Measuring Satisfaction

Starting about 10 days ago, we began randomly asking around 1000 people per day who log into Second Life whether they feel their experience is getting better or worse, with an additional option to give some keywords or a sentence about why they feel that way. The results so far are interesting and I hope will be quite helpful in helping us to prioritize our work.

As a particular example, the problems we had over the last weekend with a database failure that temporarily broke searching in Second Life and slowed grid performance were immediately measurable as an increase of about 15% in the number of people who answered that their experience was getting worse. As we have gradually repaired and restored service, the satisfaction level has improved.

While you might argue that we should already know (and of course we do) that there are lots of frustrations and bugs to fix in Second Life, this statistic is potentially very useful in quickly reporting the magnitude of impact across the overall population of Second Life to either improvements or problems. Knowing the specific impact of a change can greatly help us to prioritize our work. For example, several months ago we released an update that greatly improved viewer framerates – typically by about 25%. But how much did that change improve satisfaction with Second Life? I would love to have known, so that we could decide how much of our development bandwidth to focus on incremental improvements to framerate versus working on crash rates, for example.

Another appeal of a system like this is that is can give us almost instant feedback when something is going wrong. We have a number of statistics on Second Life (like overall concurrency, for example) that we watch in real time on large monitors in the office and also on internal web pages. When concurrency drops abruptly for any reason, we instantly start looking for problems without needing to wait for any sort of automated alerts to go off. In a similar way, we are going to watch the real-time performance of this satisfaction level with the hope that changes might show us problems that would not be visible in any other way.

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146 Responses to Measuring Satisfaction

  1. two kit says:

    since that electrical problem u had in san francisco someplace i go i crash every 2 minutes. before that problem everything was ok can u help me plz cause that is not funny

  2. Hern Worsley says:

    A positive move why not make the feature available to all residents who log in. Once a month or even a week then we would all feel we are able to communicate with you guys about the issues and problems which affect us.

  3. jennifer clyburn says:

    free expression? so griefers have a right to free expression disrupting other peoples enjoyment of second life. griefers get reported often but rarely any action is taken and then it seems to be a paltry few day ban which does not deter or stop then on very rare occasions their accounts are frozen the create a new free account to continue their harrasment. why not use the details given in creating these accounts to stop those found guilty from creating new ones and continuing their harrasment and making people want to leave second life.

  4. Xen Akula says:

    “In a similar way, we are going to watch the real-time performance of this satifaction level with the hope that changes might show us problems that would not be visible in any other way.”


    Would be nice if you could at least spell it correctly.

    Please fix Second Life.

  5. Yvonne Howey says:

    Where the hell has Biondello gone?
    Not only is half my inventory missing, now my home and the whole place is missing.
    I’m afraid you can print my views on satisfaction because I dont want to wear my F key out.
    Just take it that extremely pissed off is only half way there.

  6. kermit halasy says:

    The lack of search has been incredibly frustrating. It really limits what one can do in exploring this wonderful envirornment for new areas, etc. Fixing it would seem to be a high priority. Little little information available from LL about what the problem is or even that it exists. Ther inference is that it is sporadic but it seems to be almost constant.

    Second, voice is a disaster in my opinion. I am deaf in one ear and severly disabled in the other. I am not alone I find. In RL I read lips, but that is impossible here. Also, I understand there is a lot of thoughtless chatter whereas text chat is often better thought out and to the point. Voice has uses, but its universal adoption would disenfrancise many people who are like me

  7. Serenity Semple says:

    Thank you, I think this post was informative about how you guys feel. But when I answered the question, it wouldn’t let me leave enough feedback that I wanted to. I felt I couldn’t explain myself, I think that this is a step in the right direction but you might want to expand the amount of text when we give an opinion so that you may better understand what we’re trying to say.

  8. Adz Childs says:

    fyi, i didn’t think 80 characters was enough room to say anything of substance. So while i wanted to answer negatively and explain myself, I ended up changing my answer to positive and saying something relatively meaningless about meeting new friends and whatever. Leave more room for comments and you might get different answers.

  9. Well Log in problem , lost inventory, SLX purchases lost, account payments not going through, 9-10 days for a problem ticket to be looked at, 2 day & 6 hours on phone to get billing issue resolved and many more issues lead me to give up buying more land.

    I hope the best and keep trying!!

    I wish SL/LL would hire more personal to assist paying members and help the support staff with the millions of new people joining SL.
    You can only do so much with the people you have, you need more help in LL to make SL run more efficiently !!!

    SL is a nice environment that needs improvment.
    ps. I’m taking the time to write this since I can’t log on!

  10. Keiko Rau says:

    Firstly, crash rate before frame rate, any day, but secondly, and more importantly, please please please bring back the post-support satisfaction surveys that I used to get before the new support portal was introduced. So far I have had 3 out of 5 support portal issues handled in an unsatifactory manner – 2 of them simply fobbed off with cut and paste rhetoric that in no way related to the problem. One of them, I was so disgusted with a second response, which basically said “see first response” (but in less words), that I simply didnt bother responding any further.

    As for the viewer, I feel its getting better, but the overall second life experience has been getting steadily worse in the past few months with all the stupid decisions announced recently (and no, Im not just talking about the big one).

    You guys have a long way to go to fix your customer support, but at least you know that, and are asking why.

  11. Astro says:

    I got the survey thrice. Guess what? The first time, I was satisified. The second time, less so, and the third time, I had enough of Linden Lab meddling with me.

  12. Maksimilian Antonelli says:

    1,000 residents won’t be very accurate.

  13. Doris Haller says:

    Good idea.
    If you let us know, what you are doing, we could be more patient and confident.
    If something goes wrong, I myself always are uncertain whether somebody at LL knows or cares about the problem.
    How often there was a problem reported in the blog as “resolved” and I was experiencing the same problem and thought “no, it is not resolved.. how can i let them know”…
    but all methods to tell you something include that I don’t get any feedback saying that a real person got it and some actions is taken or (if not) why not.

  14. Broccoli Curry says:

    The man himself posts… good to know you’re still here.


  15. Lex Neva says:

    @1, I like the idea of having it be a small sampling that constantly changes, actually. In surveys such as this, there’s the potential to get too much data and end up dilluting the useful conclusions you can draw from it. For example, if everyone’s always filling out a survey each time they log in, they’ll probably start to either ignore it, fill in a bogus answer, or otherwise be unable to determine how they feel RIGHT NOW, and they might get the feeling that “LL isn’t listening”.

  16. Storm Chatnoir says:

    (This is how one of my Picks reads: )

    So – I get this pop up from the client before I log in:
    Opinion survey – “Is your Second Life Experiance getting better or worse?”

    I answered: ‘Worse’ and under ‘Why?” – said:

    “Because you insist on adding bells and whistles while the basic infrastructure and functionality degrades. You. You folks dug the hole you’re in. Only hard work on Real Issues will get you out. Not cosmetic changes or whoohoo new eye candy. I don’t give a damn about voice, sculpties or windlight. I want the world to work correctly. THEN wow me.”

    What happens? I get an error when I try to submit it – must be 80 characters only. So I trim – and trim and trim – it wouldn’t accept anything until it was blank!
    I’m an angry Paying Customer! Listen to me Damnit!

  17. hugsalot says:

    it would be nice if you didn’t waste a post nitpicking at the Lindens.

  18. Candy Goddard says:

    This whole article scares me more then anything else . OMG you cant really be that out of touch that you have not been reading the blogs or hearing the residents of SL for like the last 6 months at least almost screaming out to you that improvements mean nothing if they dont work if they just make the stuff we already have work even worse . Who the heck knows what frame rates are when they are red in the face and thinking of leaving SL because they crash every 5 th time they try to turn around or start to walk , or they pull up search and it dont work again or they are stuck somewhere because teleport isnt working again, Come on please this article just blew my last hope out of the water i was actually trusting you thinking you were all really working so very hard fighting all these flash forest fires breaking out every day in Sl but now i see you need some kind of survery for crying out loud 15 % who did you talk to linden employees i cant believe only 15% were saying it was worse its been steadily declining in user friendliness for like 6 months . Sorry to be upset by this but i hardly never want to even log on anymore to Sl because of the frustration with stuff always not working as good as it used to . And i am just a nobody i dont create stuff i dont sell or need to advertise i cant believe anyone who is trying to make SL a real money makeing adventure was part of your survey because i cant believe any of them would feel its better to have a better picture and no one can stay on to see it or search to find there place of business or teleport there to buy from them .

  19. Ann Otoole says:

    well thats nice but if you really knew what you were doing you would use six sigma monitoring techniques against the the database metrics such as locks and other key performance related measures and have an automated alarm whenever the database began trending or suddenly jumped out of the established control limits. The same techniques should be applied against the network aspects of the system.

