[RESOLVED] San Francisco Power Outages and Stipend Payment Delays

This afternoon power outages in San Francisco have been affecting our offices and local co-location facilities causing widespread grid issues. Residents may be unable to login and experience other in-world issues. Our Support Portal and billing phone lines may also be down during this time.

We are also aware of delays in payments of group dividends and weekly stipends. While we believe most payments should be completed by this point, further research into the state of stipends and dividends has been delayed by the power outages.

[RESOLVED 6:15pm] The remaining offline regions are now back up and running, this issue is resolved!

Thank you for your continued patience and have a nice day!

[UPDATE 3:10pm] While our Ops team works to return the Grid to health, we have disabled some features on the Second Life website. Please check back here for the latest updates as they become available.

[UPDATE 3:48pm] Logins have been disabled temporarily as we continue to work on the Grid.

[UPDATE 4:27pm] Residents who are still logged in are advised to avoid making transactions of any sort for the time being.

[UPDATE 5:48pm] The Grid is open and registrations have been turned back on! Servers at one of our co-location facilities remain offline, we are working to bring them back online as soon as possible. It is now safe to make in-world transactions.

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232 Responses to [RESOLVED] San Francisco Power Outages and Stipend Payment Delays

  1. secondlifedj says:

    /me gets in my F-250 and drives to Linden Labs to give them a generator… Maybe just maybe this will speed up the process :).

  2. DT says:

    we are unable to login… any idea when it will be back up?

  3. Arven Dagger says:

    I guess that is why the grid is down, then.

  4. Muli Basiat says:

    I would think the kind of money Linden Labs is making would pay for real good UPS systems…

  5. lucy lukas says:

    oh dear! what exactly is the reason for these power outages please?

  6. bigmoe says:

    there website is still up. also more then 1 login server would help too and fix the havok phsyics engines on the class 2 server. ty

  7. Arven Dagger says:

    Oh, you said that in the entry.
    *Slaps head*

    It seems that when I was uploading, I lost 20L$ and got no textures before this issue.

  8. Lance Corrimal says:

    peeps need all the batteries for their headsets for voice chat.

  9. lucy lukas says:

    strike thet i saw the article, its a mystery

  10. JamieLynn Congrejo says:

    I believe the power outages are located on the SF link on the blog site. 20,000 persons are out because some type of explosion or soemthing.

  11. Morgana Hilra says:

    Yeah, I have been trying to login for 20mins, and it just keeps saying something about DNS not being able to connect… I don’t even know what DNS means, I was on earlier without an issues.

  12. bigmoe says:

    20000 effected

  13. Well, it’s the flooding, of course.

    No, wait – the flooding’s over here in the UK. Unless LL are running the grid on rackboxes from Fasthosts …

  14. Elf Broome says:

    Yeah, Im getting a “cannot resolve DNS” error. Website is reachable though obviously.

  15. Minako Yoshiyuki says:

    So thats why I’m trapped in the butt ugly ruth shape >_>

  16. Ann Otoole says:

    sort of hard to buy after a downtime for “database maintenance”. there have been weird problems of a unreproducible nature since the last update. i don’t think “icehouse” is working out too well.

    how about this:
    anytime anyone does anything via icehouse Linden Research posts a blog notice so we will know what they did and why. this way we can start correlating the defects to the hacking the devs are slipping in randomly without any testing whatsoever.

  17. Goffy Collas says:

    DNS is the IP/Host Name that secondlife connects to.. like http://secondlife.com is would go to where secondlife website is hosted ,, or somthing like that..

  18. SySy Chapman says:

    …….. too bad. hope it can be resolved soon! trying to login for 40 minutes now..:( I get some DNS error message

  19. Neener Keats says:

    As a comment to Muli Basiat, I believe that UPS systems comes second with respect to bug fixing and human resources. We can afford a few hours of SL holidays sometimes 🙂

  20. Jack Rhino says:

    20,000 SF residents are without power at the moment and other major websites are down (craigslist, netflix)

    It’s reported that 6 back to back outages has hit the SOMA area.

  21. Xavia Jordan says:

    I agree with Muli although sometimes things happen which are beyond anyones control.. I wish they would hurry up and fix it. :/

  22. Tarako Boucher says:

    DNS = Domain Name Service

  23. Hawk Carter says:

    Yes an Disel or similar UPS would help 🙂

  24. Kat Golding says:

    I was in (teen grid region) Scarborough, and I got logged out. I cannot log in. It’s been around an hour since I crashed.

  25. Locke Tarveler says:

    DNS is the domain name server… basically the naming-findy-thingy. (I don’t know how to express in non-technically.) It basically means that it can’t find a server to connect to (ie. it has no power) and therefore the grid is down.

  26. Sammy says:

    No UPS’s? No backup generators? Is this a data center or a garage? The DC I worked in was 24 hour monitored, had redundant UPS systems, and 2 backup generators, wtf is wrong with you Lindens? Where does the money go? Why don’t you have a secondary route setup for issues like this? Seriously, none of you seem to be able to handle BASIC networking, let alone coding. Pull the plug and sell.

  27. Zyphor says:

    I went down in california around this time was not sure what the issue was..im 75 miles south of San Francisco im assuming im part of that grid as well

  28. Wigge Whitfield says:

    i cant get on here too (germany) i was online till a few minutes ago and the grid was NOT offline i was online from 4 hours ago till 5 min ago cos im crasht -.- and lindens tells the grid is down!?!? for what do we pay here? as i was inworld i sent an objekt to a friend now its not in my inventory anymore and my friend has that objekt not too… its lost or what!? sl wont load as i was inworld i looked like a girl lol – i could not rez objekts anywhere not even on my own land… now i can not login anymore… like said before THE GRID IS NOT DOWN AND IT WASNT DOWN THE WHOLE TIME


  29. kid roar says:

    nice how some of you all blame sl for poweroutages in SF.


  30. bigmoe says:

    grid is now offline on the midwest. so ok. I can wait only a few. please use the other datacenter and shunt it to that one.

  31. Linda Brynner says:

    Geeeezzzz, a powerful UPS could bring some solution maybe ??? LOL

  32. stephan Mineff says:

    Does this explain the inability to log on to the network. Have tried for 30 minutes and it won’t logon. Have talked to others in email and they are having the same issue.



  33. Raven Primeau says:

    Oh, finally got round to telling us then, I have been trying to get back on for what seems hours, perhaps a little prompter information would have saved me the bother of trying and I could have got on with some RL stuff instead.

    1 out of 10 for speed of delivering info.

