The JIRA Bug Triage Lowdown: A recap of the oldies and introducing Internationalization

Little did Linden Lab know that Bug Triages would take off the way they did. What’s a triage you ask? Well every week, Benjamin, Bridie, and Rob Linden hold in-world office hours with other Lindens, including Torley, and Residents to discuss Second Life bugs and Resident-created feature suggestions that you generate in public JIRA. During these office hours, bugs and feature suggestions, some with patches created by rock star, Resident, open source stormers and some without patches, are imported into the Linden Lab JIRA so that developers can begin work immediately on what’s important to you. Residents craft agendas for these triages, and we all sit down weekly to discuss and import issues at office hours.

In the month of June, Torley reported that your JIRA bug-reporting helped Linden Lab developers and open source contributors fix 163 bugs out of 480 reported. Those may not seem like impressive numbers to you, but keep in mind that the trend matters. You’re reporting more bugs and together, we’re fixing more bugs. (For tips on bug reporting, see Torley’s post “How to report better bugs.”) The triage enables Lindens and Residents to combine forces in order to fix bugs and think about which features are important to you. Because triages have become so useful, we’ve launched in this month alone a User Interface weekly bug triage and Viewer Crashes weekly bug triage! Now it’s time to welcome Internationalization to the triage family.

This Friday, we’ll introduce the latest in our series of bug triages, Internationalization. Second Life has a burgeoning international population. In recent months, we’ve created an International Liaison Specialist team, released the viewer in Japanese and Korean, created multi-language Orientation Island HUDs to guide new Residents, published “Linguistic QA with the Second Life Viewer” on the wiki, and most recently, we added an Italian Forum to the International section of our official forums. However, with multi-language viewers come bugs. Alissa Sabre has done an amazing job of calling our attention to various issues that affect the Second Life International and Open Source communities. It’s time that we began fixing those bugs in accordance with Resident feedback. So join us this Friday at 11am SLTime at Iridium’s Haven for our very first Internationalization Bug Triage!

We look forward to seeing you at your friendly, Second Life neighborhood triage!


More Information on JIRA and Bug Triages

Internationalization Bug Triage

* We’ve created a bug triage filter for Internationalization in JIRA. Check it out!

* The agenda has yet to be set, but watch the triage wiki for more information.

* The triage will be held this Friday, July 27th at 11am SLTime. Show up at Iridium’s Haven in Beaumont (108, 151, 200)! At the moment, this triage will be held monthly (the last Friday of each month) since the current number of bugs is fairly minimal (this doesn’t negate their importance though).


Viewer Crashes Bug Triage

* Check out the Viewer Crashes bug triage filter in JIRA.

* Look at the latest Viewer Crashes triage agenda on the wiki.

* This triage is held every Wednesday at 3pm SLTime. Show up at Bridie’s home in Linden Village to attend!


User Interface Bug Triage

* The User Interface triage filter can be located in JIRA. Keep in mind that you’ll need to log in before you can access the filter.

* Check out the latest User Interface triage agenda and look at past notes and agendas to see what’s been imported to Linden Lab’s JIRA!

* Benjamin Linden’s User Interface triage is held every Tuesday at 10am SLTime. Show up at Benjamin’s office to attend!


General Bug Triage

* Locate the most current agenda, which is Resident created, on the wiki.

* Attend this general triage with Rob Linden every Monday at 3pm SLTime. Be there or be square!

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63 Responses to The JIRA Bug Triage Lowdown: A recap of the oldies and introducing Internationalization

  1. Daedalus Young says:

    Ah cool. I’m not very much affected by Internationalization issues, but I might just attend in case I get a genius idea about an issue 😛
    I really doubt that though…

