Vista support in Second Life

Here’s an update on Second Life support for Vista users. We’re in the process of validating our support of Vista. We’ve finished a couple of rounds of testing. We’re now pulling together our findings and laying the internal groundwork for formal support of Vista.

Generally speaking, Second Life and Vista are happy together as long as a supported graphics card is installed and the most recent native graphics drivers are being used. Please see for more information.

If you do run into issues, please feel free to enter them in our PJIRA. Thanks!

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143 Responses to Vista support in Second Life

  1. Smiley Barry says:

    Yay! Finally Vista will be completely supported, and I will finally not fear upgrading ‘^_^.

  2. Elbereth Witte says:

    Not fear upgrading? You’re talking about Microsolft there, they invented the swiss-cheese OS. (email viruses, LOL … … whats this foot taste about?)

  3. DennyOdell Loon says:

    Ask yourself: What will upgrading to Vista buy me? What will Vista do that XP will not do?

  4. Samantha Glume says:

    If your XP machine is running just fine I’d suggest you stay with that until Vista SP1… I’m in support and I can tell you it’s a horror show out there with Vista…

  5. The Todd says:

    I’ve been running First Look Voice in Vista and haven’t had any problems — at least none that I’ve noticed.

  6. Elendir Axon says:

    @3 Ummm, play DX10 games and halo 2 for pc? DX10 support alone is enough for most gaming junkies to upgrade, fortunately I was given a free copy of vista 64bit from work because i was willing to learn how to break and fix it since im in support.

  7. Dongs says:

    Dongs. That is all.

  8. Prim Paine says:

    Speaking of horror show with Vista, all my Tech friends in world gave up on Vista and went back to XP, and i am talking Linux, VB and C programmers who know their stuff. LOL
    Bravo LL for tackling the issues!

  9. I’m now running Vista as well, (would love a shiny SL Gadget [hint]) and I also have been using the Voice First Look with ultimate success (although my PgUp + PgDwn buttons on my new laptop are way off to the top right now [frown.])

  10. SL has been running great on my Laptop, which has Vista Home Premium, for some time now. Keep up the good work!

  11. cnyreject says:

    I have been running VISTA and Second Life since ATI fixed its problem. SO not sure why so many felt it wouldnt work or why spent time working on this minor update.

  12. MrLunk Voom says:

    I’ve been running SL on my Notbook for about 4 months allready and had no more trouble then annyone else that uses SL πŸ˜‰

  13. Trev Kline says:

    SL does work fine with vista, the early issues were gragphics card drivers, mostly now workable if not exactly right yet. I have returned to XP because there are just too many problems as yet with Vista, there is a lot i like about it, but frankly it’s problems in my experience got in the way of productivity. I’ll probably give it a year yet. just my 2 c

  14. Rinaldo Debevec says:

    The only reason I’m in SL at all is that the hard drive on my old PC died, and I decided to buy a whole new PC instead of bothering with replacing hard drive on old PC. This happened in April, and I had no choice but to upgrade to VISTA at that time. So in order to test out the new, faster, dual-core processor and 2gb ram and new video card, I thought I would try this little program I had heard about called “Second Life”, as a “stress test” for the new hardware … well I was hooked in just a few hours online. And you see I have never run SL on anything BUT Vista. Did have problems with video card driver at first, but once that was resolved SL has run flawlessly on Vista. HOWEVER, having said that SL runs well … that doesn’t mean that there aren’t OTHER problems with Vista operating system! Oh well, upgrades are something we all have to live with, right?

  15. Digital Digital says:

    About time they start to work on this they are not only like a year late lol

  16. The Todd says:

    My main problems with Vista were lack of driver support for older hardware.. For example, HP flat out says they won’t provide Vista drivers for my scanner, which is about 6 years old (though the XP drivers do work) and my SB card which is long in the tooth as well, but better than my onboard audio. Fortunately the XP drivers for it worked on Vista as well. Oh yes, and iTunes — does not play well with Vista when importing a large library. But SL has been running like a champ, with full visual effects on and SL graphics options maxed.

    Enough of my rambling πŸ˜€

  17. Kettu Keiko says:

    I’ve been going back and forth between Vista Premium 64-bit and XP Home 32-bit on a dual-boot configuration (will be adding/learning Ubuntu Linux as soon as they fix the black-screen-during-install bug). Ever since ATI fixed their Vista driver, SL runs a-ok with the only issue that llTargetOmega does not function in Vista but works correctly in XP. (I know nothing of JIRA so i haven’t posted any report..)

  18. Elment Etzel says:

    I have vista and sl works fine…only issue I have is apparently graphic drivers…I can’t zoom in on my avatar or any one elses I’ll crash… once I can get this resolved…I’ll be fine.

  19. Robson says:

    Tenho VISTA instalado no meu PC, mas nao fuciona o SL pq porraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

  20. Storyof Oh says:

    have just bought a new laptop to improve my graphics and speed for SL …no option but to have Vista, so far so good…..

  21. I wasn’t aware that Vista wasn’t supported. It’s worked just fine for me.

  22. Tadg Soderstrom says:

    As a technologist and engineer, I consider myself quite a power user. My HP with NVIDIA GeForce Go Graphics card and Vista Home Premium has never experienced a problem with any program I’ve thrown at it so far, including SL. But then, as mentioned in the article, I keep my machine pretty well lubed with the current drivers, patches, updates, etc on a daily basis. I’ve lived on the bleeding edge for a very long time, and not much riles me anymore. πŸ™‚

  23. I have not been able to log on to SL , for several days. I keep getting error stating that my DNS is unable to find host. I also receive a message stating error with cerificate expired or no longer valid. I have not had no certificate that I am aware of to log onto SL. I was logged on having no problems, except the normal crashes. (lol) I logged off when I returned to log back on I have been unable to access SL game as of to date.