    I guessed as much from the falling online figure each of the 20 or so times I tried to log in

    Irate of Kent here *mumbles & grumbles as I P off to watch TV

  34. Sudidi Surya says:

    Do you think we need to set up a support group to help us poor people live through the downtime? How to survive without Second Life or an hour!

  35. San Francisco Chronicles
    At least 20,000 without power in downtown S.F.


  36. Kooky Jetaime says:

    Agreed. Any company that is primarily IT related, or provides a service has a UPS system. Is it non functional? Overloaded? Why is this even an issue????

    And considering that LL uses CoLo facilities or Hosted providers, is this not an LL issue but your Hosting company? If it is a hosted/CoLo situation, Isn’t their Level of Service kicking in here, this has to be a costly situation for them.

  37. Akira Claymore says:

    This is why I think of the world as a stupid place sometimes, GET SOLAR POWER BACKUP~ o.x

  38. Lillyana says:

    Are we not paying you enough to get generators? :/ I have to DJ line NOW and cannot get in. grrrrrr!

  39. I think its high time the lindens adopt and army of rodents and squirrel like creatures for occasions like this, im sure a few 1000 rodent power generating running wheels would have come in handy right about now!

  40. shaz heron says:

    Oh is that why i can’t get logged in? Been trying for the last hour to get into SL. Any idea how much longer it will be before we are back online?

  41. kinkykitty says:

    *sighs* well guess this gives me time to update profiles and stuff *shrugs* passes round some hot coco and cookies we maybe here for a while

  42. Shadowki Paine says:

    Well i got patience and ima get on my tv and my ps3 and sit down and play while i wait for sl to get back up 🙂

  43. When this happens, SHUT THE GRID DOWN!

    I just lost inventory worth several thousand lindens, plus I can’t read my own notecards (I apparently don’t have permission)

    If it isn’t going to work properly, don’t try to make it work at all!

  44. Dorque says:

    Guys – chill, go outside. It’s nice out there this time of year. You may even find other people out there, and you can even talk to them – it’s just like SL!

    If you’re really that upset about a little downtime that you kick and scream like a child, you need to reconnect with reality.

  45. NikWoodget says:

    😦 Well what you can’t help you can’t help. Though #2 is right. Guys, get some backup power system in place if you can 🙂

    Anyways, I’m going to wait a little longer, or end up going to bed soon..

    Hope everything gets sorted soon ^_^ and crack them torches out 😛

  46. Carrion Reve says:

    Its funny how you get used to it, and after a while it becomes the norm…Why should we expect any different..

  47. Dystonee Dagger says:

    What is up with San Fransisco lately? Power outages every other day? Come on! That should not throw half the world off the grid! If I do not get back online before my hubby does he will be forever falling out of the sky since I just removed my house before bouncing!

  48. Tony says:

    How powerful a UPS do you expect them to get? It’s not like power outages are an everyday occurrence. They’ve probably got a UPS system to help them down the servers safely in case of emergency, not one that’s going to keep all systems running for hours.

  49. Great, great, great…to the downtimes comes now additional “Out.Times”, well…..should be fine, when 2057 the things work proper at least, cos thats the year i die, maybe i get some stable days then with SL. And more important maybe is, that most of the ppl not do login just for fun also for work…make them soon an offer, how to ease the pain of those “workers” that dont earn a sh…. at that time…would be interesting, to take all those Lindendollar together and see what “missing lindens” all those ppl have…thanks for not noticing that isssue.

    Capt. Jack T. Sparrow of SL (drunk, so a lil bit more moderate on that f…problems you always have somehow)

  50. Ann Otoole says:

    ok well if a power outage takes a global system down its time to find new management. this is bs. no redundancy? give me a break. there has been plenty of money for backups and good engineering.

    maybe linden research needs to get out of a disaster prone geographical area. its just stupid to be there in the first place if your running a global system with a single main failure point.

  51. Codo Carter says:

    This is making me quiet angry this happens about every week!!! for one of the top game in the WORLD with 7 MILLION people it shouldn’t do this. I’m just saying it shouldn’t be doing this and I know I’m not the only one complaining. Hope to see the Grid up soon. Good Day

  52. Ian says:

    Any idea when the grid will be back online. No1 wonder Second Life been going really slow today.

  53. alopes voom says:

    But when it’s going to be fixed !??? I’ve been trying, no sucess…

  54. Takat Su says:

    Pardon, I don’t mean this to sound like a rant, but who negotiates your colo contract? 5 years ago, when negotiating a colo contract, we made sure that the facility had UPS, generators, fuel, fuel contracts, etc. to last on their own resources for 5 days, indefinitely if their supply contracts held.

    Now, it may be that something outside your colo facility went down – someone else’s router, for example, but we negotiated multiple backbone connections to ensure that wouldn’t occur.

    Gentleman, you are a big business, hundreds of servers, if not thousands. You need to be professional about this and act like a professional company. You need to learn from your predecessors, not try to invent everything yourselves – including expertise in mundane things like this.

  55. VeryDirty Sands says:

    Maybe we could rez a generator or usps. hmmmn?

  56. Aimee Trescothick says:

    Also had stuff auto-returned disappear into a black hole instead of my lost and found today, and have heard the same thing happen to other people. Luckily for me nothing I can’t replace, but be careful what you rez where.

  57. Tashi Jewell says:

    ok, this is fine, there is absolutely nothing anyone can do if the power is down that long. 100% understandable that the grid is down.

    the only thing that bothers me (and it happens every single time the grid is down) is the faulty status page.

    for the first 20min that the grid was down, the page said it was up. then it said it was down for a while and now it says its back up. NO it is not up now.

    of course, now during these moments it says its back up, you all know what little ‘ol me is doing… checking my internet, resetting router, etc… i would be more than happy if that status page listed grid is down until the grid has been up for at least 10 min. saves us all a ton of time and hassle (and i imagine it would reduce faulty connection attempts that i’m sure in some way add to the problem of getting the grid back online)

    anyways, sorry… just so frustrating that the status page never shows the correct status of the grid.

    so seriously, a good solution would be to keep the page listing the grid is down for at least 10min of it being back up.

  58. Aiko says:

    I think the time has come to run a complete back-up grid on a different server in a different country. If one is down, the other takes over.

  59. Rachel Utarid says:

    I guess that is the reason why I have been trying to log for the last 1hour or so, getting the same message all the time…
    Problem with the DNS Server…. but http://www.secondlife.com works fine.

  60. Myke Patton says:

    how about this:
    we stop whining.

    they should’ve left comments off for this one.

