Navigating On-Hold Status

Some of you might have been surprised to find your account “on hold” on occasion. We do this to help minimize the risk to your account if there are signs that it may have been exposed to fraudulent activity. In this latest of a series of posts on safeguarding your account, we’ll walk you through the what, why and how of held accounts.

Why is my account held?

  1. Someone may have phished or stolen your account.
  2. One or more of your transactions may involve fraudulent Lindens. You should be aware that there are other exchanges for L$ that are not affiliated with Linden Lab in any way. We have no control over these exchanges and are not responsible for their activities.
  3. Delinquent account or Terms of Service violations. Account delinquency or violations of Terms of Service may also cause your account to become inaccessible. To correct this, contact billing or support via the Support Portal.

What are the next steps?

  1. Go to the Second Life website.
  2. Go to the Support page.
  3. Login to the Support Portal. (If you cannot log into your account, use our Guest Access Log In.)
  4. Submit a Ticket.
  5. In the Ticket Type Field, select “Special Questions – Basic Account or Guest Login” from the drop down menu.
  6. Then select “ My account has been shut off and I don’t know why”.
  7. Fill in the rest of the fields as directed.
  8. Copy the Tracking Number for your new ticket.

What happens next?

  1. You will receive an email containing your ticket information.
  2. Linden Lab will investigate the transaction that led to placing your account on hold.
  3. Once we have concluded the investigation, we will send you an email explaining our conclusion and explaining the action that will be taken with respect to your account. As a reminder, all transactions involving $L are subject to Linden’s Terms of Service (TOS)

As always, be wise about the security of your account information and take steps to protect yourself.

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87 Responses to Navigating On-Hold Status

  1. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    You guys put my account on hold once because someone falsely reported me as underage. You did so without any proof, or warning.

  2. FoxxFire50 Fremont says:

    Hmm. I dunno how they can get into our accounts .. I thought Sl had a very goos security system in their stuff.. well all i ca say is .. please keep the security system up to date so you guys don’t have to have arguments about accounts being stolen .. just please do that for us all so we can continue with you.. i am not going to quit as long as everything stays up and running and I stay happy .. all I have to say
    Good Day Linden Labs ~Foxx~

  3. Glitch Braess says:

    I know quite a few people would like to have the option of using alt codes in their passwords. It would probably increase security on Second Life accounts quite a bit.

  4. Ann Otoole says:

    any information system can be cracked. especially when the owner has angered a large population of people that are inherently not honest. so change your password frequently.

  5. t0xic scissor says:

    And what kind of people would those be Ann ?

  6. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    I wonder why Linden Labs is not sending out an e-mail stating the reason for their action by themselves as soon as the account IS put on hold.
    Would that not be the most logical way rather then a user having to find out and then having to go through support that is unavailable on a frequent basis lately?
    I do cherish preventive actions do enhance security or to prevent further damage but as this step is initiated by Linden labs I see the ball in their part of the field not the user’s side !

  7. Gracie says:

    That is something I’d like to know! Ann, what large population of people are inherently not honest?

  8. Susanne Pascale says:

    One of your major land owners has his account on hold or disabled due to his bank wanting to investigate the credit card charges before they paid off on an auction bid. The bank has ok-ed the transaction, but the land owner never got the sim he bid on, His account is non operative and he spent most of this morning on the phone, BEGGING LL to take his money [over $2,000] to no avail. He is trying to pay you people and resolve the dispute informally in a rational manner.

    SERIOUSLY Everett, you folks need to a little bit better than this, don’t you think?

  9. Krimson Gray says:

    Ann has a point. Any system that has inherent weaknesses in its security will attract individuals who have an interest in exploiting weaknesses for personal benefit. As for it being a large population, well I don’t think you need more than a handful of malevolent people to cause major problems.

    Still being denied access to log into my account for 15 minutes because I type in the wrong thing in the at-times barely legible verification box is a pain. Especially when I am trying to give LL money.

  10. Alpha Zaius says:

    Teh hax0rs, of course.

    Most of these “cracking” attempts are successful when you have weak passwords. So please, dont use _any_ dictionary word, or any numbers that can be linked to you (like your birthdate) – Use RaNDOM capitaL letterS and use punctuation>numbers\and SpaCE S. (hehehe) –

    A good tip for those that have problems remembering passwords, is to take a nickname, a word, your pets name, or something that you can remember, reverse it, and add a number and a punctation mark. Like. ahplA1! (thats not my password)

    Heres a good resource for those willing to change your passwords every once and a while:

  11. I had all of my accounts, including one with 250.00 in charity dollars from a fundraiser, locked for two weeks where no one would explain to me what had happened or why. Phone support was non-existent even before you changed to the new system. I called and literally had the hold music play for an hour before I was asked to leave a message, which not a single person returned.

    Not to mention I recently had to call for a billing issue and spoke with a Linden who told me someone else would get back to me within the hour. That was three weeks ago. No one ever called. In the end I had to send a friend money through -paypal- to get L$ because your overseas banks are blocked by all of my credit cards.

