I, for one, welcome our new avatar overlords

In recent news, I was amused to be surfing the web and find out that Second Life’s been awarded the dubious distinction of being one of the “5 Worst Websites” on the Internet. By whom? None other than TIME, who also previously put Linden Lab CEO Philip Rosedale on their TIME 100 list of people “whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world”.

Philip Linden has many talents

I’m gettin’ mixed messages here! :O

Not to mention, we have a website (you’re looking at it right now!), and we can communicate with the web from inworld (e.g., profile Web tabs, the llHTTPRequest scripting call, etc.), but saying “Second Life is a website” is as accurate as saying “This bowl of fruit is a banana” or “The color red is the rainbow”.

The myopia is understandable. Really.

And at least we get some really kewl comics having fun with the “website” thang, like Sherman’s Lagoon:

But wait, there’s more!

I’m sure Hawthorne will love the new reflective water in our upcoming WindLight viewer:

A lot of today’s media coverage of Second Life will be laughed about in years to come — and I certainly don’t mean dripping sarcasm, but a pleasant retrospectacle more along the lines of a gleeful, “Honey, remember that’s what it was like when we first met!”

While Second Life is unique in many ways, there’s precedent for interpretation of events as they’re being lived to be quite different from how we see them when looking back. I’m not just talking about big hair in the 80s, either — watch this video about the “growing phenomenon of Internet”.

And things that were once perceived as being bizarre, we’ve gradually gotten used to. For example, our abundance of user-created content isn’t such a crazy concept as it was 5 years ago. Even Photoshop filters are taking advantage of this model. Not unlike how Apple’s innovations have become ubiquitous delights (I’m sure some of you are enjoying your shiny new iPhones), Second Life is traveling past the troughs of “novelty”. Science fiction is becoming the casual everyday…

I call this one

(Another raw shot taken inworld, with no post-processing.)

Speaking of sci-fi, I’m often reminded that Second Life is a strange sort of soul-searching mirror, in that what you say about SL tells a story of who you are. After all, let’s not forget that TIME’s person of the last year is “You“, and again, they specifically mentioned us:

And we didn’t just watch, we also worked. Like crazy. We made Facebook profiles and Second Life avatars…

While it’s as obvious as water is wet that Linden Lab’s a for-profit business, it’s also true that there are the finer things in Second Life which money can’t buy:

  • We can’t endow you with an insatiable curiosity, but we can enable creative tools to inspire you to rediscover your childhood passions — and share them with newfound friends.
  • We can’t find the love of your life, but we can listen and respond to your ideas for making it easier to connect to other Residents who share your interests.
  • We can’t fix all the damn bugs (which we abhor too) in a single day, month, or even years, but we can commit to making progress and communicating regularly to you about issues, such as when there are problems on release day. And beyond this, because Second Life is so, well, you-driven, through triages and other means, we can open up more possibilities for you to be involved in shaping our future.

The TIME blurb is accurate in pointing out some of the problems we have, which we continue to work on. Yet it asks:

We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?

How would you answer this? Let me know in the comments.

And see you in Second Life,


Torley Linden is a Product Manager & more who regularly contributes to the Official Linden Blog. He/she/it breaks pronouns. Read Torley’s previous posts, and if you liked those WindLight snapshots, there’s more here.

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163 Responses to I, for one, welcome our new avatar overlords

  1. Nad Gough says:

    The immediacy of our issues sometimes makes us overlook tht bigge picture we’re part of.

  2. Rei Laurasia says:

    PFFFT, what do they know anyways? What do they actually base their definition of ‘best man of year’ off of?

    If you ask me, they are grasping at straws for that one.

    I’m having fun on SL doing the things that normal everyday life doesn’t let me do. Like run around with a plasma rifle on my back. And be a ninja. Yes, some games allow you to do this, but those games also do not have the same kind of interaction between players that I crave and so this game is the wonderful balance between them.

    If TIME has a problem with the above statement, they can kiss my shiney metal *Expletive*

  3. Anylyn Hax says:

    OK, but the website is not a website its a modificated wordpress
    So they are right. The website is a cheap one.
    Some companies have realy artwork you cannot compare with this blog

  4. AnneAlyce Maertens says:

    Forget about Time other publications are praising SecondLife for the inventiveness and educational oppurtunites that SecondLife provides. I say keep up the good work on your “website.” 😉 rofl

    Website – really Time Magazine you really need to get in world to see what SecondLife is before making stupid comments.

  5. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I wholly disagree with time. SL is incredible, and full of potential.

    I just find a few little flaws here and there, like WHY CAN’T WE CONTROL AVATAR SHAPES AND CLOTHING VIA SCRIPTS


    I really hope that functionality is coming soon. It’s been at the top of my wishlist forever.


    Tons of avatar improvements. in that jira. Please do vote on the linked issues.

    I come to SL because of the endless possibilities. So few people seem to notice that we all have…

    The ability to fabricate materials from nothing
    Super human strength

    I love the abiolity to affect and control the fabric of the world around me. THe ability to remake something as I wish so easily. I do also like the fact that I can earn nice sums of money from my talents.

    I really don’t care what time, or any magazine says.. I’m sticking with SL.


  6. Vahghina Writer says:

    While I admire this well thought response to TIME, I also think it’s fruitless as my personal opinion is many people who spend time on Second Life would rather read this blog, than read TIME itself. I don’t understand the defence in itself, really. At the end of the day, someone has their opinion, you guys have yours. I would hope people don’t take SL too seriously, as much as they don’t take TIME seriously either. Just my two cents worth.

  7. Optix Graves says:

    Wow. I think this person who wrote the TIME article is confused. Uhh…Second Life isn’t a website. There is a website FOR SL but I seriously think this writer believes that SL is running in his web browser or something.

