Momentary Outage to Multiple Regions [Resolved] The grid issues have now been resolved, regions that were down should now be up or on their way up shortly. For any regions that do not recover, please use the usual method and report them to us through the support portal.

At approximately 3:00a.m. Pacific, the Grid experienced an unscheduled service interruption. Approximately 140 regions were affected, engineers are working to fix the issue now, will blog an update soon.

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55 Responses to Momentary Outage to Multiple Regions [Resolved]

  1. cathy says:

    Thank goodness I thought it was my computer again!!! Thanks for taking care of us

  2. Marissa Akula says:

    momentary… outages? I hate to split hairs, but a moment is generally a few seconds… not a few hours…

  3. New question is progress that experiences are good for this game’s life to us.

  4. Cryonica Artizar says:

    There must be more than this since, ever since about 3 days after the last update, teleporting has been hopeless. I own 4 PCsof different generations (2001, 2005, 2007 & new laptop 2007) All ran SL very well until about Saturday or Sunday 15th July. Since then teleporting is hopeless, I get logged out each time I try, and this from ALL 4 PCs, and from whatever region I try to tp to/from. Hopefully next upgrade will resolve this because it simply blocks playing SL

  5. Silvester Mills says:

    still laggy…and it seems that after about 10 minutes ingame, functions become not available anymore and I have to restart SL.

  6. Pammie Charming says:

    our island is experiencing horrid stats for the last hour, gonna reset it again and hopefully this time it’s ok. don’t think we were one of the downed ones but danggggg it’s bad 😛

  7. Ann Otoole says:

    ah so thats what was going on! good job fixing things up so quick!

  8. zebadee says:

    getting razor quick on sorting out critical problems, keep it up LL!

  9. Moll Dean says:

    Oh! same issue from last week? So it is something that can not be fixed? Could you tell us at this time what is causing it? I heard no technical report about it last week and the 3 weeks ago issue when many regions was running with 50% less bandwith than land owners pay high for. Thanks for Thomas Connover’s Sim Performance Tool that allowed us to notice it. That cause was eighther reported to the community here.
    By the way. Today I saw the floor of my building literally desapearing under my feet. That was the 3rd time I lost objects IN-WORD. Of course I got no support and refound.

    Yes. those objects in-world was not deed to group, was not for sale, was not back to inventory, noone has edit permition and always happen before a region crash.

    So. Lost object in-world, sim poor performance (some 150 regions?) and constant sim crashes have anything related with 2 months ago Server Asset Issue?

    Does anybody here have lost objects in world?

  10. George Black says:

    “the Grid experienced an unscheduled service interruption”

    So much for any sort of transparency. Sometimes, we get to hear what happened, sometime you hide it behind bizspeak. Is this one too embarassing to reveal the cause?

  11. ari blackthorne says:

    Thanks Lindenonians for reporting blog so quickly.

    It is hugely appreciated to know that you know that somfin’s up (yeah, we know you know that we know you know, but it’s good when you confirm that you know we know you know.) know what I mean?


  12. ari blackthorne says:

    Yep… the whiners come out again.

    Hey Lindenoniansters – thumbs-up from me.
    I won’t whyine about ~how~ you report it. Or anyof all that other stuff.
    Truth is – hell, you don’t have to report ~anything~ …so I am greatful and most of the people who don’t bother or don’t even know about this blog are on my side I am sure.

    Can’t satisfy everyone. Oh well. LOL

    (braces for the upcoming flames, but stands firm this is last post this thred)

  13. You can’t fix anything that has no reproduceable steps according to the Lindens.

    So, if no one is sending in a Bug Report that can tell them WHY this problem is happening, then this problem will just continue on.

    Guess we have to wait for another OPEN-SOURCE hero to come to our rescue, while the rest of Linden Lab parties hard!

  14. Chupacabra Decosta says:

    Hi, after i update today my First look from xxx.127 to xxx.129 i can´t be login more than 5 min, sometimes i crash just login in! Don´t know what is the problem but witt xx.127 i was hours and hours withoud a crash!
    Thank your for your attention.

  15. Finkel Flossberg says:


    The whole point is that LL HAS to inform us. This is not their private toys that the let us play with. This is a million dollar business that WE the users pay for.

    Its like any other business, you exist only as long as you give your customers what they need in a way that suits them better than what your competitors offer.

