The Second Life Voice Viewer is Live!

Voice is now part of the main Second Life Viewer! The Voice viewer is currently optional, which means that while you will be prompted to download it, you do not have to upgrade your current viewer at this time. We are extremely grateful to the 45,000+ Residents who downloaded and tested the Voice First Look during the past several weeks. Please note that the Voice First Look viewer will no longer work and you will be prompted to update to the new version.

We understand that Voice is a major change in Second Life and we’ve compiled a complete FAQ about Voice here:

The points below highlight some of the key things you need to know about this new feature:

Voice is an optional feature. Though Voice is part of the main viewer now, it is turned off by default. You must explicitly choose to enable voice in order to use it, and can turn it on and off as you wish. Voice can be enabled and disabled in Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat. A voice set-up wizard will also appear once, during “first use” or “first Resident login to a voice viewer.” You can use it to set-up voice if you wish.

Voice is available everywhere.
Please note that voice is available throughout Second Life, and all regions have been enabled. Estate owners can disable voice on their estates if they choose.

Voice is controlled by you. Parcel owners can control how voice is used on their parcel via the “About Land” dialog. Also, individual Residents may be muted via the Active Speakers window or by right-clicking on their avatar. Read more in the Voice FAQ:

Voice viewer release is open source. For anyone interested in contributing to open source voice development, we have released the tarball for the voice viewer here:

Voice is hosted on separate servers. Many Residents have expressed concern and confusion as to why voice would be released when Second Life periodically has performance issues. Voice is intentionally designed to run on systems completely independent from Second Life as not to impair performance.

New First Look Coming Soon!
The re-release of the Second Life WindLight First Look is coming soon! Keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks for more news on the return of atmospheric rendering in Second Life — or in Torley’s words, “killer skies and kickass environments”.

[Update: 4:00pm – Added release notes for 1.18.1 below the fold…]Release Notes for Second Life 1.18.1(2) August 2, 2007

New Features:
* In-World Voice Chat
** In-world Voice Chat is now part of the main viewer.
** You can see and manage all voice settings in Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat.
** Voice is off by default. To enable (and disable) voice, visit Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat and check/uncheck the box beside “Enable voice chat”.
** A voice set-up wizard appears during first voice use to help residents set up voice and adjust their mic volume and tuning. You should run the voice set-up wizard even if you only want the ability to hear others and do not wish to speak.
** Push-to-Talk is part of the Voice feature. Push-to-Talk is ON by default, which means Resident mics are OFF by default.
** Speech gestures for voice are included in the Library, in Gestures > Speech Gestures. These gestures need to be activated in order to work; they are off by default.
* Streaming video support for Linux client.

* Shortcut keys for menu items in the Client & Server menus are now disabled if the menus are hidden.
* Text from objects can be muted.

Bug fixes:
* VWR-1797: Remove mention of “Live Help” from Crash Logger
* VWR-1732: Pressing Enter, with multiple inventory objects selected, crashes viewer
* VWR-1729: indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.l: avoid yyunput hack on Windows build
* VWR-1723: Possible crash in llvopartgroup
* VWR-1706: Minor quirk (and cleanup) in llfloater.cpp
* VWR-1705: indra/lscript/lscript_compile/indra.y: disable compiler warning #4065 for ‘switch’ statements
* VWR-1704: indra/llui/files.lst: delete llhtmlhelp.h entry
* VWR-1698: Clean up parcel flag manipulation
* VWR-1655: Script Warnings/errors window is hard to resize, resets size after closing tabs.
* VWR-1646: Possible crash when login server is unavailable.
* VWR-1626: Patch to avoid IM window from resizing when sessions open or close
* VWR-1613: Overuse of virtual
* VWR-1612: LLRenderPass::Pushbatch and LLViewerImage::addTextureStats tuning
* VWR-1586: Mismatched delete in llviewerparcelmgr.cpp
* VWR-1578: Two quirks in IM regarding “xxxx is typing”
* VWR-1471: Inspect (Pie menu > More > More > Inspect) shows nothing on first use when “only select own objects” is enabled
* VWR-1470: Buttons (IM, Teleport, Profile, …) in friends list are disabled when opening friends list window
* VWR-1468: LoginPacketNeverReceived dialog text is incorrect
* VWR-1462: Order of right-click menu on Inventory is confusing
* VWR-1453: A few old-school changes for llviewerregion.cpp
* VWR-1434: Null pointer crash when terraforming
* VWR-1406: Unchecking “Go Away/AFK when idle” has no effect in
* VWR-1382: Some scripted objects are highlighted in red while pressing Alt with tools open
* VWR-1381: libpng12.a for MacOS X is missing in and build fails.
* VWR-1358: Physical objects remain red if tools window is closed while holding Alt key
* VWR-1358: Physical objects remain red if tools window is closed while holding Alt key
* VWR-1353: Misleading variable names in LLTextEditor
* VWR-1344: Reverse order of popups, so that new ones appear underneath existing ones rather than on top.
* VWR-1318: Selecting Cancel while saving a snapshot to disk still triggers snapshot gesture
* VWR-1314: Multiple selection then individual deselection of attachments broken
* VWR-1294: Possibly threads not fully cleaned up at end of program
* VWR-1289: On logging in, sound volume for stream is low, despite the actual setting in the music control
* VWR-1282: Better error handling when fonts are missing
* VWR-1270: Script error window keeps reverting to a very small size
* VWR-1246: Mac: File menu > Snapshot to Disk lists wrong shortcut key
* VWR-1105: Set internal limit of particle count to max value from GUI preferences.
* VWR-1092: Disable mouse hover text on HUDs, since it always only shows the owner’s name and generally gets in the way of HUD functionality.
* VWR-727: Torn of IM windows should be minimizable (was re: VWR-233: … resizeable and minimizable)
* VWR-447: Allow minimized windows to be repositioned in client
* VWR-353: Rebake command – add a keyboard shortcut and put in tools menu
* VWR-349: Change keyboard shortcuts, because entering { [ ] } on German and some other international keyboards (AltGr 7, 8, 9, 0) triggers Rendering Features accelerators Ctrl-Alt-7, 8, 9, 0 (previously resulting in unstable viewer)
* VWR-238: Permissions of Roles and Rights in the german version are mased up.
* VWR-102: md5 slow
* SVC-371: Fix the legibility and grammar/consistency of the new llOwnerSay implementation
* SVC-193: llParticleSystem – halo of rogue particles around original particle system after 1.15 update* SVC-373: Deleting a script’s code results in a non-existent file and “missing from database” error
* Fixed preference for showing or hiding server combo box was not preserved
* Fixed residents with negative L$ balance can’t purchase items set for sale “Original” or “Copy” that are being sold for L$0
* “Copy SLURL to clipboard” is now enabled for an avatar’s current coordinates
* Macintosh viewer now correctly opens the map and selects the destination on a SLURL request
* Leading and trailing spaces are now automatically trimmed from parcel media URLs
* Corrected the spacing of the yellow “next dialog” chevron (was partially blocked by the Mute button)
* Corrected the error message shown when adding 11th Estate Manager
* Added CPU detection for Intel Core Duo/Solo and Intel Core 2 Duo
* “Set Window Size…” setting is now correctly resumed after being minimized
* Added link to Qa wiki in the viewer bug reporter menu.
* Updated text in Second Life Crash Logger with new support portal information
* Corrected an issue with UI font scaling in the bug reporter window

