Power Outage in San Francisco Affects Support

This afternoon the area of San Francisco where Linden Lab has its offices lost power. This outage affected our in house support staff, primarily the billing team. Other support teams, including the Concierge team which monitors for regions down and rollback requests, were unaffected. Similarly our support software, which is hosted offsite, remained active.

We apologize for any inconvenience the outage may have caused those of you who attempted to contact the billing team or other San Francisco based Lindens during this time.

Have a good weekend!

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64 Responses to Power Outage in San Francisco Affects Support

  1. Brett Finsbury says:

    growl grumble gripe. oh well life goes on. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sindy Tsure says:

    I heard it was Torley goofing with the light switches.

  3. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Us regular players who don’t happen to need much support just carried on as usual, dancing, partying, and yak yak yaking. Just as happy to have the billing team offline anyway since they are somewhat akin to the tax department.
    Hope the coffee machine still worked.

  4. Joe Silverstar says:

    hmmm. Very strange. It happens on Friday thr 13th. My lucky day, but not for some of you guys. hopefully you have some light to see. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Scott Deharo says:


  6. Ann Otoole says:

    next time on Friday the 13th make sure you bring the black cats to the office, walk under ladders, and break mirrors. then that odd power outage stuff won’t happen.

  7. U M says:

    I heard they blow a a breaker………oops ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Calin McKinney says:

    Well, when the billing department comes back up, just remember to finish processing that 21,811 Lindens I am hoping you will add back to my account that I lost when I had to buy my own land back from a landbot that stole it during a casual land transfer between friends who happened to make the same kind of mistake you made when you allowed your land auction site to be hacked by that guy who stole your land off the block. Sorry to keep bringing it up, but I am still upset about it and angry that you won’t afford me the same protection that you afforded yourselves.

    Thanks for a fun game though…as you see…it hasn’t stopped me from playing!!

  9. Dirk Felix says:

    Its not just power that affects customer support, which is below standard for resolving issues. I still have over ten abuse issues that have yet to be reposnded to.

    Im a customer, not a resident. I dont welcome Torley’s coments of Overloards. Its insulting and like most PM’s a spin of double talk set the tone of non-factual jibbersish.

    Did Torley get permission to reporduce copyright protected comics? I believe if he/she/it did it would require a used by permission statement.

    Anything HTTP is a website. If you can find a way to get the world to accept that it isnt is the day you can retire.

    Time inst sending mixed messages. They can state that the CEO is doing some interesting work and at the same time state facts on how bad SL has become. Two differnt things, one is an entity the other a product. Only mixed here is you misinformation.

    “A lot of todayโ€™s media coverage of Second Life will be laughed about in years to come” You must be smarter than the folks at Gartner.

    “The TIME blurb is accurate in pointing out some of the problems we have, which we continue to work on. Yet it asks:

    Weโ€™re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?”

    – not all of us are enjoying it, in fact many would welcome a full refund of what has been spent and not supported.

    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Grazel Cosmo says:

    Sindy said: “I heard it was Torley goofing with the light switches.”

    The Torley is grounded! We had that lightswitch installed for you so you could turn the lights on and off, not so you could throw lightswitch raves!

  11. My “sympathies” to the staff that sat in the dark. I’ve worked in a call center and seen similar situations. Everyone relaxes, noshes, or naps while management scrambles at double-time to figure out if they should send people home are not. More than once I heard nearly 600 people in a building collectively cheer. :^)

  12. Ming Chen says:

    Dirk Felix,

    If you have problems, why don’t you just leave? You did get what you paid for, its not like they scammed you out of something.

  13. @11

    Why should a PAYING customer leave when they are owed money? Quite frankly I feel like Dirk, there’s problems, and instead of fixing them, the Lindens have taken up a “touchy feely” campaign, instead of just getting down to HARD WORK. Then again, I guess before they can work, they need to see WHICH BUGS are important and the community must vote on them, yet I don’t see any avenue opened to the Community to vote on BUG ISSUES. Maybe the Lindens just want the summer off?

    Sorry to hear about the power problems, I hope when they get it fixed, someone might fix the energy level of the BUG TEAM and have them just start fixing bugs, instead of waiting to be told WHICH BUG the Community wants fixed first. If you need the Community to tell you which BUGS are most important to the world, then you probably shouldn’t be in the BUG FIXING dept.

  14. Apollo Case says:

    See what happens when Torley welcomes the new avatar overlords ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. XanderMaria Nikolaidis says:

    ohh, power cut in usa, say Lindens, we pay you millions of US$, (RL US$) and you poor lot cant afford a simple generator???The Heat waves in usa been announced since a week, wasnt time for you to prepair for it, wasnt it.