  24. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    What’s a “PJIRA”

    Spelling mistakes on blog entries are kinda embarrasing

  25. Kurama Lightcloud says:

    Unless there has been some change in the past week, Second Life in Vista is a crash-every-few-minutes experience when I try it on a Geforce 7600GT. Second Life will randomly freeze, go blank, and the system tray will pop up a bubble complaining that the display driver has stopped working, but has recovered. In fact, I’ve tried two different 7600GTs with varying drivers on two very different computers with Vista Business, and replacing them both with cheap Radeons (my first in many, many years) made the errors stop entirely. Just a caution to anyone who is thinking of making the switch.

  26. U M says:

    I wait awhile before I upgrade to vista.

    @15 it was in the specs about Vista was not yet support.

  27. Kiara Tomsen says:

    I’m a programmer and I have my PC set up like so Vista/XP/Mandriva Linux. I use vista mostly for gaming and imaging because the fact of the matter is that if you want to be a game programmer like myself you have to keep up with the software out there which means constantly going to the newest OS/hardware for it.

  28. Montana Corleone says:

    Would this or Icehouse be responsible for the several reports on the SLX Froums of clothing being invisible, showing when Appearance is opened, and disappearing again when Appearance is closed on Mac and PC?

  29. Mike from US says:

    Vista’s been working just fine for me with SL since it shipped in January and Voice First Look also works fine. Like the article says, ensure you have the latest video drivers. I’m not going to whine about whether you should or shouldn’t use Vista. But it seems to play very well with SL and has for a while.

  30. Hurray for people who use vista. I’m part of the crowd who wisely refuse to “upgrade” until XP is no longer updated, or circumstances FORCE us to upgrade.

    At which time I’ll be switching to Linux and using Cedega.

  31. Darius Lehane says:

    My only problem with Vista and SL is that SL runs way too fast on my machine (>120fps on my land), and because the SL client seems to do some network activity every frame it causes massive lag spikes. The only workaround I have is to get SL to run slower (<30fps), only then is it happy. Minor really, Vista runs great and is great otherwise.

  32. Camron Martini says:

    I have contacted lindens, read wikis, and made bug reports, ever since the first look, i cant hear or talk in SL voice…

    I re-installed, clear cache, and did everything many ppl told me to do, and i still cant hear or talk in SL 😦

    I beta tested the voice, and it used to work fine…

    I contacted jeska linden many times and i still have not got any support, i wish LL’s customer service was better, im still waiting, all alone in the text world! help me.

    (I have windows vista)

  33. Derek Ristow says:

    I have played both normal and Voice Second Life and the only problem ive had is a periodic crashing. I fixed this by right clicking on the icon, going to properties then compatability, and changing the compatability mode to Windows XP Service Pack 2

  34. Darius Lehane says:

    Jira does not use a secure login! Jira is not safe, your password can be stolen.

  35. Darius Lehane says:

    Ok never mind, you need to click “No” to viewing unsecured items. Secure otherwise, sorry about the last message.

  36. U M says:

    @18 not really. If your always getting the lastest software like Vista for example ( which LL did not support until atleasty ) will result in more problems and issues. Always make sure games like Second Life and extending to other programs other then games. That the program supports current software(s). Basic ABC of understanding how not to messup your computer.

  37. FireFox Bancroft says:

    I’ve been dual booting XP/Vista for awhile (yes you can do that) and SL has been running in Vista for months now, as long as you have the latest driver update for your video card it’s all good. The only client that didn’t run at all in Vista was the windlight client.

  38. Yo Brewster says:

    Lol – for those who haven’t figured it out yet, Vista sucks! We actually just downgraded (?) one of our computers to Windows XP because everything was so sluggish and now things are flying! For those considering upgrading, although Microsoft claims that you only need 512MB to run Vista, 1GB of RAM is the minimum, 2GB is recommended.

  39. For anyone who’s stuck with Vista while LL works on fixing it, and still can’t get SL and Vista to play friendly, consider checking your Microsoft Terms of Service: Microsoft may at a minimum provide the media and software keys to downgrade OSes dependent on what version you’re licensed for.

    The chart that maps downgrading rights for Microsoft OSes and softwares can be located at the following page:

  40. Ms Kitty says:

    I upgraded with new computer using Vista and been using it for several weeks without any problems. Regarding Vista as a whole I much prefer XP but I will get used to it. Thanks Linden for getting us support soon:)

  41. @Yo:

    disabling Aero Glass if you have access to it is pretty much a necessity with Vista: the rendering layer used to accelerate Aero Glass doesn’t do native OpenGL, only OpenGL-to-DirectX10… which is drastically slower on any windowed OpenGL. Bit of a bon mot, really.


    The windlight client was a beta. Best way to deal with them is to go in eyes wide open and understanding that yes, you’re probably going to have it eat your dog up. Pleasant surprise when it doesn’t.

  42. wuvme karuna says:

    i have windows vista ultimate,
    4gb of memory, geforce 8880 gtx 640mb

    works great for me, even in windlight everything was running smooth πŸ™‚

  43. Vista will let you play DirectX 10 games. All zero of them that are available right now. I know some were demonstrated recently, and will probably be on the market by fall. And you’ll also need a brand-new video card (NVidia 8000 series or ATI X2000 series) to get the full benefit.

    If you are using XP Media Center, upgrading to Vista may be very appealing; the Media Center features in Vista (built into Home Premium and Ultimate) are significantly improved over XP. Just make sure your hardware, especially the tuner card or cards, is supported.

    The most compelling reason to run Vista: you bought a new computer that came with it pre-installed. For most of us, there is no strong reason to upgrade yet; aside from the possible reasons mentioned above, there are the IT professionals who want to get experience with Vista BEFORE the people they have to support upgrade. By the end of the year, more people will have reasons to upgrade — and Vista SP1 may be ready.

  44. Barton Dowd says:

    I bought a new notebook and had to get visa (with Nvidia). Works like a charm, 5 crashes in 5 weeks. But aways been worried about the the “crash I could not recover from”, and knowing I was up there “without a net” – since no support. Well this adresses that fear. Great news.

  45. U M says:

    I don`t know why they cancelled windlight . I had no problems at all. There in it self shows how messedup the reporting of bugs are these days. Not everyone had problems with windlight, just because people did not know how to focus their client for the useage caused windlight to be taken down. Oh yes and the bitching about a little little light measurement displacement. Oh bother!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Peach Asbrink says:

    I run SL now 3 weeks with Win Vista Home Premium, a ATI XT 1550 graficcard and only 1 GB RAM… and it works great.

