New Voice Viewer Available

A new, voluntary voice viewer is available for download – please use the below links to download it:

Windows 2000/XP
Mac OS X

It includes changes to the voice code that will improve audio quality on slow or congested internet connections, older Macintosh hardware, and some kinds of analog microphones.

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168 Responses to New Voice Viewer Available

  1. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    wooot ty I will get it before I DJ tonight!

  2. Redmoonblade says:

    Fixes Over Features.

  3. Livinda Goodliffe says:

    /me looks for earplugs for Rhaorth’s DJing.

    Good new, for those with analog mics.

  4. Cinthya V says:

    you all should really fix the important things and stop wasting time on the unneeded crap like this.

  5. ks says:

    So…about us 401 Unauthorized???? 😉

    PS That’s mainly partially joking, I’d like it fixed but I’d prefer you get the grid healthier first. 🙂

  6. Mikayla Gillespie says:

    Yeah – thanks. I hope this helps alot of the problems.

  7. Hmmm… fantastic update. I crash on login every time… never had that problem before the voice client came out. *scrambles to find the previous installer* Anyhow… SL still rocks and I know its complex technology so I am not going to judge the performance of your coders. 🙂

  8. Silkie Muir says:

    Some people are not interested in voice and from many of the comments I have read, the clients are as buggy as hell. How about providing a voiceless client with bug fixes or something that people who have downloaded the voice clients and now crash continually can go back to.

  9. Sofia Westwick says:

    The work needs to be put on Issues that matter and are important. not wasted on things of little importance

  10. Blinders Off says:

    OH BOY! A brand new version! Wonder what further bugs will appear?

    Hey, sarcasm aside, the last viewer is one of the buggiest releases I have ever seen. Caused all kinds of problems. Most people I know scrapped it and went back to the previous version. Why don’t we stop all the “new new new” and fix the old old old bugs? When we can read simple notecards again, then maybe a new viewer will be welcome instead of dreaded.

    Downloading right now… NOT!

  11. SL Player™ says:

    <——-(I see boobs, cover eyes) What the heck, I’ll download anything.

  12. Mikayla Gillespie says:

    Those are manboobs.

  13. Jillian Callahan says:

    So how about looking into why the regions previously effected by the network issues at your colos are still having serious communications problems?

  14. Rhaorth Antonelli says:

    I am not DJing over voice silly and no need to plug your ears cuz you prolly will not be there.

    maybe I should have clarified, I do not DJ over the voice, I DJ on a shoutcast stream, at a club LOL

  15. Aodhan McDunnough says:


    The people involved with the fixes are not likely the people involved with voice. It’s also been established through practice that dumping more people to solve a software problem actually slows down the debugging process. So what LL is doing is good already, keeping multiple agile teams rather than throwing all the eggs in one mess.

  16. Tegg B says:

    I’ll try anything at this point because it can’t get much worse

  17. Asmo Aya says:

    Logged in for 23 minutes today before crashing… WOOOHOO!! Unfortunately, in all that time, my inventory never opened, nothing would rez or attach and, MOST fun of all, I was dressed only in shorts and my sexy bling necklace and hairy chest…. with a pair of Anna Nicole Smith hooters!! How the HELL do you mess things up so bad that a MALE body shape ends up being a Playboy Playmate body shape??

    What a pathetic waste of code and bandwidth… glad I didn’t waste any actual money paying for it. I know for a fact now that I won’t, either… Jeezus!

  18. Funny. I had no problems with the previous viewer. Maybe being an RL mute pays off. I could hear everyone fine (well, not those with problems) and everyone could hear me whistle, blow kisses, and crunch on crisps.

    Thanks for working on it, though!

  19. Slartibartfast Magicthise says:

    Me kiss Jeska (not so much Robin though), yes.

  20. Hal says:

    Downloaded, installed, logged-in – instant Kernel Panic

    Not helpful…

  21. magiquemerlin says:

    gah – updated to get some kind of audio quality out of voice.
    bang bang bang!
    Crash central.


  22. Lord Leafblower says:

    was this actually tested to any degree?

    My viewer finally settled with the last release – now this improved one is crashing non stop.


  23. saijanai says:

    I was crashing several times earlier today WITHOUT the new voice client. We’ll see if things are any more or less stable now.

  24. Anthony Beatty says:


  25. Arthure Zabblebeebles says:

    @12 – yay the voice of reason! Many of the pin head commenters on this blog dont understand software development at all. Just because they were able to get Word working at 1024×768 on their video card they got from Walmart, they think they are experts. Luckily, the software guys dont go down to the food court and tell them how to make the cinnabons.

  26. Layla says:

    You mean your Voice Crap, ahem, I mean Chat is the reason my brand new & very expensive high-end computer keeps crashing whenever I’m in SL?! In that case, I’ve been fine with just typing for years. This is awful. I get on for a little while & out of freaking nowhere I freeze and/or crash. This is disgusting. I am soooo close to going back to playing my Sims 2 games. Get your act together, please, LL!

  27. Cinthya Vavoom says:

    @Uccello Poultry

    Im with you on this. Im deaf/mute in RL. I’ve not download the voice viewer, and not have issue since not download it.

  28. Tia Araw says:

    I agree with Tegg.. it cant be worse than what I have been going thru .. crashing is a pain, think more concentration needs to be done on the problems on hand before making new ones.

  29. Torian says:

    I wonder if this new viewer is causing todays problems. Today I could not rez in a sandbox, change clothes, use the map or TP. Crashed several times and had to reboot/clear cache. I tired on more than one machine so I know it’s not me. Even though the BLOG says there will be no restarts, twice today I have received the ‘Region is Restarting’ warning.

  30. Darb Dabney says:

    The upgrade works fine for me; I’m setting up a new Windoze Vista machine even. What I don’t quite get is why I’m not informed of this with a pop-up like the last several Optional upgrades.

    I attended a voice-based seminar today and it ran well for an hour, with between 50 and 60 avs in attendance at a given time. This was during a concurrency of about 42,000 grid-wide. At least if enough folks who aren’t happy with voice resist enabling it, I won’t have to hear them whine (in my headphones). ;^) I’m very much pleased with it.