    Not possible? bull. i have personally developed such proactive monitoring systems for a truly superior database platform called Oracle. This system was able to alert us to such low level problems in progress such as but not limited to tiny watch batteries on disk array controllers going bad.

    I thought you guys were smart but you seem to be lacking in critical enterprise infrastructure areas.

  20. Sian Lumley says:

    And far be it from me to complain that we are again being faced with sim FPS rates in the low SINGLE figures, no Search, etc. And I had to go back to a sim today to get a freebie that I lost yesterday.


    I was asked…but it didnt let me make a comment. How about fixing the inventory problems…like Recent Items gets bigger every day and it wont go away….not even with clear cache. And I am still losing inventory which fails to rezz. That having been said…..SL is better than it was 6 months ago and LL seem to be trying to be more proactive. Maybe the new hiring campaign will pay off soon…it can’t happen overnight. I live in hope …… then maybe I will start investing in more sims.

  22. Dondiego Beaumont says:

    Too many crashes in the last days are not fine. Hope you can improve that.

  23. Xen Akula says:



    Waste that.

  24. Fantastic idea. Similar but more granular kinds of data can be mined from the support database and from jira if these were to include random surveys when tickets or bugs are submitted. In these cases, the satisfaction rating could be linked to particular classes of issue, providing a clearer picture of where the problems are occuring. When support tickets are closed, the addition of a satisfaction query for every issue could also be a valuable point to collect data. If you extended this idea to allow a customer the ability to feed back at every point of contact they have with your organisation then this will serve as both a valuable prioritisation mechanism and also as a way people can constructively vent frustrations.

  25. Blue Szondi says:

    I had the survey and found the options β€œBetter or Worse” to be limiting, as well as the 80 character comment section. I responded with Better though simply because not withstanding the issues of the past week, my experience with SL has been better. Granted there are always hiccups and those do stand out when thinking about my time in SL. But overall it does seem to be better. Now as I prepare to be flamed for this post, I am aware that there is still too many in SL who are suffering several issues that ultimate make their experience Worse.

  26. DXW says:

    I think the single biggest thing people want is stability. Framerates don’t mean anything when the screen is black and white following a teleport that timed out.

    When the grid is stable, people are happy. People can go places, find things, make purchases with confidence.

    When the grid isn’t stable, people feel “lifeboated” on a sim because it’s the only one they can get to. People don’t want to make or buy things because they don’t know if they’ll be there the next day.

    Until the rolling restart to “improve voice performance”, things were pretty good. The 1.18 update went smooth and things were looking up. (Thanks for that effort, btw *thumbs up*) Since that rolling restart, searches have been down, teleports failing, things don’t rez, things get lost… not happy times.

  27. BlckCobra Shikami says:

    A bunch of people is having massive problems and loosing stuff they buy. The merchants are helpless and have to argue with them, find out if ppl really lost things or if fraudulent avatars use the current situation to get replacements for stuff they actually did not loose.
    As a consequence I meanwhile closed down my shop until this issue is fixed. I have been busy for 5 days now replacing things.
    And you are “measuring customer satisfaction” instead of fixing the problems? Sorry, but this drives me into final frustration 😦
    The problems started with the rolling restart last friday and after a short break it seems to be getting worse again now. Any suggestions to help us with the current problems?

  28. Henri Beauchamp says:

    The reply to your metaphysical questions about what impact got a given change in Sl is very easy to reply to, Lindens… In fact, if you were actually reading the blogs and listening to the residents, you would quickly find what is the proper plan for the future…


    Seriously, Lindens, are you proud of the last rolling restart with the so called “update” (I would rather say downgrade) aimed at voice users ?… You just managed to reintroduce the old and dreaded bug, where no-copy objects failing to rez in-world get lost… Your residents are loosing inventory every day, and your merchants are loosing sales and valuable time trying to solve the problems on their level (providing their customers with replacements, when at all possible)…


    A very disgruntled premium user & merchant.

  29. Marianne McCann says:

    Wow… I’ll hafta think of what I’d say, if I ever get it. In some ways it’s gotten better… but I tink the bad might be outweighing as far as the service and product itself is concerned. It’s my involvements inworld dat keep me coming back.

  30. HolyDevil says:

    Stop adding stuff and start fixing bugs! don’t add anything to second life until 98% or more of the bugs are fixed!

  31. Scott Deharo says:

    Hire more lindens! Go work for linden lab someone! Pay them more!

  32. Darien Caldwell says:

    hehe, I got this twice over the weekend. First time I rated satisfied, as at the time i figured they meant overall. but after a couple days of things vanishing and no search etc, I gave a not so satisfied reply.

    I think 1000 is a decent sample range, statistically speaking it should give a good enough idea of the state of user satisfaction. Although I think the random part of it needs tweaked, as it appears I’m not the only one to get the survey multiple times. Out of millions of users, that shouldn’t be happening…

  33. Halal Altamura says:

    Proactive or Reactive?

    Some time ago Microsoft got hit by sever security issues. Someone throw the brake and halted all development and put every resource into review existing code on order to regain (or obtain :)) a secure and stable environment. This did delay a lot of upcomming releases, but I say they did well

    Consider that Linden Lab. You got at fantastic product, a lot of dedicated user and a lot of potential, but you can’t walk on water (not even in SL). We all love to see new things and better performance, but start by giving us stabillity.

  34. Jeza May says:

    Wonders who your asking lol.. The issues that are here are just the same things over and over.. I haven’t noticed any significant increase in framerate.. and The group chat is still borked.. Loosing items for no reason.. I didn’t even pull out of invo and they disappear… Memory leaks, Lack of support, borked traffic, borked searches, borked classifieds.. Loss of Lindens to customers inability to buy products which I sell, because the invo and rez objects is still borked.. Ya we really need to concentrate on voice chat when we have the same frikken problems from 6 months ago… How rediculous of a statement is that.. Well thats how it is here lol.. Lets quit trying to cram new stuff in, and just work on the issues that are getting worse rather then better.. Pull the plug on voice.. If people want to chat in voice, they can use skype like they already do lol..

  35. Ann Otoole says:

    hey if Linden Research had a blog open to comments all the time they could simply monitor the number of entries per second and the count of negative words and words like “fix” in the posts. when sl is really bad the 100 limit gets hit in minutes on this inadequate blog comment system.

  36. Adz Childs says:

    @#20 Marianne, don’t think TOO hard about what to say in the SL survey. You only get 80 characters. Try saying something in <80 characters. About the only thing that fits is, “Everything is great.”

  37. JustMe says:

    #6–> “Starting about 10 days ago, we began randomly asking around 1000 people per day ”

    PER DAY… I think it would be a bit hard for them to read more than that each day with all what they are already doing.

    That does not mean that I’m very happy with SL though…

    Ok… search is still on and off very often. Groups posts don’t always go through, notices either. Ghosts prims are back in Trueblood. If I request to restart the region it will take 2 weeks at least before they’ll do it. Once every 2 times my avatar’s hair don’t show up and I can’t edit my apearance because the window does not load at all. Very often I can’t wear any attachment, even though it says that an attachment is already pending for that spot… its not the case and it still does not loads. Even though i clear my cache its not helping. When I edit something, sometimes its not really updating, and after I relog I see that I lost what i rezzed and the edit of other items of course did not work. Textures I try to upload just won’t work saying that an unexpected error happened or something to try again later.

    All that happens rarely… sometimes but recently it,s been worse. Yesterday me and my friends noticed that flexis were not working for a little while even after clearing the cache and rebooting. Some modify scripts don’t open, I cannot reset them.

    This is all very frustrating. I know that this is not really the purpose of this anouncement to post what I wrote but I still haven’t got the survey… and it seems like you only ask for keywords or a sentence to explain why we feel that SL is worse than before… but I know that you will read this. Now if I go and request a sim restart… how long will it take? ;p I hate ghosts prims and my customers too…

    How could I resume all that in one sentence… I don’t think it would be very helpful.

  38. Dear Philip Linden,

    Had I been one of the random people asked about satisfaction with Second Life, I would honestly say I am 95% satisfied with life on the Second Level platform all the time, regardless of whether something has gone wrong or whether it has worked so well that I did not even notice.

    It’s not perfect. It needs to be tweaked now and then. And majorly overhauled at other times. SL’s rapid rate of growth makes problems inevitable. You just can’t anticipate everything.

    But there is nothing else out there that compares to SL, nothing. Many try, but no one has been able to create a better mousetrap.

    I can handle a bit of inconvenience without my level of satisfaction dropping. It’s at 95% now – that leaves a 5% room-for-improvement level. Go for it, Lindens.

  39. WannaPiEcE Crabgrass says:

    I was already planning on closing my account in the near future but after the display of horrible service I and everyone else have received over the last few weeks I’ve decided to close my account ahead of schedule and leave Second Life for good, and I’m sure that I am not the only one feeling this way. There is no way I am going to continue to pay $300+ a month for such horrible quality service. Linden Labs: You have disappointed me in many, many ways.

