[Resolved] Do not rez no-copy objects without land permissions

[Resolved 7:21 PM Pacific on 8/03/07]

The rolling restart has visited all regions.  We’re watching the last few regions touched by the process to ensure they cycle normally, which should take a handful of minutes at most.  Thank you for your patience this evening.

[6:14 PM Pacific on 8/03/07]

The rolling restart process has been accelerated, and the revised ETA is now a little under an hour. Thanks!

[5:14 PM Pacific on 8/03/07]

The restart rolls on. It looks like we’re slightly under three hours from wrapping it up. Thanks for your patience!

[4:01 PM Pacific on 08/03/07]

The rolling restart at this time is still processing and should be finished in a few hours. Thanks for your patience while this process is completed.

[3:03 PM Pacific on 08/03/07]

[Update] The rolling restart is still underway and going nicely. We will continue to update you here. Thank you.

[1:58 PM Pacific on 08/03/07]

[Update] A rolling restart has begun for all mainland regions to receive fixes for this issue. We should be finished with this restart over the next several hours. We will update you here when this process is complete. Thank you.

[12:58 PM Pacific on 08/03/07]

[Update] We have identified several issues causing inventory to be lost as stated below. A resolution is now in place. Private Region owners and Estate Managers can feel free to restart their own region(s) for this resolution to take effect sooner. Mainland regions and private estates (even those which were restarted earlier) will be restarted over the next few hours to resolve this issue. More information will be posted here as we receive further information. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

[11:34 AM Pacific on 08/03/07]

If you rez, drag from inventory on the floor or ground, a no-copy object on land that is not owned by you or a group you belong to and have no rights to create objects, the object will disappear from inventory and not show up in-world. You will see an error message saying ‘Failure to create object.’ This also applies to parcel(s) which are owned by you and are almost full.
We are currently testing a fix to resolve the issue

For more information see: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-503

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