Classified Advertisement Extension

Due to our inability to enable search for an extended time period this week, we have pushed the expiration date of every advertisement that was in the classifieds as of 17:00 PDT yesterday forward by four days. While we realize this is not of much help to those who had timed events, this does partially address our break in service.  You can of course edit any current classified advertisement to be more timely if you choose.

Thank you!

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164 Responses to Classified Advertisement Extension

  1. The apocolypse is coming! The Lindens listened to the last post’s comments 😮

  2. Broccoli Curry says:

    Do those of us who didn’t place an advertisment quality for anything, as we were suffering from lack of service too?


  3. HealthStar says:

    Very good gesture. Thank you

  4. @#2 – Probably not, but we didn’t lose any funds. But…this is a start. Maybe they are *starting* to listen to their customer base now.

  5. Watermelon Tokyo says:

    Um. Search on my sim is still broken…

  6. Neesha Jewell says:

    I agree with 1.

    Just kidding. I am not a store owner but I take immense delight in seeing that Linden Labs is becoming more customer friendly.

    Maybe now there will be less persons bitching and complaining in the blogs.

    *Neesha jewell crosses all her fingers*

  7. Polymorphous Projects says:

    #5 Search is NOT back on… Classified search title only and places and groups “Service Unavailable”.


  8. No, I expect there will be somebody still complaining, but hopefully it should go down.

    Keep this up Linden Lab, you may improve your reputation with the customer base 😉

  9. Korena Starbrook says:

    I am speechless.

    Could someone please check to see if hell has frozen over?

    TY LL 🙂

  10. Nadhina Winkler says:

    TP doesn’t work again. I’m grey, like other people. Objects don’t work and I’m logged out.
    It’s impossible to do anything, till the day before yesterday!!!

  11. Pussy Dailey says:

    Is this the ‘nice’ comment post?
    …or has nobody noticed it yet.

  12. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    NO you can’t get rid of the whiners…they are (sometimes “we are”) the most amusing thing on the posts. I hate seeing a no comments on the blog, it is a serious infringement of my entertainment from LL. Perhaps they could give us all an additional $50L for every “Comments Are Closed”.
    All LL will need to go buy some hair because I bet they’ve pulled most of theirs out in the last few days.

  13. Kooky Jetaime says:

    To everyone “Impressed” with this “gesture of good will”, I hate to dash your hopes.

    This is the “Standard” response for when the search system goes down for an extended period folks. They’ve been doing it for months (search the past blog entries.) To #2 & #4, no, those of us who are paying customers will not receive anything, because as LL is so fond of pointing out, the TOS does not promise any kind of Uptime or usability guarantee. Quite the contrary, they will often point out the fact that this is new and experimental, and make it sound like they are surprised outages/unavailability like what happened the past few days doesn’t happen MORE often.

    Nope, just take your stipend and cash out with it if you want something back, because thats all your gonna get.

    Sorry to burst your “Hope of Change” bubble.

  14. Hal says:

    Can I expect to be refunded for the L$1200 AO i lost – or all our customers that lost or never received items they’d bought from us over the past few days?

    When will LL admit some liability for that?

    We should start a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ movement against this ineptitude…

    I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore.. 🙂

  15. Montana Corleone says:

    Of course some of us didn’t bother placing our usual ads anyway while the whole system was borked for 4 days, and still showing signs of borkiness. And extending ads costs them nothing really.

    I’d really like to see the replacement and refunding of lost inventory items which seems to be coming MORE common now. Everytime I go to use something, it’s not there. Then there are the invisible clothes issues, that become visible when in Appearance, then go invisible again when you close it.

    And of course it does nothing to address those who lost four days of business but still have those four days of rent to pay…

  16. Gomez Bracken says:

    So my live chat and long international telephone call to LL yesterday paid off! It’s a step in the right direction, Linden – now you just need to compensate us for tiers an you will be on your way to seeming approachable and make your customers feel like you do care…

  17. ari blackthorne says:

    yeah – didn’t even ask for this.

    Thanks, Lindenonians. – I – have faith 🙂

  18. Thank you for this.

  19. Grey Blankes says:

    I do have to say its nice when i dont have to pay to renew a 36,000L ad when nobody can see it…NOT this is what your supposed to do LL.

    Moreover think how long search worked but TPs were down or items were lost. I pay 785USD a month in regions alone…planning to compensate me for the innability to put the regions to their intended use in spite of your ineptitude. Yea I thought not. How about my customers, all 14,000 of them who at one time or another have been subject to random non deliveries due to a loss of communications.

    How about compensation for me? You do know that due to your failure to deliver a stable service it can cost me anywhere from 1000USD to 2500USD a month depending on the stability of SL that month. Tell me why I shouldn’t complain. Tell me where in the ToS it says you can take moen y from a customer and not deliver a service they paid for. Lawyers agree,

    “taking of money for a service that is not rendered to satisfaction despite agreements to service is subject to at minimum refund for any all all instances service was not available.”

  20. Grey Blankes says:

    I guess what I’m saying is you cant legally make someone pay for something they didn’t get no matter WHAT the agreement or ToS say.

    So what exactly am I suggesting? Prorated fees and payments for any and all durations that service is less than 100 percent available. If you think that you don’t have to do that, you may want to hire a different lawyer to draw up your terms of service. State and Federal laws provide protection for this very reason, and moreso they encompass that the laws cannot be overridden if a lawsuit was ever to be filed, making your current ToS obselete.

  21. Thank you for the advertisement extensions – I appreciate the gesture.


  22. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Thanks for the refund. It can’t compensate for the loss of weekend sales and the countless rez failure customer service issues (which make the content creator look bad, since very few residents read the blog and are aware of grid-wide problems), but it’s a start.

    Please no more haphazard and obviously untested updates, especially not right before a weekend. I know SL is still in development, but you have to understand that once you sell a product or service, you have a liability to the customers who expect it to work and can’t treat it as a test environment anymore.

  23. Moll Dean says:

    I consider it as a basic service but it is unfortunately an exception, a decision with some special CEO aproval.
    Would be a good news if this post was:

    “…from now this is a standard rule from our customer services book”.

    Replacement or refund of lost objects are on the way too?

    Yes, it is a good thing and obviously we are all thankful 🙂
    One last thing. Please, DO NOT CLOSE THE COMMENTS WHEN THE POST IS NOT A GOOD NEWS. This area was developed to allow us, SL Resident, to express our thought. For good and bad time.

