Postcards from the SLedge

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

Another shot of this pretty tree

I’ve got great news for everyone who loves to save and share their Second Life memories via snapshots — a longtime bug which broke postcard image size and quality has been FIXED, allowing for bigger, better postcards. Previously, you were constrained to 640×480 with relatively crappy JPEG compression. Now, you can make ’em as big as your monitor goes and crisper too, with a filesize limit of 1 MB. (We’ll be watching if this is too large and causes problems.)

I say thankee to the Lindens who made it happen; Zen, who fixed the code, let me know the good news yesterday; after Jose finished simplifying the new template, the fix went through quality assurance from Milo and Beast, and Joshua Linden pushed it live. There are more who were involved, I say thank you graciously again…

and yes, following our big Voice announcement, this comes just in time for the re-introduction of First Look: WindLight ’round the corner!

How do I send a postcard?
Watch this video:

See? It’s easy and fun!

A philosophical moment
Friends, I believe we’re blooming new forms of art from within the Grid, both raw and post-processed. There’s so much wonder that sprouts from people posing their avatars, capturing landscapes, and even shutterbugging wacky “only in SL” moments. But why do it all if this is “virtual”? Because the memories are inextricably, and in some cases, inexplicably real. And people like to remember happy times in their life, and Second Life. So there you have it — it goes beyond “pretty pictures”, and reaches into the heart & soul of what the composer Brian Transeau dubbed “emotional technology”.

Now that you’ve been primed a bit…

Fun factoids
Postcards sent during the first half of 2007:

Postcards sent from Second Life from JAN-JUN 07


JAN 07


FEB 07


MAR 07


APR 07


MAY 07


JUN 07




July’s stats haven’t been processed yet, but that’s a lotta postcards!

Did you know:

  • … a postcard station was added to the redesign of the Orientation Island? It gives our new Residents an opportunity to practice their snapshotting skills. (I still have pix from my first days here.)
  • … more postcards were sent in the first 3 months of 2007 than in all of 2006? (302,872 vs. 268,958, and many of the newer ones were sent from the OIs.)
  • … our combined top 5 email recipients in June 2007 received 10,102 postcards?
  • … our combined top 5 snapshot senders in June 2007 sent 2003 postcards?

Special thanx to Bert Linden for his magic getting these metrics.

If you’re curious and would like to learn even more…
be sure to check out our Snapshots & Postcards help page!

I’ve also done previous video tutorials, like Advanced Snapshot Magic (some of this is outdated, but the principles still hold true):

Taken Made any kewl postcards lately? Post links to your creativity in the comments, or send ’em directly to me (torley at lindenlab dot com) — I look forward to seeing the world through your eyes!

If a picture is 1,000 words, what is Second Life?


Torley Linden is a Product Manager & more who regularly contributes to the Official Linden Blog. See Torley’s travels through the Grid, and read Torley’s previous posts.

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106 Responses to Postcards from the SLedge

  1. Cat Gisel says:

    Question Torley….Postcards are where you send from places you visit. If you live in Second Life, and visit First Life from time to time, shouldn’t THAT be where you send your postcards from? I mean, yanno?


  2. Vint Falken says:

    Wild guess on ‘… our combined top 5 email recipients in June 2007 received 10,102 postcards?’

    1.) Snapzilla
    2.) BlogHud


    @Cat Gisel: That’s called ‘upload texture’. 😉

  3. Ravewolf Strauss says:

    well isnt that jus nifty everyones losing items..refer to second life misc issues 496 and you all are working on bs postcards while alot of people are losing there items.ONCE again showing that you sweep and tried to hide the issues that need to be addressed so you show nice flashy bs that doesnt resolve a real MAJOR bug where items are being lost left and right not one person is assigned to teh problem but yet has been occuring since last friday accourding to the reports sooooo LINDENS when do you think youll let it be known your totally risking losing your items upon rezzing them and when you rez them and it says item couldnt be rezzed log out and back in there gone how bout that blog when you gonna post that .Orrrrr how about letting us know if our items are jus hidden from us temporarly or sol like it seems we are means noone is even replying about the problems people are suffering from.

  4. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Project open letter Lindens remember that? fix the bugs and stop with the “features” fix the bugs so your customers STOP loseing items they have bought!

  5. Kahni Poitier says:

    For many weeks, my pictures have been stuck at 512×512 no matter what options I enable on my snapshot menus. The only way I’ve found around this is to save the image to disk, then upload it.

    Pain in the ass.

    Is anyone else having this problem? (I have 2 other friends stuck at 512×512 also)

  6. IN my opinoion you have made the ” communication” way to complicated there was absolutely no reason to change it aside from adding the voice features.

    this is a classic example if it ain’t broak don’t fix it

  7. What I’d like to see is the ability to send an email with a screenshot attached without having the extra files that make it look like a postcard added in.

    This would enable us to send screenshots to Photobucket, Flickr, Imageshack, etc. directly from the SL viewer, without having a bunch of tiny files added.

  8. Chronic Skronski says:

    Awesome! I thought I was doing something wrong when all of my postcards were small and grainy.