    I also like how he calls SL more pathetic than playing World of Warcraft. Since when is playing WoW pathetic? Sounds like someone has a grudge against online entertainment. Someone should tell him to see a therapist. =O

  8. honeydripper says:

    Why would someone enjoy SecondLife? Because there are no limits other than one’s ambitions, creativity and willingness to learn. It is a fantasy life enjoyed in the first person to put it simply.
    I can build my dream house, hit several parties a day, hang out with Vampires, visit a battle sim, wear designer clothes and goth up every day. You become involved in communities, make friends and hold down a job if you wish…or don’t if you prefer not to.
    I have to wonder if anyone from TIME has actually tried out SecondLife for any length of time…sure the bugs suck, but for me they are definitely worth working around.

  9. AnneAlyce Maertens says:

    Anylyn, the blog is only apart of the website. The off world website that we are currently on has been well developed to introduce SecondLife to the uninformed and provides users with access to account information as well as support with issues. While in world we can access the net through profile websites. Even the SLurl link off world to in world.

  10. maggie mcardle says:

    one of the 5 worst? why am i not surprised? yes, its true you canot fix all the bugs, but perhaps a slowdown or total stop on new shineys that make those lingering bugs worse, and a complete concentration on the ones that are immediate, would help.

    i do appreciate what has been done so far, dont get e wrong, i like the fact you are finally getting a handle on the memleak thing. but costumer service remains a joke, landbots continue to make land buying a chore, blatant(in some cases) copybot issues are still cropping up here and there, and the biggest noogie of them all(so far) is the court case(s?) against LL. not to mention the glaring contradictions in your main page website catchphrase, A virtual world created and owned, by its residents, against the ever evolving to serve, suit and protect LL only ToS.

    want to be taken seriously? listen to the people who matter: those of us who put you on the map, your residents.

  11. Well said Torley. I am one of those who is enjoying Second Life. Why? How much time do you have? Every day is a new day and a new adventure. My only limitation is my own imagination. {:o)

  12. > We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?

    Because it gives me new ways to express myself and my creativity; new ways to experience/enjoy interesting things made by other people; new ways to interact with other people and make things with them/together. And, it enables me to shape and modify these new ways to express myself & interact.

  13. Arth Karas says:

    “Why enjoy Second Life?”
    Why enjoy ANY life?

    Anyone can figure that out. Oh, wait, this is TIME magazine: Renowned for non-factual reporting and half-baked editorials.
    Yah, sure, we got bugs and maybe SL is one big beta test of the net-to-come. We savor the challenge!

  14. Xasnhin Paz says:

    Wow! Who wrote that piece in Time? Somebody invested in Entropia?

  15. morgainne Milo says:

    We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?

    why? why?………becouse it is amazing…that’s WHY………thank you Lindens.

  16. zebadee says:

    both comic links link to the same strip….

    maybe time werent that far off the mark? :s

  17. zebadee says:

    both comic links link to the same strip….

    maybe time werent that far off the mark? ;S

  18. Lenneth Hannya says:

    Time sure seems to be biteing a bit more then they should be there. sure SL might have its flaws, might have its ups and downs (and might I add random crashes and the typicaly Update week of chaos) but that don’t stop builders from building often, or scripters from scripting. just delays us. If Time wants to sit here and say the site is junk (which for most parts the actual WEBsite needs a little work but thats just my very honest and humble opinion here) The program itself granted buggy and at times a pain is still fun and still alot of great times to be had for me.

  19. anaisa Greene says:

    well i must say that i like sl very much since i am in sl i have experienced only positive things. so as it has been already said people have to look at the bigger picture and not only to the things that needs to be fixed in sl . all i hope is that linden can fix the bugs that need to be fixed so we can continue enjoying our secondlife everyday. 🙂

  20. Onder Skall says:

    Just another reminder of old media’s continuing march into irrelevance. Good catch Torley, I really enjoyed this! 🙂

  21. Lenneth Hannya says:

    @ 10: more like Media’s chance to actualy try and talk abunch of nonsence that makes actualy no sence at all here (as if my own typeing does at times I don’t know but you get the hint)

  22. Tomaso Rall says:

    I have read the postings here. I find them interesting but somewhat off topic.

    I love SL. I want LL to concentrate its efforts on making SL better and better. And. lest I lose this opportunity, customer support, I agree, is abysmal. The website is functional. That’s all I need.

    I appreciate SL. I applaud your efforts in-world. The outside world? Eh! Get a life!

  23. Zen Zeddmore says:

    We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?
    /me heh(moron that later) 🙂

    Visually, this vast virtual world can be quite impressive,
    /me (SL racks ONE point)!

    but it’s notoriously slow to load
    /me aye, and you’re a notorious unloader?

    (it runs on free software you have to download)
    /me gasps!

    and difficult to navigate, even with a broadband connection.
    /me sure if you’re a chimp or a chump or a…?

    You interact in the space through an avatar,
    but creating and personalizing this animated representation of yourself is tedious.
    /me thinks one spent all ones time in SL in vainity land tweaking one AV to realist perfection(lmtd)

    Movements feel clunky and there can be a terrible lag.
    /me um, that would be all that baggage haning off your backside.

    As on many sites, there’s a learning curve for novices, but Second Life’s is simply too steep.
    /me as i said before he didn’t stick around long enough to “get it” (his loss)

    And there are crazy people around every corner — disruptive types that spread graffiti and get in your way and throw you off your groove.
    /me and this differs from FL how?

    Fans (the two that I met when I wasn’t primping my AV)
    praise Second Life as a virtual hangout where you can meet and chat and buy sneakers and real estate (that’s fake stuff for real money)
    and dance and go bowling and have sex —

    suggesting that “virtual humans” doing “human things” online in Second Life is somehow less pathetic than, say, cooking Kaldorei spider kabobs or making magic pantaloons in World of Warcraft.

    The corporate world’s embrace of the place as a venue for staff meetings and training sessions does seem to lend Second Life a layer of legitimacy. But maybe it’s a case of some CEOs trying too hard to be hip.
    /me I think we all know who’s tring to hard to be what they can’t…

    Sorry, just HAD to get that out of the way, y’all who know me know why i love SL.
    and if ya don’t know me, well it’s high time ya did.

