[Updated] Service outage for certain regions

[Update 1:31PM PST 08/11/07]
Late yesterday we pushed out a network configuration update to the affected hosts which appeared to resolve the issue. Initial data looks promising, but we’ll be continuing to monitor and investigate.

[Update 4:26PM PST 08/10/07]
Following the additional tests, we have concluded that code initially suspected to be at fault was not the root cause and so we will not be making any visible progress on this issue until Monday. To be clear, this does not mean that work on this issue has ceased (in fact, the opposite is true), it merely means that no patch or other fix is likely until next week. Several options in addition to the already written patch are also being researched in parallel, and it is looking like this issue may be the result of a network configuration problem rather than a “bug”. We will update again on Monday or as more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

[Update 1:39PM PST 08/10/07 ]
The fix is now being looked at by both development and our QA staff as we get deeper into testing it. Depending on the result of these tests, we may do a limited push of the patch later this afternoon before a full grid-wide deployment. Fortunately, as noted before, this patch will not require a rolling restart so the actual patch deployment shouldn’t cause further interruptions. More updates to come as the testing results come back from QA.

[Update 11:28AM PST 08/10/07]
Our development staff continues to test the potential fix, but does not yet have an ETA for grid-wide implementation. We will continue to post updates as we have them. Thank you for your continued patience.
[Update 9:50AM PST 08/10/07]
Last night, our development staff rolled a potential fix out to a small number of simulators for testing. They will be evaluating the results this morning in consideration of a grid-wide roll-out. Once this evaluation is completed and a decision has been made, we will post further updates.

[Update 6:48PM PST 08/09/07]
The development team is still hard at work on this. We’ll post significant developments or resolution if they occur tonight; otherwise, we’ll check in tomorrow morning.

[Update 5:50PM PST 08/09/07]
Work continues into the evening. Thank you for your patience.

[Update 4:30PM PST 08/09/07]
Our development team continues to work on this issue, but we don’t have any further updates at this time. Thank you for your patience.

[Update 3:30PM PST 08/09/07]
While our developers are still working on a fix for the issue, we do have one small update. It appears that the fix will not require a rolling restart. We will continue to update as we get more information. Thank you.

Just before 2pm our Support staff began hearing from a number Residents about various Secondlife service issues in particular regions. It appears that these issues may have been going on for a few days, but were masked by the network outages we have been working through.

The issue can cause a number of different problems such as: an inability to search or use the map, failure to rez, failures while attaching, L$ balance not being displayed and odd IM behavior. Because there is the possibility of content loss, we encourage you to verify that Search works in the region you are in before attempting to rez any objects.

Our development team has identified the issue and are currently working on a fix.

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133 Responses to [Updated] Service outage for certain regions

  1. Korena Starbrook says:

    a real bad couple weeks guys.

    real bad.

  2. AnneMarie Alcott says:

    I’ve lost several things in my region due to failure to rez and it’s obvious I’m not going to be getting them back. What I want to know is when are you going to stop giving us stuff we don’t even ask for and then not permanently fixing the same stuff we keep complaining about?

  3. Yanik says:

    And she meant, bad!

    Homerlone is affected, if not on your list.

  4. Shocked says:

    Yes, my SIM tries to fill up with people and then everyone just starts crashing in the matter of minutes, when trying to do basically anything…

    How much extension of the classifieds to we get this time? Think you owe us a few bonus weeks meanwhile…

    Pleaaaaaasssseee get your stuff together…

    I could easily pay the tier from what IΒ΄ve set up normally…Now I am happy if itΒ΄s enough for the campers…


  5. Chichiman Giha says:


  6. Jamie Meads says:

    This is getting utterly rediculous people. Come on.. get the problem fixed RIGHT!! Duct tape is not a “fix-all”!! You can shine up a turd all day, but it is still a turd!

    I am getting REAL sick of this crap!!

  7. pizzaguy Clutterbuck says:

    i have also had problems reading and saving some scripts…

    (oh and when it says ‘Your clothing is still downloading but everyone else can see your normally’, it lies >_< )

  8. Shocked says:

    yes, right. Liebesnest seems to be affected as well. sorry for taking up two spots to make a statement.

  9. Novae Zymurgy says:

    Actually, yesterday was pretty bad, but it hasn’t been too bad. At least not for me. I had problems logging in for like a moment or two, but they straightened themselves out. I’m hearing from my friends that they can’t teleport and such…

    Well hopefully this will be fixed in a couple of hours.

  10. Joker Opus says:

    Looking like this is effecting all the regions.
    -Rezing with your avatar downloading
    -Low FPS
    -Cannot Rez items
    -Cannot compile scripts
    -Cannot de-rez or take items
    -Cannot open inventory folders
    -Cannot wear anything
    -Rezing with your money ‘Loading’
    -Cannot search people or places in ‘Search’
    -Cannot load anyone’s inventory

    I left things out, but that sums it up basically

  11. Kittrannia Cassini says:

    I think alot of people would appreciate a full and frank explanation of the current usability of your SL service. I like many others find that this seems to happening more and more frequently and almost always coincides with a new “Upgrade” feature such as “Voice”.

    Lately your service has been nothing short of appalling.

  12. MrLunk Voom says:

    Ok since voice was introduced we had approx 4 whole days of trouble… we got sorta ‘ helped’ with out classifieds but when this turns into 7 days (read 1/4 month) I am really gonna be asking for 1/4 refund on tier !

    Verry annoid MrLunk Voom

  13. Rimmy says:

    Dear Linden Labs:

    If you fix it for friday, the drinks are on the house.