    Also, repeating this:

    “One of your major land owners has his account on hold or disabled due to his bank wanting to investigate the credit card charges before they paid off on an auction bid. The bank has ok-ed the transaction, but the land owner never got the sim he bid on, His account is non operative and he spent most of this morning on the phone, BEGGING LL to take his money [over $2,000] to no avail. He is trying to pay you people and resolve the dispute informally in a rational manner.

    SERIOUSLY Everett, you folks need to a little bit better than this, don’t you think?”

  12. Lorna Volitant says:

    perhaps Ann was referring to the Gambling businesses and punters??

  13. Idiots says:

    Yeah you people dont do jack ….you ban a few people that arnt even doing anything that bad then ignore most of the rest of harrasment that goes on.

    way to go.

    i lost 7000L on one account thanks to you ….less than others have lost but still……


  14. Olde Barrymore says:

    I am sorry but isn’t this both backwards and a huge duplication of effort? You know why account is on hold when you make it so and you know email address. Why not just email resident and say are on hold for this reason. Also would not need to research again, or least not totally, when inquiry is made.

    This, we yank your account, and then tell you why after your go through lot of steps and a wait seems neither appropriate nor efficient to me.

  15. hugsalot says:

    I believe Ann is referring to the idea that once you you reach a sizable number of users, not all of them can be trusted. “Inherently” you’re bound to get someone who isn’t honest.

  16. Gracie says:

    Oh yes, cause we’re all dishonest, dishnorable, gun toting mobsters! I have met more dishonest people *outside* of the gaming industry than I have met inside of it. For example, the popular furniture manufactuerer that never gave me my furniture back after I sent it to him to have scripts taken out.

    Ignorance is ugly, no matter how hard you try to pretty it up.

  17. Turner Singh says:

    I have seen a large number of accounts put on hold while a fraudulent transaction was tracked down. I later learned that there was a form of money laundering alert that was triggered.

    I was investigating, at the time, the possibility of an underage person on the grid. As it turned out, his account was among the accounts that were involved in the money laundering fraud alert and his account was put on hold.

    Having seen how much pain the SIM owner went through, regarding
    the accounts on hold I am certain that any resident put on hold should have the right to rapid support and if documentation is providing on their behalf to support their position that they were wrongly held, then they should be dispatche dto the grid without delay.

    Having said that, I am just here to say that the system apparently works.

  18. Victoria Kelly says:

    This needs repeating once again, I am sure you can figure out who it is

    One of your major land owners has his account on hold or disabled due to his bank wanting to investigate the credit card charges before they paid off on an auction bid. The bank has ok-ed the transaction, but the land owner never got the sim he bid on, His account is non operative and he spent most of this morning on the phone, BEGGING LL to take his money [over $2,000] to no avail. He is trying to pay you people and resolve the dispute informally in a rational manner.

  19. Jen Kawaguichi says:

    Reiterating this comment:”One of your major land owners has his account on hold or disabled due to his bank wanting to investigate the credit card charges before they paid off on an auction bid. The bank has ok-ed the transaction, but the land owner never got the sim he bid on, His account is non operative and he spent most of this morning on the phone, BEGGING LL to take his money [over $2,000] to no avail. He is trying to pay you people and resolve the dispute informally in a rational manner.”

    You ABSOLUTELY MUST have speedy support and response to these kinds of issues. Having an account on hold is not like being unable to check your email (though that would be bad enough for a business person). It’s more like being locked out of the building that houses your business and all of its records, equipment and communication facilities. I understand the need to defend a fraud, but that’s all the more reason for you to dedicate people to a quick resolution of these issues. Having these accounts on hold doesn’t affect just that one account, but may affects hundreds of other accounts who depend on that person.

    What I’ve heard so far is abhorrent as far as customer service goes.

  20. Mulch Ennui says:

    the situation with the landowner that his brought up suggest some dire changes need to be made

    i simply cannot understand how you can do bizness this way

    this needs to be rectified immediatly, and restitution in some form made to this guy, who has been nothing but honest and loyal to LL

    i have been disappointed with LL before but the treatment of this gentleman is astonishing in its incompetence or maliciousness, i truly dont know what the heck you are thinking

    this isnt funny and as philip told me in a town hall, this is not “a game”

    stop treating it as one and take of the people whop pay your salary


  21. *zips you all a couple of months back*
    They had their database hacked with all our rl info and credit card numbers.
    “We do this to help minimize the risk to your account if there are signs that it may have been exposed to fraudulent activity”
    So the frozen accounts is not a bug you have no idea how to solve?

  22. Ann Otoole says:

    don’t forget that when given an opportunity to deflect apparent blame the clever will choose that timing to become very nasty. Something changed. time to change passwords.

  23. Io Zeno says:

    The name of the landowner who has been locked out and not allowed to pay for the sim he supposedly won is Steve Mahfouz.

    Please, please help him.