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143 Responses to The Second Life Voice Viewer is Live!

  1. Susanne Pascale says:

    Well…wooo peee!!! Fix the problems first. What good is voice is you can’t log in and are stuck off by yourself because you can’t teleport?


  2. Wolf says:

    fine, i hope you changed that worse, large, unusable communication center …. no, i think i wont take that viewer now.

  3. Dirk Felix says:

    Gee, I wonder how buggy this will be… Is this why the grid has been DOA most of the week? Lucky me, Never on my sim. 😉

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  5. Rimmy says:

    Yay! Voice! Everyone can talk!

    One question! Who will listen?

  6. Mo dryke says:


    when will you listen ???????

    don’t want pretty skies
    don’t want voice chat
    don’t care about sculpties contests

    -> want decent support
    -> want stable platform

    I have a dream.
    I have a dream that one day the SL nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all residents deserve a stable and optimized SL”

  7. The Todd says:

    Very cool.. Have the issues with Vista been worked out?

  8. Miles says:

    WE… DONT… CARE….

  9. PK Dailey says:

    I hope this doesn’t further reduce performance on the already unstable grid. The last few weeks have been near unbearable. I’ve always been a fan of SL, but it’s getting to the point now where I’m just not having any fun.

    Pretty please, fix the core product before adding more features. I’m going through the same stuff with my RL job – developers always have really great ideas for new features but never want to finish building out a stable core product. Don’t you guys have product managers to keep the code jockey on track?

  10. Monavie Voight says:

    FINALLY ~~ as one of those that enjoyed voice on beta… downloaded voice first look viewer the minute it came out… and have been using that version since and never log into regular sl anymore …. i can say I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!! I love voice ~ I love talking w/ people ~ and Monavie now has a personality *wink* !!!

  11. Yanic says:

    and when you fix the “Recent Items” ???
    why you dont try to fix first the bug then bring something new ?

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  13. Reiko Fimicoloud says:

    Yay, now i ihave more stuff to download! At least it’s fun tho, i like it .. THANK YOU LINDEN LABS! *HUGS*

  14. Neelix Kazan says:


    I dont want STUPID voice thing in SL!! why? I’m 100% Deaf in any moment everyone will start use voice like real life. This is second life not real life so everyone use keyboard sometime make me felt like it’s deaf world cuz look like everyone’s signing. Now you guys want voice. That’s STUPIDEST TAKE THAT STUPIDEST VOICE OFF SL WILL YA!!!!!!!!

  15. Aromadon Enoch says:

    And the hands move to 11:59:59 on the Second LIfe Doomsday Clock… tick tick tick tick tick…….

    Gather what you can while you can, cash out before the crap out and close the door to the bomb shelter behind you….. quickly…..

  16. Miles Sullivan says:

    No… One… Cares….

    We asked for a stable and working platform, not more shinys.

  17. Sascha says:

    Ahh who will need voice if there is nobody left here, because the grid is so unstable, all fun is gone and now only nerds talking to you : “Wanna yiff”. Will anybody sit some hours with a damn headset in front of his pc? If i want to talk, i can use a phone or skype and I think that is much stabler. What about the bugs in the viewer that already have a patch in jira but not in the official client? Who cares for that? It looks like stuffing even more bugs in the viewer. We should send some vouchers for programming classes, I guess, and some ear plugs.

  18. Revons Rutabaga says:

    Its on separate servers its a separate process on your computer also so server strain is not part of Voice

  19. Ann Otoole says:

    thanks. music is totally dead with this release. nice frigging job.

    recommend anyone that likes music avoid this at all costs or resort to winamp and pray the club owners publish the url for the music.

  20. Cat Gisel says:

    Sigh there goes the neighborhood. And if some people are unable to speak ENGLISH…will they be left out? It’s a good thing IF you can make it work and not exclude people (or cause other problems as people have said), but I hope LL can succeed where others have failed, YAY.

  21. Jes Bergbahn says:

    Whooohooo, now I’ll be annoyed by a message telling me there’s an optional update every time I start SL. And for what? A voice service more people will hate than anyone would ever like, and THE most unintuitive chat window seen in the history of Man.

    Thanks, but no Thanks, I’d rather use a chat system that isn’t the equal of toilet paper.

  22. Dytska Vieria says:

    Release Notes?

  23. Jessica Veressi says:

    Downlaoded so i could turn voice OFF on my sims. 3/4 wy thru install, get an error. Redownload, retry, same error. Now SL crashes to desktop on startup. I cant even get in at all. Thanks, great way to make a horrible 2 weeks of SL an even better experiance by shoving an overall unwanted feature down our throats.