  40. JustMe says:

    @ 24 hehehe I forgot to say it… Pls Linden fix it… ;p Joking… but still… lol

  41. Onix Harbinger says:

    While overall I have enjoyed my experience on Second Life. I’ve spent a lot of my time frustrated or annoyed at the many quirks and performance issues that crop up. In many ways I feel like I am constantly fighting upstream against a current.

    I would like to see more effort on improving stability and increasing speed and performance over adding new features.

    My business partner and I as well as my many friends have spent a couple years building a thriving community. It is that community and my friends that continue to anchor me to Second Life as well as the business I help to manage there. If it were not for them I sometimes feel that I would have left in frustration long ago.

    However, not to be completely negitive I do still see a lot of potential and slow progress towards improving the overall experience. I know LL does not have an easy job. You have to balance a bottom line, juggle legal and moral issues, deal with an unending tide of complaints and whining, and still somehow keep everything running with at least the illusion of performance. It’s a tall order and I respect LL for not giving up on it.

    I am also greatful for the opportunity to have an environment where I could help create a wonderful community and meet such great people. So you have my thanks in that.

  42. Ann Otoole says:

    @20 – sorry Scott… they don’t hire people they think might make them look bad. it is a common psychological defect amongst primadonna programmers that think they are the smartest in the universe.

    (no i’m not the smartest. just well trained and experienced in some rather unglamorous areas of enterprise metadata architectures and enterprise data architectures which is something Secondlife is in dire need of.)

  43. Megaera Cioc says:

    My overall satisfactionhas dropped steadily over the past month, thanks to your policy of fixing 3 minot irritations whilst at the same time introducing 19 major flaws. I’ve lost about $15000L of inventory do to the rez problem. And why is it you post warnings about the problem 2 days after it happens.

    By the way, Search is STILL hosed, and now TP seems to be going the same way. Come on, guys: fix the basics, and worry about the frills later, huh?

  44. Solar Legion says:

    @Xen Akula: Telling Linden Lab to “Fix second Life” does absolutely nothing whatsoever. No information was provided to tell them exactly what problems you have had, nor have you offered up any suggestions.

    Your second comment does nothing to help the Lindens “fix” anything either.

    Now then – on to the topic at hand:

    I haven’t had many problems at all recently – mainly due to the fact that I pay attention to what is going on. I check to make sure all the servers are running properly and avoid doing anything if all that is running is the log in system.

    That aside there have been a few lag issues in some of the newer SIMs. I also agree that the recent Items tab needs to be fixed.

  45. Sinda Petrov says:

    But was was the point of limiting comments to 80 characters? I couldn’t begin to outline my issues and how unhappy I am. Inventory loss, huge lag, corruption of the landscape by multiple (by the hundreds) billboards, auto-rezzing griefer objects that can’t be deleted…and so on. Plus many of my landmarked places have now dissapeared or have been re-located causing huge confusion and I’m sure loss of revenues for the sites as well as loss of interest in going to them.

    Odd how at the same time as the “database failure” many sims were hit by object bombs and heavy griefer attacks…and you still refuse to acknowledege that it happened or that and attack occured on Sl (by the way, this same weekend many RL sites were attacked with disruption of service issues including fake splash pages, redirects and bogus loging – mostly phising.

    After several abuse reports filed and even working with the Anti-Griefer Org., my sim is still littered with thousands of “killer footballs” and “killing barrels” that can’t be removed for some reason. And what about the redirects and sudden teleports to oblivion that forces you to ctl-alt-del to get out off the grid? Still happening guys….fix that huh?

    If you want to make SL a better place, one, fix the myriad of issues you already have before trotting out voice and other resource eating devices…as obviously the community DOESN’T want, and two, stop allowing objects to be made, bought or sold for the only purpose in SL to cause disruption – at least make bullets, bombs, “corkscrew bullets” and the rest self destructing or have a limited life or give residents the ability to clean up these nasty little objects/landmines.


  46. Mo dryke says:

    Henri beauchamp allready wrote what I think:


    don’t want pretty skies
    don’t want voice chat
    don’t care about sculpties contests

    -> want decent support
    -> want stable platform

    I have a dream.
    I have a dream that one day the SL nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all residents deserve a stable and optimized SL”

  47. Please don’t let a weekend like the previous one happen over the course of SLCC weekend! It is a hard enough challenge trying to stream in world, let alone when sims are crashing, log ins aren’t working, and the grid is generally a wreck.

    As for hidden indicators on how the grid is doing; how about logging in, trying to cross a sim border, teleport, and rez an object? If any take longer than 10 seconds, it isn’t good enough.



  48. Diana Hooper says:

    I am just glad this has been considered and addded. But the idea of only randomly selecting 1000 is a bit too little, I think.
    Yet it could be a way to assure that there won’t be too many ignored opinions.

    If this is a success I hope there will be an increase in random active residents to voice their opinions.

  49. Eos Ultsch says:

    I had a billing issue as well.. took them nine days to reply back to me. I highly doubt I’ll be using the premium service again, with customer service that horrible, god forbid they make a mistake with my billing again.

    They really need to improve so many areas of SL before expanding and adding all these new features.

  50. Solar Legion says:

    Oh yes, and at number 18 …

    Yes, let’s blame a problem that has been occuring each and every time one of the asset servers gets old and has to be retired on a feature!

    seriously now – and here is where the sarcasm ends – this issue has been cropping up for some time now and was never linked to any one feature.

    They’ve even admitted it was a hardware problem!

    I really do wish some would get their facts straight first ….

  51. It is evident that you want a very short-term answer to the question: it would be extremely helpful if the fact that you want a short-term answer could be made clear in the question, so that people do not think that you are asking whether things are getting better or worse, overall, over a period of months or years.

  52. Phil Deakins says:

    @11. Thare *are* smart, Ann – hence the SL system. What they lack is some good sense in how to develope.

    It’s common knowledge that the users want the thing to function properly all the time. We don’t want to spend minutes in the black TP screen, for instance, when out avs are already there. They don’t need surveys to tell them that users want it to work properly. But they are too busy trying to add things to it to do the job right. For instance, nobody was crying out for voice, and nobody was crying out for windlight, but what will those things do – like everything else that’s added, they will screw other parts for a while. Spend the time making the current system work properly before embarking on additions.

    There is too much concern in LL about login numbers. It took a long time between hitting 30,000 to hitting 40,000, and the numbers won’t improve as they should, because it’s a continually faulty system. People leave SL because it’s too faulty. Has anyone noticed how you don’t often see ‘old’ users? Most people are newish. Make it work properly first, and think of additions when it does work properly.

  53. Tony says:

    1,000 people is a good sample but how many of them actually answered? If only 150 of them are answering then the stats are going to be skewed.

    Customer satisfaction surveys are a positive step, you should also employ more people with a customer service background. The geeks won’t inherit the earth.

  54. Io Zeno says:

    I think the major issues people are having with Second Life were pretty well addressed in Project Open Letter which so many of us signed.

    You really don’t need to have a survey to find out whether people are more or less satisfied anytime you tweak something.

    The problems are the same and I can’t imagine you don’t’ know what they are: asset server issues, presence, lag.

    When you can’t log in, or can’t TP or search or do much of anything when you do, for days on end, you have serious problems.

    Just work on the major issues and you will find there is less complaining. Which generally means greater satisfaction.

    Aren’t the Lindens who work inworld the best resource for what the major complaints are? If people aren’t complaining, it’s a good guess it isn’t a problem.

  55. JustMe says:

    Oh.. Like Diana says… I I have lag issues, I now lag more since 2 days. It did not happen like this since before installing my new video card about 2 weeks ago. I freeze and lag… and yes its true that the recent items tab is not working right again.

  56. Arsheba Nasu says:

    I carefully watch the concurrency levels in my sims in real-time also, and don’t need an alarm to go off to tell something is seriously wrong. I’ve found the problem killing my business (and other content creators across the grid), and it’s the fact that Linden has let SL go to the camping farms. And LL doesn’t seem interested in doing anything about it until we’re all extinct, and nothing but the free-money parasites remain.

    Until Linden does something to abolish the broken traffic system, and provide us reliable in-world offline and online messaging, and search that isn’t traffic-based, so we can rebuild our communities and businesses from these ashes, my own satisfaction levels will remain very low.

  57. Tor Beerbaum says:

    “β€œIn a similar way, we are going to watch the real-time performance of this satifaction level with the hope that changes might show us problems that would not be visible in any other way.”


    Would be nice if you could at least spell it correctly.

    Please fix Second Life.”

    Quoted for truth.

    Fix the damn thing. If you were to get any other game developers in there, they’d fix it because games AREN’T supposed to be this glitchy.