    I LOVE YOU ALL,lol


  16. Alicia Sautereau says:

    atleast the electricity bills were payed this time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. Nulflux Negulesco says:

    I stumbled across an SL landbot website a couple days ago… It was located at http://www.dragonkeen.com/landmap/ and the only reason I found it was because I was searching for my name ‘Nulflux’.

    It was very suprising to see something like that in action because it not only had my name and all the land that I owned but everyone elses too. I’m pretty certain that if you look, you will find your name and all of your land listed too.

    Is this legal? Does it violate the terms of service? You be the judge, there are 80+ blog entries left here to say what you think about it.

  18. Ed44 says:

    Bob, use the JIRA. They are improving it!

  19. Ann Otoole says:

    dragonkeen.com is registered through godaddy.com and has actual ownership obfuscated via domainsbyproxy.com.

    so to identify who owns the site will require a court order. if it is a violation of the TOS then it is up to Linden research to file the subpeona to force godaddy to release the information in order that Linden research can revoke the associated accounts from secondlife.

    assuming it violates the TOS. However, since the client to secondlife is not secure – it is open source – then anyone can modify it for any purpose whatsoever and slam it against the grid for any purpose they please. after all, Linden research released the source code. they gave it away. Linden Research lacks the resources to go after millions of hackers.

    Maybe if they grow up and we get to SL version 2 (with better rendering as is found in almost all current video games) they will rethink the decision to allow hacking and will have secure clients for secure commerce.

  20. Chaz Longstaff says:

    As a Canadian I suppose i should grumble something about lack of government funding and investment, etc, etc.

  21. Zanduar Ceawlin says:

    Ya gotta keep the kids away from those sockets abit better guys!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Medium Larg says:

    Hey Dirk: Hope you know more about HTTP than yu do about copyright. You only have to show a “used by permission” statement if the person who gave the permission asks you to. If they don’t ask, they don’t get.

    Sounds like *some* Second-Lifers need to get a First Life.

  23. defrag says:

    seems its bothering more then just that ..

    search seems down .. teleport as well it seems

    avatars wont download on login or never for that matter ..

  24. Kantishn Hallard says:

    Whats up with sl now? I’m Ruth’d. Seach stopped, map won’t work and inv. very slow to load. I’ve cleaned my cache and relogged seceral times. Bah!

  25. Brett Finsbury says:

    hey Ann are you saying with this open source bit a person could go into LL and change things like land ownership and learn your personal info or use your account info to tap into your bank accounts? If so Kind of scarey. We need to have the TOS rewritten to give us some protection here Phillip.

  26. Dirk Felix says:

    #11 Ding-a-Ling Ming Chen

    Ahh grasshopper we all get less than we pay for. Buy a sim, promote it, deal with dishonest builders who pass themselves off as a rl corportation, (really illegal in all countires), whatch LL do nothing; which in knowledge of a crime they actually need to act, buy $400 USD of $lindens to see your money transfer and not recieve them and then try to get customer service and billing to work for a resolution. Place information here and risk getting banished. Have customers of LL and others others publish racists material directed to you with statements that try to discredit the claim. Watch all of this and see that no one will actually buy parcels in most private sims. Gee an excellleent value.

    If LL actually enforced their own TOS, had real customer service and had a stable environment do you think anyone would be here as a last resort for a response?

    Of course if you Ming want to refund me, pass over $20,000 USD for the last 8 months. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Master X says:

    Donยดt forget it was Friday the 13. Now we understand !!!

  28. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    That Dragonkeen landmap is a bit disturbing.Although I suppose it is a less current one than LL has.
    I also think Ann might be over stating it here that anyone can slam anything against the grid because, if that was possible the game would experience missing accounts, missing inventory, serious lag and a host of other very serious problems….
    We don’t need no stinking hackers, do we?

  29. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Oh is there a support staff, I have never seen them so no big deal if the power goes out I suppose. Btw you still have a very nasty problem with your asset server a client on one of my island lost everything he had out on the land both purchased and created AND it was not returned to inventory. Repair the game and keep your new features in the box until you you do so. It seems Phil has gone from one of the top 100 changing forces to one of the bottom five, at least in Time’s opinion.

  30. Sammy says:

    Just wait guys, sometime this weekend we’ll have to scroll waaaaaaay down the blog to see any of this. As usual they’ll find some self-gratifying BS to pile at the top of the blog so that n00bs and investor wannabes don’t see what really goes on here. Hey LL, next time, don’t play with the luiht switch, just pull the plug.

