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Also, as a reminder, we are no longer emailing the newsletter, but will instead continue to improve the online and in-world versions for everyone to enjoy. For example, you can now get the RSS feed directly delivered to your RSS reader du jour. Have any suggestions on how to make the newsletter better? Email them to the editor.

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132 Responses to Newsletter Posted!

  1. Naomi B says:

    wow, so this newsletter will mention how messed up SL has been for the last two weeks or so? Hm.. thought not.

  2. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Well apparently you found the time difference problem. (your last blog post showed the incorrect time – off by about 4 hours!! I’d have pointed that out earlier but with no in world support you won’t know of the problem until YOU see it. Pity.

  3. Rosie Gray says:

    I thought perhaps the news would be something about why the grid has just closed and all the residents logged out!

  4. Jayden B says:

    “Voice as we see it” – What happened to overwhelming community demand?

    Face it LL, voice has been shown to be broadly offensive to the majority of residents. The community has spoken.

  5. Wyald Woolley says:

    UPDATED Voice First Look Posted, July 27th 4:01 PM

    Followed by the following unexplainable problems:
    Support Portal Down, July 28th 6:17 AM
    Access Denied, July 28th 4:56 PM
    In-world Service Slowdowns, July 28th 8:47 PM
    Several In-world Searches disabled temporarily, July 29th 2:28 AM
    Gridwide Slowdowns, July 29th 8:29 PM
    Access issues with the Second Life Support Portal, July 31st 8:54 AM
    Logins to Second Life temporarily disabled, July 31st 10:30 AM

    Anyone wondering?

    Read all about it in the newsletter….Yeah! I bet!

  6. Michael Fairplay says:

    Again all this anger towards the Lindens is not being directed where it needs to go. The Lindens can’t keep the grid stable PUS run around looking for things that might be objectionable that people could just avoid. The Lindens are too tied up with nonsense you can blame the moral police that want everything squeaky clean not the Lindens.

  7. Redmoonblade says:

    FACT: Live Help is only available to premium accounts. Cause of profit want. So find some premium member to report it for you?

  8. The question that’s on my mind is; what’s up with the asset server? I thought all was well with that until I attempted to rez some no copy objects and promptly LOST them. For good. I’ve racked up about 2000L in lost objects the past few days, 1000L (a single object – gift card no less) of that before LL even posted that there were asset server problems.

  9. Naomi B says:

    indeed wyald!

  10. Noa Noland says:

    LOL… a news letter, how nice. How about instead you fix our SL instead of wasting time on such a thing. We can’t do anything in world because we risk loosing stuff we pay for.

    Put that in your newsletter or is that also censored like only opening comments when you bring “good news”?

  11. Cosette Lundquist says:

    As appreciated as this will be, later down the line, I think people would rather hear a bit more on the total instability as of the last two weeks.

    While the newsletter is a great thing, the majority wish that this blog contained any amount of information as to the what,where, and why of Second Life’s sudden inability to actually work.

  12. Justkickzazz Taurog says:

    Well, decision is – wrong – WAS made for me by Linden Labs. Add me to the list of premium members downgrading to free account. I am tired of bloomy newsletters painting the SL world in bright colors when everything actually goes t*ts up and being thrown out of help chat with comments like ‘see the blog’ or ‘try to read’. Great show you have put up Linden Research Lab – just that it was NOT entertaining at all. Now I understand why it was rated within the worst 5 sites a short while ago !
    Oh, btw….don’t even THINK I will pay tiers for land I was unable to use properly for a week and consequently sold!

    Best regards

  13. mikhail obscure says:

    This is ridiculous, two days of no business due to sl being totally unworkable. No apologies, no refunds of wasted tier, no means at all of expressing opinions on this website apart from the 100 allowed comments. Newsletter? How about a chat room with Linden support there to ease our concerns! I have lost valuable business and land sales through this do I get compensation? Do I get some answers from Linden on these posts, no I think not!

    We need a place to post free expression!!

  14. Sedary Raymaker says:

    “(Don’t forget to sign up for automatic in-world delivery of upcoming issues!) ”

    Yeah, did that when the last newsletter came out, haven’t gotten anything. Something else that’s broken I guess.

  15. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    well, it seems everyone has the same opinion now, that SL needs to improve the grid and worry less about the rest. I miss in world support, I have filled out a support ticket that was to get “high priority” but have heard nothing back, SL has gotten away from the people that use it and become like any other big business, unreachable and poorly managed. why not get rid of a few coorporate lawyers and bring back the geeks. And the no gaming rule really really sucks-I can play monopoly casino (ages 12 and up) and those FBI jerks are betting on making this game a mess, or do you think they don’t have an office pool? I think the lindens need to spend a little on representing the interests of its”customers” and less on “moral cleanups”. If nudity is restricted does that mean I need a permit for my boticelli painting? Fight harder for us Lindens, if we want idiot rules we could always visit RL. Freedom for SL!!!!

  16. Hevenz Vansant says:

    You know, I gotta admit I’m a little ticked at this service. I’m a web designer by trade and all these database corruption excuses are gettin just a tad old. Not to mention I’ve lost 2400L in goods purchased which really isn’t the big issue for me, the biggest issue is I do my part as a member by supporting SL but the returns are minimal at best in the quality of gameplay here. You guys are scraping in tier at an enormous rate, where the prorating for downtime? I pay my fees and i know SL has bankloads of cash so why are you not able to afford backup generators for power outages and better, more reliable servers? I also find it odd that you mention freedom of expression but lock threads during outage reports. You guys really need to rethink this structure and hire more capable staff because no one is buying the whole “Thanks for your patience routine”. Nuff said.

  17. SLearth says:

    Can Linden Lab please start thinking having more staff on duty during weekends?
    Thank you

  18. Taras Balderdash says:

    Gosh, since one of my favorite spots, the little sky aquarium in Nessus, was destroyed by SL ‘misplacing’ the pavilion building that forms the core of the place tonight, I think I’ll wait for that inventory to come back before reading a newsletter.

    If it doesn’t come back, I guess I won’t need to ever read anything further from SL because I’ve had enough.

    My word for the Lindens is: It’s too late to buy a proper database now, no one is going to invest further in this debacle. Your cash flow is based on three legs: land, sex and casinos. You’ve undermined the land prices, eliminated the casinos and threatened the sex trade if they don’t keep to some foggy ‘acceptable’ standards.

    You do the physics. A tripod will not stand on 1/2 of two legs.

    Say goodnight, Gracie.

  19. Naomi B says:

    We value free expression. However, stuff that’s off-topic, abusive, or otherwise busts the rules will be removed without comment.

    No you don’t, you value media opinions. You don’t value your members or the common user would be able to talk with the lindens about these problems still, not just people who own land.

  20. Tony says:

    Good grief are you having a laugh? You post these sort of things when the dust has settled, not right after days of chaos with no word from any of the senior management and absolutely no proper apologies.

    Do you enjoy shooting yourselves in the foot? You’ve taken a useful resource and thrown it right into the middle of a sandstorm so it’s a wasted opportunity. Who makes these decisions?

  21. Turbid Swot says:

    wow, what a relief! SL is hanging on by a thread, the end is within sight, but at least they can put out a newsletter. I’ll sleep easy tonight!

  22. Melanie Milland says:

    What a laugh! A newsletter that addresses all the non-issues of the week.

    Grid failure – not mentioned
    Asset servers – not mentioned
    Lost business – not mentiond
    Voice – got an article, although in a more subdued tone of voice than the previous rah-rah stuff
    Chatterbox-UI – not mentioned

    What sort of a newsletter is that?

    I am cashing out frequently, have sold land at a loss just to loosen my ties to SL. Waiting for a competitor who listens!

    I have downloaded the source for the client, to twek so it can still login when voice becomes mandatory – and will remain without voice until a voice client with a modular UI is available.

    Can’t do much about the crashes – the Lindens could, but they don’t want to – shiny is worth more than stable these days, still…

    sad, relly sad!

  23. Caleb Francis says:


  24. Can’t wait to hear about yo0ur weekend party bash. Hope we can get one of those pretty graphs we got last month. Maybe we need a graph of how the VALUE of L$ is decreasing. your right in the TOS L$ has no value. In a few months it wont. There wont be anyone left here cause they can’t log on. Can’t TP, can’t pay anything. We really deserve L$ off out monthly land fee’s. this is BS SL hasn’t worked right in 3 days. My month fee is 75 per month. So deduct my $7.50 for the 3 days of service not working. What’s always funny is how the POP list search ALWAYS WORKS. nothing EVER happens to it. people can always search them but the rest of the search is broken at least 1-2 times each week.

  25. U M says:

    I can see it now, the thread will be closed soon………Lightsout…..

  26. The People that PAY you ungodly amounts of money every month are waiting for ALL things to work longer then 1 hour a month… Not read some NewsLetter that tells us ALL is Fixed….
    Your survice as become as fake as the 50+ campers parked on the listings in the Popular Places.

  27. Minni Trotter says:

    I agree with most of the post here. Loss of business, loss of inventory, just a ton of loss all over and as I write this again I see search is down yet again (was up a few hours though YAY!!!), things wont rez, I think I lost yet more inventory but if I look now I will likely find stuff gone and cancel my account, club, etc.

