Announcing Another Bug Triage Meeting!

Following the lead of Rob Linden and Benjamin Linden, I’ll be starting my own weekly bug triages focusing on Viewer Crashes. I created a new filter in the Issue Tracker titled (appropriately!) “Viewer Crashes” (login to Issue Tracker to find). We’ll be looking through issues that have not already been imported into Linden Lab’s internal issue tracker, sorted by priority.

The Viewer Crashes bug triage will be on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM PDT at my house in Linden Village. We’ll use the same general process the other triages have been following. Minutes and transcripts from the triage will be posted to my wiki page after each triage. I’ll be your host, but expect to see other Lindens make appearances and help out.

Your help reviewing and prioritizing these issues is greatly appreciated — before and during the meeting! The first Viewer Crashes bug triage will be held tomorrow on Wednesday, July 25th. I look forward to seeing you there!

Bridie Linden’s house in Linden Village — come on in and have a seat!


I just wanted to thank everyone who made it to my first office hours/bug triage yesterday.  We had a great turn out (see pic below!) and got through quite a few bugs in record time! (Special thanks to Iridium Linden for keeping things moving!)

While several issues were resolved as “needs more info”, please don’t let that keep you from reporting viewer crashes that you run into — even if you don’t have a solid repro.  Other Residents may be able to add more information to the bug report and get us closer to tracking down what’s going on.

The transcript and meeting notes are now available and I’ll be looking for help putting next week’s agenda together. Thanks again!

Bridie Linden’s first office hours — no empty seats!

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133 Responses to Announcing Another Bug Triage Meeting!

  1. Russell Hagoromo says:

    im glad these type of meetings are occuring between LL and the users

  2. Bee Mizser says:

    Viewer crashes….. Don’t get me started on viewer crashes.

    I’ve crashed probably about 30 times in the last 2 days 😦

    Glad the Lindens are talking to residents about it tho. Hopefully it will get fixed 🙂

  3. Spikez Stine says:

    Ah, cool! I’ll try to attend on Wednesday. =]

  4. Benja says:

    That’s a good idea!

    Are there some crashes that need more evidence?

  5. Tyrell Termagant says:

    On topic i actualy have severe problems login in my viewer crashed and now if i want to log in pressing the login button i either get a login failed message or my viewer just vanishes. And seems like i am not the only one. Maybe you priorititze this problem.


  6. Tillie Ariantho says:

    SL crashes when the swapfile reaches 2,5 GB. SL crashes often after hitting Logout. My impression is that SL often crashes because of something sound related… if I switch off ingame music streams, I crash by far less… Sometimes SL crashes when clicking edit on an object, whereby I haven’t found out yet under which circumstances.

  7. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> new filter in the Issue Tracker titled (appropriately!) “Viewer Crashes”

    I go down about 30% of the time when I empty my trash. I’ve just gotten used to it, so I pick times when I am logging out anyway to do it.

  8. Awesome! Its good to see you guys are working so hard to tell the users whats going on! Hope the grid issues gets a little extra attention sometime soon as well. =^.^=

  9. Roxxy Rhode says:

    Can someone make the recent items go back to being recent items? There are items showing in there from weeks and weeks ago 😦 I can’t make it to the meeting- so someone bring that up 🙂 Thanks!

  10. Christi Maeterlinck says:

    I crash. cant get back online: just get a simple ‘Login Failed’ mesage, a half-dozen times. Check the Grid Status and am told the Grid is down. Eve though the main web oage reports 38,000 plus people online. Am diorected to this here page, utterly irrelevant to the issue. Check the Grid SDtatus again and see that the Grid is up again… and still with 38,000 people. Try to log in, repeatedly. The message this time is the more usual one, ‘SL may appear frozen, please wait’, which persists until my m/c tells me that SL has crashed. And for this we pay tier.

  11. Deltango Vale says:

    Login failure problem in London atm. FYI.

  12. Youri Ashton says:

    I can get as far as the main menu, it does NOT load anything of the game itself which makes me unable to connect in any way.6 hours ago i did not had any problems at all (Except from the usual ones). Please help!!!!

  13. Persistent login failure here too (Spain). FYI.

  14. Muscrat Hesse says:

    There is something wonkey with the grid . It is not allowing logins , but still says its online. Currently just getting login fails!. This might be a priority 🙂 that needs fixed .