  31. Siriam Mastroianni says:

    This is really worrying – a lot of ppl invested rl $ here in Sl. What will happen if heaven forbid some damage become the main SL servers – would our data and profiles be lost …. forever in cyberspace – what guarantee do we have that ou SL lives won’t be lost with it. Won’t it be wise to host some data on overseas servers – dunno maybe it is done already – just curious and a bit twitchy …

  32. Daedalus Young says:

    Come on guys, you act like the power outage is Linden’s fault. As I read it, -the area of SF where LL has its offices- was affected, not -the offices of LL-. You expect them to have their own backup generator on the parking lot?
    So Sammy: You’re saying they’d cover up an issue that isn’t even their fault to begin with?

  33. Sondra Lundquist says:

    I haven’t been able to log in for two days. My viewer needs upgrading, but the update function is broken and when I try to download the latest version from http://www.secondlife.com as it instructs, the server s3.amazonaws.com can’t be found. It’s been like this since early yesterday. Please fix !!!

  34. Azrael B. says:

    Dirk Felix Says:

    “way too much stuff”

    Anyhow Dirk, you still didn’t answer Ming’s question. Why don’t you leave?

    It almost sounds like you enjoy complaining too much to leave. Nah, that couldn’t be it, could it?

  35. Laetizia says:

    Philip, stop firing those cage guns at the powerlines!

  36. Vx Shaw says:

    My dear Daedalus (#26),

    It IS LL’s fault that the power outage took them down. Any real company with this number of servers should have an uninterruptable power source (UPS units AND power generators) – especially considering that power outages can do serious damage to computer equipment – even with surge suppression.

    Besides, LL – using a regularted power source like this will pay for itself over time – it actually uses less power, plus the servers and other equipment will last longer.

    And don’t we all want to create smaller “carbon footprints” these days?

    Sounds like a win-win-win situation to me…

  37. Anonymous says:

    As a matter of fact, I do; ANY major service provider has emergency power (Diesel run generators)… Obviously the 5kVA UPS didnt last as long as expected… To NOT have a contingency plan is simply unheard of in todays age…

  38. U M says:

    I know one atleast one that has a (Diesel run generators) as their backup. But then again not to have a backup is totally unthinkable and un professional……..

  39. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    California style Rolling Blackouts

  40. Azrael B. says:

    Anonymous wrote:
    As a matter of fact, I do; ”

    Of coourse you do. What fun would you have complaining if you didn’t?

  41. Thats not good! Is there a storm there? A fairly big one is going to hit Japan soon too.. hope Tokyo doesn’t loose power :O

  42. Carsten says:

    @7 did Linden Labs bothered to reply to your problem? They did NOT in my case – not ONE SINGLE LINE – when I experienced it, even though on a smaller scale. I find it UTTERLY amazing that enforcement of their OWN TOS only seems to be done when it affects LINDEN LABS themselves or am I missing something. I could not file a report as the bot that actually bought the land was NOT a registered user (how could it be) and in my understanding ONLY registered PREMIUM account users can by land on main, or am I missing something here?

  43. Carsten says:

    At Azrael…is it your only pride and joy to post useless comments on ALL blogs from Linden? I am getting the slight impression, or do you normally appear as Azrael Linden ????

  44. Aromadon Enoch says:

    If you think their manipulation of the blog is bad, you should see how the fiddle with account information! I cancelled my account when the whole “We can’t bill PayPal” fiasco started because I refused to give LL my CC number. I started getting nasty “you owe us money” emails and had to fight for 13 days to get them to return the status to cancelled, but in the process, they actually tried to ALTER the records to make it look like I owed the money BEFORE I cancelled…. but the idiots LEFT the original entries in the account, so it showed me owing nowthing on a yearlong membership one days, then being billed for it again 4 days later… only when I pointed out that that was fraud and I would report it as attempted CC fraud did a DIFFERENT Linden actual return the status to cancelled…

    I’m telling you, people, you had better get out while you can, and if you have given LL your CC number, CANCEL IT! These people are not to be trusted, and I now see it’s not just because they are incompetent… they have proven that at least one of them is an outright CROOK!

    SL is doing the slow crash and any money you are pouring into it you might as well flush down the toilet… you can’t say you haven’t been warned…

  45. Marama Voom says:

    Bob Bunderfeld Says:
    Why should a PAYING customer leave when they are owed money?

    Okay That Paying Customer said……..

    Dirk Felix Says:
    Iโ€™m a customer, not a resident.