    Please don’t hold me to this. ;o)

  14. Krimson Gray says:

    Well this is a nice way to grind my business to a halt. No rezzing, no taking stuff to inventory. I have customers not getting product they paid for. Yet I gotta shell out tier for useless land. Maybe we need more bells and whistles? Yes I am annoyed. Get assets to work and I will forget the giant lag spikes in my sim long enough to give you more cash.

  15. jojuu jun says:

    Being new to SL, about a month and half, and spending close to $400 dollars in that time frame its very disapointing to see these issues. They seem real similar to patch related issues from FPS typw games, Battlefield, etc. The patch is supposed to fix bugs but it always seems to cause more problems than it fixes.

    Virtual worlds will explode in popularity and even though SL is ahead of the game…I dont think it will take much for it to be a passing memory if things dont change soon.

    It would be different if it was only a game but its not its a virtual economy tied to a real economy…with real money.

  16. prettyboy fred says:

    Ravinia sim has these problem on and off for more than a week now.

  17. Programmer Wiefel says:

    add search working weird too =D

  18. Jaggpro McCann says:

    Ok… I think there is a lot of people out there who would like some technical details on what has been going wrong and maybe why.
    You updates never say anything except that its fixed, but next minute… It’s broke again. If it was my personal car I would have it at another Garage by now… We know you are working hard but it’s our car, we pay for it to sit in the garage… Is the fanbelt broken or should we cash it in and go see another dealer?

  19. Korena Starbrook says:

    can we please just continue to refer these latest grid wide issues as only affecting “particular regions”.

    It really is more soothing that way.

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  20. erik kayo says:

    i just joined sl about 9 days ago…. and my total experience is filled with frustration.. yet im addicted. is this what i should expect for the future? should i cancel my account or will it get better?

  21. Sedary Raymaker says:

    Whoa…comments are open?

    Well, it took an hour longer than I expected to get from the previous “resolved” post to the subsequent “whoops still FUBARed” post, but here it is anyway.

    Shocked, don’t apologize. You’re not the one who set the completely useless and arbitrary 100-comment cap.

    Today is my pet’s 1st SL birthday. I’m gonna be royally p***ed if I can’t celebrate with her tonight.

  22. Marts says:

    im a newbie on sl has it always been like this ?
    todays been sooooooooooooo bad for me
    ive just managed 2 log in but my landmarks that were in folders have gone & everything in my objects folder have vanished 😦

  23. TaraLi Jie says:

    Things are getting ugly, but that happens. If Linden can get a break long enough to get servers geographically diversified, then we’ll gain some resistance to this. There’s a lot of things going on in the background for Linden Labs – let’s cut them some slack.

  24. Well, at least it’s not just me!! For the last two hours or so, I’ve been logging in and failing miserably. When I do actually get logged in, I’ve been transformed into Ruth….. I’m not a superficial person normally, but when you’ve spent quite a few lindens on shape, skin etc, it’s nice to actually get to use them.

    I can’t rez a bloomin’ thing, I keep dissapearing underground, my hair starts to recede at an alarming rate, the list is endless. I know nothing about the technical aspects of SL really, but I’m kinda thinking that this is to do with ‘voice’, which by the way, I don’t plan to use again, since I was insulted the first time on the quality of my mic….lol

    This is now getting to that ‘ridiculous’ stage where tempers will start to flare.

    I’m praying for you in LLabs…..by the way, thanks to the support staff, I think they’re probably sick of me by now, but their help has been appreciated nonetheless.

    Pocket Pfeffer

  25. Julia Ceres says:

    Black Drake has problems too

  26. desdemona enfield says:

    Add Midnight Reflections region.

  27. Rintje Rau says:

    I have the same experience…
    Location: HICKOK
    – what doesn’t work:
    = teleporting to this location
    = rezzing objects on own group owned land
    = taking objects
    = editing appearance
    = invetory items NOT qaccessible
    = payments NOT possible
    = payment info not updated
    = when touching opbjects : NO info about owners/creators
    = inventory LOSS
    = particle system does not display correctly
    = missing textures on objects …
    etc… etc….
    …. not ot mention the bad Voice Chat possibilities right now …

    Just my 2 L$ …

    oh yeah forgot to mention that when i upload items I DO pay, but they DONT show up … (with a failing…. error)

  28. hugsalot says:

    For the past three weeks it’s been like this, and the lindens think this is a NEW problem? The only areas that aren’t experiencing any problems are the old mainland sims that have been around since beta, and are hosted in California. The Texas co-lo servers are always screwing up, and it’s where the majority of all the newer seems seem to be hosted.

  29. Vidal Tripsa says:

    It is both reassuring and immensely frustrating to know this is why I cannot get a damned thing done in Kusanagi. I’ve spent the whole time since Voice thinking that my new firewall was causing the humiliating butchery of my avatar and the panicy loss of my items on rez (which thankfully wound their way back to my inventory on the next login).

    Please, my fingers are firmly crossed that we can have a truly stable Second Life once more. I’m all for innovation (though my allegiances lie with seeing Windlight in preference to Voice at any rate), but really, this has begun to cost us dearly. In a month where I’m trying to find in-world employment anywhere I can just to support land tier fees I can barely afford in First Life, this sort of thing is starting to really cripple my overall experience.

    My sympathies to you poor guys at the Lab having to fix this. If I may suggest though, I’m beginning to think it’d be better to have a whole day offline and come back with a sound service than endure more of this sketchy “oh, it’s fixed… wait, no… yes, no…”.