    *lmtd =laugh myself to death

  24. Mel says:

    Why would I enjoy Second Life? Sometimes I wonder if I do…and sometimes that is frequently….but I have not gone anywhere. I have been in SL almost everyday for almost 3 years with days that stretched about 10-11 hours every day for the first 2 years but now are scrunched into 5 because of RL demands.

    Where else would I have rediscovered that I still could “make” things, get pushed into learning software programs that I had no idea existed or had any application to me, met people from all over the globe from every facet of life, been interviewed on radio or for magazines and newspapers, re-found my old profession and been able to use those skills again when I can not work in RL? Several people have said to me, “Who would have thought that a ‘game’ would teach me scripting?”

    SL CAN be a “killer/crusher.” The speed at which your life moves in SL is RL magnified 10 times. You have no control over whether the person you trust is telling the truth or will even be there the next day. You have no contact if someone disappears who has chosen not to share RL information. You dont know the hows or whys. You dont know if the skills and projects you work on today in SL will be the same or even exist tomorrow. In other words, SL can be ambiguous and magnify the lack of control you have over so many things you have contact with. I think that is why the issues with the LL-resident views are so strong…we as residents are not used to dealing with the unknown/lack of control as much as we encounter in SL. In RL, we can take measures to fix what is wrong or to move beyond to create a new situation. In SL, we are at the mercy of LL. And, without good communication or a feeling that the issues are taken care of, that anxiety escalates.

    On the other hand, SL teaches patience and delayed gratification. It teaches us to look at our weaknesses and our strengths in a very focussed way. It allows us to explore new avenues of being and growing. It causes pain but it also creates the opportunity for new expression and knowledge. So, when it comes down to the final line,

    SL is about GROWTH.

    And, growing sometimes hurts.

  25. Vahghina Writer says:

    More people read and are influenced by tabloid papers than people influenced by Second Life. Fact. The person who wrote this article was influenced by media, for example. This website is an example of “media”. Do you know what “media” is?

  26. silvari soleil says:

    Second Life so far strikes me as a very narrow niche Mr Torley. People who want to express themselves as much as possible. Thats a very specific niche that can only be found in Second Life. So we got bashed by the mainstream. So what the hey. If World of WarLevelGrinding wants to wallow in their muck of mainstream let them be. Second Life should strive to be what its always been. The Niche for people who want to express themselves

  27. Mel says:

    TY, Zen…

  28. Johan Durant says:

    Check out the entire list of 5, it really gives you a sense of the mindset of the person who poo-pooed SL. I dislike several of those websites too, but I would hardly consider them the worst of the web. And besides, my beef with this or that site is just my opinion; they are all among the most popular websites for social connections. Seriously, that’s the common thread in all of them: they are very popular websites for enabling/enhancing social connections.

    Clearly the person who compiled that list just has some sort of grudge against social networking online, plus it is staggeringly elitist for them to say “sure millions of people love this, but it’s one of the worst, trust me.”

  29. Magi Merlin says:

    To quote a friend….

    “It’s like being five years old again…
    … there is no one there to call you in for dinner”


  30. Nate says:

    After reading through the article, it does hold a valid point. The good point about Second Life lies between the keyboard and the chair, I’d say. The community and way everyone interacts is the only reason I bother with SL, but technologically, I’d have to say Second Life’s engine is a bloody mess. 😛
    In fact, I couldn’t help but laugh when I found out that Phillip used to be the Chief Technical Officer for the same company that developed RealPlayer, I think that’s when it all really made sense to me.

  31. Very nice, Tory. Good to see a blog like this once in a while.
    With all it’s bugs and contraversy (forgive the spelling), I really love SL and met quite a few r/l friends here. It’s the only place my r/l girlfriend (who lives overseas) and I can actually feel like we are going out together. And I’ve created and am running my dream business.
    So yeah, I love it here.

  32. That DeFarge says:

    MySpace is in there too. TIME say “don’t use MySpace”. Kinda undermines the credibility of the list.

  33. Sedary Raymaker says:

    >> you can meet and chat and buy
    >> sneakers and real estate (that’s
    >> fake stuff for real money)

    Fake stuff for real money? Sounds like the stock market to me.

  34. Issarlk says:

    If Second Life is a website. Then Wow is one too. As well as Die Hard 4 I guess. And the United Kingdom (they have a website, so they are a website)

  35. Ravanne Sullivan says:

    They are saying that Second Life HAS a bad website, not that Second Life IS a bad website.

    The SL website is poorly laid out, nonintuitive and difficult to navigate.

  36. Montana Corleone says:

    Well, Time wasn’t that bad, they didn’t mention the bugs, but they did the lag, but we all know that, right? lol

    And I don’t find changing anything with my av tedious, but they are right on a steep learning curve, and complete lack of documentation on many things, especially everything in the Client and Server menus. On another site, there were interesting comments on what people thought Cheesy Beacon was, for example.

    And I’ll take issue with Photoshop filters, they were around an awful lot earlier than SL, as you must well know Torley lol. Sure, that link makes it easier to create them, but it’s not the first software to do that.

    And sure, you can’t fix all the bugs in one go, but you do have to be careful about introducing 400 more bugs per month than you can fix (previous post here). But it is great that finally you do seem to be finally listening, probably the greatest change yet 🙂

    Mmm, well we still have emoticons, somethings don’t change, but the bad language has 😦

    So, why do I love it? Well, it is a good combination, creative skills, education, meeting people, the freedom to explore and try new things, albeit it virtual, that you might not get a chance to do in RL. And maybe because of SL, you will try in RL. It is addictive too, but I’d better be quiet about that in case of more lawsuits 😉

    And those pesky bugs? Well maybe SL is educational in more ways than one, training me to cope with frustration and stress, to have endless patience, and not go bald pulling my hair out. And there’s the excitement of waiting to see what has been borked with every new update.