    I have only problems under Win XPpro SP2 πŸ˜›

  47. Fish Kilby says:

    It got time that vista would be supported but I found that the support on win2K has dropped out seemingly. The current client has memory leaks, jury movement and instability while the version before was good useable. Now I play a lot less just cause of the after 10 minutes its like playing on a very slow computer and its telling only to be 550 MB while in reality 1 GB or more is used by the mem leaks.

  48. Zagro Farris says:

    I wish we could get a compile for Vista 64bit.

  49. good grief! Support dosnt respond or fix the problems when you can get a response to them! Now they have to deal with another opperating system to deal with! And the return of live chat doesnt get you aresponse either!

  50. Drakkar Bahram says:

    @ #20: ‘Wisely’? you say that like upgrading to Vista is a bad thing. Newsflash: It’s a great thing to do if your system will handle it. I’m a techie, I’ve supported Vista for awhile now while the others at my office have to go back to look at the Vista machine set up for us to ‘learn’ on. Vista is vastly superior to XP right out of the gate in various ways: Networking is a breeze, program compatibility is there (provided you’ve got the correct drivers for your various perphierals), and Windows Aero is a sight to behold. Granted there’s a few ‘holes’ and ‘bugs’ here and there. But Microsoft already has patches out that addresses these things. It seems people forget when XP was first was the same buggy shell of an O.S that people are complaining Vista is. Sure there’s a learning curve to Vista for some people, for others, a few minutes with it, and you’re gonna be just fine ~shrugs~ I’ve been running SL on Vista for a LONG time now with no problems. None whatsoever. And it’s great to see some people are getting onboard the Vista Platform train.

  51. Masuyo Aabye says:

    i got vista pushed on me when i got a new gaming rig. runs SL fine though

  52. Summer Seale says:

    I’m running Vista Ultimate on a brand new machine.

    For those of you who are bashing people running Vista (I also have a Mac that I happen to love), please remember before you get so smart-headed about your own pretensions that some people have bought NEW computers within the last 6 months which come with Vista pre-installed.

    Unless you’re willing to cough up the cash for them to “downgrade/upgrade” to XP, and do it for them to save them the time, I should consider it a wise choice for you to STFU. Just because you may not have a brand new machine, and just because you figure it’s worth blowing an extra $100+ on another OS version doesn’t mean that they fit in your category.

    Think before you spout off.

  53. lael_cazalet says:

    i didnt have any problems until this last upgrade..not sure if its vista or what..i rarely crashed before now all i do is crash.

  54. I have been using Second Life and Vista since the beginning of February when I received my new Dell which came loaded with the French Vista Premium. The main issue I have experienced since is when I clear cache.. it takes forever and sometimes even freezes my pc that I have to literally pull the power plug.. then after has trouble to reload again. Not sure why this is happening.

    I have also experienced ingame crashes when I use the camera controls to zoom.

    However would like to say I love Vista and would never consider going back to XP or another operating system again. Most of the time, I never have to wait for worlds to load graphically or “rez” as most say.. it is all there instantly.. really great. But these crashes are severe and annoying. Hope you sort them out. Thanks.

    Dell Dimension DM061
    Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz 2.79 GHz
    2046 Mo

  55. Benja says:

    WarKirby: PJIRA is the Public JIRA, the one Residents use to file bugs and the like, while LL use an Internal JIRA.

  56. Benja says:

    Most of the Vista-related problems I have had have been while using a non-Administrator account to load the viewer, e.g. VWR-1269 and VWR-854.

  57. la le lu says:

    SORRY, BUT WHAT IS VISTA???????????????

  58. Rabindranat says:

    I have a problem with Vista,when i try to log in, a new window are open:SL is unable to run because your video card drivers are out of
    dates or unsupported.
    Any1 can help?

  59. Daisy Overlord says:

    I wish I hadn’t been forced into using Vista, period- but it’s not hindering my SL, so I can’t complain too much! ^_^ It’s going great now that I upgraded to a better graphics card.

  60. Hionimi Engawa says:

    I run it on Vista sometimes, all seems to go great ye,
    but I’ll make sure to auto-report any crashes encoutered.
    If that may help you making a stable Vista Client! :3

    *Enables Always Report :o*

  61. jeannie says:

    i bought a laptop with windows vista and SL worked great until a few upgrades ago. now it crashes immediately i move around or move camera.

  62. Matthew Dowd says:


    PJIRA stands for Public JIRA, and is what LL calls the jira residents can use for bug reporting, to distinguish it from the internal jira LL use for bug tracking.

    It is however a bit of jargon few residents know.


  63. Bloodflower Dryke says:

    I used SL ans Windows Vista ultimate 64 bit for 4months now.And no problems at all. The graphicscard is MSI nvidia 8600GT. And when a crash happens it is SL not windows Vista thats crashes . Ill be curious about the update !!!!

  64. Elryk Dagger says:

    SL runs fine on my vista machine wth one exception, 3 times in the past 2 months SL has for some unexplained reason cause my “audio device” which is a RealTek High Deffiniton Audio Device to Uninstall. I have no idea why this happens but its happened while logged into SL with no other applications running.

  65. gummi richthofen says:

    Read announcement; downloaded new obligatory viewer; SL crashed on startup with a MS C++ error. First SL crash on Vista I’ve had – buggered now, will have to come in on poor old G5 Mac.

    Of course, I am using Vista 64-bit…!

  66. Lina Pussycat says:

    The main issue with vista its problematic for any type of workflow alot of things just dont work with the OS older hardware etc because MS chose to do that they then turned around and made everyone digitally sign any drivers coming out which is costing the hardware companies money so drivers were slow out of the gate….

    The other thing to note for those running around about Direct X 10 is those dont get much of a huge boost alot of the features it introduces are already active with Open GL (just the direct X dev kits are a bit easier to use which is why for some things they are preferred….) Vista is based off a Windows Server 2003 backend its got a face lift to make it look a bit more pretty and some added features and tie downs of system related things….