  24. @18 Moll Dean…i fully agree not to close the comments, every oppinion must be accepted and if you, LL, experiences too much harrasment, you are able to kick those ppl or just not to blog this comment, but ALL other ones, that just wanna express their gentle and moderate thoughts, those MUST have the right to say some, otherwise..look to Russia and dont call yourself a free country 😉 DONT CLOSE COMMENTS

  25. Yvonne Howey says:

    Im having a leaving sale. I’ve got lots of cheap whitewash if Lindens are running short

  26. Yvonne Howey says:

    Waiting moderation. Yeah yeah yeah….

  27. bedeboop says:

    Still looking for over 5,000 items of lost inventory… item LISTED in inventory, I could see it, could pick it but could not use it cuz it said it was missing from the database. 😦 Looking for loads of stuff, some paid for some not, some gifts. Just chalk it up to the LLabs money grabbers who don’t seem to undertstand we like our money too, but we would rather give it away if asked, not cuz we had no choice. No longer a paying member.

  28. Sera Lok says:

    Thanks, but are any of the database issues actually fully resolved? I am still getting customers telling me their items won’t rez and then they are lost from their inventory. This has never happened so much before…

  29. Polymorphous Projects says:

    Oops, I was wrong, search is on ok except not in my home region Whinlatter.

    And I do appreciate the LL recognition of the effects of he search disruption. Now off to contact support…

  30. Nick Soyer says:

    Only one thing works to get attention, “YOUR WALLET”.
    After spending hundreds a month USD on providing people a place to go and have fun, with no help by outages, policy changes & just a broken viewer after every build, it’s time to move on.

    Spending hard earn money each week into something that is as flaky as SL, we should all have are heads examined.

    Where’s everyone’s refund for ratings? I mean i rated my VIPs often, which was worth it when ratings mattered. Oh no TOS.

    Where’s everyone’s refund for lost inventory? For some of us, that can be well over 100,000 lindens, or $400 USD. Oh no TOS.

    I could go on and on, but a-last, words fall on deaf ears. So, only thing that works is your WALLET.

    SL is a great place don’t get me wrong. But not that great.

  31. shakira wind says:

    Why are you guys ALWAYS f#¢%ing breaking Search?

  32. Belial Zadeh says:

    Shame on the same day they also announced they are once again raising prices, this time for mainland auctions.

  33. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @20 hopefully Ben Bernanke doe not have to revise his inflation comments if land prices rise that much in SL (irony)

  34. Ann Otoole says:

    now you need to either get rid of the all tab or do something about place names with all spaces in the name, etc. Oh yes and btw, whats the strange deal with certain popular keyworkds only pull up results for certain places?

    and also on the website .. the fashion page… why is it those certain few designers/merchants are listed in the scroller? why don’t you have your lawyer review your policy of denying access to all designers to the scroller and how you only favor a certain few designers giving them an unfair advertising advantage? time for you to simply remove that designer scrollbar and let them compete in the classifieds with the rest of us soiled masses.

  35. nobody says:

    go on, linden, apologize to us.

  36. honeydripper says:

    I, myself, have no classifieds….but this gesture shows that someone is listening at least….ty for this start LL

  37. WildEagle says:

    I agree with what is being said in reguards to lost inventory items, sales not going through, but let me say this for you. Anyone can say they didn’t get there item, anyone. In all fairness some of these cases may just be someone doing a scam. Second of all The updates aren’t to blame, its the power failure i suspect is to blame for the current problem. Thridly LL WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. I read that prem accounts where going down. Will from what i am seeing its no doubt they are. To be quite honest, i am getting rather sick and tired of this lag i keep getting, all the login errors, and the items missing from inventory compliants. We are paying customers here and as such should be treated with respect in the matter. The fact that you claimed that the search was fixed and than it broke again was frustrating. I can understand having issues, but its been four days now and i am still not seeing a whole lot fixed. In short LL start listing to what your customers say. I have seen games split because admins didn’t listen to the players, it wasn’t pretty either nearly wiped out the games, and even a year and a half later things are not even mended, hate is a powerful thing.

    Remember Lindens: WITH OUT US YOU ARE REALLY NOTHING! You can boast about this game but if we didn’t put our money into the game, and play the game you wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. Sure you will have this fancy game, but doesn’t mean anything if no one is there to play. And if the residents leave so will the bussiness. Just keep it in mind.

  38. Nikki Lytton says:

    Who says anything is fixed yet? Nothing works for me yet. I can’t TP, can’t get to Inventory, can’t even walk – my feet are nailed to the floor. BUT SL says the GRID SLOWDOWN issue is (RESOLVED)

  39. jojuu jun says:

    Did anyone notice everything you had that was round or curved is now a squared or hexagon….did anyone else experience this?

  40. Marina Mincemeat says:

    Keep up the good work Lindens, you are just not appreciated enough for your generousity, some of us love you and Second Life, unconditionally and this is comming from a retail shopaholic, yours truly, and sunshine and bubblegum to you.

  41. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Thank you LL. Most appreciated.

  42. Kenny Stinger says:

    Gee Must Bee under Attack Wounder Why ?:)
    And Buyu the way Why Hasnt LInde lab Done Eny Thing About Ian10031 Who Been Settingat Orientation Island Theaten to Hack leageal Protester HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
    I know for a fact There been Sevearel Complaints Against him Yet They Do Nothing!i Wounder Why ? Simple They Dont Care About us at all
    Second Life !

  43. Shocked says:

    Thanx, that is a sign of good will and acknowledgment. Not more not less. Try to keep thinking along those lines 😉

  44. Hi fan bois:

    Amazing how many people want to hug a linden when they feed us some crumbs. Honestly, LL customer service is the worst. Try calling them and actually speaking to someone if you don’t believe me. If you do, hope you don’t get hung up on. The lindens have outlived their own usefullnesss and need to pawn SL on a company that can better manage it. The lindens run SL in a benevolant despotism, at best.

  45. Bobby Troughton says:

    Search does work with classifieds on the second life website when search is down in world. They don’t mention that much, I suppose fear it’ll flood the website too much. 🙂

  46. Thank you LL for the prorate. (BTW, has anyone seen the green “hand” symbol on the map lately ( a good reason why I placed classified ads; so people can see them on the map))? I have NOT seen a hand on the map since December…Was this taken away like everything else because it “caused” lag?