    He has invested a lot of money in SL and is hardly someone you need to be locking out of his account due to an error and lack of customer service.

  24. “what large population of people are inherently not honest?”

    Opportunists, they can be both honest and dishonest.

    1. Marked by or displaying integrity; upright: an honest lawyer.
    2. Not deceptive or fraudulent; genuine: honest weight.
    3. Equitable; fair: honest wages for an honest day’s work.
    a. Characterized by truth; not false: honest reporting.
    b. Sincere; frank: an honest critique.
    a. Of good repute; respectable.
    b. Without affectation; plain: honest folk.
    6. Virtuous; chaste.


    One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.

    Having no regard for principles or consequences does not make one inherently honest or dishonest but it does include honesty and dishonesty.

    honesty includes integrity, so can opportunism
    honesty… not deceptive or fraudulent…….
    dishonest deceptive, fraudulent..

    Opportunism can be all .

    SL has a large population of opportunists, I think that is why we are here.

    Honesty isnt Trust,or Anger, or Pleasure, but an opportunist will use them….One who takes advantage of ANY opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.

    Yesterday i was IMed a message by a friend regarding a PN attack. its intent was to spread by using land with build objects allowed, essentially as an inworld virus.. ive not seen it yet, or its effect …if any..

    Quote”Change your password frequently”

    i`m with you Anne..:)

  25. Beezle W. says:

    It would be very nice to know that we could be able to actually TALK TO SOMEONE if our account has been suspended. Both what was mentioned above and other incidents seem to leave the impression that LL is taking either a “ignore them and they’ll go away” or “you don’t have to talk to the angry customers if it makes you sad” methodology to customer service. Or maybe they just can’t get a handle on the number of issues that are coming towards them, so they’re arbitrarily round-filing things to cut down on the workload?

    All of this is speculation, of course, but things really need to be handled much better — hiring extra customer service personnel might be cheaper in the long run than opening yourself up to potential lawsuits.

  26. Dirk Felix says:

    Lets be honest. The reason any account is on hold is due to poor accounting and the security holes that are in your client and platform. After I justified with bank statements, a $400 USD charge as not being fullfilled I’m still waiting for something to happen. I have been billed for parcels I know longer own and the person who purchased these parcels are pinged for them as well.

    Anyone want to buy a SIM?

  27. Woody85 Bade says:

    *I* personally think LL should hire me and relocate me to San Fransisco (all expenses paid, of course), so that I could show them how to secure a massive server system with HUNDREDS of security vulnerabilites. Dreams, dreams.


    Here’s a *HUGE* security hole: to reset a password, on only needs to know the home sim of an avatar. Whoever decided that was a good idea should be drug out back and sumarily shot.

  29. Ronrico Forcella says:

    While there are some “good” reasons for a “hold”, I don’t think it’s proper to penalize your customers when they are the victims. Recently, while SL had a LENGTHY downtime period and we could not purchase Lindens, I was directed to what looked like a reputable seller. Paid for my Lindens through PayPal and not long after my account was frozen for about five to six weeks without any explanation!

    Then I was told the guy was a crook, btw is STILL doing business on PayPal, and in the end I lost not only use of my account, my rental properties, and my Lindens……………but when it was finally “resolved”………….I also got “debited” Lindens!

    Customers should be treated better. We’re not all criminals and if someone else is getting Lindens fraudulently………penalize and seek out the guy on the other end. Not the easiest “avatar” close at hand who was a victim too.

  30. flavian says:

    This is why god invented telephones and daily phone calls.

  31. vivi Odets says:

    Communication — usable, accurate, substantive — helps. It’s terribly frustrating for folks to have the door slammed shut only to find nobody will answer their knocking.

    Your customers have a vested interest in resolving issues, regardless of the fault or where it lies. Please make it a priority to be available and prepared to actually fix problems and not just brush people off. It may be a virtual world, but real money is at stake and locking someone out of SL does nothing to encourage trust and confidence in Linden Labs.

  32. alexia cournoyer says:

    and a little off topic, but aren’t we supposed to own our content? we may entrust LL to look after it for us – mainly because they won’t allow the facility to download it to our pcs for safety – but supposedly it belongs to us. So why is it when a LL system error results in our permanent loss of our possessions, they do nothing..

    Is there a new meaning to the word ‘own’ that I’ve missed? Along with a new meaning to the statement ‘duty of care’?

    This smacks of one of those postings that’s designed to push some of the other blog postings further down the page on the log in screen. I’m now waiting for the ‘hey look at our shinies!’ post that should come along soon to distract the mob with baubles.

  33. Miles Sullivan says:

    #22… and there it is at the top of the page, voice is live! “wewt”.

    No one asked, no one cares, please, if the coder behind voice is not qualified to work on the grid, at least make it look like is. Make it look like Philip himself is working 24 hr days to get this resolved.

    Its called politics.

  34. Whitehat says:

    Okay – my last post was deleted, so I suppose I revealed too big of a security hole. Bottom line, keep a VERY close eye on your account. It can be hijacked way too easily.