  31. Terish Yohkoh says:

    i dont know whats up with second life i try and log on and i get nothing but the ground or cant see or everything crashes i log on cant talk cant im cant do anything dam and the voice chat thing i really dont care about 1 i dont have a mic and im not going to get one for something like this i dont see the ponit i dont care give me more attachmets give me the dam NECK ATTACHMENT give me FINGER ATTACHMENTS
    give me something worth wile i can use this is nothing bug ATTACHMENTS are more needed really you should have one for the pam of the hand the fingers the neck and one like waste one for your belt and just more attachments so yea can have lots more with needed stuff and much more needed i think ,more attachments over voice chat thing

  32. Yohannes says:

    I heard rumor that LL will charge for the privilege of using voice in the future? Is this right?

    In that case, I better not get too used to it.

  33. Bibi Book says:

    Silkie: get you the old client ot nicholaz edition of the old if you are using windows.

  34. Llead Zabelin says:

    I get “check” error when I try to log in…

  35. Lord Leafblower says:

    bah – things going pear shaped again?

    Is somebody stressing the asset server by playing Donkey Kong on it?

    Stop it! I want to upload textures!


  36. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    you have got to be jokeing really ya HAVE to be jokeing we get a new voice viwer and you still dont fix the bugs…gawd

  37. Ben Lineker says:

    Everyone complains when they have problems.

    What about when they don’t?

    I have had no problems anywhere I go for the past four releases (1.14-1.18), have been in 5 sim crashes over the last three months, had little to no voice issues (better than skype), and have had the ocassional error logging in.

    But it isn’t that horrible.

  38. Sahfur says:

    Oh yes, very nice shinies. This reminds me of how I can’t wait for windlight… but will it crash the grid and make everyone default av like this release did?

    Seriously, but please….(Insert image of a small child begging for food, when their parents got them toys instead)
    Fix the constant ruthing, fix the attachments being sent to the pelvis slot after almost EVERY tp(I mean it)… and fix the ugly UI. I’m glad to see something is changing though to at least keep the constant voices to sound clear. It might make voice a little more feasible.. but when the day is over its still a shiny.

  39. nano ashby says:

    I am one of the most strident LL supporters, and I love sl dearly – but the last few days have been hideous, and i see people all around me struggling to maintain their businesses as their invents don’t load, they can see nothing but ground, they can’t tp, are ruthed, and unabled to change clothes or groups, and when invent does load… are unable to move items into objects, have no funds showing, or are unable to stay inworld for more than a few minutes before crashing.

    This could be the end of sl, if enough businesses go down (as they will if the owners can’t run them, and customers can’t get there or buy, etc etc) before enough people leave, and the word gets round that sl doesn’t work.

    Please fix us, I’m quite sure you know what is necessary, please do it to save the whole thing.

  40. Tesla Miles says:

    Nothing is working again. I am getting used to it.

    I put 8K into classified advertising, and it has not made an ounce of difference to my traffic! I was preparing to spend 20K for the coming week, but that’s 20K that could be better spent.

    There is not much point spending money on advertising on SL classifieds. It doesn’t do anything, particularly when the searches are down most of the time.

    Somebody rightly said that if LL are going to ban all gambling, they might as well ban the biggest gamble of all – SL classified ads.

    When will the economy resume as normal?

  41. The viewer hangs every 2-3 or so minutes under OSX 10.4.9 for what seems to be a 6-7 second of white noise. Canned.

  42. Asmo Aya says:

    I think maybe it’s time for a letter writing campaign to some of the companies that LL wants to court. Throw in a few copies of these blogs, the neverending list of errors and bugs and just how unstable SL REALLY is in the grand scheme, not the little pocket worlds they show to business clients… Yeah, that might get some attention from LL….

  43. Michael says:

    oh WOW. I’m so happy! Not.

    Why don’t you fix the bugs you have before you do something that most people don’t even care about, like voice chat?

    As someone else said: FIXES OVER FEATURES.

  44. Well here’s hoping, cause seriously if things can go well i might actually pay for a premium account! (Watches for flames coming at her) … I’ve enjoyed this thing when it works, and hope it still works.. cause nothing in the VITURAL LIFE or METAVERSE type game systems really can compare. I’ve done my research LL, now help make this game work 🙂

  45. Galen Greene says:

    Are the Lindens purposely trying to destroy SL and then they can blame it on the subscribers somehow and not take the blame themselves for the downfall of SL? I’m beginning to wonder. Each new release lately makes the game more and more unstable. At this point it’s almost unplayable. Won’t take much more to finish it off.

  46. Orchid McMillan says:

    Music stream is down… voice is down. Can’t get anything to work right now at all. Ugh.

  47. Gimm says:

    I don’t use voice, and i don’t really think we need voice updates for a while. All I want is SL to stop being so…so…screwed up! Please, please, try to stop the lagging, the crashing, the ruthing, the fact that we have our inventory disappear or we can’t change clothing. Please, for the sake of the users of Second Life, focus on those issues first!

  48. Stick says:

    Ummmmm Lets forget Voice…….
    I’m paying a lot of money to own an island…..
    and nothing can be done now
    i cant see profiles
    do searches
    i’m sorry this is gettin too much now
    i demand a refund
    otherwise i’m outta here, by what i hear with a lot of others

  49. Stick says:

    S**T i cant even TP back to my island now

  50. sirhc DeSantis says:

    kk finally gave in and tried voice ( kept my old client jic ) – and – its awful. went back to skype. count me out on this one.

  51. sen says:

    ummmmmmmm i agree…..enough is enough….second life has been overcome with problems… would think with all the money you make off us you would want to fix the problems…instead you add more by adding things like voice that cause even more problems, to the point we cant do anything at all……if stick goes i go…and im sure we are just 2 of many that will follow.

  52. Mr P says:

    with the way lawsuits happen in the US i would be getting concerned

  53. sen says:

    i cant TP home, i cant get anything out of inventory, i cant tp people, cant search! Help is there anyone out there?

  54. Cooper Janus says:

    I know I can safely speak for many people who are attempting to ‘use’ SL.
    Please fix the bugs in this rickety system before you pile on more ‘features’ that only a very few people want. How many times must we repeat this?
    I won’t be updating to this voice thing as I hear nothing but complaints about the window size, the terrible connection, losing inventory, non connections. The list grows every time I talk to someone new or read the blogs.
    Please Lindens…. put some effort into stabilizing your grid!!!
    This is not FUN for anyone anymore. I find myself not even wanting to try to log on, knowing there will be some new problem to spend hours sorting out. I feel badly for people who have invested alot of real money in this.

  55. D. Spitz says:

    New voice version?
    Ok, u certain made a real nice work with that, i suppose to integrate voice is a big, hard work.
    It will bring new ppl to sl and that is surely the right decision.

