Updated Voice First Look

An updated, optional Voice First Look viewer is available for download on the First Look webpage. A mandatory Voice First Look will be released this Monday. Monday’s mandatory Voice First Look will be the last one we release – after that, voice will be available as a feature in the main viewer.

Today’s optional Voice First Look includes a long list of fixes (those of you who have been using the Voice First Look know *exactly* how long that list is). If you’re interested, please read the complete release notes on the fixes we’ve made. The voice team could not have found, reproduced, narrowed down, and fixed all of these issues without the help of Residents who have taken the time to post Public JIRA bugs and feature requests, and share their thoughts at open office hours and in-world bug triage meetings. Thank you.

Today’s optional release includes a few other highlights, including a voice set-up wizard that appears upon login, during first voice use, to help Residents quickly set up voice.

A new voice preference enables all Residents to “Only accept calls from My Friends” if you wish.

By popular demand, we’ve also added a mic tuning feature that allows Residents to adjust their own mic volume and settings from within the viewer (i.e., outside of system preferences/settings). The mic tuner is included in the voice set-up wizard and can also be accessed via the new “device settings” in Edit > Preferences > Voice Chat.

Finally, this release lets callers know if a Resident they’re trying to reach is offline, when a caller attempts to start a one-to-one voice conversation with another Resident.

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130 Responses to Updated Voice First Look

  1. nila dench says:

    Good because I happen to like the voice capcity in SL 🙂

    I appreciate your work LL keep it up! 🙂

    A Happy Resident

  2. Ahzzmandius Werribee says:

    Where is the linux voice first look? 8-(

  3. Ahzzmandius Werribee says:

    oh, and the windows link is broken…

    The specified key does not exist.
    Second Life 1-18-1_134 Voice First Look Setup.exe


  4. Wendys Jewell says:

    It says page cannot be found?

  5. Tegg B says:

    Cool, I like new stuff and fixes , keep them coming, we’re getting bored 🙂

  6. DrBoyoma says:

    I just wish to express my gratitude for all the hard work that has taken place with the voice viewers. It is the greatest invention since *ponders* .. Nutella and Bread .. ~Dr Boyoma

  7. Psistorm Ikura says:

    well, last voice firstlook.. does this mean we get to play again with windlight, next? 😀
    *crosses fingers for it*

    to say something vaguely on topic: I like the communicate window, though Ill spend some JIRA time regarding that one.. one or two things I dont like. hope those issues already exist 🙂

  8. Crash Pointe says:

    Download link is broken? I tried both IE and Firefox.

  9. Akiba Campbell says:

    Yep, link is broken, here’s the correct one:
    http://s3.amazonaws.com/firstlook-secondlife-com/Second Life 1-18-1-134 Voice First Look Setup.exe

  10. cristiantm says:

    Well, well, well… And guess what? No info about Voice on Linux client… Not even if anyone is working on that or if we should forget about it.

  11. Tsu Goodliffe says:

    does this include a fix to the the Mute buttons and The way the IM’s and such are Because I kinda like how the View is on the Normal client and would hate for that to change 😦

  12. Brett Finsbury says:

    hope this fixes the sudden inventory loss i have been spending the afternoon filing bug reports and note cards to vendors since the rolling restart.
    Getting the failure to rezz message and guess what poof its gone from your inventory. word of caution folks hold on to your money or make sure the store has a good customer service policy before buying.

  13. NullEnigma says:

    So uh… what happened to listen to both camera and avatar position?

  14. Smiley (Barry) says:

    Woot? Goodbye iTunes + Firefox + SL at the same time! X.X

  15. Smiley (Barry) says:

    @Brett: These issues are (I think) due to inventory file corruptions. And due to the amount of sims you’ve got there on ya grid (4,000!!!), sending and recieving the list can worn it out when you reach about 10,000 teleports lol.

    Surprisingly, we got none of those issues here.

  16. Lex Neva says:

    If voice makes it into the main client while retaining the horrible new chat interface, I, for one, will start looking to outside sources such as the Open Source client for my main SL client software.

  17. Reacher Rau says:

    Ctr+Alt+6 keyboard command is now broken 😦

  18. Ceera Murakami says:

    Can someone please post a link to the release notes, so those of us who are unwilling to waste time downloading this client can at least see what has supposedly been fixed?

  19. Alicia Sautereau says:

    and figures, Salin should have voice enabled, all setings done and a “to make sure” restart of the sim and no voice as promised, not even with the new FL viewer

    btw, can u PLZ remove the damn black chat bbl when speaking when history is open? kthx

  20. Moy Loon says:

    Voice is a great thing…and its great that your fixing bugs…

    but where is the linux version?…Its troublesome to have to use windows to use the voice…

    also the new friends/groups/history window…is horrible…there needs to be an option to use the ‘classic’ style or something!

  21. @Ahzzmandius Werribee:

    The voice vendor, Vivox, is *still* working on a Linux binary blob. Tofu Linden is pretty much at Vivox’s mercy, but already set up when they do get done.

    On the bright side though, the first WindLight viewer worked okay on Linux, and streaming movies should be landing in the 1.19 viewer release.

  22. Alicia Sautereau says:

    no voice?

    disable it in the land options for a few seconds, then reable it to “private spacial” to keep it to the parcel

    for some stupid reason it has to be toggled

  23. Spikez Stine says:

    Oh cool! More enhancement! =]

  24. Reacher Rau says:

    why the hell am i getting a popup every few minutes asking me if i want to join or decline a voice call when i have VOICE CHAT DISABLED?

  25. Vivienne says:

    @ 18

    because linden labs loves you to listen to all the insults.