  58. Apollo Case says:

    I was just wondering how you pick the people for each survey. If you asked a 1000 newbies or 1000 residents with 3 years experience, the results might be quite different. I think the mix of residents and what they get asked might also give a better indicator of satisfaction. Obviously questions about Orientation Island are usually better targeted at newbies, whilst questions about estate tools are best answered by island owners.

    Matching the right survey to the right demographic would be a good way to tweak this exercise. However the surveys are a good start.

  59. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Ya sure you didnt mix up the numbers there and get the wrong % of happy customers? Cause being on the grid unlike you guys we the residents see LOTS of people that are way unhappy with all of sl not just the botched update you guys did this last might want to go inworld a little more

  60. Raban Laborde says:

    Again stopped buying / rezzing because of persisting problems with inventory loss.

    Alone on the SIM (Class 5 Server) – impossible to log in with complete avatar “Clothing is still downloading” – and remains downloading untill logoff. Inventory is empty it needs 30 – 45 minutes to load.

    Login problems, some problems with SLX and a lot more….

    Nice to have voice, sadly no windlight… but these features are “nice to have”. A stable system is a “must have”. And you don’t have a stable system at all”

    Nice to read you’re watching data on a big monitor… got ever an idea that this is only a method to _react_ to problems? It seems to me it would be better to take actions to prevent the problems occuring instead of waiting until they’re there. A stable system base is one of the points to take action.

    Again and again we read “Problem solved” in the blog – until the same problem occurs again shortly later. It’s a sign for a lot of ad hoc fixes, curing symptoms but not the problems.

    (abologizing for his wooden english)

  61. Pussy Dailey says:

    Stuff measuring satisfaction.
    Can you check for missing regions……Biondello in particular.
    You do that and I’ll keep listing all my missing inventory Items.
    Then we can add them together and come up with big fat ZERO.
    Thanks LL

  62. Benja says:

    Sounds good!

    But, if you’re counting fish, you gotta clip their fins when you throw them back so you don’t count them again!


    p.s. a UK company recently offered free broadband with their cellphone package, but they couldn’t deliver to the huge demand that resulted. The boss of the company, when interviewed on TV said that the problems were with the Call Centre not being able to cope with the calls from customers who said their broadband wasn’t on yet. He said he was increasing the number of staff at the Call Centre.

    So it’s easy to lose sight of the actual problem – in his case not the complaints, but the actual service he was selling.


  63. Rimmy says:

    Perhaps off topic, but none the less: Xen has a point. Taking the time to proof reflects a careful attitude. It might not be important to some, but when was the last time an employer hired someone based on spelling mistakes on a resume? (Yes, I am an english major!)

    Yip, probably in a rush because lots to do…C.E.O. after all!

    Yip, probably don’t have time to proof because there’s lots to do.

    Oops, I’m sorry…I have lots do too! So, I won’t be able to pay your tier this month Mr. Linden. I know you’ll understand because you also have lots to do, and I know you’ll be understanding and let me skip next month as well. πŸ˜‰

  64. penolope says:

    if you guys would just take the time to read the forums you would already know if the players are happy or not. Also…stop publishing updates till you got the KNOWN problems fixed such as the constant server problems for example.

    Honestly guys and gals of LL, you dont need random need to listen to your forum feedbacks and bug reports.

  65. Chronic Skronski says:

    Just wanted to draw attention to the first line for the people complaining about the size of the sample: “Starting about 10 days ago, we began randomly asking around 1000 people per day who log into Second Life whether they feel their experience is getting better or worse”

    Per day. For ten days. My math tells me this is about 10,000 people.

  66. Dillon Berbaum says:

    Haha. I was one of the people who recieved this survey.

    I made sure I said my experience was getting worse, and why. Not only was it the recent screwups, but the overall lack of care to user needs and user reports. I once had a griefer on me that made SL unplayable. If it weren’t for me fixing the problem myself, which was hard, I wouldn’t have been able to play SL until my abuse report was solved. How long did that take? Oh, only a few WEEKS. GROW UP, MORONS, AND LEARN TO GIVE A CRAP ABOUT OUR ABUSE REPORTS, BECAUSE MOST ARE IMPORTANT.

    Oh, you know, that, and the fact that Second Life still looks like it’s a v0.01 beta because of the amount of glitches and lag.

  67. JNRP says:

    I wish LL would ask me how my experience has been lately… because its definitely getting worse by the day. SL is infested with issues upon issues that multiply and worsen by the day, and do not get corrected for weeks/months, if they ever get corrected at all. We’re always referred the blog, that gives little to no information at all. When theres a serious issue in world, we’re lucky to even see a blog post but once every 5 hours, and after waiting hours to see an update – all you write is “We’re still working on the issue”. Not to mention issues are always marked “Resolved” when they are far from resolved.

    On top of the log in issues, failure to rez, map, TP and search issues – As a creator, SL has become nothing but frustrations. We get tons of customer complaints daily that their product has failed to rez and vanished, they never received the product in inventory, etc etc. And customers are quick to blame the creator for the problem, instead of pointing the blame where it belongs – at LL’s.

    Not to mention all of the US dollars we pay for sims that are constantly crashing or lagging to the point you can’t even move. And opening tickets are a joke, they close them and tell you your sim is fine, when it’s anything but fine.

    And lets talk about the customer service level we’re provided with – it’s slim to none. Trying to get a Linden to help, is worse than sitting in an ER at a hospital. You’re lucky to get a response at all, and if you are lucky enough to get one – its a generic response that doesn’t even address the issue, or provide a solution.

    With the amount of US dollars that LL’s generates, along with the amount of publicity – I would think that the game performance and customer service level would be more professional, and high priority.

    Residents are not happy, and this will eventually start hitting LL’s pockets, as well as ours – and leak to the press thats been running rampant talking about how great SL is. And thats probably what needs to happen, before you’ll finally take the residents concerns and complaints serious. As long as its not effecting your pocket, what do you care if we’re frustrated and annoyed – as long as we still log on and give you traffic, and pay our tiers.

    And honestly, Philip I find it amusing that you would pretend to be concerned with what your residents think, when you don’t even answer your emails regarding severe issues that are taking place in your game, and your staff doesn’t even answer the residents that request help in world at all, they totally ignore your IM’s. If you cared, you’d answer your emails, and hire staff that actually know what they’re doing. Simple as that.

    The residents are what keep SL going… It’s never wise to bite the hands that feed you…

  68. Io Zeno says:

    “37 Apollo Case Says:
    August 2nd, 2007 at 1:36 PM PDT

    I was just wondering how you pick the people for each survey. If you asked a 1000 newbies or 1000 residents with 3 years experience, the results might be quite different. ”

    Damn good question. Does the person being surveyed own land? Have a large inventory? Do they build or script? Do they make a lot of purchases? Use search? Are they aware of how SL is supposed to function as opposed to how it does sometimes?

  69. boogerman says:

    i am unsatisfactied with the discription of gaming games…
    a list of all games is required as some games they do have pots to pay intoand gamble can also be played without gambling ie
    slingo ,pizza, greedy greedy and the likes

  70. les says:

    Do you really need 1000 weather reports to know what it’s like outside?

  71. Cat Cotton says:

    4 years later and your now asking how we feel. I agree with the 1st poster. Ask us all.

    SL has not improved enough over the past 4 years. I find it sometimes very frustrating to even log on. With the price increases should come justification for that price increase. Which I have not yet seen. If anything I see less CS. Just ask my concierge who often fails to answer my IM’s.


  72. Krimson Gray says:

    It was great up until a couple of weeks ago when the lag pretty much rendered my land unusable. When my framerate drops to less than a frame every 10 seconds, and I my support ticket basically says “We’re looking at the problem”. In two weeks I haven’t been able to complete any products for my business because my land (all 45000 sm) won’t support a simple task like making an object with less than 50 prims.

    How long will this keep up? At least let us know if we should cut our losses and move on to other things..

    Interesting to note the site is laggy enough to resist posting this, if it succeeds. I used to be able to fix region problems by getting a Linden to do a reset via live help, but now there is no avenue for that.

  73. Savannah Humphreys says:

    Except for the grid problems now and again, the only thing I’d appreciate fixes on are crash rates. And….since ALL the new computers are now coming out with Vista (and many with high speed graphics for 3D games), why aren’t the Lindens making SL compliance with these newer features a top priority? I just bought a new computer with super speed graphics and a Vista operating system. Guess which program is the only one that crashes on it within the first 10 minutes?

  74. It’s for the first time in 3 years i’m worried. The satisfaction of SL is something we as residents create for ourselves and others, it has very little to do with the service Linden Lab provides us. The ones among us that pay, pay alot and more for a product that over time just gets worse and worse.
    The media has his nose in it, Second Life gets bad publicity (last one in Wired). It’s obvious that this wonderful idea, Philip’s dream, is run by a very incompetent team.
    If you have no idea what to work on and take the time to set up that silly little survey, maybe better one of you get eye surgery or a brain transplantation: DO WHAT WE ARE SCREAMING FOR FOR MONTHS NOW, FIX THE DAMN BUGS!

