A little news on the Liaison front!


We’ve decided to announce new Liaisons on a quarterly basis now. It’s been several months since we have blogged about any new Liaisons so chances are you’ve met a new one since! Our transition in support is moving along nicely and our Liaison Specialists in each group are getting settled in to their new specific team roles. It’s all very exciting!

For those who have missed earlier announcements or just need a refresher – Liaison Specialty groups are;

– Volunteers aka VTeam (helping and supporting the many volunteers on the Help Islands and Orientations, managing volunteer applications, training, and communication with Linden Lab)

– Concierge (responding to concierge customer support requests)

– First Responders aka GTeam (monitor the grid for large scale violations of the community standards, report on trends and potential trouble areas, monitor abuse reports)

– International aka I-Team (support non-English speaking Residents to help them get acclimated and find others who speak their language)

– In-world Experience aka IWE Team (monitor and respond to technical
problems, assist with queries on scripting, building, group and land tools via the support portal; coordinate with gridmonkey on grid health issues; coordinate with other Lindens to respond to grid attacks)

– Recruits aka AGNIculture (new liaisons learning the ropes)


So without further adieu here are the newest of the new!

Belinda Linden – Concierge

Socrates Linden – First Responders

Plexus Linden – First Responders

Joppa Linden – In World Experience

Lotte Linden – In World Experience

Twilight Linden – recruits


If you are looking for more information on how to apply to be a Liaison or what they do please see our listing at www.lindenlab.com or drop by our in world office in Pooley. My office hours are 8:00am – 8:30am PST M-F

Need to contact someone in support? Please visit our Support Portal

Need to report abuse? Please visit Help/Report Abuse

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41 Responses to A little news on the Liaison front!

  1. Imogen Saltair says:

    Welcome to the new Liaison Lindens.. The more Lindens inworld the better.

    In almost 10 months online i have met one (and a half) Lindens, so no, i haven’t ‘met a new one’ since you last blogged it. Perhaps i will soon

    Keep on talking to us.. we like it you know.


    (cant believe i am going to be first comment.. woot)

  2. Char says:

    Thanks for welcoming them Imogen!

    Also it might interest you to know (if you don’t know yet) that several Lindens have office hours – you can find info on those here…


  3. Ian Newt says:


    How can I apply to become a liason? The website “www.lindenlab.com” does not appear to be functioning. 🙂


  4. Aeper Jie says:

    Hey look lindens… Now what about TG Lindens. You guys Dont Seem to Be Around tg. We basicly Do what ever we want. Now Why cant u guys Give teens Cheeper or Free Sims? o yea Welcome New Lindens. Make sure you get Tg Acess.

  5. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    Good news indeed (which always seems to invite fewer comments!) The newest are certainly a welcome addition as are any of the almost newest we have heard about in this post :o) A thankless job at times I’m sure but rewarding as well I would hope. Either way offering your assistance is understandably a needed and vital service to all in SL. Welcome aboard and thanks in advance for any help you might be asked to send my way :o)

  6. Kat Golding says:

    First off, welcome new Lindens!

    Second, I agree fully with Aeper Jie. The Teen Grid needs more Lindens. I try to ask questions on Live Help, but no Teen Grid Lindens are on. Or, say if someone is shooting in one of the Sandboxes, a Linden isn’t on to tell them not to.

    I think you guys should hire more Lindens to moderate the Teen Grid instead of most (or all) of the new Lindens moderating the Main Grid.

  7. Welcome to the new Lindens and know keep up the good work ..

  8. Brodo Beerbaum says:

    Apparently an errant email gets a comment removed so with the correct email, I encapsulate my original post and simply reiterate my welcome to the newest noted here and the next newest not :o)

  9. U M says:

    Finally they putting more inworld Lindens.

  10. Phoenixflames Kukulcan says:

    Good to see more Liasions have arrived. IMHO more first responders are needed and should use god-invisible mode to hang out in WA’s and Newbie friendly areas like NCI & The Shelter to combat the ever growing numbers of griefers. Griefer numbers are by far outpacing Liasion growth, and our newest residents have absolutely no ways to defend themselves. By virtue of being new, they don’t even know how to get out of basic prim-traps.

  11. Marianne McCann says:

    If you have applied int he past, can you apply again?

  12. Jdtrue Writer says:

    Welcome to the team!

  13. Jessica Elytis says:

    Already had assistance from Lotte in-world. Kudos to her for handling a very touchy and very complex issue.

    And to her and all the rest;


    Try not to let our b*%chiness get to you *Grins* You’re gonna hear us complain and rant and argue and fume, and very rarely hear praise like the above.

    But we DO appreciate you. We say it far to seldom, but we do. So hear it now when you’re all shiney and new and hopefully it will keep you from throwing your monitors out the window in three months ^.~


  14. Welcome newbie lindens, can’t wait to get your linden bear. If I see you I will trade you for my bear. All ready meet Plexus Linden, thanks for stopping by and giving out your linden bear Plexus.

  15. Vincent Nacon says:

    Cool…. but I will be expecting them (First Responders aka GTeam) to be quick and on time.

    Not that I need them… It’s the people, they are very demandy.
    So beware, newbie lindens. Don’t “don’t fail” for Philip Linden… but for us. 😉 (if you get what I mean.)

