglety-pigglety” (technical term).”

    Hey maybe that would fix it all….

    Well, recently started getting Group IMs don’t have permissions errors again, Group IMs are still not fixed properly since 1.15 when you took them onto extenal servers, supposedly to speed things up, since when messaging lag and chat lag has been worse. Still get IMs opening after several hours online with half the conversation missing. Doesn’t bode well for anything else on external servers. Already treacle slow, inv missing frequently, crashing like crazy, tp failures. Incorrect textures are drawn on vendor panels, network server vendor systems are falling over because of lag timeout errors, leading to more delivery failures, and updating them is taking ages compared with several months ago.

    Never mind, we can expect increased load with Het, increased load with Windlight, increased bugs, and none of those old ones fixed.

    Oh and pretty please, if updates are no longer mandatory, please have a “Don’t show this message again” checkbox for the update reminder until there is a new one. Often the client crashes before that, but I usually go off and make a cup of tea, mow the lawn, bath the dog and go to the supermarket while waiting for everything to rez, so if I forget, it’s sitting there waiting for that stupid cancel button…

  86. wise clapsaddle says:

    Words can’t express how thankful i am that you replied to the post joshua.

    I do understand this will be going someway to stabilizing the grid, you guys cant be any happier than us right now im sure. As a word of advice, please talk with other lindens and produce a well written release of how your aiming to combat individual problems currently making the software a hassle for so many users.

    This is YOUR chance to put right alot of wrong and public misconceptions (including my own) about your company and your agenda.

    Thankyou again for replying to me, i feel a little more SL pysched all over again 😀

  87. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Someone mentioned voice on his land… I wonder too why I see it being “on” as I think I turned it off. What is the correct and permanent way to switch it off? Or is this like scripting/dropping items etc… owner always can?

  88. Larry Chalbot says:

    SL crashes everytime I try to capture a movie to disk.

    I hope that’s fixed in the future.

  89. Stephe Erhler says:

    PLEASE tell me you are working on the lag problem that started when voice code was introduced? I’m -this- close to closing my “Skate and Date” ice skating rink, that has been open now for 9 months, and until recently has supplied me (and several of my friends) with our SL income. This recent “Mega lag” (sometimes for 5 minutes no one can even move) in this mainland sim (Dalarna) has run off all my customers. I’ve been dealing with ghost prims and all sorts of strange happenings. Before this “feature set” was added, SL was running the best I had ever seen, now it the worst it’s ever been bar none. If this continues, my land is going up for sale and yet another “cool spot” in SL will disappear. You guy had something going your way, ignored what the residents asked and has many of us questioning if we want to even continue. PLEASE listen and stop ignoring that there is a problem???

    One last thing, what does someone have to do to get a response from linden labs? Is this like your threat about “dealing harshly with people spamming the event calender” which you also have ignored? Since the inworld help disappeared, it seems any request tickets I send are just routed to the trash bin? And you said this would make help more effective? For whom? I’d just be happy if someone could at least explain what is wrong with the sim I own land on and why it’s SO messed up. Is it a hardware issue? Is there some object a griefer has rezzed on an empty lot that is lagging the whole sim down or what is the problem.

    I know this isn’t the place for this but all my help requests elsewhere have been totally ignored. Thank you.

    Stephe Ehrler

  90. Minnie Trottier says:

    What I don’t get is why you’re fixing voice, which in my opinion is completely useless, and not some of the other features that actually AFFECT grid performance and usability? Such as prims landing on one’s butt after teleport, items disappearing when using auto return, etc. It seems to me that those are a heck of a lot more important than voice.
    Just my opinion!

  91. milady Guillaume says:

    Will this work take care of ghost prims that are lost on land? Is there a solution to getting rid of them?

  92. Ann Otoole says:

    what i’m loving is how hard coded values in scripts are simply changing by themselves. the internal corruption of sl is so totally massive i don’t really see any way it can be fixed at this point. i mean one day a script has a set of x/y/z coordinates in it and the next those coordinates are different. the only place on earth this could be possible is secondlife so i guess they accomplished something after all.

  93. Matthew Dowd says:

    So the only fix here is for voice?

    But not say for the embedded notecard bug which was introduced nearly two months ago, which has 268 votes in jira (which is pretty much a record) AND has been fixed internally but the fix not yet rolled out? Surely something like that should take priority over voice (especially given the promises given in response to the Open Letter)!


  94. Matthew Dowd says:


    Are you behind a firewall – I’ve noticed that if a firewall is blocking outgoing UDP on ports 5060 and 5062, the “voice enabled” indicator in the menu bar for the land parcel does not reflect whether the land is actually enabled.