  30. Damascus Dagger says:

    Seems you guys have been so busy trying to fix everything that things are really falling apart at the seams.If its not retaliation from the gambling people that are upset .. then you need to find the REASON servers keep dropping as well as fixing them.seems like you should make sure things are fixed not just babd aid them so they “work for now ” then maybe things would be smoother in SL for a change

  31. Circuit Aubret says:

    This has been going on for much longer than this journal indicates; I’ve been experienceing the “clothing still downlaoding” problem for over two days. Also, this problem is Sim independant, or else fluctuating.

    Oldly enough, these problems seem to have originated with the advent of voice(read: strain on already overworked bandwidth).

  32. Emondrell Raymaker says:

    I personally would be a happy Resident if you took a few months off from making *new* content, and instead got worked on getting your current content into a stable, well-backed-up system. I’m fairly sure there are many more Residents who would agree with me on this.

    I know you guys are working hard to keep up with these issues though, so thanks for that. And even lagged and crashed, SL is better than no SL πŸ™‚

  33. Rintje Rau says:

    forgot to mention that ALL my avatar aliases (all male) show up as FEMALE …:( (even without the normal clothing. .. )

  34. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Not been able to go into appearance for 4 days now.

  35. Liz Pelous says:

    The login says there are 43,000 people currently logged on. I find that odd. It also seems ironic that I am just a few miles from Linden Labs, yet that seems to be where the problem is.

    Is it possible for someone to attack SL with a denial of service-type thing by overloading it? Granted, I probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Just ruminating.

  36. Sharusha Babii says:

    Add Fuckle to that list as well please, also what the heck is up with taking three hours for yourself to rez and being ruthed for hours on end today!!!

  37. Lillani Lowell says:

    One of my islands has been down for about 24 hours now…… about since the time it was said the grid was up and running [yesterday]. And well, not only is it down…… the island has vanished completely from the map.

  38. Sophia Debevec says:

    Add Trueblood to the list, has also been acting up for a while now

  39. Kermit Halasy says:

    SL seems to be suffering from a lack of cogent change management and a coherent plan for new features. Given the lack of a true test environment, the approach seems to be “put it into production” and see what happens. Worse, this has recently been translating into putting it into production on Friday and going home for the weekend. That there have been a couple of really bad weeks should come as no surprise.

    For those of us who have worked in large production shops, this is mind blowing. I would suggest three core things:

    1) Develop a coherent system plan rather than react to user pressure. It needs to be well thought out and at least medium range in focus. The present approach is not working.

    2) Develop a real test environment. It is expensive but will payoff in reliability. Give users an incentive to try the environment by paying a small L$ fee for just trying plus another larger bonus for finding and reporting a real bug first. There are lots of techies who would jump at the chance to help.

    3) Don’t put things into production close to the end of the week or a holiday. Have a roll back if they fail. The approach seems to be, “No retreat.” Isn’t working guys.

    I would hate to see SL become the CompuServe of IP based simulated environments. The Linden Labs creativity is awesome. The execution is what is lacking and that can be fixed.

    With heavy corporate guns becoming more important since gambling went away, reliability and a predictable user experience are a requirement. What seems to be happening is that SL is moving in the opposite direction. Well, unless you call predictably unreliable a good thing. πŸ™‚

  40. Gareth Sleeper says:

    I’d like to point my finger at the last few days of the quality of service we’ve had, as an answer to all those complaining about basic members. Why would I pay for this, again ? Anyone ? Anyone ? Beuller ?

  41. Please get SL back to stability. If no one can stay online or they can’t reliably do the things the enjoy here then we can’t sell or provide services for them.

    Without stability there will be no businesses left soon.

    Hey.. If someone can provide a service that makes SL stable.. that would do well !

  42. Mhis says:

    Lindens. Not a direct moan or anything. But think its time to hunker down on the bugs rather than look to release new features. Whilst downtime is inevitable and problems also likely. There does seem to be a lot of emphasis on innovation rather than improving stability.

    Good luck

  43. Stoo Straaf says:

    How strange that your support staff first became aware of this at 2pm when I reported these problems to you two days ago (a ticket which is yet to receive a reply).

    Texture uploads are not working either. Please prioritise solutions for these problems instead of introducing new features. Some of us are trying to run businesses here in SL, and we’ve lost a LOT of money in the past few weeks.

    I doubt any compensation will be forthcoming from Linden Labs for the time during which our regions were inaccessible or plain not working right.

  44. Cy Whitfield says:

    I am sure I am not alone in saying this:

    As someone getting into the land business, there are few things as frustrating as feeling helpless to help your current customers with SL related issues (For some reason, they invariably come to me first) and not making sales because customers are afraid to make such a large investment in an overall buggy environment.

    I would suggest a moratorium on ANY new features until the system can be made as bug free as possible, and that considerably more effort be put into QA of updates before being applied to the main grid.

    I love the place, I love the company and I sincerely enjoy what I am doing in-game. Please fix it once and for all.

  45. EvenStar Jewell says:

    I have lost inventory – over L$2000 wrth that was purchased and disappeared from inventory after a crash. I have spent hours camping and received no pay. TP’s do not work. Everywhere I go people are either gray or ruthed… this is cute – the boys look like girls. And everywhere I go people say they have not sent a bug report because Linden Labs knows there is a problem.
    The problems are more severe than the blog states. It’s just that people are not reporting the problems.
    Second Life has been this way since 1.18 was installed, a week after I came to SL, and I am tired of not being able to do anything and losing money and inventory that will never be replaced.
    You can keep SL… I am going back to World of Warcraft… at least they fix their bugs.