    If/when competition gets better LL will either loose or shape up. I know that LL has 1000+ employees and a lot of them probably do a great job but the rest of them just add to my evergrowing frustration.

    Still I’m totally addicted to SL, simply because its unlike any other thing I have tried. But its exactly statements like this that may let LL falsely believe they do a great job and all is well. LL has come a long way, but its a tough world and theres A LOT of work to be done before we can say SL is truly great.

  16. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    You’re right Finkel, it’s like any other business, a private business, not publically held. They are not obligated or HAVE to tell us anything.

  17. Bella Taka says:

    So there were issues early this morning…what is the problem now at 7:51 am SLT that I can’t sign in?

  18. Jaxx Tardis says:

    I vote for the “grave-shift NOC watcher tripped over a network cable while getting his coffee” theory.

  19. Glad you managed to resolve it. Well done and thanks for keeping us posted!

  20. MrBill Harrop says:

    I whole heartedly agree with Finkel. It may not be mandatory that problems are reported but it sure helps to know that management is aware of problem.
    Ari is off base with the whiners comment. A certain level of service is expected and reporting and commenting on a failure to meet the level is not unreasonable. The issues need to be brought to light if they are going to be addressed and resolved.

  21. I have noticed in the last few versions that when I have the edit tool open and am editing something and then TP out of the region WITHOUT closing the edit box to another location and then BACK, 1000’s of items ARE selected when I arrive (All of them in the distance), NOTHING within 50 meters of my AV, and certainly the things that are selected are NOT the items I was editing prior to departure… Now if someone were to accidentally press the delete key after this had happened to them upon returning, 1000’s of items could vanish in one fell swoop 😦 Please look into this…

  22. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @ari blackthorne: I’m sure you’ll be amongst the whiners too, as soon as you lost something important.

  23. Party Miles says:

    In First Island West is 5 days with the region non work correctly after your new release of SL program.
    I use Macintosh and all 15 minuts the computer crash.
    Is not normally this………

  24. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    Bob Bunderfeld Says:
    July 18th, 2007 at 7:05 AM PDT

    You can’t fix anything that has no reproduceable steps according to the Lindens.
    Actually, they say it TAKES LONGER. Can you guess why?

    Here, I’ll help. If you file a bug report that tells exactly how to reproduce a bug, they can step through the code that executes as that action takes place.

    But usually they are told that “I put rezzed my _______ that cos ______$L and it disappeared, fix it.”

    So how do they fix that? Do they put a dev in-world and rez item after item after item until it disappears, hoping that he caught enough out of the corner of his eye in the debugger that he can fix it without having to repeat ad nauseum?

    If you think the latter is a good plan, I hope you never do any work on anything I have to rely on because you’ll never get a bug patched.

  25. ari blackthorne says:

    okay I have to reply – only to be clear.

    This is to ALL customers of LL and playing in SL, paying customer or not:

    I ~have~ lost important, expensive things, I was pissed off. But also, maybe SL is not a ~game~ – but it ~IS~ entertainment that we all pay money into to be ~entertained~ and shit happens. Get over it.

    If you make money in SL enough to pay for cost of playing in SL – good.
    If you are trying to make some extra money to help in RL… good.
    If you are trying to make your living in SL… well… just like any other risk, it’s a RISK. Make backups of stuff you make (multiple copies in inventory and stuff)

    If you lose something you baught that wasn’t copiable – contact the creator. If they don’t want to help you, then spread the word of mouth that they are tightwads or something. It is between you and creator, not LL. let the ‘economy’ work the way it is supposed to.

    If someone sells you a crappy used car in RL – do you call the White House or Congress and blame them? (if you do, then ’nuff said, we all know you are just an emotional thinker and not one with logic and have some real issues) – no, you go to dealer and then to BBB and so on.

    FACT IS – LL is a for profit company.
    They do not ~have~ to communicate with any of us at all.
    Me, you and everyone else are just customers. Their job is to make money.
    If you don’t like it, leave and spend your money somewhere else – there are enough other customers that LL won’t even notice you (or me) leave.

    I hate many things about SL and the bugs suck. But also, I know Lindenoniansters all work hard to fix them and I support them because they work hard. Now, if Uncle Philip posts here, then I will let loose. But all the other Lindenoniansteroonies are just trying to put food on their table and roof over their head.

    No wonder they don’t like to post on blog, or if they do, comments closed – because of all the whining and flaming and crap directed at them.

