JIRA and Wiki scheduled downtime (Complete)

Sorry for blogging about this a little after the fact, but we’re in the midst of a downtime window for jira.secondlife.com and wiki.secondlife.com to perform some routine maintenance, from 1pm PDT until 4pm PDT today. Those of you on the sldev mailing list, and those paying careful attention to the banners earlier today might have noticed, but my apologies for leaving the rest of you in the dark.

[Update: 5:41 pm]  All done now.  Everything should be back to normal.  Thanks for your patience.

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16 Responses to JIRA and Wiki scheduled downtime (Complete)

  1. as long as the blog is irrelevant I thought I would make a comment about something else.
    I have gotten a SL survey on my screen 2 times now and it starts out asking is my experience is better or worse- the 2 choices stump me, some of SL is a lot better , some of SL is worse- there seems to be less accurarte resolution in viewing a number of things, when SL is lagging or there are problems like that it is hard to concentrate on building- that is worse- the fact that SL accomodates a larger amount of avatars and soem of the new stuff , like sculpted prims, makes it better-overall I think if Linden concentrated more on refining existing features and reducing lag and rezzing time SL would be “worlds” better- many of the new features seem to get tangled in the fact that they increase lag or they come when the updates increase lag and rezzing time- the time it takes to rez now is disturbing, by the time I am rezzed it is time to log out and clear my cache- keep working on stuff guys, but pay close attention to the simple things, the things we depend on for a great experience, less bells and whistles and more meat and potatoes- this ain’t a gourmet restauraunt. thanks for letting me freestyle the survey with this blog!

  2. Hal says:

    I had that survey appear on my login screen – the text-box for my comments wouldn’t accept any text.

    Guess which checkbox I ticked?

  3. Elbereth Witte says:

    Yeah, the irony isn’t funny anymore. :-/

  4. Dirk Felix says:

    Mr. Rob Linden
    Thank you for being honest and candid with this entry. I’m not one who is a fan of spin like some of LL PM’s and I find this refreshing. To say that you made a mistake and then be transparent is something that is expected from all Linden Lab staff.

    I would suggest that your survey be written to collect objective data within the proper context. To smiply ask if something is better or worse only gives customers the feeling that this is again more marketing spin that won’t lead to the removal of those warts we have to deal with.

    Thanks again for being Human!

    Other Lindens: you can learn something from this. Make it part of what you do and you will see more CUSTOMERS gaining faith in company and product.

  5. Digital Digital says:

    I had he survey on my screen and I tried to check a box but, I was unable to. Wouldn’t let me add text either…

  6. Math Gazov says:

    Talking about maintenance and improvements… what happened to “dia de la liberacion and het grid”? Since version 1.18 was released I’ve had to download three non optional updates. Shouldn’t we be able to run on different viewer versions by now?

    I know you might have run into unexpected trouble, just want to know what’s happening.

  7. Daedalus Young says:

    3 non-optional updates? No, that’s not possible, 1.18.0 (6) is the latest, therefor you should’ve had 0 non-optional updates. I know I have never updated my viewer since 1.18. There was only one problem with the Mac viewer shortly before the Grid reopened that Wednesday, but I still consider it the first running 1.18 on my machine since 1.17.

    On Topic: Yay! I’ve paid careful attention to the banners.

  8. Ipamt Jewell says:

    There sems to be a problem with some of the log in and periods where the avitors change in Second Life from the avi you pickd back to the “Ruth” newbie avi or at least parts of it. I had a adult body when I’m playing as a child and newbie hair under my choosen hair. Breast and public hair where theyre are not suppose to be coming up and I ahve nott even played a adult in this body so I wonder wher that came from. So consent crashing when you go into heaving graphic or site with mandy avis area constant occurance, My record for 1 days is crashing 5 X, Athena Whizenhunt is right lets go back to teh basic and fix it so the grid is secure before u start adding more things. Thank yo

  9. The server times on the wiki cluster are wrong. According to the revision log on one page, I responded to a comment before it was made.


  10. Elbereth Witte says:

    You’re fast!

  11. Web Page says:

    Sorry for blogging about this a little after the fact but I can’t get in to the wiki page.

  12. math gazov says:

    Hey, Daedalus, I’ve had to do the updates, I’m in the voice viewer!! Seems voice needs more tinkering than normal viewer…

  13. Benja says:

    Math Gazov: ‘dia de la liberacion’ is in AFAIK and het-grid is being tested! keep an eye out too for Mono and physics (Havok) improvements

  14. Porsupah Ree says:

    Is there any official method for grabbing a tarball of the LSL Wiki, or should we just use a site slurping app? Handy for offline perusal on a PSP in the park, f’rex.

  15. Droopz says:

    Lets continue the debate about Lindenlabs new policy change here since they closed comments once again to silence us because they dont want to bother with us.

    Besides LL cant even prioritizie like a normal company and i really frown on the management that is in controll of the developement of SL since they prioritized new voice and nicer skies higher then the HIGHLY ANNOYING CLOGGING UP MESS IN RECENT ITEMS!!! anyways as i was saying the new policy change is highly just to avoid trouble with the feds tho this ill cause more trouble with the residents so they had to choose between two fires :))

  16. tumultraman says:

    I got the problem with video card which not support with secondlife becuse i use the vista window. I would like to know how can we solve this issue. I want to join SL as soon as possible.By the way, Thank you for your kind helping me.

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