  26. Nikolai Kidd says:

    So what’s the big deal here? I have been on SL for a few months, and using Skype and Chatting and IM has not been a problem, I have no intention of using the voice thing in Sl, as mentioned by the above user, I don’t need popups from everyone wanting to try out their voice stuff. At least with chat, you can see it all without choosing which oe you want to read. In a priovate setting, the voice may be a nice tool, like skype. Hope it isnt just another toy that doesnt work well and causes increases in Lag….

  27. Dirk Felix says:

    Cool, more bugs, maybe Torley can spin this into something banal 😉

  28. Vivienne says:

    well, i doubt that he can spin anthing any longer – they simplay start losing their user base. especially those who are not only in it for poseball hopping and who bring in the money and who are ignored as if they were not into SL are treated as if they never had been there.

  29. Dytska Vieria says:

    I am going to stream internet radio, route it to mixer so everywhere I go, you may here Mozart.

    Tapping foot, waiting for WindLight!

  30. Dirk Talamasca says:

    Stephany!! YOU ROCK!! WTG!!!!

  31. Brett Finsbury says:

    actually the loss happened at two diff stores and one in my store which I am warning customers and letting them know I will fix it if they lose it.
    As for you inventory disapeering after x amount of teleports. Now there is really something wrong with that picture.
    I hope that was just a joke.
    I can eat 900l but if my inventory has what sounds like a experation period after you tp some many times then whats the point in buying or selling?

  32. Atashi Yue says:

    Release notes?

  33. Rg Papp says:

    Hi ..the developers have done a wonderful job creating SL. BUT both the main viewer and the newest First look STILL CRASHES EXCESSIVELY if you have Streaming ON.

    Also the new COMMUNICATION Window really sux. Its too Bulky/Big. CONTACTS/FRIENDS LIST does NOT belong there. I see you are trying to make those options/tools more compact BUT you have done just the opposite.

    One other thing, LANDMARKS should have its OWN BUTTON. Isnt that used the most? Make one of the rarely used buttons disappear into inventory.

    Sorry ..just a user being honest.

    Thank you.

  34. Montana Corleone says:

    Why has there been mega lag asince the power outtages, and mow even more mega lag after this rolling restart?

    Any more info on how several hundred sims could possbily have got missed in this rolling fiasco?

    What happened to not doing things on a Friday afternoon like you promised?

    Do you know what you are doing at all?

  35. sixsheep says:

    Hey guys, good job on a feature nobody likes or wants. You must be proud.

  36. Tanner says:

    THANKS!!! I don’t know what your regular friday BS entailed, but when I finally am able to log on, I immediately crash all of a sudden. Another great weekend!!!!

  37. Rascal Ratelle says:

    The following issues have not been addressed:

    Performance issues:

    Voice audio lag, Voice choppy and broken up.

    Mac viewer does not allowe you to specify audio devices.

    Mac first look client borked.

    also check these out.
    there seems to be more unresolved issues then resolved issues.

    Your attention to these important issues would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Rascal Ratelle says:

    also check these out.
    there seems to be more unresolved issues then resolved issues.


    oops forgot to add that last link.

  39. KatanaBlade Anubis says:

    from what I have seen with voice, if it is to be a regular viewer…there must be moderation tools. Can not ban all voice spammers on the estates.

  40. Sarah Nerd says:

    I like the way this update walks you through the preferences when you start it the first time. Good feature.

  41. i love using Voice, both in SL public and one-on-one, also group IM conferences. LOVE IT. however, talking to my friends and clients isn’t enough to distract from the inventory loss problems, as well as the building/placing object problems.

    the Communication button takes some getting used to, i still look for the “Friends” button constantly. i wonder if the GUI people realize they can make different length buttons for different words? 😉

  42. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Still showing VWR-1317 as “unresolved”.

    Come on guys, this shouldn’t be hard to do. We don’t need the dot to pulse or anything, we don’t need to know if they’re speaking or if they’re listing to any particular channel… but we ABSOLUTELY need to know who’s using voice and who isn’t, dammit. It’s not like it’s going to cause a lot of bandwidth use… only ONE BIT of data per avatar when they come into view or change the status. How hard can that be?

  43. Oz Spade says:

    Some unofficial documentation of release notes for First Look Voice can be found here:


    and here:


    Just click the First Look category (divided by release version, then release client version (i.e. 1.x.x -> Final/First Look/Beta)).

    Not sure where official documentation is nowdays. The ones on the official wiki are a couple versions behind:


  44. Oz Spade says:

    P.s. There is still no way to separate Groups/Friends from Near Me/Communicate window. Which many have asked and voted for on the Jira.


  45. But, us RL mutes are still treated like second class citizens. 😦

  46. Amilia Sperber says:

    I’m still crashing on login. Is anyone else still having this problem?

  47. Minky says:

    I believe the lindens are doing their best , so we could help by clicking the bug report button hehe….I found it quite fine to use except for a few bugs here and there , which can be fixed..But I agree on the Estate ban on some people who might….say shout vulgarities..through the sim lol

  48. cristiantm says:

    Antonius, thank you for the info about Linux stuff… yeah, i’ve forgot to ask about movies… Where did you read it will come on 1.19?

  49. U M says:

    oh gesh did they even borth looking at the crashes reports! No, here we go again!!!!!!!!!!

  50. The Todd says:

    Yes, the voice is awesome! Almost as good as going out… without spending as much money on horrible drinks and … well never mind 😀

  51. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmm.. ANOTHER weekend of losing inventory after a rolling restart ; the usual…. KUDOS LL….

  52. Caleb Francis says:

    thank you sirs

  53. Ann Otoole says:

    who cares about voice when textures won’t fully load/rez? sl is nothing without the full graphics capability so stop worrying about shinies and make the core functionality work right.