  46. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    O wow you guys ARE trying to fix it…o wait..didnt you fix it already.. yesterday…no wait today?…hhmm

  47. Maite McMahon says:

    Could you guys please send that kind of massages also inworld as soon as you get about to know them – that could prevent people from rezzing objects and wondering about WHY THEY GET LOST…!

    Apart from that I will not give any comments on what has happened recently as I think almost all has been said and written already. As you may see – if you read all these comments that is – many are ‘not amused’ and neither am I. Though I totally agree with #20.

    So keep your spirits high – can’t get much worse πŸ˜‰

  48. Vincent Moller says:

    Why introduce voice, if you’re not able to get these basic problems solved.
    Please give us a few weeks without problems, that’s not much to ask is it.
    Please give us our money’s worth.

  49. notagambler says:

    Thank you for the voice, that brings up all these problems again and again.

    Since ll brings the voice in the main-viewer, SL wont work for longer than a day without massive problems.

    btw. from what i do need disable voice each time i came home?

  50. Xuxa Yue says:

    Been a sad 2 weeks or so with this issues…

  51. Sika Beck says:

    Add ‘Wild Point’ to the list.

  52. Blabla2 Eponym says:

    When will linden lab refund all our money we lost due to problems, they caused.

  53. Dirk Talamasca says:

    There are ghosted prims scattered throughout SL and I mean all over the place. Please look into that if you would.

  54. Xen Akula says:

    A good way to check if problems are occurring in only “particular regions” or grid-wide is to go to SLX (http://uncensored.slexchange.com) and see if you can purchase anything. If you see “Purchase unavailable
    while SecondLife is experiencing technical difficulty” then you know it’s grid-wide.

    Guess what, it’s grid-wide…again.

  55. Ryde Whitman says:

    Great A few people can talk to each other but nobody else can do anything….Can those who want to talk pay for my tier…which I can’t use…ROLLBACK and forget the talk…we don’t need it…I feel like I’m getting ripped off!!!!

  56. alan.radius says:

    more …. more …. more ….. bugs and downtime why i pay tier ?
    7 days of one month of Problems but i pay 100% of tier ……..


  57. Belatrix Blackadder says:

    Please, please rollback to pre-voice.

    Ignoring the inevitable bandwidth issues, its seems pre-voice things were much more stable.

    And regression testing – try it – you’ll love it! πŸ™‚ (and so will we)

  58. shelly says:

    May I make a suggestion that you actually make in IN WORLD announcement on this? My region must be affected because I logged out when I couldn’t reattach the hair I’d been working on all day. I logged back in and alth it IS there in my inventory, nothing I did to it in the last couple hours saved. If I’d known there was a problem, I’d not have continued the work. Maybe save some other folks some time with an in world announcement. Just my thoughts

  59. Solar Legion says:

    @27: voice is not the source of these issues. They have been around far longer than the voice feature (which is itself older than the voice enabled Main client – never heard of First Look?).

    ever stop to think it may have something to do with the communications system revamp they did?

  60. Ryu Darragh says:

    I don’t know if it’s region related, but my inventory has been having these issues for a couple of weeks now. And it is becomming increasingly hard to stay amused at how many funky ways I can have my Avatar turned into prim origami when I login. I suppose it will be a loooong time before we can backup our full perms inventory items offworld. Then, at least, I could work on them offline (and, yes, I know some items can be worked on that way, but I have far too many to spend weeks offloading them from SL *one at a time*.)

  61. kaitie allen says:

    this is nothing new seldom do things work well on sl. i really like to be on sl but it can be sooooo frustrating when things never seem to work as they should i had thought about getting a paid account but is it really worth it?

  62. cookiedianne rhode says:

    Im particulary concerned for SL seems to be having more troubles each weeks that go past……. Is there going to be a long lasting resolve, to enable smooth game play experience. To be honest its becoming a burden than pleasure, seems my RL is more exhilirating than my SL just now ;))

  63. Marissa Akula says:

    Amazing that they opened comments on this once, since it’s a blatant lie. Whether or not the Search function works, you may still lose content. Is this a new policy LL? When the customers figure out you don’t care what hey want, you throw a lie or two at us and hope we’ll shut up?

    Now, as for the comments here about refunds, I think they’re dead on the money. How long has it been since SL was truly reliable? Are we getting our money back for that time? No? Didn’t think so. But I’m sure they’ll add some new feature soon to make it all better… and continue the degradation of the grid.

    Limit Free Accounts.
    Get the Voice garbage out.

  64. Cargo Tomsen says:

    I haven’t downloaded the latest viewer yet as I’ve actually been quite impressed by the stability of 1.18.0, which seemingly never crashes. What a shame that a now reliable viewer doesn’t have a reliable grid to connect to.

    For the record I haven’t risked rezzing anything in days, so am paying rent for a pretty much empty house. I haven’t been shopping either as, if I could actually TP around the shops, I’d be too worried about L$ or inventory not working anyway.

    At the moment, SL is a place to IM my mates while camping and hoping that the grid happens to work at the time I’m due a payout. I do miss the old days…

  65. Marianne McCann says:

    Keep up the good work, guys!

  66. ari blackthorne says:

    Oh yes… it’s painful, but I appreciate you Linedenonians trying hard. When you get it figured, find a broom and track down the ones in the development department and whack them over the head LOL

    Thank you for your efforts and for notifying and keeping us updated.

