Rolling Restart – Complete

In order to improve the voice experience available in the First Look: Voice client, we will be issuing a rolling restart today starting at 9:30 AM PST. The restart should finish by 12:00 PM.

During the rolling restart and for a few hours afterwards, residents making use of the voice client may experience intermittent problems with voice. These should all be resolved by 3:00 PM.

Regions will being restarting at approximately 10:30. The restarts occur in a wave that progresses North to South through the grid. Residents can teleport southward to avoid being logged out.

[UPDATE @ 1:24pm] The restart is complete.

[UPDATE @ 2:24pm] We’ve discovered that several hundred regions did not restart during the restart wave. We’re restarting those now to make sure that the voice updates will behave correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience, and will be investigating why the regions were not restarted with the rest.

[UPDATE @ 3:10pm] The final batch is complete. This time for sure!

About Steve Linden

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Linden Lab. Mostly I work on improvements to the graphics engine used in Second Life, but I also have my hand in many other aspects of the Second Life code including user interface and internationalization.
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188 Responses to Rolling Restart – Complete

  1. Milo Bellow says:

    Is This To Undo The Mess That Was Secretly Made Of The 1st Look Client On Wednesday?

    I Hope So..

    Crashing On Login For The Majority Of Attempts Is Pathetic…

    And The LAG?

    Where On Earth Does That Come From All Of A Sudden?

    So Much For Voice Not Creating More Lag…


  2. Jackman Cioc says:

    You guys should also make a blog post for all the problems with ATM’s 😦

  3. Zagro Farris says:

    they did … they baned gambling A whole bunch of folks pulled all there cash out at once.
    I miss poker 😦 slingo 😦 Greedy…. im board most of the time now.

    and to date voice = no lag here at all.

  4. Cobra says:

    09:19 “unexpected” login problems – thx for screwing with SL on friday afternoon/early evening. Your european customer thank you …

  5. Felicat Fairymeadow says:

    Err. rolling restart… but it seems like the whole grid went down

  6. Flood M. says:

    I am, right now experiencing crahed on login. Meaning after I hit login that bar appears, says logging in, and then the client crashes.

    it worked fine yesterday. Is that somehow related to the work done on the grid?

  7. feelgood tripp says:

    Seems like things running in slow motion. Could just be me though : P

  8. sm thibaud says:

    In order to improve the voice experience we get to crash on startup again, on a friday – end of the working day in Europe. Ty LL

  9. Daedalus Young says:

    Weather forecast: Thunder and Lightning!

  10. Jordguitar Flasheart says:

    Will this fix the estate bans suddenly disapearing?

  11. Keiko Rau says:

    Rolling restart? Not only was it 4 minutes early at 9:26, but there was no usual 5 minute warning – just “Ting! – The simulator you are in…” etc

    Thanks for that – NOT.

    Whats the bet what I log back in, the real rolling restart rolls through as well??

  12. Haroldthe Burrel says:

    *shakes his head

  13. Rogue Joliat says:

    Great, couldn’t have given everyone better notice then 19mins?
    Most of us dont even use the Voice Client, but we all have to suffer!!

  14. Sougent Harrop says:

    Gosh, I wish you folks would quit carping. Complain about problems, then complain when they do something to try and fix them.


    For what it’s worth, I use the First Look Client daily and haven’t had problem one with it crashing when I start it up.

  15. Martian Zanetti says:

    “Unable to connect to Second Life.
    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.”

    Mmmh, it’s annoying…really

  16. Kenny Stinger says:

    Gee Do Some thing THAT MATTER LIKE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  17. chrisse Zabelin says:

    this is crap i crasht and now i can not login anymore exactly like last time…

    is there something happened in san francisco again or what i dont belive it
    only written – again :

    unable to connect to secondlife something unexpected has gone wrong etc etc…

    whats wrong again?? sl seems to get really worse

  18. Bittersweet Lime says:

    Seems the login is impossible now. Anyone else has problems with it?

  19. BaliusCaleb Ashby says:

    Dear Fellow Restart Dodgers,

    Remember to teleport North or South “over the wave” to avoid being killed/logged off.

    Let’s consider the rolling restart to be just a “bad weather pattern” that moves North to South – Starting in the new island continent of Corsica on the upper right (North East) of your map, then proceeding through White Sands and Newlandas (also on the upper right/NE of the map), Sever Island, Costa Bianca (as the White Snowy area is known to the local residents ), the Korea Island Infohub, and finally the U-shaped Southmainland (where we live on the Golden East Coast in Yuja and Mul).

    At least it isn’t the whole grid like on “down Wednewdays”… right?


  20. Rogue Joliat says:

    We are not complaining that there trying to fix the problem, we are complaining about the notice given, or therefore lack of, first time the notice showed up apon log in was after the client crashed and we, well I still can’t log back in, too bad for those that were in the middle of a huge build or anything.

  21. Does anybody find voice a fulfiling experience and would you really miss it if it went away ? Just wondering if all the effort might better be spent on things we really need such as error handling on the links, solving the teleport crashes, fixing the memory leaks once and for all and so on.

  22. Silvie Messmer says:

    Well, to me it seems like it is… “unable to connect to 2nd Life…”

  23. “… or otherwise busts the rules will be …”

    Could you also resurrect use of the English language some of us know and love and say “breaks the rules” or somesuch please.

  24. Silvie Messmer says:

    my first comment was meant to add to #12!
    couldnt care less for things like voice, i’d much prefer the game “as is” to run as it’s supposed to be!

  25. Tama Rotaru says:

    where ist the RESTART?? got kicked out, without any warning, and then no more getting in! Guys, you dont need power failurs in Frisco, you found other ways!

  26. sadly says:

    Cant login into SL either anymore. Thanks, voice!

  27. Ganzbaf Rasmuson says:

    hi guys,

    please think about the definition of “rolling” and “re”start.

    i want the sl free wednesday back and let us the weekend. 😉


  28. Bod Redgrave says:

    @10 AGREED

    @12 Good idea – something I always do.

    To the rest of you with problems, use Forums or Support Ticket.

  29. Avvie says:

    My logins fail because of a simulator/database bug. Hopefully the database servers are restarted too.

    The bug has been on for 10 hours and no response from Support for 6 hours.