  54. Orson Dahlgren says:

    Tabs are evil. Now the “Communicate” window has both horizontal and vertical tabs.

    So when this client is forced on us, I now have a chat history window that has to be taller than I like, and no more separate IM window from local chat history.

    I didn’t participate much in beta because voice is a feature I do not want to use. It didn’t occur to me that I’d have to participate to defend against the lost of flexibility in the UI for text chat.

  55. Jack Hathor says:

    When arriving back after the rolling update i find the sim my land is in running like shit. Rubberbanding all the time, time-dilation at 0.55 continiously. A tp to linden estate service brings me to the 2nd floor of an empty house. An inspection in ctrl-shift-1 to see i have no packet loss, and no ping either, those seem simply cut. Well done guys, Friday, everyone gone. sim running at poor performance. Ill remember how you laughed at us, on request to not do an update on fridays. In stead of finally getting some work done, ill be running and trying to get someone to reset the sim.

  56. @_@ says:

    @39 Ann
    LL, fix the damn texturing and laggy stuff and items disapearing before you get stuck itno tryign to fix the new stuff >.< that would be helpful, especially the texturing T.T we need our graphics workign better!

  57. camron martini says:

    I tried voice beta in SL and it was working great, but when they switched to first viewer i could not use it, nobody could hear me or i could hear them, i tried numerous times calling lindens and nobody else responded, im trying to download this maybe this will fix it! i hope so! because LL’s customer service sucks, i contacted many lindens and they all switch their “Online” status off so people won’t bother them! I tried their “Linden village” aka “their offices” nobody is there! There is no customer service anymore…

    Ill let you know if this worked or not!

  58. hope antonelli says:

    I have no intention of ever using voice so why is it a MANDATORY download. I was always under the impression it was going to be an optional thing. Another one of LLs lies. So now i have to endure idiots asking me every five minutes if I have voice?

  59. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Well, voice is better, but that’s like saying you only lost a foot instead of the entire leg. Communicate window is still a mess, and an unnecessary waste of space.

    Kudos to implementing other people’s patches and making voice easier to use, but IM in chat history is still unreadable, still can’t find no-transfer textures in the texture picker. Simple fixes, please.

  60. camron martini says:


    I will beg for help!

    I still cant hear or talk! I did everything in the book, spoken to many people and still nothing! (does not show green wave or anything, not even a dot)

    PLEASE HELP ME i want to use voice.


  61. U M says:

    HUDS are loading very slowly with this current update.

  62. Danielle Harrop says:

    If chat interface is still that horrid huge thing, I will not use voice. I will stay with skype. That chat interface is NOT GOOD lindens…neither is lag, or taking 2 minutes to rez something on my land I own, or taking 2 minutes to put on an article of clothing. clothes come off in a sec, but take 4 minutes to put on. Voyer teen boys like that but/ er feature, but us mature ppl who no longer giggle at the word Boobies are tired of it.

    Fix what’s broke, don’t wag the dog and say “Hey, Look!! Legos!!” 😛

  63. Berry Steinhoff says:


    Problem with new voice viewer as follows, noting here in case others are experiencing similar problem. Sim was voice-enabled today. Voice activated in ESTATE TOOLS. However, will only work on parcels if “Use private spatial channel” is selected in LAND OPTIONS. Will not recognise Sim as being voice-enabled if “Use the Estate spatial channel” is selected in LAND OPTIONS.

    Thanks for your efforts LL.


  64. Danielle Harrop says:

    @44…need a preview feature 😛

    Voyer teen boys like that but/ er feature,

    should read:

    Voyeur teen boys like that bug/er…feature,

  65. Azrael B. says:

    Fix what’s broke, don’t wag the dog and say “Hey, Look!! Legos!!” 😛

    No. I want the legos. I like them. My SL experience is almost painless and now I want some shiny new features.

  66. * Streaming video support for Linux client.

    Woot, now we just need that voice first look client before release…

  67. Now if only we can choose to detatch the friends list from the communicate window, and have it stay detatched when we close it and reopen it.

  68. Tosh Snook says:

    please fix the communication window, it is cumbersome. I prefer the old style, and just about everyone else I know does too…

  69. hallo Carter says:

    Although I am personnaly not a voice user, I find it too intrusive, I’m sure lot’s of folks love it. Here’s a disaster recipe to ponder, I watched the population meter go up and up since I became resident and it has almost doubled in that time to over 8 million. In that same time, the max number of folks online at any one time has never popped 50,000 except for the odd special concert or event. Stir in the fact that there are massive increased lags, outages, purchase problems, lost or misplaced inventory. Sprinkle a liberal amount of new features that cause a cascade of multiple other problems. Cover it with rolling restarts and missing service techs. Put it all into the oven one day with one hundreth of the potential population. Stand back and watch the bitching start then.
    Perhaps it’s past time to fix the basics so they work consistently and put aside the (as a previous note referred to) shinies for now.

  70. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Question, if the voice features are going in the main client in a couple weeks, what of the still mostly broken Communicate window also in the FL client? Is that gong to bake longer? (We hope)

    Implementing that bit of brokenness into the main client will be a MUCH bigger deal that voice anything will be.

  71. Another vote for Windlight over voice 🙂


  72. Cherry Czervik says:

    YAY for voice (well Broccoli I am looking forward to Windlight too but I absolutely love not needing to run Skpye to talk to my sweetie).

    When are you going to bring voice to Odessa Graceful please? I see other islands getting voice but nothing yet for our venue!

    @51 Well I kinda miss update Wednesday and the forums … the one thing I’d like to see sorted out atm is the Recent Items.

  73. Nice set up wizard, though it seems to go against the original design of SL. And having a pop-up window in the preferences, too.

