[Updated] Second Life Grid Restored

[Update 5:47 PM Pacific 08/08/07]
The last of the network issues have been resolved and the grid is now back online and fully operational.

[Update 5:00 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Most of the grid is now up and running with less than 200 regions waiting to come back up. Our operations team is still working on getting the last of these regions up and running. Once everything has been restored and we have completed some testing, we will update this as resolved. Many thanks for being patient as we worked around today’s network issues.

[Update 4:14 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Simulators are being brought back online at a pretty good clip now, and we hope to return to fully operational status soon. The operations team has also been making good progress on returning network connectivity to the remaining simulators. While we don’t yet have a solid ETA on when everything will return to normal, as soon as we do, you’ll know.

[Update 3:00 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Our operations team continues to move and enable banks of simulators and the number of enabled regions continues to increase as they do so. We will continue to provide updates until all regions have returned to normal and the grid is back to all-clear status. Thank you for your continued patience.

[Update 2:00 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
We have logins to the grid shortly, but not all regions will be initially available. This means that you may need to log into a different region than you normally do. Logging in may also take longer than usual or require a few attempts as we are not yet running at full capacity.

The ops team is moving banks of simulators to get them back on the network as quickly as possible. While they have begun the process, it may take several hours for all of the affected regions to come up. Some regions will continue to be unavailable as their network connections are still down, but we will be working to get everything back online and back to normal as quickly as we can. Please note: regions are not being enabled individually and we are unable to provide status on or prioritize any particular region.

[Update 1:15 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
The Concierge and Billing phone numbers have now returned to service. The ops team continues to work to re-enable our network access. As soon as they are able to, logins will be restored and we will update here. Thank you.

[Update 12:15 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
We are experiencing issues with Concierge and Billing phone numbers at this time. You may experience issues reaching our personnel or experience extended wait times. We are working to correct this as well. Thank you for your patience.

[Update 12:00 PM Pacific on 08/08/07]
Logins are still disabled as our ops team works to resolve our network connectivity problems. No ETA yet, but we will update further as we get more details. Thank you for your continued patience.

[10:27 AM Pacific on 08/08/07]

Second Life is experiencing issues related to network connectivity at one of our co-location facilities. Logins to Second Life have been temporarily disabled. Our Server Team is working to resolve this as soon as possible. We will post further information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience.

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