  15. Runtt Wah Jiutai says:

    Today, I tried to log in and the page immediately crashed. At first I got a “Log In Failed” message, then SL crashed. Now, It just crashes as soon as I hit enter or ‘return’, as I use a Mac.

    Tried finding this issue on the blog and this entry is the closest thing I found.


  16. Stefahknee Shalala says:

    Yeah, um… like the two comments above, except when I checked the grid status it says it’s open and fine, but it won’t let me login. I relogged because I couldn’t add someone to a group, and since then I haven’t been able to get back in. Sucks cuz I was in the middle of stuff. And now those people are gonna be wondering what happened to me. :/

  17. SM Thibaud says:

    Viewer Crashes – yes, it does. Right now, on startup. This is new, it worked fine today. And i see no trace of this problem on the blog. Ah well…

  18. Hughie Dod says:

    Having the same problem here. My inventory wasn’t working ao I logged out and now can’t get back in grrrrr

  19. jenn luke says:

    ya have a meeting …hows about a network status monitoring triage? Grid been wonky all day and yet nothing from you…now no logins..smiles

  20. HrouckGontyuk says:

    Christi Maeterlinck, you will soon see that LindenLabs does not care about the users. I STILL have not been able to log into secondlife since May. I have tried many email addressed on the website that turn up to be unavaible. This is the only place where we can post problems. I have not seen on complain been fixed, or addressed since last time i have checked. Seriously, do not pay for this service. This is just my fifty cents and will probably get deleted anyways.

  21. Lillipuet Senyurt says:

    Since this last update.. ive miserably tried to deal with the constant crashes.. butt~attachments (lol) and very high packet loss.. up to 210%… i am hoping that there is a fix on its way.. keep up that hard work, Lindens.. i cant live RL without SL!!! 🙂

  22. Danielle Harrop says:

    oh, now with “dns server is down” goodness!

  23. Lance Corrimal says:

    Yes, definitely wonky. Login fails with no reason, tells me to check the status page, which tells me the grid is open. Frontpage says 38000++ people online.

  24. Kamiko says:

    At the moment, i am crashing every 2 to 10 minutes. And then it won’t load when i go to log back in 😦 I would love to come to the meeting, but i’ll no doubt crash and miss everything that was said *cry*

  25. Lance Corrimal says:

    2007-07-24T21:28:39Z INFO: LLUserAuth::authenticate: uri=/opt/secondlife/bin
    2007-07-24T21:28:39Z WARNING: process: LLXMLRPCTransaction CURL error 3: malformed
    2007-07-24T21:28:39Z WARNING: process: LLXMLRPCTransaction request URI: /opt/secondlife/bin
    2007-07-24T21:28:39Z INFO: authResponse: Processed response: 3
    2007-07-24T21:28:39Z WARNING: createXml: Alert: [ErrorMessage]
    2007-07-24T21:28:39Z WARNING: createDialog: Alert: Unable to connect to Second Life.
    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong.

    Please check

    i believe the address for the login server is _not_ somewhere on my local disk…

  26. Athena Whizenhunt says:

    hey, is the grid going down? this has the time and everything on it so perhaps you could enlighten us, something is terribly wrong with SL right now and there is no blog about it

  27. col Action says:

    gettting login failed here too wheres ll @ r thay sorting out this problem my friend cant log in aswell what the hell is goin on LL hope its back up and runin asap ppl hav money to make n things to do n build come on sort it out LL ty 🙂

  28. Grid Seems to be down momentarily whats up?

    No answer just doing maitinance eh? yeah right lets get this thing moving there was no schedule down time people!!!

  29. Bee Mizser says:

    K this is beyond a joke.

    I’m still crashing repeatedly, half the time I can’t log in, half the times I get in I’m ruthed to hell.

  30. Kindred Bader says:

    And you expected to see something on the blog…why? You mean like the post from the other day saying that miscellaneous issues were occurring and that further updates were to be provided when more info was available…and then…..crickets…

  31. Jenn Lean says:

    Sorry for my earlier message!
    You see what it can do to RL if there wasn’t SL. lol.
    I didn’t get the change to say goodbye and I love you to my love one, and that’s why I was angry.
    Sorry, It won’t happen again, I promisse.
    Teddybear, if you read this 🙂 Love you!!