    Also, the sound output selection is completely ignored still on OS X
    https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1810 So I have to re-log and set my system prefs sound output to my headset, log in, and then set it back once I’ve completely logged in.

    That aside, voice has been great and I’ve really enjoyed being able to talk to my friends for the past two weeks!

  74. Giulio Prisco says:

    This is great news! I can’t wait to have voice in the standard viewer. It will be a quantum leap for SL and many more people will take it seriously as a 21st century communication platform.
    The first look viewer works great for me on both PC and Mac.

  75. Ann Otoole says:

    so concentrate on voip and degrade the rest of the system. well there was skype and many other products already available. we don’t need a voice platform that has most of the other features that made sl what it is destroyed/degraded just to have voice.

    get a freakin clue. your not fixing what needs to be fixed

    you don’t fix anything unless someone does it for free.

    what do you think we all cannot see what is going on?

    well i guess the chinese saw and are delivering.

  76. Lyndka Cochrane says:

    Has anyone noticed how SL is polarising already? Those with voice – even Friends – are ignoring/excluding those of us who choose not to have voice.

    Nice idea but SL still lags – I still TP and hair ends up on my bum – I TP and objects self-detach – Client crashes for no reason – moving from one dance ball to another (with the same dance?) takes an age to load plus all the Jira faults.

  77. i can´t believie it…

    i run a resolution of 1680×1050 on my main computer.

    with the new messaging interface (what is now modified, but still crap) i see no eficient communication and use of the client in parallel.

    there are so many articles and vote on JIRA… maybe someone of the developer listen at the residents needs ?

    running 19 SIMs with a client like that… i would prefer to leave and go to secretcity.de or any other lag free new comunity.

    and why do you put this close to release ?

    you are using SIP – a early Voip solution, proofen to be not usable in most of the worlds end-user configuration. ever heard about skype ?
    this is why they had this success.

    your solution is not using http/https-tunneling, so not possible to operate mmore than one client behind one IP (technicly spoken, means in most situation: only one user per DSL).

    it´s not capable of passing a router / firewall in most situations – because it needs port forwarding. that may respect the situation of US-users. but after you found out about skype, do a research on “world” (not grid, plz) – there are other continents… and in europe this is not typicle, nor possible in most commercial orgaisations.

    help – this is running in a totaly wrong way !

    i´m not the day by day complainer on the lag and other issues, even when they are there. but this is unbelivable.

    and yes: i would love voice (option, at least) – but it must bypass firewaqlls with no extra configuration – and the client UI must be acceptable.


  78. Matthew Dowd says:

    Since this is the penultimate voice firstlook before it goes into the main client, I was dissapointed to see very little progress in fixing all the UI issues with the new communicate window. Perhaps this is planned for the final Firstlook next week?

    However, I’ve updated Jira with what I think the main remaining issues are, please vote if you agree with me:

    Have Groups and Friends display in a seperate window if opened via the menus:

    Closing the Near Me window when torn off should not reattach it

    The Groups and Friends tabs in Contacts should not be at the side

    I also created a jira issue a little while ago to allow people to vote on simply getting rid of the new communicate window entirely!



  79. U M says:

    oh BROTHER! crash crash crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats going on with the asset servers today!

  80. Matthew Dowd says:

    Oh, who has noticed that this has pushed th gambling ban off the four headlines in the viewer – so those who come to SL on weekends only may not even notice the major change in policy!!


  81. Zephy Toshihiko says:

    All of those saying they don’t want voice, just use the Linux client as I can’t see how that will have voice in it at the next release since there is no test version so there can’t possibly be a full version (we trust them to test stuff first, right?!)

  82. U M says:

    At this stage i can`t see this client being release, unless they do major changes before release. Now beta is beta, frankly I don`t believe its going to be that good of a final release. Sooner of later they get it right but at the moment. God help us…….

  83. I’d like to suggest something. As Lyndka reported, the inevitable polarisation has indeed started, and it’ll be more and more aggressive in the future… unless the following policy changes: make voice opt-in and not opt-out.

    With your latest changes on the way the grid works, SL is able to support multiple, different viewers (thus, the possibility of having the First Look Viewers to “test” new technology). Well, give new users a choice: download a voice-enabled version and the regular viewer without voice. Don’t call the voice-enabled version “First Look” (but just “Voice-enabled SL Viewer” and “Text-only SL Viewer”) and have it available everywhere from the download page, from the auto-upgrader, etc.

    People really, really wishing for voice will be able to get their version; the ones who don’t, would not have it pushed (literally) up their noses. The choice would be the residents’, not LL’s.

    Opt-in systems are much fairer and democratic. Giving people a choice is always a nicer commitment than simply pushing things that they don’t want or don’t need. I fully understand that you need to increase the rate of new sign-ups, and all marketing studies show that the introduction of an “official” voice-enabled viewer in past platforms have increased that rate. The very same studies also show that the dropout rate will increase even faster (besides all the other side effects like “splitting communities” — but we’re used to that already), but from a marketing/public relation point of view, you just need to enhance the positive sides, not the negative sides.

    Currently, “just a few thousands” of people know about the “First Look” series of viewers, so it’s hard to tell how successful it really is. On the other hand, making it a mandatory upgrade also falsifies the results: I can imagine that on the next day a press release will say “8.2 million users in SL are using voice”, when that will clearly not be the case.

    So, give us an option. Place on your home page a huge banner saying: “SL is now fully voice-enabled, click here for the new viewer”. Have the download page (not the FL page!) show both choices. Have the registration page give a clear choice between both options. Then let’s see how many people really switch over to voice, when the choice is theirs and not LL’s.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, please take a moment to inform your international audience what the law in California says about phone sex. While text chat is “safe”, voice calls of a sexual nature, when they’re made for L$, might fall under the legislation that regulates phone sex. And certainly SL does not need another friendly hint from the FBI to shut down another series of venues. This time, it’s better to play safe than sorry.