  35. If someone is locked out, and have others relying on their presence in SL, such as a landlord like Steve Mafouz, this simply isn’t good enough..

    I’m not saying landlords are above everyone else, but when someones suspension can affect a large number of SL users. LL really need to pull out the stops to resolve a situation.

  36. MattBlack says:

    For someone who is new to this game and not yet a paying member, all the negative comment makes me wonder if it is all worth it.
    Am I going to get value for money?
    Am I going to get any service?
    I like my first weeks in SL apart from the days I stayed away because of being bumped off constantly and I can see the
    enjoyment light at the end of the tunnel!
    It seems the bigger you get the less you do
    What do you think fellow punters? S
    Should I part with my cash?

    ps I know this is only a blog BUT please learn to spell, you might just be taken seriously 😉

  37. Keiko Rau says:

    Its a scary thought that you have so many accounts that are On-Hold that you feel the need to explain what it is, and what to do about it… and Im not talking “fraudulent activity” scary. Im talking “Lets disable that” scary.

  38. Prim Hammerer says:

    @22 Correct, and Correct. a) You own your content in the same way you can create whatever you can imagine. (Ie: subject to Linden TOS and policy) and, b) Two more posts in quick succession after this one, and a recent one from the man himself. I wonder what it was that needed pushing down… perhaps all the recent problems of late.
    Someone’s expecting some important visitors.

  39. Allana Dion says:

    quoting #19″Anyone want to buy a SIM?”

    No thank you. Linden Lab has already doubled billed my partner TWICE in two months to the tune of 800$. They’ve basically stolen his money and have yet to acknowledge the error. Is it any wonder credit card companies are blocking their charges so often?

    As a customer, Steve (and all of us) has the right to expect a timely response, not to have to jump through hoops to get it.

    Linden Lab, may I suggest that if you are having so many issues with accounts needing to be temporarily blocked and frequent billing issues, perhaps you should have a separate process for dealing with these things. I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable for us to ask for a single 1800 phone line specifically intended to handle billing and blocked account issues and the appropriate number of staff to man the phones.

    Your support ticket process is slow and unreliable and when we’re talking about people’s bank accounts/finances/incomes, slow and unreliable just doesn’t cut it.

  40. Allana Dion says:

    Also, if the support ticket option is only available to premium accounts, and as I understand it that is the case, what options does someone with a basic account have if they’ve been locked out?

  41. Susanne Pascale says:

    One frightening aspect of this is if LL treats a major customer who owns several sims in this shoddy and cavalier fashion, how will they treat the rest of us when and if we have billing problems?

    This is such an incredibly BAD business practice, I am literally in slack jawed amazement over it.

  42. Smiley Barry says:

    Awwwwww…..kay (hehe ‘^_^). I have no account blocked (that is, main, alt, and second alt) though, whoopee?

  43. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    do you really have a support portal? I can’t even get a decent response to a ticket I submitted, they said it was the fault of my browser, they said that resolved the issue-I have also been censored in the blog for talking about SL problems, I suppose my account will be held everytime I voice a real complaint to linden now-doesn’t linden have any responsibility to the paying customers in the TOS?
    it ceratinly doesn’t seem that way

  44. Renee Faulds says:

    After loosing time, money and content and putting in a ticket here is LL’s response;


    We have solved your issue

    Solution: Hi,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Our policy according to our Terms of
    Service agreed to at signup,
    Section 2.5, is not to refund unused time on prepaid accounts.


    Linden Lab

    Ticket Information:
    Ticket #: 4051-4222102
    Date Created: 7/24/2007 5:25 PM PDT

  45. waterstar eilde says:

    This is off-topic simply because I can’t complete the post elsewhere, yet relevant in that it concerns overall customer service. Having recently been the recipient of a random satisfaction survey, my greatest frustration was at being unable to enter ANYTHING into the commentary box. Maybe it’s because I’m a Mac user, but whatever the reason, if you ask for feedback which then can’t be given, it’s only going to increase user frustration.

  46. Steve Mahfouz says:

    Please, I am begging you, let me back into SL. My entire business is going to be ruined. Whatever you want, I will pay whatever you need me to pay.

    Please please please please, take my money and let me play again.

    Thanking you with all sincerity in my heart,

    Steve Mahfouz

  47. “One or more of your transactions may involve fraudulent Lindens. You should be aware that there are other exchanges for L$ that are not affiliated with Linden Lab in any way. We have no control over these exchanges and are not responsible for their activities.”

    Not for nothing – but what use is the Risk API then?

  48. Lahar Broadway says:


    This is precisely why I am selling everything and leaving. I am down to about a half sim left now, and when that is gone, so am I.

    Paying in excess of US1,000 per month I expect service as I get from other organizations with comparable costs. LL’s level of customer service is horrible to non-existent. I refuse to operate a business in an environment that forces me into the situation of providing less than acceptable service to my customers, especially thrust upon me by the provider that is taking the lions share of the money, while I am the one doing the work.