    But what about the new, fantastic firstlook windlight?
    I would so glad to see this again. Sailing with that version is so impressive.
    Please bring it up again, im begging 4 that.
    (ok, i dont beg, that wouldnt be in line with ToS 🙂 )


  56. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Lol, to those of you having problems, I don’t think you read the announcement right. It says fixes for older macintosh computers and less network congestion. To me that means don’t need it unless you are running an old macintosh computer.

    I agree with the guy that wants more attachments, they are needed – especially finger and neck attachments (I think the hand attachment could easily be counted as the palm attachment).

    The voice viewer (the public version, not this optional download) is working rather well for me in most situations. I get some pretty serious slowdowns when a private voice channel is open but I do not suspect that the crashes I have are related to voice.

    As for getting disconnected on a rather regular schedule – the log keeps telling me that my client is trying to access a host on an unknown circuit. Does this mean someone is trying to hijack my Viewer?

  57. Supa says:

    Downloads this update in the hopes that I will get back the 20k worth of objects and animations that I lost with the failed to rez bug. Hmmm!

  58. Alicia Sautereau says:

    hey, stop whining…

    the servers are stable, no asset problems at all, can tp any where i want when ever i want
    uploading works perfectly, no ghost prims or problems taking to inventory without losing it
    haven`t seen a ruth person yet or heard anyone complain ingame

    every one wants voice so this update is really needed as there`s nothing wrong or worth their attention besides coding new clients so voice works better

    no, this wasn`t being sarcastic…
    Yea Right…

  59. Tabitha says:

    How many more of us Veterans do you want to push away from your product? As previously stated.. And stated repeatedly since 2004…
    Fix the product before implementing new features..

    Do you understand that..
    you PAYING customers DONT WANT new content..
    We WANT a functional Platform to WORK in.

  60. WADE1 Jya says:

    Come on Lindens,
    Please get it together here, stop focusing on new voice stuff…. The system is so buggy lately & this needs to change. Over the past week many bugs have accumulated. At least I can log in, but my avatar looks like the default “ruth” crossed with frankenstien monster & got black eyes. Quite often I can’t teleport (if I can – hair and anything else goes up the ass), can’t upload textures, L$ balance not showing up & search takes a full 5 minutes or more, or just never appears. Mac bug of rainbow textures appearing on everything still is here, more so again lately. My island just yesterday started having the invisible prim problem where deleted stuff stays around but you can’t see or select it, its just in the way. I’ve noticed too that these are bugs that it is announced are fixed in your blog but they have returned full force.

    I don’t want voice either and have been trying to turn it off in my island because I hear no-one else much wants it either, but it stays on anyway.

    I create content everyday I can play. I see SL as something special because it lets individuals create freely, in a sense — it keeps space independant. This is something other virtual worlds just do not have.

    Unfortunately, many people don’t care the source & will just happily switch to a provider where content is highly controlled & corporate provided, such as or the like – SL is just entertainment for most players. As content provider, I see any platform buggyness as a risk to my business (and yours). So gotta fix those bugs, I know it’s tedious & boring job compared to the fun new projects you guys got going, but get on that in a more serious way please!!!

  61. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Whoops, forgot to add – guys if you are having issues with voice clients crashing your computer be sure to update your audio card drivers. It might also be helpful for LL to release a list of supported audio cards so that you can determine whether or not your card is fit for voice. Another idea is to obtain a copy of the most up up-to-date VivoxSDK – I haven’t checked but it’s possible that LL is not using the latest files.

  62. Rena says:

    can the next update include an option to clear/or not to clear cache at every log out? so we dont need to manually clear cache…

  63. Elissa Bristol says:

    I agree with Silkie wayyyyyyyy at the top!

  64. Shyressa says:

    Pre-voice viewer link Life 1-18-0-6 Setup.exe

  65. Dave says:

    I like the fact that this optional upgrade is not being offered as we log on, so we don’t have to hit the “Continue” button if we don’t want to download it. Instead we can go to a webside to d/l it if we want it.

    Also, to a certain extent I have to agree with what I keep hearing over and over: Forget all the new bells & whistles, just give us a more stable SL. I do like the fact that the criticism in this thread seems to be a lot more constructive than in some.

    @36: “At least I can log in, but my avatar looks like the default “ruth” crossed with frankenstien monster & got black eyes.” (Sounds interesting, LOL!)

  66. Nickle Bing says:

    Everything but the friends list seems to work.

    And I love reading all the extremists on the blog ranting about how they do not want to use voice and no one wants it. Funny how 10% of avatars I come across use it and speak in world.

  67. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    Get ready for Asset Server problems again guys, I can’t get any textures to load period (except the default wood texture, that seems to work). My inventory is stuck loading at 1,268 items (out of 15k+) and has been stuck for 15-20 minutes. My friend Queball can’t load any textures either – region is Marti.

  68. Seven Shikami says:

    I’m getting tons of “INFO: ” debug messages with the new viewer, when I didn’t have it prior to tonight. What’s going on and how do I turn this off?

  69. Dear Linden Lab – will you be addressing why some regions are croaking starting 72 hours ago? Kthxbai 🙂

  70. Fenleab says:

    Wewt, new updates…for stuff that’s still broken? That’s like…releasing a toy with lead paint…

  71. Kalar Aderdeen says:

    Inventory does not rezz, surroundings do not rezz, if i manage to TP my shoes are up my butt, my business is dieing after over a year here, because of database and game bugs, groups do not come up, group IM’s and invations on work about half the time. Game lag is terriable…

    Tell me again why i should be excited about voice

    i own 8 sims in SL.. and i am just about ready to give it all up.. i feel like i am fighting a loosing battle with all the game problems, it’s constant fight and quite frankly i am just getting tired of it.

    Am i happy about voice.. no.. do i want voice… no.. do i give a rat’s behind that you are trying to fix voice… no

    How about a stable grid?