  24. Jessicka Graves says:

    Still can’t function on SL properly, don’t know why the hell we would care about this. I’m guaranteed a few handfuls of crashes a day, I constantly get group-error messages, causing the group to close, or not receive my message, in which that message is now eaten, to never be seen again. As well on that same track, even public chat is eaten by SL, to never be read by anyone, and virtually deleted. Or maybe the uh, I dunno, aggressive lag that sims get? The extended periods of rezzing that someone has to do? The ctrl alt number keys not working properly. oh my God, I could list these problems forever, but thus far, they haven’t fixed them, in fact, they have BROUGHT BACK the group-error messages. You guys had it FIXED, and BROKE it again.

  25. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    People who are having a problem with the large communication center, just open chat history and rip off the window. The ripped-off window is spartan and can be compressed to take up less space.

  26. Tracy Scofield says:

    I logged on tonight, seen the new viewer and thought YAY! They fixed something! Silly me for not paying closer attention.

    I was SERIOUSLY irritated when I logged on and realized that viewer was for voice.

    What about the thousands of dollars we’re losing in inventory? What about not being able to log in, teleport, half of search is still not functioning. I could go on but it’s not like you’re listening anyway.

  27. Judo Jung says:


  28. Bobby Troughton says:

    The who hate it so much can chose not to install it during startup and type chat all the same. I’d only use it listen to other folks who use it, as I find I type better then I talk. 🙂 Maybe someone will come up with a speech-to-text chat device that the few poor deaf folk can use. Although they too can still text chat and be text chatted back to all the same.


    Great….now we have voice and better postcards….but the same old problems persist………the grid is slow, it took 48 hours to fix the last problems…..loads of problems still exist….but some bright spark at LL was determined to put Voice in………well….NEVER ON MY SIMS….it will be off all the time. I suppose we will have tokeep saying no to the optional update on the log in screen forever ??????? Please fix the damned problems and leave all the fancy bits until it is stable?????

  30. Psistorm Ikura says:

    #9 Voice is an optional feature.

    learn to read. thank you.

    oh seriously people, all that talk only shows that most of you havent even bothered to read the blog posts regarding voice. how many of you assume that now you cant help but hear people talking? theres an option to switch voice off. meaning the viewer will be the same as always.
    for those who want voice, yay. for those who dont want it, yay too. noone HAS to use voice, get it into your narrow little minds, ffs.

    granted, the communicate window is something to disagree about, but hey, how about making a JIRA suggestion about how you want an option to switch to the legacy window(s)?
    with so many people hating voice + communicate window, its bound to gather a lot of votes *rolleyes* – or wait, maybe it wont, since 90% of the haters seem to not know what JIRA is…

    *shrugs and goes to enjoy the new release*

  31. Dello Martov says:

    How nice. When can we expect killer performance and kickass stability to be part of the main viewer and grid?

  32. Rox says:

    New viewer a day before the weekend?
    I know some people that will be really busy tomorrow fixing bugs and I also know people who will be very unhappy with again a very unstable SL in the coming weekend.

    I really hope this viewer doesn’t contain any bugs? But who am I kidding, there will be more than before.
    Good that some people really care a lot about fixing bugs (Nicholaz) and release stable viewers.

    And like someone mentioned before, if people in SL wanted to talk they would use Skype, Phone or MSN.

    “Voice is part of the main viewer now, it is turned off by default.”
    Best feature

  33. Wolf says:


    i heard a rumor that JIRA is FULL of complaints about the new chat window. and there has been a lot of arguing in former blogs.

    but no word from linden, not a single word …

  34. Dominique Dench says:

    omfg cmon ! why you dont take opinion to public first, to exit every fucking days a new ver. of sl ,cmon this completly pathetic lindens!!! and now you dont fix all the old bug and much thing , inventory loss= real monez lost, and much thing you need to fix first, now voice= new problem and laggy what a silly team on thats game not understand peoples playing, sl change ver. every fucking 3 days stop thats shit please.

  35. Jessicka Graves says:

    I just thank some Higher Deity that the Sim owners of the sims I play in have agreed they will not pay nor turn on voice, a waste of class-action time, effort, and such. A very small group of people want this feature, the others use Skype, or don’t use any computer-to-computer calling, simply because we don’t care, we want the game to work first. 70% isn’t enough to fix the game, use the other 30% that is competent, take them off the update-team, and put them on the fix-the-bloody-game team so the 70% can work on something more along their level.

  36. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Intell Linden Labs fixes the bug and stopes giving us this crap no one should pay them a penny I know I wont

  37. Saman Skjellerup says:

    Voice? I don’t care … people can use it if they please. I’ve no gripes with it either.

    However, the incredibly annoying Communicate window that came with it … can we meet the design team behind that one? Because I for one would loooove to show them my appreciation behind it.

    Why would we need to have separate windows for IM, friends lists and history? I don’t see any reason for it. I mean, if I’m IM’ing with someone, I would never want to know what happens around me. And I would never complain that the widow has to be both wide AND tall to accomodate the two disperate layouts of friends/groups and history/IM.

    And then of course the lovely keyboard shortcuts. Noone ever uses those. So why make it possible to shift around your IM windows with your keyboard, when you could just as easily use the mouse?

    I mean – we couldn’t just outright remove the shortcuts – that would be too harsh. No, let’s make them annoying to the point of broken. Like … how about making the communicate window a mix of tabs and nested tabs?

    Like, the friends/groups windows – if we put them in a SINGLE tab, then the shortcut to switch quickly back and forth between tabs gets broken, as it gets stuck in the friends/group-tab, when you pass it.

    That way those keyboard jocks who don’t want to move their hands off the keyboard all thee time will have to use ctrl+h every time they get stuck because they pressed alt+left once too much. Serves them right.

    So – to sum up – bang up job on the entire user interface. I salute you.