    And judos to everyone who poste so far – you are complaining but in respectable way without shrill rhetoric. And I agree. Since voice, things have been a bit wonkier than usual LOL

  67. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Rome antiqua has a problem, too. And the island where Shiny Things is… Shiny something…

  68. MrLunk Voom says:

    bastet region still sucking

  69. Hewitt Huet says:

    Could you please just place a moratorium on bug fixes and patches, and keep adding new features? I’ll walk around the borked objects and ghosted prims and just save my scripts to notepad. When is windlight going live? That is much more important to me than my money, sim stability and ability to rez anything. Lets get our priorities staight folks!!!

  70. dezzieray beaumont says:

    ive just logged in and gone to withdraw money not knowing about problems and its not gave me my money ive lost 7900l$

  71. Mercia McMahon says:

    I own an old mainland sim (if I have got my history right), Serpenata, and I can assure you that we are having problems as well.

  72. DrFran Babcock says:

    I have a class of 40 students waiting for me, while I have crashed twice, came back Ruthed the first time, and haven’t been able to get back. /me is very sad.

  73. Dirk Felix says:

    Did someone hack into the DB again and take cusomer info? Both client and platform are flawed. You remove ability for comments when both are down, plus not advising your customers to the possibility of ID theft and other backend secuirity issues.

    You have a responsibility to your customers, start acting like it πŸ˜‰

  74. Kelli Bracken says:

    I am so upset I could just cry – SL is just plain UNRELIABLE and NOT FUN ANYMORE.

    I work in IT, and second all of the suggestions about setting up a proper change management approach. A successful business has to be run like a business, not as a hobby! Come on, Lindens! Get your stuff together, please!

    Watch and see…when a good alternative to SL comes along, there will be a mass exodus.

  75. Kahni Poitier says:

    THIS is why I canceled my premium account.

    THIS is also why I’m considering selling everything that’s not no-trans and bailing out, too.

    Voice seems to be SO IMPORTANT to the Lindens that server performance, and USER happiness isn’t even considered.

    MANY more people want these issues fixed than wanted voice, but yet you go ahead and shove voice on us.

    A week now. A WEEK! I pay out the ass for my tier.

    Am I going to get any refunds on that?

    No. I didn’t think so.

    SCREW VOICE! Fix the damn bugs.

    Next time you brag about the “open source servers”, please, take a look at the performance they’re offering.

    Maybe you should just BUY some software that works.

    Good god, this is ridiculous.

  76. Borat Kungler says:

    What the hell is going on guys? It’s one problem after another at the moment – when can we expect to be able to regain just a small piece of normality? 😦

  77. Hydrogen Excelsior says:


    the region is affected

  78. toyboy says:

    hahah yeah we dont care about the bugs

    we want more new features!!!!!

    i want an option for random avatar gender, auto random delete objects, more nude webcams and more advertisement pop ups

    thank you

    yeah and not just skip the friends window, also disable the search and inventory window please

  79. lourdes laysan says:

    I’m pretty flexible and I’m pretty pro-linden labs but please PLEASE for the love of the Goddess could we please KILL the voice feature until it stops causing half this stuff to happen???

    I dont know if its the voice code itself or if its something interacting with it or something patched in at the same time, but ever since voice got here, the bugs magnified by leaps and bounds!

    Now I know there is ALOT of backend stuff going on, And I know there’s alot of code in play but since voice officially arrived, I can count on a problem ever day or two. And that’s really not a good thing for me, for other citizens or Linden Labs. So please Please LL, do something to stabilize the system, kill voice if you have to, and then stabilize, please no more whizzbangs for at least 6months please.

  80. Zillah DeCuir says:

    I’ve been in SL Almost two months. I set up shop within a week and have been charging full ahead. I do pretty well for myself.. WHEN THINGS WORK!

    I’ve put up with all the issues, and have pretty much not said anything, but this has gotten ridiculous. I’ve had six customers today not have stuff transfer to their inventories. That’s not fair to them or me. I’m relatively new and all of this has gone down since Voice became a major ‘perk.’

    Now I know the grid was stable before then because my significant other has been in world for like 8 months. Never problems like this.



  81. Fernan Tomcat says:

    Guys, what a shit, stop lieing to us, your lack of customer care it’s just annoying. I love SL but i’m completely against of how you manage it. Puaj.

  82. toyboy says:

    oh and why don’t you announce the bugs IN secondlife instead of on a blog that hardly anyone reads

    warn people when objects that cost money can disappear its pretty rude that you never do that

    why did I had to find out AFTER my oebjects disapear you cant expect me to read the blog every damn time before trying to rez an object???

  83. Anka Mokeev says:

    well, with me also there are some troubles, not shaping well when logged in to home-place, not able to upload much neded textures for custom orders i ahev to finish up….
    maybe ther can be a little fianncial compensation for the loss of assignments due to the failure of being able to upload..

    I know things can go bad, nd its a game, but it involves real money..;so

    Thanks, and by the way…I still LOVE SecondLife!!

    greetz an kisses
    Anka Mokeev

  84. Helen Dayton says:

    Search works fine where I am…. but I still can’t rez anything. I was hoping to work on some of my jewellery for a while.

    I also had problems with my avi when I first logged in – ugly avi syndrome as I call it. In the end clearing my cache, and clearing the Group Cache (under Client – if you don’t have Client next to Help on the top bar, type Ctrl-Alt-d or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-d to get it to show next to Help) and relogging. Back to my former beautiful self lol. πŸ™‚

    Best of luck in getting these latest problems sorted out…. nearly my bedtime now so hope things are better tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  85. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    Search working in a sim is not a guarantee of it’s stability.