  72. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    It may be my sound card but I have had nothing but problems trying to figure out how to plug stuff in for voice and make it work. A lot of other things in SL do not work correctly now though, this happened with the windlight program and the sculpted prims also, SL just gets buggier- I am wondering if Linden has lost track, the basic programs needs to run decently, it is no longer a matter of public relations and cute blogs, SL needs to fix basic problems such as lag and rezzing time, I pay to play here and I feel that Linden should fix the crashing and grid down problems,submitting a ticket is next to useless and there is no longer any way to contact linden when there are real problems, I really didn’t like the access denied message the other day, it frightened me. I would like to say happier things , but these things need to be fixed

  73. Very Upset says:

    Can’t TP home, can’t rez no copy/no trans objects (lost a gift, thanks LL), search doesn’t work in Loogaroo. I would be careful rezzing objects…

  74. I’ve always been patient with releases, and I suppose this wasn’t any different. Bugs will happen. I suppose I cannot speak for those of you spending $195 – $295 or more every month for Second Life, but then again, you could simply downgrade to basic.

    Those of you who are having lots of problems, (not that i am not, I just deal with them and log off for an hour or two while things become more stable), if you were around for the Second Life 1.7 release…this is nothing compared to that.

  75. Estella says:

    I can’t even log in game right now and I come to blog to see why and wow we get a new voice viewer… glad to see you guys are working so hard on all the PROBLEMS *GROWLS*

  76. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 40: Client Menu (Ctrl-Alt-D), > Consoles, uncheck debug.

    So fixes for the shiny nobody wants, but nothing addressing the crashes, and the lag, and the inv losses caused by the extra voice load on the system (and yes it does, it checks client data, parcel data, draws little dots, determines av range etc etc – all extra data floating around).

    Most of the time I can hardly move, like I’m in treacles. I can hardly wait for Windlight to add yet more load. And have you managed to fix the coloco probs after 3 days?

    And whilst you’re still silent on fixes as per usual, are you staying silent on the incestuous “banking” activities of Ginko and the WSE? Highly dodgy the bond issue, and they are cross invested and directors of each other….

  77. Cat Gisel says:

    See and they just got done telling us there is no gambling in SL…and now this is released…


  78. Sofia_Westwick says:

    This is so bad. Its do to voice if you all have not noticed since voice went live it has been nothing but grid and net work issues.


    if you put as much effort into the bugs and gird problems as you do into voice SL would be very nice running place.

  79. It’s working fine : ) now just make sure the rest of it works before adding more features!

  80. Mal says:

    well..for some reason can’t download it, but it really doesn’t matter since i can’t log back in anyway.Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update
    In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance

  81. Sofia Westwick says:

    This is so bad. Its do to voice if you all have not noticed since voice went live it has been nothing but grid and net work issues.


    if you put as much effort into the bugs and gird problems as you do into voice SL would be very nice running place.

    Come on now lets get this right.

  82. Karine Koba says:

    hrm I haven’t downloaded but I can’t log back on now?

  83. evolution66 bade says:

    I’m so happy we have Voice…. too bad i can’t log in at all, Tp or even put on clothes… My land in sl is useless, When I can’t get there…. Might as well pick up the phone and call everyone…. If i want voice…. Or is that outta date?

  84. Deandra Watts says:

    Despite our best efforts…



  85. Vivienne says:

    When will this blog be voice enabled?

    STOP IT!

  86. Zimmy Ginsberg says:

    Great, can’t login now using the old 1.18.06 viewer on Mac OS, setting off crash reporter on login.

    Do you remember posting here a few weeks ago with a promise NOT to release updates on Friday afternoon? Another promise broken, the grid borked, but never mind, let’s rush out more shiny rubbish and bork it even more.

    Ditto to all those above: fix the inv losses, the appalling lag, and constant crashes. Better still why not rip this entire voice thing out? The whole thing has been degrading since 1.14.

  87. Sgta DeCuir says:

    Damn all stop complaining. If you can fix it get a job with the lindens. Me I have no prob with voice. I crash the same amount of times a day as I did with out so no difference. Just stop Complaining.

  88. Starsaphire Dagger says:

    New voice viewer available at 5PM SLT… The grid has been running fgreat all day.
    5:30PM… people are Ruthing and greyed out… club empties to crashes and doesn’t refill.
    8:30PM it’s no longer possible to log in.
    …For all the naysayers that say it’s not voice that’s taking the grid down…
    How many times is it necessary to be hit in the head with a 2×4 before the stars provide enough light to see the problem?
    Pull voice… get the grid running again.
    What good is voice if you can’t get in to use it?
    Please… a little common sense.

  89. Zendra Edelweiss says:

    OMG, here we go again…Friday…a release…can’t log in! Come on guys this is getting absolutely ridiculous! “Despite our best efforts…blah blah blah” I really don’t see any “best efforts” lately.

  90. hmr1000 says:

    Add me to the list I cant seem to log in and there is a black border around the bottom of my skybox. Two thoughts guy, voice does not seem to be working and appears to be causing far more harm than it is doing good. Why not admit that it is not ready to go, remove it, revert to the previous update, and concentrate on fixing some of the problems that are destroying Second Life around our feet. Second when you do bug fixes do not do them by way of massivive updates but do them one at a time as you claimed to be able to do with dia de la liberacion. It is a basic axiom of debugglng to debug one item at a time and make sure the fix works before moving on to the next bug. That is something you learn in your first programming class and I am assuming you guys learned it too, so why not use that simple method and stop dumping out a pot full of fixes and watching things go totally to chaotic hell without you have the romotest clue where the problem is coming from or if in fact you are facing a number of problems feeding off of each other. Allegedly you now have the capacity to debug one item at a time without updates so why dont you use it and maybe things would work better. Good luck, at the rate things are going you are going to need it.

  91. Decker Burt says:

    Seriously, how long is going to take for you guys at LL to realize that you’re making things worse by pushing out “updates” that don’t actually fix any of SL’s fundamental problems. Fix the foundation before you start to build on it.
    If you don’t start paying attention to whats going on you’re going to start having a population decrease because people wont play a game that isn’t playable.

  92. Rebecca Eponym says:

    I am such a loyal supporter, I was just added to SL mentor group this afternoon, was looking forward to helping people, I went and bought a few new outfits and about to go help someone when all of the sudden my clothes weren’t loading, so I tried to relog and BAM now I can’t login, to my last location, home, or sim name that I type in, also re-installed. Please fix current problems before messing with voice, i liked it better when voice was optional. Please, Lindens, listen to us!

  93. Wyald Woolley says:

    Hehehe….I’m estatic! It’s late on a Friday and all the little Lindens are tucked in their beds for a good long weekend sleep. And what do they leave for us to play with for the whooole weekend but a new buggy VOICE viewer. Think of the possibilities!