  30. Amilia Sperber says:

    I’m glad the login crash problem is not my own. I was going crazy last night thinking that a debug option I’d set was stopping me from logging in and that I couldn’t get back in to fix it. 😛

    Can’t wait till you’re done!

    P.S. I love voice. Second Life was more crashy before it, in my opinion.

  31. Tama Rotaru says:

    @19 wrong man! this is what the ‘ comments * are for ! ALL of them …concerning this ‘rolling restart’.
    I always prefer getting inworld warnings if somethin alike is goin to be expected. Power failures are an exception, for sure.

  32. Alec says:

    I dont need this voice thing. I need a working SL!

  33. Alicia Sautereau says:

    20seconds to asset db to respond, vendor not sending items anymore from server and lagging

    rollback what u “fixed”

  34. An in-world warning of the restart would have been nice. If the sim I was on hadn’t crashed I wouldn’t have seen the blog entry notice.

    Also, Voice (at least for me) is underwhelming to say the least. I’m an RL mute so the technology makes me feel like a second class citizen. People all around me are using Voice and ignoring chat. I am becoming a non-entity avie.

  35. Tama Rotaru says:

    @22: even this is not exactly point for this comment line, I totally agrre! Have some firends here in SL , also hard of hearing, and I really feel sorry for them, because I fear its goin exactly as you described it…2ndclass citizens! again RL is goin to overtake. As long as this is goin to happen, I am not ‘in’ with voice! Still goin with the ‘oldfashioned typers’!

  36. Dalarian Dyrssen says:

    The lack of in ingame warning
    was not amusing at all.

    I lost some some work due to that…
    a small amount but nevertheless.

    On the other hand..
    “Only a dead bug,
    is a good bug.” 🙂

  37. Kio Carnell says:

    Sorry Guys…Cant login into SL !! 😦

  38. Fab1 Planer says:

    Hey. I cant login anymore since the rolling restart begun. It tells me Logging In (Attempt 1) and then it tells me it cant connect.
    I can only login to the Beta Grid. Anyone got an idea?

  39. Bittersweet Lime says:

    Uccello, you are not alone. Many of my friends refuse to use voice as well. It is breaking immersion and will lead to more separation instead of integration (people of the same language will cluster more often).

    I definately do not want to hear people’s RL noises, like barking dogs, crying kids, ringing phones or their locale music they hear cutrently.

    And I dont want to wear a headset all day long and I also do not want to be griefed in a new, more annoying and harder to monitor way with all kind of verbal and acoustic crap.

    Voice?- No, thanks.

  40. WhoAteAllThe Pye says:

    I can’t log in now getting the message “Unable to connect to Second Life. Despite our best efforts something unexpected has gone wrong blah blah”

    Nothing on the blog page or status page so what now *twiddles thumbs*

  41. Cliff Dieffenbach says:

    GRRRR…right in the middle of building =/ hehe.

    Best of luck voice people.

  42. Gershom Taov says:

    > Does anybody find voice a fulfiling experience

    I’m not interested in having voice.

    However, the competition has voice so we have to keep up with the Joneses, right?

  43. Amparo Zenovka says:

    Thank you Lindens. Thanx a lot that I can’t login any more.

    I pay a lot of money each month, and what do I get????

    No logins, a sim that is slowed down, even when only one AV is in there. Objects won’t rezz or rezz 10 m away from the point they should. The asset server doesn’t respond in time.

    But Lindens worry about Voice, hurray. That we need really.

  44. Bad surprise. I announced an event and an opening party of my business right now. “Something unexpected has gone wrong.” Unable to cennct to Second Life. Why aren’t you able to announce a buggy restart one day in advance?? In Rl your customers would attack your company with a lot of lawyers: action for damages, compensation, loss of carning and so on.

  45. Vivienne says:

    Why is there time for an unwished, silly and unnecessary feature while database problems, stability flaws, a terrible overall lag and SL becoming more and more unplayable and unreliant isn´t even worth a comment, not to speak of adressing these issues?

    Big Biz pressuring? Hey, We are the people, listen to us!

  46. Aeris Shenlin says:

    I haven’t been able to log in for a solid hour now. What’s this?

  47. U M says:

    oh well

  48. Vincent Nacon says:

    Good lord people…. Voice never was completed, you should have know better.

    That’s why it’s on FIRST LOOK… as a BETA, not an actual release.

  49. Vilixan Fallon says:

    In order to improve the voice experience available in the First Look: Voice client,

    DAMN LINDEN IDIOTS !! .. Its for Voice, You DAMN IDiots I don;t fucking care about VOICE. Solve first all other Problems.. Thank you for this Friday Europe Evening Fuckup !

  50. Karen says:

    At the moment sooo many problems. Textures and avatars stay grey…. When rezzing, I get the message: Rezz object failed. I tried several sims, cleared cache, rebooted all… it’s hopeless….. it’s awful…. We all keep flying / floating in the air… sometimes when walking.. always when tp-ing…

  51. sadly says:

    so when we get the full voice we get the full problems?


  52. Could someone please ask the cleaning lady to unplug her vacuum cleaner and plug the cable from the central router back in? 🙂

  53. chrisse Zabelin says:

    hey i try to connect doesnt matter what – first look and at the normal one i cant login always “something unexpected has gone wrong – unable to connect to secondlife”
    whats that?? a rolling restart u wanted to make… now i cant come online like many here… not only on the first look… and u dont even give a comment??

  54. max says:

    Hey Guys.. Login isn’t working and even shows no response at all! What’s happening there? Is it a Europe Backbone problem or are you “down” ?

  55. Silvie Messmer says:

    #22 what competition? anyone came up with an alternative? *thinks about packing her bags*

  56. Tama Rotaru says:

    @31 ….but it is tieing the forces, desperately needed somewhere else! FIRST comes the paying customers, then the so called ‘development’ (if it really is…)
    Linden, pls. dont bind all your power on ‘Voice’ or whatever… let SL keep WORKING! …dont slowly kill it!

  57. Finkel Flossberg says:

    So…Now the main grid has become the new beta grid?
    How can you guys justify restarting regions to satisfy residents using experimental viewers?

    I hate to say this Llindens…. Arrogant or incompetent, which is it?
    I wonder what you guys will do when eventually competion from other online worlds emerge….. you face a dimm future is you don’t shape up your customer service strategy.

  58. Shiney Sprocket says:

    Everything works fine here anyways.