  95. Amanda Ascot says:

    I am so not looking forward to this. Every single downtime for the grid or the offline time the sim I’m *trying* to build has, for over the last week, scrambled the landscaping I’ve been doing, making me do it all over again. Hard to run a rental business when infrastructure like walkways and buildings get buried or left floating above the ground and the landscape reverts to something resembling a strip mine. Looks like this will be the fourth rebuild. I’m beginning to think trying to do business here in SL just isn’t worth it.

    When can I run my own private sims on my own servers and connect them to the main grid? Huh? Pretty please with honey on it?

  96. mimi says:

    Miche Rainbow >> I understand that voice does not cause all of the problems now… but considering the “items not arriving when people pay” bug has been here for several months now, and hundreds of people are affected by this on a daily basis, losing money on it. Its a strange thing they still add ANY new feature before this is solved!

    If any real life shop would not live long if people pay for items and in 10% of all cases they get no items.. why does secondlife not fix this error…?

    I understand for some people voice would be nice, but untill now secondlife has been losing a lot of customers on this.. people are unsatisfied.. get very mad and disappointed when they lose items worth 2000 or 3000 lindens and are not even warned!

    What also disappoints me is that secondlife does not even take the effort to properly warn people when the inventories are unstable.. they don’t send out any message to people… only those who read the blog on a daily basis are warned but even for me it was too late.. I read thso blog often but not 3 times a day! i already lost some items this week before i read it was unstable.. let alone what happens to those who do not read it?

    Running a service which is heavily unreliable is one, but why are people not warned for this?

  97. Psistorm Ikura says:

    @71: afaik they ARE warned about this in the TOS. its just that noone reads them 🙂

    (admittedly, I didnt either, but this section was once quoted here on the blog in a comment, hence I know)

  98. Tony Watt - Reina Beaumont in SL says:

    It would be nice if all the problems in SL could be fixed, voice really should be held back till the grid is more stable. The amount of problems lately have been highly annoying. Some of the worst being SL’s sudden crashes the instant you log in, then having to keep trying to log in for a while before it finally loads.
    So please, LL, fix the gird first, don’t bother with voice till the grid is more stable.

  99. Barricade Slade says:

    i have just 2 questions, 1: will there be an update that we’re forced to do, and 2: will this grid maintence fix my av problem of just falling off when i fly, and it would say its attached, i really just need to know what causes the av to just fall off, (ok 3 questions) isit caused by the large amount of prims (hundreds, pausubly thusands!) cuz i like to transform without my av fallin of!

  100. Silkie Muir says:

    It is good to hear that some fixes are going to be made, but the focus still seems to be squarely on voice, which, I believe MOST residents do not want and many of those that do want would like stability first. I for one do not want voice, do not need voice and will nev er use voice. My internet connection, as I am sure is true of many many others, struggles to cope with the data flow from SL as it is, let alone adding a further drain on resources.

    The latest client not only added some voice fixes but apparently had quite a few bug fixes so I assuming that will be a continuing policy. I am avoiding dowloading the voice enbale client like the plague, because I do not want/need the function and because of all the problems people are experiencing.

    For the many that do not want/need voice, why can there not be a no voice enabled client that does include all the other bug fixes etc or is this simply too hard and we will be steamrolled into accepting something that we do not want/need. I have been playing SL for over 2 years and in that time have seen an accelerating degrade to overall performace. All the new pretties like flexi prims, swculpties, voice are nice be nonessential. A nice stable, low lag platform would be much better. Oh for the days where I could drive all over the continent, or even fly, without be orbitted at every second sim crossing.

    A nice, updated client, without all the voice bells and whistles would be greatly appreciated by most current players I believe.

  101. Solar Legion says:

    @64: The voice code has been in the main grid for some time now – since before the recent updates. Please find a new scapegoat.

    @68: try actually reading the blog post – hmm?

    “We need to block off some time to have the grid empty for some server code upgrades and database work”

    right there – see it? Not just Voice. The rolling restart is for voice.

  102. Solar Legion says:

    Oh yes, forgot one:

    @74: define ‘most’. do you mean here on the Blog? The Forums? third party sites?

    Or have you actually polled all of the residents?

  103. Matthew Dowd says:

    @75 I suggest you read the blog post.

    The restarts are to enable the sims to pick up the “server code upgrades and database work” mentioned in the first paragraph which will “introduce server-side voice improvements … as well as the first iteration of our Het Grid work” – these are now two different unconnected updates.

    In any case if a fix to the notecard problem is included – given how many people have complained about this, and that this isone of the most voted for issue in jira – shouldn’t this have been mentioned explicitly rather than voice improvements

  104. U M says:

    Great it was not be pretty for 24 hours. Thank you Joshua for keeping us updated. We been needing some downtime to fix some problems.