    So far tonight I’ve walked into countless walls and had one kernel panic after another. But this is what I’m in SL for! All the fun of watching my avatar get dressed in s-l-o-w motion when ever I make a successful TP. I could watch that go on for hours….hehehe, I DO watch it go on for hours. Look, look, I’ve got two strands of hair so far!

    But I have VOICE…ohmygawd VOICE….how awesome is that!!! Yeah yeah I know it borked everything else, but it’s VOICE!! I know there are over 200 people in all of SL that wanted voice and some of them are actually using it. Well, they’d be using it if it worked…but it’s so sweet to know you COULD actually use your voice if you could TP to where someone else was that was using voice and then you could actually TALK….well, when it works you could…anyway that’s all beside the point.

    It worth it to have it available just in case you see someone bumping into walls or doing that submarine thing when they try to walk or have their hair sticking out their butts…or RUTHed….hehehe are those man boobs or what!?!!

    Then I could just use my VOICE and say something rude…provided it was working just then and the other person had their VOICe on and I wasn’t trying to pick my own hair out of my butt.

    I don’t get it why so many people are whining about VOICE borking the whole grid. VOICE is sooooo shiney!!! and Eventually they will get it working to where it is hardly messing up everything else. So just keep your shirts on…especially you RUTHed guys…it will all get almost fixed some day…just in time for Pretty Skies to do what VOICE almost did.

  94. Avonley Mills says:

    All I want to do is to run my store without all these bugs! Voice is cool, yes.. but not needed right now. PLEASE PLEASE tap on the shoulder of the guys that fix the errors while your busy working on new stuff. If they were as hard working as you, we’d all have more fun.

    That aside, i cannot log in with an inventory aparently. I cant set up the new store if I cant see an inventory! PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

  95. Gigi Beika says:

    A lot of people aren’t interested in voice, and a lot of people who play this game are, HELLO, not the same sex they SAY they are. So OBVIOUSLY those ppl won’t want voice. Voice doesn’t work on my machine, so let’s just forget it, shall we? No one wants it.

  96. Alora Perse says:

    Thanks for that in-world grid wide warning about shopping hazzards. We are being over run with notes from people buying and not getting for 3 days. What a great way to help us out by being so fast to inform people when there are issues that may cause them to lose inventory and money.

  97. Unstable infrastructure, endless lagging, constant crahsed, no way to submit support requests, or even report them, completeling ignoring what the users say matters, banning the industries that power the economy, making promises that go unkept…… if Linden Lab was TRYING to put itself out of business, what exactly would it do any differently?

    And even in your grotesquely bloated egos and warped fantasy that you have no competition, how on earth do you imagine real companies are ever going to use SL for voice conferencing when you can’t even keep it up for 24 hours at a go?

  98. I was hoping that it would be a fix for VWR-1537: When I ran Voice First Look I get an FPS of 0.7. It was to the point where it was impossible to move and other’s voices break up. When I ran the regular Second Life client my FPS was ten times higher at around 7.0. I am now using Second Life I turned off all firewalls. With this newest version I am still unable to move freely and audio is choppy. If I unplug my Platronics Audio 550 Binaural USB Headset with DSP before loading and only listen to others talking my FPS will go up to about 2.5. This was the most expensive headset that was reccomended by the SL website, I’m not sure why it would affect FPS. My hardware is perfectly capable of getting better results than 0.7-2.5 consistently.
    Hardware Information:
    2GB of DDR 3200 RAM
    Pentium 4 2.53Ghz
    overclocked GeForce 7800 GS 256mb
    Windows Vista Home Premium (no other programs running in the background)
    Platronics Audio 550 Binaural USB Headset with DSP

  99. Mal says:

    Actually, i really like the voice feature and i’m using it a lot when it’s working. As much as i like it i dont’ think LL were or are ready for it. Lets focus your energy on existing issues instead of new development for just a tiny bit. account is gone!! yeh..My Malarwen Hall work account that I use to pay my RL bills…is this IS AN ISSUE FOR ME

  100. U M says:

    well I would stop if the lindens would bother to read crash reports to start with.

  101. Arsheba Nasu says:

    Linden fiddles with Voice while Rome burns.

  102. Gefory Barbosa says:

    Mac OSX client, running on confirmed latest version of Mac OSX, macbook pro, 3gig ram, dual core intel.

    The new client made available on Friday, I was able to get online 2 times. Out of some 20 attempts. Both times, crossing any sim boundary by walking of flying results in crash where avatar no longer answers any controls. Unable to IM, teleport across boundaries either. IM results in a few lines being exchanged then seeing the other person “typing” but nothing comes across. Can exchange note card with them and determine that they get nothing in IM even if I type it, and that they are sending but I am not receiving.

    This is with multiple avatars. Identical problem.

    Since 7pm SL time, unable to log on at all. All accounts return the following error message after a long delay attempt to log on….

    Log in packet not received by log in server.

  103. Saromay says:

    And does anyone really pay attention to this? I see comment after comment, begging for the bugs to be fixed and stop worry about adding new things that don’t work – but all I see is Damn the bugs!! — Full Speed Ahead!!

  104. Gefory Barbosa says:

    Interesting addition I forgot to mention above, first log in with the new client was successful, but returned the report in my chat history that I had been disconnected from the world voice server.

    Nothing I did was able to bring it back, though it worked great for me up to this log in and all my preferences then and now are the say – to start up voice activated. But, nothing in voice works at all.

  105. Giulio Prisco says:

    #7 (The work needs to be put on Issues that matter and are important. not wasted on things of little importance) and the two or three similar posts

    VOICE IS IMPORTANT for many of us. I wonder when you guys will stop saying that only what you like is important and the rest is not important. I thank Linden Lab for providing this important and useful feature. It is a quantum leap in usability and ergonomy, anf that is why I and most of my online friends are using it all the time. And by the way, I think the voice system is working very well. I use both a Mac and a PC, and it works well on both.

  106. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    there is the time and date on this , TP seems to be down or at least making avatars freeze-it doesn’t work, I am relogging now because of freezing

  107. Saromay says:

    If 90% of what was already here worked 90% of time that would be a quantum leap!!

  108. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I bet this is a response to a recent article about technical problems in Sl. The first thing it mentioned was garbled voice quality. So they releaqse a fix because of media pressure.

    Guys. Just leave the viewer alone. Nicholaz beresford does a much better job than any of you. Concentrate on fixing the server issues.

  109. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Important or not, voice leaves NON-voice users half-blind until there’s a way to tell who *is* voice enabled without turning voice on. We can’t tell who’s just not at the keyboard (perhaps busy, away, or building)… and who just isn’t paying attention to chat because they’re talking.