    It’s a voyage of self-discovery. Maybe I’m just a masochist at heart 😉

  37. Quite frankly, I find it immature of you (Torley) or anyone from Linden Lab to post something to refute what some idiot magazine might think about your WordPress Site.

    This clealy shows the “young” thinking in the company, that you think you have to defend something as silly as TIME Magazine articles that might slight Second Life in the smallest degree, and quite frankly, they were talking about your WORDPRESS site, NOT the SL World itself.

    Perhaps a more productive use of your time would be setting up an in-world BUG REPORTING office, so those people who are filing bugs without repro steps could get the needed help to file them correctly, and then the rest of your BUG SQUASHING crew won’t just ignore them because they didn’t follow your step-by-step instructions. Actually, perhaps you should put that qualifier on the WORDPRESS site, so people will know they are just wasting their time when they don’t do it according to hoyle.

    Of course, let’s not forget my personal favorite, that BUG FIXING is now a votable option with the community. Let’s forget all those nasty memory leaks, since most in the community won’t vote for them, or the crashing bugs, or the assett server bugs, et al. The community gets to vote on the BUGS to be fixed, and I suppose that means your team will just sit around doing nothing when only 5 people vote on something and you can say, “Not enough voted for it”. Tell me Torley, just HOW MANY votes does it take to fix a bug in SL now? IF you and your team keep putting qualifiers on actionable issues, then you should really tell the WHOLE community WHAT those qualifiers are, so we can all see just how much you don’t want to do.

  38. Shinobi says:

    I agree with comment #16, “it is staggeringly elitist for them to say sure millions of people love this, but it’s one of the worst, trust me.”

    As the name Second Life imply, the platform itself doesn’t aim at a particular way of living in-world, but rather be totally free to “live” as you want, following the example of real life, people build their own world according to what they really are, the disruptive and immoral aspect is rather aimed at those who perpetrate such acts, in my opinion.

    As for the website there is about as much lag as any news website with no lag, there sure can be downtime moments, but its nothing more than what most big websites undergo, in my experience.

    From here for sure, thumbs up for Second Life!

  39. Sedary Raymaker says:

    >> They are saying that Second Life HAS
    >> a bad website, not that Second Life IS
    >> a bad website.

    That’s what I assumed before I read the article, but all they did was complain about the in-world experience.

  40. They sort of have a point. When I first started this I found the web site a bit confusing and hard to use. Now I like it very much and can find most of the things I need relatively quickly. The sl web site is designed for regular users and not for new comers. Now that I know my way around I would not like to see it changed, but it would make for a better experience for new people if it were organized differently.

  41. Deltango Vale says:

    There are those who ‘get it’ and those who don’t. My RL BF tells me wonderful stories about how Windows 3.0 was dismissed as a complete joke back in 1990 by his consulting firm. DOS was forever they said. Better yet, no one was interested in an office pool to guess the date of breaking through the 100Mhz barrier. “Not in our lifetime,” was the curt reply.

  42. Pocket Pfeffer says:

    First of all……

    Though I have a really crappy computer…..
    Though I rarely get much sleep anymore….
    Though I should be doing laundry…

    I still LOVE my Second Life…where else can you be a Fairy one day, and a Pirate the next? Where else can you meet and communicate with people from all over the world without leaving your living room?

    The potential for Second Life is enormous…..especially for education…

    I’m thankful that I’ve been able to discover it for myself and I truly believe that we’re all part of what will come to be known as a historic time in the development internet communication.

  43. Meta Starostin says:

    In a nutshell – Narrow minded journalists.
    Of course they are entitled to their opinion, but they know zilch about the Metaverse let alone the Universe.

  44. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    I’d have thought this should have been reserved for your personal blog to be quite honest.
    Unless of course the opinions you’ve advanced are those of Linden Lab?

    You have a problem there. Allowing partisans of a non-news media company to make private remarks concerning a news media company’s editorial concerning your company on their own private blog is one thing – private comment.

    Making those comments on your company’s blog using your company identity is something else.
    Unprofessional for a start, as the intent is open to interpretation.

  45. Eata Kitty says:

    I think there is a few basic issues that this kind of negative PR uses to brush things off and it’s that the first impressions aren’t particularly good. When people judge SL on the first five minutes they pretty much always say;

    1) Avatar movement is laggy.
    2) Avatars are ugly.
    3) Animation looks bad.
    4) User interface is ugly.

    Some progress was made recently on point number two, although only about half as far as it should have gone. The UI isn’t too bad but is nowhere near as clean or slick as it could be (How about copying Apple there?).

    These points REALLY need to be addressed to improve the new user experience and if LL wants to avoid people being able to make these five minute judgements, it would also seriously help retention.

  46. not a thieve says:

    can u Childs from SL or LL or what ever please reopen the viewer

    was the best in the last 3 weeks


    best for u to learn is, see whats in my tummy… will give it to you face

  47. Valerian Romeo says:

    We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?

    Next week I will celebrate my first SL birthday. This last year has been a massive learning curve as I learned first to move my clumsy less than sleek self around the world, then stopped in shock and some delight upon discovering some of the things this world can contain. My steps restarted and smoothed out once I started making friends. That has been the biggest thing for me. The connections are what makes this a real world to me. Each day I meet people from around the world: newbies, oldsters, griefers, people looking for cyber sex, shoppers, sellers, builders, scripters, dancers – just people doing normal people things but on a scale magnified beyond belief.

    Where else in this world can you exercise superhuman powers (ala @3 War Kirby above), design, create and implement your own environment, learn anything and everything you can imagine from people who give their skills freely and willingly and in a friendly fashion, explore repressed fantasies without shame, build a house in the sky or underwater and FLY!

    Napoleon Bonaparte said “The human race is governed by its imagination”. Second Life is born every day from everyone’s imagination. And I love it.