  105. jenn luke says:

    woot more voice fixes

    looks at the lag, the continued disappearing inventory and lots of other long outstanding crap. Laugh @ 8….u really dont have a clue…

  106. sterling Whitcroft says:

    @Joshua Linden:
    1. Thanks for the information
    2. Thanks for reading these comments are responding to them.

    Lindens have not always been so open and forthcoming. Open lines of communication, such as you have established, are essential to calming the angry avitar hordes, and reestablishing trust.

    Thank you.

  107. richard says:

    i’m not sure but i think getting rid of the casino’s had something to do with the lag !

  108. brinda Allen says:

    wonderful! thanks for the good work. I’m always amazed at how well this works.

  109. Ava Weyland says:

    Will the new update fix the resident survey to allow us to enter why our SL experience is not better. Seems like the survey only illicits positive feedback the way it is. Last time, we got the survey I had the same experience and I just marked “worse” yet could not explain as it was not enabled. This time I marked “worse” also and again, could not explain. I discussed it with several other users and they have had the same issue. If you REALLY would like to know why we feel our experience is now worse, how about making that possible?

  110. Dirk Felix says:

    SIM for sale: Kai


  111. Ysabel Beaumont says:

    Thank you for the advance notice…. Too bad you don’t care about the Europeans! Downtime will take a good 5 hours… meaning we’ll be on a ‘running smoothly’ (?!) SL at about 9PM GMT! In addition, Aug 15th is a holiday in France so the people who could actually spend time on SL that day are in for quite a surprise if they don’t check the blog! 😉 Why can’t the maintenance be run when there are less people on the grid????
    Keep up the work… I don’t care about voice, but would like SL to run as it did!

  112. Ysabel Beaumont says:

    Oh yes and I meant to say to those requesting voice on SL! I’ve just been using Skype along with SL and it’s working perfectly fine and I don’t plan on changing the way I live my SL without voice but with Skype!

  113. Solar Legion says:

    I did read it Matt. try reading it again, m’kay?

    Downtime is for general fixes.

    Rolling restart is for the voice fixes.

  114. Iexo Bethune says:

    8 saijanai Says:

    August 13th, 2007 at 9:50 AM PDT
    “Something people should understand: these current upgrades aren’t bug-fixes, but the equivalent of jacking up the house while people are living in it and pouring new concrete for a new foundation with all new, shiny pluming, up-to-spec wiring, computer networking, etc., and even places reserved for indoor swimming pools and saunas!

    Once the foundation is laid, they will start replacing worn out bricks and tile and transferring the outlet’s power to the new power-wiring, etc. This can’t be seen as merely patching bugs, but as installing an entirely new Second Life, hopefully without anyone even noticing anything except improved performance and fewer errors.

    My hat’s off to the Lindens. When I finally understood the plan, I thought it too complex to be workable, and yet they seem to be doing it!”

    I do hope you’re right. I’ve been saying for a while, SL needs a complete rebuild if it’s going to survive. I guess somebody was really listening. Guess I should build some more stuff for my store, as the pretty sky may not be falling after all.

  115. U M says:

    Fact of the matter is they dealing with the hardware and appling codes.

  116. Al Sonic says:

    0_o So is this going to help the recent problem where I’m consistently unable to log in from our newest computer, despite no troubles with the others? Because updating its GeForce 7 driver didn’t help any, even though that’s all that the Knowledge Base offers for me to try (when it gets to “precaching”, then crashes).

    Whatever it is, past experience leaves me optimistic. Keep up the good work.

  117. kazuyadayo says:


  118. kazuyadayo says:

    I am hoping that, various faulty are canceled with the maintenance in this time.
    you skippped maintenance too much a little until now, whether or not I say .
    Please manage firmer second life.

  119. Manjagan Rahja says:

    Cool, i have never seen so many yellow posts before… Good Job mate, abt time ppl get some response 🙂 🙂 Keep it up.

  120. U M says:

    If your running Vista you might being having a problem.

  121. Wyald Woolley says:

    The grid being down for “some server code upgrades and database work” is really a great thing.

    Too bad you didn’t tell us if it would fix anything that really is creating a shitty SL experience except to say that the restarts will fix something most people find as unnecessary bork-inducing overhead.

    As for Solar Legion, I’ll bet you are one of the people that still think the jury is out on whether ciggerett smoking causes lung cancer. Read the blo headings and you will see that VOICE first look being thrown onto the main grid was the beginning of the ungodly chaos that continues right up until today.

  122. Travis Jeffries says:

    Will this rolling restart get rid of the ghost prims on my property.I understand there was a problem when deleting some objects that they would be physically there but not able to “click” on them or return them through the objects menu in my land. It is also my understanding that a restart of the sim will remedy this and rid the land of those “ghost” prims?
    Please someone respond to this as I have sent a bug report. I hope the rolling restart will cure this! Thanxxx TJ

  123. Claudine Chantilly says:

    Please Mr Linden, when will I be able to add things to my clit without losing it?

