[Resolved] Access Denied…NOT.

[7:15 pm PDT]

We’ve resolved the issue- along with the nice shiny login HTML page showing up as a big ugly HTTP 403 error page, the in-world help was also not working.

As of now, both the login page and the inworld help have been restored and the error should not appear anymore.

We are still investigating exactly what happened, but currently it appears like an overzealous security rule mistakenly also applied to http://secondlife.com URLs, preventing the client from seeing the majority of http://secondlife.com urls.

We’d like to apologize for the inconvenience.


[4:53 pm PDT]

Many (if not all) login attempts are currently being greeted with a disconcerting message where the splash picture usually appears. It starts with:


The Requested URL could not be retrieved

and then blathers on about denied access, disallowed requests, and the need to contact a service provider.

Please ignore it.

This is an internal configuration issue which we’re working to correct, and which only prevents the correct splash screen from being delivered to your viewer. It does not impact the essential login process.

You should be able to connect normally, using the still-visible login panel at the bottom of the viewer window, until our Operations Team has restored the splash screen to its former glory.

We apologize for any inconvenience or concerns this has created.

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