    For those thinking of upgrading With SP1 note that Microsoft has claimed recently that Service Pack 1 wont be a big upgrade they dont feel the need for it with the current upgrade system or so they say. Also note that Windows : Vienna (its current name) Is slated for release in about 2- 2 1/2 years so upgrading now may put you in the short run for the next thing….

    Ill stick with XP and Linux till i see Vista progress better and if it doesnt ill sit on the fence and wait to see what Vienna is like….

  67. Lina Pussycat says:

    @42 64 bit operating systems often dont work properly with 32 bit based software…. It can cause nasty things =/

  68. Mel says:

    #40.. Oh Jeannie, I am so glad to hear you say that because exactly the same thing happened to me! I bought my new lap top in March with Vista and it had no problem whatsoever with SL…Ran fast, could multitask, good graphics, the whole nine yards… crashes were rare. Then, in came that update! On Tuesday everything was great. Wednesday started the crashes. I have timed them and I range from 8 to 20 minutes with a mean of 14 minutes on line before a crash. So SOMEthing was brought in on that update. Nothing helpful has come from LL, tho, on it. They say it is on my end but I have checked everything and no change.

  69. Bikey Bekkers says:

    I run sl on 2 vista machines. 1 is a 64bit dual core amd with 4gig ram and 2 nvidia 512mb gfx cards. The other is a 32bit dual core intel laptop with 2gig ram and onboard gfx.
    Both seem to run fine. On the 64bit machine i can turn all sl’s gfx to the max and i get over 60fps most of the time.
    I do suffer from packet loss sometimes, but i think that is my ISP not my OS.
    I hated vista for the fisrst couply of months after release, when nothing worked. But now i love it. By far the easiest version of windows yet for setting up a new system. I can now built pc’s and have them up and running in 2 hours not 2 days searching for drivers etc.

  70. Aiko says:

    Uhm, does no one read the forum here? Search for VistaSL and you get at least one long tread with an awesome tip to run SL on an unsupported laptop configuration. Since I followed that advice and installed the patches (modtools), SL runs like a cheeta chased by an airplane.

    Good to hear this news tho. πŸ™‚

  71. Garjala says:

    I use Vista 64-bit and latest ATI drivers for Radeon X1950 Pro. At least SL 1.17.x crashes under 5 mins with no exceptions. Some sims crash it faster, some slower but it always crashes in my Vista computer.

    And yes, SL is only crashing program I have. All others are rock solid.

  72. Anylyn Hax says:

    I am so happy that the linux version exists and that I dont have to stuggel this fight.
    all I want to say is that vista is very dangerous because it has full support for virus and trojans.
    probably openGL will allso be replaced on vista with ClosedGL thats after upgading a MSClosedGL … looool. Cant wait to hear about the first computers infected via secondlife with vista support ;))

  73. The XO says:

    Don’t upgrade to Vista – it’s evil. Try Ubuntu Linux. It’s free and SL has a very good Linux client.

    I hope the Linux client will receive as much development and support as the Windows and Mac versions. I notice there are some “safe mode” graphics enabled by default.

    Anyway it’s good that SL has more support across more platforms – this can only be a good thing. Keep it up LL πŸ™‚

  74. Masami Kuramoto says:

    The funny thing about DirectX 10 is that the latest implementations of OpenGL offer the same advanced graphics features on _any_ platform. Check Nvidia’s OpenGL documentation for more info.

    Of course this will not keep clueless gamers from upgrading to Vista, but it might boost adoption of OpenGL by the gaming industry in order to work around Vista’s poor market penetration. OpenGL will enable DX10-style graphics not only on Windows XP and even Windows 2000, but of course on Linux and Mac as well.

    So in the future we _might_ see a paradigm shift towards platform independence in the gaming industry. The SL viewer for Linux already demonstrates that Linux is not only ready for the desktop but also ready for games.

  75. Lina Pussycat says:

    Masami the only issue is that openGL is harder to program for as i stated the Direct X packages are a bit easier for developers but again what you say is true…. Direct X is closed…. This became very evident when MS publicly declared it couldnt be hacked or used on other platforms period (though this was proved wrong though it’ll be through a wrapper…) There is some Direct X support with things like Cedega and Cider for other Operating systems but its sad that there isnt full support (MS for ya though =/)

    Really openGL’s only downfall is on the developer ToolKit end while they have the features of direct X 10 now Direct X 10 is easier for the developers. If OpenGL worked on its toolkits and made them a bit more friendly (maybe even better then Direct X ?) Direct X wouldnt really be a valid solution for most developers then unless they were working to support a wider range of cards (which if ATI would support OpenGL a bit better it’d be a non issue anyways….)

    I do hope that people that rely on vista can use SL but i really dont reccomend using it. If your getting it for eye candy switch to Linux. Beryl is much nicer eye candy and it works much better. If Stability again Linux has it. There are open Source / Free alternatives to most programs out there….. Gimp is great as is Inkscape…. Blender as well. You can dual boot to and you really dont need to know all that much especially with Ubuntu :). Driver install is easy :).

    Anyways vista support is good one way or another. I just wish vista would work with more natively without being a pain (MS changing api’s for ya though =/)

  76. Shinobi says:

    I’d like to say, even if Second Life was running fine on Windows Vista most of times, i guess this is a long awaited official implementation and a very good improvement for sure.

  77. Garjala says:

    I just tested and I can confirm that SL + Vista 64-bit with latest graphics card drivers is not stable. 2 crashes in 5 minutes.

  78. Shoshana Epsilon says:

    We know that Visa requires a lot of memory. We know that SL requires a lot of memory. Have you checked the performance issues of having both systems installed simultaneously? Are there new system requirements when you have both?

  79. Danny Odell says:

    I have a desktop on Vista and a laptop on XP…I waaaay prefer the XP OS to Vista, but SL runs perfectly on both.

  80. Lina Pussycat says:

    I’d imagine a little bit yes Shoshana the requirements for vista arnt horrid so long as you have aero and most of the effects off…. Now adays alot of people run 1-2 gigs so they should have an adequate amount to play SL….

