Reminder: Concierge Party this weekend

The Concierge Summer Party is this Saturday (21st July) from 10am until 2pm SL Time.

We are going with an underwater theme!

Entrance to the party will be restricted through group membership, so here is how you can get an invite..  visit the support portal (, create a new support ticket and choose ‘Request Concierge Party Invite’ as the ticket type. You will then be asked for the name of one guest, so enter a name if you wish to bring someone. You will need to be a concierge customer to attend, however your guest does not.

Please get your invite requests submitted by midnight tonight, the 19th July, to be sure of being able to attend.

See you there!

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36 Responses to Reminder: Concierge Party this weekend

  1. Sylver Bu says:

    Will TG users get to attend a Teen Grid version or are we left with the short end of the rope again?

  2. Caleb Francis says:

    is there one in TSL?

  3. Loniki Loudon says:

    Wooohooo, Party!

  4. Christos Atlantis says:

    Put on a big party hat and gets ready for the dance!

  5. /me notes that this party is closed for Teen Residents. ='( *sniffle* When does Second Life break the boundaries of discrimination? Teens attend parties with adults in Real Life; why should this, a controlled environment where nothing physically harming may happen, be much more constrictive?

  6. bladyblue Bommerang says:

    I see nowhere to create this ticket. Clicking links and getting the live help option only. So next time let’s just send a invite to all island customer owners without having to play “where’s waldo?” for several hours.

  7. U M says:

    Why can`t they stage these parties during week instead of weekend? Some of us can`t attent because we are in diddnt taime zones……..

  8. bladyblue Bommerang says:

    Someone please make sure VOICE CLIENT is turned on at the party. Thanks.

  9. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    I’d love to be there… but will be at a certain so-cal parade that day. 😉

  10. Panoptes Argus says:

    Wouldn’t it be better if the concierge support team spent their time providing support instead of partying?

    The support backlog is obviously NINE days.

  11. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day Jack

    I forgot about the party !!! And I haven’t bought a dress / outfit yet!!


    I am looking forward to it! YAY!

    Aussie Alex

    PS. I have to get up at 3am! *giggles*

  12. Tillie Ariantho says:

    *grumbls* I fell I shall get an invitation too, paying $299 a month… :-/ Or will have the ACS guy have all the fun? *submits a ticket* There, you decide.

  13. Imille Writer says:

    I totally agree with Panoptes Argus. Instead of partying you should provide support. I have been trying to buy an island for the last 15 days. I have open cases that are 13 days old and now you charged me for 20 six month maintenance fees in advance (that’s 10 years!!). The information given on the site is far for being clear, especially concerning payments with invoice. Also, since you work with international costumers you should start thinking about giving support on a 24 hour basis.

    I have never had such a hard time buying anything in my entire life.

  14. This is great. Thanks. A party is a great way to meet each other. Will bring suit or perhaps mermaid tail.

  15. The REAL question is what to wear?? Underwater theme? Do I have to find a mermaid outfit? Hmm

  16. dave says:

    concierge – a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel; lives on the premises and oversees people entering and leaving and handles mail and acts as janitor or porter

    sure wish the lindens would get a dictionary

  17. Alex1 Richardson says:

    Im a little upset that you guys are partying instead of working to fix things…..oh well.

  18. TertiumQuid Becloud says:

    The Concierge team has always done a fine job with my myriad requests. And I think a party is a marvelous idea. Of course, I live in the same time zone as SL time.

  19. Karen Palen says:

    I have been invited as a guest, but still don’t know if my so called “childlike” AV will be welcomed.

    Any coments or is this too taboo to even ask?

  20. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Got a reply to my ticket.

    > I’m very sorry, but concierge status is determined by the amount paid directly to Linden Lab each month for mainland or private island tier. Paying someone else doesn’t count.

    Sorry, but that sucks a lot. 😦 So only Anche Chung or one of her representatives is allowed to the party, any of the PAYING PEOPLE is not. 😦

  21. Piri Amat says:

    amm, what’s the sim called? anybody know?

  22. Hi, i have submit a ticket for the pary and receive just this ” invitation sent” ?? but I have no mail, and I don’t where is the party ??
    thx ?

  23. Cat Cotton says:

    Aww I missed the dead line guess my alt wont be at the party. Shrugs. Wonder if there was gonna be cold beer?

    Anyways don’t you think it would be better to send invites to large land owners yourself instead of making them do your work for you? I do.

  24. Seraph Nephilim says:

    Tille, I understand it sucking, but given that Anshe & Co are your landlords, not LL, maybe you should be complaining to them. You’re their customer. Maybe they should be throwing similar events for you all.

  25. Nicola Zsigmond says:

    Hey…I bet the party is really rocking!
    I applied, got no response, don’t even know where it is….so thanks SL staff for the non invite!

  26. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Crashed about 5 times at the party, so there’ll be some crash reports. Probably a slew from other people too.

    Have at it! hehehehe… 🙂

  27. Praetor Janus says:

    Well I tried, Izzy Linden helped … but regrettably something went wrong today in SL.

    I was added to the Group but it doesn’t show ☹

    It seams that in the end I was not added at all ☹

    I miss the opportunity of meeting you all and I’m sad for that.

    Hope you enjoyed yourselves ☺

  28. Brent Lisle says:

    This was my first event. Sadly, it was a little disappointing:
    – Neither blog entry (this one or the 7/11 one) listed the LOCATION of the party. I had to pester a Linden just to find out where to go.
    – I was added to the group, but didn’t receive a Landmark.
    – Underwater was promised, but “beach party” was delivered. Bait-and-switch, people!

    Two things:
    – next time, send a group IM or something so people know WHERE TO GO. How rude is it to send an invitation without a destination? Fills me with consternation.
    – If you want a beach party, visit one of the gazillion sims that have ’em. However, if you want an actual underwater party, stop by my place —

  29. BaliusCaleb Ashby says:

    I was there – I visited all eight sims multiple times and took lots of pictures – Great job Lindens ! Things might have been slow with so many people, but everyone seemed to have lots of fun, and “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Stones was great music !

    Keep it up !


  30. Mel says:

    wow.. 8 sims… I couldnt go but last year it was on part of one sim…lol… how things change

  31. levi hirvi says:

    lets go………..

  32. Steve Crowley says:

    I didn’t even know about it until now, still being in Australia it probably wouldn’t have been a good time for me.

    Nevermind, I hope you all had a great time of it, and it sounds like a few did :o)

  33. wildfire perkins says:

    I see nothing wrong with teens going to the party just as long as they keep it PG

  34. Sean says:

    You disabled support tickets for people without premium. This doesn’t mean that potentially someone who DOESN’T have premium doesn’t give you people more money than someone who does have premium. You’re screwing over paying customers no matter how you look at it.

  35. Sonof Marvin says:

    Teens still waiting on their party… Still haven’t seen anything about it in the blog.

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