  9. Vidal Tripsa says:

    It is a shame that sometimes the happiest moments of SL recorded in this blog are overshadowed by cries about bugs and lost inventory, etc.; ironic given that those affected usually refer to exactly that sort of distraction or overshadowing. I’m not saying I’m not frustrated too, but a proper petition would be the sensible way to do things, not making posts numerous enough to border spam.

    Still, I for one am reassured by your posts, Torley, and am thrilled at the news that Windlight will return for use. I made very little use of it at first and uninstalled it, only to find myself blocked out when I wanted to give it another shot with Voice taking precedent. I sincerely hope that Windlight will encourage me to make use of the postcards. So far I’ve only taken photos for my blog or to share in-world, however the details shown in those images you often highlight would be precisely the thing to cheer an email-dulled friend for a day.

  10. Agreed with Miss #6, dear Sue Baskerville makes the same suggestion I was going to make. Vint talks about the problem on her blog too. Why not a “Add Framing” option, unchecked by default. I know it does promo for SL, but in another way posting masses of snaps to Flickr or others is equally promotional in my own sense.

    (CUT HERE FOR RANT: and please dear slitizens, stop posting unrelated. if you didn’t get it yet, different teams with different skills are specialized in developing or fixing different things, including the bunch of opensourcers working on different bugs and even new inventive and practical features. but the invent loss problems are complex structural problems, there are so many causes to it most of slitizens woudnt understand half of it, those problems are also bound to the fast growing and the fact SL works based on constantly evolving software that sometimes have bugs (Apache, Mysql, Debian, etc…). I’m not going into the deep end of complex multileveled clustered and distributed database management issues, unavoidable hardware faliures, etc.. it will surely take a few more months to resolve the biggest part, and nobody apart LL’s most skilled database and software specialists can resolve them. LL understood the message, but trolling about the rest of the LL team developing cool and wanted features while the database specialists work on the invent loss issue, it’s simply not going to help anybody, apart venting slitizens fustrations. Believe me, I hate it as anyone here, i’m a developper and hate loosing my work or my costy items. But be patient people, things will come in time…. PS: This is NOT a flamebait or troll comment, I’m just tired of seeing positive LL blogposts tainted with negativism when despite all it’s known problems, SL is still to my sense the most marvelous and promising metaverse system. Thank you.)

  11. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    Thank you Torley and Bert.

    “Hello….hello Mr. Sunshine….I want my two scoops of frickin Raisin Brand” cracked me up. After reading 98% negative feedback on Philip’s post, that was a nice change.

  12. sirhc DeSantis says:

    Enough already with the vitriol you open mouth breathers lol. Torley has now taken the time to explain and exhibit (again) some neat features you can play with in SL on a regular basis and I welcome it. Never even knew you COULD do this before. So thanks Torley but you are not forgiven – Dingos Van Gogh piece still makes me cry

  13. Droopz says:

    because they AGAIN closed comments here we go posting stuff where it dont belongs:

    i swear to god lindens are screwing up SL…. this will cause more server stress…more lag…more annoyed people… and their service already is failing… search still down…. what do they want to accomplish?? nuke the grid till it dies with their utter nonsense trying to push out additions we dont need? to make them look they are doing a good job on adding “great content”?? …. Lindenlabs prioritized Voice over a stable grid..this is pure mis-management…. now everyone (except the people who like voice) can see how their priorities lie…. if they really cared about their majority of customers they would have put Voice in the fridge and work their asses off to make the grid stable…but no… first they go to the dentist then they go eat candy and let their teeth rot out… comon guys this is a big joke……

  14. Marianne McCann says:

    This is great, great stuff! Thankoo to those who made it work, an I can’t wait for the return of WindLight.

    I take Tons and tons of postcards. They end up in two places: and – some of it is art, some of it is diary of my experiences, and most of it is the world of Second Life from the point of view of a child avatar

  15. Jes Bergbahn says:

    Because the Lindens decided to stifle free speech by imposing a 100-post limit, this is a response to the whiners in the Live Voice blogpost:

    For anyone screaming “but u nubs can split teh history from teh cummunicut vindoow”: Well that solution doesn’t really fix the horrible amount of WASTED space in the im window, much less brings back the PROPER friendslist, do I even need to go on? Fact, Point, now gtfo instead of trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ by going against the general opinion.

    And for those who are bickering “ooo but u kin turn voice off u nubz”, yeah tell that to someone who works security detail at a place that will most likely feature voice. Tell that to those who have to hear what’s going on in their area, and still won’t use it themselves. That means I’ll have to listen to screamers AGAINST MY WILL. What choice do I have? disable and pretty much forefit my job? or listen to idiots all day? You be the judge…

    Or even better, do my job for me, you Dimwits!

  16. Ameshin says:

    Awesome! Finally my snapshots are purdy!

  17. Moose Maine says:

    To the exec’s at Linden Labs, whatever your paying Torley, it’s not enough! Outstanding Job “T-Man”

  18. Swifty says:

    I have no problem with voice being enabled or problems with postcards. Second Life has less than a year to live anyway when the Linden Labs venture capital runs out and they can’t find any more investors willing to pour good money after bad.