    You might also find Regina Lynn’s article on Wired an interesting read.

  84. Raban Laborde says:

    And? Is that damned “Communicator Window” gone? It makes the Voice client neraly unusable. Chat can be done on IRC or ICQ. Such a big window blocks what makse SL to what it is. It is so blocking, that you may chat without SL (bcause you don’t se much from SL, only the communicator window) or you may have SL and no chat – only voice, if it works at all.

  85. Mirah McGuire says:

    Why am I seeing a blue or red “aura” rising up around avatars with the voice first look viewer and how do I make it stop (aside from going back to the regular viewer LOL).. help please!

  86. The XO says:

    Yeah nice one guys… a new voice client after you borked the grid twice in order to do it. What’s next, neutron bomb juggling????

    Well as long as the people that use voice (thats between 4 and 7 of them – or has it made it to double figures yet????) are happy then thats ok. Not to worry about the rest of us. For rest, read majority.

    Credit where it’s due is my motto… but that isn’t here, not this time!

    In the words of Dennis Leary… “Thank you, thank you, thank you and….” I won’t say the rest as it’s broadly offensive.

    Goodnight, don’t forget to turn out the light.

  87. Tiara Calvert says:

    Voice is not wanted by the “vast” majority of users in SL. There has never been a demand for it. Nearly all comment threads besides this one have weighed in on the negative side for it’s implimentation. Already not using it makes those who do not some sort of lesser user, a piraiah, in the voice activated areas. Those who are not using it are lost to know what is going on.

    This is clearly the most intrusive, devisive and most aggressively pushed upon feature to appear in SL.

    The most aggravating of all possible things is that SL’s ability to simply function at all continues to plummet. Friends lists and normal group chat simply do not work as they should. Read that again… “Friends lists still do not work as suppose to with regularity”.

    Simple text chat in group IM’s does not work as it is suppose to!

    There is simply no reasonable exscuse for this. Corporations are coming into SL and you cannot even rely on simple text chat!

    Yet you are forcing this on the community that pays your salaries? You cannot whitewash the abundant and persistent problems that plague this game. And yes lag has increased since voice has arrived. There is simply no question that it has.

    Some will say well voice is handled on different servers so that cannot be. Well then perhaps it’s the client. And you know what? It doesn’t even matter, because if money was spent on servers for this feature which, what was it? 2000 total people requested? INSTEAD of updating servers for land owners and fixing of existing bugs it is a crime.

    I love SL though the constant issues and bugs and this blind mindset of forcing features for the sake of claiming they exist on us has me ready to start looking for an alternative. I don’t over react, I don’t doom preach. I’ve kept quiet on this but enough is enough. Maybe if I and others start pulling our monthly payments Linden Labs will start to reconsider it’s current trend of buisness behavior.

  88. Leroy Whinstanes says:

    Why you all gotta be a bunch of assholes? I say kudos to the Lindens for actually getting this project going. Those of you complaining about how the Voice doesn’t work, simply because one trivial feature is not working perfectly, need to think about how much extra time the Lindens have put into this project. And there is a reason why it hasn’t been released into the whole world yet… because of the fact that some things DON’T WORK THE WAY THEY SHOULD AND THE LINDENS ARE FIXING THEM. So people, get off your effing high horse, and let the Lindens do their jobs. Also… you people who are complaining about all this lag since the power outages…… I don’t have any lag whatsoever, so maybe you guys need to get away from the n00b camping chairs.

  89. Can somebody please explain why there is no redesign of the communicate window in accordance with overwhelming market demand?

  90. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    Linux – users .. pls support the following issue about voice-implementation :


    Thank you.

  91. Vivienne says:

    @ 67

    “”… because of the fact that some things DON’T WORK THE WAY THEY SHOULD AND THE LINDENS ARE FIXING THEM”

    Haha. Since i joined SL LL broke something fitsr and fixed a part of the broken stuff. But real progress? NO!

    They obviously deserve every honor for starting SL and making it grow. But at a certain point they lost focus, adding a lot of buggy features while forgetting about commutity demands and bug fixing. The result is a big buggy piece of software with lots of nice but not really working freatures, which fights every kind of hardware as fiercly as possible. And voice is another feature almost no one needs and wants (skype is available and in widespread use, anyway) and which really, really is not even fivehundred miles close to acceptable technical state at the moment of introduction. And no, they did not spend ANY extra time in this. They simply dropped time elsewhere. This is not the way to run a business safely for a longer period of time. Most probably LL will rnd up as the Netscape of Virtual Worlds. They repeat ALL the mistakes.

    For Voice: Turning Sl into a giant phonecell is as useless as turning a tomato into a carot. Nothing beats Videoconferencing and Webcams. This is a simple fact. Nothing beats the real Disneyland, too. Just amother proof that LL completely lost focus on what they do to their user base.


    “Please take a moment to inform your international audience what the law in California says about phone sex. While text chat is “safe”, voice calls of a sexual nature, when they’re made for L$, might fall under the legislation that regulates phone sex.”

    I tried the First Look. And it is horrible. What about the sexual harassment? Ir is not only phone sex which is “listenable” now, there are all these heavy breaths and seemingly “funny” yells at everything which does not look like a male. I HATE it. Listening to a real vouce has another quality than only reading the words.

    The most embarrassing is that LL hampered the Chat functionality in a way that makes this completely unplayable for everyone who resists this Phone Cell.