  75. Troy Vogel says:

    Too late and too little but we seem to like the pain so we will take it.

    Thanks Phil for posting.

  76. Chevonne Cazalet says:

    What would improve my satisfaction is if you would finally once and for all fix this bug where we lose items that aren’t copyable. I have now lost $500 in items, one of which was to be a gift. I don’t see any warnings on your site or anywhere else that this issue is suppose to still be occurring. When are you going to fix it? And when are you going to repay us for the poor service? For the lag? For the constant crashes? For the lost of revenue for all the time your product doesn’t work properly? SL is a wonderful idea, but currently its a failure as a service or product. A product most of us pay for in one way or another, either by purchasing land, membership fees, buying lindens and purchasing other designer’s products, services, items. Come on Lindens for once fix it.

  77. math gazov says:

    Have you thought that unhappy customers are less likely to answer surveys and probably come to SL less often?
    How do you randomize the interviews, I mean are you sure that this results are representative of the whole population?

    Anyway, it’s good you’re creating ways to hear us, it would be nice if you published this results.

    LL must open their ears and codes, it’s the only way for you to stay ahead of the game.

  78. Lyn Mimistrobell says:

    For an accurate satisfaction indication, you need to ask more than 1000 people, and you need to ask the same people every day (if they logon ofcourse :P).

    Another accurate indication is the comments you find below the blog entries (that is, the positive blog entries that you still allow comments to be given, since they’ve all been closed for negative blog entries).

    And don’t forget the continuing drop of concurrent users and the drop in the L$ value. That should give you a clue if you’d pay attention.


  79. JustMe says:

    What I don’t understand is why does the same damn bugs and even new ones happen over and over again… I’d understand once in a while but this is too often. Plus now.. the search being on and of…

    How can I plan a boxing event if I’m not even sure that I will be able to even just wear my gloves or if the script thats in it will work this time? wtf :(((

  80. Koroz Kline says:

    Ill give Linden an “B+” for effort … but 1000 out of an average(?) of 40000+ users per day??? Ahh…statistics…not my strong point. But it does seem a small sample!!

    Can the survey be aimed at ALL users….maybe a month or older?? I dont know.

    Ive downgraded my account because of what has happened recently. MY choice …but im not going to pay for what i personally see as a deteriorating service/game.

  81. Hypatia Callisto says:

    Germany still has DNS problems as of this morning. Just thought I’d mention it, if you’re wondering about concurrency πŸ˜‰ I had to switch to OpenDNS to access SL.

  82. Arsheba Nasu says:

    Apollo Case’s point illustrated:

    Ask two different segments of the SL population what’s wrong and you’ll get two very different answers, by and large…

    Ask business owners and content creators:

    “Broken core functions, community-building and communication tools, too many campers.”

    Ask the vast majority of newbie campers:

    “Not enough camping!”


    I have to wonder who you’re trying to satisfy here.

    You sold us a dream. A dream of the next evolution of the internet itself, a paradigm shift in online computing. But all evidence suggests that instead, you’re more interested in bloated, misleading subscriber figures than providing us with even the barest set of tools to build the dream we were sold in the first place.

    Put SL back in the hands of the content creators. Empower us, so that we may steer us back on course, true to the dream, while there are still a few of us left.

  83. Robin Randwick says:

    I’d like to echo Henri (#18). Enough new features until what you have works and KEEPS working. The voice chat seems like the answer to a question no one has asked. I fear it will massively destabilize the game.

    Like most software providers, you seem to believe new features are the key to selling more product. Not. You have a core of dedicated supporters who just want a crash free, memory leak free, bug free world in which to interact. I know you all can provide it if you make it a priority. Please!

  84. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    Well Philip Linden looking at all the posts here I would say your customers are very UNHAPPY! You should make it manditory for your staff to come inworld atleast 1 hour a day..I mean ALL your staff including you cause SL is REALLY messed up and you the Lindens have done that. Remember project open letter remember the fixes that were asked for? ya havent done a single one instead you gave us windlite and really think people are happy with you?
    The idea is grea…the product is CRAP!

  85. If it matters to anyone, the current web poll question at the M2 concerns whether residents anticipate SL performance to be better or worse by years’ end. Currently the poll stands at:

    Better – 42%
    Worse – 38%
    Undecided – 20%

    As everyone knows, this was pretty much a horrible week for being in SL, but I am still optimistic that things will improve. Perhaps I’m overly optimistic, but I believe in Linden Lab. Please keep working toward a better SL.


  86. boogerman says:

    also i would like to know when you are gonna sort out the recent part of the inventory…. the recent is becoming just another inventory now

  87. Tamara says:

    Suggestion (Though I know it might be unpopular with some of you):
    Lindens, you really need to start hiring people like Ann Otoole. Apparantly you cant fix the problems, despite what should be ample monitoring via bug reports, so how about employing a few people that know what they’re talking about to fix a few things?? This isn’t hard. There are plenty of MMORPGs on the net which WORK PROPERLY!!!!
    You’re screwing us all over with voice. Why dont you work to get it properly functional before you force it on us all?
    And yes, before you all start whinging, I’m not paying to use SL. I happily will when I can play for more than half an hour without a crash. In the meantime, for all you anti about free accounts: You’d be the suckers for paying for a non-functional product. Ever heard the phrase “vote with your feet”?

  88. Juliet Ceres says:

    I’d be really nice if you justq quit, Philip. Would help SL A LOT!

    And please take Daniel and Jeska with you.

  89. Revons Rutabaga says:

    So I notice people talking about crash rates before frame rates but Not everyone crashes left and right I for one would prefer frame rate with a supporting Assist server that can keep up with demand.

    I think this idea is really something though and I hope its taken seriously not just some PR to raise our spirits :3

  90. Broccoli Curry says:

    #58…. Juliet, that’s a bit harsh.

    I’d rather have *more* of Philip… not running round giving speeches, or schmoozing with potential investors… but actually in SL, experiencing SL day in day out (and not on a high level computer but an average spec) and then you won’t need to ask the question… you’ll see for yourself.

    Get a throwaway alt, Philip, let me know who it is (I promise to keep quiet) and give me one hour of your time. I’ll take you round a few places, and show you what things need looking at.

    I won’t even charge you consultancy fees.


  91. Rooke Ayres says:

    To LL/Philip:

    Please stop adding new features to already broken code, subsystems, and systems.

    Broken + New Features = Broken * (2~10)
    (Read that as making it 2 to 10 times more broken)

    All you’re doing is obfuscating (making more confusing) the problems you already have.

    Fix what’s broken until you have a solid base to work from. Only then should you consider adding new features.

    Shiny is not shiny unless it’s completely shiny – any tarnish ruins the effect.

  92. Keen Witte says:

    Dear Phillip;

    Please take the time to think this through. Programmers (yourself included) almost universally suffer from Developers Syndrome. I.E. It is lots more fun to work on something new than to figure out what is wrong with an existing, very complex and interconnected system.

    This almost always leads to new features being introduced on top of an already wobbly system, creating havoc for the User and making the life of those devoted to the drudgery of Maintenence and Repair (YUK) worse.

    In your own words:
    “While you might argue that we should already know (and of course we do) that there are lots of frustrations and bugs to fix in Second Life….”.
    “….But how much did that change improve satisfaction with Second Life? I would love to have known, so that we could decide how much of our development bandwidth to focus on incremental improvements to framerate versus working on crash rates, ….”

    Ask yourself this:

    When was the last real bug “FIX” something that reduced satifaction?

    How long ago did it become a truism that all NEW features cause system wide distress and dozens of new BUGS?

    Please consider the MILLIONS of current users and seriously attack the current problems with the vast majority of your “bandwidth”, until the basic, day to day issues are under reasonable control.

    THEN, allow new feature releases only when properly beta tested, eh?

    Remember the OLD wisdom from DOS days -GIGO- ?
    Garbage In, Garbage Out.

    Keen Witte

  93. Dominique Dench says:

    Sorry speak more french, but for me am very dessapointed about sl, sl team continue exit every week update and do not fix all stupid old bug, i work for dbc radio tv recently new in sl but real on real life, and i build the virtual studio and much thing very days, much compagny hesitate come to sl because this game is very unstable all the time. every fucking days i lauch sl, i see on the main, (fixed fixed blablabla) comon stop talking about all fix your team fix, the game is completly unstable, and the 1 thing you need your team understand good, if i lost a stuff i paid from my real moneyx again, i kick sl game ass out of my computer, you hear me? AM NOT A BANK!!! so fix the priority fast, project lost, inventory lost, and after buy new server because the game have a freaking laggy every fucking days, thats my last warning, if you not fix all the old bug, much peoples get out of the game, am not stupid and i repeat am not a bank, so if you need only cash, and you not fix they important bug., many peoples kick ass this game for long time truss me, thats not the first experience in game i have, most game completly go off, because, have too many bug , but now i talk for inventory loss = real moneyz lost , stop put a stupid shit into the main program , about sondage this is only 1/4 of poeples use the game, not the 40 000 every fucking days, this sondage is a real shit not the good one so shut-up and fix that thing i talking, thats a real problem if many peoples loss real moneyz ingame.