  32. em debevec says:

    Danielle Harrop Says:

    July 24th, 2007 at 2:28 PM PDT
    oh, now with “dns server is down” goodness!

    i’m not the only one then, phew

  33. Simba Fuhr says:

    no blog post about the login issues ?
    unable to connect to second life and the user online fall down !!

    ll, please tell us whats going there

  34. Hughie Dod says:

    Hmm still can’t get on and numbers showing on line are steadily falling – down to 32,000 now. Still no official acknowledgment that anything is wrong though.

  35. Arven Dagger says:

    Grid is down.
    I tried uploading before it went down, was charged twice and didn’t get my image…

  36. Vasantasena Lamatia says:

    Cant get on here too (UK) or my m8….bit annoyed at LL for not keeping us imformed

  37. Bedsee says:

    unable to connect to Second Life.
    Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong
    Please check
    to see if there’s a known problem with the service

    yep there’s a problem ~laughs~ doesn’t work

  38. IobeyU Oh says:

    logging issue now as others….. boring… support your citizens… drop out sound, or pretty clouds, and work on grid…! really boring to be with someone and to have it broken, just because the god is sleeping… What is a life, if suddenly God say: come back later… no triage meeting needed, 50% of people until here, in that post, have logging issue now… Is that a bug, Dave ??
    Don’t Meet, DO something… Thanks, a angry citizen… 😦

  39. Second Life Grid Status
    Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update
    In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance. This may also effect portions of our website. We are working to re-open our doors as quickly as possible and we appreciate your continued patience. For more details and further information on our system status, please visit our official blog at:

    in LL’s own words peeps

  40. Youri Ashton says:

    @ nr 12, yeah i see it now yeah. 2late but i see it, i came home to play the game. now i find it offline :*( wish i stayed at teh pub now =\

  41. Lance Corrimal says:

    grid down, no blog. you guys used to do better.

  42. Kamiko says:

    Now i can’t log in at all too.. Just as i was about to meet the love of my life lol

  43. Can’t get in. Last night I couldn’t attach things, TP’s were wonky, purchases did not give items to inventory, could not remove clothing or other things.

    Now today I try to get in, it says there’s 26,000 people on, it won’t log in and sends me to status page which says the grid’s down (even though SL says it’s online), and I’m wondering why there’s no update?


  44. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~LOL~~…that was fast….

    Second Life Grid Status
    Second Life is Open
    The Second Life grid and the Second Life web site are open.

    Please note that currently, in-world purchases of Linden Dollars are not working. For specific details, please visit this blog post.

  45. Broccoli Curry says:

    Grid went from 46k to 33k online, now Ruthed on login, can’t do much and my library (not inventory) all belongs to Alexandria Linden, and cannot rez any of it.

    Also, the support chat does not appear to work since I upgraded to Vista, so I can’t even tell you about it there.


  46. Tyler says:

    grid is down

  47. Taz Amat says:

    London, Spain…

    And now: Login failures IN EGYPT too!

    Could be the curse of the Pharaohs. Although there aren’t many pharaohs left here in Cairo.

    (Failed login attempts for the past 40 minutes)

  48. Terrigo Tiger says:

    I can’t log in either I rebooted now getting a DNS error whats going on be nice if a linden would report on blog.

  49. Simba Fuhr says:

    i think it has no sin to write here, ll never read the blog XD

  50. Joel Ra says:

    Since the since the last update (07/11) ive had very high packet loss,constant crashes and still have 500 items missing from my inventory (still no response from sl on my missing items)…im so glad im not paying any tiers at the moment!!!

  51. Rai Bulan says:

    Well it’s nice too now that LL isn’t giving notices anymore. -.- What happened to the other LL I know??

  52. Kamiko says:

    They’ve probably spent the last half hour writing a blog on it.. Don’t expect miracles :p

  53. Milo Bellow says:

    Buy A BackUp Generator…Put The Grid On A Switching System…Just Like A Real Computer Company Would….


  54. Simba Fuhr says:

    @ 38, i have much packet loss too, up to 230% ?!? lol

  55. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    more power outages in San Francisco it would appear everyone

  56. Lance Corrimal says:

    peeps, get an UPS for that so-called “colo” of yours, any decent colocation _has_ one. ever thought of moving?

  57. Muscrat Hesse says:

    OH OH !!
    Must be BAD!! if they are to busy to blog about it 🙂

  58. Bedsee says:

    ahh c’mon Milo that would make sense lol as would leaving the power outages blog open so people didn’t have to comment here.