    In the end my days in SL are counted. One day I will cash out and leave it. And I will continue using a webcam, skype or any other software, which does the same as SL in a much more hardware friendly ways in a much better fashion.

  92. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Eurotrash bitching about the ganbling, Eurotrash bitching about sex, Eurotrash bitching about everything…. You know, if you don’t like the laws in America, here’s an idea, start your OWN damn company and run WILD with your Eurotrash morals…. diddle little children, gas a few Jews… whatever you want to do… but if you think you get free reign when you’re “coming to America”, you just don’t get it…. but that’s not surprising, either….

  93. Vivienne says:

    @ 71

    You will not hesitate to trash SL with your VOICE, yelling at the eurotrash, won´t you? And it is soooo easy. You do not even have to learn how to write a simple english word.

    Bye, bye SL:

  94. Ann Otoole says:

    What? Phone sex is illegal in California? Well I guess Linden Research better kill off this voice initiative fast and ban sex via voice in Secondlife quickly! If it is illegal and they allow voice then they will have to monitor all that voice communications and turn over all those horrible decadent people having voice sex to the authorities! Wow thats gonna be a lot of old lady baptists listening in on 100% of all conversations, public and private, to ensure no laws are broken!

    Better yet get with the program LL CEO and go make the requisite million dollar contribution to the US Two Party political system so they will get off your back and exempt Secondlife from the totalitarian laws. All it takes is money. If you don’t buy them off they will be all over you about one thing or another till you are forced to close down.

  95. anonymouse1 says:

    When I have voice turned of I want it OFF. I do not want to have to refuse voice calls all of the time. I have a feeling it’s going to get really old really quickly.

    When I have Voice turned off, please make it so that it works like it did before. I really hate the way LL has handled this from the very beginning. You’ve been insensitive to users wants and desires. No one cares if some people want to use voice, but the way you’ve implemented it is insensitive and intrusive. And it’s purely to keep up with the joneses.

    I’m in favor of Gwen’s idea. Have a voice viewer and a non-voice viewer… make it opt-in not opt-out. Honestly, the way you’ve implemented it, it’s not really even opt-out it’s “TRY to opt-out, but you really can’t.”

    Haven’t you noticed the negative responses in the blog EVERY time you have a post about voice? Don’t you listen to your customers?

    I plan not to even have a mic.

    Very Sincerely Yours,
    Anony Mouse

  96. U M says:

    LOOK AT 67 Remarks…….. now LL look at this poster? You call this helpful or even constructive? Go ahead banned this person……..Gesh Atleast he equal prem banning people from the BLOG! Swearing is ok?

    @67 little do you know that LL mostly breaks things insteads of fixing them.

  97. Ann Otoole says:

    Voice needs to be opt in in a big way. Voice needs to be a subscription feature priced at a level that recovers the huge costs associated with bringing it in and divided up amongst the exactly 200 people that voted for it in the first place. Make them pay for it and only let them use it since they wanted it. Then allow additional people to subscribe to voice if they want to pay an extra $10 a month. That should take care of a few things.

    1: will require payment info used to have voice. no voice at all for PIOF or NPIOF users period. 99.9% of all abuse of voice will emanate from the NPIOF sector anyway so it is a solid way to prevent 99.9% of voice abuse.

    2. will recover costs from those who want voice such as corporate accounts that can afford it and won’t even blink at paying up.

    3. will eliminate the damage Linden research is attempting to wreak on SL by forcing voice on millions who do not want it.

  98. Lillie Yifu says:

    Still missing is a test calling features, so that you can hear what you sound like on the grid, and therefore know whether your system is configured correctly.

    Still missing is the ability to configure voice use for group or members of a group. Like setting home, rezing objects or other features, voice should be something that landowners can grant to everyone, to a group, or only specific groups in a group.

  99. Gary says:

    Can’t log in now. Don’t know if it is related to this voice change or not. I get an Access Denied message when I try to login. Logged out normally. So, don’t know how to resolve this. Help guys.

  100. Vivienne says:


    Yes, this would help them in not losing their face while not losing their customer base, too. Which they most certainly will lose if they proceed like they do now.

  101. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    I’m with and supporting the idea of two separate viewer branches, one with voice and one without a.k.a. the current functionality.

    That will make everyone more happy. The choise should … err… MUST be the residents in this case, or LL will just have dug their own grave by this…

    If voice is forced up on me, I will start playing random interval signals as my ‘voice’, anyone wants to join me with the new irritating cacaphony of meaningless sounds? *grins*

  102. U M says:

    Why not? does it really matter if we have 2 viewer. Voice and Non voice……….besides team speak is better over all………….

  103. Vivienne says:


    Well, numbers of log-ins and linden dollar purchases are sinking anyway. Too many undressed flaws and additional bugs recently. And the voice client as it is will enforce the retreat massively. I really wonder if no one at LL pays any attention to that. And I wonder who is responsible for this kind of commercial suicide.

    I would hate to warch this drown for some silly self worshipping at LL.

  104. Gumby Yue says:

    Crash on startup with the new viewer….:(

    I’ll try clearing the cache, then redownloading, and maybe it will work…

  105. Aeris Shenlin says:

    it would be so nice to know why I can’t log on anymore. Neither with the normal Client nor the First Look. What is going on with SL, I’d rather not have voice than all this.

  106. anonymouse1 says:

    @77 (Jessica)

    While I can’t condone griefing of any sort… I can say that this is a possible means of protest.

    LL really needs to be taught a lesson. On Gwen’s blog there is an interesting poll about, what if an open source community backed version of SL came about? The number of people who said that they would join is around 60-70 percent.

    I believe that this is a reflection of people’s displeasure with LL. I think that they need to see 60-70% of their user-base disappear overnight in order to make them realize what’s happening.