    Again I am very dissapointed and realize that this post is as likely to be ignore or deleted as anything else.

  28. Phaedra Basevi says:

    From my understanding WoW have a system where, if there’s downtime, a commensurate amount of fees is not charged to members. This way it provides an incentive for the WoW powers that be to GET IT STABLE, RIGHT & OPERABLE.

    As this also provides some compensation to players/members for inconvenience, it sounds fair to me as the fault is almost always on the part of the ‘powers’.

    Maybe Lindens SHOULD implement such a protocol. This would stop a lot of the membership drain that’s going to get only worse as the number of problems continue to escalate without proper redress.

    I’m not happy about losing 3 days of trading over the weekend (peak period). I still have to outlay to Linden each month – you still get your money – but what about those who invest based on a projected income to support the outlay (or part of it at least)?

    … but we get a newsletter for all our money.

    No proper service over a US weekend, no way of registering frustration and dismay, no compensation or even offer of compensation, and not even any substantive explanation.

    NOT HAPPY JAN! (you need to be an Aussie to understand that one – but you should get the gist)

  29. U M says:

    Whats worse is they are not even commenting really on what happened. In a way but OMG they owe us a atleast a I am sorry.

  30. Jakyl Lightfoot says:


    I’m all for the accomplishments of SL, but when NOTHING works and there is poor performance in the services that we PAY for….I think the few accomplishments you all do have don’t mean anything…


  31. Shalori says:

    hi ho hi ho…. I cannot wait for someone to create another on-line world. I like SL but I can take it or leave it. SL says one thing and does another and we, the customer get caught smack in the middle.
    I think….ummm….if someone did come up with another sandbox to play in, Id be more than interested in giving it a try. Maybe greed wont be the motivating factor like sl is.

  32. Angsty Rossini says:

    I don’t understand this pre-occupation with Voice…

    Voice = RL, therefore, I’m not interested in it at all for SL. There’s a difference between RL and SL and I have no intention of mixing or converging my 2 personas.

    Who exactly has been asking for Voice so strongly that it made the top of the LL development list???


  33. Hern Worsley says:

    I think the overwhelming amount of feedback that is negative must surely be getting through to somone at LL right? You can dismiss it as “whining” but the fact is ive been watching the blog and the forums and im sorry but we are a proper reprasentation of your customer base there is a good reason so much of it is negative and its not our fault its yours LL for the love of god please put ALL your resources into making a stable platform i for one can live without ANY more additional features from now on until you can make it work.
    We have shown so much patience and faith in what SL can be please dont let us all down weve stuck with you this long show us some respect.
    You can court the media and big business all you want but dont ignore the “ordinary” user if you can give us a stable platform we can create for you a thriving economy and we dont need any outside input from RL business who dont understand what SL is.

  34. Lahar Broadway says:

    Hopefully LL will last long enough to hire staffers of the Bush Administration when their term is complete. Should be a great fit, they are already trained to just ignore the voice of the people.

  35. Minni Trotter says:

    I agree stable platform comes first of all. Without that what ever you do accomplish will just be washed away and leave us all including the Linden Labs with a bad taste in our mouths.

    As to voice? I am old school. at 45 real life age I have never ever used voice on the internet other than with one on one chat and even then it was rare. I dont like the idea of voice online. To me the Internet requires a keyboard and mouse not a microphone.

    If there is a vote going on? I cast a yes to stable platform and a decisive HELLS NO to voice.

  36. He1en Yoshikawa says:

    Wow! I am glad of one thing – that I am not alone in not being able to sustain a Second Life connection — and the more analysis I do the more I think that I am having an Inventory Databse corruption that keeps me from being in-world for more than a few minutes…eventually an item (texture) is not found on the server where it is expected, the server is unlisted by SL, and then the Client stops responding to requests that depend on database information kept on the server. It seems that the cache and server inventory databases get out of synch and SL gets so confused it hangs up the phone (so to speak).

    So, why doesn’t the newsletter speak about the post-power outage crash and problems? Because the Lindens are acting more and more like Republicans with lies to hide than Democrats with a need to bring peace and security to the world.

  37. Ann Otoole says:

    hey now the most important to LL systems always come online first and work fine. automatic billing for classifieds, etc. even though the search system is no longer searching the descriptions rendering the ads useless except for the title line. again. and there is no way LL will compensate all the paying customers for the human error they claim to have made.

    LL has much much to learn about business. but then thats why primadonna programmers are never destined to be great business leaders. true leadership requires business acumen and a lot of common sense. and mensa geeks never have either.

  38. tilstad Homewood says:

    Yeah, last few weeks have been rediculus. Even the survey popup with the question “Is SL working better or worse” didnt work, so I didnt get to post my comment there. So I’ll do it here, now;

    HEll yes SL are WAY worse. You let businesses go down the drain with all this instability. ALot of the businessowners I know in sl, barely scrape a living as is, slightly more than covering cost, some not even that. Alot of those people have now had MORE than enough of problems, as they now LOOSE money. When it cost you money to run a shop, then what’s the point.

    People dont “need” a house to play sl, but LL need content creation and sale of it to make sl an interesting place.

    What we need is not a newsletter, but actual publishing of what’s going on. Instead you leave us hanging out to dry for days, wondering if we should close business or not. I didnt this time, but was SO close.

  39. Nati heron says:

    Hell can someone tell me one email to contact linden lab?
    They disable my account and I cant update my credit card to pay -5l$.
    I tried everything..please can someone help-me?

  40. Mo dryke says:

    Who, you Lindens really need to hire a real public relation team (in addition to an efficient customer support team).
    This kind of blog entry after 3 days in hell is just like trying to extinguish a fire using fuell instead of water.

    do you, Lindens, plan to really fix the grid?
    do you, Lindens, plan to STOP fridays updates?
    do you, Lindens, plan a real 24/24 7/7 customer support and tech support?

    don’t want pretty skies
    don’t want voice chat
    don’t care about sculpties contests

    -> want decent support
    -> want stable platform

    I have a dream.
    I have a dream that one day the SL nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all residents deserve a stable and optimized SL”

  41. Siryn Rosse says:

    Unfortunately, the instability lately has me also wondering if I should cash out of SL, cut my losses and move on. I haven’t made that decision yet, but what happens over the next few weeks may push me over the edge.

    The last thing we need now is cheerleading over Voice. It’s a feature I will never use and never asked for. It “broke” Second Life for me and lost me money. I have trouble getting around the grid, my attachments fall off, and all the other troubles others have mentioned. Yet LL ignores our pleas and keeps loading their servers with “features” and the grid groans under the strain.

    I’m very, very disappointed in SL right now. I’m even looking for other worlds to play in, although I haven’t moved on yet.

  42. Holy13 Writer says:

    In the past I have thought that the constant negativity and sniping when people commented was wearing very thin. I seem to have a high tolerance for bugs and glitches – I only just bought a new 24″ Mac only to discover the ongoing texture slippage/black out bug that is peculiar to Macs and still patiently spend time ignoring the ‘bad acid’ effects I get along with all the usual problems.
    I came into SL at a time when I was recovering from a nasty medical episode and it genuinely helped me through the recuperation period. I still value the experience enormously and still think it unique.
    However I am beginning to understand all the above frustration. A newsletter that seems to ignore all the real day to day problems and radio silence from the Lindens generally seems extraordinary.
    I pay over $100 a month in tier fees and put money the way of many in-world businesses so I feel it not unreasonable to expect some open acknowledgement of these concerns.
    It’s only good manners.
    That said – I’m still keeping the faith…

  43. U M says:

    This is not a platform its call beta testing, with less then knoweagable people doing it. Slowly this game is turning into a joke, Wonders how long peopel are going to stand for this, let alone pay for it. Large company will soon noticed that the creeators of this game is not living up to what is expected quility etc.

  44. Lord Leafblower says:

    SIM sold…
    Account downgraded…
    Cash out…

    Not funding this nonsense any longer.
    =( anybody?

  45. Tue Torok says:

    I wonder if LL even reads all this. I would like a HONEST reply from the people in charge at LL, on the posts here.

    Especially i would like to see them comment on why they never tell us bad news?

    What they are activly doing to fix the issues right now ? (instead of a useless newletter blog post).

    When they expect the MAYOR errors in SL to be fixed?

    Why they increase what we as users must pay (Mainland), when they have a service that does not work correct?
    (I don’t mind payment increases to make things running, but if I was running the place i would make sure things worked before i started charging more money from the users).

    Come on LL, be honest throw the bad news at us, we can handle that better than NO NEWS regarding the issues that we experience EVERY day at the moment. I love SL and I intend to keep using it even though all the erros and bloopers. But I would like a personal meeting with the LL CEO’s. I would like to have a private talk about what improvements i think they should take in concideration on how to run the business. It’s unneccesary to keep running the company this way.

    Come on Lindens. Help us help you make SL work for all of us.

  46. Tegg B says:

    Lord Leafblower Says: SIM sold…Account downgraded…Cash out…
    Not funding this nonsense any longer. =( anybody?