    This would only require *one bit* of information to be made available to the viewer.

    Vote for VWR-1317.

  110. Ceejay Writer says:

    I’d be more thrilled about this if I could actually log in. Im hanging endlessly on the logon screen. I see no mention of trouble this way. Hello? Why is VOICE such a Happy Big Thing right now? Why isn’t getting the basics stabilized a higher priority?

    Voice is fun, sometimes. Maybe. But it’s not the be-all to end-all. I would MUCH rather have stability. Must I beg?

  111. Eddi says:

    Hello, linden

    I have a nice experiance whit voice client, but i noticed many bugs since last week of which some in construction with zoom, the customer with tendency to intérompre busquement. lately I observe login failed with the last version I do not know what occurs since your power outage, but I wonder when you envisage the 19.0 for which date?

  112. Kira says:

    what ever , doesnt much matter who uses voice or not when ONCE AGAIN we are NOT able to log in!

  113. Cocomo Munro says:

    ummm seriously who gives a f@#c if there is a new voice viewer available if I cant even logon? wtf people??? I have had a “second life may appear frozen” on my screen for over a half an hour.. I havent even been able to logon for several days now, & am about to just give up on SL…. you lindens have your priorities really jacked up!

  114. Bobo Decosta says:

    SL is again a game of wager. You pay and by random choice you get to login it seems

  115. Ardic Danton says:

    Please shut down the grid and fix the rash of inventory, rezzing, attachment, and notecard viewing problems before anyone loses any more stuff.

    Or any more patience.

  116. Ri Rasmuson says:

    Still no Vista support?

  117. Samuel Geiger says:

    Screw your voice crap LL. Since you’re last *cough*update*cough* our CLASS 5 SIM has been broke as shit. FIX YOUR DAMN PROBLEMS BEFORE WORRYING ABOUT THE BS NONE OF US GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU ASSES! For those new to SL, DO NOT spend any of your money here. Stay a free account and send LL to hell in bankruptcy.

  118. EZStrider Penguin says:

    Well the log in issue isn’t with JUST the new viewer. I still have the old one and can’t seem to get back in for love nor Lindens. Connecivity issue “resolved”…..wonder which dictionary the Lindens use…….

  119. Karine Koba says:

    In trueblood… can’t do anything else than moving around now. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  120. Asmo Aya says:

    69 Giulio Prisco Says:

    August 10th, 2007 at 9:33 PM PDT
    #7 (The work needs to be put on Issues that matter and are important. not wasted on things of little importance) and the two or three similar posts

    VOICE IS IMPORTANT for many of us. I wonder when you guys will stop saying that only what you like is important and the rest is not important. I thank Linden Lab for providing this important and useful feature. It is a quantum leap in usability and ergonomy, anf that is why I and most of my online friends are using it all the time. And by the way, I think the voice system is working very well. I use both a Mac and a PC, and it works well on both.

    I see, so what you’re saying is, you lack the typing skills to cyberf*&^ and/or can’t get off without hearing moaning… because THAT is the ONLY reason anyone “needs” voice in SL… Oh, or you’re just too damn lazy to type. I don’t consider any of those cases sufficient cause to screw over every OTHER user who was perfectly happy with the MOSTLY stable grid of 3 months ago before all the voice crap started….

  121. Ardic Danton says:

    I’m not even getting detailed login errors anymore. All I see is “Login Failed.” with not a whit of explanation as to why. What’s up with that? Is it a new feature?

    “In order to enhance your Second Life experience we have done away with those long and cumbersome login errors with one, simple, easy-to-read one. We look forward to seeing you in-world!”

  122. Eddi says:

    Hey merci de défendre la libre expression, on ne vie que des bugs de jours en jours et sa ne fini plus, j,aimerais vraiment avoir un service un peu mieux que sa et en français aussi!!

  123. Delilah Karas says:

    will you PLEASE stop changing stuff until you get things stable – i’velost inventory and now my avi is totally fuxxored. Good grief, get the main service working for the love of mike. This is real money here!

  124. HealthStar says:

    your joking right, the grid is as bad as is and you have something for us to HEAR AND TALK BETTER?!?!?!!? Unreal, thats just unreal, do you have any idea whatsoever how bad it is inworld right now? I am just agast. A simple blogpost – we know it sucks and were working on it would go a long way, especially for us storeowners that are suffering because transactions wont go thru, people cant tp to our stores, people are scared to buy items for fear of losing them on rezz, people IM ing us that their scripted objects they bought are failing. I cant belive it I just can’t, go read the forums LL, fix this PLEEEEAAASE.

  125. Samuel Geiger says:

    Lie to us Lindens, we want it, tell us a story to explain your issues right now. We know it’s never your fault, blame your colo again, or the tooth fairy, or even your users’ hardware as you’ve constantly done in the past, only to admit it WAS your fault later. %#$@ it, just pull the plug and refund the thousands I’ve spent here.

  126. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Oh whoopee we get a new voice viewer for the 90 percent of us who do not and never will use it. I think your time would be better spent on again establishing a game that functions. Since the new voice viewer you have created massive lag to the point that when one rotates, or just flies in forces texture reads then the game lag freezes for 4 to eternity. This is totally ridiculous
    and if it continues there seems no point to continuing. Oh and who gets the bill for the lack of sales directly related to the condition of the game

    When are you people going to wake up and realize that many find the current conditions a joke.

    This is not my system causing these problems it is linden lab and their maniacal desire to stuff voice up out posterior for a reason they only know. I suppose they are tired of old paying customers and wish to establish a totally non cc verified user base.

  127. evacaroline says:

    yes fixed so its go to exchance clothes and inventory works before u do other voice is fun but not al ….and one morning my sim is émty …hhhmmmm u got proplems or ….? time SL works now !!!for al….

  128. William says:

    So many here I want to backup and agress with.. yes FIX BUGS FIRST, fifo tf. First in first out to FIX(ok bug fixing dont work that way but fix things first and get it stable)
    Bringing in NEW only does make it harder to debug.
    And to those who do want voice.. (the few I see posting) yeah it is a nice add and could be helpfull for some, but I think the MAJORITY say FIX whats NOT STABLE please before you loose SL as we USE to know and before there is no more ! Whats voice when all is so quiet because no one is there? Anyone hear that tree fall ?