    As for all these inventory loss issues. This , ladies and gentlemen, s why you should buy copyable items.

    I make all of my items copyable, and I refuse to buy anything which isn’t.

  86. Tuber Potato says:

    congratulations. it has not just been the past few days, but weeks.

  87. lourdes laysan says:

    Regarding stability, I hope LL realizes that this jitters the economy something fierce. people dont wanna buy if somethings gonna go poof, they are gonna wait. And as much as Linden touts the small shop owners building their businesses, this is actually hurting the SL shop owners, users and everyone. So Please, Stability first guys, that should be the new mantra at LL, Stabilize then continue to Innovate.

  88. Vox Aya says:

    Just wondering, does anyone at Linden Labs read these comments?

  89. Sascha says:

    I can only tell if it stays like this now, people should really think about quitting this nuisance, i’ll do surely for myself. half of my inv is dead, can’t rez, nothing. Nice job done. If your site operation team is unable to handle that problems, exchange them.

  90. Maitresse Barzane says:

    Flatland is in slow motion has been since early today. Avatars look like they are hobbled. I’m investing money in Second Life, that will stop soon if I can use what I’m building.

  91. Octavian Coronet says:

    When oh when will you stop showing off your latests innovations (that no body wants) to your Geek friends, and start looking after the interests and concerns of your members? The impression you give recently is that you would be challenged to organise the proverbial piss-up in the proverbial brewery. Scrap the crap until the core functionalities are reliable!

  92. The Inquisitor says:

    Voice is working – fine
    the Rest? Absolutely NOt.
    Hey how about limiting the Voice feature to PREMIUM accounts?
    I’m just thinking about Microsoft XBOX Live Program.
    No premium member – no voice – no nothing!
    I’m tired of the endless problems since we are “blessed” with
    the fantastic useless feature of Voice Chat.

    I want the good old times back!

    It’s really getting old – I don’t see a Reason why I should pay
    a whole lot of money for a non working thing which could be easily

    Listen to the mayority of Premium members!
    We are the ones who bring the money into the game –

    Blood pressure: 380 / 210


  93. Neener Keats says:

    Sense region is heavily affected yea..

  94. Ryde Whitman says:

    There’s nobody listening folks…If there were they’d rollback…but No we are stuck with a grid that doesn’t work but has lots of useless frills that only a small percent care about…This is total BS!

  95. Hydrogen Excelsior says:

    and I dont want Voice anymore…

    Take it out and bring back the better stable SL.

  96. ReMeDy Saintlouis says:

    Yawn !!!
    SL are the first two letters of SLeep, something I used to lack from spending so much time here. I’m struggling to stay awake and interested with what is on offer nowadays.
    Day after day, problem after problem.
    Well done linden labs for really making things happen, keep up the good work, you’ve got my bank details, take as much as you want.
    Might aswell give the ops team the week off too, I mean the world isn’t perfect, no one expects SL to be either.

  97. Caltheus Bahram says:

    Whenever I have a service that has outages (cable, phone, ISP, etc.) they credit me for a % of the month that I was without service. Why exactly are we paying for an unstable “service” that seems to be down more than it’s working again? At the very least you should start crediting members tier fees and monthly charges for downtime. I know I’m certainly getting sick of paying for something that I can never use, or when I can log in, half of my stuff doesn’t work. Also, when creating groups, you should tell people about your policy of deleting groups that have only 1 member for 48 hours, instead of just deleting them with no notice, not allowing them to recreate that group, and of course making them pay more L to create yet another group.

  98. Sinda Petrov says:

    Add Marybank to the list…and while you’re at it…

    How about removing all the griefer residue – the spent bullets, the corkscrews and other crap that they leave behind that can’t be removed by anyone but the person who rezz’d it. Putiki Fold is littered with hundreds of thousands of chome footballs…don’t you guys think that these abandoned, littered prims on the landscape end up dragging the sim down…

    And all this seems to be on “protected linden land.” How about cleaning up the litter on your parcels? I know you’ll never get all the griefers but maybe you can go to the creators of these “weapons” and have them impose some sort of auto return or limited life. These prims surrounding my parcel have been here for weeks, even after filing abuse reports.

  99. MrLunk Voom says:


    Secondlife should deduct every disfunctional day from tier !

    Please vote here:


  100. Tracy Scofield says:

    – Lost my first pair of shoes tonight – and they were copy!
    – Am getting ghosted prims again, where something is deleted and appears to go away but instead decides to stick around and make my life miserable.
    – Took 10 minutes to save a notecard, another 5 minutes to get it to the intended party.
    – TP’s are spotty.
    – Tried to take an object earlier and it took forever to show up in my inventory.

  101. Solar Legion says:

    @46: Voice has been here for at least a month and a half – if not longer. it is not the problem.

    Yeesh – people complaining about this seem to have forgotten that voice was already in the server code … it had to be for the First Look viewer to function.

    anyone remember the “Day of Liberation” (it was a Spanish titled post however) Blog posts? They detailed an alteration to the communications code as well as a few other alterations which would enable – supposedly – servers to run different versions of the software as well as change the ‘mandatory’ updates that we’d been having before a major version change (1.17 to 1.18) to being optional until a truly major update occurs (1.18 to 1.19).

    There is something major to blame. With all the conflict over Voice, everyone forgot all about this little tidbit … something that has been in effect since the change to 1.18.

    Matter of fact, even Voice worked fine before the recent updates. Now that too is being affected.