  2. Jayden B says:

    Ah the irony, the USA is pretty much the only English speaking country who spells internationalisation with a zed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @ Jayden B:
    Hmmm.. Maybe beacuse the word has been existence for over 100 years (internationalize) and the OTHER version is EXTREMELY recent to the vocabulary of many (as shown below)
    internationalisation programming
    (i18n, globalisation, enabling, software enabling) The process and philosophy of making software portable to other locales.
    For successful localisation, products must be technically and culturally neutral. Effective internationalisation reduces the time and resources required for localisation, improving time-to-market abroad and allowing simultaneous shipment. In orther words, internationalisation abstracts out local details, localisation specifies those details for a particular locale.
    Technically this may include allowing double-byte character sets such as unicode or Japanese, local numbering, date and currency formats, and other local format conventions.
    It also includes the separation of user interface text e.g. in dialog boxes and menus. All the text used by an application may be kept in a separate file or directory, so that it can be translated all at once. User interfaces may require more screen space for text in other languages.
    The simplest form of internationalisation may be to make use of operating system calls that format time, date and currency values according to the operating system’s configuration.
    The abbreviation i18n means “I – eighteen letters – N”.

    in·ter·na·tion·al·ize Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[in-ter-nash-uh-nl-ahyz] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation verb, -ized, -iz·ing.
    –verb (used with object) 1. to make international, as in scope or character: a local conflict that was internationalized into a major war.
    2. to place or bring under international control.
    –verb (used without object) 3. to become international: The automobile company must internationalize in order to meet the competition.

    Also, especially British, in·ter·na·tion·al·ise.


    [Origin: 1860–65; international + -ize]

    Quoted as per

  4. Shinobi Hayashida says:

    Missed this one, but plan to attend to the next bug triage session if the server can handle enough multiple avatars..

  5. U M says:

    Problem is international programming is only as good as the programmers…….As for allowing double-byte character sets such as unicode or Japanese. Well the UI is not even close being able to handle the demand. Maybe after awhile with Open Source but really with the bact of coders we have now. No change really.

  6. Let’s have llEscapeURL accept more than 254 characters… which is particularly important for us poor Unicode users doing SLWeb integration 😉

  7. saijanai says:

    At least on the Mac, every language that I’ve tried to input in IM, chat or text strings in LSL scripts has been accepted just fine and displays just fine, though the built-in LSL text editor doesn’t display the code properlyl. Don’t blame the client code for shortcomings in the OS….

  8. Angsty Rossini says:

    Would love to attend the Internationalisation Bug Triage workshop, but …. due to time zone differences, the 11am PDT time is not a convenient time for me 😦

    PS – WEB-190 in JIRA would be welcomed to assist non-PDT time-zone residents by adding the Current SL time on the home page stats box.

    PDT +15hrs

  9. Benja says:

    Do any other companies have triages like this?

    I’m quite impressed by the concept, myself.

    The Internationalisation one is a must, particularly as some Residents have put a lot of their own time into producing alternative language versions – see VWR-1822 for example.

  10. Montana Corleone says:

    @6 saijanai – well it seems it is the client, at least on Mac, since they seem to roll their own for everything instead of using the resources built in to the OS, and international characters have been built in to the Mac OS and text editor since 1984…

    You can tell it’s not standard by the fact that editing behaviour is not standard. ie one click should put the cursor at the position you want, two clicks should highlight the word, three the sentence, and four the paragraph, and it doesn’t. Like using non-standard windows, and having two menu bars. You should use the built-in toolbox APIs and not reinvent the wheel – that causes yet more bugs.

    Another example is using a French keyboard which is AZERTY. That means the Q and A are swwapped compared to English keyboards. In some places Select All works fine, and in others it Quits the app, so again, sometimes they are using the keyboard handling APIs and in others they have rolled their own.

    But good moves on internationalisation, as from the Key Metrics only 25% of users are in the US (and that percentage has been dropping steadily), and if you tot up the numbers, only about 40% of users are from English speaking countries.

    Next move should surely be to have good internationalisation, support and the website in two of the most popular missing languages, French and Spanish. These languages are spoken in many more than one country. Lack of language, along with lack of accepting French debit cards, maybe the reason why in the last few months the French population dropped from second and 13% to thrid and 7%.

    PayPal Europe only accepts the UK debit card, not a single one from other European countries, which makes it difficult for the other 26 EU nations. Time to look at other service providers.

