[RESOLVED] In-world Service Slowdowns – ALL CLEAR at 11:49pm PDT

[11:49 PM Pacific]

Operations reports all services are fully restored.  If your in world L$ balance is incorrect or stalled at “Loading…” a quick relog should fix it. Thank you for your patience this evening, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

[10:27 PM Pacific]

Well, I apologize for the too-confident words on quick resolution in the initial post. It turns out the little gremlins responsible for this didn’t become any easier to catch for having been so quickly sighted. Operations is still working on this, and we’ll post again as soon as there’s a significant development.

[8:39 PM Pacific]

We’re experiencing gridwide slowdowns or failures of multiple services, including mapping, teleporting, search, and asset operations.

Operations has moved quickly to resolve the issue, and we expect resolution very shortly.

Until the all-clear is given, please refrain from attempting in world transactions or operations on no-copy assets.

We’ll post updates as soon as they become available.

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