    Linden is no doubt looking for a buyer now at an inflated valuation, but I predict nobody will touch it. It might be sold as a pure technology play at about $1mm USD per C++ developer (estimated value $50mm USD), but all the other jobs and technology at LL is a write-off.

    Microsoft doesn’t want it…they don’t care about OpenGL-based games or systems. Sony has their own thing…Home, currently under development. Google might want it, but only for the developers. Electronic Arts is losing money…they don’t want it either.

    I’m not putting another thin dime into SL and when my premium account runs out, that’s it…I’m done.

    When you killed the gaming, you killed the fun. I’ve got better things to do.

  19. Amanda Ascot says:

    Sheesh! Torley’s posts are about the Good Things in Second Life. Take the bitching to the appropriate post, people. I’m not happy with Voice being released while there are bugs to be fixed, either, but I’m not going to complain about it, here. I already did that *in the appropriate post*!

    I’m OK, now. Really.

    Torley, I’ve never sent a postcard. Maybe, now that I’m actually wealthy enough to take lots of snapshots, I will — or just take the snapshots. It’s always annoyed me that they cost money when I can build an entire sim full of structures for nothing, and it was very bad when I was poor and camping for L$12 an hour and I really wanted to take a snapshot of something that caught my eye while I was wandering around the world exploring.

    And don’t anyone call me on the fact that objects don’t take up much server space and textures do. I wasn’t born yesterday. I said I was “annoyed” — not that I didn’t understand why we’re charged for creating, uploading, and downloading textures. I’m “annoyed” at that certain time of each month, too. I deal with it and go on with my life.

    I’ll have to watch that video, assuming I can get it to work, since YouTube frequently doesn’t work for me for some reason. Still, I’ll have to try it, at least once, just to say I did. 🙂 To be honest with you, though, I find written tutorials to be much more useful than video tutorials. For one thing, videos frequently fail to give me time to fully absorb an idea before hopping on to the next thing. Also, I like to print out tutorials on paper so I can read them at my leisure, or refer to them easily when I need the information.

    WindLight … Yes! Once I figured it out, I loved it during it’s first test release, in spite of some of the obvious bugs. Hopefully they’ll have those fixed, but I really, REALLY hope that implementation in the main viewer is held off until we actually have a stable viewer, again. I miss those wonderful, colorful vistas, but not so much that I’m willing to put up with a new generation of bugs and newly-broken, formerly working, features.

    As for Postcards, what I’d really like is an in-world Postcard feature that would deliver an image and associated text to other residents — much better than dropping them a snapshot with an IM that they might or might not get (I lose a lot of stored IMs because I sometimes crash immediately after logging on and before I can read everything).

  20. Photography in SL is so much fun! Anything that makes it better is great!
    I must have taken over 1000 pics so far. I have over 300 in my avitar’s profile pics albums on MySpace.
    Mostly silly stuff, some serious… but all SL through my eyes.

  21. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    my last blog was censored-it had to do with the poor quality of SL lately

  22. Droopz says:


    i was about to post it in the appropriate entry but noooo they had to close it again 😀 ofc 😀

  23. I must say this is GREAT NEWS! We can NOW send POSTCARDS from inside Second Life!

    Thanks for getting this fixed, I know the majority of Second Life Residents were speaking out about this for so very long, and it finally has got the attention it so richly deserves!

    I for one have mis-judged our Linden Lab friends, and now admit that they have been doing one heck of a bang up job on fixing the most important issues in Second Life!

    This voting for what bugs to fix is the greatest thing that could have ever happened! The Second Life Community has spoken, we want more bug fixes that fix the spelling of mis-spelled words, that change the colors of tabs in our IM Windows, that give us pretty clouds and sun light.

    For all of you that think things like GRID stabilization or MEMORY Leaks are more important then getting to send POSTCARDS from Second Life, you are dead wrong! Those other things don’t matter, it’s how Second Life looks that matters, not how well it runs!

    I can’t wait until WINDLIGHT is back in the LIVE viewer! And those IM Tabs are different colors, then we will all know that Second Life has reached it’s PINNACLE!

  24. Terrigo Tiger says:

    does anybody have link to the regular sl to download i did first look can’t get nothing to load at all. need to go back to old ty

  25. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Nice new feature 🙂

  26. Tony says:

    Well sorry Torley for taking up a comment in your blog but the voice post is full and shame, shame on you for forcing this upon people. Completely, utterly and totally dispicable. You;ve totally, utterly and completely isolated those who can’t hear.

  27. elka says:

    Aaaah, I see my sim in your video there, Jukai Urbaine!!!!!Awesome stuff Torley, you are so useful for the community ❤ And got a sexy RL voice too, weehee!

  28. Montana Corleone says:

    Yes, I made some kewl postcards showing inventory borks. I should probably make a new one of the folder full of borked items from the 1.15 update that I was asked to label in a folder for a Triage 6 weeks ago and nothing has happened, other than the JIRA issue being closed as a duplicate of a later, and completely different issue. Since then I’ve lost yet more expensive items.