  48. janie matahari says:

    LOL the person who put Secondlife on the worst websites came in as a noob, took forever to get out of help island because their HUD wouldnt load, couldnt get a job because they didnt have any nice clothes or skin, probably got orbited by a griefer being in the wrong place at the wrong time and maybe tried to hit on a pretty girl and got the shaft. So this person from Time thought, this sucks! lmao

  49. crymson everidge says:

    why?,,, not sure I do enjoy it much anymore. I have a business I devoted alot of time effort and dedication to. but it’s become a massive chore of late. inventory missing, recent items growing, crashing, lagging, textures jumping, boots and hair up my rear end – the list goes on.

    do i love SL, yes

    do i hate that every upgrade brings me closer to leaving SL, yes

    you can’t fix every bug, true
    -but you can fix the ones that prevent our ability to function well before introducing new fluff that bring more bugs

    I think if you are getting mixed signals you should take a closer look inward as to why and not outward at us.

    we know why and we know you know we know

  50. Muscrat Hesse says:

    Well well I see not a single Time/Warner website made the list ! Hehehehe This is just an attempt by some chuckleheads at Time /Warner to disparage some popular sites for finacial reasons..

  51. Sling Trebuchet says:

    One has to look at the Time list in context.
    They don’t slate everything for being “bad”.

    For example on Evite.com, they say “We’re only mad at Evite because we need it so much, and we know it could be so much better.”
    The same could be said of SL.
    I know I say it a lot! 😉

    For myself, I KNOW that SL is brilliant!
    Why? – Because I spend way too much time here. I don’t suffer fools gladly or in silence. I deeply resent people or things wasting my time.
    But I need my SL fix! Every day. Losing SL would be like losing a part of myself.

    It’s the easy facilitation of creativity that does it for me.
    I wish SL wasn’t so laggy/buggy. I wish LSL could have more power. But I’m still here 🙂

    I can’t speak for the purely consumerist folk who might want to use SL only as a social networking and entertainment ‘site’ on the Interwab thing.
    Maybe for them, the killer app aspect is the chance to see and experience the sort of end-user creativity that corporations will never produce.
    There’s great user-built content in there, and the price for that is the ugly tat and moronic behaviour that also happens. SL is an amplifier for creativity. It is also an amplifier for other human traits 🙂

    “We can’t fix all the damn bugs (which we abhor too) in a single day, month, or even years,..”
    Torley??? Years? Plural(s) Nooooooooooooooo! 🙂
    You just got carried away with that bit of prose didn’t you?
    Next time, start at hours and stop at months. It will make us feel better.

  52. Franko Corleone says:

    Having worked both in the mainstream media and online media for some years it become my opinion that many writers in the mainstream are absolutely terrified by the coming of truly interactive environments. There have rarely in the immeadiate past history been a group of people such as Second Life Residents who have created something so unique as what we currently have.
    It may not be perfect
    It may not be totally realistic
    It is ours
    and the worlds
    Being one of the “RL Older” Residents of SL has shown me that indeed, This is the web of the next 50 years.
    The use of this environment for education, entertainment, social interactivity, cultural interchange and a variety of other application is indeed a step towards a true interactive environment.
    I for one appluad the people behind Second Life.
    As for Time magazine…we all pick it up in a doctors waiting room…..but how many of us buy it these days.,….

    and i so advise

  53. Loki Eliot says:

    I brave the sim crashes and viewer pauses because i love what i do in SL. When my secondlife friends come to me and say things like “That was such a laugh” or ” When are we gonna go on another adventure??” it makes it all worth while. I have it in me to create not just buildings and textures, but events and memories that i can share with those i meet in SL. SL is not the same for everyone, i guess it depends on your way of thinking.
    I hope to be here in SL in 3 years time still having fun, DJ’ing, making new friends, having more adventures, setting off on more expeditions to new Sims. And im sure i’ll still be involved with the politics of being a Child Av.

  54. not a thieve says:

    get out the open source from SL and it will work again , lets try. lets go back a half year before ” too many cooker will make the food unaccessible”

  55. l0ne says:

    @inigo: You can think what you want, but damn, it was *classy* anyway. 🙂

    In fact I’d love other companies to *always* respond to criticism like this, rather than hiding themselves in a shroud of silence.

  56. Fender Todd says:

    TIME’s comments about the Second Life “website” are quite obviously the product of someone who simply doesn’t care for the SL experience and managed to ram through his/her opinions when TIME compiled the list. Torley is being overly-generous in his assessment. I read the TIME comments and they have nothing to do with the SL
    website–they are talking about the game itself, which is not a website (meaning an HTTP site). While I might have to agree that the SL website itself isn’t the most attractive or efficient or useable, it’s not -that- bad, but it does not matter because TIME just wanted to take a cheap shot at SL/LL. Whether their comments are justified or not, I think it shows a serious lack of journalistic integrity to “mix your metaphors.”

  57. Daqbet Kish says:

    funny how only until someone from the outside looking in makes a unflattering remark about SL does all the resident SL critiques rally behind LL in support. Kind a like family eh?

  58. ina centaur says:

    quoting the anonymous Times reporter who was probably nigh-on-tooooo desperate for a 5th site for his/her muckracking top 5 list (notice how while they have a top 25 best sites list, they only have a top 5 worst list).

    “You interact in the space through an avatar, but creating and personalizing this animated representation of yourself is tedious.”

    just fyi, for the price of a typical lunch in san fran (about USD $15), you can get a *really* nice looking *custom* photorealistic avatar based on your RL face and/or body. o_O (Click on my name!)

    also, it’s interesting to note that the 5 worst sites happen to be some of the 5 most popular websites on the net.

    i suppose that’s Time’s way of “creating (notorious) news” while doing minimal damage… knowing that the millions already involved with stuff like myspace (yes, myspace made their top 5 worst list!) and SL won’t stop because of a few words from a confused n00b posing as a Times reporter.

  59. Torley,

    You could have used a webcomic that also appears in-world 🙂

    See Kevin & Kell (online at http://www.herdthinners.com or in-world at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cassowarry/109/180/57).

    Bill Holbrook has done a whole series of strips regarding ‘Ninth Life”.