    Crashing I did have was related to an overheating video card.

    Keep up the great work LL!

  59. Vintage Vaalbara says:

    I haven’t been able to log in for a solid hour now. What’s this?

  60. Rita Laval says:

    Rolling restart…..9:30 AM

    Unable to connect to Second Life …..

    DNS could not resolve the host name………10:35 AM

    Europeans allways seem to be at last 😦

  61. Madam Ada says:

    Not interessted in voice but interessted in log in now!

  62. Robazzar Beaumont says:

    hey guys on this blog , not having a go , but we are all human , these lindens are try to make this place better…give them some kind words please ,,,i’m sure they are trying hard with all they know to help us ,,,GOOD WORK LINDENS thanks for making this awesome place

  63. Rovenna Rossini says:

    @ #24:
    Same problem here, opening party is sheduled for this evening…
    At the moment none of the owners is able to log in, so the whole event will turn out to be a complete flop.

    Thanks Lindens, thanks voice….

  64. chrisse Zabelin says:

    grrr i still cant login doesnt matter on what viewer

  65. Tama Rotaru says:

    @37 : “..unable to connect to second life. Despite our best affords something unexpected has gone wrong …..”
    ooops, sorry, I also crashed, but I didnt realize my/a Videocard might cause such big connecting problems to SL for thousends of customers who all wait now for more than one hour to log back in to SL !

  66. Aeris Shenlin says:

    Oh well, I’m not even using the Voice Viewer. Can’t log in with any account, any viewer, nor any region. I have to agree with other comments, a warning would have been preferred.
    And Uccello, hope this consoles you, since Voice isn’t my prefered option either I tend to sit there ignorant to all chat too. It’s always gonna be a side feature for me, and not worth the bother.

  67. Vilixan Fallon says:

    Dear Linden. Voice is Fine, but a restart around 19:30 CET time on the main grid for a first look viewer issue due to the fact that Voice is stil in Beta is strange. Its against every way of IT Sense.

    Please do fix all other issues with embedded notecards, viewer crashes when empty the trashbin etc. before implementing or even testing voice.

  68. Horten Market says:

    it would be helpful if some LL speaker could at least tell us when we will be able to log in again. thank you.

  69. Vivienne says:

    @ 22

    “However, the competition has voice so we have to keep up with the Joneses, right?”

    What cpmpetition? Didn´t SL sweep them away WITHOUT having voice?

  70. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    I second Nicholaz’ request… please let us log in again 🙂 pretty please. You can lock us out next wednesday, but please not on fridays.

  71. trademark congrejo says:

    reading what other people type is all the voice i need

  72. JackyBoy Kohime says:

    Does anybody know how long this will last?

  73. Montana Corleone says:

    Oooh, that reminds me. I do need to d/l the First Look so I can turn voice off on all my parcels, and at least try and reduce my lag. Thanks LL.

  74. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    It is nice that Linden would decide to fix the problems that are actually occuring in SL-perhaps they can concentrate on that instead of the gambling which will cost a lot of people a lot of money-I suppose there is no way I can be reimbursed for all the time and money I have used to create a nice plae in SL-as it seems the creativity is slowly being choked out of this place-maybe you can fix the grid problems enough so I can build again without a hassle-and I don’t even have gambling machines-but I go to gambling places when the grid is too sloppy to try building-come on guys, the more you stifle people the less creative opportunities we have to make this place what we want, I thought the purpose of SL was to create our own world-or did all the lawyers you guys hired change that?

  75. ….and another: “Linux client installer not available.” Ok, but this does not mean the we cannot connect – not at all? I do not like to change to, because I did not finish to learn Mandarin 😦

  76. Cybertgirl says:

    Will that be just the same like the last time Linden did a roll back?

    I lost some Linden I had paid for an items it never showed in my inventory.
    Oh, Sad wheather

  77. Tama Rotaru says:

    @42 You brought it to the point!!
    THANKS! will do exactly as suggested! All you landlords of SL: if you want to let yor place work, do it ! TURN OFF VOICE and show Linden, what for you are in SL – to create YOUR working! second life!

  78. Shivanna says:

    HELP!!! i cant Connect, DNS could not resolve the Host Name, what does it mean? What should i do?

  79. Anylyn Hax says:


    what does LL ?



  80. pantaiputih korobase says:

    i am happy that you introduced a new bug: rotating myself is now incredibly slow, thanks!

  81. Leara Kohime says:

    So… as I read all comments above I found a lot of similarities to my situation.
    *makes some gestures with her hands to Uccello Poultry*

    I too feel like a second class citizen now… SL gave us the possibility not to be dependant on voice… now I will be asked… “Why don’t you say anything?” And again and again I need to explain… nice… makes me feel like RL…

    And since the begin of the rolling restart login is dead… “… we did all we could… but were unable to login…” sure… maybe you should really fix SL to a running system first instead of adding new features to the grid! Still have a lot of items rendered useless because of the DB problem “… Item/gesture missing from database…” error.

  82. Gil Druart says:

    So much for for the unwanted feature being *optional* and having *no effect* on anybody who doesn’t want to turn SL into a mobile phone add-on .

  83. Kiki Masala says:

    #29 LOL
    Nice timing the middle of a contest TY
    Who needs voice when theres a shit load of anoying gestures?!
    HOORAY for gambling & STOP CHILD PORN…

  84. Calyn Canning says:

    When i log into Secondlife, my Client crashed directly after saying “Logging In (Attempt #1)” and then i can have a look at the lovely Crash logger.

  85. Enforcer Banshee says:

    hmmmm…is this a rolling restarts on regions or accounts?
    cant log in on any account in any region for about 2 hours now.

  86. ari blackthorne says:

    “10 Sougent Harrop Says:
    July 27th, 2007 at 9:34 AM PDT
    Gosh, I wish you folks would quit carping. Complain about problems, then complain when they do something to try and fix them.



    Thanks Lindenonians! 🙂

  87. Rene Marseille says:

    WTF! I can’t login any more! Always the same problems!

  88. JackyBoy Kohime says:

    Fixing problems is ok, and all want the problems fixed, but building in new problems is not ok.