  102. Cordula Kuhn says:

    This is getting ridiculous. I wait now for 1 hour that all my clothing will be loaded so I can get changed. I got a new job yesterday and should be there now since over an hour. Not to speak that I lost inventory and thanks to the owner of the shop I got it back even though it was not their fault. TP problems, no rez a.s.o. to list everything it would take even more of my time.

    Why don’t you guys just try to fix the old bugs instead of bringing in new features that cause even more problems. Sometimes I do get the feeling you are updating the bugs instead solving them. Under these circumstances I definately will not get a Premium at all, because why should I pay for something that does not work properly.

  103. watt paine says:

    Geeze!!!… yesterday it kept telling me i couldnt access sl from my computer, thought i had been banned and couldnt find out why, was like that all day, then came back after about 8 hours. but i couldn’t move, today im a shrimp with tits. i’m a guy for crying out loud,

  104. Chrysala says:

    not a new issue, inventory been a (losing) lottery for a few days now, and have never had search problems. also sittarget tp’s misplacing me, over simborders at that. glad i looked at blog before logging in now.

  105. Fixit4u Barnes says:

    I understand you are working on fixing the problems. I just think you need to do more to help us in world. Tell people how to avoid loosing stuff from the inventory. Nobody likes loosing stuff makes you feel l like you have been robbed. I agree you need to test more before you release to the mainline viewer. People are becoming turned off and tired. They come to escape the problems of rl that is why everyone is begging you for a stable secondlife.

  106. MetteKenzo Nagy says:

    “Kipona Aloha”

    region is affected…………and yes for weeks now :((

  107. Pussy Dailey says:

    I cant tell if my region has any issues because I can’t log in…….AGAIN!!!!

  108. IBME Swindlehurst says:

    Just one question. What happens to the L$ that are deducted from one AVi for a transaction but never make it to the intended AVI. This has been occuring for two days now. Does LL keep them?

  109. Cinos Field says:

    I just have to get my words in here before it’s all flooded.

    Good luck fixing all this, Lindens. You need it.

  110. Max Blair (tpo Vivien Cale) says:

    I just joined yesterday (8/8) afternoon.

    Upon plopping down on Orientation Island, a Mentor named Richard gave me a HUD he though I needed. It appeared in my Inventory, but wouldn’t open.

    I was able to teleport to Help Island, but can’t get off it. I’m told I receive the coordinates, but nothing appears in my Inventory.

    Assured by a Mentor whose name escapes me that this would be resolved soon, I went to preen. I decided to change pants. Appearance is now greyed out.

    I am stuck, bottomless, on Help Island.

    I hope this relates to the larger issue, which I hope is resolved soon.

  111. martini says:

    As was pointed out to me on a different forum, its not a matter of voice (as the defenders say) being on a totally different server etc, its the it has to integrate, gather information from and respond to the in world positions, avatars and the like. Now this is more load. However you dress this up it must cause more load surely. That and the lack of seamless integration has just made for a disastrous week.

    The other point that does not get made is that while people (any people OS or LL) are working on the bugs in voice they are not working on the general plaguing bugs in SL.

    I have become ambivalent to voice simply because its been foisted on us, but really guys, please, get the thing stable. I don’t care what shiny new features you add as incentive to join this world, its my opinion that a stable grid will do more for confidence and member numbers and in world commerce than any new feature.

    All I’m asking for is a stable grid, even if it has a few bugs that I have to work around. The constant tinkering is wrecking the experience.

  112. katielynn32 Korobase says:

    my island isn’t been up for days.. i would gladly pay tiers but i can’t get into the box or the island to do so…i have been kicked off or my island and all the objects have simply disappaered or vanished.i have servere prim drifts and viruses that have somehow ended up on my pc from logging in an out. please look into it i would really appericate it. i have had my entire inventory wiped out along with my partners. We are gravely in need of guidanice on what to do. we have lot of money invested and there nothing there? Please would sincerely apperciate it if you would get things into order as soon as possible.

  113. Lucy Zelmanov says:

    Well that explains where my purchase went to then! Failed to rez and then vanished from my inventry.

  114. Labrador Laval says:

    Pleaae bring down the GRID as soon as possible, then fix all there is to fix, and open up in a month again. In the meantime, please refund all paid Avatars for this month, so that when they return, they’ll find a beautiful and smooth running SL, with all those nice features which were present before the troubles started πŸ™‚

    As long as the grid is open during this kind of massive problems, they get only bigger, as Avatars might screw up their inventory, appearances, clothins etc.

    My advice: stability and userfriendlyness first, and keep all innovations on the beta until ALL has been even more thoroughly tested. If even now with 40.000 residents online and 8000 using voice is already a problem…. what about when SL grows to say 20.000.000 ??

  115. Alic says:

    Come on LL pull your socks up, SL becoming more and more Boring
    what with Slots n Casinos Gone now this dam Lag and things not working
    i am getting very miffed at LL as are we all, if it gets any worse i out of here for good cos that the way i am feeling i prob speak for 1000`s of others, LL is losing the plot and will lose customers if it goes on like this.
    Forget nice Sky’s , Voice etc get the main basics sorted out and stable B4
    you add the extras, what do you ppl do at LL Think Mmmm this will be good to code, forget it sort the basics out first please do us all a favour.


    Has anyone had a problem of the whole screen freezing, lost mouse poiter and having to physically turn their PC off and reboot? I have had this since the update; rolled back to the previous viwer, still the same???? It never happened before and I crash (lock-up) every 40 minutes or so now. Any ideas would be appreciated???? Please.