  47. Trevor Cao says:

    With a loss of 4 days of business and the only business who were getting all the traffic were the campers mega sims under popular was so unfair. I lost most of my week business and others. I make most of my money on saturdays and sundays with summer as slow as it is already this just totally whipped out us for the time being the vendors I rent with

    There are people who rely on this as their livelyhood just as you do
    loosing that much business at this time of year is horrible. Any other business in RL would feel the same if their business shut down for 4 days

    Thanks for the classified extension but the only classifieds that really worked for business where the ones who pay 300 dollars to be on the top which again is pretty hefty for this time of year

    Please keep sl running and search working to many this isnt a game but their work

    thanks ::)

  48. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:

    i think LL you need to repeat the fact that this is NOT fixed and people should NOT be rezzing no copy items im getting 5 or 6 complaints already today people losing items…… scripts are very slow loading and many items are lost from database errors again i remember a few months back torley stated that they put in a backup so this would NOT HAPPEN that no copy items would not DO THIS ANYMORE i have come to realize that none of these bugs ever get fixed and i really scratch my head why YOU DONT HAVE A BACKUP FOR YOUR DATABASE!!!! we shouldnt EVER LOSE these items we pay for like this how many months of people complaining letters screaming at you that we need to have this stable and a way to back up our own items on our own computer put teh voice and windlight on hold and work on a way for us to NOT LOSE OUR INVENTORYS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ALREADY!! SEE US READ US LISTEN TO US!

  49. Wiseguy Capra says:

    What I would to see is LL spending time in creating a backup function for the users inventory. Of course this brings up some issues. Someone could pass on a transferable item to someone else and then reload a backup of his inventory. So the function would require some sort of cross check with what the user has given away and in that case remove this items from the loaded backup. Then again, you could rez the item and say you lost it and call a backup of your inventory. However, some way must be found to sort the inventory loss issue sooner or later. I “only” have about 5.000 items in my inventory but they are all payed tools and toys I use for sim development, rentals, building etc etc. So a loss is not a option here.

    Nice to see that LL extended the adverts but like it was mentioned it doesn’t change anything for the recent business / rental losses.

  50. Minni Trotter says:

    Lost inventory? back on the 1.13 update, the one that broked search for well over a month I lost a total of well over 20K of products. I finally got an email from linden support that sounded pretty close to “you should feel lucky you did not loose everything.” I have not every gotten any of that stuff back and here we are more than 6 months after those losses.

    I wont even look to see what is lost now but I know of three close friends that have significant losses of items in the past week. My SL daughter (playing an over age 18 avatar) lost the collar I gave her months ago and that was crushing to her, and to see its effect on her was more than difficult to me.

    I sat at help island to see how the only in-world support seemed to work and in 1/2 hour no less than 8 people came in complaining about lost items. BTW help island is a joke. Mostly the blind the leading the blind but at least there are people trying their very best to make up for lack of other support options, kudos to the blind willing to try and lead the blind.

    As to being compensated for losses? Its not possible, the L is real money to us all including LL since its bought with real money and can be cashed back out to real money. The reality is that if LL started to compensate losses many people would take advantage of it and either fabricate (lie) about losses or greatly exagerate them.

    I think that every person logged in for more than X amount of hours in the last week should get 500L, every land owner should recieve 1000L and every confirmed SL business should get 5000L but that is just unrealistic to give 1000S of real money worth of L to us like that.

    Yes I agree, the response of giving us 4 days “free” ads is a joke. Giving us L to compensate losses is unrealistic. I say if LL is really wanting to compensate us then just hire more staff to give support even to free accounts. If LL really wants to show some love to the residents of a great virtual world (even as broken as it is the concept is awesome) then hire more staff to deal with the brokenness of SL, make it stable. Show us some love LL buy the equipment and/or services needed to ensure back ups are there and working. Show some love LL, ensure that back up exist for lost items in our inventories so my daughter (again over age 18) doesn’t suffer such a crushing blow as to loose the one object she had that meant more than all the rest put together.

    Really LL I appreciate your are in a tough position, how to make a bunch of pissed off residents happy without suffering your own losses in doing so. You know what we want more than just a laughable gesture. We want our world to function correctly, insurance against lost objects, a consistantly playable product, more thorough beta testing of new features.

  51. Tesla Miles says:

    Considering all the problems, strangely enough, my sculpty hat shop hasn’t been doing too badly. On a positive note, getting rid of gambling in SL has actually improved business for me.

    I’m not relying on search for people to find my business, but good old fashioned word of mouth; ie. going to different sims, giving out free samples and telling people about how good my hats are. That’s why my business has taken off so quickly.

    I do hope that LL fix these problems soon, as it’s not so much a problem for the ‘well known’ designers who most people have landmarked, but I feel sorry for those who are trying to start up a business and it’s not an encouraging thing to happen.

  52. Mo dryke says:

    good shot lindens

  53. inacentaur says:

    Place Search listing charges (albeit only L$30/week) should also be accounted for…

  54. Delilah Karas says:

    It would be nice if you gave all of us paying customers an additional stipend for this week, considering that most of us lost items – I myself lost something in the range of about 2500L not to mention the sentimental value in one particular object. Each time you said it was fixed, it wasn’t. It still isn’t or wasn’t as of 9 pm eastern time since I lost a new pair of shoes I was trying to WEAR not REZ.

    I sympathize with the classified ad people and sure I know that people without paid accounts lost stuff too but taking care of your paying customer base would sure go a long way further to convincing me I shoudl stop pouring money into SL.

  55. Delilah Karas says:

    Correction – shouldn’t stop. ARRGH.

  56. Woolich says:

    and what about Parcel Directory?

    It didn´t work


    @15 & @16….. If you are so sure off the legal status, why don’t you do us all a favour and start a law suit? In other words….put your lost money where your mouth is ….. put up or shut up….

  58. Hanumi Takakura says:

    Well. I for the most part accept whatever happens here. My most valued things are scripts I made and those are saved as text files on my computer. I understand people wont react the same and others will lose a lot of money(looks up to posts 15 and 16). To you, the only I can say is, patience is a virtue. And the material stays in the material world. Losing a lot of items here. Valuables or not, is never good at all. But from ashes, you create.