    Keneva? No thanks I’ll go back to playing Doom 1 & 2 😛
    But if any decent competition comes along with real customer service, can bet we will all bolt.

  47. Samantha Sachertorte says:

    I have been watching the Forums and blogs for ages now. It’s nothing but negativity all the way through. No one now has a good word to say about LL anymore. WHY?
    Getting let down, no answers, no explanations, couldn’t give a monkeys about their lively hood “THE RESIDENTS”
    This has been going on for over 18 months now. Why was live help disbanded ? Because they got fed up of people complaining all the time about Linden problems, We got fed of LL blaming us and our machines, and then getting banned for a few days for moaning about it.
    Like many others I have given up all my large land now, removed all my money and dont bother too much anymore.
    Like many others I am waiting for the day someone else coming along with a similar idea to SL.
    There must be someone out there watching the CHAOS in SL and laughing. It won’t be long befiore someone jumps in and gives us a new world that doesn’t have the same problems as LL.

    It’s become a joke, it’s annoying, disheartening and a total waste of space.
    LL I personally think SL is slowly dying and possibly wont last much longer.

    Change your attitude and start thinking of your residents. They pay your Salary and keep you going. Lose them and you go down.

    I’ve said my peice now


  48. Montana Corleone says:

    A small mistake can be human error, but 3 days of zero ability to do anything, coupled with steadily worsening performance since voice was added (you know, it has to put load on the grid to accces settings, determine where avs are etc, which means lag, and crashes, as we’ve found out). Performance was dire before the rolling restart, absolutely diabolical afterwards, getting ever worse as things fell over one by one. There were reports of a grid attack. However ultimately we get a weak and feeble “unfortunate human error” that looks and smells like Swiss cheese – full of holes.

    Human error that the back up server was configured improperly? Bad enough. But also all the others you tried? And it took 2 days to figure that out? And another 24 hours to fix it? Pull the other one. That’s not unfortunate, that’s gross incompetence. Meanwhile I still have to make my rents losing 3 days of working and business, sales of zero. Plus the ads. And why is it some you pay for never show up, even using the same keywords as another that does?

    Yes, your disingenuous article on Voice made a few weak points. But you still never answered your own question about marginalisation, which I can assure you is going on, and will further degrade my enjoyment of SL, along with the continued loss of inventory and other borks. You also forgot to mention that the person with arthritis could already used Skype, or Yahoo or MSN, or iChat, or any of a host of other voice solutions, that work and don’t take the grid down because they are based on obsolete technology.

    So far now I have lost (that I know of, still looking at other stuff) an expensive Kiss&Hug that has already been borked once in 1.15 (An issue that has been sent to the famous Triages 5 weeks ago without my stuff being looked at, the JIRA ticket closed as a duplicate of a later, different issue *sigh*) and now the entire replacement folder has disappeared. So has a custom handbag I had made.

    Voice sucks, most of us don’t want it, it’s keeling over the grid (and if these three days really had nothing to do with that rolling restart which missed hundreds of sims anyway, hen tell us what really happened). I used First Look precisely once, to turn off voice on my parcels. The interface is clunky and horrid. Whose idea was it to move all the buttons around? Read Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for a discussion on what is important in a GUI. They sort of set the standard that everyone else followed, ignore at your peril.

    So, you want us to pay for this cr*p? Think again. It’s time the investors replaced the management team and we got something done properly. The only hold for me is that SL is the only game with a Mac client. Until I can afford to replace my machine with an Intel Mac, I’m stuck with SL as everyone else uses garbage proproietary MS stuff. Or do they? Mmmm, Wurm Online is looking good, has full creativity like SL, and oooooo, open standard and has a Mac and Linux client…. Last one out turn off the grid (oh, it’s off anyway!).

    So where are the Ra-Ra Voice fanboiz now then? Not gonna affect the main grid one bit huh? They are strangely silent. Maybe now you might listen again to the Open Letter, and wonder why Lindex has collapsed, and Last 60 Day Logins are dropping. Yes, people are leaving, fed up because you don’t listen.

  49. Teh Inquisitor says:

    Oh wow – nice AUFOSL (Another Useless Feature On SL)

    1) Voice is discriminating the Deaf and Muted

    2) I have Skype – YM and MSN – if I wanna voice I do it with a
    relieable Program.

    3) Even any other Chatroom is working better than SL atm with their
    “Asset” Server Problems

    4) I’m tired of the daily dose of Frustration

    5) It’s time for a refund finally
    OK lets make a lil calculation:
    Island = 295 USD this is an average of 9.50 USD a day
    let’s assume Sl is down for maintenance 3 hours a week
    That’s 52 x 3 hours = 156 hours
    (just counting downtime)
    then lets add the past 14 days to that and be generous and
    just count 3 days of total Blackout = 72 hours in Total

    156 + 72 = 228 hours

    228 hours (!!!) x 9.5 USD = 2166 USD (WOOOOOOW)

    and that’s not all

    Time for a Refund I say…

    If just 1000 Island owners would ask for a refund of 2000 USD
    errr yesssss – thats 1000 x 2000 = 2.000.000 USD (!!!!!!)
    OMG – Phil Rosedale must have a huge house with a nice Ferrari


    @ Samantha Sachertorte (31)

    Oh yes – you’re totally right – I totally agree with you

  50. MrLunk voom says:

    And ofcourse when they UP the mainland auction startprzes from 1000 to 1250…
    The comments are closed again…


    We dont even get a chance most of the time to let our opinions be known !

  51. Nicholas Lyndhurst says:

    Thank you Linden Lab for constantly pushing the envelope on what we can do in our virtual world. In this evolving environment I expect the odd problem to occur, although I haven’t had any myself lately. On-topic, I enjoy reading Second Opion but would like to see articles each month on interesting locations to visit.

    Keep plugging away,


  52. Nena Janus says:

    Very well said, Sam.

    Ive never been one to post, but this SL lately would challenge the patience of a Saint! It was for some days practically unusable and I took a few days off from the stress- I didnt miss it, and this is dangerous for Linden Labs because Im not alone.

    Thoughts of developing my involvement with SL, upgrading my account, creating art, developing business, even just buying ANYTHING have been put on the longterm shelf…I see the day when I will simply not return.
    If Linden Labs do not respond in a MEANINGFUL manner to their users they will lose their patience and go. These posts are all screaming for a response because they do not want to finally accept they put their time and belief into a system that no longer cares about THEM.

    About voice – its not just that most users will opt out, its that most users will despise it. I will leave if it comes in.
    Finally, better graphics, great! But no comprimises to STABILITY, please!!!
    THATS what we really all want.

    BTW I believe there is another virtual world that stands up to this one that hasnt been mentioned…

  53. shai Khalifa says:

    I posted this earlier, but the moderator wouldn’t let it through – so I thought I’d try again as I copied it to a text file incase they cut it.

    From my understanding WoW have a system where, if there’s downtime, a commensurate amount of fees is not charged to members. This way it provides an incentive for the WoW powers that be to GET IT STABLE, RIGHT & OPERABLE.
    As this also provides some compensation to players/members for inconvenience, it sounds fair to me as the fault is almost always on the part of the ‘powers’.
    Maybe Lindens SHOULD implement such a protocol. This would stop a lot of the membership drain that’s going to get only worse as the number of problems continue to escalate without proper redress.
    I’m not happy about losing 3 days of trading over the weekend (peak period). I still have to outlay to Linden each month – you still get your money – but what about those who invest based on a projected income to support the outlay (or part of it at least)?
    … but we get a newsletter for all our money.
    No proper service over a US weekend, no way of registering frustration and dismay, no compensation or even offer of compensation, and not even any substantive explanation.
    NOT HAPPY JAN! (you need to be an Aussie to understand that one – but you should get the gist)

  54. A Newsletter…….wow
    Something reminiscent here of the band playing as the Titanic sank !

    I love SL….it could be the future of so many things.
    you are…………destroying it.

  55. Giulio Prisco says:

    #31: This nonsense again. Don’t want to use voice? Fine, don’t use it and leave the rest of us free to make our own choice.

  56. Koroz Kline says:

    Sorry LL … Newsletter … too little too late.

    I am suprised these comments are not full by now considering it was “Comments Closed” on some of the major problems this past few days.

    Maybe folk are just tired of trying to get their view across.

    You SERIOUSLY fouled with the lack of (apparant) response to the recent problems…especially Sunday.

    No point ranting here either, except like many others I will be downgrading my account.

    GL with the “Newsletter”.

  57. Astarte says:

    Well It seems a definite concensus of opinion this time, as SL lurches from one crippling crisis to another, instead of the promised stability the Lindens were all talking about.

    Ok I am thankful the one event I had planned for last weekend somehow managed to go off OK without an SL hitch for a change; Oh except for my partner and I losing various valuable items to the every greedy database servers. Which I am sure Lindens were professing that all these changes and bug fixes would cure some time ago, but have only got worse instead.

    And nice to see that office hours for Lindens generally remain, when they can be bothered to turn up: Oh but again it is just a PR excercise, because I have yet to see anything discussed actually acted upon, even though many items are said to be good and useful ideas, or “that shouldn’t be happening and we will fix it”… Yeah when?