  89. Naemi says:

    I am trying to login for 2.5 hours now without any success (‘DNS could not resolve the host name’). Now I miss the event I have planned for 1100 AM SLT, and I wonder why you are doing a rolling restart on a friday. 😦

  90. Hypatia Callisto says:

    well, now I am getting DNS error upon attempting to log in, this bites.

  91. Max Desoto says:

    Hmmm, I am troubled that they have to restart the WHOLE grid to take care of a problem with the FIRST LOOK client. The tail is wagging the dog here folks, if voice is that important, then BETA it some more, rather than bringing down the whole grid for an optional piece of software.

    Priorities Lindens, and voice First Look should NOT take priority over the grid as a whole.


  92. Annika says:

    Well, it’s now approx. at least a 5-6 hour “restart” … since then no login is possible and the whole grid seems to be somewhere in the restart process (my guess, somewhere at the “totally down” stage of the restart process).

    It’s Friday night in Europe now, so – wow – there’s a night without SL coming up. How horrible for some of us, but other might just want to go to the movies, the beaches or the bars … I mean the first life variations of these sims … 🙂

    See you later everybody …

  93. Marc Lyne says:

    Who does care abt that voice feature. Nobody needs it. It will only adding to the existing problems and lags.

    Not possible to log in. Its really upsetting.


  94. Abele Shu says:

    @31 Would also love to know of a better alternitive. if they block the reply here you can send me an in game note ^^

  95. Germaine Aquacade says:

    I can’t loggin since over 45 minutes – getting the same error message like others too. Would someone from LL finally give us a statement to this problem ?!

  96. BaliusCaleb Ashby says:

    I just read #44 and managed to login (slowly) from Washington DC.

    Is there any way to know “how far South the Restart Wave has progressed” ?

    I’d like to know if my sims have been restarted – Can anyone report specific server names? Maybe we can figure out “who is safe” and who is not?


  97. Dakota Beck says:

    lol cant even get in wonder what kind a problems you are now creating…. wish it would be like it was a couple millions ago lol…..

  98. Korena Starbrook says:

    wow – if this isn’t a sign of things to come.

    The gambling ban was brutal for some I am sure – but most should have seen it coming a mile away – at least those of us who live in the US.

    Voice??? Who cares about voice. I suspect it will be forced down our throats though so open up and say AHHHHHH.

  99. Ted Price says:

    I just joined and it seems pretty stupid that I cannot even get started while a Beta item shuts the whole thing down. I was told that this was the best new thing online. Sure seems just as messed up as the real world…

  100. Hypatia Callisto says:

    I’m in Europe, I got a response to my support request but it doesnt help because once I get in how many hours later, Qarl Linden’s office hours will be over.

    Hope someone is logging it.

  101. getfamous xeno says:


  102. Whitepaw Rolls says:

    @ 31
    Agreed I too would love to find a more stable and enjoyable alternitive. I have been here since before they hit the 1 mil mark and it seems like its just spiraling down now. this “added lag” and othre issues from this new vois feature are just the next level. how long before the grid crashes beyond repair or recovery?

  103. Marc Lyne says:

    Its really a mess putting the whole grid down for a feature nobody needs. Europe is down. Its more than crazy, its really stupid!!!

  104. Sergjey Umarov says:

    LOL, those Linden guys are great… Fixing probs on things that nearly NOBODY wants and ruin the day at a time when EVERYBODY wants to play SL…

    Customer care is written in very small letters at Linden Labs.

  105. Sergiolino Corrtes says:

    I’m in Europe too, no login possible since more then 1 hour, Friday evening here, well done again LL. Please don’t bug me with anymore polls how good Second Life expierience became recently …

  106. rol mcmahon says:

    why starting new problems, before fixing the old?

  107. andi says:

    Not able to connect to Second Life!
    Since many hours!
    Im from Germany, this really sucks guys !!!!!

  108. Cristopher Whitfield says:

    Hey there, I cannot log in to Second Life anymore, since an hour!!!!
    What in earth are you doing???????
    This is not true now… every single day a nother BUGGGGGGG

    I´m truly upset

    yours Cris

  109. Calleigh Merlin says:

    Crashed about an hour ago and not able to login since than…this is REALLY getting on my nerves.

    The error messages keep on changing from unable to connect to DNS problems to Login Failure because of whatever.

    All I want is to login and play…I pay enough money every month and hey, the last few days we had NOTHING but trouble on SL. That starts to frustrate me.


  110. Novis Dyrssen says:

    I’ve been trying to log back on for 15 minutes now, no luck with different accounts. I really wonder how the 35 k people that are supposedly online right now got on…

    And I really wish for once you would actually tell us if there are problems, like, oh, for instance, logins. Instead of giving the status “everything’s hunky-dory”…

  111. Robby Pomeray says:

    Great… must be a big roll… I’m getting DNS error, when i try to login. I guess Amber will have a lonely meeting at the Volonteer HQ right now.

  112. Jessica Hultcrantz says:

    @30, love that comment on the cleaning lady LOL

    And for the rest… Why bother with the voice thing at all???
    If I want to speak with someone, there is phones and IM-clients with webcam support, so why introduce something unnecessary in here?

    Focus on better stability, better hardware support and better information and support for us paying users… (Thinking of stop paying soon if they don’t get better at telling things in advance and listen to us users!!!)

    The only Lindens that has done somthing valuable for the masses are Torley Linden and Tofu Linden as i see it :-/

    LL needs to loose their focus on the US market and start thinking global…

    Another €0.02 of thoughs while grabbing the big melon gun and running after that cleaning lady so my friends can log in…

  113. Joshua says:

    Lets hope this rolling restart takes care of all the MASSIVE AMOUNTS of lag lately and also the HUGE amounts of packet loss. Its been happening ever since the “Great San Fran Blackout”.


    Look you guys at LL need to really step up your intelligence levels. Most of us could give a dang about some voice chat cept for the pervs buyin escorts and the RL business that seems to be pushing the rest of us SL business owners out of the loop. Maybe this BS voice client is the reason for all the lag lately eh?

    Not to rant but I also think its some MAJOR BS that we as american citizens have to take a back seat and have our freedom of speech and person violated because LL decided to go GESTAPO. Look there is no LAWS in the american judical system that goverens ANYTHING we do inside video games. Like it or not thats just what this is LL. A GAME. Call it what you will but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a DANG DUCK. I DARE LL to post a comment with web link to ANY laws that govern what we as americans can do in video games.