    I’ve also made postcards of friends Ruthed – my how we have laughed over those. Most of the time though, I don’t bother taking snapshots, because there are always large bits of grey in them, from the ever slower rezzing, and sometimes complete failure of some objects to properly rezz at all and stay grey. Then there are those textures that mysterious turn black. Or are black with pretty lights. Or on my vendor panels, show completely different textures that aren’t even in my inv.

    So the appalling slowdown, increased failure of things. Obviously not the server, otherwise things would have gone back to (almost) broke mode. They are in total broke mode due to either Voice, Postavdrs, or Windlight code. Which is it? Cost me four days of work and sales, but I still have to pay rent for those four days. So two shiny announcements designed to scroll off all the bad news.

    Excuse me if I don’t jump up and down with Ambient Joy.

  29. Atlwolf says:

    I would much rather see post on what is being done to fix rez issues, communication attacks and other high priority issues. WinLight is nice but I hope it not utilizing resources that could be put towards making SL more stable.
    Lets plug the holes. Limit what script calls can be made by unverified accounts and lets scale so we can handle more than 40K logins.

  30. Blinders Off says:

    I will be the first to admit SL has problems out the wazoo that are not being fixed month after month (such as the current NOTECARD bug that makes notecards often unreadable LINDEN LAB– WAKEY WAKEY!!!).

    Nevertheless, thanks Torley for this info. You’re the PR guy, not the debuggers. These occasional tidbits are kinda nice.

  31. Kasolai Nighbor says:

    I know this is OT, but where else do I ask? Will SL ever support the Ageia PhysX accelerator cards? They could handle the water effects, particles, and all movement so the cpu need not do it, giving potentially a huge speed boost for people I think! Come now Linden, make use of the hardware thats available! I bet a lot of us have Ageia cards!

  32. Amanda Ascot says:

    I’m breaking my rule about only posting once to a blog thread for two reasons. First of all, this one doesn’t seem to be getting the responses it usually does (I’m lucky to ever get a chance to post to a thread any more). And now for the main reason. I’m going to deal with a meta-issue, so anyone who has his/her brain turned off can go play somewhere else.

    Here’s the issue. We gotta do what we gotta do, but half the posters here have notta clue.

    Let me explain. Torley is PR. Torley is not a grid monkey. Torley is not a coder. Sorry to rain on your gripe parade, but Torley’s threads are not a place to complain about issues you might have with Linden Lab or with Second Life. Each employee of Linden Lab has assigned duties. Do you really think that complaining to the janitor of your local hospital will get your owie fixed? Think again. Remember, the only people reading this post are people who have their brains turned on. Right? *points to last sentence of first paragraph* So think, already.

    It’s important that we get legitimately upbeat blog threads like Torley gives us. There *are* good things happening, and Torley tells us about them without using them as sugar coating over the bad things that are happening. If you want to complain, and the threads which would be appropriate are filled up, well suck it in and go on with your life. That’s what I usually have to do. There will be enough people who have already posted your concerns to let LL know what’s going on — assuming anyone actually reads the entire thread.

    Just a few specific issues in reverse order:

    @24 Atlwolf: There are such threads. Just don’t expect *every* thread to deal with bug fixes, etc. Limit script calls that can be made by unverified accounts? Excuse me, please. I have an unverified account and I’m a scripter, or at least an aspiring scripter. And besides, that comment clearly shows that you don’t understand the Linden Scripting Language. ’nuff said, since the scripters reading this *will* understand why I have no sympathy for that suggestion.

    @19 Terrigo Tiger: You upgraded from the viewer, didn’t you. Shame on you! Never … EVER … accept that auto-upgrade unless you have a copy of the last stable viewer on your harddrive so you can roll back if the optional upgrade doesn’t work. Actually, I wish LL would disable that feature altogether. If you want the upgrade it should direct you to the website to *download* and then install it.

    Torley, please excuse the avalanche of sarcasm from the people who jumped over to this thread from the ones that got closed, or were never opened for comments in the first place. Your weekly thread is a breath of fresh air in what is, otherwise, mostly either bad news or griping about bad news, and I welcome it, as much as I might complain as bitterly as the others — in appropriate threads should they not be closed when I get a chance to respond.

  33. Broccoli Curry says:

    Windlight is the one feature I have been waiting for, I have little to no interest in voice, and I hope once Windlight is in, Linden Lab will spend time fixing bugs before adding extra ‘shiny’ features.

    If you must add new features, can you make a physics engine upgrade, or Speedtree, one of them? Ta.


  34. Hypatia Callisto says:

    I really want to see Windlight work. But it needs to be good. VERY good. The trouble is that with lighting, the closer to realistic you get, the more obvious glitches in lighting becomes. Like realtime shadows (the LACK of them :p) and what not. The trouble with shiny (which could be fixed a bit once you activated bloom and dynamic reflection, but still lacked a bit in specularity compared to other 3d engines), the trouble with local lighting, etc.