    What if the posting Linden is just the guy or girl who keeps the file cabinets straight and was told to make the post? Sheesh – forget compassion, people, have a little brains here. Not all Lindens have all-knowing God powers with regard to how SL works and functions.

    I just want the ‘average employee hard worker at LL’ know that ~I~ appreciate your hard work and I know ~you~ do not have all the control and abilities that the whiners make it sound like you have. (yes, some of you do LOL)

    So, I wish for them (average Lindenonian) to know this:

    YES, many things about SL SUCKS. But, I know YOU (Lindens) work hard and I support you and I know you try hard to fix and do whatever part of SL that you do and I know that each does a different part of SL. And whatever someone whines about here is probably completely out of your own personal control and not part of YOUR job at LL.

    So in the end: I will not scream and shout at the messenger or ‘lowly employee just trying to do their job’ – I say it’s all Uncle Phillie’s fault.

    I just want to thank you Lindens for communicating at all when you do not have to. And to ~try~ to show that some of your customers appreciate your work and that we get lost in all the whiney good of the blog replies LOL!

    For all the SL ‘residents (read customers)
    Here is the test: Count all the things you LOVE about SL and count all the things you HATE about SL and decide to stay or leave.

    Vote with your dollars. You either pay LL and stay or stop paying LL and leave. And some whiners whine and stay and don’t even pay LL! – but still whine like they are Island owners. LOL!

    Doesn’t matter to 99.99999% of everyone else in SL – only your close friends, otherwise you will not be noticed if you stay or missed if you leave (yes, me too) – so if you stay then stay. But whine in the right place: jira for bugs and support ticket for problems.

    So YES. I am whining right now. But I whine about the whiners 😛

    Okay – there.
    Whatever 😛

    Hocks a loogey in the general direction of whiners.


  26. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    and @6….

    Unscheduled Service Interruption is usually (note I said usually and have no knowledge of this particular case) “bizspeak” for “An upstream ISP had an outage and it affected us. We contacted them and attempted to help them resolve the issue in the fastest manner possible.”

    Which takes less time?

  27. @16 – To say it will take LONGER to fix a bug because it has no repro steps is nothing short of obvious.

    Does having a HARD job excuse someone of doing that job? I don’t think it should or does.

    Frankly it amazes me all the Linden Fanboi’s that continue to say, “They have a hard job so lay off them” and don’t realize this is what they are PAID to do. If they don’t want the hard job, they can quit and let someone else do it. Otherwise quit complaining about how difficult something is and roll up your sleeves and get to work.

    BTW – In my career I worked as a Coder, and a bug squasher, and I had more then ample opportunities to dig into code only going by what someone said happened, not how to repro it. I was able to find the issue, and yes it took longer, but it’s not impossible, and it’s what I was paid to do. Let the Linden Coders act as professionals instead of college age kids that just want to party and gain glory.

  28. Shockwave Yareach says:

    Has it crossed any of the Linden’s minds that maybe this is a concerted effort by certain groups of jerks who like bringing down sims for the LULz? It is child’s play to mod the opensource viewer to send deliberately malformed packets back to the servers. How do the servers react to mishapen data? How good are your limit checks in the server code?

    Once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

  29. bigjr Slade says:

    after sim crash today im update my client to the firstlook and the normal client newinstall with but now with both clients the pc is frozen after 1-5 min….. :-((

  30. Finkel Flossberg says:

    #12 I think you misunderstood me. What I mean is that obviously we cannot force LL to inform us. That said I still think they have to do it, no matter how embarassing the message at hand seems. In a community like this with people investing anything from their pocket money to their pension savings, the user should be treated like any other stakeholder, in fact like a stock holders. I predict that any company in the same business neglecting that will fall behind competion.
    For most professionals, the real problem is not the crashes and the bugs, but the fact that we are often not told about issues so we can deal with them in a professional manner with regards to our own customers is catastrophic to the effort they put in attracting large RL corporations to SL. Surely the big players cannot live with a cancelled seminar or business meeting because someone accidently released a flawed update some friday afternoon just before leaving for the weekend.

    I agree with you a long way down that road, but but but but…. I’ll bet you my last L$ that neither of us have ever heard a Linden complain that their job is too hard. The only whining part here are us users, LL is wise enough to keep it at the office and not in the blog.