    Its impossible. Ive looked. You guys are cutting your own throats anyways. The casinos are the biggest “Ad Revenue” generators in SL. I dont gamble. But I AM A PROUD AMERICAN CITIZEN. And I do not freely give up any of my personal liberties as an american citizen to ANY ONE.

    And because you guys choose to enter these BS countries like germany (Which is where all this censorship started IE the ageplay) we have to suffer. You didnt seem to mind when us AMERICANS supported you when you were a tiny lil nothing company. You didnt mind when it was OUR money pouring into the SL economy. But you mind now that weve supported after all these years? Its just a pitiful state that this metaverse has entered and It will fall apart by your own hand. Stupid LL.

  114. Michael says:

    Waah Waah Waah… gods all the cry babys, I for one am thankful for voice, and glad for a fix to it. Stop comparing it to gambling, gambling was illegal, unethical (rigged machines), and the only people who miss it were the ones making money off ripping off the new user. There was an announcement about the rolling restarts, if you missed it, that is not Lindens fault, I saw it, a nice big blue box on my screen saying that rolling restarts will be occuring to bring in a hotfix. Give LL a break and let them do their jobs.

  115. Sascha says:

    Ahh great! I think you just killed the database too. I’m in Cyclops and don’t get my attachments loaded. Why has this to be done always at start of the weekend?

  116. Me says:

    Haven’t been able to log in either for hours, ever since the rolling restart has started (despite our best efforts…..), some info on this would be appreciated since it seems I’m not the only one having this problem 😉

  117. Sandrine says:

    hooooooooooooooo guys….
    thank you very, very much for kickin’ me outa my business
    it’s friday and i have to run a club and pay my bills…watcha think will happen if my credit card provider will tell you lindens ‘you can’t get money from that credit card’???? huuuuuuu…you gonna cancel my prem account immediately…
    but if ya goin on with that buggy beta testing software i gonna cancel that account myself and gonna look about a other place to spend hundreds of RL US$ a month

  118. ApricotDeCuir says:

    I am from Europe too. “Unable to connect to SL” since over 90 minutes. It would be very nice, if somebody could give some informations about this problem to us.

    THANKS !

  119. JackyBoy Kohime says:

    …more than two hours now…

  120. Bibi Book says:

    My client crashes on every attempt to log in. – Mac OS X, PPC.

  121. Anylyn Hax says:

    I cant log in too.

  122. Luna Larsen says:

    @23, that could be my words.

    @40, well some guys want voice, but who the hell needs gambling ? only guys who want to make fast money without much work 😉

    i can not log in for 2 hours. would be nice if you lindens fix this problems.

  123. Soph Shepherd says:

    I know that at least a rolling restart is better than a Wednesday “grid offline” but …

    I know that you may have ruined your inworld economy with the banning of wagering/casinos.

    “Your world, Your imagination” Right? That’s how you advertise it.

    I love SL but I WANT “MY WORLD, MY IMAGINATION” please.

    Oh, and voice? SL beat the pants off anything out there before getting voice.

  124. Felicat Fairymeadow says:

    @51 … the ban of gambling looks like a simple thing after the ban of advertisement for gambling… and it was YOUR AMERICAN FBI and the us goverment and laws that made this step unavoidable

  125. Heike says:

    I cant`t log in for a few hours now…what happend to you folks?
    It`s friday….

  126. Joshua says:

    @ 58

    Obviously you cant read english well. HELLO. THERE ARE NO LAWS.

    And second the FBI would have never entered SL if LL didnt invite them in with OPEN ARMS.

    Look your name is an obvious statement that your new to SL. More than likely just signed up in the last year or so.

    Dont talk about things you wasnt even here for. It makes you look ignorant. Ive been here a REAL LONG TIME! And no it was the GERMANY that gave us all the censorship in the first place. Do your research. Look around at the past news in the blogs and even in Google news. Youd be suprised.

  127. Luna Larsen says:

    @ 58. yes you are right 😉

  128. Eatsome Donat says:

    anyone has problems login, too??

  129. Celie C. says:

    Flood M i have the same problem… i could cry… i have my own homewarming party right now in sl running and i cannot login… arghhhhhhhh

  130. Morgain McMillan says:

    Hi all,

    I am in GErmany and this whole roling restart took me by surprise. Good that my wedding in sl is not today. I fear a total grid downtime only because of something that is no use in my eyes. I bet there will be hours of delay now before it all works ok within Reason.

    When will all this be over Lindens? To many downtimes and these things here making sl a place not so nice to be in.

  131. Light Tripsa says:

    Let’s all report Steve Linden for beein a massmurder -.-

  132. Luna Larsen says:

    @59, and why is gambling so important for you, if you don´t gamble 😉

  133. Enforcer Banshee says:

    Well i loved to play poker in SL but i understand the Linden has to stay on the save side to stay out of law trouble.

    @58 I prefer the scheduled wednsday offlinetimes much more then this. For ppl with business it is a desaster if you neverknow when the grid goes down. And this is a much to long downtime for a rolling restart.
    So go back to the announced scheduled offline times. This is a mess atm.

  134. Hauke Schnyder says:

    Over 8 Mill. users.
    You earn a lot of money and do nothing for customers relationship.
    You waste our time.

    I am angry and one step nearby to quit my account.

    Your’s hauke

  135. Madam Ada says:

    its sad but i think joshua is right, i live in germany, and its awfull. the stupid government and the stupid newspapers here don’t realy know SL, and why they dont know it, they think and tell shit and at least maybe fear. And if germans fear then they start censorship or criminalize what they fear. 😦

  136. luminye onizuka says:

    yes seems to be a problem with logging back in due to sim rerolls. I keep getting login failed. ah well, i am sure they will get it fixed for us to be back in.

  137. Flood M. says:

    Online gambling is, for the time being, perfectly legal in Germany. The ban came solemnly due to some local US laws.

    If you weren’t so busy being proud of your citizenship, and bashing other counties, you should have noticed Joshua.

    The crap goes on the german card, I give you that.