  61. Morgana Hilra says:

    Ok, I am working thru a server based in SF, and I am broadcasting, perfectly fine, which is funny since we ALWAYS have issues..
    Thank you Locke Tarveler, lol.
    We do have OUR servers, so I don’t understand what is going on,
    OOO…. I just looked up, I got in this time..hmm… I once how long I will stay in..
    Congrats on Lindens for trying tho.

  62. Joann says:

    I don’t think it’s a Linden problem. As far as I know there are power problems every year in that area. There is a summer power problem caused by air-conditioning….

  63. yeah i called after my program just kept crashing (would not even login, load or anything would just close out). Figures secondlife using so much power PG&E had a timeout.. 😛

  64. angusgraham Ceawlin says:

    welll this also happened July 13th 2007 gotta love
    San Fransisco and rice a roni!!!!!! You would think someone would have thought hmmmm what can we do if this happens again? oh I don”t know should we form a committee? Table it till after the convention? ahh do nothing it cant happen twice…. besides no one will notice…….. sorry just venting Lindens work hard for us I know
    They built a world and we came ……

  65. @22 whatever they have, it’s not working. There are a TON of problems on the grid right now, assuming you can even get on. Group IMs don’t work properly, vendors don’t work, notecards don’t work…

    When this happens it would be better if they did a controlled grid shutdown rather than leave it half in limbo like this

  66. Berry Steinhoff says:

    Do think LL should be bringing their hardware in-house rather than relying on a hosting company with little or no contingency for UPS.

    Good luck anyways, and thanks for the information.

  67. Plum Planer says:

    What .. did not knew san Fransico was in Africa??
    This is one of the biggest cities in the world ?? how can something like this happen …??

  68. Lance Corrimal says:

    #26: what he said.

  69. Tridium Dyrssen says:

    When can we expect the grid to be back up?

  70. vidz ah says:

    oh – again and again maybe you should talk to WOW people, how do you expect anyone to stay with second life:((

  71. kinkykitty says:

    *pokes her head up * hey kenny ^_^

  72. Perhaps some back-up generators would be in order? Every mediocre web host has access to back-up and it would seem that a large firm like Linden Labs (with enough money for a power plant by now) could do better.

    And is it time for a serious look at the number of residents who give nothing, do nothing and contribute nothing but overcrowding making a reasonable experience of SL impossible for long-time residents? How much of the resources do these hopeless bludgers pull from the grid?

  73. cloudstrife555 Beck says:

    omg it took u long eonugh to tell us ive been trying to log back on for like half an hour.

  74. Tavy says:

    How about the haters chill out, other large businesses in the area are also down, including SixApart, Netflix, and Technorati, none of which are “in a closet.”

  75. Leenah Merlin says:

    Any idea when the problem will be solved and we will be able to get back on?

  76. haha so much for building with the lights on hey, gotta love in the middle of something and boop out goes the lights …frowns

  77. Publio says:

    Tony is right. Everyone stop shouting plz 🙂

  78. Walker Moore says:

    I’ve always wondered what will happen to Second Life when ‘the big one’ hits San Francisco. You could capitalize on the potential danger (pretended or otherwise) by charging island owners more tier if their sims are hosted in Texas. Unless Texas is as prone to earthquakes of course.

    I’m bored. Does it show? =P

  79. Paul says:

    I’m getting this error:

    Unable to connect to Second Life.

    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.

    Please check http://www.secondlife.com/status to see if there is a known problem….

    Now there was nothing when I tried and the solution finder says to uninstall if you get this error and reinstall. Have I wasted my time doing all that? Anyone else getting same message. I think my last log out was clean.

  80. SivAnja Zenovka says:

    People understand words. Computer understand numbers. Words, unless they are translated into numbers, don’t mean jack-diddly to a computer. Which is why we have DNS.

    DNS, the Domain Naming Service, is a meeting of the minds between man and machine. Its most basic function is to translate words or names into IP addresses. For example, when you type http://www.secondlife.com into your web browser, your computer doesn’t have the slightest clue where to go looking for that address. Why? Because it doesn’t understand words. What it does know, however, is that it has DNS to help it out.

    What DNS does is translate the words http://www.secondlife.com into an IP address, made up of numbers, which it can now start to do something with.

    Basically it is a phone book for your computer – it matches names (domains) to numbers (IP addresses) and vice-versa.

  81. Shakeno Tomsen says:

    Is this the reason why I was crashing constantly when trying to login?

    P.S: If you are using air conditioning, instead of using 20ºc, try setting it to 35ºC. You decrease the required power and save electricity.

  82. Koroz Kline says:


    Yet another outage !!! Oh well…. Im off to the chippie !!! Anybody want me to get them some Fish&Chips while Im going???

    Err? “Chips” aka “Fries” to my colonial amigos !!

    /me shuffles off into the darkness that is England.

  83. XanderMaria Nikolaidis says:

    I belive it is a bad joke that LL still has no emergancy generator backup, SF and other US regions experienced powercuts before and people wondered why you lot have no diesel generators. What about this: Dear Linden Management, go down to the carpark, link your porsche`s, Mercedezes and Jaguars (payed with our (RL)money) and plug your E-system on them,lol…??? Lindens takes our cash but works with “candlepower”???

    …calm, its only a game

  84. Raven Primeau says:

    Further to my earlier post, I appreciate the situation is out of LLs control but for Pete’s sake you could have blogged it earlier.

    I kicked the kids off their PCs rebooted the router much to everyones dismay because as far as I knew here in the UK it could have been my dodgy ISP provider again, my router up the sawanee or anything.

  85. Solomon says:

    Why don’t they have backup generators or a UPS? Because the Tao of Linden says it’s not required, obviously… the same as it’s not required that we have the expectation that expensive items we pay for won’t go missing with no way of getting them back, and so on and so forth. In short, because the residents don’t matter, nor do their negative experiences. Only pure numbers matter… which is why non-verified griefer accounts are still a daily occurance…

  86. CaptJosh Au says:

    Suggesting UPS backup for a data center is all well and good, except it only provides backup long enough to save data and shut down. Flywheel energy storage and generators are what would be needed.

  87. Lex Neva says:

    Folks who wonder about backup generators: such things are only designed to give systems like LL’s 5-10 minutes of emergency backup power so that they can shut down gracefully. It’s simply not feasible to run a data center like LL’s indefinitely on backup power, and that’s not how tthey’re designed.

    It’s actually a really big point in LL’s favor that SL is even functional at all right now. It says a lot for the decision to branch out into another colocation facility (the one in Texas). Other major sites, like Livejournal and Netflix, are down for the count.