  129. Samuel Geiger says:

    “#7 (The work needs to be put on Issues that matter and are important. not wasted on things of little importance) and the two or three similar posts

    VOICE IS IMPORTANT for many of us. I wonder when you guys will stop saying that only what you like is important and the rest is not important…”

    So… what you’re saying is that you retards don’t know what teamspeak is, and you don’t care if you can’t even login to use voice as long as you know it’s there? Seriously, I wish LL paid me to come and pretend to care…

  130. U M says:

    I like to know what they fixed in the new voice client? I understand what testing means. But really Does anyone really care at LL that people cannot use the viewer period? What does LL call FIXING and what does LL believe is best for the community? We can not keep this up much longer. Face it you screwed up the viewer, and the network is a total mess. Not everyone is running happy on sl these days. A small procentage are not bitching at all. But then again these same people only stay in a few low useage sims.

  131. Ben says:

    can anyone login?

  132. Eddie says:

    I’m sick of reading all the whining comments on these posts. If you can’t say something nice, or at least constructive, STFU!!!

    Go learn to program and help fix the bugs instead of writing completely useless whinging on here, or better yet, go complain to your mommys, maybe they’ll do the rest of us a favour and ban you from using the internet.

  133. Halisson Usher says:

    That´s nice, but would be nicer if you could fix the grid and allow people to login and live with no packet loss. I hope SL can get better soon, because after a month with that lag and packet loss, If Microsoft get´s their own SL kind of game, we’ll see LLabs crash (and I don´t like MS that much!), so please, fix the grid for a month, at least? Thanks!

  134. Giulio Prisco says:

    This is not the viewer that can be downloaded from the main download page in (that is still So I think this is a temporary fix for those with “slow or congested internet connections, older Macintosh hardware, and some kinds of analog microphones”, with features that will be integrated in a later version of the viewer.
    Since this is not my case – I have a decent Mac and a reasonably good connection, I did not download Voice is working very well on my system, and I am using it all the time.
    Actually, everything is working very well.

  135. LadyAngelica says:

    We don’t need a new voice client. We need SecondLife to update their servers. It’ll solve the lag issues AND the login issues half the world experiences. UPDATE YOUR SERVERS, SL!

  136. mouloude says:

    This is a new shit update can’t logg in

  137. Bobo Decosta says:

    It looks like some can login because the number of users online went up from 29 to 30 thousand or is that number just fiction?

  138. SPGenX Carroll says:

    WTF?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?i update and log in, and you know what happends it says you wanna be girl or boy….and i choose boy and this crappy update made me a girl in full ruth mode with white clothes and everything and like make 15 copies of my trash folder and like copies of undeleteable folders and get this…. they’re all empty! and im missing some of my stuff….all my prim stuff is fine what im mostly missing is clothing….i say someone needs to fix my freaking account, im seriously freaking out…..did you put any thought into this update at all? i mean i never post and complain….but this is ridiculos,man im serious…if things dont stop getting worse when it should be getting better ima just straight up quit…

  139. shai Khalifa says:

    Can login if you wait for ages and/or try multiple times.

    I just bought a 2k item that didn’t get delivered to me

    Can’t tp from some regions though, have to walk across sim border and tp from different place.

    Have hard crashed (client, mouse, os, computer) about a dozen times today.

    Music has been intermittent.

    Rezzing stuff is also intermittent, but mostly works….

    Not much fun now – logging off

    … and I can’t just downgrade to basic because I own land and a business – otherwise I would – I”ve lost so much trade in the past 2 weeks it’s going to take me the next 2 months to get back to where I was.


  140. Daisy says:

    I cannot log in. Using Version and getting “Unable to log in. Despite our best efforts something has gone wrong blah blah blah”

  141. LL must be asleep. You would think Phil would pop in now and then to see how things are working…. Maybe he doesn’t care anymore….

  142. Zelinna Jacques says:

    Ok… my coffee from mouth to keyboard, to drying out just happened when I turned to see what possible update for the unstable grid issues were!
    Since the voice client hit mainland, I noticed right off a difference in my once smooth (usually 98% time) in world experience with creating, playing…. then lag.. more and more, mind you, this experiences when only myself, or one or two more within the sim I reside. But it hasn’t been just there, it had been an issue whereever I went.
    Last couple of days now, was horrible as everyone knows thats been in world, yes… things happen, and needs to be fixed, so patiently I have been waiting, being the understanding resident within our community. However, when I have issues of inventory taking a termendous amount of time to load up, if it will at all, or I can’t attach a prim on my avatar, or build prim attachements for finishing up my clothing projects. Or, I get sent to other regions, example… landing in a pg zone on a lady’s head that she is naked but wearing a corset and a man thing…. I have to finally say to you Linden Lab employee’s, what are you thinking on fixing a bug to talk and hear better, when certainly is obvious thta the sims are still not stabled and recovered fully from this last update?
    I rarely speak out on views publically, usually there are hundreds ahead of me saying exactly what I’m feeling, but I have to speak it out myself this time… would certainly be putting each and every sim a first priority before enhancing a luxury option when you know you have a stablity need that is not an option.

  143. martini says:

    This is getting tedious now.

    Functionality is low.

    Log ins almost impossible, even when it’s supposedly not broken.

    I can’t delete my own stuff. (Great when needing to do a big build as I do at the moment).

    The more you push voice, the worse this is getting, why not take a step back rather than pushing on regardless……or do you think that the end in this case justifies the means? Because from my point of view that ceased to be valid about 5 days of “means” ago.

  144. Nalin Nungesser says:

    Congratulations LL, thanks for making the weekend of a lot of innocent SL’ers (myself included) an unpleasant one. We all totally *deserve it*, of course (insert sarcasm here).

    The best efforts of many to create another free world of imagination, once again, quashed.

    Thank goodness I’m a basic user.

  145. This new viewer with VOICE is just great. It only took me 20 minutes to log in and it logged me in as a new user with a whole new newbie avatar.

    Guess it doesn’t matter that I own a sim and have been here a long time.

    Gosh, I can hardly wait to see my inventory.


  146. Christopher Whitfield says:

    aha aha….. at last the total Blast…..