  38. Ephemeral Rainbow says:

    Good God, it’s hideous. You really can’t just combine windows together without thinking about usability.

    The new communication menu now wastes an inch at the top to display “Communicate” “Tab” and “Profile” on separate lines, if nothing else “Communicate” and “Tab” should be together.

    The combination of the old Friends window as a tab replacing contacts also means the window must be very tall and wastes 2 inches displaying a list of check boxes and saying who is selected.

    The group’s window at least does its job but why an inch needs to be spent saying the currently active group is bold and how many groups you’re a member of is beyond me.

  39. Yanic says:

    but one good thing it has, lmao
    now i can see whos a women and not.
    but LL please fix the GRID before make some other stuff, pleaseeeeeeee

  40. Winter Ventura says:

    Dear Linden Labs,

    Why do you refuse to listen to the overwhelming feedback from Beta Testers and FirstLook users? The unified “Communicate” window is patently unacceptable. as users of your platform, we need the easy ability to deal with both local chat and instant messages. Attempting to unify these two functions in one window only makes things harder for the user.

    PLEASE give us back the IM window. If you must attach the voice functions to the local chat window, then fine.. so be it. But PLEASE give us back the ability to have our tabbed IMs and our Local chat window. The current implementation is so terribly awkward.

    I have commented on this issue at least half a dozen times, and I know I am hardly the only one who feels this way. PLEASE put it back the way you found it.

  41. Neelix Kazan says:

    stupid linden release stuff without test now my SL wont start up thank to Linden!

  42. Desmond Shang says:

    “Voice is available everywhere”

    Phil, Robin, Linden Lab team – THANK YOU.

    Folks, this is huge – I can’t even begin to tell you how huge.

    This feature, being on other servers as it must be, isn’t ‘free’ – it costs. There was heavy consideration regarding further charges to the older, 195 USD/mo regions in exchange for voice services – services that would have instantly rendered older island estates bought in good faith voiceless ‘second class’ destinations on the grid mere months after their purchase.

    This move wasn’t cheap for the Company, and it was very honourable that in the end, a huge portion of the early believers and risk-takers weren’t simply left behind.

    Good show, Linden Lab. As I’d said before, the position taken on this would set the tone for years. It has, at least with me, in a *very* positive way.

    Desmond Shang

    Independent State of Caledon

  43. Vint Falken says:

    Ok, so now we have voice, we can concentrate on WindLight again? =D


    Do I have to download the update before I can turn Voice off on my sims? Great option ….. lol….. I dont want it…so I have to get it, to get rid of it…..LMAO…… turns on Keystone Cops on TV……not as funny, but better actors.

  45. Jessica Veressi says:

    @ 30 – dont worry the 195 tier will be going up soon to reflect, especially since they now have a good reason for the price increase.

  46. Em Warrior says:

    What is free expression if you are putting up barriers that some of us face in the real world. I already have problems with ppl using skype and forgetting they are in sl chatting. Feels like segregation on a virtual level now that i have a hearing impairment. Thanks folks. Never heard anyone ask how we might feel or what other options. Try getting someone on staff who has hearing impairment and/or physical limitations to see what is feasible and will keep the membership up and yes i have left sites when ppl get so engrossed in skype or have a class in skype.. I can understand better how language becomes a problem. Oh VISTA works great or at least better then XP. Have been using it a month.

  47. Dominique Dench says:

    man now you verry frustrated me and my owner , thats a real shit, now my sl crash every fucking min, YOU DONT UNDERSTAND ALL THE PEOPLES PLAYING THIS GAME FIRST, YOU PUT A NEW FUCKING SL VER. NO PEOPLES OPIONION. WHY? every poeples playing this game pay your fucking salary, stop do shit all days please, our i leave this mtf game , every days now am frustrated. lost time and monezx, thats a good way for new future 3d web but now is a shit way to repair all the problem, listen up first to poeples, not only you and your team understand, cmon this is not serrious!!!

  48. Roxanne Hynes says:

    New viewer a day before the weekend?
    I know some people that will be really busy tomorrow fixing bugs and I also know people who will be very unhappy with again a very unstable SL in the coming weekend.

    I really hope this viewer doesn’t contain any bugs? But who am I kidding, there will be more than before.
    Good that some people really care a lot about fixing bugs (Nicholaz) and release stable viewers.

    And like someone mentioned before, if people in SL wanted to talk they would use Skype, Phone or MSN.

    “Voice is part of the main viewer now, it is turned off by default.”
    Best feature

  49. Hal says:

    Voice? I can take it or leave it – probably leave…

    But this version is giving me MUCH better framerates – at least 10fps faster than the previous release version. What else did u do?

  50. Bobby Troughton says:

    Apparently it bears repeating THE BIG COMMUNICATE WINDOW IS FIXED. Click the little button below the X (close button) of the window and the chat history is free at last.

  51. Kahni Poitier says:

    What a better way to destroy an avatars persona, than to hear the voice behind it.

    I’ll never use this. I don’t want to hear the people I deal with.

  52. Thamala Aabye says:

    I’ve lost $5,000L worth of stuff in the past week, I *STILL* can’t teleport without crashing one out of three times, and you RELEASE VOICE?!

  53. Tanya says:

    Great job listening to your customers, guys. *Dripping with sarcasm.*

    So many of us say we DON’T want your voice and yet you feel utterly compelled to put it in anyway. And in the process, congratulations. You’ve made the IM completely useless. Yeah, great move. You guys are sure business geniuses. *rolls eyes.* Thanks for ruining my SecondLife experience, Lindens! I really appreciate the hard work you do!

  54. Tsukihime Korobase says:


  55. RC Paderborn says:

    “Voice is intentionally designed to run on systems completely independent from Second Life as not to impair performance.”

    Right we have a grid that often can’t show our Linden balance or show creator and other properties of a rezzed item.

    Yet the storage and retrieval of parcel, estate and sim voice settings, indicators of who is using voice and voice gestures are all mysteriously stored on independent servers?