  88. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    Craigslist is down for the same reason

  89. NikWoodget says:

    I’ll have a cod, large chips, and some mushy peas thanks matey

  90. Misfit March says:

    Guys no point in shouting about UPS the problem is they got these dyno mo bikes linked up in there bedrooms and are peddling like crazy ..Il bet there pools of water them sweating about grid down now hehehe lets put it into perspective ok we are losing fun time and business/money but so are they with potential subscribtions of new cliental so i reckon they are losing more than we are soo only thing i suggest read a good book or go play at pogo.com till grids back up cos i think lindens going to be a while hahahaha

  91. kinkykitty says:

    ohhh chips wit just salt please….. and possibley a milkshake?

  92. Jula Carnell says:

    Maybe I could interest you in some DR?

  93. they should put a data center here in chicago . Nothing happends here unless we get snowed in. They should also check out this website for system management servers.

    http://www.anhosting.com alot of bandwith, storage and well virtually no downtime. Possibly a remote location for the grid incase of the power outages in SF

  94. Oh Fugu says:

    Ooo Koroz get me a pea fritter hun 😉

  95. Sammy says:

    @40 Define: Functional

  96. Asjbak Vandeverre says:

    I know every 1 or 2 sims have their own server!!!!!! So it’s not that simple to make a backup grid in another country. So it’s ok when something happens! But please let the backoffice work ok so my – just bought things – get in my invent as they supposed to be 🙂

  97. Todd Appin says:

    Figures this would happen. Let’s just forget the fact that many of us lost L’s when we made purchases. I bought around 7 things last night from Bare Rose, and have yet to receive them, but, they were quick to take my money. They took the money, but I did not receive my purchased objects, and probably never will, thanks to server problems. even though it shows I purchased the objects, the objects are not in my inventory. Thanks, guys. I just love giving my hard earned L away. Way to go.

  98. bigmoe says:

    @47 definition: offline

  99. Tulincarchta Myhre says:

    Generally on an annual basis a complete powerdown is required to test for reliability of the systems. Usually a few might not get back up (power supply withering away, hard disks crashing, the usual), but hey, that’s what the test is for – to show a backup at a separate location is not an option – it’s a must-have.

    I wonder how you got through your last fire drill, though? Good thing it’s just second life and – oh, say – a hospital, where real lifes might be at stake.

  100. Biffa Barbosa says:


    Cod & chips twice here please.


  101. Morgana Hilra says:

    Im not in England and I call it the same….hmmm

  102. Connor Whitman says:

    Guys, I am sorry to interveine, but… Do u have any idea how a network this size taking a LOT of ppl in by the minute takes? LOL Please let the Linden work and stop bitching… I’m sure they are a bit tied up right now, trying to overcome something that is not even 100 % on their hands to solve… Do u ask God to stop rainning just because u need to go to the supermarket? Let’s have a little patience here and wait to be solved.

  103. Nikon Toonie says:

    It’s not just SL that’s down. Livejournal, and Gamefaqs are also down, so it seems that maybe one of the links out of the city may have gone down due to the power outage.

  104. Muli Basiat says:

    Wow… Lot of anger. Anger is a wasted emotion. It robs our strength… Yet – a UPS and generator back-up – is a small expense…

    Seems I pay … Hmmmm $2,000.00 + a month to LL? I wonder how many do that and more…

    We all wonder why there are not UPS and generator back-ups…

  105. Sigurd Viking says:

    life goes on…

  106. Magellan Egoyan says:

    I just installed a Broadband Router and thought the problem was on my end LOL. As far as I can tell, it works…

    Seriously, although I do know people love to gripe, it would make sense for such a diverse network to have more than one way to keep things up and running… we’re all worried about LL losing our lovingly and painstakingly constructed objects. Knowing the system had some built-in redundancy against catastrophic failure would make us feel a lot happier.

    But as someone pointed out to me, all my money in the bank is as virtual as SL, and perhaps I should be worried more about that 🙂

  107. James Benedek says:

    Once again the main grid is down, just think about if we could run SL on our own servers, we wouldn’t care if the main grid was down, we would go off to other sims run and owned by its residents as secondlife is supposed to be!



  108. im with raven hell i thought it was the router here too:|

  109. Zimmo says:

    U.P.S. “un-interuptable Power Supply”
    Like some server farms will have their own lake to provide power, should the electrical Grid go down. Or big Generators, like they do in hospitals.

    However, outside of the best laid plans of mice and men, the internet is dependent on a whole other grid of relays, servers, and cables, some of which must be beyond the control of Linden Labs.

    Funny thing is, I have one Avatar running on my PC next to me, but cannot log in on my second PC at all.

    DNS = Domain Name Server. It is like ringing Directory Enquiries and they say, “Sorry, someone borrowed my directory and hasn’t returned it yet”

    Does anybody have any candles?

    I feel this simply adds to the authenticity of the experience since I rented some land in antiquity (an 1800 period sim). I forgot the Victorians didn’t have internet, or electricity.

    Why does this situation remind me of this song? “Amish Paradise, by Weird Al,
    visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsfVw9xxoNY if you might like a humourous distraction, till they find a fuse.
    While you are at YT, Maybe key in Second Life as a search term if you are getting withdrawal symptoms.

  110. Kenny Stinger says:

    Lindon Need to Wake up What Wrong With Them ………………………………………..ooooo i know there Counting our MONNEY 🙂 Instead of thinking 🙂

  111. Gavin Mewsom says:

    Shakeno, setting the thermostat at 35C in SF would use more power as the furnace would be running full blast. This time of year the daytime high in SF rarely exceeds 20C, we don’t use air conditioning, we keep our windows open.

  112. Rosinante Vinson says:

    Well, i guess the reason they didn’t tell us sooner is maybe the power outages meant they couldn’t even blog it.

    Sucks, but it happens. I think the whole grid should be down until it’s sorted, so people -don’t- lose inventory, etc.

    And, i think with SL at the scale it’s at now, and with the financial assets it must surely have, it needs to think about properly securing servers, backup power and pretty much better hardware to try and prevent this kind of thing.

    Aiko’s comment about backup grids on different servers in a different country is a good one. If that’s not possible for legal reasons, at least a different state would help.

    But, same as the floods in the UK – cr@p will happen no matter what precautions you take, so i guess we just have to be patient and let them get on with it 🙂

  113. Lynne says:

    colocation is meant to prevent things from going offline, you pay money to have someone keep you system up, good choice… sigh… another win for LL

  114. Willie Katscher says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame the Lindens on this one, but yeah, I would look for a new data center. There’s no reason for a data center hosting netflix, livejournal and SL to not have backup power for 12 hours or more.