  59. Leki Cazalet says:

    With the amount of servers you must have Linden, you have absolutely no backup? Generators? Not even off-shore servers? Jeeze….

  60. Kamiko says:

    @38 or 41 ok.. risking me sounding REAAALLLYY stupid now.. Whats packet loss??

    And when are we getting another update?
    I know you LL guys work hard n all.. but we want an update that doesn’t feel like a downdate hehe

  61. Rai Bulan says:

    yay! linden finally responds… there are mega power outages in San Fran

  62. Mimi says:

    Please, give the “people not geting their items after they payed” issue priority too!

    As one of secondlifes bigger shop owners, I’m not happy with beeing cuzzed out and cursed at on a daily basis by angry people who didn’t get their items. This is an error which isn’t a shop owners fault, yet many shop owners get blamed for this. Many big shops have already closed down customer service for this. I haven’t done so yet, because I think we need to be nice to the newcomers (who often camped for hours to get an item) but I think its very dishonest to let us get the blame.

    And as long as it isn’t fixed, at least have the decency to warn people that its your fault, instead of letting the shop owners get the blame!

    The solution finder says this:
    ” We’re sorry: Linden Lab cannot verify, enforce, certify, examine, uphold, or adjudicate any oath, contract, deal, bargain, or agreement made by the Residents of Second Life. This includes the operation, odds, and payouts of any gambling or casino scripts. Please contact the Resident with whom you have a dispute, and request that they make good on the deal. While you may have a valid agreement with another person, Linden Lab is not a party to and cannot resolve your dispute.”

  63. Hughie Dod says:

    There is now a blog up blaming it on a San francisco power outage, but comments on that are not open. Users on line down to 24000 last time I looked. Might as well pay a video instead – lol

  64. Thats way too funny…hours after that post here “Bug”-Whatever, many Residents are not able to login, hey lmao…Lindens…seems you have a curse you gotta get rid off soon, that nervs and keeps ppl from their work. Its like coming too late to work of rush hour….oHHHHH…but wait…we dont need to drive to our work in SL…but you, Lindens, always find something similar to this…great…congratulations…
    Capt. Jack T. Sparrow ( a lil angry, you can be glad, i drank some lol)

  65. Youri Ashton says:

    well atleast i dont get the message no more, but its back to where it was, lets say it loads 20%…. euhm… delay that… I do get a message same one again:


    Unable to connect to Second Life
    Despite our best efforts, something unespected has gone wrong.
    Please check
    to see if there is a known problem with the service.


    hmmm… me not like this 😦 I guess I have double work tomorrow, hope LL fixed the package loss directly aswell. Specially after teleports!


    A power outage centered aroung San Francisco’s financial district has affected as many as 20,000 PG&E customers. Crews are working to quickly restore power.
    LIVE: Chopper 5 Over Power Outage Scene

    oh this is why lol!!!!

  67. kory laughton says:

    hope it comes back soon! i’m getting the jitters xD

  68. Rai Bulan says:

    The crews need to work harder befor I spaz out from not gettin to play… wait.. to late >:)

  69. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~LOL @ 51, kory~~…oh you too?

  70. Simba Fuhr says:

    @46 packet loss are lost data packages in the internet connection.
    this results giant lags (when you have more than 100% which is impossible) but i have more than 100 *laugh*

    please fix this as soon as possible ll 🙂

  71. kory laughton says:

    haha yeah. seems that the grid always goes down when i’m excited about doing something, too. D:

  72. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    san fran loses power way too much. can we get a generator?

  73. Droopz says:

    i get the error of unexpected when i try to upload an image i tried three times so far still no luck darn 😦

    And good luck with the Bug Triage i will try and attend it if i can 😀
    Keep on rocking!

  74. Daedalus Young says:

    Hooray for Bridie!
    You look lonely in that office, just wait until we all come over tomorrow.

  75. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~giggles n snorts~~…know whatchya mean kory….my friend is gettin ready to release new sets in her shop and we were giving the group members sneak peeks to get general idea if they’d go over well…….sadly tho….SL mucked up right when we were gonna have our own lil fashion show……~~pouts~~….I always wanted to be a SL model…. ~~giggles n snorts~~

  76. Miche Rainbow says:

    the comments are more useful in the article

    “I think your source is wrong. The power’s going off all over town (see twitter), not just at one data center. PG&E just told a co-worker that 10,000 people are affected, and it will be fixed between now and 4:30.”