  94. Arsheba Nasu says:

    1000 per day polled… Why not poll everyone? Add a five-star satisfaction rating to the Profile interface, with a 30-character comment field, so EVERYONE can, at any time, adjust their stated satisfaction rating and comment the area that is most important to them. Then you’ve got real-time feedback all the time.

  95. nicole matahari says:

    My gut instinct tells me that people’s satisfaction ratings would sharply increase if Linden Labs could become as creative, entrepuneral, dilligent, intelligent and CAPABLE as its end users.

    Until that time, I can guarantee that satisfaction will remain at its meager levels, rising and falling with the tide of grid performance.

    My advice to the Lindens.. never go public. We will buy all of your stock and give much needed pink slips to everyone of you who has hindered the growth of the world.

  96. Klang Wopat says:

    I just find this all refreshingly beta–everyday it’s like discovering a whole new app. Does it get better? Yep. Is it a work in progress? I think so. Sometimes the the trip is more important than the destination. I’m along for the ride.

  97. bedeboop says:

    Inventory is a big problem, I would say I have lost over 5,000 items in the last few months. Gone. Each time I login the number of items in my inventory fluctuates by approximately 2k items. Yesterday I tried to rez an item in my inventory and was told it was missing from the database. Another item that I tried to rez, a neon cocktail light was sucked out of SL I guess because now I cannot find it and it never rezzed at all and I attempted to rez it numerous times.

    Stability would be the BEST thing to happen, no lag, being able to tp and just get around, no loss of inventory, especially as LL does not feel inclined to reimburse losses.

    I know if this were a store I walked into and I had all these problems I would not go back. As it is, I no longer pay each month as of this week. When it is stable would love to but for now the game can’t be counted on to maintain even a modicum of stability for any great length of time.

  98. Annie Malaprop says:

    I find it interesting that LL feels the need to create this new avenue of feedback when it ignores the channels that already exist. Sure, the forums represent only a small portion of residents and is heavily weighted toward big mouthed complainers (*points toward self*), but the “Resident Answers” and “Current Version Feedback” forums, which appear to never be read by Lindens anymore, can provide a nearly real-time and much more accurate and specific view of any problems that are occurring.

    Using survey feedback as a real-time monitoring tool? That’s just lame in comparison.

  99. Storyof Oh says:

    It would be great if i could get into SL and stay in and move around, i might bump into a survey!
    A short while ago i bought and created an empire now i cant walk a few yards without disappearing underground. i can’t build nor repair existing items due to huge lag. I cant even lick my wounds and camp somewhere as they are all full, and if i did i would freeze or crash…assuming i can search or tp.
    Joined in April, May Ok by June it was going downhill, July now August are getting impossible.
    I paid upfront for a year…silly me…
    Also if LL want feedback, keep comments open on all issues and run beyond 100 for a good sample survey.

  100. ramo benedek says:

    You didn’t send me a satisfaction survey, but as far as I am concerned SL is GREAT. I love it, I am amazed by it, and any virtual world of this caliber is of course going to have difficulties. And I am more than willing to do anything I can to help it grow, thrive, and become a true next generation platform for business, entertainment, and freedom to be who you want when you want.

    If I was to suggest anything at all, It would be to treat the residents as responsible adults that are able to make thier own decisions on how they want to live, and spend thier $L in SL.

    And that SL should stand up for themselves rather than being muscled around by vague threats of paranoia resulting from dissatisfaction from various members of RL society.

    I love the fact that I view SL as a tool, not a game. It is a powerful tool involving commerce and social networking. It is a true and interesting experiment in economics, marketing, and sociology. I have learned more about those subjects in my 8 months or so in SL, than I ever did in four years fo college.

    THANKS Phillip… I appreciate your efforts, and please do not give up your dream.

  101. Shiva Aabye says:

    Well, wow, what a question. didn’t read the entire postings. but on the outages the last days one would think it would become much worst then ever. but it didn’t for me.
    If everything is up and running, like now, I would say that my satisfacting improves from minute to minute (is it possible?) [well, poor english].
    I’m in love to the grid πŸ˜‰ sorry for not whining, folks.
    Big hugs from

  102. Jodi Nickolaidis says:


    I too was offeered to give my opinion of whether felt my sl experience was getting better or worse….and guess what .. i was unable to click in the response box.. If you guys at Linden Labs cant even organise a survey , what hope have we of expecting things in world to get better?.. in the words of the Late. Great Peter Cook “this is no way to run a F**King ballroom !”

  103. Tyler says:

    SL is worse each day

  104. Egon Rothschild says:

    my first post to this blog … but i’ve always wondered …

    do any of the linden’s actually PLAY this game? sure, i see them in-world. i have talked to them.

    but if any of them actually played .. and by that i mean operated a store, uploaded clothing, build furniture, planned an event, attended a wedding, etc .. all the stuff the rest of us do daily .. maybe they’d be more aware of how frustrating these ongoing problems can be.

  105. Amanda Ascot says:

    1000 people out of the core user group, here, is hardly enough to determine overall user satisfaction. Here’s an idea, though, and I’m really suggesting this as a real new feature to put into Second Life for real. Funny how I used “real” three times in a sentence about a subject which has altogether too much “reality” in it, but I won’t go there.

    Set up some sort of system, perhaps on the log-in screen webpage (bet a lot of people didn’t know it’s a webpage) where each user can, once a month, complete a quick, short, to-the-point, satisfaction survey. I suggest no more than ten categories, each of which can be rated from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). You just click the appropriate box, log in, and and it’s done — completely transparant to the user, but you let each and every person get a chance to vote on the issues every month. Premies with alts should only be able to vote once, of course, perhaps through their primary account.

    You can even change the categories from time to time as issues become resolved — REALLY resolved, unlike many that are claimed in the jira to be resolved, but which clearly aren’t. Suggested categories (not intended to be inclusive):

    Grid stability
    Current main viewer
    Current Fist Look viewer

    You get the picture — all the things that people gripe about here in the blog, so read the blog and learn what *our* issues are. You guys sitting at your workstations trying to sort through spaghetti code and figure out what’s wrong with the feature you’re working on may have a very different perspective of what constitutes grounds for “satisfaction” or “dissatisfaction”, than is likely for the average user. I was almost ready to call it “quits” a couple days ago when three days of terraforming most of a sim was totally scrambled during the downtime, causing me to have to do that work all over again. I would have rated overall “satisfaction” with SL on that 1 – 5 scale as about a minus three at that point. πŸ™‚ I’m better now, and back to being frustrated only with lost inventory, teleport failures, inability to search, and all the other things that other people complain about. That’s the key, here — the “things that other people complain about”. Yes, it’s nice to get compliments on Windlight and Voice. You want to hear those things, and you’re doing hard work to get them properly implemented, but if you want to know how to make us happy you need to know what’s making us *un*happy. All of us. Not just a randomly selected few, that, from other posts, is apparently not very random.

  106. Doris Haller says:

    I can’t teleport… but nobody asks me if I’m satisfied.

    Who can I tell now that there is a problem?

  107. Tristin Mikazuki says:

    #64 nicole ssshhhhhhh I’m waiting for that the ipo πŸ˜‰

  108. Annie Malaprop says:

    Sorry to use up another comment slot, but I wanted to add something to my previous comment.

    Linden Lab: If you insist on using this survey thing as a real-time monitoring tool, then please, PLEASE read the two forums I mentioned as one of the FIRST steps in tracking down the problem. It often seems as though you folks spend hours just trying to determine exactly what kind of problems people are having when the answers have been there all along in the most recent forum posts.

  109. Chronic Skronski says:

    I am still baffled by the amount of people who think 10 x 1000 = 1000.

  110. davie zinner says:

    You asked, “we …improved viewer framerates…how much did that change improve satisfaction?”

    That’s hard to tell. When you crash, you still get zero frames per second.
    VWR-559 and VWR-851.

  111. Fleure Homewood says:

    I feel that while Linden Labs has been working on bells & whistles, the underlying ship has been foundering. It was a very fine ship and a very fine idea, but you have headed in the wrong direction lateley. Do whatever is necessary to stop the crashes, loss of inventory, and lag. You have created a world for people to create in, so your job is to support them in their direction, not your own. We need more groups, more prims, no lag, no ruthing, and less tinkering on Linden Lab’s part in a way that conflicts with residents’ use of the world. Either Second Life is your plaything, or it’s our game and your business to run it like one, please make a decision.