    Again… I have no problem with people who want to use voice. I *DO* have a problem with people who want to force me to use it.

    Anony Mouse
    “Third Life Anyone?!”

  107. Anylyn Hax says:


    Samstag 17:29
    Die Seite ist offline, und der Client tut auch nid, Data Linden oeffne bitte die Comments, es ist der einzige weg es Dir mitzuteilen

    WARNING: LLXMLRPCTransaction::Impl::process: LLXMLRPCTransaction CURL error 6:

  108. Novis Dyrssen says:

    The support portal may by now be up and running again, but what is with the rest of the grid? I have not been able to log in for two hours now, and considering that on a weekend, people will want to spend some time online, this is a sad situation.

  109. Solar Legion says:

    Hate to break it to the nay sayers but more and more people have been downloading and using the Voice Client … for some it is currently the only Client that actually works on their system.

    for those saying Skype and other VOIP solutions are better … I call balderdash on that. I use skype on occasion and have MORE problems with it than I do the Voice Client. Add to it the claims that Skype works perfectly fine behind firewalls and the like are utter rubbish – try running Skype behind a school system proxy (some people don’t have a choice – no home PC currently) … The call quality goes down the drain rather quickly as well as calls being lost quite a bit more.

    In addition there is NO way for anyone to know the exact number of people for or against Voice in Second Life. There are simply too many people who have not or will not ‘voice’ their opinion on the matter. Kindly speak only for yourself.

    as for voice being ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ …. It is already ‘opt-in’. You choose to turn it on for yourself or on your SIMs. Expecting LL to keep two separate viewers for all eternity is a bit much and quite frankly an unrealistic expectation.

    You do not want to use Voice? Keep it shut off. Don’t want those annoying invites? Use the new option to only allow friends to make them. There’s your ‘opt-in’ system right there people.

    I for one still type, even in the Voice First Look. There’s no getting around the fact that there will always be a need to type – just as there is no getting around the fact that Voice has ALREADY been integrated into the Grid.

    I do have an idea though – and yes, this is dripping with sarcasm – let’s have the people who are so ‘vocal’ about NOT having Voice pay for the ABSENCE of this feature. after all, they’re so sure that they speak for the majority – why not have them pay for it?

    Wait! An even better idea! why not have them pay for EVERYTHING – take over all payments for all residents!

    That about ends the sarcastic section of this comment.

    Again, if you don’t like voice – don’t use it. Shut it off, set the proper settings … and stop speaking for anyone but yourself.

  110. Solar Legion says:

    Oh yes – something else too … No one is ‘forcing’ anyone to do anything. Like ALL of the features of Second Life – you can turn this one off.

    Remember that hmm?

  111. Aromadon Enoch says:

    Eurotrash bitching about the ganbling, Eurotrash bitching about sex, Eurotrash bitching about everything…. You know, if you don’t like the laws in America, here’s an idea, start your OWN damn company and run WILD with your Eurotrash morals…. diddle little children, gas a few Jews… whatever you want to do… but if you think you get free reign when you’re “coming to America”, you just don’t get it…. but that’s not surprising, either….

    I’m enjoying seeing SL crash and burn just as I projected…. and one day soon, the Lindens will just vanish with all your money…. and then I’ll ROFL for the first time, for real….

  112. Vivienne says:

    @ 85

    “Oh yes – something else too … No one is ‘forcing’ anyone to do anything. Like ALL of the features of Second Life – you can turn this one off.

    Remember that hmm?”

    Plain nonsense. The chat funcionality in the Voice Client is SO hampered that it is IMPOSSIBLE to use it in any senseful way.

    This is not what i call an OPTION. This is enforcing something.

    And yes. I can turn something off. And i will. I will turn off Second Life.

  113. Kenny Stinger says:


  114. anonymouse1 says:

    @84 – Solar Legion

    “Hate to break it to the nay sayers but more and more people have been downloading and using the Voice Client … for some it is currently the only Client that actually works on their system.”

    Wow! Where are you getting this statistic? Or is it from your, admittedly, non-scientific observation? Also, how do you know these people are actually using voice and not simply listening. I don’t plan on using voice, but I may listen in since I may, sometimes have no choice.

    What consistently surprises me is the tendency for voice users to believe that “lots and lots of people are using this” when, if you look on the blogs and on the comments here… 90% of the comments you see are opposed.

    What we have here is a small “vocal” (pardon the pun) minority which has gotten it’s way because LL wanted to please big businesses interested in SL. That’s all.

    This vocal minority is eager and willing to marginalize people if they don’t use voice. Oh well. 🙂 It’s unfortunate but true… but you need to ask yourself… how many people want to come to second life to make it an extension of their first life?

    I know of people (men and women) who are in senior positions in companies that play on SL and it would be harmful if their Second Life became associated with their first life.

    Also, one of the scariest things that can happen is voice theft, yes… you read that right. Check out lillie yifu’s blog: http://sexsecond.blogspot.com… the post named “Safety Worst” and you’ll see what I mean.

    Here’s an interesting link to consider:


    Vocal transformation is on the way…. anyone who uses SL without disguising their voice is playing with fire in my opinion.

    LL should never have considered voice to be completed until it implemented voice masking technology into the client.

    Anony Mouse
    “So many voices to steal, so little time…” 🙂

  115. Flezix Maddux says:

    I can’t wait till voice is mainstream! I’m trying to get people to try it out so I’m doing my part! 😉

  116. JustMe says:

    Well voice chat is nice but lol how many of us are using multiple accounts… of different gender.
    I was chatting with a grandfather who had around 20 accounts the other day, most of them are sexy women accounts roflmao he is not happy. I’m a woman in my 30’s and I have 7 accounts, 3 of those are men account. I don’t use much my men accounts but they are useful. And I would use my voice but I do not want to have to disguise it.