  138. Joshua says:

    Oh its not. Its the point that i dont have “my World My Imagination”. Its that I dont want someone that I pay my hard earned US dollars too telling me how to live “My World My Imagination” Its just the start with this BS about casinos. Soon itll be “oh well combat is extremely violent so where gonna ban that too and there goes numerous RP areas in SL” See what Im saying? Thats all its about to me. My father died for my freedoms. and his father was taken from us in war for my freedoms that so easily choose to take away. Thats what its truly about at the core of the issue

  139. Shiney Sprocket says:

    Anylyn Hax: Many of us don’t care about gambling and don’t care to have LL breaking the law. At some point gambling could have ruined all of SL for us all. Wouldn’t be fun to have their funds frozen for engaging in illegal activities such as online gambling.

  140. Joshua says:

    @ 63

    LookI DARE ANY OF YOU TO FIND A LAW THAT SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT what you can and cant do in a video game. If so post it. Its that simple. Find it in the american law. Its posted online. Find it.

  141. Emas Watanabe says:

    What to hell is that? No Gridstatus , seems no longer connected to SL, are the servers down? If yes why Linden doesen´t inform Residends about that?? Or is the Grid down by investigation from foreign countries? I am a german member and following strigtly german rules! If SL likes to be international please request and follow the europe laws! Remember you take my Euros to! We in Europe are not so puritism like US Restriction Laws!

  142. Enforcer Banshee says:

    Can we go back to topic?
    Did somebody has any new news how long this restart takes?

  143. Shiney Sprocket says:

    Joshua: Then contact your government representative if you are American. This has nothing to do with LL and everything to do with the law.

  144. Lilly says:

    congrats guys….my premium account is canceled
    need to spend my money for thingys that work


  145. Novis Dyrssen says:

    Joshua, do your research right, please. Yes, Germany was the source of the age verification drama, but this time, it is US laws about online gambling that brought gambling in SL down. And whether it’s in a video game or on a website, it IS still online gambling.

  146. melanie tuxing says:

    i suppose the ban on gambling is directly related to the arrests last winter of owners of online gambling sites, when they visited America. The Lindens want to keep t hemselves out of jail.

  147. Janosch Demina says:

    I think voice could be an interesting option for very many players.
    However, since the rolling restart I can’t log in to the grid and this now
    for more than three hours.
    A DNS error and/or a crash report comes up all the time, not matter if I take the new voice client or the older one, but I still see the grid status showing up as online.
    A quick fix would be appreciated + the new voice option, then it would be
    really cool. But voice option without ability to log in wouldn’t be good 😦

  148. Luna Larsen says:

    @61 who wrote this ?

  149. ari blackthorne says:

    @51 Joshua
    “Look there is no LAWS in the american judical system that goverens ANYTHING we do inside video games”

    Get a clue.
    Okay – let us S.I.M.P. … L.I.F.Y for you and all the other whiners…

    The *problem* isn’t the game of SL or the gambling or any of that. The problem is that it ~IS~ illegal to trade money for gambling purposes. Don’t like it? Call Congress – tell them to repeal that law 😛

    Ummm… so you gamble in SL – you spend and win Lindens. You go to the EXCHANGE and covert Lindens to RL MONEY.


    That’s the problem.

    So – we can have gambling and all conversion of Lindens to and from RL Money can STOP. Or – stop gambling (and lag and headaches for everyone else that goes with it) and still be able to convert Lindens.


    As for rolling restart – glad you Lindenonians do it early – not at 5PM today LOL. So – go go Lindenonians. Whatever the new issue is – please fice before I am off RL workd and get home 😛


  150. Michael says:

    @67 Joshua, it’s not about a law saying what you can and cannot do in a video game, it’s about online gambling, the bill that was passed made it illegal for american citizens to gamble for money or tokens that may be turned into money online if the operator is not within U.S. soil. Linden labs cannot verify any casino operator is american, or otherwise, so it is much easier to just ban the entire lot and not worry about the headache of lawsuits, federal investigations, and AR’s of citizens trying to get casino’s shut down in either anti-competition, or because they just don’t like them.

  151. Shiney Sprocket says:


    Sec. 1953. Interstate transportation of wagering paraphernalia

    (a) Whoever, except a common carrier in the usual course of its
    business, knowingly carries or sends in interstate or foreign
    commerce any record, paraphernalia, ticket, certificate, bills,
    slip, token, paper, writing, or other device used, or to be used,
    or adapted, devised, or designed for use in (a) bookmaking; or (b)
    wagering pools with respect to a sporting event; or (c) in a
    numbers, policy, bolita, or similar game shall be fined under this
    title or imprisoned for not more than five years or both.

  152. Flood M. says:

    @ 66: You don’t really believe I’m gonna go through pages of US law text, which doesn’t even concern me, do you?

    Anyhow there is something called “the unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement” from 2006. If I got that right it prhibits the tranfer of any currency to Internet gamling things. And I guess the ban came from LL to protect their asses, if anyone ever gets the idea to treat LL like a real currency…I mean…you can buy is with your “hard earned US DOLLAR”, so it’s already pretty close…

  153. Zlad Voom says:


    yes we in german, always our fault 😦
    come one calm down SL is just a game, a nice one thought lol

  154. Joshua says:

    @69 Seem to be out of context to me. Read that carefully dont just post it.

    knowingly carries or sends in interstate or foreign
    commerce any record, paraphernalia, ticket, certificate, bills,
    slip, token, paper, writing, or other device used, or to be used,
    or adapted, devised, or designed for use in (a) bookmaking; or (b)
    wagering pools with respect to a sporting event; or (c) in a
    numbers, policy, bolita, or similar game shall be fined under this

    That is not for VIDEO GAMES. That is for the true gambling GAMES. Ie Slots, poker machines and the like. Not for second life. If thats the true case then we should be getting taxed for incomes that we make cause of “cashing” or converting L$ to RL$.

    I have been in this GAME a long time yall. I dont care about cashing out any L$. Hell as a matter of fact thats part of the overall problems in SL now. People get greedy and take from others or scam. OR hack accounts. Which is what brought the FEDs in SL anyways. Do your research.

    Its a simple thing to say oh well theres goes casinos. But what do you guys truly enjoy doing in SL. Now in the entire world its likely that in some country theres a law against it.

    Like someone said in the policy posting. Most of you go to the sl clubs or have been correct? If youve ever gained on L$ from a sploder then you just did something illegal. If any of you have ever had SL sex then you are breaking the law in some countries and yes some us states.

    I mean this is the beginning of a wider umbrella thats not gonna cover us but cover LL while we get opressed.