  59. Vincent Nacon says:

    People need to behind over, Lindens was trying to do their best to make up the problem that well all (even lindens) had troubled with.

    This isn’t Linden Labs fault.

  60. Vincent Nacon says:

    correction: ” problem that WE all* “

  61. Blake says:

    Thank LL labs for the 214L$ worth of adds for me this week now what about the non copy item i lost a few mins ago that cost me 750 ???
    Looks like your system has taken a tumble again

  62. Xen Akula says:

    Please fix Second Life.

  63. Rimmy says:

    @15 and everyone else complaining about lost linden and money…

    Buyer Beware! Yes, it’s frustrating as hell. Yes, it must be tragic if you stand to loose between 1000 & 2500$us/month. Guess what? You knew the risks before you started your investment. Suck it up, princess. If it’s costing that much, invest in the stock market, or better yet, don’t quit your day job.

    Ok, so you come back with I didn’t know the risks. Every smart investor who makes money will tell you the way they did it was by doing three things before they made their investment: research, research, and more research.

    This “I’m a victim of the linden mentality” is really starting to move from boaring to really annoying. You pay to play. You’re purchasing your own grief. Its the same mentality behind the SL is a police state for banning gambling. Sorry people, there’s no quick buck, something for nothing.

    The whining is really…..boaring. The best way to relieve the stress is get a really loud emote and go scare a noob. :O)

  64. Thank you for this. It goes a fair way to balance the missing Search especially for those of us who have paid large amounts for the classified placement

  65. ari blackthorne says:

    F’kin whiners.

    If you don’t like it leave. Go away. Don’t talk about it, DO it.

    The extension of classifieds has always been LL’s policy in these situations. Surprised Cyn allowed comments – nothin’ but F’kin whiners is all that ever show up – crawling out of the woodwork like parasites.

    Go ahead – flame me – don’t care.

    @Cyn: thatnks for letting us know. Appreciated – now there’s no question.
    Too bad you won’t see my little message of appreciation for your message, because these things always flood with f’kin whiners and cry babies who do nothing be repeat the same old crap over and over again – so you and every other Linden doesn’t bother reading these comments ’cause you’re tired of it.

    Heh – me, too.

    For all you whiners and cry-babies – go ahead and whine. Then make a decision: you gonna wait for your diaper to be changed or you gonna actually do something about it?

    Yeah – everything that’s been said above – me too. I’m tired of it too. But you know what? I don’t need to preach to the choir or seek attention and sympathy from fellow residents – which you all must need because that’s all that happens when you post the drivel.

    Vote with your dollars and your shoes. If LL handling of SL is that bad – go somewhere else.

    “It’s a tough t!tty, said the kitty, but the milk tases good.”

    Then if the milk tastes so good – stop whining and just suck it up. or go find another. =P

  66. Laetizia says:

    That’s the proper thing to do, thanks

  67. That DeFarge says:

    @44 Guess you didn’t invest into SL like the “whiners” with creativity and/or money. For sure, if this kind of incident remains a “feature” of the platform then the “whiners” will indeed give up eventually (maybe it will take 12-18 months). After that time, you’ll have nothing new worth buying, no creative individuals making innovative products for you to use, and little use for the platform in the months that follow if it fails to support the most basic principle that has provided the marketing platform on which it has recently expanded.

  68. ari blackthorne says:


    yeah – I did.

    have a couple islands, shops all that.

    But I’m not stoo-pid enough to try to make a living with it either.

    It’s play money. The effort is for fun.
    I make enough money that the islands pay for themselves. Almost even made back the original investment.

    Point; if your wallet actually hurts – then make it stop and leave.
    Otherwise – deal with it folks.


  69. Shaz sinatra says:

    in response to #10, did just that in March, would you be surprised to hear i am still waiting for the money!!!!!

  70. Meagan says:

    Is it really all about buying and selling for everyone? When did the social aspect of Second Life get lost? SL is a great place to meet people from all over the world and have fun. The economy might make some things interesting, and I like shopping as much as (or more than!) anyone, but that’s not why I’m here. I like meeting people.

    I see that Linden Labs has an employment section on their website. They’re looking to hire new people, and are taking applications online. How about those of you who want to see change put in your applications, and tell them how you want to fix this mess? 🙂

  71. Shaz sinatra says:

    in response to # 10, did that in March, would you be surprised to, hear im still waiting to receive the money!!

  72. That DeFarge says:

    @47 I figured you’d miss the point – and indeed the reference 🙂

  73. Angelique LaFollette says:

    Ok, I KNOW this is Off Topic, and the wrong place, but there simply is NO other way to get through to a Linden so i Apologize in advance.

    I Have some Information with Regard to a Possible grid Attack, and i Need to Pass it On to a Linden ASAP. If one is Reading or Monitoring the Blog Please Contact me In World.

    I will provide No further Information here, as this is the wrong place for it. Please Don’t ask.


  74. Wilson McLuhan says:

    What about all of my lost sales due to downtime, search problems, Linden $ problems, etc. this month? I can’t make my tier this month.

  75. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    in response to #’s 49 & 50….

    I think you mean your response was to #11. I ain’t cashing out of sl I am having waaaay to much fun.
    I’ve even managed to forgive and forget the Great Inventory Robbery of Feb.’07 when I lost 20k worth of stuff. In fact it was a blessing in disguise since it taught me to keep my inventory small, manageable and “?relevant?” (which was the tricky thing).
    Thanks whiners and ass-kissers I love this blog, chronically entertaining.
    See ya inworld.

  76. Caleb Francis says:

    thank you

  77. Babyblues Boffin says:

    Events from the last week have made me understand that the ‘Linden Dollar’ is now ‘COLD HARD CASH’ so doesn’t that make changes in all rules? 🙂

  78. Nikki Lytton says:

    We would not be expressing so much frustration about Second Life performance issues if we did not enjoyed second Life so much and want it to work well for everyone.

  79. Valentino Tendaze says:

    I just want to say thanks.

    And to comment that, like I’ve read on the Forums has happened in the past to others, my sales have evened back to normal – basically lost sales got made up once Search was working again. So maybe other merchants will find that it evens out over a few days.