    I sit here now wishing the good old days of grid shutdowns for maintenance were back. You at least knew there were going to be 2 baulked days following the shutdown, then things would run ok for a bit. now we end up with it never running right any of the time.

    I agree with #20. Who will start the ball rolling on an alternative and where can I invest. It seems Linden Labs will only sort things out when they have competition and a mass exodus, but from current experience they are likely to lose the battle because their core performance is rapidly gaining momentum down the slippery slope to oblivion.

  58. Villanova says:

    Fix the current features and make them stable for residents to play.

  59. Sasi Pegler says:

    Reason for all these problems is that LL has weekly updates (which cause more mayhem for a day or two) when really LL needs to have this whole program rewritten, instead of applying weekly bandages to the program and hoping the dam does not break. With all the computer savvy ppl in game who are programers,coders etc LL should allow them to offer input on how to help SL perform better.

  60. tilstad Homewood says:

    Seems to me, this behavior of not telling what’s the cause for the recent problems is considered “Broadly offensive” by most people on this thread. 😉

    Well, I have a few thoughts; What seems to me what’s needed, not that I am in any way an expert on any of this stuff but, is some kind of backupsystems when teh main systems fail. With that I mean a secondary way of moving when main teleport systems are down, and possibly the same with search.

    When you have this high problam rate, you really need that, if it had very high stability, I guess it wouldnt be such a problem, but it seems this would be a better direction to go in, not depend fully one 1 failureprone system alltogether.

    Another interesting thing is how few posted a comment in this blog after such a long time, even though all was negative, but it might mean alot have simply given up. Enough is enough. I’m very close to that myself…. loose 750 000 lindens? well, better than to loose my mind atleast.:/

  61. Minni Trotter says:

    #36 Many of us enjoyed full sexual freedom in our role play world and suposedly the ‘majority’ spoke against some forms and now they are banned. I believe that with any policy change, adding new features or removing features the majority should also have their way. I for one think voice is not only a bad idea on a shaky platform as SL but also hate the idea of people being lazy and resorting to microphones instead of keyboards. Say what you will about my comments but it is my opinion.

    I really am hopeful (probably foolishly so) that all things will work out and we can get another month of nearly functional game play. Seriously I dont intend to just bash on LL for this, SL has a lot going for it but every few months we have an unplayable product that we pump money into. The businesses of SL loose a great amount of money in times like this and this economy is what drives the content creators. To make matters worse we feel unappreciated by LL when we pay our advertisements and rents/tiers and no compensation is made for our losses. Many of us feel unappreciated when we read blog post about ‘issues’ and wonder how much of it is truth and what part of it is PR. I make no accusation that they lie to us but I suspect it.

    Really LL listen to the people, we almost all say improve communications with us, be open and upfront always. We all ask you to work on stability and test additions out more thoroughly before they are pushed to the main grid. Many of us hate to see that “we thank you for your patience” because we lost most of our patience months ago. With the great losses I have suffered I stay on for love of the people I have connected with and that is all. Show us some love and give us stability. Show us some love and compensate some of our losses. Show us some love and hear our voice.

  62. Brenda Maculate says:

    @3 (Jayden B): Sadly, I have to disagree on a technicality: Voice has been getting a lot of (mostly negative) attention in the Blogs, but I don’t know that the ones that are vocal about being against Voice represent a “majority”. I don’t think that those *in favor* of Voice are a “majority”, either. It’s difficult to say, really, because there isn’t any real way to find out, shy of forcing a poll of every Resident. Myself, I don’t care for the idea. Speaking in SL is not possible for me, and I wouldn’t use it if it were.

    @13 (Melanie Milland): I am running Linux, which (as far as I can tell) does not have ANY Voice functionality. If they *do* make Voice mandatory (a REALLY big mistake, if you ask me), they’ll either have to make it available to us Linux Users, or drop our access to the Grid. I’m a paying Resident. If they willingly alienate this part of their client base (apparently not entirely without precedent), they’ll lose money.

    @29 (Lord Leafblower): Sadly, kaneva seems to be Windows-only. I won’t even be able to *try* it. (Tegg B has an interesting response to that, @30…)

    @34 (shai Khalifa): Asking the Lindens to implement a protocol where they do not charge Residents for services not rendered would be very much like asking (the American) Congress to cut their salaries or implement term limits on themselves: It won’t happen, because they would stand to lose a LOT if they did. Sure, people come down hard on the Lindens in general, but there are a couple that aren’t Evil (Torley comes to mind- He’s a good guy). Thing is, sometimes the orders come from above, and the Lindens we see most often can’t do anything about our complaints because even they have their marching orders.

    @36 (Giulio Prisco): I don’t want to use Voice, and I couldn’t if I wanted to, because Voice isn’t available to Linux users. Instead, I get all the suffering, as regions have problems with the “feature” that isn’t even available to me. It would be one thing if they left Voice in the Beta Grid until all the quirks were worked out, but NO, it had to be moved into production, where everyone gets to share in the pain, whether they use Voice or not. To say that Voice won’t affect the sims in general is pretty naive, I think, as anything with hooks to the SL experience has an effect on it.


  63. Gil Druart says:

    First time(*) I’d looked at “Second Opinion”. What a determinedly, wretchedly, polemical rag.

    Not “Second Opinion” – first opinion. Robin Linden’s I’d imagine 😉

    Try for some slightly more objective reportage

    * .. and last

  64. impablomatins says:

    Well I am getting more and more dissilusioned with SL, when I first signed up 3 months ago, I was in awe of the possibilities of SL, no more, frequent freezes/crashes, dropping through the floor of my home, objects appeariing in front of objects that are behind them, lag that makes you think your 8 meg modem has turned into dial up.. the list goes on. LL is so focused on new features that bug fixing is sorely lacking.

    I have around 2048sqm for my home and was looking for 4096sqm for a club for my group – no longer. After spending on average about $150 a month in 2L – the will continue no more. My land is up for sale. If I do decide to continue with 2L, it will be as a homeless drifter with a basic account.

    LL closed down the casinos because they are in violation of US law? Well LL are in violation of UK law – the Trades Description Act, because 2L is not of merchantable quality and is certainly not fit for purpose!

  65. Gil Druart says:

    Well 43 comment so far (including mine) of which 3 are positive, 2 are trying hard to be, and 38 are negative. I was actually shocked by how overwhelmingly negative opinion is becoming. I’m shocked that I’m part of it. Six months ago I’d have been on the ramparts with LL scowling at the barbarian hordes. What on earth did you guys do with my goodwill and patience?

    Now I know from personal experience that 10% of Residents are ignorant, stupid, selfish, inconsiderate, rude ….. I met one last night. He thought filling his club with revolving prim lights was ‘way cool’. The correlation with no camera control, inability to select the dance ball, monstrous lag and criminal lack of taste completely escaped him. Good grief.

    But the other 90% are perceptive, clever, generous, considerate, polite …

    Two things could happen here. LL could put their fingers in their ears and persuade themselves that the feedback comes from the 10% (and yes, a lot of it does, those people are *noisy*). They could carry on closing comments, closing channels of communication, ignoring negative feedback, not even reading the feedback, cultivating the sycophantic, .. in short, commit the one invariably fatal business error which is to start believing your own marketing BS.

    Or .. they could wake up and smell the smoke .. suddenly say “Hey, these people doing the complaining can’t *all* be loonies! Wonder how many other people feel like that?” Aim for more, more open and more inclusive communications. Insist that all executive managers at LL spend at least an hour a day in world (on a normal shmo’s account not a Linden one and chase their sorry asses out of Linden Village to see the real world). In short, not just recognize that there’s a problem that can’t be ignored or fixed with whitewash, but actively go looking for it.

    I do so hope it’s no.2. Because I love SL. But every day that passes it seems as if LL is more entrenched in either La-La Land or a bunker mentality. Or .. and now I’m being consciously cynical .. just ratcheting the revenues up as far as they’ll go (e.g. voice) before selling the whole lot to Disney. Sigh.

  66. Xen Akula says:

    This blog post is now 12 hours old and not even 50 responses yet. That says a lot, it says that people aren’t even bothering to comment anymore. I think a lot have already given up and left.

    Please fix Second Life.


  67. Koroz Kline says:

    @45 Possibly bad time of day … working week, etc.

    But as its the NEAREST thing us residents have of trying to get through to LL to aire our views, Im suprised it isnt full of “feeback” (Im using a non-abusive word at this point) !!!

    Im sure a “Linden” might read …. and possibly comment before 100 is reached.

    Strange thing is…. personally … Im not angry … but Im sad in the way SL is degrading, LL is ignoring, etc, etc.

    I have just come out of SL now…. having yet again experienced TP fails, no inventory downloading, etc.

    SAD !!!

  68. Camryn Baxter says:

    I agree Xen. Many people have given up on LL responding to our concerns. It is time they stop bringing in unwanted new features and start REALLY working on the basic instability issues we face every day in SL. All new features do is create more thinigs that don’t work and must be fixed.

    How about purging all the accounts that have been inactive for more than 90 days?? I’ll bet that would free up a TON of asset server resources that we always hear are sooo stressed.