    I love Windlight outdoors, but it really ruins the sense of interior spaces when you have outdoor light indoors full blast, with no shadows cast by walls. I look forward to the future and I really really cant wait to test it hard, I just hope its a good implementation and not a half-baked shiny that doesn’t work right. 😉

  35. Won’t this break snapzilla?

  36. Droopz says:

    and here we go again @27 Amanda:

    you really dont get it do you?? blond??
    people are going at it here because LL closes comments on them blogs.
    Second… torley is PR yesh indeed… and PR is to keep the people happy and ofc put out good stuff aswell yes..but PR is also about listening to what we want and doing something with it which currently isnt happening so stop trying to be a smartass yourself by posting off against them because frankly it doesnt impress any of us you trying to be smart and support TR i support Torley aswell and i like the news he posts but that doesnt negate the fact there is so much wrong that his posts are being made irrelevant by LL’s big ass failures to put forward information towards the community and listen to us

  37. chetan says:


    how grat thisfaility
    i always use it for my frnds

  38. Dekka Raymaker says:

    isn’t screaming at Torley a little bit like screaming at the shift cleaner who works at a telecommunications company because your not happy at it’s service?

    and i’m not saying Torley is a shift cleaner.

  39. Gary says:

    You know what, I’m almost 2 months old on SL and I think viewer lag, viewer crashes, 6hr planned grid outages and losing inventory items that have been paid for is normal. Sad aint it LOL But, I also like Torley and his YouTube tutorial vids. And the number of slations I’ve had with new people from all over the world more than compensates for the mentioned inconveniences (cos the grid is just tolerable enough for me to enjoy my time in SL). Just a little worried about voice though. I like anonymity and voice just lessens that in my mind.

    Hey Torley, you do great educational but oddly humourous vids. I’d like to meet you one day.

  40. Arti Yamabushi says:

    /me mutes Droopz: nuff said

    Nice on LL, keep up the good work!

    One rant though:
    “stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment”

    So why isn’t this being done?

    Too many off topic rants all over these blogs LL.

    I know you’re busy 😉 but there will be more rants about rants if we’re not careful

  41. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    Thanks Torley for this blog which is finally something positive in our line of disasters which we all went through lately.

    It’s a pity and shame that you get beaten up for something you have
    no control over by ppl who don’t know sh*t from shine-all how company structures are done.

    For those whining about posts being closed after 100 entries, why not stuff a sock in some poster’s mouth who deem it necessary to reply with worthless comments to each and every individual post *waves at pussycat* and make it – let’s say a maximum of 3 replies per topic.
    If you haven’t gotten your point to the ppl within that number, you should have realized that either your point is not existing or other users are NOT reading your bla-bla anymore.
    That would give more users the possibility to express themselves.

    Personally I would like to see posters such as Droopz being silenced unless they are behaving. I do my ranting as well but at least I do NOT insult other users.

    *climbs back into the hole that is his home*

  42. Psistorm Ikura says:

    Im glad postcards are turned into something useful now – I might give these a try, especially when windlight firstlook hits the grid 😀

    and a little info to all those who keep complaining about new features over bug fixes:
    – LL dedicates 70% of its resources to bugfixes. the other 30% work on new features and/or improvements of those
    – the majority of severe issues are of a database nature. but LL doesnt only employ database programmers. there are opgenGL specialists and other kinds of people working there, which probably form the remaining 30%.

    you want to have those 30% working on fixing up the databases, too?
    honestly (and as a student in game development I feel I have some right to judge this), this is as if you would call the plumber to fix up your leaking roof. a plumber isnt a carpenter. both are craftsmen, thats right – but the plumber STILL cant fix up your roof 🙂

  43. ari blackthorne says:

    This is awesome, thanks Torley!

    So – question: are the aspect ratios fixed? LOL – I mean, every snapshot I take is always distorted – and remains that way when resizing. Was fixed for one release, then you guys went and ‘fixed’ it – so I think ‘fix’ meaning is backwards LOL

    This is awesome news – ignore the rants above (and below if any follow) – and thanks for your contributions to the blog. Refreshing after a week of rants.

    Now… if only tou guys could the all the picture plaqces in SL (profile, picks, classified, land info…etc.) to all be the same aspect ratio – that would be awesome! LOL

  44. Pablicious Pessoa says:

    I come from the MMORPG world. These rants and how “LL is screwing up SL” is the same kind of crap heard from overly obsessed WoW players. Blizzard is ALWAYS breaking something. Blizzard is ALWAYS not fixing the right thing. Blizzard posts an enhancement, people want to kill them for not spending 100% of their resources and time fixing the one issue some inane and anonymous person thinks should be fixed first.

    This is a company. And as such, they have multiple people working on multiple things. I am sure they’ve got people working on the inventory issue. Don’t act as if nobody is working on other busy just because this issue with postcards was fixed. That is ludicrous.

    The same with voice. LL has a voice team. These people are not associated with database issues that is causing inventory loss. Not everyone has the same expertise so some people work on different issues. It is silly to criticize LL for adding features into SL while there are still bugs. People, we do not live in a black and white world. We live in a dynamic one. In this world, there are TEAMS of people working together. If the inventory problem was an easy fix, it would have been fixed already. Obviously there is a deeper issue here and attacking Torely just because a postcard bug got fixed first is sheer stupidity.