  80. simon sugita says:

    thank you verry much, fair enough 😉

  81. Rezzer Dancer says:

    oooOOOOO search was broken..?? umm lemme check .. brb

  82. Minnie Trottier says:

    I am just like many of you. We have 2 islands to pay for and a couple businesses to run and a third in the works. I have to admit its been more than difficult to get the third running in a timely manner with all the downtime/issues lately.
    Honestly though, I know LL is trying. I also understand that it is just a “game” (oh no did I just say that?) and that if I own 2 islands I have to be able and ready to pay the tier on them out of my own pocket at any given point.
    First rule of thumb with SL….DON’T OWN ANYTHING YOU CAN’T PAY FOR IN CASH IN A PINCH!!!! Period!
    Also, personal opinion here, SL should have been closed to everybody but paying customers for at least the last 4 days until they got these issues worked out. It’s difficult enough to fix the grid with anybody on it, let alone fix it with with a bunch of newbies wrecking stuff! This is one of those times when they should have invoked the paying people only rule! They created it, why not use it???

  83. Astarte says:

    No this action is not that special Linden Labs have done this before when search has been down for an extended time. But as you all note no compensation for lost sales or lost items.

    We all complain about the annoyance and problems caused by griefing…. The worst culprits are the Lindens themselves; trying to say that nothing is wrong when it plainly is, and most of it caused by the bugs they have introduced. And yes it would be lovely to be able to back up my inventory, so I can recover lost items, but again that is some way down their list of priorities. so as usual we just have to grin and bear it.

    One of these days we will have a game that is stable enough that none of these actions will be needed. Don’t know though, whether it will be called Second Life !!

  84. elvisorbit says:

    Thanks for the extension. It is appreciated.

  85. mcgeeb Gupte says:

    Thank you LL. I actually for some reason did fairly well in sales during this time period but thanks anyways.

  86. Droopz says:

    and now they put up a Poll if we think SL got better or a time where SL is borked…are they stupid? lol? putting up a poll when your service os utterly crap and not working you will only get negative or mostly negative results…damn..who is their manager etc…

  87. Chocolata Oxberger says:

    I was wondering why they removed the info on who to forward your logos to.

    I was really worrying that some of my shops would be shutting down this week with all the borked downtime. Suprisingly I managed to get all rents paid but it seems that times like these us little guys are going to have to close up shop.

  88. Grey Blankes says:

    I am a content creator and yes I do have an inherently HUGE liability, will I suffer if things were to go truly downhill. No. I have my backup plans, im a 3d graphic designer by trade, I can survive without second life. I came here for the people. I do not want to leave, I will stay and deal with every conceivable bug right up until I cannot actually create content.

    All I really want to see is NO MORE UPDATES, no windlight, no voice… nothing!

    Fix the problems you have, pay attention to the bug tracker, go ahead and wipe out as many issues as you can, then first look all those fixes. ONLY when you’ve gone that far should you attempt a patch. I really really really dont want or need to see new features until everything is in good working order…thanks in advance.

  89. Qie says:

    This is nice, it really is.

    And I really hate to have to follow that with something negative, but: the “Failure to Rez” problem is serious enough that either the grid should be down, still, or there should be a HUGE BANNER WARNING on the login page that any no-copy items rezzed are likely to be lost through no fault of the rezzer or the object’s creator. And we need an update on the blog about this, so it’s clear to us that LL realizes that the grid is unusable for most any purposes still, and have committed all appropriate resources to resolving this urgent problem.

  90. OMG, what hapenned to SL? I’ve never seen such posts before, half these people cant speak English properly, the other half are shouting at each other. Linden, please just have a little look at what you’re doing. I can see why you’ve allowed half of these posts, to obviously discredit the whole blog. With people who cant even speak properly using this game, with actually no idea of what it is, and probably no idea of what the people are actually complaining about.
    For someone to say “I got some islands an all that” I never dreampt I’d see that sort of thing on here.
    Linden, your company is very disorganised, thats just a fact, all it needs is a few very good staff in to re-organise and you will make an absolute fortune. No doubt you already have, but you must read the newspapers etc, you know where Second Life is “possibly” headed. If you dont sort it out, you stand to lose out from perhaps even competing with Bill Gates. This is being hailed as the new Internet, surely you must be able to get some extremely good people in to re-arrange it. All you have is things like a fluffy PR campaign by Torley.
    In the words of a Linden when asked why they are moving to Brighton, “Because it looks nice”!!
    I wouldnt worry about any of the comments, your about to lose your entire business with it splitting at the seams, when, if you keep it going, you could be the next Microsoft.
    I pay a fortune for a sim, classifieds etc, you name it I’m paying for it. None of it interests me, I’m interested to see what happens to your company, I give you less than 6 months and Second Life will no longer exist. You must have seen what almost hapenned to Last also the bubble bursting on the Internet boom. This though you’re doing to yourselves.
    Stop the silly PR campaign with Torley, get on with some work, forget Windlight, bla , bla for a while and pay out millions to a team to come in and re-organise, then you’ll have a decent company.
    Its very obvious you werent expecting Second Life to take off like this, but it has, go with it or sink, the answer is pretty simple as to what you need to do. Quake etc are still behind you, you have time to get this sorted otherwise a company is going to leap frog you, leaving you with a pile of mess and in liquidation.
    Its your choice, in the end, do you want to make 1000 times more money or be bankrupt very soon? VERY FAST Investment in management is the only answer.
    Yes, it does look like its now just a pile of idiots using Second Life, but just invest and then you can take more money from them. Its pretty simple business sense I’d have thought.

  91. Alicia Sautereau says:

    L$2500 stipend anyone?

  92. Calin McKinney says:

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Allow residents to back up their own inventory on their own computer. Use some kind of DRM if you are worried about people hacking and copying no copy stuff, or just leave it between the residents to work out, like the current suit for the animations bed.

    2. Good move to increase add times…that is the right path to show customer appreciation and support.

    3. Increase staff for customer support department.

    4. Increase pay and hire the very best network and coding tech folks to keep this baby running smoothly.

    5. Slow down on new features until grid stability/coding issues are resolved.

    6. Never, ever, ever close comments on the blog….let us air our thoughts on every issue…that is just more data for you to consider and learn about your customer base from. Come on…you can take it! If we really didn’t care we would not still be here….and would not bother commenting at all. We care, we like the game…we want it to be better…hear us and let us help guide your energies with our comments.