    Okay so a customer not a resident, so what was their money spent on? A monthly-yearly membership? Linden dollars? One of the various entertainments within SL?
    In my opinion if your just a customer and not a resident, then you did in-deed get what you purchased which is the second life experience — just because you personally didnโ€™t like the product – does not mean that the merchant should be held accountable โ€“or does it?

    I am also just a bit confused Bob when you say they are owed money? If Dirk is a customer and not a resident, how could he be owed money?

    Personally I would have to say I agree with Ming Chen, but at the same time I guess I am just trying to get a better understanding for the whole thing. Then again, what I am really doing is lying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning trying to avoid going into my SL Office ๐Ÿ˜›

    As for the lights, I think the first comment covers it nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Zanduar Ceawlin says:


    *sings* ohh noo, there goes tokyo!!!

  47. Grazel Cosmo says:

    @29/30: The servers that run the grid were not affected. What was affected was the call center where their billing support staff is. Most call centers do NOT have generators to keep the phone systems up and running during a power outage.

  48. alexia cournoyer says:


    most companies have a business continuity plan though.. kind of goes with being a professional outfit really

  49. Aromadon Enoch says:

    LOL, only LL would call 2 hours “momentary”…. well, at least that explains why it takes them two weeks to answer a ticket or complaint…

    Maybe out there in good old CA all the weed, beer, smack, blow and smog just slow time to a crawl….

  50. Eric says:

    I was able to determine who’s the Registrant of the domain dragonkeen.com. I’m not sure if the Lindens care to know though.

  51. Sieben Ochs says:

    This is not directly related to this blog posting. Rather yet a earlier one which I wasnt able to comment on til it had reached its 100th mark. However, even so, I wished to give my opinion of this. And based off of years of being an artist and graphic designer, mind you. This site as well as SL’s GUI tend to be very poorly laid out, given how much LL brings in. I am sure they could make the site here, at least moderately if not substantially, better. This is not in no way, shape, or form, even remotely professional looking. Rather more it looks very poorly concieved and executed. You don’t need tons of flash animations or dazzling graphics, but a good layout says everything. Even the way the GUI is done within SL is poor. The overall concept of SL is fantastic. So it baffles me to the extent that the design is so poorly made. And I am sure if LL asked for a site design contest, which didn’t offer any reward, or money, etc … I am sure to this the community would help in making a better design at least for the website. Now for the lack of a effective GUI they really need to find someone thats exceptional at GUI design. They have the money to hire someone for this, even just for the one time to design them a better GUI. Instead the GUI looks like some 3rd grader project, no offense, just being honest. I am happy that they actively work on the bugs within the system. And to this they deserve a thank you. Because handling people and their complains, doing their job, as well as fixing issues within the system, can all get a bit much. Sure they make bad decisions here and there, but doesn’t any company, as well as people. There is a saying “It matters not what intentions you come with, only with what you leave with” So yes some complain and complain, but in the end do you not log into the grid, and interact? We all do. So this is really all that matters, that you are able to connect at all, and be happy SL exists, even with its flaws … A better way to improve a person, place or anything in life is not sitting there and just complaining … rather its taking an active role in its development, and helping it grow. So a question comes to mind “What do you do to help make SL a better place?” “What makes what you do special?” “And if needed would you band together with other members of the community, to enrich its experience (this is also negating the aspect of payment, as a true community you should do things because you wish to … not because you can cash in). For one I have no problem offering my abilities to SL and its members without asking for anything in return. And to this I know others share my view, in wishing to make this a better place for all. Sure we all would love to make a living, but there is also a old saying my mother used to say to me, “always help others before helping yourself”. So making a living in SL is fine but really you should do for people first, than yourself. Because you cant take wealth and power with you when you die. However, you can take with you all the good things you have done for others. So live in SL, have fun, and most importantly be active and a community player =)

  52. Montana Corleone says:

    Why should they worry? It was the weekend. I mean, it’s not as if they have two thirds of their customers outside of US time zones or anything lol.

    If it was a power problem, maybe they’ll get generators in for the phones too. But if the power affected the phone company and took down the lines, then it wouldn’t make much difference. It may just be the teams were in different buildings. There’s really not enough info here to make that call (pardon the pun).

  53. everyone sure does bitch alot, but yet there is over 8 million registered members on the platform. IF secondlife was all that bad dont you think the buzz (spike) would have been done with by now. As everything that becomes really public it goes thru this really BIG time where its popular then it evens out (becomes stable).

    Look at it in this prespective linden labs started out as a platform where Mac users could test out virtual environments for 3D type of applications and it was setup for a “nitch group” of clients who could run this application and do what they needed to do. At least linden labls is trying to handle 8 million bitching people @ the same time. and from what i see at least 1 person in every region/sim/island causes issues for the secondlife platform, (land bots, bad objects, griefers, viriis, linden $$ scripts) everything.