    Ask MichaelFrancis Linden – he’s a fan.

  60. walkinthewoods says:

    IMHO, many of the criticisms of second life are based in a stark, obvious ignorance of what Second Life is, how it works and the opportunities it affords its users.

    Torley’s point regarding the ‘website’ description is a prime example. There are many other manifestations of such ignorance – I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been asked by a noob. ‘How do I get to win this game?’. Such people are thinking – a few clicks of the mouse, shoot a few bad guys and you win or lose then look for another game.

    No. SL isn’t like that. SL is a living, growing thing! It’s ALIVE! 🙂

    It seems to me that people sometimes forget that just as in RL, in SL you tend to get what you give. If you make an effort to learn, to understand and communicate, to create and to give – then rewards are often forthcoming.

    And so to answer Torley’s question – I love second life because of the different people I meet. I love Second Life for it’s moments of sheer side-splitting, slapstick comedy. I love Second Life’s ability to suddenly transform the most ordinary situations into fantastic, surreal, dream-like sequences and events. I love the serendipity of Second Life. I love the dancing! I love the music! I love the flirting:) I love the lessons patiently and most often, generously given for free by tutors at classes. I love the bizarre avatars, I love seeing the different ways people express themselves. I love the way I often find myself grinning from ear to ear when in-world, I love falling off my chair with laughter.

    I love the anarchy in SL. It seems to me that the SL environment encourages people to ‘rule themselves’ and to show respect for each other in ways that other methods of online communication cannot even begin to approach.

    I do not watch TV (the ‘tragic lantern’), I don’t have one in my house and I only very rarely watch films. Personally, I feel that life is way to short to sit like a sponge, soaking up other people’s experiences and ideas in a non-interactive way.

    I enjoy Second Life because it’s like watching and interacting with the birth of a whole new way for humanity to get together.

    SL is part of my RL and I love life!

  61. Beast Mauvaise says:

    Smarmy oh-aren’t-we-all-too-kewl-for-our-laptops quote from some anonymous TIME staffer:
    “We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?”

    Because I’m an artist, and SL is my canvas.

    Because I suffer a rather debilitating disability, and SL gives me the opportunity to be social (and sociable) in ways I don’t get in RL.

    Because in a world that is less and less under our personal control, SL is a world where we ARE in control. Well, except for the bugs. And the rolling restarts. And the way my airships derez when they enter a full parcel. And… okay, okay, I’ll stop now…

    Said anonymous writer(s) whines about the ‘learning curve’ and the way things take time to do. Me, I don’t need instant gratification. The minimal effort required to master SL is amply repaid, in my opinion, and the added effort one can put into learning content creation even more so. Maybe he/she/they should have done more than spend seventeen minutes on Help Island, ne?

    Oh, well. It isn’t like TIME is the influence they used to be, anyway. Maybe that’s why their writers are so snarky sometimes, and why they’re less and less in touch with what real (or virtual) people really think, eh?

    Must dash. Just had a killer idea for a new skin, and Photoshop awaits…

  62. janie matahari says:

    oops i forgot to answer your question.

    ok, why i love SL

    — because i ran Heaven Above the Clouds for 6 months, and this blog isnt big enough to describe all the really great times we had there with our events and house DJ because of all the cool things i built on my island

    and more stuff— CASINOS! :D, being able to sell your lindens, Shopping, yard sales, skyboxes, sailboating, driving police cars, weapons, eyeballs, hair, sounds, dances, chatting, promiscuous people, people who cuss randomly, funny names for stuff, spider avitars, self expression

    why i hate SL — A**HOLES!!!, bitches, stalkers, pedophiles, not being able to IM your groups without getting errors, — the voting system that nobody knows how to use, LAG, INVENTORY LOSS!!!

  63. ina centaur says:

    * mod to previous post link: http://slface.com

  64. Nicholas Murdock says:

    While they have the standard clueless complaints about users being the stereotype geeks hunched over in their parent’s basement rather than having a real First Life, they’re are spot on about the problems with lag and playability. They need to overhaul the entire infrastructure to deal with the lag and stability problem, or more people will bolt to other online venues. So far, the main thing keeping SL popular is it’s social emphasis, rather than shoot’em and advance to the next level style.

  65. not a thieve says:

    #39, why the LL doing nothing for their customers?

    nothing means= nothing

    all failures from last 6 month are still here, mean all failures they are in the SL and not owned by the user-system

    what the hell these bandits LL thinking they are?

    they do nothing and bring in the pest with open source to SL and multiplicate all failures with that

    sl cant work properly with open source before the failures from before where cleaned up

    but the LL-childs have enough money so they run away from their biggest failures

  66. “This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” – A memo at Western Union, 1878 (or 1876).

    “The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys.” – Sir William Preece, Chief Engineer, British Post Office, 1878.

    “It’s a great invention but who would want to use it anyway?” – Rutherford B. Hayes, U.S. President, after a demonstration of Alexander Bell’s telephone, 1877.

  67. Loki Ball says:

    I’ve been in SL for a while now. And coming off of other sites I can give my input on why I could imagine the rank is so low.

    In my previous work and times spent on another site, I’ve noticed extreme customer service. The owner directly getting involved and making statements. Taking peoples suggestions and working them into the format.

    Now before people go thinking its nothing like SL. Well heres the scoop. It wasn’t during beta testing no. But within a year it now has a commerce and is working its way towards content creation quite rapidly. And the platform is so stable you don’t have to worry about crashing. It has a valid age verification and supports users from around the world. Hmm Sounds kinda familiar doesn’t it.

    Not making jest here I’m just merely stating facts. Here is what I’ve personally found with SL. Live help which doesn’t exist now was extremely rude at times, and seemed to be robotically trained. Making some users feel like they were being talked to like idiots. Not everything was my graphics card. lol. The other thing is these posts about upcoming improvements. They either don’t happen or when implemented they cause an instability that reaks havoc for weeks sometimes months.