  112. Tony says:

    @75 it depends upon whether they’ve been asking the same 1000 people for 10 days or a different set of 1000 people. The blog doesn’t say how that part works. So it might be 1000 or it might be 10,000.

    In any case, 1000 is a good sample. Opinion polls are based on much smaller samples relatively.

  113. Moll Dean says:

    I am glad SL exist and I will always do my best to help it get better. But I can not believe that there is “satisfaction” when only 95% of the residents never came babk again.
    I’ve never heard any reply from LL and all comments from the community here in this blog seems to be ignored.
    Do you mind if the community makes a new stats?
    One more question. that I guess LL will not answer:
    Are we under hackers attack?

  114. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I got a survey once. I accidentally hit login before I realised what it was, and it was gone at next startup. I never got to fill it in 😦

    Surveys are a great idea, but you need to sample more than 1000 a day, I think.

  115. Sougent Harrop says:

    Well, I’m not a constant complainer like some folks seem to be, and I’m all for new features like Voice and that but I think you’re at a point where you should focus for a while on stabilizing the experience for folks by doing bug fixes and other stabilization fixes. Voice seems like it’s on the verge of being released in the main viewer, so fine finish it up and release it, but then I think you need to pause and let the entire system stabilize, do bug fixes for a good month or 3 then pick up the new development after that.

  116. Tamara says:

    I just checked it! (I am a statistitian by trade!) 1000 people out out several million is NOT a statistically significant sample size. In fact, NOTHING can be gleaned (ie NOTHING can be concluded) from such a small sample. Are Lindens computer (ie math) geeks or what??? Present a sample size that small in any scientific study and every other science geek (me included) would laugh you off the face of the planet!
    Suggest you follow other peoples idea and increase sample size to include a much larger segment of the SL population, or find some other way to monitor, cause this is pitiful attempt to hear your “clients” needs, wishes, and problems.

  117. Susanne Pascale says:

    I refer you to Project Open Letter, your own forums [which seem to be assiduously ignored by LL] and Second Citizen.

    All of your inquiries will be addressed there.

  118. This sounds like a very good idea. Whilst it is clearly not going to provide specific details, it will indeed (as indicated) provide a quick, measurable indication of when there is an immediate issue that needs addressing, and the number of people that it affects.

    If anything the sample size should be increased, for an even quicker indication of when things are going acutely wrong.

  119. Psistorm Ikura says:

    some of those comments are one again amazing. I dont know whether to laugh or cry. some people should read the TOS, in which is stated that SL is an experimental platform and that continuity of service is not guaranteed.
    but they rather assume it has to work because its big n stuff, then setup a business and complain when things fail for a few days a week. thats like ordering ice cream and complaining how its cold πŸ˜›

    considering the size of this project and the features, Im rather impressed with how well SL is holding up. a full dynamic world with some quite nifty technical advances which also houses up to 40 to 45k users on the same server grid. think about that, people. and then consider, that for an experimental platform, its holding up pretty damn good.

    to stay on topic: I approve of this, LL, I do hope this improves the way in which you pick further update plans.

    oh and regarding #72: support portal + JIRA…
    sorry to be offensive, but.. do you people actually READ the blogs or do your just read the topic then bitch or bugreport in your posts? πŸ˜›
    (not particularly directed to #72, but definitely to those trolls on here)

  120. Solomon Draken says:

    I got one of these surveys and I said that it has worsened but noted it is due to the recent issues. I wanted to expand on my comments and say overall my experience with SL has been a very good one and I have referred several relatives and associates to join SL. There is so much variety here that you can do business and meet people and have fun. I know you guys get grief alot for all the bugs but with this many users across so many countries and servers etc. there are bound to be issues. Overall you do a good job but please work hard to fix the whole vanishing inventory thing that’s really annoying because it costs you lindens to replace it.

  121. Maklin Deckard says:

    From a small merchant that hasn’t seen a single sale since the search started failing daily or was disabled, I have a few suggestions, Phillip.

    1) First off, follow through with your WORD on limiting connections when things start to implode, as you posted on the blog.

    2) The substructure of SL is falling apart, but you keep piling on features (Voice, Windlight, etc). Stop slapping layer after layer of chrome on a failing system and being proud of it.

    3) Dump the Tao of the Linden IMMEDIATELY! Start assigning TASKS to your programmers with EXPECTED DUE DATES! This new age ‘pick your own happy-fun-task’ is just churning out chrome and fixes of little importance, not real, substantial improvements.

    4) Put ALL available programmers on bugs and databases. Don’t give me this ‘they all have their own specialties, interface. etc., unless each part of the client is in a different languages, they CAN help squash bugs.

    I am tired of wondering if I will make tier due to LL screwing up search, borking patches, etc.

  122. Taft Worsley says:

    While the surveys are a good idea – i think your support efforts are a little to late. Have you seen the economy – better yet all the bad press about the economy – or maybe your head has been buried in the sand of orentation island trying to keep all these people coming in world – who are here 2 days happy with the hopes they spend half of what some of us have in this world – once people see how much crap it is to use this product and decide to try another world they never return because of the bad experience – better yet all the people in the last 2-3 years you have pissed off – who are never coming back. Would seem to me, you should have done this 8-10 months ago when the press was in your favor on the business up swing – not now after you have pissed everyone off.

    Remember the guy running this ship hold a BS in physics – which i think explains the reason this company is BS at this point (Physic does not equal business qualifations). Face it – SL will never be that same and you have pissed off alot of people who are still anticipating on leaving once they have their affairs in order. Seems you have run the good name into the ground so who do you think gives a flying f&^% about your surveys and further more your failing business model. Way to go Lindens line your pockets a little longer before you investors pull out because you pissed off a big portion of your base paying users. And yeh I know its another wasted breath on this worthless post – hmmm kinda like this medium here !!!!!

  123. Alyx Sands says:

    I never got that survey thing…neither did my two alts…I wanna say something too!!!

    Concerning support-I’ve found that a ticket, combined with live chat, gets things going pretty fast. I’ve had LONG conversations with support in two cases, going back and forth ten times in either direction, in a whole evening-once you actually get hold of someone, they will respond quickly if you keep badgering them!

  124. Blinders Off says:

    OK, honest feedback, no insult intended.

    In general, the experience has significantly degraded.

    * Continued significant bugs, such as the inability to read a notecard within a notecard (that once worked just fine. What happened people?)
    * Continued failure of database and asset servers.
    * The Land Store is awful. Not only is it incompatible with IE7 (the most widely used browser on the planet), it’s confusing when one finally gets it to work.
    * What ever happened to Live Help or being able to call someone to take care of a griefer? Why is there no user protection system in place? As it stands now, a griefer can come to an event and cause all kinds of mayhem and it’s difficult if impossible to do anything about that.
    * Textures still load more slowly than a snail’s walk. Slow textures means lost business for merchants. There is obviously a texture bottleneck. Why doesn’t someone locate it and fix it?
    * Any more than 10 avatars on a sim, and the lag increases noteably. Not only is this not an improvement, it’s loss in performance. At one time it took over 25 avs to significantly slow down a sim.
    * General grid performance is completely down the tubes. There are regular asset server problems and other issues.
    * I love the HUDs and I love local lighting and voice will likely be a boon for the Live Performance Industry.
    * That said, new toys in the face of persistent, unfixed bugs, and new toys causing new bugs is really a bit much. LL needs to spend far more time addressing bug issues. If that means putting new toys on the back burner until we can read a simple notecard, so be it!
    * Lag lag lag lag lag lag lag… What is it, your server setup can’t handle the strain of expected and foreseeable use? Maybe someone needs to entirely rethink server structure.
    * And if I may, let’s talk about extreme expense. I know and everyone knows that LL is a for-profit company. Accepted. Kudos and more power to you. But, Linden Lab puts four islands to a server box and charges what, $1,695 US per island? A server box costs way less than $1000, right? It takes what, 30 minutes to an hour to set up an island? Yet LL charges US $6,780 to set up 4 islands on a quad-server box? And then at $295 per island, four islands comes to a whopping charge of US$14,160 per year to run one server box. Now, I know reasonable profit is expected and I know you all have high overhead. I also know there is a fool born every minute who is willing to shell out US$5,235 the first year for a piece of virtual property. I still think the day is going to come that people will look back at the idiots that did so and laugh their heads off. IMHO it IS possible for LL to make SL more within the affordability range of people, and imho if people are going to shell out US$5,235 for an island and US$3,540 every year thereafter, they deserve their own server box. And I will bet hard money that if that was the case, a lot of lag would disappear. It’s just not fair to LL customers to charge these kinds of fees and not give them the best product for their money. Just bein’ honest.

    * All the above is also just the tip of the iceberg.

    Second Life is undeniably one of the most interesting places on the net. But there are significant, widely-known problems. These problems are in core foundation areas still not working. After four years, one would think the platform would be solid, eh?