    Kudos for the 11am time for Internationalisation Triage. Not good for everyone, but that’s 8pm CET and that’s where over 60% of users are, a good time for them.

  11. Stephen Zenith says:

    It might be where 60% of the users are, but it’s certainly not where 60% of the users interested in internationalisation are.

  12. Latest metrics I saw said that 61% of all users are from Europe.

    I’m currently translating SL to Swedish. There is a strong need for localized software here in Sweden (even though basicly everyone understands English). The SL presence here is also massive.

  13. Gil Druart says:

    I find my own posting rather strange here … but go with me a second ..

    Isn’t anyone slightly perturbed by the fact that we have a PJIRA where all residents can vote on which bugs they want fixed .. which is then potentially subverted by a Bug Triage meeting attended by a self-selected audience of SIGs, lobbyists and those without RLs 😉

    Okay 😉 But it is fair to caution that the attendees at these meetings are scarcely a representative cross-section of residents.

  14. Kenny Stinger says:

    Ge Hears A bug for you ! YUO SACK GIVE US OUR GAMES!

  15. Benja says:

    Gil Duart: It is strange how few votes the issues in the PJIRA get!

    The Triage audience IS self-selected, but that’s self-evident, isn’t it?

    Benjamin Linden’s Office Hours yesterday was attended by a some placard-waving protesters. How many of them have voted on an issue?

    Perhaps the voting mechanism needs wider publicity, or an easier interface!

  16. angelita pierterson says:

    That’s nice.

    But I still want my missing inventory back.

    How the heck do I even contact you people and why am I bothering with posting it on the blog? I dunno.. 😛

  17. > Also, especially British, in·ter·na·tion·al·ise.

    Where does this “especially British” come from. It’s our language and hence other (mis-)spellings are the deviations.

  18. Indigo Mertel says:

    Yeah! An Italian forum. This is great news! It’s nice to see some recognitizion that the Italian community is growing with significant numbers. 🙂

  19. jeannie says:

    alisha……. here here !!!

  20. Alisha Ultsch,
    Sadly, is an American site, so deviations from their version of our English they flag as “especially British”

    Please, if you’d like to see a British translation in the client, give the relevant feature request, VWR-1822, your vote 🙂


  21. U M says:

    MAC WINDOWS? who are cares who been running it since 1984. Frankly the masses have to beable to use it. Not just going off about how mac is so much better handling the code…Thats the least of the importance here.

  22. Storyof Oh says:

    a stable grid would be soooooo nice …how long are these rolling restarts going to go on for???? and closed comments? we have no voice here.

  23. I’m loving the focus on bugs, way to go LL! I can’t usually get to day time meetings but you may see me on Jira from time to time, especially for group tools issues where I’m happy to help as needed. I have a large group and they generally don’t mind being test subjects 😀
    Good luck!

  24. notagambler says:

    criminals to jail

    lets start with the lindens

  25. Breeze Winnfield says:

    Gee, you make it sound like such a complex task to identify a bug. Alll you need to do is log in to SL on any weekend, go to any place where there is a group of people and i am sure they will be happy to give you a list of bugs, i suspect a very long list.

  26. Blinders Off says:

    You know LL, every time you post a blog and turn comments off, you are sending a big message to the community that you know how negative comments are likely to be. As of 8:23 Sunday night, TPs are totally shut down, group IMs aren’t working, and people are leaving the board because if they rez a no-copy item it is likely to be destroyed. Isn’t it time to pay less attention to new toys and more attention to persistent bugs?

    One that I might recommend is FIXING THE NOTECARD and ITEMS PERMISSIONS issues that have been plaguing SL for months now. Not being able to read a simple notecard really gives LL a bad rep. If a person can’t read a notecard, how can they expect anything else to work?

    I’m not being negative here, I’m being realistic. Time to get the house in shape.