    And quite possibly the most annoying encounter is that when your expecting to have no bugs with your inventory after an upgrade thats what you would like to see. I know I know they can’t account for all problems. But thats SL.

    The other site I mentioned when there was an issue it was mentioned that it was known, then what happened? GASP .. it was fixed. Wow what a concept.

    Now I may be coming across as sarcastic but these are some of the ways I was treated by live helpers who represented your business, website or whathave you. And the moral to all of this is simple.

    You say things are broke and acknowledge it. But can’t seem to fix many of them. But when you do an update, the things that are noticed are the new colors, the new location of an im box, etc etc. And the other new things that are implemented that work, may be nice.. But they are soon deminished by the fact that SL is still borked and there are numerous issues which make it more and more to enjoy. Wether your a member just exploring through the lag and through the missing inventories, and attatchments. Or if your a builder just trying to get a texture properly stretched before you crash or it snaps out of alignment.

    And had you been listening…. This is a HUGE POINT… You would already know why people are ranking you at the bottom.

    You post a blog that all the world can see and expect members not to give their opinion about something that has gone terribly wrong again. And many people respond with negative responses.

    This site has the potential if it gets its act together to be great. But until the right hand talks to the left hand and they both listen to the members then it will be in the bottom 5 unfortunately. Not just on one websites opinion but eventually the majority of rating platforms.

    Good luck, and keep plucking away. This and all comments should be viewed as constructive critisism by you as professionals. And should be used as what you need to be doing from the mouths of your members who still trust in you. Regardless of what they may or may not have seen from the past.

  68. Juan Cusack says:

    the biggest truth in all that was the fact they say Linden Labs is for profit. The base commodity in Second Life is “Computer Usage Space.” I have reason to believe that instead of fixing inventory issues they will begin to charge us for large inventories that are large mostly becuase of the litter that is so hard to keep a check on. Plus the other “Computer Usage Space” is Land area and that is the driving force in the economy of Second Life. Land was once 13 L per square meter, today it is 8. Approaching half value of you investment of a few months ago. But Linden isn’t the Federal Reserve trying to preserve the economy, they are simply trying to fill their pockets with the money from your dreams. Soon they will open another continent diluting the land values even lower. And crippling the economy even more. Look at their ECONOMY page. You get a snap shot of today as if they are keeping you informed. Look for yourself and notice that after explosive growth from Sept – March, from March to July Second Life is falling down and poor WORLD choices are being persued to fill Linden Lab coffers. So while you revel in the artificial sunshine of letting others tell you what the state of the world is. Take a moment and look for yourself. Where is your money, dream, and future going to be in 12 months.

  69. yuriko nishi says:

    can someone please fix the female upper body muscles slider. the bug was reported more than a year ago, but no one seems to care.
    a fix would take about 10 minutes

    going to post that in every blog from now on 🙂

  70. Cocomo Munro says:

    I enjoy MY second life because of reasons too great to number… but one main one might be to escape from the hell that can be reality from time to time. People here can be someone they can’t be in rl or heck..some are even basically themselves. the possibilities are limitless here, & sooo many rl friends who i have “turned on” to sl… i see more now in world than i did in rl lmao. why would anyone like it here? pfft

  71. Archer Braun says:

    The article in Time simply underscores the complete separation from reality that most elite print journalists seemingly embrace with a desperately blind enthusiasm. The pedantic need to sneer at digital social networks is merely a mask for their complete inability to commit to truly investigating their subject matter.
    The list is simply nothing more than a damning indictment of the old regime’s quaking terror at the rise of new media. The only good thing about such an article is that it lets the mask slip, and exposes the haughty, elitist arrogance that fills practically every single upper-echelon print journalist. It is a simple symptom of the fear that quakes in their bellies when they happen to think about how the internet is slowly whittling away at the very long, very shaky branch they’ve been clinging to for the past several decades.
    It’s all too easy to get frustrated at SL and LL, especially when their work to improve their world gets in the way of the enjoyment of my own…but a deep breath, a shot of whiskey, and a walk around the block later, are all I need to return my perspective.
    Keep up the good work…even if it ticks me off from time to time.

  72. Jazzine Jewell says:

    @46….This is a post about why we love Second Life. If you are so unhappy with it, then why are you still here? Perhaps your SL experience is so unpleasant because you have not learned a few basic things, like staying on topic??

    Torley, the reasons we love SL are both numerous and vast. The bottom line is, even with all its faults and quirks and downsides, we can”t live without it, as evidenced by our presence here, reading stupid articles from a nOOb TIME author. The magazine needs to do a little more proof-reading in the future, as apparently they do not know the difference between a true web-site, and a game. This is a game which *has* a web-site. Duh!

  73. Phil Deakins says:

    In all honesty, the SecondLife website isn’t good. It’s not one of the worst 5 by a very long way, but it isn’t a good site for usability or for intuitive use. But don’t confuse SecondLife with a website – it isn’t one. SecondLife is a programmer that uses the ‘internet’ – not the Web. They are different.

    To clarify that:- the internet is a network of computers that is used by different systems. The Web is one of those systems. SecondLife is another of those systems.

  74. Sling Trebuchet says:

    Sorry to post a second comment, but maybe I can do better than saying that SL “is an amplifier”.

    SL is like a bicycle.

    Remember your first bicycle? There was a hell of a learning curve, but once you mastered it, you could go further faster. Freedom!

  75. Amanda Ascot says:

    Webiste, indeed! It never ceases to amaze me how otherwise knowledgeable people seem to have no clue how the Internet (notice the capital “I”) is put together. There are people who think the Internet is the world wide web, and others who think the world wide web is the internet. Those are not the same thing, by the way, but don’t ask me to explain. I’m only going to take up one slot in this 100-post thread (not-so-subtle hint to you blog hoggers), and I don’t want it to turn it into a lengthy language essay.