  16. Montana Corleone says:

    Lots of new internationals I see to cope with the 75% of users outside the US. Business as usual…

  17. Brett Finsbury says:

    Welcome aboard glad to see some new people in world. 🙂

  18. Cherry Czervik says:

    Should one assume that no response = no thanks?

  19. Jason says:

    All I can say is… they spend all this time searching for liaisons and end up with so few? I’m very, VERY concerned.

    I mean, I love the thought there at more, but griefing seems to be growing at a much faster than the liaison army that’s slowly building.

    Well, welcome to you new liaisons. ^^ Everyone here welcomes you and I’ve already submitted a resume, so I at least hope to join you.

  20. MariaIvanova Malick says:

    Welcome, new Liaison Lindens! 🙂


  21. Raul Crimson says:

    Welcome, new Lindens! You all are really needed 🙂

  22. Mo Dryke says:

    welcome new lindens… indeed.
    And they’d be more welcome if they were online…
    for almost 4 hours now the kitaro region is down, and no linden answers, reboot or read the support tickets.

  23. Mo Dryke says:

    finally, after a lot im sent, posting here and two ticket opened, it’s fixed.
    thanks a lot

  24. Raban Laborde says:

    Welcome to the new Lindens.
    You’re needed.

    Maybe with decreasing customers.. errm… residents, decreasing business volume and big players like IBM already looking for places at your competitors like Entropia this may be an omen.

    An omen for Linden taking the regular resident as the most vitally figure inworld. This has been lost over the last months.

    More attention to your customers – yes, even if called residents, we are customers – is a good sign.

    If now the expensive land pricing would go down, more residents would stay inworld longer.

  25. Is there any point in those of us who have applied in the past continuing to show interest and want to help, as it does feel that it is more relevant as to *who* you might be rather than what skills you are able to bring to enchance Linden Lab.

    Some of us would just love to be part of this great thing, and help solve some of the problems that we are dealing with on a daily basis.


  26. Greywolf Moonlight says:

    Welcome new Liasons!

    Now, if we could get a small team of liasons dedicated only to solving sandbox issues, THAT would be AWESOME! A better way to contact them would be even better! It seems that lately, griefer groups (yes, I said GROUPS) have been regularly attacking the sandboxes, and full time liasons are very much needed at the sandboxes to clean up these griefer attacks a little more quickly. Thank you.

  27. Yanik says:

    Welcome newbies Lindens!

    As a newbie myself, I find it hard to know where to get help from Lindens. I saw one of you in a class last week, but that isn’t the place where one needs help. There’s already a teacher to help us. Also, I don’t think newbies having problems with griefers have the time to search the Wiki or submit a ticket on Jira (that needs a class on it’s on to navigate). They will just quit and maybe never come back. That’s far from beeing a nice welcome to SL.

    How about a special IM channel to reach you guys (like there is on MUDs and MUSHs). Or make a newbie group where Lindens could take care of serious questions.

    More Linden inline is great news, but will how to reach them remain a clue?

  28. Deira Llanfair says:

    More Linden Liason people – good-oh! Greetings and warm welcome to you. I only hope that becoming a Linden Liason does not ruin your enjoyment of SL – if you find you have to deal with a problem minority, please don’t let it spoil your personal delight in SL.

  29. brinda Allen says:

    Wonderful….I still treasure the bear I got when I first rezzed. (B
    ig brother pooo!) Yes, we need supervision. (where theres no police car…theres no speed limit!) sadly enuff…

  30. Caleb Francis says:

    where can we find lindens in teen grid?

  31. cat gisel says:

    YAY! Hugmonster gets ya’ll superiffic hugs! Welcome to town. Remember patience is a viture, you’ll need it 🙂

  32. Clay Duport says:

    Yes welcome new lindens. You are most needed. I hope you dont become frustrated with all the things that need attention. SL needs lots of management support and I have hope that you will be here when your needed. Thanks for taking on a hard but needed job.
    Thank you.

  33. Mr May says:

    “First Responders aka GTeam (monitor the grid for large scale violations of the community standards…”

    Large scale? One big one or twenty little ones..?

    PG, Adult, Mature, Confused…

  34. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    oh good, maybe we can have our stipends now? still waiting after 14 days….

  35. Niko Donburi says:

    Hello and welcome to the new Lindens. I’ve always wondered about how Lindens are named. Can anyone tell me if new Lindens:

    (a) Get to create their first name;
    (b) Have to choose one from a list of proposed names; or
    (b) Are assigned one?

    Anyone know?


  36. Is there an easily accessible, regularly updated master liaison list page? If not, might we add one?

    Thanks! 🙂

  37. Sffan2 losangeles says:

    Are any of these new Liaisons the ones that Blue said would be handing the 1 year backlog of Mentor and Volunteer applications?

  38. Sekonda Huet says:

    They all know me!

  39. Buster McNutt says:

    A Million New Users A Month


    5 New Lindens


  40. Farrah Foss says:

    Still curious what it takes to get on the team. I had apps in for volunteer, and paid liaison since last year, though evenutally cancedlled them, and I never received so much as a thanks but no thanks.

  41. Char says:

    Thanks all for the warm welcomes to the Liaison newcomers!

    If you have a specific question about your application I would be happy to answer at my office hours or inquires on your ongoing application can be made in writing via notecard – details at my first life profile.

    Thanks all!

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