  115. Raven Primeau says:

    Koroz honey

    I’ll hava a nice fat saveloy *blushes*

  116. Primitive Hax says:

    Hmm, power outages bring SL to its knees. Precisely one of the many reasons I don’t like the proprietary nature of SL.
    At the very least it would be nice in this situation to have some European mirrors. But the best-case scenario would be to allow people to run their own sims on their own servers.
    All monetary transactions could still be made via a Linden owned 3rd party server, complete with all the security protocol they want.

    Here’s dreaming of a true 3d web, hmm, where did I put that vrml editor?

  117. Phil Hanner says:

    #13 Sammy, I’m sure she’ll be happy to continue your cyber next time

    Everyone else, hate to come out pro-linden, but if the power is out, more than likely, it kills their upstream too. Much as I love a good bashing, and 4 margarita’s in me, i’d really like a good bashing now, I have to call this one as no fault. Having a mega-watt+ backup generator is a necessity but hey… You can’t keep power on all the time.

    Oh, I for one welcome the increase to $30.00 USD a month to pay for the redundant grid. Thank you.

  118. Laetizia says:

    Move to Holland. I have lived here for 37 years and NEVER had a power outage lasting more than a few minutes. Plus, our laws allow for MUCH more freedom on the grid. This is the land of the free… never mind what they are singing over there 😉

  119. Muli Basiat says:

    At least its a sunny day! Pool is GREAT! Kisses all – have a nice summer:)

  120. Koroz Kline says:

    Ok… so that ….

    15x bag o chip with salt and vinegar
    26 bags o chips …salt only
    27’400 fish and chips with salt AND vinegar
    and 15000 fish.

    Oh..and one Pea Fritter :-/

  121. Doris Haller says:

    ..just when I thought it gets stable at LL…

    You seem to have a lot of energy problems in USA…
    ever considered to get a electricity line from Russia? 🙂
    or maybe try that UPS, FedEx, or even DHL…..

    oh… I.. think.. my… battery…. is… loooooooow…

  122. Jesseaitui Petion says:

    Is anyone else missing classifieds today?

    My most expensive ($17501) classified renewed yesterday has disappeared!

  123. Lorna Volitant says:

    I would love some chips and gravy please Koroz, and a can of Tizer, ta!

  124. Charisma Mannonen says:

    Gonna have to agree with Kooky this shouldn’t be and issue Linden need to fire they’re host and get one with enuff sense to have redundant backups in they’re power system. I have friends with MUCH smaller interests and much less experience that at least new to research that far into thier hosts setup. I wouldn’t complain but there is nothing on television.lol

  125. peace acorn says:

    20.000 without power in downtown s f well that a pitty but its afected more than 50 000 worldwide we cant do nothing bout it hope its up n runin soon as poss 🙂

  126. Koroz Kline says:

    Darn… and one fat saveloy **giggles naughtily**

  127. Muli Basiat says:


    Get a life. LOL

  128. SivAnja Zenovka says:

    #54…yes, and vanilla vla with strawberry syrup!

  129. CaptJosh Au says:

    Addendum to previous post: even generators are limited in capacity. Second Life is not a critical telecommunications provider and therefor is not required to have the expensive and extensive power backups that telephone companies, by federal law, must maintain.

  130. Smig says:

    Is that the reason why i cant get any Lindex??

  131. Paul says:

    The grid is now offline so least no one is in limbo any more.

    #47: $2,000 a month!!! What on earth do you do with all those Lindens (unless you are making more than that 😉 )

  132. Momiji Seelowe says:

    After being a basic member for such a long time I was considering moving up to a premium account, but, when service is cut for just under an hour so far, and likely to be longer, whilst no direct fault of LL, is a waste of my money, perhaps an UPS will be a strong move to make.

  133. Malek Vacirca says:

    Wow… LL must be doing something fantastic if there are this many people who depend on them for their very lives.

    I’m not IT at all… but I know the company I work for was shut down when our last earthquake hit. Yes… we have UPS, we have generators, but only mission essential units were still up at that time.

    It just occured to me… SL is a game. I remember how pissed I was when my atari died. So, my mistake. Rant on!

  134. Destiny Halderman says:

    Well no wonder I chouldn’t get on Second Life at all today was taking forever to log in then would say either there having difficutlites or that I wasn’t connected to the internet wich I was cause I was on MSN Messanger at the same time

    I agree though with the person said if something not working then don’t try just shut the Grid Down like you did and post what you did about 20,000 being without power in SF

    Thanks for trying Lindens.

  135. Lane says:

    I fnd it strange not to have a back-up, but worse is the problems we experiece in-world.

    1 – Can’t rez.
    2 – Crash.
    3 – Can’t log in.
    4 – Log in but the hair doesn’t load (I’m bald).
    5 – Crash again.
    6 – Log in but I’m still bald. Can rez. My male body gains breasts.
    7 – Log out, clear cache, log in, reload this page.
    8 – Still bald. Clothing does’t load. Bald and naked on the street. Trying to rez.

    If crashes and log-outs meant a sleep in first life, I would be arrested for indecent exposure or locked into a science research lab for the gender change, or, at least, looked funny by other people: what is that architect trying to build, nude on the street, and with only bangs on?!


  136. Irish Lacey says:

    guess what? I just got on… go on.. stop reading this and sign on!

  137. before i cam to check the blog i mentioned to my rl cousin they need to move if it is that bad!!

  138. Walker Moore says:

    Calm down dears, it’s only a virtual world!

    Koroz: I’ll have chips, peas, gravy…and a large sausage. In a tray!

    Apparently James wants open source on his chips.

    Good day all. Good luck to ye gods in San Francisco. ^_^

  139. Anonymous says:

    Bring out your dead…
    The End is Near…

  140. Not to harsh the LL-bashing buzz you’ve all cultivated, but this is a problem with LL’s hosting provider, 365 Main. This outage is also affecting many other California-based websites like Technorati, Craigslist, Livejournal and WordPress.

  141. Girly Riederer says:

    Ah that would explain the “failed to rez object” message i got when i tried to set out my new (expensive) x3 xcite to add extras in a empty class 5 server. Not on ground, not in inventory. *waits for things to settle before going to buy another, grrr*

  142. Muli Basiat says:


  143. Misfit March says:

    HAHA Koroz if you can find a chippy here in england not underwater!!
    cos most descent ones i know are *snickers* shows there fresh dont it LOL

  144. yeah thats what the tech support dude said as well on the phone when i had called they had issues logging in to blog the situation.

    it was like half the grid was down the other half okay and well intermittant problems.