    Hopefully everything will be sold before the Voice Viewer becomes mandatory.

    I will see you all in the next Virtual Environment – no doubt operated by a company with experienced staff that comprehends proper engineering practices.


  49. Magical McMahon says:

    I have heard of number of people having their accounts suspended in recent weeks because of unfounded and false allegations that they are underage in RL. It is ironic that LL seems to be quite quick to react to false AR’s used to harass or grief people … and very slow to restore the accounts, sometimes weeks. The consequences to business owners can be significant, e.g. lost mall leases.

    False accusations of RL underage are not only a very serious form of harassment (i.e. against Community Standards), they also cost LL resources and thus money.

    I do hope that LL will investigate people who file ARs which turn out to be false and proceed aggressively against them, especially where there is a pattern. Let’s see how they like having their own accounts suspended.

  50. Selkit Diller says:

    Hearing some of the horror stories, regrettably I have the feeling that I have dodged a bullet, recently. Having purchased a new sim for private ownership recently, I had to go through a truly mind-boggling set of hurdles to get the purchase finalized. Eventually, one of the Lindens on Concierge manually entered my payment information, which brought some serious pause to thought– They do have access to that information, and they can view it. With September’s prior incident, in 2006, regarding lost database content, do we really trust the support staff to hold to the same standards they expect us to hold to? The helpful Linden’s actions could have sparked a fraud inquiry (When I looked at my information later, my name had been mis-spelled and my address entered incorrectly), shut my account down entirely, and stripped a company providing a large telecommunications company of its project manager in-world. Lindens… I strongly urge you to reconsider your current service path and payment method. Acquire a US-based provider, a UK-based, and possibly an Asian or Australian pay-co– My credit card blocked your company by default, and I had to spend two hours rectifying that, after six hours dealing with a broken account.

  51. Gina Masala says:

    Aaaargh LL let Steve Mahfouz back to SL. I rent two parcels from him and build up my shop there!
    I really hope that it comes the time that a court makes you responsible for your policy of blocking accounts (with or without reason). And I also hope that someone force you to change your TOS in this case.
    (and I hope that you don’t block my account now because of this comment)

  52. milissa rossini says:

    I have such experience for VISA info problem. It just can’t obtain authority and update without any fault from my side. It give me no alternatives as it is their system is disability, so I make me open ticket and got problem resolved remark in the support system within hours (seem great!) but thing never be done any good. After a few tries to find out this facts, I could not login account nor to in-world. I was anxious and kept waiting for few days. Nothing turn out to be right, I felt need to open another ticket. Now 2 tickets on support system. My account has been released from frozen about 2 weeks or later.

    This was really frustrated. The VISA issue has not been solved yet, however, I give it up. I never enjoy any privilege and goodies from being a premium account. I now drop all my plan to buy land and invest further.

    As to my personal opinion, it is more safe and free to use a free resident account. At least, I never feel pay for being degraded or discriminated. HELPLESS and HOPELESS

  53. The XO says:

    I love the way an account can be suspended without any reason… such as someone said they were falsely reported as under age.

    Talk about “guilty until proven innocent” – and there was me thinking it was the other way around.

    I understand of course the need to protect $ and L… so why not give the account “limited” access, freeze all transactions and inventory. Ie, allow chat only until the investigation is over – as opposed to the draconian jack booted shut down. I mean, someone can easily take your account out for a few days by filing a false abuse report.

    Nice…. *sighs

  54. Dear ? I got a stupid Question may ….does me as an owner (in Rent ) on one of Steve Mahfouz Lands(sims) effect it in any way …. cause People start askin`me here about what will happen now …. As my Account and a lot of others of people I know has been temp. Frozzen cause we all bought money over Ebay …was a month hustle to explain where we bought it and from who …Imagine paying 20 min call from Germany to USA just to the speak 3 mins to a rl person hows in charge …..Thx a lot of Euros plus they took back all Transfers I recieved or made after buying on EBAY . So may they just know gonna control the sim Provider cause to check whoes may inside of a Money washing fraud ? if u call it that way in english but what do I know …..but Steve we will stay to you and offer you our help in any way you want us to …..and by the way HOW has now my Rent Ipaid yesterday …haem …get this Guy back online he s treading us well and fair and is a descent guy . Greetz BD

  55. Cookie Kappler says:

    I have not had my account blocked, but I have had trouble with my request to purchase lindens being denied – in several cases, I was trying to purchase pieces of land. I found that my credit card company automatically denied charges because Linden Labs charges their one-dollar fee first and then charges the amount required to purchase the Lindens. The credit card company sees a one-dollar charge, followed by a much higher charge, and assumes someone is trying to check the validity of the account before hitting it for more money. The charge is denied in order to protect my charge account. It would truly simplify things if LL would charge the amount of the transaction first, and THEN charged their dollar fee. Otherwise, every time I need a larger amount of Linden money, I have to call my credit company to let them know I authorized that amount. I then have to go into the SL website and re-enter my charge card or call Linden Labs [during working hours], since SL now shows a transaction was denied and refuses to accept the perfectly good card. For anyone who has had a similar problem of transactions being denied by their credit card company – call the company to authorize the amount and call Linden Labs to ensure your card is re-entered and accepted. :: sigh:::: LL – you REALLY neeeeeeeed 24-hour 1-800 service !!!