  124. Jessica Elytis says:

    Question (forgive if I missed it).

    IS it going to be possible to update the viewer in the future withOUT updating to the new “Communicate” UI? I would like to have updates eventually, but that UI doesn’t work for me. I receive too many IM’s in my SL life and the cluster of all the UI’s as one is just a mess.

    I realize some like it, but is there going to be a way for those of us whom don’t to still utilize the older system that we feel works better for being more user-friendly?


  125. Stephe Erhler says:

    If this voice is 3D and spacial, there is NO WAY this has -no effect- on performance. Also they claim “Voice is on seperate servers”, anyone consider that these servers could be used for the data base rather than for voice if it wasn’t being used for this? I noticed the DAY the voice code was installed server side that the performance took a huge hit and hasn’t been the same since. I know they will never back down from keeping this “shiny” but it was a HUGE mistake to introduce it while all these other problems existed and WE are the ones who are paying for it.

    Bottom line is I’m going bankrupt and if they can’t fix whatever is causing my sim to FREEZE SOLID for 5-10 minutes at a time, I might as well stop logging in or trying to run hosted events. Of course, because of this my land is now worthless as well so couldn’t sell it if I wanted to. I’m I pissed off and frustrated?!? Very much so! Thanks for IGNORING my pleas for help guys, your help system works so well now too….

    Stephe Ehrler

  126. U M says:

    92 Stephe,

    Contact via the support channel….. This should nott be occuring.

  127. Thank you for your response Joshua.

    I’ll second the comment made by #62 (wise). Perception is really LL’s shortfall. Right now the way the cards are being laid out LL seems like it’s focus is on Windlight and Voice instead of in conjunction with fixing current (and long standing) bugs.

    Blogs like this one help counter that. Thank you.

    It wouldn’t be a bad idea for Torley to include a short synopsis in his weekly blog about bugs being tackled to help ease ill feelings and negative perception from your current userbase. Sure it won’t please everyone (my bug is more worse than your bug) but it’ll help reflect that there are mechanics working hard under the hood.

  128. U M says:


    “new “Communicate” UI” What really makes me laugh so much because They Stopped “Wind Light” for lesser reason. I think for the future LL should really look in to problems within the UI. Because asking people that can`t tell the differeance between “Cased Shadows” and “Reflexed light”. Results in nothing in useable answer to fix the problems. Just because people have $1,000.00 plasm montiors and $3,000.00 computers does not mean they know anything about the UI. Sooner or later LL well learn to start doing their own deeper understanding of its client. Until then we are going to continue this half assed way for fixing the client.

    The Communicate is now falling under the same problem. Too many people say “HEY IT WORKS FOR ME” and otehr the opposite. Now which is right? Many hate the Communicate and LL should just redo it. But because of those tech nerds that knows nothing but what size their shoes are we are heading in another “Wind light” BS………

  129. U M says:

    “Sling Trebuchet Says:

    August 12th, 2007 at 12:39 AM PDT
    I think that this blog posting is the most intelligent thing that LL have done since I started in SL in January.
    The explanation makes sense to me. I think that even non-techs will take some comfort in it.”

    If this is the case, then you feel this is 2003. Infact its nothing but people either posting at times useless and totally incorrect findings. LL made the blog because they can control content. But really posting the same bla bla bla and as what happened the past week. Shows that even the Lindens have no real understanding about its occuring.

  130. Asmo Aya says:

    @8 is right, it is like jacking up the house and pouring a new foundation…. the problem is, the house is rotten and falling apart, so when all is done, you’ll have a lovely platform on which to run decrepit, failed code… an exercise in complete futility and a waste of resource deluxe….

    what a surprise move by LL….

  131. Thank you Joshua. I am amazed that you not only left comments open but actually answered questions in those comments.

    The 2nd dawn of 2 way communication?

  132. tailslol mills says:

    wy i cant login? it say account disabled please renew your menbership?
    when i login to the site got fatal eror ;/

  133. U M says:

    Have seen the Police reports onsl? Gambling resulted in people getting banned? Here is side note. Xspoders Skill Sploder devices are still being used? Why? because LL some are just running around the rules saying its differernt. LL why not buildt in a code to kill off all these device during wednesdays down time?

  134. janeforyou Barbara says:

    I never got the voice to work!!! I beed getting new soundcard.. new headset, now i gonne trye new headset with seprate mic!.. I updated all 4 times now!! My friend had hers work 2 weeks, now she got trubble to!! its errrors all the time!,, this is a nr 6 ” Update” on it??? Grrreerrrrrr

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