  145. Candi Lustre says:

    Just wanted to give ya’ll an update…Grid says it is “offline” but I just got in fine…hmmm go figure

  146. Amanda Ascot says:

    Aiko, they’re already experiencing issues with running servers in other countries, as those countries are apparently demanding that content in Second Life be restricted to their own laws piled on top of U.S. law. Putting servers in other countries is a Bad Idea, as I’ve been preaching for months.

    I have no idea how large the server farm is in California, but you can all make a good guess on your own: one computer per private island, one per four islands for those low-prim editions, and one per four mainland sims. Add the infrastructure support in the asset servers and other hardware, and I suspect the power consumption of the main server complex is enormous. I can see having a UPS that will let them gracefully exit from a power outage, rather than come crashing down, but to support the Grid indefinitely is probably asking too much, at least at this stage in the evolution of Second Life. Maybe in the future Linden Lab will be able to continue without city power, but that’s not the case, now, and complaining about it won’t change anything.

    As has been pointed out, as well, it’s best to take the Grid completely off-line, rather than give us a situation which is worse than we’re already used to. Have patience and let them get things working again.

  147. Aiko says:


    TY, but I’m not the only one who prolly thinks this way. I mean, there are LOADS of servers in LOADS of countries… Why not using a mirror? Too expensive perhaps? Or afraid to invest in a virtual world that is caressed by LOADS of their daily visitors? :s

  148. WiLLuMPJuH Gausman says:

    I don’t care about the power-outage , but DONT MOVE TO HOLLAND!!!


  149. SivAnja Zenovka says:

    Lots and lots of assumptions being made in these posts. I’m assuming no one on this board has the co-lo’s SLA, power schematic, hosting architecture, network maps, bgp configurations, etc?

  150. Iska Miles says:

    Argh… Great, one hour tried to log in, got nervous furious, and all the worst when normally could go to sleep, Yes i am right with somebody above me, Lindens you have 1 for speed. I had time to read all the support forums and other helps, and the message shown up …Yay…

    Interesting….perhaps you should have power from the cosmos, contact with ufo’s if you cant cope with it on your own.

    I am wondering if not to go there to San Fransisco and rob the bank ( It is a pity i am on the other side of the world) Banks for sure ALSO DONT have power…..ech….

  151. AMD64 user says:

    You can have all the UPS’s that you want but if the power is blinking across the whole area you can be affected by many things outside of your control even if your actual servers are still running perfectly fine.
    As for the freedom on the grid comment alot of the crack downs were from the E.U. laws not from the ones from the USA. Only the gambling advertising was from the US influence.

  152. Raven Primeau says:

    I see a strange familiarity here with a certain old book I read, something about fishes and loaves and feeding lots of ppl. Koroz is you the new messiah?!

  153. Rehula says:

    Thats bad that is down, we hope that the maintenance be successful and quick =]

  154. cstern says:

    Post comment here when SL is up and running again.

  155. Jorus Xi says:

    Um irresponsible data center management? C’mon now, you should be able to A: run off of generator backup and B: run off of ups backup.

    Lazy lazy.

  156. Erika Mahana says:

    Damnn … no power … now I can’t check if that ´my shoe is only showing up connected to my ass´ problem (I had yesterday) is solved.

  157. Gentle Boucher says:

    bad timing guys

    give JulieAnn Mills my greetings if she’s still on the net

  158. Andre Fresse says:

    San Francisco sucks please search a saver Place for your offices
    the World is Big §¦~}

  159. Suki Kyomoon says:

    I dont want to make it Linden Labs fault, but seeing as this happened last week, i think, shouldnt LL get a backup generator???

    O and if they sold LL who know what could happen. Give them some more credit. 🙂

  160. Rosinante Vinson says:

    @ 52 – *giggle*

    And oooh, i didn’t know there was one in Texas. My bad 🙂

    Hmmm better go do some enforced RL then 😛

  161. larsV Rhode says:

    like Laetizia said , i live also in holland and we have almost no power shortage less then 10 to 20 minutes.

    Also the General power station`s arnot connted to echother so if one drops out we stilll can have power.

  162. Jordana Heron says:

    Well, now I know why both LiveJournal and SL are down at the same time, I suppose… They’re both in SF.
    /wanders off to watch tv

  163. melody regent says:

    Its a game and Linden doesn’t control the Electric Company. Wait, do they?

    So if your cable goes out do you go to the trash man to bitch?

  164. Liana Chenille says:

    ok how come my coment got took out and the one about the food or whatever is still there i mean c’mon that is so nonrelated MEAN LINDENS

  165. Candie Calvert says:

    Can you give LL a break?? It’s not like they can control power outages. Maybe some of you should really try and live RL’s for once for a little while!

  166. Brian says:

    People, its a game, sure the power outage is a problem but hey it happens get over it


  167. Dru Rossini says:

    Ok… had a realization yesterday these are the growing pains if BETA software, and know we are part of the solution by reporting all itchy glitches – will say you guys rock – patience thru the rocky times, and seek ways to simplify the user experience should be an additional real world focus… may i simply suggest here that there be an addition of a LIGHT version of the reader as a seperate simplified client… because we don’t always need to build… and as a builder it would be nice to have one running in one screen and the simplified one running on a second screen… removing the option to build may allow for a way-way “simplified lite” client version for people just interested in entering the world… it is JUUUUST a thought.

  168. candi it is lol i just got in to

  169. Misfit March says:

    well if Koroz can walk on water they are..*snickers

  170. JayR Cela says:

    For all the uneducated people out there / let me fill you in Linden Labs is a very profesionaly run company, maintaining about 30 Tera bytes of data and growing on a weekly basis. They also employ some of the brightest and talented people in the industry. the off the wall comments about UPS as backup power is absurd. A UPS only function is to insure an orderly shutdown of the system in case of emergency, such as what they are experiencing now.

    Go climb back into your holes and wait until San Fran Power Authority solves the problem.

    JayR Cela

  171. tehReelUC Hax says:


  172. Sven Okonomi says:

    What kind of backup are you lot using to keep the servers safe? A lemon and some copper? Comon folks, we are stuffing money in your company but apparently we should be paying the company maintaining the powergrids over there insted if we want to expect a solid uptime.

    Youre worried about software bugs, while your hardware is flailing like a cheap rental home next to traintracks. Prioritise…

  173. Broccoli Curry says:

    Can you make that two pea fritters please? I’m kinda hungry.

    Is this connected to my “library” all belonging to Alexandria Linden, and Live Chat on the support site not working since I got a new PC with Vista on it?