  27. Marhjan Yamdev says:

    well… this is the first place I can leave a comment, so here it is. Please LL tell us what is going on!! the entire grid is borked, search is down, we can’t do transactions or rez anything. basically the service is unavailable to do anything except wander around aimlessly (which i sometimes find enjoyable, but NOT as my only option.) sheesh. it’s times like this that i wonder if SL is really worth the trouble… it is… but it would be nice if we didn’t need to suffer these periods of complete grid breakdown and just take it all with a smile. I am a Concierge member and I am NOT happy, but I highly doubt that anyone really cares about that. care to prove me wrong LL???????

  28. Droopz says:


  29. Wicked says:

    hello is anyone here

  30. Wicked says:

    lmao 5 hours and still the game is cactus

  31. zena says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    This is really sad…. No L$ for 4 days; sales have crawled to a stand still….And yet they expect US to pay tier (pretty hard when they kill ALL possibilities of a sale) I am THOUROUGHLY convinced that this is a bunch of school kids who “decided” to “play” business. No leadership; the customer service is SOOOO low it needs a stepladder to climb out of the gutter… Truly sad… Are your degrees from ITT Tech or something? Get your act together, or quit taking our money for a service that does not perform as stated 😉

  33. Paolo Bade says:

    10 hours and no serious news about the meltdown
    great customer service, really great!

  34. Mikey Brissot says:

    No Kidding.. sad, 4 days now.. no money, cant upload, cant tp, cant even walk for that matter. And NICE blog, when the going gets tough the tough Stop all comments… what the hells the use of the blog? And what the hell is the use of signing on if you cant do anything but stare at yourself all day???????

  35. Mo Dryke says:

    1: turn the grid off
    2: manage to make a quick fix
    3: turn the grid on
    4: stop developping any more shiny/voice/etc…
    5: fire all your so called programmers and customer support team
    6: hire some good programmers and a real customer support team
    7: make half of them monitoring the grid 24/24 – 7/7
    7b: make half of them working on SL 2.0 from scratch

  36. Scarlett Glenelg says:

    Quote starts

    Sunday, July 29th, 2007 at 8:29 PM PDT by: Frontier Linden
    [12:11 AM Pacific]

    Reports of issues with other features such as llDialog have been confirmed.
    No additional information is available at this time.

    We would like to thank you once again for your continued patience.

    [8:26 PM Pacific]

    We are experiencing gridwide issues at the moment. Resident may experience slowdowns or failures of search, mapping, teleporting and asset operations. Inworld L$ balances may show as Loading…

    Ops is working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, in the meantime please avoid making any inworld transactions or operations on no-copy assets.

    Quote ends

    This blog entry started Sunday, July 29th, 2007 at 8:29 PM PDT
    Now its Monday 09:26 AM PDT

    European users have lost their entire day waiting for SL to become useable again.

    12 hours without progress ?

    In case you dont know yet Map is down, Search is down, Money is loading (awww must i be rich … loading money that long !!!) the system is practically unuseable since over 12 hours !!!

    Is this possible ? Wake me up and tell me this was just a nightmare.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think it’s you that have to wake up; I think more like LL should wake up and smell the (burnt) coffee 😉

  38. Tyler says:

    SL IS BORKED again. really sucks.

  39. Anonymous says:

    GET A REAL DATABASE…. (even if WE the residents HAVE to pay more to insure healthy transactions) I AM SURE no one will bitch about paying more to guarantee safe transactions (and if they DO; THEY MUST LOVE losing inventory)…

  40. Ayngyll says:

    I have only been on SL for a little over a month now…HOWEVER, I have seen slowdowns such as this one at least 15 times! Why is it so difficult to keep SL up and running? Some of us have jobs and businesses that are suffering…

  41. Tyler says:


  42. Star Chastity says:

    It would be nice if you were given an idea what went wrong, and perhaps an idea how long it will be until its fixed.
    for business owners this is a huge bite, dealing with angry residents/ customers who dont understand that it is out of our hands until this is resolved. I have nothing to tell them, I dont know the hows, whys, or when they will even be able to do anything.