    “The power went out at 425 Market Street for about three minutes after 1pm Tuesday. Scads of fire trucks rushed to the site.”

  77. Vasantasena Lamatia says:

    managed to get in…taking forever to load my clothes etc…look like a noob…but at least I got there

  78. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~giggles #58, Miche~~

  79. Simba Fuhr says:

    the question now is, why ll cant use a safety power source ?
    sl is a big communit with big wins, more than 40000 users at one time uses it and want the access, more than 50% pay for this access.

    why ll cant use a safety power source ?

  80. Wigge Whitfield says:

    a friend of me lives two min by foot from me and he has no problems with login or other issues…. and he is online since a few hours… and we all can not login? that is not fair rofl lol

  81. peace acorn says:

    y the hell am i a payin member i dont get my weekly lindens the amount of land fees i pay i could rent a small flat in rl fix up or hear the spark see the bang ill b gone. out to all payin members get on to LL to sort it out it silly so get it sorted LL peace out

  82. Wigge Whitfield says:

    rofl now a few sec ago LL said the grid is down… do u others got that message before???

  83. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    WHOOTS # 59, Vasantasena……..BTW…….remember you are my bet bud and would do anything for me…can you toss me a rope and pull me into SL with ya pretty please?…….~~doesn’t really know Vasantasena but thought she’d try anything to get in~~

  84. Some people are now able to get back in :). It takes forever but its up a little at a time

  85. Milo Bellow says:

    (07-24) 14:44 PDT SAN FRANCISCO — At least 20,000 customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in downtown San Francisco lost power this afternoon, the utility said.

    Brian Swanson, a spokesman for the utility, said outages have been reported throughout downtown and along the Embarcadero, including at PG&E’s office on Beale Street near the Ferry Building. It was unclear initially how many customers who lost power remained without it for a sustained period.

    PG&E officials said they did not know why power had gone out.

    Power first went offline around 1:50 p.m. and came back at least three times in the downtown area before shutting off again. The same problems were reported near AT&T Park and the Caltrain station at Fourth and King streets.

    At the Westfield Center at Market and Fifth streets, only one of six Nordstrom elevators was working while the shopping mall ran on a backup generator. Shoppers milled around as the lights flickered on and off.

    BART is still running trains but the lights at its downtown stations have flickered on and off several times, said spokesman Linton Johnson. The transit agency also has concerns about the ventilation system, which is on the same grid as the lights, he said, but will keep its downtown stations open so long as the lights and ventilation continue to work.

    E-mail Marisa Lagos at

    So This Only Started An Hour Ago….Ugh…How Bout Moving OUT Of The Earthquake Zone? :/

  86. Kamiko says:

    @53 Thank you :)) I can now pretend that i know what everyone is talking about lol

    What am i supposed to do with my time now?? I can’t go and enjoy a movie cos i know i’ll be checking on SL every 2 minutes

    ~Starts to shake, her arms going everywhere~

    can’t…… control…. myself….!!!!

  87. Vasantasena Lamatia says:

    hehehehe @ Wyn..would if I could hun but just ogged out again..couldn;t stand looking noob hehehehe

  88. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~giggles # 67 Vasantasena~~…hehehehehe… friend, just before we logged out then found out we could not log back in, started to look noob AND her eyes turned into black pits….she looked seriously possessed….should of taken a snap….. :/ ……~~giggles n snorts n runs from Andy~~

  89. Kamiko says:

    Grids offline

    *crys hysterically, stomps her feet, throws herself to the ground and pounds the floor with her fists*

    NOT FAIR 😦

  90. Vasantasena Lamatia says:

    no the feeling Wyn…omg…if my hair aint right then I’m at a loss hehehe

  91. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    EEEEPS!…..beware the baldies Vasantasena!….hehehehehe

  92. Andromeda says:

    I totally did not look possessed Wyn!
    Alright it really sucked, scared all the customers away too *giggles n snorts*

  93. Vasantasena Lamatia says:

    just got back on & appearance is good hehehe

  94. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    ~~joins #69 Kamiko ina hissy fit~~…..totally needin my SL dose today……~~freakin out~~

  95. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    OMG OMG OMG!…..i got in finally too Vasantasena……EEEEEPS!…i so nooooobish!…..~~quickly changes shape, skin n hair~~

  96. Rai Bulan says:


  97. Dru Rossini says:

    all i gottah say is the “love of power” needs to be replaced with the “power of love”

  98. Brett Finsbury says:

    could be a zoning and enviromental law isuue as to why there is not a back up generator set up. California has some of the strictest enviromental laws in the country.