  174. Fatz Scheflo says:

    A network advertised as 24/7 hosted in a datacenter without on-site diesel backup?

    Bad place to skimp on things in my humble opinion. That kind of power backup is essentially industry standard for anyone serious about providing services.

  175. jasonmark paine says:


  176. Delicia Halderman says:

    Yes this is just a virtual world but If there having problems with that many people without power they should not even try they should have just shut the Grid Down when the first power outgage happend there and then post that thing they did about SF.

    Anyways Linden tryed and thats all they can do its upto the bigger companys like Hydro here in Canada to get power back working and everything else not Linden.

  177. Aiko says:

    Lol, guess what… Grid offline and I’m NOW logged in. :p

  178. Koroz Kline says:

    Sorry all… too late chippy was shut ….. power cut. o.O

    BTW When are the UPS v. FedEx jokes gonna start? Or is that just my surreal sense o humour??

    Will the last person to leave this forum please turn the lights out as they go. Ohh…dont bother.. they dont work anyway. Power cut !!!

  179. Anonymous1983 says:

    I’m in Iraq. Trust me-yall really need to get a sense of perspective.

    Look out your windows…listen to the birds…enjoy.

    Does the word “withdrawal” mean anything to any of you?

  180. DeeztC Barbosa says:

    oh crap caraigslist is down too. and im starving

  181. Misfit March says:

    and Koroz send the chippy bill to mr Linden himself im sure he wont mind *giggles

  182. Kamiko says:

    @50 I totally agree with you.. I hate the fact that sl is down like most people, but i would be even more mad if they put it back up before fixing whatever was broken, ad i had half my inventory missing because of it..
    I have no patience but i think i need to get some

    ~Wonders if she ca buy some patience once SL is back up and running~

  183. Fallen K. says:

    how bout just gettin the grid back up… much appreciated

    thanks LL for spending our cash on nothing important to the game, but instead on fast cars and mansions =) after all, we are just your clients paying to keep you guys alive! thanks LL for the great time

  184. Primitive Hax says:

    Think I’ll spend this time learning Maya some more, at least that way I can actually back up my builds – unlike the one I rekon I just lost half of :/

  185. Ann Otoole says:

    a proper backup generator runs on diesel and the fuel tank can be refilled via truck and run continuously for weeks. so all comments about a backup power system for a major commercial global enterprise using a 5 minute to 1 or 2 hour battery backup systems is dumb.

    even Disney, a global entertainment company, like Linden research is a global entertainment company, has major power systems to keep the info systems running in the face of electrical grid outages. oh yea… LRL is a research lab, not a real entertainment and global commerce company. its just a research lab. why expect mature engineering prowess and global business commerce acumen from a research lab?

    no wonder there is a constantly increasing din of eviscerating negative press directed towards secondlife lately.

  186. peter says:

    Go climb back into your holes and wait until San Fran Power Authority solves the problem.

    okay…they need usually…how much minutes? greetings from europe..;-)

  187. Oh Fugu says:


    Is the kebab place still open?

  188. peter constable says:

    would this explain why my every move this evening has been dogged by the system crashing me out
    my sl date for the night has probably dumped me as a lost cause and gone to the chippie with Koroz

  189. Tionia says:

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I was dancing to earn some money since I had NONE. I have found it hard to earn money in SL if I want to keep my clothes on… *ggls* It seems all the good camp chairs and all the good dance spots are taken and when I finally get one BAMI Power outtage and I am Poofed outta SL and can’t get back in… *sigh* What’s a womyn to do? I guess keep checking to see when everything is back to normal and maybe just maybe I can sneak in before everyone else does and get a good spot to make some bucks so I can shop Shop SHOP!

  190. cstern says:

    Apparently, LindenLabs is not the only online business effected so we should let the Power Authority do their jobs and I am sure the issue will be resolved ASAP. These things happen and sometimes they are out of our control.

  191. Raven Primeau says:

    OOOOH I just got in too

  192. Hey everyone — we thank you for your passion and caring so much that you want to be in Second Life. I’d just like to remind you that this isn’t a Second Life-specific problem… major websites were affected too! See:

    » http://laughingsquid.com/massive-power-outages-hit-san-franciscos-soma-district/

    Stuff beyond our control does happen, but we strive to keep you informed as Frontier did up there, and hope things will be running smoothly again. 🙂

  193. Biffa Barbosa says:

    koroz. It was shut? Damn. was gonna ask for a deep fried mars bar too!!!

  194. Harvz Wilber says:

    Cmon, a little slack. everything does not go well all the time in RL, why make such unreasonable expectation. UPS and backup generation is meant to allow time to write to disk and save what is in RAM.

    The only places that can run for hours/days on independent power are government offices, the military and hospitals. None of which are cheap to buy/build or maintain.

    sure SL borks more often than we would like, but this time it truly isnt any fault of the Lindens.

  195. Misfit March says:

    #84 NO its Donnors night off *rofl

  196. Tayvarah Allen says:

    SL Subscription – 9.99 a month

    Extra money to buy “money” weekly- 15.00 a week

    Spending time reading people whine about somethin they are currently working on and gettin a small giggle..-Priceless

    Keep workin Lindens…Good Luck on fixin all this for all us addicts…
    *twitches from SL DTs*

  197. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    I will always say this, the simple things in SL are the most important.
    Issues with lag and rezzing are more important than a lot of the new features.
    This does not mean to say that the Linden crew hasn’t done a remarkable job with this system in so short a time-California has a lot of these power outages in the summertime-turn off the air conditioners and pool heaters in paradise guys

  198. Lazarus Rang says:

    From Newspaper website. It aiant just Linden. We will get past it, they must be going crazy finding hampster for the wheels.

    “Workers at several downtown and South of Market offices were reportedly sent home for the day following the outage. Additionally, the datacenter 365 Main — which hosts Web sites including Craigslist and Yelp — lost power. “

  199. Manveru Dryke says:

    Ah Limbo, I stand here looking for an exit, but the only one I see is the red X. Kinda peaceful here, but I am begining to believe my avitar has lost sight of any horizon as I wander forth into the empty grid I can’t help but wonder what kind of world would SL be like if these seas were open to sailing, rather than boardered. Oh well me and my boat will float endlessly for a few more minuits searching for a crew in this post-apocoliptic Second life in search for survivors or even a crew.
    AHOY SUNRISE!!! no, no, just a mirrage… back to sailing…

  200. Shirosama says:

    Well now maby if LL were smart like square-enix this wouldnt happen

    ps Square is in SF and they are STILL online hahah!