  43. Droopz says:

    *waits for the penisses to fall from the sky*

  44. Anonymous says:

    Has the enivitable happened? Has the grid finally died? Oh well; it was fun while it lasted 😉

  45. Tyler says:

    sucks, more issues now…

    Second Life Login Issues
    Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 10:30 AM PDT by: rheyalinden

    [10:28 AM on 07/31/2007]

    At the present time there are issues when attempting to log into Second Life. The Server Team is currently working on a resolution. More information will be available as we receive it. Thank you for your patience.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I reiterate my post in #27 😉

  47. amy says:

    Okay…this is getting ridiculous! I have lost out on so much money from my jobs in secondlife due to these “bugs”! I dont know how much more of this i can take!

  48. Mo dryke says:

    finall you did it: shut the grid off to fix it…
    In my opinion this may have been done 2 days ago… whatever. now is better than tomorrow.

    next step (added to fix sl of course): learn to communicate with us, your customers…

  49. Why is it that we residents cant be warned that the grid is going down?
    I have a hard time knowing that YOU can notify us, but choose not to. It is VERY frustrating have to perform work (THE SAME WORK) a multitude of times simply because LL cant and wont notify us in a timely manner as to a grid shutdown. PLEASE, take a responsible stance on this situation. Sorry for my rant, but this is NOT the first time I have lost a build due to improper notification…

  50. Llayne Gray says:


  51. Tyler says:

    “As the cause of the failure is still unknown, we will continue to investigate. ”

    explanation: huge exploit by pissed off former casino owner

  52. Wicked says:

    LOL here we go again folks ” Are We Having Fun Yet ” ?

  53. Jayden B says:

    “Attempt to rez object failed” is the new Ruth.

    Anyone for Russian Roulette?

  54. Storyof Oh says:

    HUGE LAG cant walk ,build, edit, search,tp easily just how long is this going on with no clear word from LL and no voice here?

  55. Summary Sanders says:

    The new Auto-Download update version works in XP, which was broken in the previous version. It still fails in Vista though, with Shell Failed to Execute error.

  56. Sierra Larsen says:

    Has any one mentioned the most serious bug to date ..where ur inventory mysteriously disappears ((mostly really expensive items)) and linden labs wont take responsibility and give u a inventroy copy of the items that disappeared due to grid issues. When is that bug going to be fixed…..every person I have spoken to has lost inventory items not just one or two but hundreds even thousands of items and in three cases COMPLETE inventories with one person everything on the sim he was building was deleted and LINDEN LABS refused to roll back the sim due to it being mainland?? AND of course NO compensation for the poor mans 2 mths of building and inventory loss.
    You guys like taking our money but your service and support SUCKS a big juicy one.

  57. Helfe Ihnen says:

    Why don’t you fix the big LL management bug? You’ll never make it this way.

  58. Bryn says:

    If you don’t like to missing inventory items, go and vote for bug 334.

  59. scagg Pera says:

    It seems clear as time goes by that the Lindens are only interested in making money…their clients the people who pay to play, matter very little…so when your inventory items go missing i am sure there is no one at Linden lab even remotely upset…they fix nothing, add new items that perpetuate more aggro to the general poor performance of the grid..put out letters patting themselves on the back for fixing everything once again…meanwhile we encounter the same problems and nothing changes…i wish you luck on your inventory…just wished someone in LL cared

  60. Ubah Paine says:

    Ok people i know your pissed and the login time has been pushed up. I’m a computer animator in rl and trust me I feel the tech guys pain. What you may not understand is that there are several groups of people that go into game development who are working hard to make you “the customer” happy. You have to understand that Linden Labs had a PR to keep and they post legitimate commentart about what they presume the up time will be. The side you don’t see is all the ass holes that want to take the open source game down and the coding problems with the new voice integration buffer. I’m upset myself that the up time has beed inacurately displayed but I also know what they are dealing with when it comes to upgrade issues. I fucking hate this game sometimes but I know as an open source scripted game you have to expect the worst from people. Sorry aboiut the vulgarity but I’m not currently an imployee for LL and I really don’t care what you people think about me lol. I do know their pain thogh so give em a break!

  61. evacaroline says:

    i supose lindens need learn clock …i do iti n skool // 13 30 is not 15 00 or any .//// better info.. from u .. ..

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