  56. @ 1
    Its weird Warkirby, that its your account, must be a reason, wise Master in SL, even if you would be underaged, i am always so amazed, how a Master like you gets in trouble, even if he is a Master, like i said, like you. So pls let me tell you this to all MAsters of SL, you eat, drink, sleep and crackwise like all other people on the world. Why should YOU be something special here.
    Please Linden Lab, do close all MASTER accounts, we have enough dumb & unjust MASTERS in the Real World, you began with Casinos, go on with people that seem they have to rule any other thing beside their land they buyed.
    I mean SL is for those that wanna be someone else as well, but who wants to be going the way of the Real World, me not, i promise.

    RafaelCortes Altamura, known as f…good DJ, noone calls me Master and never will, they call me “good DJ”…that what i am.

  57. janie matahari says:

    this is not off topic because people are very concerned about passwords, accounts and customer service here

    about secure passwords::
    im surprised logins are not blocked after 3 attempts. everyone is doing that, why not us?

    yes customer service is really bad here. for example, it took me a really long time to find the concierge phone number, because, they were working on the website and didnt have the support page up and running. most websites have all the support phone numbers on the bottom of the main screen. I think you guys are purposefully making it hard to find so that people do it all through email, and yet it can still be days before you can get to this, while my experience has been that i just end up with an email saying “have you searched knowledge finder for your problem??”

    i give up LOL! i am not even mentioning the first time i used support@secondlife… my email response was “i dont understand your problem” ohhh geezz my response was “never mind”

    just hire a call center to talk to people! they dont have to know anything about the game but we need a PERSON to talk to!

    signed — no longer living

  58. Sly Bosshart says:

    Let’s all use Voice and let LL hear us!

  59. Pearl Cazalet says:

    Allana Dion 26…. No thank you. Linden Lab has already doubled billed my partner TWICE in two months to the tune of 800$. They’ve basically stolen his money and have yet to acknowledge the error. Is it any wonder credit card companies are blocking their charges so often?

    Allana and partner , I feel for you . We are in a similar situation. My partner has also been billed twice to the tune of $800US in two months. He requested assistance for weeks to have this resolved, to no avail! Since being blocked this last two weeks he has received only $600-700AUS returned to date. What about the interest rates on his credit card and transaction fees as well all the money Linden Labs?

    We found the support links did not work, nor the information hub in world. Telephoning from Australia was costly and fruitless. He was desperate! The problem was not even addressed by Linden Labs with any belief that they could have made an error till well into the second month. He has now been blocked for more than two weeks and this is for the second time in as many months. To top this over charging, he received a bill form Linden Labs stating he owed them more money for tier and that his account would be blocked until it was paid!

    Linden Labs, sort out your accounting systems and provide a customer service based that provides timely and respectful service. What is your mission statement and what does your customer service charter say?

  60. Vessus Candour says:

    eeks-call center? make sure it’s one that doesn’t have language barriers! lol!! that’s where i have my fights w/ companies in rl! 😀

  61. Deltango Vale says:

    LL MUST improve its customer service, BUT part of the problem is new anti-fraud checks by credit card companies. Very often, CC companies block transactions they consider ‘suspicious’ (especially online purchases) then seek to contact the card holder (or wait for the card holder to contact them). If a land purchase fails or one is unable to bring in what he thinks is a normal amount of money, it could be the CC company that is the problem instead of LL.

  62. Recently Robbed says:

    This is all just a bit hypocritical….

    So its OK for Linden Labs to fraudulently double dip and triple bill the same set of transactions again and again – stealing my money and maxing out my card – leaving me unable conduct business with anyone online or off – then take several weeks to even acknowledge they are in error!!!

    And we ain’t talking $10 or $20 – I am talking a total with FOUR FIGURES

    And you have the hyde to lock me out and say I owe you money.


    Everyone else: I hope to see you at DEEPGrid.COM


  63. Recently Robbed says:

    The truth is –


  64. Your dipsticks in account support couldnt even see my yrly premier account untill i told you how to fix the problem so they could!
    And this was the same accounts person that actually sent me the email notifying me you had activated teh account after over a mth of trying you to activate it!

    Now who actually got me to cancell my visa card after you withdrew an unautherised mthy fee? Despite the fact that this account wasnt listed as premier or that card details were listed on its my acounts page?

    No point givving you a hint as you are hopeless at working out the simplest problem. Yes surprise, it was the support staff!

    Now do you compensate me for any fees i gain as a result of haveing to cancell the card after days of unanswered mails i sent you? And i didnt discover it till i got my mthly Visa statement!!!!!!!!!!