  155. Anylyn Hax says:

    Shiney Sprocket: you are the kind who doesnt study history, and if someone tell you something you are champion in forgetting
    In your America there was a time called prohibition.
    It was in RL (just for your info).

    Google about prohibition and read what the consequences was for America
    Better read and talk instead of shoot and think.

  156. Trolline Biedermann says:

    ! ! ! C A N ‘ T L O G I N ! ! !
    Why? Btw, after the occurrences of the last days I canceled my premium account plan. Blame on you…

  157. I’ll say the grid has been very spotty all day for me. I thought there was something way beyond weird voice issues going on.

  158. Korena Starbrook says:

    I don’t know anything about the ageplay crap but I can assure you Joshua, that the US gambling laws are what pushed LL to make this decision. You should be complaining to your government – not LL.

    Oh and I am a Bay Area resident BTW. You do know it is illegal to play the Blackjack “video game” at right???

    Now – the shoe stuck in my arse – THAT is a LL problem.

  159. Abraham Attenborough says:

    LOL, i thought tis is a rolling restart blog but while reading i found something like: it is germany blabla. ppl, dont eat too much fastfood.

    to calm u all down: i am german and i am guilty and now please stfu with dumb comments like mine.

    and please lindens, let me login back into my second life=))

  160. Rhys Goode says:

    “During the rolling restart and for a few hours afterwards, residents making use of the voice client may experience intermittent problems with voice.”
    Yeah, right. The restart is supposed to be over. How long will it take to fix the NEW problems that you introduced while attempting to fix the #$@$!( voice thing that most folks seem to not want in the first place.
    I do not use voice and do not intend to. So why am *I* the one experiencing intermittent problems. Hair up the ass, cant access my inventory, all the places I try to TP “temporarily unavailable”, the system will log me off in 2 minutes…….
    Guess I will just try again tomorrow. Who knows, maybe it will have settled down by then.

  161. Joshua says:

    lol @ 76

    Yes the grid issues are a major problem no doubt. And dont you hate it when you sign on as a newb!

    But my issue isnt with the Government. My issue is with linden labs not providing what was part of the service. My world, My imagination. Yeah i agree too Ageplay and Casinos either way doesnt effect my life in SL. But what does it what ever they choose to ban next. Its about the overall deception that LL is throwing our way. They can blame the laws. But there are no real laws governing LL. L$ are net real yall! They aint an open and recognized currency on the market. Only because LL says it is real money does that make it so. And yes if you cant see the diff between and other gambling sites and SL well… Theres not much I can do about that but tell you get a new moniter or PC (mac maybe ;P) But the reality is that All of SL and its residents regardless of age, race, sex, or nationality will eventually suffer. The bad part is most of you wont voice your opinons and ideas on the matter until it hits your front doors. Saying L$ are real is like saying that SL marriages are real. Come on folks open your eyes.

  162. Cinos Field says:


    Wrong. Completely wrong.

  163. @13
    I like voice and I find it a fulfilling experience. I would miss it if it went away. I think it’s a great addition to SL. I even started a group in SL called All About Voice. It has about 100 members so far. I help people test out the feature and give some tech advice if I can.

  164. Ricky Lucero says:

    It would sure be nice if you guys would keep us up to date with what’s happening with the upcoming release of voice. All of a sudden lately you guys suddenly decide a few days before, that you’re doing an upgrade, instead of keeping the blogs updated as to what the actual CURRENT progress is.

  165. williamAvalanche March says:

    > oshua Says:
    > Obviously you cant read english well. HELLO. THERE ARE NO LAWS.
    > And second the FBI would have never entered SL if LL didnt invite them in
    > with OPEN ARMS.
    > it was the GERMANY that gave us all the censorship in the first place. Do
    > your research.

    Joshua, you are sounding like a dumb ass American. Ignorant, self-centered, and probably a Fox News enthusiast. Why don’t you go Google and find out what YOUR Republican President and Congress made law last year in terms of Internet gambling?

  166. Joshua says:

    @ 82

    Ha its so easy to bash an american eh?
    Not so easy at war though huh?
    Lemme guess we turned you country into a parking lot ALSO?

    Its easy for unintelligent people to make lame remarks. But lets get real. Ignorant…? Im far from it, that would mean doing unmature things like posting rude and unnecssary language on a website that young people also visit.

    IE dumb ass

    But its all good. you got your right to your opinion. But No if you knew what you were dscussing instead of making uninformed remarks you’ld know that i am not a republican, hate fox news, and didnt vote for bush. But that just comes you being an ignorant person.

    And your right. I am self centered. But ima be me no matter if it rubs losers like you wrong. Everyone hates america and its people until they need something like democracy. or some sort of aide. or anything similar.

    I do my research and know what I discuss. I like to stay informed. Not ignorant. Unlike you I enjoy my country. Its gives me everything i value in life. Freedom, a safe place to live, good schools (maybe not all but they’re better than most other places), and numerous other qualities of life that many countires lack.

    Grow up and read a book, learn to speak as a human and not some third world savage who cant debate or discuss without getting out of line. If I rub you wrong thats yuor right to say so. But do it like a grown up and not a third grader.

  167. Shakes Head says:

    Good job Lindens, you lagged down our sims AGAIN with this rolling restart. How did we know that would happen?

  168. Vivienne says:

    @ 79

    “It has about 100 members so far.”

    Nice. And what about the millions who gice a damn on this voice thingy and suffer serioius problems cause LL decided tomake the entire grid BETA for this overwhelmingly important feature?

    Nah, they should restrict themselves on solving the existant problems instead of fixing on additional ones. And they should do this soon, cause this here will have no future and will drown like netscape pretty soon in case they ignore the wishes and demands of their user base as they did all over the past year.

  169. ari blackthorne says:

    @ Jashua:
    Jashua Says: “Its easy for unintelligent people to make lame remarks.”

    Ummm… like when yopu said : “Obviously you cant read english well. HELLO. THERE ARE NO LAWS.”

    Heh – your right!

    Ok – to EVERYONE ELSE:
    I am…ummm… not… ummm. from America… uh… the same place as Joshua, um, yeah… I’m from… uh… the SOUTH POLE!, Yeah, that’s it, NOT from the same place a Joshua!

    Scream at Congress Joshy baby, for dreaming up the law and passing it.
    Then scream at Bush for not vetoing it.