    I doubt it… external servers may handle the actual voice transmissions, but I’m betting that the same asset servers in use now store these extra flags.

  56. Tokra says:

    Gentleman, Ladies, Furry, Alien let’s get togther and suing Linden Lab ass for make mess up and waste our time. We pay them with our real money to keep land run and they mess up, we pay them to keep it game smooth, test them to ensure they are stable before release. but they release before it even stable. STUPID LINDEN LAB

  57. Cat Gisel says:

    I want the ability to separate my history and IM windows! 😥 argh…..
    I love leaving both open at the same time….options please?

  58. Alyx Sands says:

    Don’t care about Voice, but hey-my beautiful skies will be back! Yay!

  59. Well, though I welcome new things, this is a bit crazy. Since I logged in and downloaded the new update and Voice, now it seems that Voice it isn’t working, IM’s communication and anything in Search is TOTALLY BORKED, in otherwords, can’t IM anyone, and can’t Search for anything, anywhere!

    And what’s with that little “ball of light” above my head in world now to let others know I am “Voice Enabled”…if feels like I am waiting for some strange bird to “drop” something on me…LOL

    Can we PLEASE fix this!

  60. Bronte Alcott says:

    I don’t want voice and will not use voice. I like the silence, the sound of the waves, the music. WHY WON’T YOU LISTEN TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  61. blaze says:

    grrrr voice allways crashs me :((

  62. HealthStar says:

    Wrong feature, wrong place, and most certainly, the wrong time.

  63. And DITTO, to what #40 Cat Gisel said too!

  64. Ann Otoole says:

    i finally got music working. after enabling voice and disabling it a few times on the parcel. there was some latency spiking up there a while during this parcel settings process. i went ahead and left voice on in the store and fun parcels since some people will want it. but if it becomes a problem then off it goes.

  65. X says:

    wth is wrong with you peopel ugh. complaining about voice, yes the lindens need to fix some big bugs but jeez theyve been workign on this a long time so shut up and be apreciative damnit >:O

  66. Dytska Vieria says:

    According to release notes (when installing), there =are= numerous bug fixes not related to voice, so those who are complaining about fixing the bugs, read a little first!

  67. Vitaly Koenkamp says:

    The update completely screwed up my client. Everything sculpted has a billion sharp polygons sticking out of it, and crashes my client within seconds. Now I can be online just long enough to say one or two things to my friends before it crashes like Amelia Earhart. Not one damn thing I can do about it either.

  68. HealthStar says:

    Recurring error on install, SL will now no longer start. Error on install says trouble opening several files. Redownloaded, 3 times. Error persists. Can we get a link to the previous viewer on the DL page for people that are having issues with this please?

  69. Chronic Skronski says:

    A couple of things I dig: Voice is off by default, push-to-talk is on by default, and that you have decided to enable it grid-wide instead of making land owners pay extra for it. @43 – some people do want voice. You don’t speak for everyone. @23 – people just skim the blog and scroll down to start hating before posts reach 100. Reading comprehension goes out the window when comments are open.

  70. Tsukihime Korobase says:

    @49 oh well, numerous bug fixes and how much new one cause of that new feature i never wanted ? let me laugh !


    Well…there we go….an overwhelming percentage against Voice….. so, as per the ususal Linden Standards, YOU WILL have it ! Now stop complaining and keep paying us for stuff you don’t want……there’s a good avatar……. Can’t beat good customer service ….. it’s what LL was founded on. :-))

  72. Ann Otoole says:

    personally i think theres gonna be a lot more people around that don’t even know someone is talking since so many won’t be using it.

    i think it may become quite frustrating for pro voicers.

    so far everywhere i have gone (except my parcels) voice is universally disabled. and it is on in the parcels by default so thats a lot of parcel owners that already chose to disable it.

  73. Rafael Fabre says:

    @17 – Jessica, this is a replay 1.14 debacle. I”m getting the same problem with it providing a plethora of error messages upon three-quarters of its installation, and crashing upon log-in.
    Gentlemen (and ladies), if you cannot ensure the basic operation of your product, adding additional features will not keep your customers. I realize that you will provide assurances that it will be fixed soon, but this has become your biggest weakness. I responded to your “random questionaires” numerous times, stating that System Stability is your biggest problem. The newest update only re-enforces this.

  74. Tsukihime Korobase says:


  75. Lina Pussycat says:

    Folks this is really a person’s choice if you dont want voice dont use it but its not a useless feature to some people. If there was a feature you wanted and got revved up about not everyone is going to agree with it. Most club owners i know (including myself) will be shutting voice off on the club parcels (might have it on in a separated bar area or some such but it wont be on to distract from the DJ or any live music areas) It wont replace typing but it will add another element of Choice for SL users.

    While i agree the communicate window isnt great you can break off pieces of it and still have things be separate if necessary…. The problems experienced ATM have nothing to do with voice and have more to due with problems atm there have been problems most of the week and they are still working on the issues…. They felt the release of voice was good enough to release as an optional live viewer (non first look) and did so. There may be other bug fixes etc. And remember they did a large change to the backend to make updates and less downtime for people as a whole recently this may be causing some issues for them.

    Give it time adapt and prosper same as always. Not everyone is going to want to use voice and frankly using skype takes up more resources if your talking to someone that is in world really…. It operates on diff servers yes in fact the SLvoiceagent/slvoice are separate exes from the main viewer…a region can crash and if its voice enabled voice will still be active so long as your connected to it (thats a case in point and it does happen) 1 on 1 chat happens on a person to person level so it doesnt take up bandwidth from LL’s servers IE only chats with 3 or more people get placed on a server other then that your connecting with the person (like skype…)

    I welcome it i wont be using it but people that want the option should be free to use it if they so wish…

  76. Monalisa says:

    “Voice is optional” – so why is it enabled by default on the entire grid?