    So even when you claim you worked it out in a routine safeguards check, and claimed you would return the money within 10 dys! Why did it take you so long? And how did you access the old visa details no longer listed and deleted just a couple of days after my previous mthly premier payment!!!!! (no mention of multiple mails from me for ages before then or the long wait till my visa statement arrived)

    You are miles behind the times and way off the ball!

  65. Please help out Steve Mahfouz. This is ridiculous, as is the “guilty until proven innocent” policy. Service really has gone downhill, and shouldn’t be ignored, like it is. See here for more details:

    Hint: Linden Lab’s rating is awful. To quote: “Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau is based on the experiences reflected in BBB files. This file condition results when the company has failed to resolve or respond to complaints, repeatedly failed to respond or resolve issues in a timely manner, failed to resolve the underlying issues for a pattern of complaints, failed to honor their commitment to mediate or arbitrate disputes or honor mediated agreements or arbitrated decisions, failed to substantiate, modify or discontinue false advertising claims that are challenged by the BBB, or failed to discontinue unauthorized use of the BBB name and logo, a Federally protected trademark.”

    Out of the complaints received, only 6 were resolved, 2 were closed by the BBB with “reasonable efforts made”, and an alarming 12 were never even responded to – TWICE as many as were resolved! I’m a big supporter of Second Life, but the support situation has gone from bad, to worse, to laughably pathetic. The fact that you ever considered a blog post like this one is particularly telling.



  66. Squeedoo S. says:

    This is all very frightening. LL, you all need to do better in terms of customer service, especially when it comes down to problems with real life money which comes out of the player’s pockets. I am also talking about the situation of Mister Steve Mahfouz. This is unacceptable, LL. Get it together.

    (Goodness, when you all did not answer me about my Paypal problem, it makes sense now.)

  67. Macphisto Angelus says:

    It sounds understandable that you do this on occasion to protect accounts. You really need to implement a way for someone such as Steve Mahfouz to get back in when you do it in error though.

    He pays a ton of money to you for his business and even now that business is in jepordy for no good reason. There should be a hotline established where someone like Steve can call with his info and become unlocked.

  68. sansarya says:

    I really think the problem is your outsource company. Global Direct has not been an acceptable billing company for you, Linden Lab, you know this and you continue to use them despite several months of problems in Billing. When you have customer service issues with Billing, I suspect you are having to research each problem by contacting Global Direct to investigate, then try to get back to your customer. This is unwieldy and time-consuming and frustrating for your customers.


  69. I find it disappointing how this situation was handled from start to finish.

    There are banks (specifically PayPal/GE MoneyBank) that systematically reverse charges and stop payments for fraud protection until they can confirm the transaction with the owner.

    Why did it take so many days to resolve this issue?

  70. Argent Stonecutter says:

    So far I’ve received reasonable and reasonably timely response to most of my support requests from Linden Labs. But…

    Now and then I’ve had companies make mistakes in billing me online, and every so often I’ve made mistakes in providing payment information… after all, making a typo in a zip code can be enough for a charge to fail to go through, so mistakes happen, they’re inevitable, and regardless of whose fault they are they need to be handled reliably and effectively. And…

    I’ve had companies deal with mistakes by contacting me via email, immediately, and directing me to a page where I can correct the situation. And…

    I’ve had companies deal with mistakes by giving me inconsistent responses that have even led to the situation becoming worse. For example, one company’s response to any billing problem was indistinguishable from a browser error, leading me to try again with Internet Explorer on Windows and trigger some kind of transaction limit! So…

    While I have not had major problems with Linden Labs, and while they have in fact been responsive in resolving them so far… the kinds of stories that people post whenever billing comes up, and the conversations I’ve had in-world with people who have run into the same kind of brick wall I see here, these things make me nervous about trying to do more business in SL than I need to cover my tier.

    If Linden Labs wants to be bigger than Google today, as Philip Rosedale implied at the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit 07, they need people to be confident about doing business in Second Life. I can’t say I feel at all confident right now.

  71. Darth Juniper says:

    I was thinking of finally signing up for a premium account again, suddenly I come across this page of horror stories. Just like to make it clear that Linden Lab have got one person refraining from upgrading to premium because I simply don’t trust their financial handling skills. And if there’s one, how many others are there like me?
    I have been put off any thoughts of buying land now, a good example of how Linden Lab has lost out financially because of the shoddy way they have treated others. I would also like to express my support for Steve Mahfouz and I hope he gets it sorted.

  72. I have been reinstated, thank you LL. Thank you for your patience, my present clients.

    Please contact me ASAP with any concerns or problems.

    Steve Mahfouz, CEO, Ecstasy Realty

  73. Aeslyn says:

    Re 39: “LL MUST improve its customer service, BUT part of the problem is new anti-fraud checks by credit card companies.”

    I disagree. The problems lie with LL’s payment and CService systems.