  99. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    logins still disabled here on the east coast…

  100. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    I see that the current topic about another power outage has been capped at 100 messages, typical. Is triage really required just look at the game it is a total mess. The latest fiasco is just another example.

    Shut the game down and fix it I am tired of hand delivering product to customers because the linden’s can not keep the asset server array functional

    It seems to me that I am just wasting time and money here now as it keeps it appointment with total failure. Slowly spinning in on the accretion disk until the final moment when they use the power outage excuse one more time.

    This has gone from being an enjoyable experience to a pita. And, yes it used to be quite enjoyable.

    Again I noticed a new high concurrency and the problems again re-occur this should be a hint lindens you need to create an aggressive structure for the game or give it to someone who can.

    You may now have over 7 million users but that is pointless if they leave after a month or so. I would suspect you have less than 500 thousand who actually use the game.

    Again no triage will correct the problems that have been created, the patient is terminal at this point.

  101. Youri Ashton says:

    finnally, LL placed a new message! Not it is down and now the message of maintenance is added. Unfortunatly i have no choise then to go to bed and get double work tomorrow and if it aint on yet triple the day after tomorrow :*( This is a real downer and not good at all, I think many more people have the same problem aswell!

  102. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    I have to agree. My urge to SL is diminishing the longer I’m off. i can see the sunlight again… maybe i’ll actually spend time with my family tonight! Plus, when I do get on, who’s to say, the people i want to talk to decided to opt out for the night? It wont be the same even hours after login is restored..

    that said i have to say I am disappointed that partnerships have to be paid for, c’mon, its just a text box, nothing special! PLUS if you don’t accept within 24 hrs, you loose the opportunity to accept without the other person PAYING for it all over again.


  103. Stick says:

    Why is it thay i cant get to my own island and i am stranded on the mainland while other island are occupied ?????????????
    all those question marks , would you believe , means that i would like an answer from Lindens .

  104. Kelley Mayo says:

    Finally a post about the power outage. About time. I know this is not your fault about the outage, Lindens. And since you are such professionals and spend OUR money so wisely, then I assume that when the power is back on that

    1. I won’t keep crashing all the time.
    2. I’ll be able to teleport OK.
    3. My friends list will work.
    4. My recent items inventory will reset. As of now it has about 5 weeks worth of crap on it.

    Oh, wait a minute. Those things won’t happen because you are all too busy working on voice chat and pretty skies. How foolish of me. After all, we must keep our priorities straight.

  105. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    craigslist and netflix are back up… when us?! 🙂

    this is a little much!

  106. Rascal Ratelle says:

    the SL viewer is a CPU hog, and a lag monster.
    It sucks most if not all the computers resources.
    The lock ups occur because there is more data coming in then the computer can handle.
    when the processors are over whelmed with incoming data, which is often the case on the mac viewers, the software and sometimes the computer freezes.

    There has GOT to be a way for you guys to make the viewers take up less processing resources and less memory.
    The Mac viewer soft ware takes up twice as much hard drive space then the Windows viewer.

  107. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    #86: what he said.

  108. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    OK, it is down for maintenance now, to fix the grid after the outage… can we get an ETA so I don’t have to sit here and keep trying fruitlessly?????????????

  109. JeanRicard Broek says:

    I do realize that SL is “Just a Game” but one that has an ecconomic component, after 911 I thought all good system administrators and System Architects understood the need for Risk Management and had developed plans to mitigate such catastrophc events as a power outrage at a single datacenter.

  110. Mariko Hashimoto says:

    I have three generators at my house. Why doesn’t LL require gensets at all server sites?

  111. pandrako barbosa says:

    PEOPLE!!! My Viewer crash:

    – 1 of 20 times, in Ubuntu Linux (more, if resizing window 😛 ).
    – 17 of 20 times, in Windows XP Profesional. (same hardware with linux)

    My conclusion…. One Stupid Memory management in Windows!!!!!… in some times, SwapFile up to 2.2GB!!!!!!! What!!!!!….. on Linux, not up more that 790MB… :S :S :S

    HELP LINDEN LABS!!!!!!!!