  77. Tsukihime Korobase says:

    @56 wenever what you say, IT’S A USELESS FEATURE and it’s the EVER BAD ONE could happen to SL !

  78. Lina Pussycat says:

    @51 this is far from an overwhelming percentage most people dont comment on the blog and there are alot more residents then 100 max…. Just stating a wide majority dont want it is also false. You dont go by a blog to state that….Those that dont want it fine but trying to say no one should have it cuz you dont wanna use it is silly.

    @52 eventually they will have a red dot from what i understand for those that dont have voice enabled when people have voice enabled if i recall from what they were saying….

  79. Vitaly Koenkamp says:

    Now now ladies, voice has been in development for a long time, and I seriously doubt they were going to scrap the release date due to some furry drama over search not working right the last few days. My only gripe is that it totally broke my client. Once they get that right, they can install smell-o-vision for all I give a doodle.

    Voice is a fine update, I’m sure…. I just won’t get to see it until the next patch. Nor anything else.

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  81. crap….

    I thought when i relogged that i would download a update that would fix the current problems, now i even lost sound inworld. now its downloading the ugrade and installing, while im reading that its a friggin official voice version. the one thing that actually causes all the current problems? and the one thing that I DONT want right now!!??!! WHY O WHY we even GET this option viewer now??

    give me a break LL!!! Im speechless, just speechless……

  82. Lina Pussycat says:

    @55 this update isnt causing the problems in world at all….Thats a silly statement to make the voice client has nothing to do with the problems in world thats server end not client end and the voice servers are separate…. There are issues atm and they are working on fixing them but any d/l isnt going to fix the current probs…

  83. Ann Otoole says:

    oh a nasty red dot for non voicers!!!! well now there is something to demonstrate about! non voicers must wear the red communist badge of no-voice! or is that redskin badge of injun no speakum!!!!!

    wait shouldn’t it be green? or purple? or blue? or black?!!!!!

    no matter which way it goes there is going to be legitimate offense taken so better off just leaving it be.

  84. Atashi Yue says:

    This one doesn’t work at all for me. But the old FL does.

    For voice I mean.

  85. Raymond Figtree says:

    Great. Now can you please fix the “failure to rez object” bug?

  86. like_ummm says:

    @47 – oh looks like LL cant moderate their forums properly. big surprise there… not!

    i hate you all very much LL!

  87. I am tired of being patronised via a blog. I PAY for this you know! This version is the worst yet! I am tired of the hollow excuses. I spend hundreds of dollars a month in tier but it’s not worth it any more. I work hard all week and the last thing I want to deal with when I get home is vehicle sim crossings – particularly when I’m paying for the privilege! Thanks a bunch LL! YOU SUCK!!! You’ll be hearing from my lawyers! How can you update something only to break it more? I’m an internet dietician and if any of my employees behaved like you do, I’d fire them! I’m someone who is on the board of several technology companies and if I performed like this I’d be out of work in no time! Once again, LL shafts the hard-working customer.

    When are you going to do something about voice chat?

    (this completely ridiculous parody brought to you by Ordinal Malaprop’s Random Flame Generator)

  88. Kira says:

    WOW thanks for all the bug fixes, sod voice ill just turn it off ., but man LOOK at the bug fixes woot. Still going to wait out the weekend tho 😛 just to make sure .

  89. SLurl Link says:

    Can you hear us???
    Is anyone listening?
    Rip that “Communicate” window apart. Please!

    Please kill the ‘Mini-Map’ button and bring the ‘Friends’ button back instead as well!

  90. Lina Pussycat says:

    @57 it’d just be for the people that have voice enabled. It wouldnt be visible unless people around you had voice on and then you yourself wouldnt see it…

  91. When are the pretty clouds coming back????

  92. Lina Pussycat says:

    Mini map has always been there and is quite needed to bring mini map back up easily….

  93. I think it sucks that those of us who don’t or can’t voice are stuck with this mess of a viewer that eats a ton of screen real estate. 45,000 people testing and you missed the one thing that a great majority said – the communicate window is teh suxor.

  94. Bobby Troughton says:

    #57 “wait shouldn’t it be green? or purple? or blue? or black?!!!!!”

    Most likely you or someone else would complain about those colors too. At least some people from India might appreciate the red dot. 😛 I’d probably get all paranoid and think I’m being sniped all the time…*hides*

  95. Lina Pussycat says:

    Also @57 the red dot or whatever would be a better way for the people with voice on to tell if you didnt have voice on so they know if you dont or not so they know to type etc white dot means you can at least listen etc….

  96. Cosette Lundquist says:

    As much as I dislike Voice, I will say that once I got used to the new UI (from using the First Look Client), I found it easier to navigate conversations; that is about the only plus I found in Voice Chat.

    People asked for it, and here it is. It’s too late to go back on Voice, so it’s pretty much here to stay. I, along with others, will probably opt not to use the service..that is about the only choice given.

  97. Lina Pussycat says:

    @67 Yeah it is but it is adaptable if you use it some and learn to split it…. Its not as big a deal as people are making it out to be…

  98. Vincent Nacon says:

    The people that doesn’t like nor want voice because they are either mute or deaf. I know I have hearing loss to both ears and it seem like they feel entrapped/left out when their friends start using Voice. Their world soon will be like silent all over again.

    Fear of being mute/deaf again. Which is more reason why they came to Second Life, to get away from Real Life’s silent world. Now their world is falling again.

    …thanks, LL. 😦

  99. DimiVan Ludwig says:

    I cant even get it to download properly…I got 33 errors….now Im stuck and cant even get on sl…….any answer for this?

  100. Tokra says:

    @62 Horray for you, good luck with lawyer I would love to see LL regert for mess up with all update [bleep] They need fix not update *sigh* Now i cant get in SL those update thing show up error when i install it. Now it crash when i attend to log on.

  101. Nack Barnes says:

    PLEASE tell me that when you say “Voice is optional” that means I can turn off the Voice option in my client and not have a bunch of VOICE User Interface crap all over my screen? I mean, that’s what “optional” means, right? Or do you mean “You get this horrible UI change that you all have been screaming mad about for months even if you don’t want or use Voice”?