    7. Bring back gambling in some way…even maybe just with worthless points that cannot be traded in for real cash. Also, friends would like to be able to play things like poker against each other. With points on the existing games…we could do this. Are you listening SL game developers??

    8. Make using sculpted prims and scripting easier for everyone…once the grid and network stability issues are more resolved.

    9. Take better care of your paying customers…I agree…if you’re on a free may not be able to access SL all the time…you may be kicked off periodically for grid issues…that is part of being free!

    10. Finally, hooray for Torely and many other friends on SL who love this game and love showing us how to play it better!

    Keep the faith!

  93. Melanie Milland says:

    Well, LL have listened to one complaint … now how about the others?

    Grid stability –
    Data integrity –
    Roll back the “Chatterbox” –
    Stop new shinies –

  94. Rudolph Ormsby says:

    I think it is fair enough to extend classifieds by four days – and yup I understand this to be more or less standard practice (but at least it is).

    SUGGESTION – since outages at the weekend are the most punishing for SL traders, it would be MUCH APPRECIATED if the standard extension was changed to a whole week whenever an outage happens on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

    Re #15 & #16 – I was gonna say to Grey, you have to assume there is no liability on LL’s side (given the ToS), but I see you addressed your risk/liability well in #59. However, it did make me think more generally about the ongoing legal jurisdiction argument – i.e. if LL is increasingly binding itself to US laws on gambling, etc. (as it probably must), then perhaps you are right about recourse to the US courts for loss of income, etc…., and a test of the legality of handing off liability in the ToS. Just a thought……

  95. U M says:

    Are you going to take the blame and replay some of the losses we had to deal with over the course of the 3 days of broken tp, payments, etc?

  96. Tony says:

    @44 lol whining about whiners, come on.

    Cheers for the extension on the classifieds.

  97. Franko Corleone says:

    speaking of stipend
    Or was the last few days of borking a way to alleviate paying Stipends this week.
    How many others have botghered to check if their stipend arrived this week.

  98. elvisorbit says:

    Mine Stipend came fine.

  99. Estella says:

    Ty LL. Now how about doing something about the problem we’re having with the “failed to rez object” in sl? I’ve lost 2 things tonight and know of others who’ve lost a lot things too. We thought things were getting back to normal instead we’re afraid to rez anything for fear of losing it.

  100. Storyof Oh says:

    hey but but we can now sent Postcards!!!

    ‘huge lag, can’t TP or do then crash, cant rez, lost items, can’t log back in…..wish you were here’

  101. Okay, I am going to repeat myself again, I don’t feel I’m being heard.

    Friends, groups, chat history and IM need to be in


    Imagine the following:

    A meeting of twenty avatars, not all of whom can voice (some are on Linux or at work), all of them talking at once, so the chat history is moving nonstop.

    My avatar is walking around meeting people, showing them inside, looking for security issues. My voice is on, for security’s sake.

    Every two to five minutes a new IM comes in, and it will not wait; some of them will become conversations. Eventually ten of them are open at once, making a horizontal band across the top of my screen, which means I have to tab across it to catch new blinking tabs. Yes. I’m talking to all ten of them AND running the meeting.

    People are requesting teleports, so I have to Search. People are requesting to join the group, so I have to pull up group Info.


    How the hell am I supposed to be able to do this with the new Communicate window and still see any part of a 3D world?

  102. Ann Otoole says:

    Stipend Base 300 2007-07-31 05:18:09 SYSTEM
    looks like mine showed up. it usually does. but then it vanishes into the classifieds charges lol.

    every L$ helps i say.

    One thing that Linden Research really needs to develop a comprehension for is the big picture. Secondlife is nothing without content. And goes stale if new content cannot be introduced. The residents want new content and want it at a fast rate of introduction. However, it is increasingly difficult to develop new complex content when the grid remains unstable, there continue to be rezzing issues, and, worst of all, the inconsistent yet consistently worsening problem with textures being destroyed through the jpeg2000 conversion process (which btw destroys sculpties even when it works perfectly since sculpty textures cannot survive a conversion to jpeg without significant degradation), and the increasing frequency of the rez failures once a texture is uploaded. the textures increasingly just never finish rezzing. probably because of poor coding in bit chunk handling or over zealous security implementations that do not finish the chunking properly. Then the viewer has developed far sightedness and many many previously perfect textures are blurred when you zoom in. this is a really bad thing where skins are concerned.

    So overall… it is increasingly difficult to create quality content since it is rather obvious the people coding the system are not involved in being in world much. thus they are not “eating their own dog food”.

    this needs to be fixed and any thought of voice or windlight be back burnered or just canceled until the system can work as currently designed and intended.

    fix what is there first. then maybe consider whether or not any new technology is state of the art and well entrenched and proven before even thinking about allowing it anywhere near the grid.

  103. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> Broccoli Curry Says: Do those of us who didn’t place an advertisment quality for anything, as we were suffering from lack of service too?

    Good heavens! Anything else we can do for you, luvvie? Nice cup of tea brought round, perhaps?

  104. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just tale a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!

  105. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!

  106. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers..

  107. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!….

  108. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!;;;;;;;

  109. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!!!!!!!!1

  110. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!””,,

  111. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  112. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers! 🙂

  113. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers! :(:(:(:*(:(:(:(:(:(:*(:(:(:(:

  114. ex SL member says:

    lol can’t you see its more than just search thats broken, the whole system is now 1/2 broken 50% of the time and now casino’s have gone to the Economy has gone messed up to, just take a look in the Economy statistic graphs and see how linden exchanges have gone down,.,, sl is slowly coming to its death because the coders don’t know how to code and the top peeps don’t have the balls to stand up for its customers! come on mods, wake up, your as bad as the stupid lindens !

  115. Cocoanut Koala says:



  116. Nevera Stooge says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  117. Byelka Houston says:

    my experence in life has tought me that the only way to get satisfaction from “any” coustomer based business is we are shit on there shoe and no one cares about us shits

    so i ask do i need help…..yes… have needed help for months… why?

    nothing works

  118. milissa rossini says:

    Thanks god! I have chance to make comment. 100 posts are too few for us to express how we feel- disappointed. At least, this extension provides some symbolic stuff not useful. I am a premium since June and now give up to expect anything from LL. And I feel awful to login with account too, personally feeling very bad. I prefer to use non-paid member account that make me feel no suffering from being a paid member. What I do is waiting for this account die out by the next June. This is a sorry reply to LL service and their system instability, as I always miss my chance to comment with first 100.