    Hi there, Second Life became the WORST Site I have ever been in the last 2 weeks. This is constantly going on.
    Ahhh people you can cry as much as you whant, no one will listen, cause they are doing it, even if we cry…..
    Oh LL, just in case you are listening… (lol), the 34.000L$ I lost trough all your buggs, its a preasent. Give it to the technicans,……

    In case we cannot log in anymore….. wow wow quiet weekend to you all… we could need a break…. lol

    yours Cris

  147. Val Logan says:

    New optional viewer, can’t log in (using Nicholaz 18g – don’t want fucking voice), the usual sl colocation/network trouble… It’s weekend for sure – lol Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

  148. Can SL run for 1 day in a row without major problems???? We cant get a full 24 hours with setbacks!!!!!!!

  149. LadyAngelica says:

    Instead of adding a new buggier voice client, Secondlife and the Lindens should concentrate more on fixing the login problems, inventory losses, the lag on most of the sims that we all live and “work” in, the monetary losses in world and out of SL and the bugs that THIS PREVIOUS client has. Believe me, if I was a Linden, these problems would be first instead of introducing a new client that doesn’t fix any of the above mentioned problems. Please, Lindens, fix the previous client so we all can be happy? Thank you.

  150. Manjagan Rahja says:

    “Your world, your imagination”

    Im glad RL is is not “My world , my imagination” 🙂 lol

  151. William says:

    EXAMPLE in hand lies just above this post. Which is only reason Im here reading posts.. could have told ya this about an hour ago.
    PLEASE get things stable before bringing in such MAJOR new features.. Small ones are ok but come on..

    Login Issues
    Friday, August 10th, 2007 at 10:15 PM PDT by: Frontier Linden
    [10:23PM Pacific]
    Logins restricted to Linden Lab employees.
    [10:14PM Pacific]
    Second Life is currently experiencing issues that may prevent residents from being able to login. The Grid Monkey has been contacted and we are looking into this issue.
    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience

  152. U M says:

    Woohohoo CAN`T log in!!!!!!!!!!! But we have a wonderful new voice client :/

  153. Tom Gagliano says:

    OK Lindens,.. what will it take to straighten this out? I have had enough with this.. you are selling a product that does not work half the time… I am not threatening anything however, I know some californians who have taken other companies to court in class action lawsuits for less hassle.

    You have promised time and time again… yet all we see are band-aids to correct the issue… get it right and fix it once and for all please… this week has been the worst week since the New years eve fiasco.

  154. Just as I thought, I have no inventory. I’m a newbie again, even got to re-pick my sex. Lucky me!!!

    HEY LINDENS, I have a great idea for A GREAT NEW FEATURE IN SL.

    GET THE GRID TO WORK, dump voice and maybe we can do things, like TP, walk, make a LM, oh, and be able to login.

    Anyone ever think of these features?

  155. BiGSiN Wormser says:

    SL does need to get their stuff together as is getting stupid

    on another note
    Rhaorth Antonelli DJ’ing still? XP
    darn nanooks
    *shakes fist atrha*

  156. D says:

    Can’t log-in, but by now I am getting used to it. Feels good to shell out monthly for a premium account and land tier for a small business that I am unable to use,put to use or even have customers because they can’t logon. I don’t care whether it’s because of voice or not, doesn’t seem to matter what the paying customers want, it appears you are happy to continue taking money from me and all the other people paying for this without actually providing the service we are paying for. I am well aware that the opinions expressed in these blogs are largely ignored, and mostly for the benefit of givingthe masses a place where they can vent without anybody out there hearing them (nice way to hide the lack of customer service) it seems you very much live up to your TOS “Linden Lab reserves the right to interrupt the Service with or without prior notice for any reason or no reason. You agree that Linden Lab will not be liable for any interruption of the Service, delay or failure to perform, and you understand that except as otherwise specifically provided in Linden Lab’s billing policies posted at, you shall not be entitled to any refunds of fees for interruption of service or failure to perform. Linden Lab has the right at any time for any reason or no reason to change and/or eliminate any aspect(s) of the Service as it sees fit in its sole discretion. …… So you are charging for what again exactly?

  157. Verdana Klaar says:

    I have just one question : When will the software and hardware architecture will be reliable ?

    Just as #87 said : Why not stabilize the existing components instead of putting news functions on top of this spaghetti plate ?

    All this has two major side-effects :

    1) Some residents will leave whenever this keeps going on erratic like it does since about two weeks

    2) The system as a whole becomes unmanageable by LL support teams as patches are coming now alsmost everyday

  158. magiquemerlin says:

    Hey if you want somewhere to have a real bitch and moan – check our ever-so-not-nice blog 😀

    Embrace the lag!

  159. Prospero Lane says:

    Anything that improves the service is good; just patching up Voice is not. Voice worked better in First Look. The connection with the voice server is on and off and quality seems to vary as well. I think you should consider taking Voice down, fixing it up and then putting it back on First Look for a few months. I don’t think that many people are using it-I rarely see a white anywhere I go. It was unnecessary to start with and now it’s just plain irritating.

  160. Peppermint Raymaker says:

    Online resident numbers dropping sharply again…is anyone taking note of this at LL?

  161. HealthStar says:

    *linden labie tech running down the hall
    “hey mr manager we got that old mac voice client thing done”
    mr manager reading the blogs and forums and trying to play around inworld does…

    A. “Ummm, yea good work there labie, but maybe we better hold off on putting that out right now, might not go over real well”

    B. “Cool put it out for DL, and go on home for the weekend the rest of us are right behind you”

    I think we all know the answer

  162. D says:

    oh, and going to the url you have posted for billing only shows a poor image of a gorilla with a bone, so what are the exceptions?

  163. U M says:

    I think I know which banana eating grid monkey it is………..

  164. Eddi says:

    Bonjour, après avoir lu certains messages j’ai estimé que mes messages n’aurrait aucunement due être effacé, je ne sais pas pourquoi je suis toujours banni des forum, mais j’estime avoir droit a mon opignion en tans que résident de Second life, j’aimerais avoir des réponse à ces questions merci!! J,ai droit d’être traiter dignement après tous mes messages n’étais pas agrssif a ce que je sache. Un peu expressif, mais jamais avec un intention hostile.


  165. Nosha Dalgleish says:

    Will I havent been able to use voice since the release. Still no white dot, nada nothing! And yes, I have tried everything but basicly tearing my computer apart!
    Now for this update… still 0, nade, nothing NO VOICE! Lived this long without.. SKYPE is your best friend 🙂

  166. Thrakhath Karlfledt says:

    \o/ woohoo Yay for voice and failed logins.

  167. U M says:

    I like to know waht the 24,670 are in game? they have not turned off the game?!

  168. U M says:

    OMG I crashed again

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