  112. Dirk Felix says:

    Considering the last one, count me out 😉

  113. lilith benelli says:

    this outage really sucks i was seeing my boyfriend who i missed all day to get crashed and unable to log back in for the rest of the night . how much longer will this take. the withdrawals symptoms are now out of control.

  114. kory laughton says:

    aaah. i was just in after you shut down logins. i made the mistake of tyring to relog.

    hope you turn them back on soon. good luck.

  115. Droopz says:

    Because the Lindens are to slow to provide us with timely updates on what is going on and what exactly is causing this disturbance besides the wide known fact there was a power outage here is an detailed update on why it all went down:

    Brian Swanson, a spokesman for the utility, said power failures were reported throughout wide swaths of the east side of San Francisco, including downtown and at PG&E’s own office on Beale Street near the Ferry Building.

    The outage first occurred at about 1:50 p.m., and electricity flickered on and off at least five times before power was restored to some customers at about 3 p.m. Thousands of others were still without power at 4 p.m., Swanson said.

    Swanson said the source of the power failure appears to be an explosion in a transformer vault under a manhole in a plaza at 560 Mission St. in San Francisco.

    Witnesses said they heard an explosion at about 1:50 p.m., then saw flames coming from the manhole.

    PG&E officials are investigating the cause of the explosion.

    The outage briefly affected some Muni buses and trains, but all were back to normal by 3 p.m., a spokeswoman said.


  116. Melissa Fairbrother says:

    i give up…….. i’m goin to bed.

  117. Smooth Seiling says:

    I assume the Lindens are outside looking at the location for the genrator? No sense staying inside if the lights are out… 🙂

  118. Tanya Ozsvar says:

    A little girl walks into her parents bedroom…

    Mum !!! she screams…

    and you want me to stop sucking my thumb ?

  119. Ponk Bing says:

    Someone needs to take a look at the viewer crashing to the desk top if you select to upload a texture after you’ve been logged on for a time.

    Also the teleport thing when you instantly teleport again upon arriving, leaving you unable to move and having to relog.

  120. Joel Ra says:

    What the hell is going on?I have friends who have managed to get in,but to me and a couple of others it still says grid offline :/

  121. Joel Ra says:

    Sup Ponk 😛

  122. Chy Jewell says:

    OK I can’t get in and isn’t working either 😦 The Blog still says resolved? Whatever!

  123. Lestat Demain says:

    lol Packets Lost: 1/63639 (0.0%) maybe if u guys cleaned up your end you would have similar results
    oh and it only takes me 10 seconds to log in from oz so what are you guys doing wrong?

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  125. Davo Lane says:

    Never mind viewer crashes and packet loss how about the Credit Card Billing!! My credit card has been over charged to the point where it is now overdrawn and I’m now paying fines for this!
    I know a lot of others that are having the very same problems.
    THIS isn’t just a bug its ROBBERY!
    Thanks Linden Labs for killing any sort of a nice experience for this Resident and I’m sure a lot of others!

  126. Benja says: has my favorite quote about the explosion in a manhole:-

    “Naturally, when you hear an explosion, you think the worst,” Von Jones said. Nevertheless, he hurried back to work. “We’re Fruit of the Loom

    — we’ve got to make this commercial.”

  127. Youri Ashton says:

    perhaps not everyone has the money for a new pc and/or to update them. Other possibility is that not everyone can get the propper connection. Please do concider this!

    @LL: I seem to be back on, I do see some security camera’s and other things are missing from the house i’m staying at. Teleporting is way more lagg then before, packet loss seems to be 0.0% and bandwith seems to be okay for the moment. I do have some problems with my inventory, it’s slow (probably needs a clean cache… again).
    Your work seems to be okay LL! Please do check where the stuff that dissapeared has gone 2 and please do check the teleports!

  128. mcp Moriarty says:

    Purging the trash (with empty folders in it), often fatal.
    Double teleports, then stuck, forced to relogin.
    Attachments at the waist after teleporting.
    Black textures appearing and vanishing all the time.
    Textures (colorful ones) that appear random at times when moving the camera around.
    Just to name a few…. 😛

  129. I just want to know who did the lighting in that room. It looks great.

  130. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Oh yes, now I see it. Starting at midnight (european time), very good choice. I’ll sleep over it then. .P

  131. Kenny Stinger says:

    Not About this But on GAmbline policey Tell Gov Linden i like His new boss Josph Stalen ,& Adoff Hitler !

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