    Why dont you worry less about linden labs and worry more about why you are actually here in secondlife and what you are trying to do here. IF you dont like it Leave, its very simple to cancell your subscription, sell your land and go back to your trolling internet behavior before you found secondlife.

    Always a critic ay?


  54. Alyx Sands says:

    Just one thing. Stop slagging off Torley. He’s one of the nicest people around and always helpful, AND creative. And he would only play with the light switch if it were coloured pink and green.

  55. Jesse Murdock says:

    I feel it necessary to take a minute and communicate to the Lab in a public forum my extreme satisfaction with the current simulator code performance and stability. I honestly do not think my C5 has ever had the opportunity to run this well, as far as apples to apples, well it was definitely a different ballgame back then, but I havent seen sim performance this good in well over a year, (yes my old c4 did actually run that well at one point lol, but as I said so much was very different then in so many ways)

    So anyways, on topic or not, hat’s off to you all on a job well done, keep up the fantastic work, and continue to trudge onward through these uncharted waters more confidently and sure, while improving the integrity and capacity of the ship, and I will surely be right along for the ride.

    Jesse Murdock

  56. Mimi says:

    theres a new annoying error.. when i create an item, send it full permission to a friend.. he rezzes it on the ground and picks it up again., its not full permissions anymore..

    theres no scripts in it or any like that

    this means he cannot modify any items i send to him full permissions… which is VERY annoying for doing business
    i know its off topic.. but i still needed to mention it.. if only to warn other people who do business!

  57. Dirk Felix says:

    Pacific Gas and Electric, (PG&E), states that there was no power interuption in the city and county of San Francisco. Could this be Torley spinning facts? Puzzling to post misleading information.

    Why would you just say, “Gee looks like we messed up again with the new release and you may or mat not be able to use SL anytime soon.”

  58. Baddgirl Dagostino says:

    Move your operation up here to Wisconsin – I’ve lived here all my life and can’t remember one energy blackout. Of course, you DO have winter to contend with . . .

  59. Jayden B says:

    > And based off of years of being an artist and graphic designer

    Then, having an eye for layout, there is no excuse for writing an epistle without a single paragraph break.

    Oh my aching eyes.

  60. Chris Geiger says:

    This is unrelated to this blog post, but has anyone else noticed their avatar doing odd contortionist poses (sticking its head up its butt) lately for no apparent reason? I’ve seen my avatar and a friend’s do this. Very weird!

  61. Grazel Cosmo says:


    I worked in call centers for over a year. If the power goes out the call center is down until the power is restored. Generators cost a lot, especially ones large enough to power a building. Also LL can’t put in a generator unless they OWN the building. Chances are teh billing support is in leased offices in a larger building. Call center phone systems are fairly complex and they’d need to keep power to every single phone as well as the servers, network switches, lights, etc. It’s not cost effective for a call center to do that. While I’ve not been able to find reports of outages on Friday there was one in the San Fran area on Tuesday.

  62. jarlybart Kupferberg says:

    Hey there Linden guys and gals….thanks for keeping this fun and for working so hard at this. I am sorry for all the people that think you are sitting there on your hands and not doing anything about the “BUGS” as there is no question you are like much of us who spend as much of their day as well as nights on here doing whatever it is that we do on here…but in the end having fun and making it a great place to be. Some of us out there really do enjoy this and when things go wrong…well that is life…even in Second Life things can and will go wrong…just like in RL. All the best to ya and I hope you were able to see the little 5 minute blurb I did with the news last week. If you didn’t then go to http://www.kmtr.com and look up Second Life. It was great to see they did a great job of puting it all together. Cheers!!! Jarlybart Kupferberg…proud user and a thankful user

  63. CaptJosh Au says:


    Your comment about graphics like video games shows how little you understand about video games and about Second Life. There is a vast difference between the graphics capabilities needed to make a hyper-realistic video game and making Second Life look like that. First of all, in video games, they don’t use Primitive Building Blocks, or prims. They use 3d models. Furthermore, when you see a set of buildings in a video game, most of them only have one or two sides, like a movie set. It’s an optimization that can’t be done in Second Life because of the use of prims.Objects are fully built and fully rendered. The only optimization they are able to do is not render things that can’t be seen and are a certain distance from that which is obscuring them from view. This is called occlusion culling. Aside from user changeable settings and debug settings that let you change what gets drawn and how far away frow you it’ll get drawn on your screen, occlusion culling is the only optimization that can be done for Second Life graphics.

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