  81. Chronic Skronski says:

    Fish Kilby: It got time that vista would be supported but I found that the support on win2K has dropped out seemingly. The current client has memory leaks, jury movement and instability while the version before was good useable.

    Starting to support an OS does not really mean “Vista will all of a sudden start working for SL where it did not before”. It just means that the OS is now officially recognised. The most important thing is to make sure your graphics card drivers are the VERY latest.

    WarKirby Magojiro: Spelling mistakes on blog entries are kinda embarrasing

    I’ll just let that one be funny all by itself.

  82. Christos Atlantis says:

    I had a friend who got up at 3AM to wait in line to be one of the first to buy it, after waiting in the cold, and paying a nice chunk of cash for Vista… he got home installed it and it ruined his computer. He had to re-format his hard drive and he spent 4 days getting everything re-installed and working again, plus he lost 2 weeks of data because he backs up monthly. Like others here, I am staying with XP for the time being.

  83. I have Vista in my latop and I could not run second life until today morning due to error. Now I read your blog and updated ATI Radeon Graphics card driver and then reinstalled second life. And Hurrayyyyyyyyyy!
    It is working smooth… Now I can use my graphic tablet and play… Thank you so much…

  84. Running Windows Vista 32 bit on a new Dell XPS m1720.
    Nvidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX graphics card.

    Has been working like crap ever since I got the computer in April, so I’m usually hiding in my skybox where not much is going on. But a few releases ago something happened, I dont know what, but I know that it made matters 10 times worse. Zooming around kills me, my screen goes black and then it tells me that the display driver stopped responding. And the current First Look viewer, dont get me started. Ahh.

    I know so little about computers, I have no idea what to do to fix it. I love SL, but not loving the Vista! πŸ™‚

  85. Radrun Rau says:

    I bought Vista license with my new laptop, because of possible future requirements. Buying it in shops later, is more expensive.
    I will be using Linux. And probably Windows-XP, with license from an old PC. Yes, you can take the Windows license from an unused PC.
    There is software and guides on-line for “Dual-Booting”. Make sure, that the tools and guides you use match your skill. No need to remove Vista.

  86. Dodgy Daffodil says:

    Unlike most people here I am not a techie. Like most I only have Vista because, two weeks ago, I bought a new computer. Like the vast majority I don’t have the time or patience to learn a totally new system like Linux or Mac OS.

    When I had unpacked my new machine and gone through the OOBE (who thinks this stuff up?) I spent a boring couple of hours on the net updating everything; Windows (of course) and all the drivers; Loaded my student edition of Word (worked first time) and then (deep breath) – SL.

    There it was (and still is) in glorious detail on my wide screen so – CTRL+P and raise the graphic settings – still great and no self induced crashes since.

    The downside – well some of my favourite programs won’t work but I am promised that upgrades will be winging their way across the ether shortly so I will just have to be patient. And, yet again, I have a lot of work to do to learn how the darn thing works and find out what it can do.

    Personally I don’t usually buy the Mk1 of anything, especially computer stuff, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to spend all that money on Vista if they don’t have to.; far better to spend your hard-earned on some more memory or a new monitor.


  87. luminye onizuka says:

    i can remember when i first got vista, someone had made a special client for SL vista. Then when the ATI did their update on the radeon, i was able to log on to regular SL. I still have no problems in SL with Vista. Oh, also those who are interested there is a Windows Vista Users group. I suggest on joining and finding out solutions to your problems. πŸ™‚

  88. Fi Douglas says:

    Never had any problems on Vista that weren’t also SL problems on XP, FL is fine too. Only difference is the speed – much faster on Vista πŸ™‚

  89. Xinmingzi Pinion says:

    I have been using Vista and SL for a couple of months and have had no problems except for the usual lag we all experience from time to time.

  90. Greblak Whitfield says:

    Well.. Already now you can use ATI Mobility cards in vista with SL… I found a way πŸ˜‰
    Check the forum for details:

  91. bouganville says:

    I don’t know how to make it, problems with the password don’t let me log in, can anybody help me?? or I’ll have to say goodbye

  92. Bubby Baxter says:

    Well, I have a very new computer, on which SL worked fine, with a top of the line NVIDIA graphics card, on which SL worked fine. I loved SL, until I upgraded both my laptop and desktop to Vista. I have not been able to log on since then. Not only that, but Vista caused tons of problems for our office upgrade to Vista. About 1/3 of the devices and programs conflicted. My recommendation to anyone thinking of it:

    Unless you are Microsoft Certified and can think of a solid reason to do it (I can’t think of any), avoid it like the plague.

    I’ll give SL another month or two and then I’m going to go ahead and delete my account, as it’s useless to me now.

  93. Royce Kidd says:

    I have been running SL on Vista Ultimate for 3+ months. Vista works very well, and SL runs fine also.

    Get over it… stop listening to hearsay and mythology.

  94. Royce Kidd says:

    Virtually all of the comments regarding Vista remind me of the comments regarding Windows NT when Windows 98 was pervasive, and then regarding Windows 2000, and then again regarding Windows XP. The same comments were made for every service pack.

    Be competent… deal with issues… Vista is significantly better than Windows XP… however it has dropped drivers for ancient hardware and it exposes problems in poorly implemented applications.

  95. zebadee says:

    how about some dual core support now too? fed up of crashing 5-6 times a day

  96. bex hathaway says:

    I have Vista, Dual Core, NVidia GeForce 8600 GTS, and the ONLY thing that doesn’t work with it, is SL….constant crashing.
    Everything else (including games) had patches and they work great. Let’s hope SL can do the same for us πŸ™‚

  97. Zandor Maltese says:

    i’ve been using Vista with SL since it was released and i have had no more problems running SL than i had with winXP or Linux or mac osx

    some days it runs ok and some days it does not it depends on how the LL servers are running.

  98. picmip says:

    I play with no problems and fast in Vista ultimate.
    Only a minimal issue with a texture of a hud, and is very casual.