    Honestly, it speaks volumes of how ignorant most of you are about software development…..

  45. Anya Southard says:

    I love the Torley video’s on Youtube, they have helped me so much in the past, they are always fun, informative and they are always very clear and easy to follow.
    Thanks so much Torley, and I can’t wait for the new Windlight.

  46. mmccann says:

    Been toyin’ with the new sizing – how wonderful! I know the fix will be forgotten with the, um, contentious release of the voice client, but lemme jes say Thankoo again for the postcard bug fix!

  47. Tyler says:

    LL just says Thank you for your patience Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your patience.

    I hate “Thank you for your patience. “

  48. Tyler says:

    “2007-08-03 – *** IMPORTANT *** DO *NOT* REZ NO-COPY OBJECTS ON LAND YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO REZ ON, YOU’LL LOSE THEM. We are working on a fix for this specific inventory loss issue ASAP, keep watching this blog and see”

  49. Storyof Oh says:

    this important issue (REZ) needs a thread of its own so it appears on log in screen not lost in the sidebar which is only visible once in blog….not everyone has the will to check blog.

    Nice to see they are using resources to fix voice problems already.

  50. Storyof Oh says:

    They heard me :))

  51. Stick says:

    RE: Do not rez no-copy objects without land permissions BLOG.
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm what does almost full mean when you say that we should not rez objects on a sim that is almost full?

  52. Storyof Oh says:

    er assume that if the object takes you over the allowance you lose it?

    i have now crashed twice have my hair and shoe up my backside and my money is……………..loading…………deja vu?
    What have they fixed and broken now?

  53. Shinobi Hayashida says:

    Great snapshot tutorial video, really help to trigger enthusiast, this just fits so well: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

    Best of genuine luck to Linden Lab!

  54. Rex Cronon says:

    A ‘pointer’ means the same thing to a gui designer, database programmer, graphics programmer, network programmer…
    It really doesn’t matter who specializes in what, as long as all understand c++.
    Therefore, specialization is not really a good excuse for not working on fixing bugs.
    Is very unlikely that all the classes are free of bugs. So, everybody that specializes in some specific area, could use their knowledge to go over the code and fix things that need fixing. As they are the right person to fix a particular bug.

  55. Vortex says:

    Yup and a transistor is the same for Computer Electronics as in General Electrical engineering, but I wouldn’t let GE repair my computer if I were you.

  56. Rex Cronon says:

    You would be surprised to know, but there are electrical engineers that can repair both your computer and your toaster(or microwave), or any other type of electronic equipment. They just need the electrical diagram(it isn’t impossible be done without).
    As a programmer you only need a class diagrams(like UML). It is also useful if each function in every class has at least a small description.

  57. Captain Gemini says:

    Good news and thanks. To add my twopence worth, the usual whingers saying their issue with inventory/search/not having their thing working/who needs voice/Why is no one at Linden labs listening is getting really tedious. Time to moderate the posts to be on topic as this is in response to a well meant improvement in SL. How many of these whingers are paying members anyway… and if they are, why carry on paying, get out and stop moaning and leave the rest of us who actually enjoy SL and its quirks to have a moan free post. LOL, ok my moan over, but at least its positive. Go for Gold Lindens.

  58. Rezzer Dancer says:

    Great, postcards… if you see my missing penis laying arround send me a postcard of it, i’ll be right over to pick it up. ^,,^

  59. Captain Gemini says:

    And also QOTE:
    24 Atlwolf Says:

    “””””””””I would much rather see post on what is being done to fix rez issues, communication attacks and other high priority issues. WinLight is nice but I hope it not utilizing resources that could be put towards making SL more stable.
    Lets plug the holes. Limit what script calls can be made by unverified accounts and lets scale so we can handle more than 40K logins.””””””””””””””

    I remember when we crashed at 6000 only 9 months ago, and that was only with 2 million registered users…

    they are going places, so celebrate where SL has risen to in such a short time span.

  60. Storyof Oh says:

    Captain…some of us have paid a year upfront, invested $1400 in state of the art computer equipment to only run SL and when you crash 8 times in a night value for money comes to mind…SL has been great, can be great, so what’s gone wrong?….time for bed and a good book….

  61. Vortex says:

    Let’s see here on average there are 35,000 people online, lets assume 25% are premium (which I think is high) 50% stay at home building, scripting, socialising and 50% is shopping. That is approx 3000 people activily buying. So 3000 people are keeping the economy alive ? Don’t think so.
    Lets face it we need the basic accounts who SPEND money to keep the economy alive, otherwise it doesn’t matter how many people invest money in it, since they will never get anything out of it.

    (braces for impact for the flamers and whiners)

  62. The Todd says:

    Cool stuff, thanks Torley! You never cease to liven things up.

    And hooray for voice. Despite what you see from a vocal minority, myself and most others I know are loving it.