  117. lourdes laysan says:

    Solar, I’m not saying it hasnt been here a while, but it just went live to the masses with the latest viewer, and since then OMG. So its something to do with the grid update that happened when voice when live for everyone. As I said in a previous post, I dont knwo whether its voice, and interaction with the voice code or something patched in at the same time, but it happened very recently the major blunders and I point to the voice live everywhere update or whatever else was in it.

  118. Neveah Niu says:

    Utterly ridiculous!

    I’m launching a store this weekend and I cannot get a single prim to rez! How can you continue to charge a fee to access a service that is not reliable? How can you be in business not live up to your customer’s expectation of service?

    What really is irking the hell out of me is, i just signed up for a premium account a few days ago and live up to my end of the transaction … ergo–> $$?? Why isn’t the service transaction part honored by linden?

    Colo pains are just a another symptom of a unstable, unreliable, buggy, platform…

    And let’s be clear I really like second life and I chose to pay in order to enjoy my virtual life, however, I also agreed to quality of servce of such a life.. this is far from it..

    So let’s get this mess together!

  119. Greta Umarov says:

    Know what? Everything in general is getting much worse. Longer times before update bugs are fixed. More lag (always always a l w a y s) trouble rezzing things, yaddayaddayadda…..

    Know why? You guys are tinkering too much.

    Each new feature you come up with, is clogging this browser’s information ‘highways’. SL is getting to be like LA’s choked traffic system, with zillions of detours and rerouting, until traffic grinds to a snail’s pace, all over the city. Patching only makes it worse, you need to stop, and rewrite SL all over again.

    The browser will continue to slow down as you add more detours. You need to create a whole new base program..incorporating all your fixes as part of the basic guts.

    Please stop NOW. SL is a super world environment without all sorts of new doodads. Leave us alone, and work on a whole new platform. (is that the right word?) So that someday you can close this one down, and funnel us all over to a brand new environment.


  120. Hotie Lane says:

    Been like this for days now and your noticing it now. Clothing keeps downloading. Stuff not rezzing, lost inventory, linden balance keeps saying loading, deleted prims still show in prim count but are not there. rofl love ya lindens labs.

  121. shay Abilene says:

    lets see i logged out at least 20 times today either the area i was in is down or it randomly tps me elsewhere , my hair is gone, i got a body of something i don’twant on and cant change shape, cant spend money , cant really do anything way to go again. I rather have security and privacy then voice please pleaase fix these problems

  122. Kahni Poitier says:

    That sounds like an issue on your machine, Captain Nuralunga. I’d suggest a full virus scan and ad-ware and mal-ware sweep.

    And if you say you’re on a Mac, I’ll just laugh at you.

  123. ricc says:

    LINDEN! do you know that your sistem is an ENORMOUS BUSINESS?

    please, please, NO “VOICE” or other features are needed, only PLEASE make the system S.T.A.B.L.E.

    thank you.

  124. Canterbury says:

    [Resolved]. I am starting to hate that word, lol.

    Ask your development/maintenance staff to think hard on this word: [Redundancy].

  125. JWJ Writer says:

    I have been trying to build yet another house in a sandbox
    and after it was 20 Prims in size …. it refuses to have any more
    Prims added to it …. and I have been trying for 4 days now to make the Links …… Come on guys ….. I have built houses in the past of more than 200 linked Prims ……. what is the problem …. al I am getting now is messages about the parts being to far apart……. THEY ARE TOUCHING ….. whats up ….JWJ

  126. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    I think the only way LL wil listen is if everyone down grade to the free accounts and stops paying tier fees..they only seem to listen to money not the customer. So stop paying anything to Linden Labs and buy cash only from SLX dont give LL a single penny

  127. lmao…………………….
    So the 1000’s of visitors and all my employees yelling at me for the last week have a had a real reason and here I thought it was just me………

  128. Tessa Mulligan says:

    richies is down …please help us..

  129. Labrador Laval says:

    @68: yes i had 3 crshes in 1 hour …

  130. Jonesey Spitteler says:

    I just heard from a very reliable source that a new update is on its way… SecondLife 1.19: “Grid-Wide Stability” *nods*

    Anyway… picture this: You go down to your local HI-FI store and buy a nice new stereo set… You go home very happy and filled with expectation. When you go home and you’ve set up the stereo, it turns out that its really not working. Of course you hurry back to the store and file a complaint. The man in the store is very polite and nods at you seeming very understading.

    Then he pulls out a hammer and starts banging on the stereo. It’s not doing any good for the stereo, it’s actually making things even worse. So he just bags even harder on it… After a while he gives up and tells you to wait a few weeks and you will be able to buy another, better, stereo…

    That is an example of very good customer service… In comparison to what the LL offers its customers…

  131. Tom Bender says:

    @67 – Captain Nuralunga

    Yes same happens here with my wife and me.
    @72 – BS… I’m running a stable system in a safe environment.

    This issue came with the last update and distresses the PC completely.
    Even the CPU load is 27% higher than before the last update.
    Err.. now go figure 😦

    I want my old SL back!

  132. Deandra Watts says:

    @7 – Yes to all on that list, and then some – Region: Ripple

    @30 – Yes, ghosted prims, scattered throughout my and my neighbors’ parcels.

    This is getting to be a bit much. 4 hours+ yesterday, 6 hours+ today. Do I think you’re also frustrated? I suppose.. I know I’d be pulling my damned hair out.
    It’s really time for the new shiny to stop and the serious look at stability to take place. Tao schmao. Fix it or take a hike.

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