    But I guess if your name doesn’t end in Linden, nobody listens.

  69. Alyx Sands says:

    Hey, because some of you mentioned Kaneva, I went for a look, downloaded it (HOW many MB??? WHAT FOR???) -GOD that is AWFUL! Give me SL any time….
    And who said voice is going to be mandatory? It CAN’T. How would you do that? Besides I’m going to do what I’ve done with voice chat in every game/virtual reality/chat thing I’ve used.

    I’ll ignore it and save my OWN resources.
    If someone then thinks I’m a guy in disguise or whatever, well good riddance! I don’t need “friends” like that.

  70. Ann Otoole says:

    wake up linden research and go back and remove all traces of this voice garbage. only 200 of millions voted for it. then you select obsolete technology for voip when we already had voip via skype, teamspeak, and a host of other voip solutions. then the more you stubbornly try to ram the poor voice decision in the worse the grid gets.

    it really is time for major changes at linden research. the investors need to wake up and do something.

  71. Strange… This newsletter arriving in “hype” only to see the mass of responses being negative. I thought I was on my own – I haven’t been able to use SL for almost a fortnight – I’d put it down to malicious denial of service attacs by a loony fringist resident who#d taken a dislike to me (there was a severe spell of personal abuse to start with). Since then I have not been able to log into secondlife for mor than a few moments before it crashes on me.

    No response from LL to my tickets either, other than one placative attempt ages ago. I’ve nothing against spending my L$ – if I could only have a chance to!! But at the moment, LL are getting more real world $ for not providing a service.


  72. Hey LL when is the pretty clouds gonna come back???

  73. Tijn Erde says:

    Dear LL,

    As soon as Second Life will let me log in, will let me teleport, will let me put it into inventory and won’t crash whilst doing any of the above, I will read the in-game newsletter. Next time you could distribute it by voice chat, perhaps?

  74. Vivienne says:

    The desasterous weekend crash started with the rolling restart, this is a fact. LL made it clear this rolling restart was for the sake of voice server software implementation.

    So they planted a big, huge, nasty voice bug there and needed more than four days to recover partially.

    This is a logical conclusion. The logical conclusion drawn from this is that LL does not care at all about customers, stabilty, bug fixing or anything else, but only about profits and self worshipping.

    SL is a wonderful idea. And it was built by wonderful people who are still investing millions of hours and millions of dollars in order to make it a nice place for other residents. But the technical platform simply sucks, and the ones who are responsible and who get rich for giving this platform to the residents obviously lost any contact to the ones who use it.

    If LL proceeds this way, it will drown, and the platform will drown with LL. And there will be no LL newsletter mentioning this.

  75. Tree Kyomoon says:

    I am pro voice, and so are most users of SL Ive met who are using it as a business and online training medium. Voice will certainly be distateful to those using SL as a way of disguising themselves and playing fantasy and dress up, but I think it will encourage many newcomers to enter SL to use as a serious tool (not a game). The fantasy roleplayers can always just not use it 🙂

  76. Tree Kyomoon says:

    Given the doom and gloom posts in this thread, I also wanted to mention for the record that I have never “lost” inventory since Ive been on SL, the past two weeks have been spotty but I would say the longest I had to wait to login was 5 minutes, and there were less than 10 occasions over a few dozen hours in SL where I really needed search or teleport and it wasnt there. Overall a 85-90% uptime for me. I appreciate people should be able to complain, but their experience isnt the only one in SL, they are just the most vocal.

  77. Ann Otoole says:

    there are oh so few that want voice that they could all fit on one teamspeak server and have a ball with it leaving sl and it’s real residents alone to have the world *we* built. but thanks to the voice dorks our world is destroyed and there appears to be little hope it will ever return to what it was. thanks for killing secondlife.

  78. Laetizia says:

    ” …a serious tool (not a game). The fantasy roleplayers can always just not use it”

    -said someone who called himself Tree.

  79. Thank you for another fine newsletter. I look forward to each edition. I especially like the Fab Five.

    And thanks for writing about The National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society. SL is such a fabulous venue for raising awareness. I wish more people would take time from carping over how bad things are and take a look at how good things can be. Using SL as a tool is just such a thing.

    Notice how I’m not biting someone’s head off about Grid issues and other things? I know that the Second Opinion team is a separate group from those behind the servers. Keep up the good work, Second Opinion Team!

  80. Dave Gran says:

    When wil Linden Labs give credit for all the downtime? When my cable company has downtime they adjust my bill for time not received. Cellphone companies will do the same as long as you bring it to their attention but the point is……They will do it. Linden Labs has downtime several times per week but will not credit for time NOT received. They will take forever to respond to a help ticket or not respond at all but will gladly suspend your account if your tier and member fees are not paid. I pay $195.00 tier and for what? power outages, server problems and server updates that cause about 2 days of lag. Don’t even let me get started on the No Casino rules.

  81. Jeannie says:

    Silence is GOLDEN…if we all stopped responding and sending in tickets etc…they may then….HEAR US 🙂

  82. Pussy Dailey says:

    tickets are good for poking in ears so you cant hear the complaints.

  83. honeydripper says:

    I have to say…i usually hold out hope that things will improve on SL…and feel bad reading all the negative responses to the blogs posted. But after this weekend i have to join in with the nay-sayers…not so much the problems (which are bad enough), but the total lack of response to them
    I still hope that you can get your act together because i truly enjoy the idea of SL…but the first step is listening to your users…without us there is no reason for the big businesses to come in
    For those that say they only listen to landowners…we have the same troubles and complaints you do…so obviously we aren’t being heard either…and as for the newsletter…guess i will take a peek after i clean up the mess from this weekend…if i can
    PLEASE…get your act together!

  84. ChipMerlin says:

    IMHO, the reason there are only 60 posted comments at this time, is because THOUSANDS have been “removed without comment” by LL due to the abusive content shown towards LL.

  85. U M says:

    Well as they say ANN……………….Your World. Your Imagunation…….And Our Rules!………………… Now the new name for “Second life” is. “Sucky Life”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only had LL hurt people playing on sl, but they have broken even more parts of the game. Is it worth off this? NO! Since 2205 or 1.8 client Voice was suppose to come in to play. But it never happened. Why? because they knew it had problems and issues. But all of the suppen LL desides out of the “GREY” Sim they as puttng in Voice. No Warning NO asking the users. Nothing…..Hence here we are with a broken game, a crappy version of First Look Voice. and 100,000`s of upset users…………It really makes you wonder what LL is thinking thiese days. I know MONEY! But then again those same Linden have rally no repect or Idea what the commuity wants and needs. Instead they take away what is needed. and Gives us what we don`t want. Have to Love how some american run companies do business. Or should I say the LACK of Business……..

  86. U M says:

    Oct 2005 or 1.8 client*

  87. ari blackthorne says:


    Nothing but negative comments (okay – got tired of the riff-raff commentary – so skipped after the first dozen or so – I’ll go back and read the rest just to see if there are any ‘decent’ posts.

    I’ve been in world a long time and it seems that it’s been wuite awhile since the last one.

    For all the whiners: the newsletter isn’t about LL or what’s wrong with the grind. It’s a information piece to learn about things happening ~in~ the grid – things to do and places to see.

    I say if you can’t keep your comments neutral, much less possitive – then why bother? 😛

    Thank you Lindenoniansters for the newsletter.

    ~I~ appreciate it. 😛

  88. Xanthia Wilber says:

    I’ve been reading these posts for some time and I’ll be the first to say I have an overactive imagination but, I think voice will be great, especially for residents now or in the future that have a physical disability that makes using a keyboard very difficult. On the other hand I atented an SL Better Business .. meeting and the discussion was about creating a standard platform for RL businesses to trust the seriousness of SL and not the current renegade practices we often see in SL. Just imagine it, more RL businesses in SL. Voice will be great. What a great way for businesses to bombard us with voice billboards of info- commercials. HEAVEN HELP US!

  89. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Only two ass kissing fanbois in all these comments…. that’s encouraging. That means people are finally waking up. Withdraw your support, stop paying to be beta testers, let SL fade into the oblivion it deserves…

    Cut your losses and run because, I assure you, VERY soon, that is JUST what LL is going to do… One day, you will try to log in and there will be nothing… The website will be 404… calls to support will be met with Out Of Service messages… and whatever was left of SL will just be a memory, along with your fees, subcription payments, L$ purchases and all your invested time and money… And you will have exactly SQUAT in the way of remuneration and compensation except an expensive, embarassing lesson learned…

  90. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Oh, I’m sorry…. THREE ass kissers…. one slipped in while I was writing….

  91. Brett Finsbury says:

    from a previous blog when I warned people things were beginning to happen.
    @Brett: These issues are (I think) due to inventory file corruptions. And due to the amount of sims you’ve got there on ya grid (4,000!!!), sending and recieving the list can worn it out when you reach about 10,000 teleports lol.

    Surprisingly, we got none of those issues here.
    Smiley you still not having these problems or were you just trying to keep people coming and buying? I agree with one thing you said.