  63. Manjagan Rahja says:

    @27 “Sorry to rain on your gripe parade, but Torley’s threads are not a place to complain about issues you might have with Linden Lab or with Second Life”

    I think that comment was one of the best ones in this thread!!
    Dont take ur whining out on Torley, when you dont even understand what his job is!!

    Torley i look forward to see what you got in the bag for us next time.
    Keep it up man…. 🙂

  64. Thank you, Torley, for your efforts to help resolve issues for Snapzilla after the change was made, and for keeping me informed of the upcoming changes as best you could. I have to say, seeing how stunning the new postcards can look, it is worth the extra effort needed to deal with the change. With Snapzilla having nearly 200,000 snapshots now and over 1 million visitors a month, you can imagine that any change has a big impact (especially now on storage and bandwidth, and the site is already a vampire 😉 )As always, thanks for your ethusiastic help – please thank Zen and Richard as well.

  65. Jes Bergbahn says:

    @ 16
    “Take the bitching to the appropriate post, people.”

    As you ever so evidently fail to even read the first three lines in my post, you hereby fail life. I can agree on Windlight, though. Looks fun.

    @ 37
    I come from the REAL MMORPG world (Everquest2, DAoC, SWG, Anarchy Online, Neocron1/2, I could go on..), and quite frankly, when people severely dislikes something – voice for example – they MEAN it. Try looking at StarWars Galaxies these days.. It had two ‘prominent’ updates… THEY OFFICIALLY LOST 85% OF THEIR USERBASE because of those updates going directly against the wishes of their community – a community that begged them in the thousands to rollback. Yet guess what? The lead designer of these updates called everyone who complained a “minority douchebag”.. Yes, minority. ALL 250 THOUSAND OF THEM! INCLUDING ME!

    So get your facts straight before you try and ACT smart, because you fail at it.

    As for this hock of crock the Lindens are calling “voice”, I’ll wait till there’s 3rd party viewers that incorporate Windlight WITHOUT that retarded ‘communicate’ window. Thank You.

  66. Droopz says:


    I agree with you till some point…but…Blizzard isnt crashing all the time OR does it have a real economy with real money circulating thats what is making this totally diffrent. Second im not busting Torley’s chops i’m merely posting here because they closed the blogs where i wanted to post period. Third, yes this is a company and a company who has “a game” out there with real cashflow in it…people invest in it etc etc do i need to say more… because of this you need to be able to provide a stable enviroment and most of all a Safe environment.. the safe side is well hmm ok they looked at it some times and its getting there… a stable grid? far from.. and no im not including Frisco’s power failures thats out their leauge…In a company you have a management and several people working on diffrent projects i agree…but why put people on a project that is only here to spoil some of us who “direly” need voice and never heard from Skype…besides that its just a “prestige” project to keep their heads above the water…they could have and i really know this..they could have put more people(still can) on their grid issues or equipment issues..once the grid is stable and running smooth to handle the load then phew by all means push out those enhancements and i might look at them diffrent…in the end there is no way you can compare SL to WoW…SL has real economy and has a grid that tends to shut down itself cus it needs rest and if you are talking about bug fixes in WoW etc then i bet SL has the same lol…and all of this isnt about some “bug” i want fixed…i just want the majority of us who definatly is out there to have a stable grid to live our second lifes on thats all..

    And Torley thanks indeed for the help you provide and ofcourse Snapzilla fix hehe me is a zilla monster.

  67. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Wow, this one is REALLY full of the ass kissing fanbois, isn’t it? If you think you can “compartmentalize” the mess LL has made of SL, then you are more stupid than most of their employees, and that’s saying something. There is no part of LL that is “outside” the problem, no matter how much you want to kiss the ass of Torley or any other Linden lacky

    SL is broken…. SL isn’t going to be fixed… One day soon, all you fools who keep pouring your money into this bottomless pit of incompetence are going to try to log in to find CANNOT CONNECT… you’re going to find the website 404 ERROR and you’re going to find all your hard earned money GONE, along with LL and all its employees… This is clearly a fly-by-night, get what we can while we can operation, and when they’ve gotten all they can, they’ll close up shop, point to the TOS which clearly says they owe you NOTHING on ANY level and you’ll all have been screwed as deep as you can be…

    I just hope you had SOME sense and didn’t hitch all your dreams to this one whelled wagon stuck in the mud… but considering the way most of you pucker up whenever a Lindan ass comes around, I’d guess you’re going to be up a famous creek without a paddle when it all hits the fan…

    Sheep, meet wolves…. Wolves, sheep meat….

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  69. Chrysala says:

    Nice… but I have the reduction-to-512 issue Kahni mentioned, too… and the workaround of saving and uploading sometimes does not work.

    All in all i do prefer to download then upload i general, as the moment you snap is not always exactly the moment you thought. I’ll do like 5 shots and upload 1. Just works better for me.

    I’ll be trying a few straight snapshots now, since this post seems to say the sizing’s been fixed.. been over a week since i tried last time.

    Keep up the fixes!

  70. Montana Corleone says:

    I’d really like the extremely long term losing stuff in inventory bug fixed. I’m tired of losing thousands of Lindens worth of inv all the time. Postacrds might be kewl, but they aren’t going to stay in inv long are they? Gonna get lost like everything else.