  119. McCabe Maxsted says:

    I really wish they’d check to see if an issue is actually resolved or not before marking it [RESOLVED] on the blog, then closing comments.

  120. search is down again so im saying this im selling a sim and 14336 sq meters on estate private sims IM me in world for infor

  121. Vin Houston says:

    excuse my wife she is not well but i would like to say that sl is a huge dissapointment and here are my reasons. first paypal never works. my account goes unpaid everytime i set it up…why?…i call and get no answers and am told i will recieve a e-mail and get none. second i have noticed that there is a unreal amount of lagg due to congestion with in sl’s servers, and that seems to be the least of sl’s concerns. third im mad that so many people seem to copy infringe on (example only) nike and adidas and etc… while if i, an american, decided to do this id be jailed and fined. fourth is the issue that all people should concern them selves with and that is that most content in sl is free but we rely on content creation as income… what do i mean you may ask …
    its easy… afk products are a client server trick that you yourself can do in your settings so why buy one?… the list goes on and on and on… and on and on… so is linden or sl listening to us? no silly there listening to them selves an we all know what that means…absolutly nothing will ever be done to fix any issues and when they are its astonishing. so to sum up my experience with sl the past year goes like this….
    lagg. crash. buy land and lag on it like a cow choaking on grass. crash. pay a butload of cash to keep land and account after messing with paypal for weeks and calling sl geting no where. crash. update the download, lag a lot and loose inventory. crash. im done and im looking for compensation. get no compensation and crash again. if we dont ban together we will have the same issues no matter what so sl look out we are here making you big and getting mad at the issues sl makes for itsself we just may go on strike together … idk …we’ll see.

  122. Luna Larsen says:

    and what a nice morning for us in europe !!!!
    again not able to log in, but the problems are “resolved”.
    bad joke, lindens 😦

  123. Luna Larsen says:

    oh and btw, about your great ” resolved “: i bought last night 3 times the same object, and 3 times i lost it from inventory.

    and now don´t tell, to clear cache and i will find it, i cleared the damn cache and still nothing. oh sure, i must rez objects in a ” stable region ” ( was the answer from izzy, to my support ticket ). well my sim is very “stable”, so what now ??

  124. Tegg B says:

    #11 Hal Says: We should start a ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ movement against this ineptitude…

    Zero tolerance sounds great till your company adopts the same policy and sacks you next time you fail or make a mistake 😛

  125. Karen says:

    Not able to rezz, insufficient rights to view my own notecards in my inventory, failed tp, inventory loading takes ages, etc… etc….
    everything is screwed up again

  126. Shivanna says:

    I cant loggin second time this week. Wtf do they?

  127. Marty Dyrssen says:

    God Morning Europe!

    I`m SL and i have errors, lol, ervery morning the same shit….

  128. Vin Houston says:

    like i said ,and many others as well, sl is shady and cares not

  129. phoenix Mcgann says:

    Prorated fees and payments for any and all durations that service is less than 100 percent available.

    This would help tremendoussly for my business as it makes the possibility of rebating my custoemr’s ter payemnts to me at least worth considering. I cant viably do that at the moment since my daily tier bill runs at $158US. That is a DAY. When will L do the obvious and much asked for step of freezing the curent feature set and getting that working reliably first before rushing off intothe wild blue yonder of voice, Windlight and the like.

    Maybe thy have the concept that they will attract more customers in with the flash, perhaps but there is surely a greater value in keeeping the customers you have happy and ticking over and paying condiderable sums of money each year to be here and hold land to work on. I have a customer right noe who is super keen to get on with his business plan, and is asking to rent whole sims *right now*, I am supplying two, there are another three from other sources, I am stuck now waiting for delivery of my 20th, which wil go stright to him,

    Now there is someone on a mission, and with a reasonable amount of money to throw into the SL economy. His comment this morning when I checked for him and found the status of the delayed sim *and* the previous one which I have had for around a week, to both be showing as pending? “SL Sucks”That doesn’t inspire me wiith confidence to keep turning my profit back into growth, Enough SL Sucks type comments and Even my optimism for the future might fade.

    For HEavenssake LL get what you are doing tright now runing right Please prtty please Phoe

  130. Aromadon Enoch says:

    @77 One problem…. we’re not talking about people who have made ONE mistake, nor are we talking about a “Zero Tolerance” from SCRATCH…. LL has had PLENTY of chances… more than ANY corporate entity would give an employee who made regular screwups as massive as LL does, and they have failed to improve or even to ATTEMPT to improve. No, it’s not an unfair application of Zero Tolerance when you’ve already exhausted 99.99% of your tolerance level, and I’d say LL has EASILY used up that much, and more, of the good will of the community….

  131. Marty Dyrssen says:

    and btw

    the linden sim cost 295 US$/month
    thats 9.83 US$ to day and 0,41 US$/hour

    the score of errors in the last month are 66 hours.
    thats 27,06 US$ for nothing….


  132. Luna Larsen says:

    anybody out there who can not connect to sl ?? i can not connect for almost 2 hours.

  133. william fish says:

    #15 well said. Wasnt there a class action starting up against LL or did i miss read

  134. Shivanna says:

    I cant connect too, my boyfriend is waiting for me, and i am really angry about that i cant connect.

    Ey Linden, kriegs endlich mal auf die Reihe.

  135. william fish says:

    also since they closed the previous blog i’d like to point out that LL claimed they wanted to dish out more sims a week for the auction block to help keep land prices down…. then they turn around and increase the min. starting price for a whole region.

    Not that any region will ever go for the min price ever, but remind me again where increasing the min starting auction price for a region helps keep land prices down?

  136. Astarte says:

    Well it looks like Linden Labs have finally dione it. A comments post still unfilled after 16 hours.

    No it’s not theat people are happy, they have just realised that no notice is taken by Linden Labs of whatever is posted in these comments. I see we got a reply for Iridium in the last one. Comment 98, therefore no chance of a reply to it there, saying he looks at them all, . Ok Iridium, it is one thing to read them all. It is another thing to actually take note and action some of what is posted, and I see very little evidence of that.