    ” Surprisingly, we got none of those issues here. ”
    Now as a part owner of a business I am replacing anything that is lost to my customers. Why? that is the way business should be done.
    Let me tell you when a customer loss something they dont want to hear oh gee whiz not my problem sl is meesed up. Fine now as a decient business owner you should make it right. I would rather one person scam me out of a product than 3 others walk away mad> why? because people listen to their friends. If they walk away happy and brag to their friends about how well the customer service is or have that lingering doubt about wether or not they will lose that object they will go to a store that will replace it.
    Example. go to devpose and on the wall is a sign saying dont bother them if you lost a bed because of SL. ok that was my cue to walk right out of the store and head over to Neva Naughty. Why because they will replace it after you lose it. And I can tell you have been swamped with lost inventory requests in their group chat and rather than say ” its not my problem file a bug report ” they are out there reassuring their customers that it will be fixed after the mess is cleared up. Thats called good customer service. Maybe that is why devpose is a small store and Neva Naughty is a big store. People like how they do business.
    It kind of bothers me that a long period of time passes from when all these issues begin to when LL finally says something about and warns people to stop buying no copy items. Maybe instead of a news letter a real time grid status would be more useful so people know when to put their money away until the coast is clear. I guess we can only dream.

  92. When are the pretty clouds coming back???

  93. Dirk Felix says:

    Can this newsletter also provide details on why the new client was not released on Monday, why Linden Employees stated all is well with the grid and minutes later the grid is dead, maybe insight on the instability of the grid this week? I know this is a small list, but it’s important to have Transparency according to Torley. 😉

    PS, customer service and billing has been very rude and will not provide information as reqested. Your standard comeback should not be hanging up phones, disconnecting web connections or stating abuse as justification to terminate requests for help.

  94. Aromadon Enoch says:

    @69 Why would you care about the sky, Dog… from your website, it’s clear that YOU are OUT of business…. better cut your losses and pack up now……

  95. Azura Jewell says:

    Awww… How nice! A newsletter! I feel all warm and fuzzy about LL not having it’s crap together. (Please note: there is a sarcastic tone to this!)

  96. Sedary Raymaker says:

    “ anybody?”

    LOL! Yeah, right.

  97. Vivienne says:

    “I am pro voice, and so are most users of SL Ive met who are using it as a business and online training medium.”

    How can you use it when it is unusable for days? I am not anti-voice. But i am against the way LL does it. Ignoring any demand an advice, ruining the grid completely by a buggy impementation.

    Why didn´t they team up with an established voice over IP company in order to avoid technical desasters like this one? Why do they change the client interface in a way that hampers textchat? Where is the personal secutity care (voice theft, harassment et.)? Why do the ones who decide NOT to ue it on their sims and parcels suffer from the problems voice server software obviously causes now?

    And anyway. Everybody who ever wanted to have a SL voice has one already. Skype and other very effective, established and hardware friendly solutions are widespread, free and in worldwide usage.

    And no. SL is not a “tool”. It never will be a “tool” for 90 percent of the users. A successful computing tool must be hardware friendly (lowest possible hardware demands), It must be easy to use and almost bug free. All of this SL never was and most probably will never be. SL is a large subcultural adventure game which only works “somehow” for a minority of PC users people using high end machines. It will even never find its way into the educational sector, because schools and universities will never purchase a new high end environment every other year only for something groovy like SL:

    SL is alive only because of the confidence of its users, and once this confidence is shattered it will drown. And LL managed to push this on the edge recently – not only by implementing a huge bug instead of a working and safe voice solution.

  98. Ann Otoole says:

    the confidence that Secondlife can succeed is high.
    The confidence in Linden Research Laboratories is about zero now because of one factor: Arrogance.

    For a while they toyed with transparency but then tossed that right out the window as they started destroying sl with obsolete VOIP technology.

  99. Lord Leafblower says:

    kaneva isn’t bad for a beta tbh.

    And what I like is that it has a social network web interface.
    If Second Life would drag their website out of the 90’s, it would be a big booster.


  100. RC Paderborn says:

    For those who are attempting to point out that the newsletter has nothing to do with the grid and that the negative posts are in the wrong place… notice that comments have been closed for every other recent blog entry. So of course this one will be used for that.

    No worries though, no Linden will ever read these comments.

    On a different subject, watch for an announcement of a new LL team member, Mullah Linden.

    LL is trying to make sure that we comply with the laws of every country in the world, which means the most restrictive. So carried to the logical conclusion, SL will soon comply with the laws of Iran and other fundamentalist Islamic nations. No sex, no gambling, no dancing, woman must be covered head to toe and if in public must be accompanied by a male relative.

  101. U M says:

    Thats if there is business are still around after the mess settles. You should say.

    *LAUGHS* people say SL is a “TOOL” well that might have meaning to it. But it does not apply to SL. Because the Client tis not stable enough to be used as one. Education,( IBM*LAUGHS*) . What really surprizes me is the biggest bitching people that use to complain all the time are now Lindens themselve and nolonger doing the bitching anymore. *shakeshead* The Bitching people are now part of the game and nolonger care……sading……..

  102. Alyx Sands says:

    “Only two ass kissing fanbois in all these comments….”

    I’m terribly sorry you probably don’t know I’m “ass-kissing” too. Please add me to your list.

    I’ve had six support tickets since we’ve had the new system, none took longer than a day to resolve, all *were* resolved-even the one involving real money.

    Apart from last weekend, SL has been working alright for me too. I’m sorry for those people who do have problems, but it’s not as if everyone has them all the time.

    And I really ODN’T want to hear another daft “Mullah” joke, #76! There ARE Muslims around that don’t like being the butt of jokes like that all the time. Me, for example.

  103. Pussy Dailey says:

    Hey! Mosy of these comments are off topic. Why havent they been removed.
    I wonder if nobody is bothering to read them?….Hmmmmm.

  104. Dark Otsuzum says:

    @ 76 Mullah Linden – LOL

    Would that be Ali Talibinden or Osama Bin Linden?

  105. Vivienne says:

    Off topic? Such a newsletter itself is off topic as long as LL provokes recctions like these here and in the recent media.

  106. Neural says:

    I challenge any Linden that actually reads the blog replies to actually respond to this challenge by posting a comment that says “yes, we read the replies”.
    I’m beginning to wonder if the people who have replied here have waisted their time completely, which is unfortunate because quite a few of them have expressed themselves in a way that makes it pretty clear that they are not just “venting”.
    Blog comments used to have a whole lot of “This sucks! I quit!” and similar comments, peppered with “I have no issues. SL is wonderful” comments on occasion that left a lot of people wondering what the authors were smoking at the time.
    Now days, when comments are open, there are more and more people taking time to provide information and arguments to support their views.

    Oh, and to those of you who have had issues regarding loss of sales, classifieds, missing inventory, etc. Remember, if you could take it to court, LL would simply hide behind the clause in the ToS that states that L$ is not real money. :/

  107. Poof Toonie says:

    Ok..i see it like this….How about a moratorium on land purchases for two or three days?? no Auctions no putting back into the system…Maybe that will get Lindens attention to the fact SL needs fixing. Lets just sit on our laurals for 3 days and see how Lindens like that…Turn about is fair play isnt it?

  108. Brett Finsbury says:

    hey Alyx dont waste your breath LL allows racism and hate towards others. Guess its part of the your world your imangination slogan.
    Example they allow the sad little boys ion the gorean sims to abuse women and be racist to Native Americans. I do not go onto a gor sim but hey they breed the thinking that it is ok to think a Native American is a slave or that women are obects of men. We all know they are not real men but the ones you saw in school that the girls laughed at or are scorned today in RL by women. Little spineless weak hearted little boys who have to come out to SL and feel they are in control. Well a real man is confident in himself and attracts women through that.
    So sad the thinking of these people. they leave their sim walk amoung us demanding we act like we are on a gor sim.
    Kneel when you address me I will give you permission to speak to me good grief like any person in their right mind would have anything to say to you after that other than where to stick their last comment.
    So dont hold your breath LL encourages this by allowing it to happen and you will hear a lot more ” Mullah ” jokes sadly enough.

  109. Brett Finsbury says:

    hey Alyx dont waste your breath LL allows racism and hate towards others. Guess its part of the your world your imangination slogan.
    Example they allow the sad little boys ion the gorean sims to abuse women and be racist to Native Americans. I do not go onto a gor sim but hey they breed the thinking that it is ok to think a Native American is a slave or that women are obects of men. We all know they are not real men but the ones you saw in school that the girls laughed at or are scorned today in RL by women. Little spineless weak hearted little boys who have to come out to SL and feel they are in control. Well a real man is confident in himself and attracts women through that.
    So sad the thinking of these people. they leave their sim walk amoung us demanding we act like we are on a gor sim.
    Kneel when you address me I will give you permission to speak to me good grief like any person in their right mind would have anything to say to you after that other than where to stick their last comment.
    So dont hold your breath LL encourages this by allowing it to happen and you will hear a lot more ” Mullah ” jokes sadly enough.

  110. Sedary Raymaker says:

    “Don’t want to use voice? Fine, don’t use it and leave the rest of us free to make our own choice.”

    I’d love to. But that goes both ways, and I’m getting tired of people whining to me about *not* using Voice.