  201. FallinMy Webb says:

    My island has been offline for nearly two hours now. Is this a known issue and is there any hope that we might be able to get our island back anytime soon?
    Island name is “Lemon Island”

  202. netty streeter says:

    well guess just ahve to wait for power to come back on :(((((

  203. Wired Milk says:

    1. Kenny Stinger # 23 your eloquence is astounding.

    2. Linden Lab did get caught with their proverbial pants down.

    Let’s all accept the situation and hope LL may learn something about IT101.

    PS. To all the QQ’s out there. Your gonna log in again any who and keep on playing. So do we really need to read your mind vomit all over the blog?

  204. Primitive Hax says:

    I sell patience in my shop, it’s right between the long stand and the left handed screwdriver.

  205. Jaywire Sunset says:

    Why is it no one can ever have anything good to say? It isn’t LL’s fault that the power went out. And if I recall correctly, the data centers are sub-contracted, so LL has little to do about an external power source such as a UPS or generator. Plus, those things aren’t exactly CHEAP.

    Maybe its a SIGN, maybe some of you should take this time to go outside for once? Maybe give you something else to complain about…

  206. Morgana Hilra says:

    And we are up!!! LOL
    I dont know if anyone else is, but dutchdreams is up.

  207. Blinders Off says:

    ((2 Muli Basiat Says: I would think the kind of money Linden Labs is making would pay for real good UPS systems…}}

    My thoughts exactly. LL doesn’t have an emergency generator on their system? If it’s not a “game”, it needs to be realized that for every hour the game is offline, people lose REAL money… thousands of dollars of it. Perhaps a secondary power system should be a top priority at this time.

  208. rudd lowey says:

    Buon Lavoro
    Good Work

  209. SivAnja Zenovka says:

    Look at it this way – now we can all get caught up on Lindsey Lohan’s latest arrest. /me giggles.

  210. Hope Rosetta says:

    How sad…everybody take a deep breath and relax…it could be worse…Second Life could still be someone’s idle thought and 50 years in the future. Oh, wait I already lived that part.

  211. inacentaur says:

    what if LL had a battery-house of 24-48 hours stored to stay up during PG&E downtimes?

  212. Koroz Kline says:


    OOKK .. I go back out AGAIN.


    Ohhh… “Misfit” that Donner joke…….. ouch.

  213. Jeralath says:

    Anyone else fancy grouping together to help LL buy a wind turbine? 😉

  214. Elf Broome says:

    Well, no luck logging in. Theres always IRC 🙂

  215. Alec Laryukov says:

    Any news on restoring sims? My home sim is still offline.. 😦 also any idea why I have -2 lindens? lol

  216. Kaet Diamond says:

    Yes, But you should have backup power supplies. Why havent you lindens commented on this? Is there somthing wrong with the backup power supplies or is this a serious oversight? I can understand taking the grid down to update things but because of a poweroutage seems crazy.

  217. WillBeYour Babii says:

    Granted the S.F. issue is not 100% SL’s fault, but come on. This should at least open your eyes. No redundent servers for the grid, no redundent power source….. come no guys! Steve Case did better than this while running AOL from his parrents garage!
    I havent been here long. Im not a major land owner, but i DO make a small bit of money here ingame. I thnk that we deserve a little something. If I add up- all of the UNscheduled downtime that I have had, from the time i created my premium account, (not counting all the time as a basic account) I’d say you owe me a few months of free service!
    Come on guys, im an automacanic and have a UPS! 😦

  218. Kabalyero says:

    @79 LOL! Yeah! Was able to logged in too!

  219. Franja Russell says:

    Linden Lab,

    As annoying as a power outage is, thank you for letting us know about it on the initial log-in page.

    You didn’t need a power outage when you’re trying to fix things like the notecards that won’t allow links to be embedded in them, the awful and ever-present LAG, and the other problems for which I don’t even understand the vocabulary.

    Good luck.

  220. Maura Beresford says:

    Is Livejournal located in the same place? It’s down too.

  221. Rubi Hotaling says:

    I got on, even though the grid said OFFLINE. BUT….I cannot TP to some places…..

    I’ve been gone for a week and come back to this??/ ugh

  222. wyldflower frampton says:

    Wahhh… wahhhh….. wahhhhhh!!!

    Give it a break people, its log off time, spend some quality time with your family…..lol What did you in your free time before SL????

  223. Elesandra Carter says:

    geez there is a power outage in florida too….what’s up with all these outages…..

  224. Elisha Paklena says:

    The datacenter in SFO that LL hosts their equipment at (I believe), the 365 Main facility, appeared to have been taken out of comission entirely — Craigslist, Livejournal, many other sites were also knocked offline.

    What has me concerned is that, as I do a lot of work in a similar-grade data facility (one of the Equinix IBXs outside of Washington DC) is why a public utility interruption brought the entire datacenter to its knees. I’m not faulting LL at all, but I -am- questioning 365 Main, an entity that I’d otherwise heard Really Good Things about the quality of their facilities. #24 is right, these facilities, in addition to having cages of standby power transfer systems that are good for a few minutes of full load runtime, generally have banks of (often redundant) generators that use those few minutes to come up to speed and take over supplying power. These generators are not small things — I recall once that the generators that Verizon had here could power the amp load of the surrounding communities if they were connected to the utility grid to do so. And these datacenters can keep putting out power from their generators as long as diesel fuel is available.

    Something catastrophic must have happened at 365 for it to have die d in the manner that it appears to have.

  225. Destiny Halderman says:

    Okay I just got in too, is it back up???

  226. Lyndka Cochrane says:


    A data center running a real-time critical app supporting over 8 million users and no power backup (not even at the CoLo?) – and we’re not supposed to get upset by this? Some of us pay for this ‘service’ monthly as well as buying stuff in game – some of us also play online games like Guild Wars – server fail – swap almost straightway to another server.

    Dont say its not possible – whilst Voice is fun (allegedly) and Windlight is pretty – can we please have an environment where we can use it 24/7?

    Perhaps some corporate focus is needed on what is being provided – a product that people buy and use or one that looks fantastic on paper but never really works?

  227. Sandor Balczo says:

    I still believe, in consideration of the international user base SL has by now, that back up servers in Europe, Asia and Australasia would not hurt.

  228. xeta says:

    hmm most all co-location sites have full generator backup and battery power system, my site can run for a full week off grid

  229. Dru Rossini says:

    hmmm… kickin’ back, havin’ a moe-hee-toe (hehe) patience is a virtue seldom practiced.

  230. Koroz Kline says:

    FOODS HERE>..come and get it !!!

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