    Unfortunately I must agree with several of the above comments, that the final outcome of all the baulking this week is that things still will not rezz and that no copy items are still likely to go missing easily, so what can we do…I know we can all become newbies again for the next month while the Linden’s find out what they have actually done to screw everything up, because it is still far from fixed. And don’t get me started on all the other things that I have mentioned directly to various Lindens, that have seen no action whatever. even when it is down in black and white, with full details.

    It is time the Lindens took a step backward and looked at the big picture and they would see that their world / our world is falling apart at the seams, and for once admit this fact and start working on stitching it back together correctly. Everything they have said over the past months is. We are getting rid of various things to reduce load and make things work better….sorry no-one seems to be seeing these supposed effects, all we are seeing is the reduction in services and the reduction in the servicability of the SL core.

    Oh and voice.. yes I do use it, but not SL version. 2 reasons. voice covers same distance as shout used to…oh dear…is another way of introducing additional griefing, and unlike physical griefing cannot be substantiated for abuse reports, so like effects volume I will probably be setting it fairly low, once it starts getting used heavily and the Skype I use at the moment is far clearer and is prone to work 99.9% of the time, I can actually hear what people are saying, and I can control who I am talking to.

  137. Jakkal Dingo says:

    Could you guys please please make an announcement about inventory loss? I’m getting countless IMs from people who have tried to buy items only to have a non-rezzing box, and lose the inventory upon relogging.

    I think it would help us out tremendously if you’d get the word out that this is happening. Shop owners are getting blamed for this massively chaotic bug!

  138. anon says:

    @27 underage b&

  139. Horny DeCuir says:

    No 79 LUNA you are not the only one can not log in. Seems there are more problems after the last last update then ever. Trying to log on for 3 hours now. Its getting worse lately. hopen Sl lets me log on soon again :((( Miss my friends so much!

  140. notagambler says:

    Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update

    In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance. This may also effect portions of our website. We are working to re-open our doors as quickly as possible and we appreciate your continued patience. For more details and further information on our system status, please visit our official blog at:

  141. Arnold Wilder says:

    Great, money doesn’t work, search doesn’t work, profiles don’t work, seeing who owns stuff doesn’t work, nice job fixing things.

  142. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 27 Kenny Stinger – Re Ian10031 at Orientation Island. I was actually there listening with amusement. Ian was very polite, and just expressed surprise, like me, that they thought they could achieve anything by drowning Orientation Island. They seemed to have no idea this was due to a US law. Ian himself was being abused by many protestors, and I neary AR’d several of them myself. I have the chats logged to disk if Linden are interested.

    But since you bring up Orientation Island, maybe the Lindens think it might not be such a good idea for Linden Radio there to continually tell newcomers that they can buy First Land at a cheap rate, that they can pull down the Menu for Live Help, oh, and that even basic account holders receive a stipend!! But I suppose it’s like everything else: it’s not a shiny so it gets ignored.

    Maybe you should just admit the errors of your ways, roll back voice, and concentrate on what people want. ie stability, and knowing their inventory is safe. You can start by firing the Operations Director who says “we say the Databases Are Not Special – this is an unusual view. Most organizations coddle their DBs, spend a lot of time and attention on them, and so they should.”

    Too right they should, and that way you wouldn’t get errors and loses. It’s got to the point where I don’t buy expensive stuff anymore, it’ll get wiped from your inv 5 or 6 weeks later.

    And of course, to keep on topic: Classifieds. Well you know, it might be nice if EVERY ad that was paid for actually popped up in Search. Try it sometime, I did. I put two ads in, one for L$303 and one for L$343, with pretty much the same keywords (largely copied and pasted from one to another to test a theory from a friend that some are not displayed). Using 6 searches of keywords which appeared in both, what do you think happened? Well, the L$343 ad was found every time, the L$303 one just once. Cool huh? So basically I threw away L$303 for a useless ad that never appeared. Since the two words I want to use on that pull up posts for mod I won’t, but they are both naughty and illegal.

  143. Lord Leafblower says:

    Oooops…. here we go again.

    Uploads not working, transactions failing, customers reporting inventory loss, login borked.

    Ho hum…

  144. Jayden B says:

    Inventory loss, Profiles broken, searches borked.

    WTG Lindens.

  145. D says:

    ok.more than a little annoyed and pissed now. a solid week of failed performance for a service I am paying for and now i can’t log in, can’t contact support, can’t even get to my usd balance to cash out. this is neither humorous nor acceptable. at the very leastI want my money, Iam about tired of all this bs.

  146. Simba Fuhr says:

    When this issue is fixed ?
    2 weeks ? 2 months ?
    Lindens, look at the blog, after the last voice update the grid crashes any day.

    WHY VOICE ???
    Stop the voice tests until sl has been fixed

  147. Wanda Rich says:

    please do something to stop spamming assholes filling my mailbox with crap like this:

    ThaBiGGDoGG Richez has invited you to join a group in Second Life.

    ThaBiGGDoGG Richez has invited you to join a group.
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  148. Hanjo Robbiani says:

    Im new in SL and invest much Money, because i like this this Idee and the backround. Bud now im no more save. To many problems in this short time. I dont no to invest more money.

  149. Cai Cortes says:

    OH GREAT! cant log in….. down goes one of the databases…. AGAIN!

  150. Alicia Mounier says:

    Hey why is the grid down for?

  151. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    that’s why we are all logged out today?

  152. Cai Cortes says:


  153. Nairi Gegaku says:

    Wake up Lindens, the grids falling apart.. again.

  154. Masuyo Aabye says:

    Any Europeans able to connect to SL? I keep getting “unable to connect, DNS could not resolve host name”
    is this just a routing thing?

  155. LillyAnne says:

    WTH..who told the monkey they could take a break from their bikes.. Ugh now they broke the gird again.. Lindens PLEASE feed those monkeys and get them back to work.. Some of us wanna get back on the grid. 😉

  156. Anthony Beatty says:

    3 cheers for the grid dying once again………. hip hip ??!! HORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  157. Simba Fuhr says:

    Iam europain, and iam currently inworld

  158. Shivanna says:

    I am from Europ too, i cant loggin too, damn shit.

  159. Milo Bellow says:

    What Is The Point Anymore? 😦

  160. LillyAnne says:

    oops I should have been GRID not gird..bleh typos

  161. ONE PO'd RESIDENT says:


  162. Gala Alva says:

    someone feed the hamster and get the grid rolling again…

    * waves to alicia, whazzup girly *

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