    *That’s* the marginalization that LL has ignored from the beginning. I’m already getting called a Luddite because I actually find the ability to scroll up and see exactly what someone said two minutes ago a valuable tool. If Voice fans want to be off in their own quiet little world from the rest of us, fine, but don’t insult me for not jumping on the latest wasteful fad.

  111. Rolig Loon says:

    The last couple of weeks have been pretty frustrating. More grid problems than usual, and more down time. The negative comments in this thread are mostly right on target: LL has technical problems and a communication problem with residents. Management needs to start turning the ship around fast, before it hits the rocks.

    With all of that, though, I am actually more concerned about what some residents are doing to make life miserable for the rest of us than I am about LL’s issues. I’ve seen a startling increase in griefer activity in the past 6 months and a lot of rude, thoughtless behavior. Sure, there have been trigger issues that tick a lot of people off — the gambling ban, identity verification, and all the technical snafus — but that’s no excuse for childish behavior and terrorism. If SL falls apart, LL’s management decisions will have a lot to do with it, but a lot of decent residents are going to leave simply because they don’t want to put up with people who get their kicks by intimidating residents and trashing real estate.

  112. Sedary Raymaker says:

    “Voice will certainly be distateful to those using SL as a way of disguising themselves and playing fantasy and dress up”

    In other words, 99% of SL residents. Thanks for confirming that Voice is meant for a tiny minority.

  113. 1stO Pinion says:

    Aromadon Enoch Sayd (66): “One day, you will try to log in and there will be nothing… The website will be 404… calls to support will be met with Out Of Service messages… and whatever was left of SL will just be a memory, along with your fees, subcription payments, L$ purchases and all your invested time and money… “

    He is completely right and unfortunately I need to share this horror vision. I had in mind to buy a SIM but stay away from these plans after the experience of the last two weeks. Problems can happen but it frightens me that LL behaves like the Computer Club at a primary school both in content and presentation. I lost today 90 percent of my inventory items, stuff I have paid for and enjoy now empty folders. This can happen to a sim or to the whole sl thing too, I am afraid.

  114. RC Paderborn says:

    Alyx and Brett,

    The fact that you think it was a joke or is racist is the problem.

    “LL is trying to make sure that we comply with the laws of every country in the world, which means the most restrictive. So carried to the logical conclusion, SL will soon comply with the laws of Iran and other fundamentalist Islamic nations. No sex, no gambling, no dancing, woman must be covered head to toe and if in public must be accompanied by a male relative.”

    What part of the above is untrue regarding fundamentalist Muslims? Show me where this is wrong, that it’s all lies by the Western media and I’ll gladly apologize.

    Unless it’s the term Mullah that offended you. In looking up the definition I DO see where in Iran and Pakistan the term is often used as an insult. My bad. I meant it in the manner of Muslim clergy. If you aren’t Shi’i, then perhaps you’d be more comfortable with Imam Linden or Shaykh Linden.

  115. Aromadon Enoch says:

    @85 See, that’s the problem though, Rolig… this buggy, crumbling system can’t hold the attention of the people who are creators, builders and “do”ers…. but it is the PERFECT platform for those who enjoy destruction, aggravation and inflicting on others. They don’t CARE if hours of work are lost in a grid crash or unannounced shutdown because they aren’t creating anything that takes hours. If they are creating at all, it’s a 5 minute job of tossing a couple of griefer scripts into a cube with a porn picture on it and settingit loose to scream and multiply all over a sim.

    Or maybe just collecting up freebies like guns and cagers and wreaking havoc with them as much as possible. They have nothing to lose, so the bugs and problems mean nothing to them. If they lose inventory, so what? Just make another cube or get another free gun… if there is a crash the deletes them, so what? Make a new account and continue the griefing.

    LL has created the PERFECT platform for grief… tensions are already high, they respond to nothing, they punish nobody… and they let you do it all for free…..

    So, I’m afraid I have to disagree… when, not if, SL falls, it will still ALL be at the feet of LL, both their management choices AND style.

    It may make for a happy happy joy joy place to work for the Lindens to have no bosses, no leaders and for everyone to “do his own thing at his own pace”…. the famous Tao…. but as a business model, it’s death….

  116. 1 Linux unlike MS products allow multiple new addons to be connected without the restrains MS imposes on backward and forward compatability! Seek and you will find a voice add on!

    More importantly however is the problem that rewsidents cant understand why SL continues with new adds ons to their massively unstable platform!

    Think of it like this:
    Older resident dont really expect it to improve and have little faith in support and management!

    Newer residents have just heard about Sl thorugh a raft of documentries and news/current affairs programs goen crazy on promoting these new crazes. So offering inovative new features shows SL is forwardly progressive. And working on a long term future! The sort of dream new players and prospective players looking at the SL blog can get motivated to sign on and pay upfront for premier style services!

    I paid up front for a yrly account and didnt get it activated till 1 mth and 5 dys later, despite repeated calls to support to fix it. But as the account wasnt activated it couldnt get basic more or less premier support to fit it. Non activeated support is only via special questions and 1 other limited option. And neither cover that sort of eventually. Support wouldnt respond to my 1st trial account as it was on a different msn address despite me provideing the full info and stated both accounts were on the same visa card so they could just check that. I finally recieved a reply that they couldnt deal with another account on a different msn. And they didnt bother to look for the guest account tickets i had lodged. Remember guest tickets also dont get replies, as it states on the support page!!!!!!!!!!

    After pestering All levels of reporting including abuse reports i guess the embasassing memos to get it fixed so they didnt have to read all my pleas finally worked. And they finally started to investigate it.

    So 1 mth and 5 days later when it was activated i started on trying to get the refund of that used up 1 mth and 5 dys off my 1 day old account! Account support couldnt see the new account because my trial account blocked them seeing a 2nd account and i told them 2 delete my 1st screwed up account by them so i could get something from the new account. It took them 2 attempts to delete it and as i suggested they miraculiously now saw the new account had been ripped off for that time and wks later it was reset!

    In the mean time SL had illegally made a new mthly withdrawl on the 1st account which wasnt premier loisted last time i checked and even had its VISA card details removewd from the my accounts page! So how did this mystery amount get deleted? Why didnt I get an email from Support mentioning they discoved the wrongfull withdrawl untill I had already seen it on my mthly Visa statemnet some time later and much later than all the day after day messages I sent to support demanding the money they stole off me? I also pointed out that card had been cancelled and i wouldnt trust them wityh access to another 😀

    Well After pointing out it didnt seem like an automated deduction could be made without the card details being on the ‘my account’ page, i finally got it returned! Weeks later.

    Good luck gettiong support unless you are really persistant and immaginative perting them into submission.

    And no I didnt get any compensation despite loosing all newbie less than 1 mth old advantages on top of all that crap. And i whinged about that as well as all the grief and frustration they had caused me.

    This only cover the problems on the new account. Not why I was happy to close the 1st account!!!!

  117. Shocked says:


    totally share your fears…Was wondering where so many griefers & just for fun sim crashers are coming from. Well, LL, you are so to speak the equivalent to a RL government…and yes i could well imagine some of the inworld griefing activities if not more, even more evil things only hitting you behind the scenes, are caused by frustrated former sl users. Ones that lost o lot of money, even if TOS says it´s not real money, peoples accounts speak a different language…I think, the destructive minds of some frustrated but technically gifted sl users, could become the last problem sl will deal with before totally collapsing.

    To make at least one note to the newsletter. Very bad timing guys! Almost cynical to come up with that now. You expose staff to something a different section of LL has caused. Very unprofessional and brings disorder internally too.

    Get your house in order
    Kind Regards

  118. Wow! the As We See It article ( in Second Opinion make me think. As a speech-impaired person (I’m mute) I thought about Voice as discriminatory. I didn’t look beyond myself to think of others that might use Voice to help them enjoy SL despite their impairment(s). Thank you, for opening my eyes 🙂

    Perhaps when Voice becomes more mainstream folks will balance it with in-world chat. I have faced situations where those around me ignored chat thinking that everyone was on Voice and it was very frustrating.

    Great piece. Very humbling. 🙂

  119. Torian Carter says:

    Yes, everytime we get a new voice update we have grid crashes. In principal voice sounds like a good idea, but they seem to be forgetting that the big players on the Internet are just not going to sit back and allow VOIP for free. Anyone who has tried to use Vonage over Time Warner cable will know that. They can somehow filter the packets and give priority to their own traffic. Time Warner VOIP, works perfect, VONAGE or SKYPE horrible quality. I assume SL will be the same.

    Forget the voice for now and get things actually working and stable. Otherwise we are all going to bail.

  120. Lexa Sands says:

    Streaming music without the need for an additional server might become *the* killer application for the voice feature. Works great (replace mic with iPod). 😉

  121. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    I just had a customer who was unable to rez an item she had bought at my store. I asked her to try it in my sim. Didn’t work, “attempt to rez object failed”. I gave her a slightly modified version with a different UUID. She was able to rez it in my sim, but not in her home sim…

    This is the second time I had to refund a customer, after handing out several copies of no-copy items. And I know it’s not a scam, because I had similar problems myself. Not to speak of the countless replacements I gave out over the weekend because people lost their things on rez, and complaints about HUD textures failing to load. What is been done to address this? And why aren’t such problems mentioned on the blog? For my customers it looks as if my wares fail to work.