  99. Lina Pussycat says:

    Zebadee set the affinity of the second life process to only use a single core this avoid alot of the problems with it….

  100. Oceanna Shannon says:

    i always find it funny that IT professionals are quoted as reliable sources as to not do something. Most of us don’t abuse our operatings systems, and will work fine for NORMAL use. Also, its been my experience that IT people are generally the laziest people on the planet…they often get troubled when you ask then to fix a printer cable that died…I know its not like its in their job description (is where I work).

    Vista’s been great since I got it. SL worked from day one and I get beautiful graphics out of it. My install went great without a hitch and took less time then XP did, everyday less and less 32 bit apps are running and I am good with an OS for several more years….

    and without any extra installs, I got to watch Robbie Dingo’s Watch the World wirelessly streamed to my big screen. Thanks again Robbie


  101. Hawk Carter says:

    To Vista, just seach (google) about blackboxing and homecall.

    I bet all get scared about it.

    MS checks every week Vista online for the Key, if the key isnt in thems Database, they lockup your Vista (and this happend not only one times that legal activated vista versions and keys got blacklisted by MS)

    As well Vista has no hardware audio/video, also they downstream non dmca video`s to an lower quality and much other things.

    Vista is crap like Millenium was.

  102. Lina Pussycat says:

    Well…. Not even It Professionals Oceanna …… Vista has wide problems for most people yes SL works with it but for instance here… My brother went and got a computer at Best Buy it came with a printer. The printer’s drivers (a printer that came with the computer which had vista on it) didnt work. The fact of the matter is that development on drivers is slow because MS has forced all manufactures that release drivers to digitally sign them which costs them money each and every driver release….

    Crippling your OS isnt a good move for anyone plain and simple they cut out alot of 3rd party stuff or have started to and if its a continuing trend with vienna (the next installment of windows) MS may end up hurting themselves to heavily in the PC market…. When we get down to it the only reason people use Windows is it supports the widest array of programs, games etc…. Do i hold that against them? No I think windows is good but its filled with so many quirks its mind boggling they finally improved memory managment (which was supposed to come around in earlier (before windows 98) versions..)

    But the other fact is they predict vista will have strong market share in 5 years…. Note that Vienna comes out in 2 – 2 1/2 years so thats a bit absurd unless Vienna is crap…. The fact is MS changes their API’s and developers need to adapt to the new API and it makes for a hellish process. If the api’s didnt change they’d really have no reason to upgrade the OS. They change API toss in a few pretty things add more needless bloat to the core and then charge you more for it to keep up on “new technology” which is rubbish to a degree…

    Sure you have computability mode but yeesh it should run natively right out without crippling past products. If MS ever gets that right maybe things will work better but *sigh*. They still dont seem to get that bloat and pretty graphics dont make things run better…

  103. Lina Pussycat says:

    Also IT people arnt lazy those are just usually the ones hired by schools or an OEM that really have no idea what they are doing. If trained properly an IT guy is great if they just went through some like Geek Squad training (pardon the best buy reference) they may not know what you expect them to. The problem isnt that vista is outrightly bad its that MS poorly implements their Operating Systems at the start. They always have and likely always will. Since they control market share and Windows comes on most new Pc’s they can really get away with it….

    In that light vista support is good but if MS would stop their ways things would convert smoothly between operating systems…. Of course then they wouldnt make billions of dollars…

  104. jethrow racer says:

    Just my 2 cents… Vista has been installed on my computer since the day it was released. There has been no problems at all, as long as I have the vidio drivers installed. there were a couple of drivers that didnt like second life, but I have always been able to use a different driver if I had a problem, and that has only been a single driver or perhaps two. I am running a pair of 8800gtx cards though, not sure if it would be different with older cards.
    Vista works just fine.
    BTW, windows may have some problems sometimes, but I remember DOS…lol, so I think windows is just a little better than we had before πŸ™‚
    See you in world πŸ™‚

  105. Lina Pussycat says:

    Vista will work sure but those with older systems are going to run into more problems because of the newer requirments. If you want direct X 10 you need to buy a 8000 series card. In my case i’d need to upgrade my computer entierly if i wanted direct x 10…. If your just trying to run an app or 2 and they work fine sure but alot of stuff i use doesnt work. Sam broadcaster and the like just dont work with vista currently.

    The point of the matter is this is ok for when an OS comes out…. My problem is that Microsoft adamantly deny time and time again that vista has problems. They also start these propaganda claims and moves against other Operating Systems (The whole Linux fiasco with Novell and Microsoft ) and now they are trying to make deals with other Distributions (using their claim that Linux users owe them money and strong arming the distributions into deals with the threat of being sued looming over their head (they claim some kinda IP and blah its stupid)

    My problem with MS arises from the companies actions on design and just the whole corporate greed aspect. Plus Steve Ballmer has gotta be the worst person in the public eye for MS really he needs to keep his yap shut…. What i see is them focusing more on Xbox the windows really =/. My point is people prefer windows cuz of applications your average run of the mill computer user could care less if they had linux osx or windows. However windows is usually the easiest for them since they usually just go OEM or go to best buy etc……..

    I wont run around saying blah vista sucks but it does have its problems that really need to be addressed. Microsoft itself needs a better Q&A and R&D area as well to know what the operating system really needs… And they need to start listening more to people using the OS rather then their wallets =/.

  106. Jillian Callahan says:

    Does Vista support still have this problem?:

  107. Corwin Carillon says:

    Can someone give the PJIRA link? Thx

  108. Hypatia Callisto says:

    glad to see official support finally coming, excellent news πŸ™‚ whatever anyone thinks of Vista, it’s a reality that lots of new computers are coming with it preinstalled and SL needs to be supported on them πŸ™‚

  109. Magic Mountain says:

    SL is not working with Vista on my Fujitsu N6420 laptop. Laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphics card. ATI’s driver web-site offers no support for laptops. Apparently the laptop makers install their own drivers. It has been a week with no solutions from Fujitsu or Linden Labs. Very frustrating to say the least.

  110. Gareee taov says:

    My freind has been running sl under vista for a few weeks now, with no more then the regular problems with it. She just runs it in compatibility mode.