    Yes nobody forces me to use voice but think about it… what will you think if you meet a man or a woman avatar, that you really like, that you even maybe fall in love with or even just have a small crush on…. who refuses to use voice? You will thinkn that something is wrong… right? Hey be honest… lol or that person is old and does not want you to know or, he/she is not of the gender he/she pretends to be, you will think.

    The next big thing in the forums: “Do you think that your friends are diguising their voice?” o_O

    roflmao ;p mouhahahaha OMG hilarious.

  117. JustMe says:

    why is my other post moderated? roflmao… what did i say wrong… hm… that I’m using different accounts or that a grandfather has sexy women avatars?

  118. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “Expecting LL to keep two separate viewers for all eternity is a bit much and quite frankly an unrealistic expectation.”

    Nobody is expecting them to “keep two separate viewers”.

    They’re just asking them to “fix text chat in the voice client first”.

  119. Solar Legion says:

    to number 87: ‘scuse me? Hampered to the point that it is impossible to use?

    for you – maybe. I’ve got no trouble with it whatsoever. speak only for yourself and no one else.

    Number 89: Nope – it’s based on something called “observation” – you know, actually using the First Look Client and paying NO attention to Blogs, forums, or any of that rubbish.

    See, here’s the thing you’ve forgotten: The only real measure as far as use of this feature goes is how many people have downloaded and installed the Voice Client. doesn’t matter if you’re just listening or not – you have Voice Enabled, you’ve got a Voice Dot over your head, you can hear other people talking and you can – should you choose to – talk with them through the Voice Channel.

    See, I have plenty of friends that use Voice. some listen and respond using the keyboard, however they are still using Voice!

    Once again you’ve missed the fact that a Blog, forum or what have you is NOT a real indication of opinion as only those who have bothered to put their opinion to words are actually seen or heard from. sorry – not good enough, the number of people with the Voice First Look (and later in the main client) who actually have the Voice Chat option enabled will show how many are actually using Voice.

    By your own admission you will use Voice – to listen, yes but that is still using Voice.

    Now then – you may want to stop speaking for other people and start speaking for yourself.

    Oh … and one last thing: You really do not know anyone’s reason for being for – or against – voice until you actually ask them.

    Want my opinion and reason for using Voice? IM me sometime – I’ll give you a quote you can use and review next time you deign to speak for anyone’s opinion aside from your own.

  120. anonymouse1 says:

    I really think it’s oddly amusing that LL decided to make “usability” changes to text chat right when they started to integrate voice.

    It’s ridiculous that they seem to have made text chat less attractive. This is one of the things that is driving people away. Linden Lab obviously doesn’t care about it’s users.

    Anony Mouse
    “Opt-out is not opt-out if you don’t have a choice.”

  121. Solar Legion says:

    90: I saw at least one person suggest that the Voice Feature remain in a Client outside of the main one.

  122. Winter Ventura says:

    Where’s the list of information on what this update includes?

  123. Vivienne says:


    They finally managed to crash the entire grid for this VOICE BETA:

    Soeone must pay them MILLIONS for intoducing technical crap like this.

    Bye LL, this is commercial suicide.

  124. Rob A says:

    Just don’t do it. If you don’t want to listen to the general population of SL what the hell are you there for? WE DON’T WANT YOUR CRAPPY VOICE SOFTWARE! We just want to be able to continue to use the grid without it crashing every 10 minutes and to have deveolpers and support personnel who aren’t so inundated with the “Durr, my voice isn’t working…how do I use it?” support requests to work on the MAJOR problems plaguing the REAL SL. God, sometimes I wonder if you WANT to fail.

  125. Rob A says:

    PS: If you use the ‘Communicate’ window and all that in the main viewer, and get rid of normal chat history, I will leave SL forever. Zip, zero, zilch. Done. It’s terrible and never should have been introduced. I want to be able to see the chat I missed without half of the history window being the ‘Who’s Near Me’ screen. I don’t care about that. I just want chat history, nothing more.

  126. Alicia Mounier says:

    Yeah, fix the chat windows, i hate that huge window and don’t go telling me to turn down ui size cause then it is hard as hell to read the text and stuff. I don’t care if everyone wants to or not use voice but I don’t that crap shat interface. Who was the knuckle head that designed that? Tell her/him to fix it.

  127. Alicia Mounier says:

    @97 Yeah I mean really? Why have a bubble over the person’s head if we have to have that clunky “who’s near me” window addon that we can’t addoff?

  128. Anony Mouse says:

    @91 Solar — ‘Nope – it’s based on something called “observation” ‘
    Yes, as I said *YOUR UNSCIENTIFIC OBSERVATION*. I also qualified my use of voice by saying “I would use it to listen when I have no other choice.” I will, however, never speak unfiltered if it all.

    “Now then – you may want to stop speaking for other people and start speaking for yourself.”

    Wow… aren’t YOU presuming to speak for all of those legions of people using voice by your observation?

    My opinions are based on something too… OBSERVATION, so, I am, in effect doing the same thing you are. I am giving you my opinion based on what I have seen both in world and in the blogosphere. I have also been keeping track of who is using voice and who isn’t. I have a very large Friends List and, to my knowledge, only 1 or 2 people on it are using the voice client.

    Please, don’t attempt to erode my position when yours is equally shaky by claiming that I’m speaking for others when I’m only expressing my opinion based on what I’ve seen. Your argument is weak, so you need to fall back on something to discredit me rather than arguing the actual point.

    Anony Mouse
    “Trying reading, THEN posting… it works better that way!” 🙂

  129. U M says:

    Seems like things are stable inworld at the moment no login problems

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