[Resolved] Gridwide Slowdowns

[5:01 PM Pacific on 2007-07-31]

All search features have been re-enabled. A big thank-you from all of us for your patience on this.

[3:55 PM Pacific on 2007-07-31]

[Update] Work continues toward the restoration of all Search services. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available.

[12:55 PM Pacific on 2007-07-31]

[Update] Some increased search functionality has been restored at this time. The Search > Places tab and Search > Groups tab are still temporarily disabled. More information will be posted here when further information is available.

[9:53 AM Pacific on 2007-07-31]

[Update] On Saturday, when one of our many database hosts failed to a backup system, the backup system in turn was unable to handle the load. We attempted several fixes to this problem, including the creation and migration of load to other DB hosts, but we were still unable to determine why the systems were having so much trouble keeping up. We have determined, however, that these failures were not related to any sort of attack by an outside party.

On Monday AM, we figured out that the systems were misconfigured to handle the kind of load we were throwing at them. This was simple, unfortunate human error.

We’ve been bringing new, correctly configured search systems online as they’ve completed imaging and copying in their DBs.

That process should complete and be back to normal some time today. Again, we thank you for your patience.

[6:55 PM Pacific on 2007-07-30]

Work continues this evening. We’ll update when we have more information, or again early tomorrow morning.

[5:08 PM Pacific on 2007-07-30]

Work continues as rapidly and efficiently as possible. We thank you for your patience.

[2:54 PM Pacific on 2007-07-30]

The search functionality for Places, Groups and Classifieds are still temporarily disabled as we work hard to resolve today’s grid issues. Further updates will be posted here as we receive new information. We thank you for your patience.

[9:45 AM Pacific on 2007-07-30]

At the present time, there are no further updates on the below issues. Our Ops team is still working diligently towards a resolution. We will be sure to keep you posted on our progress. Thank you for your continued patience.

[12:11 AM Pacific]

Reports of issues with other features such as llDialog have been confirmed.
No additional information is available at this time.

We would like to thank you once again for your continued patience.

[8:26 PM Pacific]

We are experiencing gridwide issues at the moment. Resident may experience slowdowns or failures of search, mapping, teleporting and asset operations. Inworld L$ balances may show as Loading…

Ops is working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, in the meantime please avoid making any inworld transactions or operations on no-copy assets.

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