  111. Cat Gisel says:

    Well I can’t find a computer that runs SL, much less Vista. Every store I have been to, they are like 2-4 prims, and look really nice, but they don’t do much of anything. Maybe it’s a scripting issue. Someone needs to script a computer that will play SL. If there is one please send me the LM and the maker, cause I haven’t seen it. The one I have now has SL loaded, but it’s locked up because it’s the same screen no matter when I rez it. It’s the SL login screen, and that’s all.


  112. Cat Gisel says:

    Actually I just thought, does anyone have a texture of SL actually running? Do you think that would help? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  113. Pingback: Second Life disponible para Vista Tecnolives

  114. Booger666 says:

    I upgraded from XP to Vista and had a weird glitch. The first person view would spin very fast and center looking up when trying to look around. Also, in third person view the mouse pointer would be fine in the top left corner and get progressivly off target in the far right corner. This made it imposible to click on anything in that area. I found that changing the Theme from Vista to Classic fixed this problem.

  115. Lina Pussycat says:

    you could like sequence a bunch and animate them lol…. But that would be weird…. Anyways again Hypathia thats correct its just a shame that there needs to be that rudimentary run around at first for no real reason other then trying to make more $….. Gareee The point is you shouldnt have to go back and run it in computability mode yes its helpful but why not make it work with XP stuff on it by default if it cant work wih vista to be on the safer side? That would of made more sense would it not? Make it easier for the user…

  116. roberta says:

    A Abril fez um Especial sobre o Second Life. Γ‰ Γ³timo! Tem desde dicas para entrar no mundo virtual atΓ© explicaçáes de como ganhar dinheiro real com essa mania. Ah, a revista VIP tambΓ©m estΓ‘ lΓ‘! Tem ensaios beeem interessantes. Confere o link:

  117. Scotty Femto says:

    Running Vista Home Premium. 2 gigs of memory and ATI X1600X . with a AMD Athlon 64 4200+ Dual core. SL runs so much better than it ever did with my XP machine. only difference is CPU and 1 gig more of memory.

  118. Trans Spire says:

    Been running Vista for several months now with heavy SL usage. No problems. Now my nVidia driver for Vista, that’s a whole ‘nother issue! Although, nVidia is getting their Vista support better with each “monthly” release. I pine for XP every now and then. Usually, when Vista spams me with yet another User Access Control dialog box. LOL!

  119. Hollie Dollinger says:

    I’m using Vista and find SL runs pretty good apart from I can’t right click on anything *swoons*.

  120. MarmelaGramela Doesburg says:

    Same here. Had no problems running it on Vista from the start and so far Vista also has proven to be the most stable OS I had so far… and that without 25 service packs.

  121. Stsfuzzybear Hush says:

    Nice to know your catching up with me. πŸ˜‰
    I’ve got a nice new laptop. With LOTS of RAM, giant (for me) HD, & a kickin’ graphics card.

    Oh & Vista Ultimate.

    The difference for me? I used to be in SL & watching things in stop motion. Now people move normaly. I never could understand how someone could ‘relog’ in less than 20 minutes. I had the cache & the 2 temp files shortcutted on my desktop.

    Now I can relog in 1.5 minutes. Only thing is I can’t FIND the damn cache or the temp files. Haven’t needed to either. πŸ˜‰

    So while Vista treats me like a baby who mustn’t touch I am having a ball! Vista support or no Vista support. πŸ™‚

  122. The XO says:

    As I said before it’s good that SL supports more platforms and is now available to wider range of people. This can only be a good thing for LL.

    Just a link for those interested in looking a little further into Vista;

    Those are some of the reasons I switched to Ubuntu Linux. Never used it before, but it’s great and easy to use.

    The SL viewer works perfectly on it too, I have less crashes and my system performs much better.

    I’m glad LL added Linux support.

    Supporting Vista is obviously needed too as a poor performing product (not down to LL, but Vista) won’t be tolerated.

  123. Holle Stine says:

    What i do not quite understand!!!!

    It seems that a whole bunch of people here, seem to forget, that already quite some time, Vista is deliverd as the standard OS on new Pc’s.

    The fact that some people think Vista sucks or not, aint an issue. Its deliverd as a standard OS. That should mean that SL should be supported on Vista as well…..

    Simple as that….


  124. brinda Allen says:

    Hnnn ya kno sometimes i feel like maybe somethings wrong w/me. Came to SL w/vista cause I didnt kno just fine! Oh well,the quality of my problems! ::-))

  125. Brett Finsbury says:

    ok all this talk about Linux. I have a few copied of Linux and when I tried to install second life on my computer ran into some major headaches like programming a kernel.
    This is obviously a differant software. I do not believe that the whole rest of the world has to be a computer programmer to install simple programs. What would all of you linux users out there recomend version wise of Linux for easy program installation?
    I did notice when I installed Linspire on an older computer the basic functions ran faster than windows but adding another program made me scrap the idea when I ran into that wall.
    I am sure it is my newbee approach to Linux so hey how about some advice. Always open to suggestions.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  126. Brett Finsbury says:

    Hello Cat there are some issues going on in SL at least in my sim. Things like objects not rezzing or being told that you dont not have permission to set objects that I own on the land that I own. Found that I can work around it if I set things down on top of an existing object. Things vanish and figured out it wasnt a griefer doing it when an item vanished while I had my back turned. Textures are blurred
    Filed bug report anfter bug report after bug report after bug report. sent in a service call 3 weeks ago under my concergie service.
    Maybe they are waiting to fix it after the next update I hope that is coming soon. its not my computer as its a week old fresh install of windows xp pro with all updated drivers from each of the hardware makers web site. its not my cache needing cleaned do that daily. Plus it is also happening to others in my sim.
    any ideas aric linden on when a new update is coming out to fix the new bugs? I know this is off topic but how many bug reports do I need to file to get this fixed? 10 more? 20 more? how about a 100 more? thank you πŸ™‚

  127. Lenore Dollinger says:

    I haven’t had the problems that i’ve read listed here. I purchased a new laptop that came with Vista, early this year, just before finding SL. I have not noticed any problems with Vista and SL that are any different than problems my other friends have with SL in general. I have not added any of the items suggested in the blog above either. So why it works better for some vs others is a mystery to me.