  122. Rolig Loon says:

    @88: You’re right. LL created and manages the environment, and it IS more favorable for griefers than for residents who put time and money into building. No argument there. Still, it’s not fair to put all the blame on LL. Save some for the griefers. Lawless, juvenile behavior can’t be excused simply because it’s easy to do and hard to punish. No matter how mad I can get at the mayor and city government for not doing something about unemployment, poor schools, and lousy trash collection, I’m STILL going to save plenty of blame for criminals who shoot up the place and make my life miserable.

  123. richard says:


  124. Winchendon Dickins says:

    Well, after working through all the above comments, I’m not sure if this is the right place to put this. Like the majority of us, I too have been having no end of problems in SL. It has gotten much worse over the last few months and I think this weekend has certainly proved that its only going to get worse from hereon in!!

    I, like so many others, pay for ads for my business activities in the game. LL automatically takes the payments but we cant lately automatically access Search and find our ads, that they have taken money for. Neither can anyone else access the ads to go buy things or visit places or whatever. If they should access anything in Search, they cant TP anywhere either.

    I have decided that as things are very flaky at the moment, and although I asked for a refund for my ads and tier payments for the days that have been totally useless with regard to accessing anything ingame, and no refund forthcoming I am now going to delete my ads (always supposing I can login) until things hopefully settle. The ads are wasted as no-one can access them anyway, so we are paying LL for nothing. If anyone can get to your shops or come to rent property or land from you, they stand to lose their money as things arent working right. So, how about others joining me in an ad boycott until things become more stable. Heck, we are losing money anyway, so why let LL keep taking more from us when we cannot get anything back?

    I am even going to inform my current renters, that they can stop paying rent until this all settles. (They know who they are and I know who they are!) Some of them cant get in to pay rent anyway, some worry that they will be late and therefore evicted. Some worry that they will lose their money in any transaction to pay me! I more than likely wont get their money if they do try to pay, so I still lose anyway.
    So they will have a rental amnesty until LL sorts this all out.

    I am far from happy with SL at the moment, I was enjoying the game immensely, but for the last few days, I cant do anything, cant work on my project, cant tp, cant buy or sell, cant do anything. But I can delete my ads and save myself a little money that way maybe!!
    If enough of us do the same, LL will not be happy about losing all that regular money they get from oh, so many ads!!! They obviously dont read our comments here, so we need to do something to make them sit up and notice a very large number of us are unhappy!

  125. Bobby Troughton says:

    #82 said, “Oh, and to those of you who have had issues regarding loss of sales, classifieds, missing inventory, etc. Remember, if you could take it to court, LL would simply hide behind the clause in the ToS that states that L$ is not real money. :/”

    Yup, same clause as any other online virtual world/game has or will have, not to mention the lindends own everything you create. When you start a business in SL or own property, you ought to know the risks. It could all end tomorrow. Governments, particularly the US, which you can blame for loss of gambling, can intervene and influence SL again. Griefers and hackers can possibly cripple the world, or the Lindens might make another huge human error or simply decide to end it all. Those that have been in SL long enough know this, well at least most apparently. Anyone who reads the blog, or read any news on second life can see this. It’s a rough unreliable frontier world and mommy linden might not be there to hold your hands through it all and give you everything you want. One can either bear with it or leave to go play on lower quality virtual worlds that give you even less freedom of movement and interaction. Or god forbid…actually spend time in Real Life!

    I’m used to outages and the complaining. Probably too used to it. But still, all this complaining seems to be done by overly emotional doomsayers with slippery slope theories. Then theres the folks who say “this is the last straw” and up and leave, happens all the time, over even the smallest bug or griefer, one leaves another joins. And all the anti-voice who seem to blame every ill on their hated voice. Do they realize they can turn it off, still type, and associate with others who do? Maybe they ought to create a support group or anti voice clubs when it all becomes system-wide. Complainers have a point and will always be here, even when SL is running better, however it seems most folks rather spend there time in world then have to read and respond to comments.

    End of the world? Probably. Though I doubt it. But if it comes, I move on.

  126. Bryanna says:

    I left, canceled my account, and after this post will never look back. I had many months of fun in SL, was frustrated at times with all the usually lag, TP and inventory problems, but never permanently lost anything. I hung out at a social club most of the time, not fantasy role play, and made some very dear and close friends there. I purchased land on a private island (Class 5 sim) and built a home for myself.

    So why am I leaving this all behind? Voice and the lack of grid stability are the two biggest reasons.

    After months of enjoying my home and my creations in it, the last several weeks have been anything but enjoyment as I watched any or all of my floors, walls, windows, doors and landscaping disappear and then hopefully reappear with every movement of my AV or camera. If I was on some psychedelic or hallucinatory drug, perhaps I may have enjoyed the effect.

    As for voice, we were not role playing, as various groups of us also knew or had at least contacted each other in RL outside of SL. What voice ruined in SL experience for me was the lack of etiquette. A person whom I thought was cultured and sophisticated would keep the mic open, chew food and belch for all of us to hear then laugh about it thinking we were amused. It was the people that thought we were interested in a reality TV show of their lives, having to listen in on every detail of their life, the babies crying, the TV’s and radios blaring, yelling at the kids, cats and dogs.

    The rudeness that voice introduced into this group was astounding. I told more than one person to keep their mic closed when not talking because you are causing noise and feedback for the rest of us. The response was usually that they were too lazy to use the push to talk feature.

    Then the cliques, that were always there under the surface, really took hold after voice was introduced. What was once a friendly social group degenerated into the immaturity of a middle or high school social scene. I for one did not want to relieve that experience, but for others, their social development never progressed beyond that stage.

    So I will take my RL friends, including the ones from SL that crossed over into RL, and continue to develop and deepen our friendships and relationships. Good bye SL.

  127. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 73 Vivienne – excellent post, and the reason why all those who think 3D is the future of the internet, and SL is it. It won’t be. It doesn’t have a global attitude, it doesn’t make it easy for the world outside of the US, it’s basically a sandbox for rich folk. I mean, people that can afford to splash out a couple of k real money on a game are not your average every day Joe.

    @ 87 RC Paderborn – No, SL is complying with the restrictive laws of the US, where LL is based, even though from their own Key Metrics, only 25% of users are actually in the US. You can see that with the lauding of another US charity, rather than a global one which might bring drinkable water to the Third World, help fed them, or battle AIDS.

    Many of us said get it stable first, get it fixed before adding shinies that will just overload the system and cause yet more bugs. Fixes first, shinies second. We said Voice would affect the system. Guess what? We were right, LL were wrong. So looks like 5% here are fan boys, being very quiet now their toy and assertion it wouldn’t affect the grid has been proved wrong.

    And I’m sorry for those who think the comments about voice aren’t relevant to the Newsletter. If you read it, you’ll see a comment, As We See It, containg very dubious reasons as to why it will help some, and avoiding issues like marginalisation, and degradation of the grid. So these comments are very much on topic.

  128. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Lindens, just be open, disclose your problems to your customers (or aren’t you able to identify them?) and may be someone can help you :-). don’t fear that we leave if you tell us whats wrong. we even might show more understanding if you stop using all these standard ‘apology’ phrases. this might remind some of us just about our RL when things don’t work there :-).
    though there is some nice information in your newsletter, it appears that your customers are more interested in the perspectives, i.e. when your customers can expect to have the basic SL problems solved.
    be open for communication and simplify communication. value our free opinion, e.g. don’t close blogs after 100 entries, don’t release blogs with no chance to reply…. etc etc

  129. les says:

    What happened to the person who made the “human error”?

    Fire them. Twice.

    Who hired and trianed the person? Fire them too.

    Maybe Cory is a good target. I would have nailed him 2 years ago and surely on the day he gave his town hall about SL dev projections for 2007.
    Ben is kinda iffy too….cleary can’t make a decent UI, so why let him? What’s Andrew upto these days? Perhaps he’s due for a review as well. How’s havok+ coming? Thought so! You’re fired! No, dont go to your desk we have all your Wired Magazine’s and bong filters in a box at the door. Grab it as you leave.

    While I’ve got the broom out…fire the group that made this newsletter. We don’t require corp propaganda. There are all ready 100 news outlets in Our World not so irrelevant and trite. Replace the spinners (Torley too) with usefull lindens. Tech helpers or someone who makes coffee or some other thing with the slightest use.

    No need to waste energy in propaganda. The game speaks for itself and your efforts should be toward making it a Good and Usefull experience. Replacing your managment staff might be a way towards gaining some respect.

    Remove broken bits. Replace with better parts. Or carry on as normal. Some walls like being walked into.


  130. Sedary Raymaker says:

    “Do they realize they can turn [Voice] off”

    It had better be off by default, same as the other low-quality, resource-sucking streaming media settings.

  131. Iridium Linden says:

    @Neural, I personally read every single comment posted to the blog, and I, along with many other Lindens, appreciate your feedback and passion. Keep talking to us.

  132. Dirk Felix says:



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