  102. Roxanne Hynes says:

    So Voice is the reason why Mainland starting bids have gone up with 25%?

    Voice is optional… Is paying 1000$ instead of 1250$ something optional too?

  103. Lina Pussycat says:

    @72 really now come on…. If they dont have voice their friends will still talk to them in text. I have been in voice areas and people talk to me if im at the keyboard esp if they are friends of mine…

  104. Spikez Stine says:

    I’m so excited to see all the bug fixes and new features! Especially the * Added CPU detection for Intel Core Duo/Solo and Intel Core 2 Duo which is my processor! Hopefully, they add the Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset Graphics Driver to the “Graphics that is Compatible with Second Life” list which will my graphics driver work better with Second Life. >_<

  105. Lina Pussycat says:

    @73 no its not the reason the starting bids went up and thats just for auctions……. Not a huge deal to those buying full sims really…..

  106. Cosette Lundquist says:

    People already type horridly enough. Now they can be twice as annoying. The written language is going to take so many bullets from this.

  107. Lina Pussycat says:

    Also @ 73 and sorry…. Voice has been around for awhile the up prolly has more to do with increasing hardware etc….


    I think Lina Pussycat would be happy to win at Musical Chairs on the Titanic ……

  109. Ludwig Prinz says:

    Let’s hope all the recent bug fixes make the SL experience a better one.

    I am surprised there isn’t a thread about the most recent loss of inventory or a comment from Linden Labs.

    I wonder how long it will take to get used to the new communication interface, and now I have to walk around with a blinking beacon over my head.

    My comment to voice is SL ? If I want to talk, I pick up the phone.

    After trying voice I am going to disabled it again after my next crash.

  110. Phaedra Basevi says:

    I hope Windlight will be optional too – I hated it – pretty skies, but all colours on my textures were strange on the first look I tested – and all avatars looked like cartoon dolls thanks to the way light reflected of surfaces.

    I ended up scrapping it and going back to standard viewer with relief. I don’t spend my sl time staring at skies to oooh and ahhh at them.

  111. Rune Crimson says:

    I am not to happy about this voice thing….it will do nothing but add more lagg as if we did not have enough. I have been in other chats for many years and the chats always tried voice and it took the chat down people left cause of unbareable lag I see that happening again.

  112. Lina Pussycat says:

    @75 this is unlikely Graphics Card wise. Of course its compatible its more that its just not supported. Nor is it really supported by most 3d applications/games out there…. Most integrated cards are not ever supported…

  113. Phaedra Basevi says:

    I hope Windlight will be optional too – I hated it – pretty skies, but all colours on my textures were strange on the first look I tested – and all avatars looked like cartoon dolls thanks to the way light reflected of surfaces.

    I ended up scrapping it and going back to standard viewer with relief. I don’t spend my sl time staring at skies to oooh and ahhh at them.

  114. Ann Otoole says:

    lol the minimum bid on mainland sims is not very relevant until it exceeds $1675. whats a mainland sim usually go for anyway? $2000 or so? that change was pretty much a big nothing but at least they mentioned it.

  115. Sascha says:

    Cool now I’m stigmatised with a red dot that even i can’t see, because i use a better client that is fixed and optimised (Nicholaz). Isn’t that discrimination aren’t there laws against this in your country???

  116. Lina Pussycat says:

    @79 no i wouldnt just responding to alot of posts blog posts… Anywho as i stated before if you dont wanna use it dont use it if you do want to then do. But just because you dont like something doesnt mean that it shouldnt be there for people to do want to use it and do like it…. If we operated the world like that everything in the world would be screwed up… This isnt going to change anything over voice first look aside from everyone having the chat window eventually…. But they may change back at some point its hard to tell….

    Its just sad that people think just cuz they dont like something that no one should be allowed to use it if they so wish…

  117. Riverrat Moonlight says:

    well, the viewer sucks. you can’t see huds atttached in certain places. the chat window is awful. quit messing up what is already fine and give us a good working system.

  118. Zandor Maltese says:

    “when Second Life periodically has performance issues”

    should read when Second Life periodically runs with out performance issues. lol

  119. Lina Pussycat says:

    @82 I was saying that was talked about as an option its not implemented yet. And yes there are laws but thats not discriminating or stigmatizing its just to let people know so they can talk in text or what have you. I think some of you are really just complaining for the sake of it without trying to actually work with it…

  120. Keshia Renegade says:

    *rolls eyes* I’m so tired of people complaining.. “I don’t want voice waaaaa, waaaaa, waaaaaa” I’m deaf what about me blah blah blah.. O shutup. How about READING before you start crying? Voice can be turned off with a simple click.. :O wow problem solved. So those of us who don’t mind voice will use it and those of you who don’t like it.. shut up and type no biggie. It’s not the end of the world.

  121. I had a failed dll on install.

  122. Goss Machin says:

    I for one will be making a little voice area outside my club, so that the voicers can go chatter like the smokers go to puff!!! The rest of the area will be voice free because the international cacophany here is bad enough in text without 5 or 6 overlapping languages fighting with each other…. yes its a European club, maybe I’ll change its name from Swinging Sporran to Tower of Babel?????

  123. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    To all the ppl who are deaf, have a terrible foreign accent, or are otherwise impaired: Know that a lot of ppl (including me) will be disabling voice completely (yes, I won’t even be listening) and continue to type and read.

    “Voice is intentionally designed to run on systems completely independent from Second Life as not to impair performance.”
    Yeah sure… The release of the first look viewer with voice only had a huge and negative impact on performance and stability… that’s all.

    I’ll not be downloading this version till you push it down my throat (which I’m sure you will soon).

    But… I’m glad you’re ready to release it. Maybe this’ll free up some resources to fix the frikkin bugs! Oh no, almost forgot about the pretty-sky-features nobody wants either… damn


  124. @Sascha

    You’ll most likely find that Nicholaz will take their next code release and incorporate his fixes to voice. It doesn’t take long to patch the things he does, I do it for solaris every time is comes out.