  125. Jason Nolan says:

    Of course the text input field wouldn’t let me type, or I couldn’t see it, so I had to click from satisfied to unsatisfied… with the survey at least.

  126. Chance Unknown says:

    @80 : Ignoring that is par for the course. I vote they spend the tier on wild drunken orgies and big balls of rock cocaine. Why not pay some of the engineers to optimize the data base servers? They give the appearance of being way too fragile.

  127. Bear Plunkett says:

    It’s really pretty simple: for SL to be worth spending time in, we need to be able to (a) teleport (especially from “home” if that is, as it is for many of us, an island); (b) retrieve things from inventory — and not have to worry about them disappearing (I’ve lost, among other things, a house that cost L$5000); (c) move around and use chat (d) create/build, (e) have scripts function correctly, and (f) access my L$ account.

    These are core functions, and I may have missed one or two — but if these core functions are not working, SL is a waste of time, and a frustrating one at that. Please, *please* — put the development of new bells-and-whistles features on hold until you have the core functions working properly 99 % of the time. I love sunsets — I have made land purchase/rental decisions based on an unobstructed view to the west for a while now — but as much as I’m looking forward to windlight, I am *more* interested in not logging on to find myself effectively imprisoned in my home sim because TP is not working.

  128. Dingus Voom says:

    Am I satisfied? I’m not sure that is really the right question. It implies that there is some specific, definite way things should be, which we we are getting closer to, or farther away from.

    But this is not that kind of place. Everything changes, so quickly sometimes that it is hard to tell you are still in the same place. So there is no destination, just a very long and quite often turbulent journey. I can be satisfied, or not, with various places along the way, but to ask it about the journey itself, well… that does not seem to be an answerable question, and so what you measure will be very random.

    A better question would be what is causing folks problems, and what is making them happy at a given point. Perhaps harder to quantify, but more likely to generate useful data, I think.

    Best of luck! I will be here as long as I can, the ride so far has been most entertaining!

  129. Idiots says:

    thats a bunch of BULL……. second life is not getting better its getting WORSE…

    more lags…more hang ups…..more missing textures, more crashes thas the most annoying part…. more griefers ..and jerks.

    how the HECK can you say that overall the improvement is doing better

    maybe the idiots say its doing fine

    but i think you lindens are doing a poor job.

    also the “catering” to those who pay 125 bucks a month to just get decient abuse support issues resolved is sad at best.

    you should be honest and say
    “we dont care about you we care only about how much money you give us …”:

    i was banned for 7 freaking days on SL JUST by posting the truth about the priorty service you give to people who pay ungodly amounts of money to you guys

    sure its “public” knowlage but more people need to hear how you really care……only about money and not really about people


  130. Gracie foden says:

    SL is the best program ever. I do feel that it crashes way too much. Sometimes it crashes up to 3 times an hour.

    It would be great to get this corrected as best as possible, because it interrupts many important activities.

    Thank you for correcting the crashing problem.

  131. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    In our little group of friends there are those of us, myself included, for whom Support has timely and helpful response. But there are those also for whom Support has not responded at all. Several of them have cancelled their premium memberships and have dropped to basic because of this. All this happened a few months back when we didn’t have the web based ticketing system yet and right now they see no value in returning to premium. One of them would have been appeased if even she got a reply of some sort instead of seeing her email go into a black hole.

  132. Idiots says:

    what also sucks is the jokingly small comment box the servay gave us

    if they REALLy wanted to hear us out they would have made it longer

    so we can really express whats f-d up with second life.

    and the employees.

  133. Diamond Meness says:

    Well, I didnt receive a survey either. Then again, I have so much to say, they probably would have trashed it after the first 10 paragraphs. Sorry LL, but the reaction you take when things ‘disappear’ from inventory, cant rezz, come back and oh wow…it’s completely gone. Yet you take NO responsibility in it. And doing the ticket thing is just as horrible. Why am I a paying member again? I really dont see much of a difference. As I am put in a que just like the rest of the non paid residents. Why oh why cant you just have a feature that will allow you can ‘return’ an object when it’s out….and why oh why do you not reimburse people missing items when the grid messes up with it rezzing issues.

    I am spending my lindens wisely.

  134. Tyler says:

    yes guys, sl is always borked.

    LL, please fix Second Life.

  135. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day Philip

    Great initiative and for those that don’t realise, 1000 surveys per day is a very robust sample size for research.


  136. Arsheba Nasu says:

    Abolish traffic points. Kill the camping.

    It’s little wonder that people can’t find the actual content, that new users can’t find anything interesting to do, and that businesses everywhere are gasping for air.

  137. Excalibear01 Merlin says:

    Umm.. I just got that survey… I was able to click the better or worse.. but when it came to the text input for why I felt that way… I was not able to enter anything no matter what I tried.. it was just a black box…. O_o it almost felt like they -didn’t- want to know why I wasn’t satisfied about certain things, such as:

    1 Purchases not appearing
    2 Random Crashing
    3 the Pixie Problem
    4 Money not showing
    5 Objects embedded in rather personal places after a teleport
    6 Losing items in the Inventory
    7 Random Teleporting outages

    Weird thing is, when I first came back to SL after a few years away (What a change O_O ), I barely even had these kinds of problems, yet in the past week, I’ve encountered all of them… I’m a bit new to the blogs so I guess I’m being a bit redundant in the things I just posted, but I was a bit annoyed that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t type anything into that survey I was given.. :-/

  138. Rhin Forti says:

    Fix teh bugs!! copy and paste that about 1000 times and there’s your survey quota for the day, now people can stop complaining :3

    And as for those that say to provide a list?
    1)My textures keep fading in and out! Even after Rebaking… >.>
    2)Why can’t I tp? Tp is the tissue of our comfort as we sit on the throne that is SL! I need tp!!
    3)The music in sims seems *imagine small font*~muted~*back to normal size*. Recently I found that I need to click on the volume knob to make it normal. And no, I don’t mean turn up the volume in game… I mean just click the little widget-knobby-thing and it gets louder. o.O
    4)The fps issue… even in areas not running alot of scripts, fps seem horrid.
    5)Even in wide open spaces…when trying to cam in to see something in a vendor booth and the camera’s butt hits the wall, it pushes back to be ~behind~ the wall! Makes the shoppins frustrating >.>
    6)Less crashiness would be a treat.
    7)If you can track transactions, it means you can probably track purchases. And as all of this is stored on Linden’s machines and you give these URLs on where the item comes from, could it be possible to have inventory that goes poof to be restored? Blizzard does it in WoW… just a thought. *shields herself from the Viking hordes of teh Blogs that stomp on new ideas*

    I’m sure most that is being worked on and not easily controlled, and apologies if I’ve not touched on all issues. Maybe if we start a blog to track all the bugs we get…. oh wait, that’s been done.

    I enjoy and loathe my SL experience. It is both a Bane and is Precious to me… my preccciousssss….

    Keep trucking Lindens, and good luck. Shame on you for making another addiction for me! >_<

  139. Yeah thats kinda crazy since i think everyone who pays, owns land and or does business stuff in secondlife should be given a survey.

    I have noticed it would not be all that bad if you were able to correct the following problems below.

    1. sim/region crossing
    2. network lagg
    3. being able to return items on friends propertys (non grouped land)
    4. more media capabilities, wmv, asf, m3u, xml, etc
    5. website html,php intigration into prims (objects)

    #1 region crossing and lagg

  140. alexia cournoyer says:

    perhaps the ToS should be changed to read.. ‘the developers want to go on a onanistic journey and would like you fools to pay for it’ I think it is more reflective of the tao of linden than anything else.. except for ‘no care, no responsibility’

  141. Rhin Forti says:

    Oh… to add to my list (just remembered)

    8)when I take snapshots, no matter what settings I have on size, resolution and whatnot… I could have it set to current window size, which is 1449×900 for me… the pic comes out as 512×512! Help meeeeee….. X3


  142. Reiko Fimicoloud says:

    Hmm, seems like they really do care about our in world experiences. Maybe if they started acting on it abit more, things could get fixed… like INTEL chipset support πŸ˜› (I say this cause it actually works, i’ve got an intel 945GM express chipset, and the sucker works perfectly, it’s my wireless i have an issue with!)

    At least they’re trying i guess. That’s the upside.

  143. Smokey Newman says:

    When are the inventories going to be sorted. They have not worke properly for 2 weeks and not even a mention by Linden.

  144. Reiko Fimicoloud says:

    Oh yea dedicated camping areas instead of widespread ones, camping is cool. OH AND PLEASE TELL US IF SPLODERS ARE illegal, tehy’re fun and and stuff, and i dont see the harm.. other than me earning someone else’s 5 grand in lindens once XD

  145. RacerX Gullwing says:

    ha I Voted worse but when I clicked inside the why box it didn’t seem to notice so I didn’t type anything.

  146. JayR Cela says:

    Definately Worse, way to much instability

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