    Obviously we need CC cos to protect all our online dealings or internet commerce would fall apart. Anti-fraud checks are surely now the norm for any CC co worth its salt, therefore any company such as LL, setting up to deal online and internationally, has to accomodate that. If hundreds of thousands of -other- online merchants worldwide can operate smoothly-working payment systems AND manage to work alongside CC co scrutiny, why can’t LL set up one that doesn’t have all this awful trouble?

  74. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Not only does LL have shoddy billing practices, they will even go so far as to alter records to try to cover it up. The saddest part of that is, they can’t even do THAT right, leaving behind clear evidence of their tempering with the data. This was the final straw that drove me to cancel my yearly prepaid premium account… for which LL STILL tried to bill me an additional year. I’m SOOO glad I did not give them a credit card number or I would have had to cancel the card to keep them from ripping me off. As you can see below, they tried to bill an “Annual” fee twice in a four day span… and only when I showed them I had this evidence did they back off.

    I’m telling you, people, you are not dealing with a legitimate business here… more like a loose conglomeration of moderately skilled hackers in it for a buck….

    Time Note Amount Ending Balance
    2007-07-09 13:17:13 $72.00 $72.00
    2007-07-05 05:42:00 ($72.00) $0.00
    2007-06-23 22:09:09 Premium membership (Annual): $72.00 $72.00 $72.00
    2007-05-30 09:45:25 Customer Payment ($37.90) $0.00
    2007-05-30 09:45:25 LindeX Currency Buy $37.90 $37.90

  75. Aeslyn says:

    Re 39. I disagree that the problems described are the fault of the CC companies’ fraud checking. We all need protection from our CC companies to safeguard payments and detect fraud, otherwise online commerce would fall apart. If any company sets up to operate online in an international market then this is the environment they have to deal with these days.
    The thing is, hundreds of thousands of other companies DO manage to set up smooth-running online billing and payment systems that manage to work along with scrutiny from CC co’s perfectly well, therefore I don’t see why LL should be having all this trouble. The faults clearly lie with LL’s payment and CService systems afaic.

  76. Wicked says:

    what a waste of money this game is OMG. Hours and why the hell do we bother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Simply amazing… This system now seems to have more downtime than up… 😦

  78. Hammerwilde Beck says:

    For the last 2 days now I have not been able to purchase L$. I don’t see anything in the blog about this and I can’t tell if my account is on hold. I don’t think it is. There should be an account status line indicating whether it’s good, bad, on hold, or what ever. I hate customer service here. I wont be contacting them. I’ll do what the Lindens have taught me to do, that is ignore the problem and hope it fixes itself sometime in the future. And also I’ll rant a bit here. 🙂

  79. Grievous Straaf says:

    well i just started playing 2 weeks ago and so far im loving SL. but this morning i get offline to go to the store and pick up some breakfast after i get back and eat not more then 2 hours offline i try to log on and lo and behold i got a nice little on hold message. i know i haven’t done anything wrong to have this happen to me and so far supports just ignored me. running on 6 and a half hours with my tickets still sitting as “new” and my account still on hold. if this is how LL treats their new customers then maybe ill think twice about adding my CC to my account.

  80. Indianapolis says:

    True friends are those who really know you but love you anyway.

  81. Tmaster Jonson says:

    Hello i have an important question does anyone know how long an account will be on hold for because i have been on hold since not last sunday the sunday after.

    can someone plz send a message saying how long please?
    if you feel like it send a message to

  82. Tmaster Jonson says:

    Im very sad someone plz help?

  83. Tmaster Jonson says:

    Please dont click the hyper link as it does not work.
    sorry 😦

  84. Tmaster Jonson says:

    I swear to god im gonna be poor by the time get get off hold 😦

  85. Tmaster Jonson says:

    woops that come out wrong sorry :O:(

  86. Tmaster Jonson says:

    Please please let me back onto SL i have workers and i cant pay them my whole business is going down the drain please please let me back on ive learnt my lesson please.:(:(:(

  87. SpaZZ says:

    A few days ago I was on as an alt (created because my main was on ‘hold’ as they call it) and was ‘handed’ an object named ‘beautiful car’ by an avie within the Miramare welcome area). When rezzed, this turned out to be not a car but an object spammer. Even though I rezzed this object thinking it was a car, all of the subsequent object spam held my name as owner. Naturally, all of the impulsive noobs of the sim were quick to file abuse reports, and this particular alt was suspended. Why, oh why do the lindens NOT consult the CHAT LOGS where I explained ALL OF THIS to the witnesses… ? It seems that they serve the majority in these situations, even and perhaps especially where that said majority is not on the same side as truth. Do they even KEEP chat logs, or is that just yet another empty reassurance… ? Something appears to be severely lacking in the way that they respond to these ‘abuse’ reports… as I certainly did NOT rez that object knowing that it was a cause of abuse (the avie who gave it to me denied doing so in the following argument) and I explained all of this thoroughly in the chat which should have been analyzed by the lindens if they were at all fair and responsible in how they handle these kinds of situations (not very well at all).
    I am glad I use my ‘alts’ to prove the many failings of their system.

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