    ‘Nuff said.

    HEY – Anyone else… can I come live with you in your country? There are too many people like Joshua in the U.S. that you don’t even hear from.

    I’m surrounded by them. :/

  170. Shiney Sprocket says:

    Anylyn Hax: Sorry, I didn’t understand you wanted LL to break the law without regard to the consequences.

  171. williamAvalanche March says:

    > Joshua Says:
    > Obviously you cant read english well. HELLO. THERE ARE NO LAWS.
    > Look your name is an obvious statement that your new to SL. More than
    > likely just signed up in the last year or so.
    > It makes you look ignorant.
    > it was the GERMANY that gave us all the censorship in the first place.
    > Lemme guess we turned you country into a parking lot ALSO?

    You have such awful things to say about other people, then you get offended when someone throws it right back at you. Based on everything you’ve written on this thread, you are at the least xenophobic, and at worst, an example of what is wrong with America these days. Having a powerful war machine doesn’t mean that you also automatically possess the moral high ground. You would be wise to have some humility and compassion for others on this blue planet.

  172. Vivienne says:

    damnit, there is no law in germany prohibiting or even censoring gambling in SL. germany couldn´t even take care less. and the famous child porn TV report was a badly rechereched right wing flick which did not even manage tp make any prosecuter grin. no, LL does whatever LL wants, and this is related to the laws of california, if it is related to any law at all. this is a fact, there simply is no way for a foreign governement to censor, prohibit or do anything against LL as long as it does not break US or californian law. dot.

  173. Joshua says:

    @ 85

    Oh my! That is truly the way to do it. Dont confront. Just run away from the problem. People like you are the reason america is in such a sad state today. First off you took that out of context. Thats right there are no laws concerning Second life with the US or anyother PC game besides the rating system. *shakes his head*

    Trust me america will be happy to send you whereever yould like to go. We dont need your kind around here. Your like the people who live in the projects off the government driving escalades.

    You dislike our ways and country and government so much… But you work and get payed with our money,

    You dislike america so much but yet I recommend leaving this country and visiting the rest of the world. Your free opinions and freedom altogether will be hampered way worse than it so seems to you here. BELIEVE that.

    I laugh at you loudly. PUH-LESE

    Everyone wants to hate the US. Well SL started in America. democracy started in america. Numerous things that EVERYONE in the world uses and takes for granted daily came from the GREAT US. Hate it if you want. Thats your right as an american. But try living without the US in the world. Most of you cybernerds would be someones pawn. Its a proven fact. Look at the history of the world. Who you gonna go live with. The russians and thier crashed economy? Good luck! The middleeast! haha good luck staying alive. Asia? Good luck with that too. If its so bad pack your bags and really leave. Denounce your citizen ship and try it else where. HAHAHA @ U. Good luck with that.

  174. Alicia Sautereau says:

    take it to IM

    only thing u accomplish here is making urself look more stupid then ur trying to make the other 1 look…gj

  175. Tillie Ariantho says:

    hahaha @joshua, that one was easy. .P

    I googled for “usa online gambling” and the first hit gives me “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.”

    Do read that, then you know where it is written down. .)

  176. LustfulVal says:

    Glad people haveing there voices sorted, how about sorting sl that people can log in would be good.

  177. Joshua says:

    @ 91 Read the whole thread!


    Learn what the law means before making an uneducated statement

  178. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I think that’s all what’s needed… :

    `Sec. 1084. Use of a communication facility to transmit bets or wagers; criminal penalties

    `(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, whoever, being engaged in a gambling business, knowingly–

    `(1) uses a communication facility for the transmission in interstate or foreign commerce, within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or to or from any place outside the jurisdiction of any nation with respect to any transmission to or from the United States, of–

    `(A) bets or wagers;

    `(B) information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers; or

    `(C) a communication, which entitles the recipient to receive money or credit as a result of bets or wagers, or for information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers; or

    `(2) accepts, in connection with the transmission of a communication in interstate or foreign commerce, within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or to or from any place outside the jurisdiction of any nation with respect to any transmission to or from the United States of bets or wagers or information assisting in the placing of bets or wagers–

    `(A) credit, or the proceeds of credit, extended to or on behalf of another (including credit extended through the use of a credit card);

    `(B) an electronic fund transfer or funds transmitted by or through a money transmitting business, or the proceeds of an electronic fund transfer or money transmitting service, from or on behalf of the other person;

    `(C) any check, draft, or similar instrument which is drawn by or on behalf of the other person and is drawn on or payable through any financial institution; or

    `(D) the proceeds of any other form of financial transaction as the Secretary of the Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System may prescribe by regulation which involves a financial institution as a payor or financial intermediary on behalf of or for the benefit of the other person,

    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

  179. Brett Finsbury says:

    good im glad they did this hope it fixes some problems that has been happening in my sim.
    heck why dont they now get rid of slavery and racist gorean nonsense now. both are illegal too . not to mention the degrading of women that is also illegal. nice start. keep up the good work

  180. Zlad Voom says:


    what was the topic?
    every country have sombedody like joshua, even germany or russia or iraq.

  181. Joshua says:

    OMG! Pay attention to the law stated people! It doesnt apply to SL. In any way. That only goverens internet gambling sites and booking orgs. Its alot easier to copy and paste then read the words huh? I repeat myself once again to 93


    Learn what the law means before making an uneducated statement

  182. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @Joshua: I would not bet my ass on it if I where you. Thanks heavens my ass is in germany, not in the US… .P

  183. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @joshua: “That applys to INTERNET GAMBLING SITES” … where does it state that?

  184. Kenny Stinger says:


  185. Joshua says:

    Use of a communication facility to transmit bets or wagers; criminal penalties


  186. Gilly Gully says:

    I love voice, it brings a whole new level of excitement and personality to SL. It’s a wonderful tool to help teach new members, easier than typing and hoping they understand. I enjoy gambling as well – nothing like a good game of poker or slingo and a nice chat with friends to relax after a long day of RL.

    Yes, I *gasp* gambled and talked out loud … and I enjoyed it.

    So, YES to Voice, YES to Gambling, NO to the draconian forcing of American laws onto the rest of the international community in SL.
    The FBI can eat my pixelated shorts.

  187. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @joshua: What is second life? It is internet. .P

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