  125. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    Oh no, a new feature has been added to the client, and I DIDN’T WANT IT! Simply not using this new feature is not an option. THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! Thanks, LL, for giving me features I didn’t want to use! You’re completely ruining the game for me! How can I play, knowing other people are out there, using a feature I didn’t want?! HOW DARE YOU LET OTHER PEOPLE HAVE FUN IN WAYS I DON’T WANT TO! This is worse than child-play. You bastages! :p

  126. Rune Crimson says:

    turned off maybe but will still get terrible lagg off the voice in general its a give whether you have it on or not.

  127. Tokra says:

    I dont know if it will work, I was able to download old SL before “update crap” here link

  128. Whichway Janus says:

    Until I can change my voice as easily as I can change my avatar, forget it.

  129. Maklin Deckard says:

    I accidentally installed this travesty….silly me….I thought with the message about it being optional but improving performance that it MIGHT ACTUALLY BE PERFORMANCE-RELATED, NOT CHROME ON THE COLLAPSING SYSTEM. Is there a link to the previous version of the viewer so I can get rid of this retarded new ‘communications center’?

    If I can go back, I for one will NEVER upgrade until forced to by LL…the unified com-center sucks too much to be useful….give us the option of putting it back like it was before

  130. Sascha says:

    @86 if you think it is not implemented, that is not true, I’m standing in cyclops and people drop in and tell me i have a red dot above my head. and no, i won’t use that buggy crap any longer and if i hear that the functionality is gone i don’t want it neither. Another part fucked up now here.

  131. Marcus Antonelli says:

    Great. Something else to break the grid. You can rest assured this will promptly be disabled on the parcels I own and the sim I just purchased. Please fix the reliability and scalability problems and quit messing with things we don’t need or want.


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  133. So far so good here. Did not choose to enable audio/chat for initial session but the communication box is great.

  134. Daryth Kennedy says:

    LL … take the time to listen to your users, please … before you kill SL.

    With so many bugfixes, and the grid in such poor shape already … why toss another new feature into the mess?

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  136. Sascha says:

    @86 if you think it is not implemented, that is not true, I’m standing in cyclops and people drop in and tell me i have a red dot above my head. and no, i won’t use that buggy version any longer and if i hear that the functionality is gone i don’t want it neither. Another part screwed up now here.

  137. Kornscope Komachi says:

    Video streaming for Linux? Hipray!

  138. Amanda Ascot says:

    While I can’t use it, myself, I’ve always been a supporter of Voice as an option for those people who want it, but I honestly don’t believe that this is ever going to be as popular as Linden Lab wants to believe. Yes, for some sorts of group meetings it will be nice, but, unfortunately, there’s no “Voice chat log” to fall back on if you miss something, and no history to check on if you were distracted trying to deal with an IM or someone in the meeting who doesn’t have Voice enabled.

    In all, its a Good Idea. This is just a very bad time to introduce it. If, and I stress “if”, I decide to download this optional viewer, I will most likely not enable Voice except under very special circumstances. What I wish LL had done was to release two optional viewers — both with all the bug fixes and one of those with Voice.

    Face it, Second Life is an awful resource hog as it is. Why should my computer have to waste precious CPU cycles on a feature I’m not using? I remember some of the previous viewers were lean and snappy. I *never* experienced local lag when I was in a well-performing sim. Now things are almost totally lagged much of the time, even when I’m the only one in a region. And this isn’t just one computer. It’s three completely different ones, so don’t blame it on my machine. The lag has increased steadily since release 1.13, even when the sims are not, themselves, lagged. The only logical place to point the finger is right at the viewer, and adding feature bloat to an already unstable viewer (1.18 is the most crash-prone in recent history), is not going to help things.

    Worse, releasing it near the weekend (didn’t you guys learn your lesson the last time?) is a Very Bad Thing. Let me repeat that. Very Bad Thing. Did that sink in that time? All new releases should be on Monday, so you have the whole week to either work out the inevitable bugs or roll it back. Wednesday releases don’t work either, as we’ve seen the Grid thoroughly borked over busy weekends after Wednesday releases, before. Get a clue, people. There’s a reason we complain about these things. There’s a reason we keeping saying to not release new versions near weekends. Just what part of that do you not understand?

    Now, if only there was a Linden who actually reads this stuff. Support tickets go unanswered. Bugs reported in the jira get “resolved” without being resolved. Sweep this stuff under the rug and it just goes away. Right? Wrong, guys. It persists. It adds up. Fix the things that are broken and *then* give us shineys to play with.

    *sigh* Really, though. Why do I even bother, since I know my voice (isn’t that ironic?) will go “unheard”? I don’t even feel better after writing this. 🙂

  139. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    @Amanda Ascot: we feel better reading it tho hon *hugs*

    To those that believe it’s just another option that we can choose to disable… don’t kid yourself: this will cause more lag (and yes, I’ve read all the stuff LL promises)

  140. You know that 90-day window beyond which 90% of accounts fail to log in? I’m two weeks off 90 days old, and it’s looking increasingly likely I’m going to be one of the absent majority.

    Voice was inevitable regardless of the majority’s wishes, because RL corporations want it and their needs are paramount. I get that. What’s the loss of a couple of resident dollars on the exchange, compared to what they’ll be bringing in? I also get that the world can’t cope with the traffic it already has, and so it’s not in your interests to make things easy or welcoming for newcomers. I just wish I’d been around in the beginning, rather than a couple of months towards the end.

  141. Doris Haller says:

    What a sad thing to happen

  142. Jeska Linden says:

    Hello everyone, thanks for your feedback – we’ve had a few reports of Residents crashing upon login. If this happens to you, please try clearing your Second Life cache, it should fix the issue.

  143. Ann Otoole says:

    its a done and over deal. sl will survive.

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