  128. Chronic Skronski says:

    Brett Finsbury: What would all of you linux users out there recomend version wise of Linux for easy program installation?

    That one’s easy. Ubuntu. And I don’t think anyone would recommend anything else for ease of installation. Download it, burn it to CD, install. It shrinks your Windows partition for you to make room for itself, and even migrates your bookmarks and stuff over. No need to get into any programming, compiling, etc.

  129. Nalirra Rosewood says:

    Running Vista here…out of sheer stupidity. Using an nvidia 7900 gpu with the beta drivers, since there’s no official non beta vista driver for this…and…sl crashes on me 20+ times a day. it’s..fab. I just love it. I’m looking forward to the day when i can run sl without constantly crashing. TY

  130. Tennessee Torok says:

    It “taint” workin’.
    My new VISTA is worthless on SL.
    I can’t log in anymore with my VISTA.
    Does this mean that SL is loosing a LOT OF MONEY ???
    It’s simple. Make VISTA compatible.
    Been waiting January til July and it won’t let me log in anymore.
    All that money that I could be spending………..whew !
    See ya, whenever the sun rises again on SL with a full VISTA view.
    Tennessee Torok

  131. Masami Kuramoto says:

    Interesting detail about Ubuntu: You can test it BEFORE installing it. It will run entirely off the CD. You can even install accelerated video drivers for ATI or Nvidia on the fly. Just open the drivers manager, click a checkbox, wait for the driver being downloaded and installed, then press Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to restart the graphical desktop. No reboot required. If your computer has enough RAM you might even be able to download and run Second Life that way, without touching the hard disk at all. See if it works for you. There’s no risk involved.

  132. Lina Pussycat says:

    Yes I’d highly recommend using Ubuntu as well…. You need to make sure you have your accelerated graphics drivers installed on any linux distribution or it wont run things like SL… Linux wont be able to create the windows since by default the drivers linux provides for ati or nvidia cards doesnt have 3d acceleration active. In ubuntu this has become quite simple really…Since you can activate i through the restrcited drivers menu….. (i did mine through terminal and what not but im weird :)) Also terminal really isnt that hard to use if your unfamiliar with it its command line stuff sort of…

    Another big reason to use ubuntu is the community and documentation that they have the forums are very helpful and their are guides to do just about anything :). If your new to linux use it if you’ve used linux before and just want a desktop environment use it …. It can do alot more but by default its setup nicely :).

  133. Lina Pussycat says:

    Chronic one thing to be careful of with Ubuntu is to make sure you shrink down or use the largest contigent of free space its reccomended to download Gparted or look for a guide for partitioning if your not careful you can overwrite your windows partition (assuming you want to dual boot) as others that were newer to linux have found out =/. Its recommended to be very careful when doing this!!

  134. Pingback: Linden Labs Updating us on Vista Support in Second Life

  135. Brett Finsbury says:

    hey thank you all for the info. I do have a copy of this sent to me awhile back. Ill give it another whirl. πŸ™‚

  136. The XO says:

    @73 Brett Finsbury

    Certainly Ubuntu…. I only ever used Windows before and tried other versions of Linux a few years back but they weren’t quite up to it. Ubuntu is brilliant, even for someone who was used to only Windows.

    Sure it takes a little while to get used to the “different” way of a few things but it’s well worth it and the forums of their website have all the info you need if you run into problems πŸ™‚

    Do get the latest version though, which is 7 – Fiesty.

    Good hunting πŸ™‚

  137. i had problems at first with an ATI x1650 – SL wouldnt even start. Then i downloaded new drivers and everything’s been working fine since.
    A word of advice:
    On Vista everytime a new SL client is downloaded it must be run first time with admin rights in order to allow firewall to request permission for going on the net. (I’m assuming standard software firewall config)
    Otherwise SL will start but behave like no internet connection present. In all subsequent cases regular user rights are just fine.
    It seems almost no access is made to write registry values as well, either in HKLM or HKCU.

  138. Lina Pussycat says:

    Another Plus to Ubuntu is their 6 month Release Cycle for decent upgrades :). And yes make sure you have the newest one it is by far the friendliest to people new to linux/ubuntu itself :). Also on a side note for anyone that has a DSP series headset (DSP 500 is what this was tested with…) There is a work around on the forums that me and my housemate came up with (he posted it on the ubuntu forums) this makes the mic work as well as the inline volume work (tested with skype, teamspeak, would be tested with SL but no voice for linux yet so….)

    To get to that work around i will post a link :).

    Also please note upon further investigation of the thread it is confirmed that this works well for other DSP series models not just the 500…. Enjoy. Also good to see vista supported officially its inevitable for them to have to support it….

    Anyone wanting more info on Linux toss me an IM and ill gladly tell you more :).

  139. Tee Bates says:

    Hi i have been using vista for about 2 weeks now and it works fine until i start crashing. when u crash on sl, its like my whole computer crash i have to restart everytime. and when i do crash its not once but maybe three or four times in a row, and oh dont let me tp somewhere cause when i get there its crash time lol. but when im not crashing vista works fine.

  140. Shockwave Yareach says:

    So MS can decide what programs I may or may not run. MS decides what drivers and hardware I may or may not plug in. MS decides if I can watch this bluray disc or that DVD. MS decides everything about my computer.

    when Microsoft buys me the computer, I’ll use Vista. But so long as I’m footing the bills, it’s my computer and I’ll decide what it does. If Vista prevents me from using my computer as I wish to, then I say no to Vista.

    I can always get an apple.

  141. Tig Halberd says:

    What bothers me more than the Vista delay is the fact that SL only supports NVidia and ATI cards. I can understand using higher end cards, but seriously….. No other cards?

  142. Elendir Axon says:


    Um, apples are the same way, the decide what can run on apples and what cannot, if you can watch that dvd or not, if you can open that file or not, linux is truly free.

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