    Is it a hard job tracing bugs with no info to start with? Yes.
    Would it be almost impossible with a system this large that changes every second 24/7? YES.
    Is it unfair to ask them to do this job? no!
    We all agree to that and the Lindens only points out that it helps them if we provide accurate info. Again….You have never heard a Linden complain about this, and probably never will. Hard and unfair is just not the same two words.

  31. Russell Hagoromo says:

    in answer to comment #19..there is one..seems our least favorite group the Pathetic Nimrods have a hacked open source client called Shooped Life..Supposedly, they can bypass estate bans and ip bans as well

  32. GC Continental says:

    At the company I work it, if we find a bug, we send a repro. Hands down. Nothing gets fixed until you can tell the devs how you got it to break.

    The reasoning behind this? Limited time. Ask yourself: “Should I fix these *six* bugs, or spend the same amount of time chasing this *one* phantom?” If you can show how it’s broke it’s much more likely to be fixed. There is only one obvious exception, and that’s the one where the phantom affects a majority of users.

    Personally, I’d just like to see the memory leaks in the client fixed – that would go a long way toward improving the experience for everyone involved.

  33. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    #20 Agreed, and it certainly would behoove LL to be as transparent as possible. I’m glad I misunderstood you and glad to see a sensible follow-up.

    #18 “Let the Linden Coders act as professionals instead of college age kids that just want to party and gain glory.” You must be pretty close to the Lindens to have this sort of intimate knowledge regarding their behavior. Sounds like you don’t have to worry about a thing in SL with that kind of relationship.

  34. And BTW; (Nope; I’m not a “fanboy”) THANK YOU for the HetGrid. It was nice to have an update forced, without seeing the grid go down.
    Gotta love improvement 😉

  35. Have not been able to log on to SL. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Will allow me to use website , but will not connect fo SL game.

  36. Well, with all these assumptions going on about who I do or don’t know, and if I ever heard a Linden complain, let me set the record straight.

    First, I’ve been in-world since April 2003. Back then, the Lindens were helpful, caring, and wouldn’t require a REPRO to report a bug. Yes, if you COULD find a repro for it, they would appreciate it, but you know, sometimes, like a TELEPORT or CRASHING bug, there just aren’t any clues as to WHY it happens. All you can do is say, “I was doing X, Y and Z and then it occured.” Today though, Linden Lab has adopted a new policy, requiring Bug Reports to have repro steps, otherwise they won’t even look at it. When asked WHY, they said, “We don’t have time to do everything”. Sorry, but I consider this either incompetence or just plain laziness. There are times as a Bug hunter/fixer that you will not get your oh so needed repro steps, but the bug you are hunting is so invasive to the users that it needs squashing. To say you won’t even consider a very invasive bug like TELEPORT or CRASH bugs because someone doesn’t know WHY it happened, just means these critical bugs will never get fixed; and they could if someone would just take the time to try.

    Second, I’ve posted it before, I’ll say it here, there are people inside Linden Lab that I have had the pleasure of communicating with, and yes, I’ve been told it’s like “recess”. The kids do what they want, not always what needs done. I contribute this to a lack of leadership, whether that is from Philip or the Dept. Head I’m not willing to say. But I do know that you lead by example, so one must ask, just what example is Philip showing others?

    Third and finally, yes I know some Lindens. They either like me or they don’t, and you know, I don’t care. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Lindens are just going thru the motions to placate the Community and appease the fanboi’s, and for me that’s just not going to cut it. I’ve spent 4 good years in Second Life and I don’t want to see it washed down the drain by some lazy and incompetent people that really don’t seem to care about it. So, I raise the alarm, I ask the hard questions and demand an honest answer. If the Lindens don’t want to deal with me, that’s their right, but as a Customer and Resident, it is MY RIGHT to speak out on what I consider the injustice of Linden Lab dealing with the Second Life world.

  37. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    Nothing wrong with speaking out though I’m not quite sure how being a customer and resident confers that right. Must have missed it in the TOS. And has speaking out made any difference? I hope so. SL would be a real utopia then. I have a feeling though, they’re looking for something constructive, not just venting. It boggles my mind how much vile is dished out on this blog by people who continue to stay. If I subscribe to a service or buy a product I’m dissatisfied with, I dump it, that simple. Ah, but folks have an investment. No one twisted their arms, they made the decision. Business is rife with examples of people cutting their losses and moving on. That’s a hard fact of life and the economy. But don’t pretend that griefing and griping is otherwise meaningful or helpful in any way.