  71. Sedary Raymaker says:

    @27 “Sorry to rain on your gripe parade, but Torley’s threads are not a place to complain about issues you might have with Linden Lab or with Second Life”

    Torley is a representative of LL posting on the LL official blog, so this is absolutely the place to gripe, especially when the on-topic posts have comments turned off.

    If LL doesn’t want negative comments, then turn off all comments. We all know they don’t pay attention to the forums or the petitions or the desires of the majority of SL residents, so it would hardly matter.

  72. Hi Torley.

    Could you please remind your fellow Lindens how to enable comments here?

    There has not been a post since 2nd August that has allowed anyone to comment.

    Many Thanks

  73. Alexander Regent says:

    That’s because “they” only allow posts when the news is good…..lately the news hasn’t been good at all….yeah..>I’d LOVE to take a postcard snap shot and send it……if only I could log in to my 299 USD monthly island……………

  74. Wicked says:

    what a waste of money this game is OMG. Hours and why the hell do we bother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Wicked says:

    This is bull chit for chit sake lindens hours we cantr log in ” WHAT THE “

  76. Wicked says:

    SELL IT aLEXANDER and get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take your money and RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

  77. Chaurin Noel says:

    Day by day the same dung. Then constantly any Lag´s, becomes one go off, then one goes in again. Then nothing more runs. Then one goes out over again and then one cannot log in any more. What then does this have to do??? My business goes for me in the next time lost this I do not find well. You must urgently find a solution!!! Now I have already put a lot of money into the play and I do not think in order that SL has not functioned!!! You must do quite urgently something, but SL is soon empty. Now SL is online but i can´t log in. It´s very very bad!!!

  78. Anonomous says:


  79. mb says:

    This game is hands down, the worst.. day by day.. month by month,, never gets better, only worse. OH but hey you can buy yourself a nice SL necklace for your RL.. how nice, fix the game and stop adding worthless BS. Oh wait it is better, now we have voice so we can curse about the game and not get carpal tunnel. Sweet.. one day there will be competition out there thats worth leaving this dump and maybe the problems that have been going on since x-mas of 06 will be fixed. Please please eat some more of my f’n inventory too while youre at it, its fine, i have a nice money tree in my f’n back yard!

  80. Jamie Meads says:

    Well.. your “Network Connectivity Problems” are back again.. and only an hour after they were “fixed”


  81. Visitor578 says:

    I have visited your site 818-times

  82. Storyof Oh says:

    Postcards from the edge….the last remaining forum…..and don’t you just hate it when your AV is dancing away ‘earning’ then you realise after an hour the money is the same and its frozen…and has been for….god knows….we need a live/recording button!

    On gambling….anyone that remembers ‘Benny and Joon’ they gambled for objects and eventually a person (Depp)…i can see it now….’ I bid for one slightly used AV comes complete with out of control freebie inventory, devalued land parcel, hair up butt (shoe optional) and several camping KL$? will exchange password and see you for one cute furry AV that can walk and fly straight without logging out and owns a lag free SIM with Amex details on file?’ :))

    AV slave auctions yay!!!

  83. Crim Mip says:

    I understand the reasons for this policy and would rather have SL available, than litigated out of existance.

    While mostly done in the spirit of fun, could we get a specific ruling on ‘sploders. If that’s too broad, then how about the ones where everyone gets something no matter what? Does it matter if they might well get less than their contribution? Does it matter if the ‘house’ gets a cut of the amount put in (in other words, if there were no profit at all for the house, would that matter?) I mainly ask because I don’t want friends of mine to get in trouble over this rule. I understand your desire to stay fairly generic, but please give a yes or no, or the conditions under which ‘sploders aren’t in violation.

  84. Drayton says:

    I want you to Know that this site is sweet

  85. Shylah says:

    Market Bond Buyback Ban
    Submitted by: Ginko Perpetual Bonds (GPB)
    Date: August 13, 2007

    Dear bondholders,

    I have been informed by WSE management that I am, effective immediately, forbidden from purchasing GPBs at market below the face value of L$1. I strongly disagree with this measure as I believe it is harmful to bondholders. I feel that the bonds can only be bought back when I have the full L$196m in cash to issue a liquidation dividend, or when the market value exceeds L$1 by itself. This is likely to take over a year, if not several.

    Bond Yield Interest payments of L$0.03 or 3% on the face value of L$1 per bond every quarter are not at all affected by this.

    Andre Sanchez / Nicholas Portocarrero

  86. matika Wombat says:

    Hey Torley!!!
    Love all you do for us 🙂 You are nut but heck, you do great videos.. Keep it up!! 🙂


  87. Rose says:

    Torley …. Fun stuff … I appreciate it!

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  89. Torley rocks!
    No complaints here.
    Thanks for the super fun-fantastical video. A++ Would watch again.

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  92. i hope i can log in to second life soon

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  105. Tmaster Jonson says:

    Hi can someone tell me when my account will come off hold because im worried i have workers and i cant pay them if im banned D:

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