  38. )) Personally, I’d just like to see the memory leaks in the client fixed – that would go a long way toward improving the experience for everyone involved. ((

    You probably won’t believe it, but except one of lesser impact (about 10-20MB in a few hours which is about the amount of memory 10 detailed textures take), they are all fixed.

  39. Jessie Dyrssen says:

    OMG!! I can’t believe you caught me. LULz

  40. Tegg B says:

    Hmm I miss my weekly update of new bling :/
    Thanks for letting us know ignore the whinners who think they can prevent all random sh*t from happening.

  41. U M says:

    oh well……..over all preforance is down….Any chance of it going up again?

  42. Anderson Philbin says:

    A “momentary outage” occurred last Friday too. That blog post didn’t allow comments. What concerns me is the three basic steps of customer service (regarding failure to deliver) seem to be missing.

    1. The cause.
    2. The handling.
    3. The prevention of future occurrences.

    Just telling us that it’ll be back up soon is not sufficient. Blocking comments encourages the flamers to save it up for when they get an opportunity to flame.

    I don’t need flamers, I need confidence that the company, that ultimately gets my money, is competent and able to deliver a stable system.

    Please make your blog posts more informative.

  43. Eva Adamsson says:

    Here we go again… Amsterdam is down since more than one hour. What are those gridmonkeys doing?

  44. Lourdes Janus says:

    Me boto estando en el casino Palace y me tomo 12 linders que me los regresen, si se puede porfa.

  45. OK, I haven’t experienced “downs” or “outages”, but some (expletive deleted) jerk has found a nice way to disable Ellesmere for a while. loads of balloons are beinhg generated in a local sandpit and they’re carrying abusive noise and even more abusive text around…

    …and spreading.

    This particular (ab)user even answered my IM and quite cheekily said that even if the Lindens banned him, he’d be back very soon and doing it again.

    So… what’s more trouble? Outages caused by “gridmonkeys” or abuse attacks?

    I am not particularly worried – yet. I am sure the Lindens are working on it

  46. Riven Homewood says:

    I’m a newby, joined around May 15, 2007. When I joined, surroundings, buildings, etc. appeared almost immediately, with good resolution and color. Beginning about mid-June, when I teleport to a new location it opens as an almost blank void. Scenery and objects in the immediate vicininity (right next to where I am) slowly appear, often not with good resolution. Things in even the near distance are not visible until I move next to them. Along with this, I have experienced frequent inability to login. About 7pm PST on Wednesday July 18, I was trying to demo Second Life to two other people at my university, and my avatar got stuck up in the air and unable to move or get down. I quit and was unable to log back in. They were not impressed. If Linden wants RL businesses and universities to offer seminars and classes on SL, they need to address these issues.

  47. Lourdes Janus says:

    No me puedo conectar, me dice actualizar, pero no puedo hacerlo, gracias por su astención.

  48. Gabbia Barbosa says:

    I cannot connect to my home or anywhere else now. Had issue of trying to get home while “flying” and gave me error message. Shut down, came back on, and am not able to connect to home or anywhere. Sent message to support, so hope something good happens soon.

  49. GARY HORSFIELD says:


  50. Bri says:


  51. Biba says:

    ok..ive officially run out of patience. WHY can i not sign in? i think having tried for over an hour is a good amount time to establish that something is not right…
    Ive changed my regions several times – since it seems many are down …i manages to get to ‘connecting’ to it and thats it. SO either each one im trying is dead…or somebody better do something!!!

  52. finalities says:

    i can’t see my linden.I know it’s like that for everybody but me it’s not write loading near L$?please tell me i ll have back my linden

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  54. chelsee says:

    i think that something should happen about this global warming issue i also think that it is bab for people not to care about this issue i am only 12 years old and i don’tthink this is right i am so glad we are talking about this issue in school and it is worse were soon it will come a point when every thing would go out besides us reuseing plastic and stuff just wnated you all to know if we could just help out little it would help

  55. chelsee says:

    i think that something should happen about this global warming issue i also think that it is bad for people not to care about this issue i am only 12 years old and i don’tthink this is right i am so glad we are talking about this issue in school and it is worse were soon it will come a point when every thing would go out besides us reuseing plastic and stuff just wnated you all to know if we could just help out little it would help

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