    Even more interesting is how so many people refer to Second Life as a “game”. This is not a game. There are no teams of competitors organized under rules which are imposed by Linden Lab that define victory conditions. Second Life is an Immersive Virtual World, like Real Life in some ways and unlike it other very important ways. I’m here because of the way it’s *not* like Real Life. I get enough Reality from Reality, thank you!

    As for the actual website, it’s very confusing and poorly organized. Until you have stumbled around it for awhile it’s nearly impossible to find things efficiently. Is it possible that Time was referring to this? I doubt it. Perhaps this blog, which isn’t a “website” in the strict sense, either, was Time’s target. Other than the perennial problem of the tiny centralized column which many people have complained about but nothing has ever been done, and the 100-post cap, this is actually quite functional. But that’s not likely their target, either. Time is simply clueless.

    How do I shot the Second Life?

  76. maggie mcardle says:

    after reading the posts here i was reminded of in spite what i did post of why i stay:
    my Sl Hubbeh(soon to be RL) and Family and Friends
    the Apollo Gardens, set to midnight, while dancing with said hubbeh
    the various builds, glens, artists, and content creators who take the time to make my SL so cool to be in
    building my first usuable object

    these stick out most in my mind and these are the main reasons i stay. yep probably when im in a home somewhere wating for my meds i will look up and see a avatar, reporting news, from SecondLife amoug other things 😛

  77. Baja Boa says:

    How would I respond to Time? Are you kidding? We were told we’d flunk 11th grade if we cited to Time in a research paper! Why the * should I listen to them when I’m an adult?

    A long-winded way of saying I’d ignore whatever Time says, I guess . . .

  78. Baron Hauptmann says:

    “We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?”


    Maybe because I can hold conversations with friends in several different states, several different countries, several different time zones, all at the same time, without leaving my home, and still able to get to bed without jet lag!

    Maybe because I can create things and earn just enough money to pay my account and even add a little memory to my computer so that I can set the refresh distance a little further out and enjoy SL a little more.

    Maybe because I can meet new friends and interact with others without the prejudices and preconceptions that come about when people know who I am, what I do, how I look, etc. in real life.

    Perhaps the better question would be “Why would anyone *not* enjoy Second Life?”

  79. Programmer Wiefel says:

    Hurray, this is the worst website!!!

  80. Jlux Braver says:

    In my opinion the Time writer didn’t take the time to understand what Sl is about. Calling it a “website” is all I need to know to make this assertion. Anybody who’s spent time in SL instinctivly understands it’s not a “website”. Since the dawn of the internet the trend has been to personalize the experience. To make it more than just looking at a page. Human nature demands this personal touch. SL so far is the best implementation of this trend I’ve seen. Business jumped on the web as fast as it could to capitalize on the potential, and have been trying to personalize their sites ever since. This natural progression leads me to one conclusion. In the future much of what we see on the web will be in a simlike environment. Not necessarily Sl But something like it. Microsoft will eventually release a browser that supports 3D simlike sites. When they do, business will be clamoring to get in on the action. The ball is rolling and the end result will be inescapable for users.

  81. Wellington Bahram says:

    O_o do i finally see new windlight client????
    its one of those nifty creation tool i cant wait to have again. maybe get some of those bowling newbies new jobs as light stands.
    *circles torley like a shark for a dropped copy of windlight*

  82. Aeris Yue says:

    Someone Please help me, I am having trouble downloading Secondlife’s new auto-update but I keep getting a message poping (Annoying) Saying>>>> The secondlife auto-update has failed. The Problem may be caused by other software installed on your computer, such as a Firewall. Please visit http://secondlife.com/download/ to download the latest verison of second. But If I did download it again from the secondlife’s download page would it interfer with the account I have now? Anyone reading this now Please Help Me


  83. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Quite simple. In SL I can be the one I want to be. Which isn’t true for my RL.

  84. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @56: No, you can install it over, your account information, settings and such are not affected. Only make sure to clean the cache when doing updates. 🙂

  85. Obviously, I love Secondlife, or I wouldn’t still be playing after 3 years, but why?

    I’de have to say its the ability to create something that others can appreciate and enjoy. As a teen, it’s not as easy for me to go out and buy a car and fix it up, or to put together a treehouse or something like that. So I hop onto SL, look around a little, and get building. To me, SL is like a fancy 3D computer version of LEGOS, and if it werent for SLs build tools, I’de have bailed out on SL years ago.

  86. Jambalaya Fonck says:

    @54: “It never ceases to amaze me how otherwise knowledgeable people seem to have no clue how the Internet (notice the capital “I”) is put together. There are people who think the Internet is the world wide web, and others who think the world wide web is the internet.”

    HAH! That’s nothing…I support an office of 50+ users, and more than half of them can’t distinguish between the Internet and THEIR COMPUTER…and they will call my phone, telling me that “the (our) server’s broken” because their AOL mail is running slow…

    /me suppresses the urge to go postal…

  87. Aeris Yue says:

    what’s the cache? lol

  88. Juji Kumsung says:

    I’m free, babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,………..I’m free. ;)))

    Only bound by my behavior towards others.

  89. Caete says:

    Ah, Time once again shows how shoddy print journalism has become. I love how they selected SL’s website as one of the 5 worse yet all the comments are about in game experience. I suspect this was a crush to meet a deadline and they asked their child about what was cool or not and jr had been shot down in SL because he was walking around nakie with mr happy at full mast so it made the list.

    Negative points for Time this month, tsk tsk. Luckily I doubt Time will ever figure out how to find some of us over at http://www.b3ta.com as they are teh sux0rz at teh spelligns an the interwebs 😀

  90. Umbra Lunardi says:

    I have to say that many of the criticisms cited are true, whether you like it or not. Do I enjoy SL? Absolutely! It has been a mind-expanding experience that has opened up entire worlds of possibility for me. It has become a creative palette unlike any I have encountered and it has generated (for me, personally) a strong community of like-minded individuals from the globe who all foster learning and growth. Sound Utopian? It CAN BE for those brave and dedicated enough to venture past the growing pains and Orientation Island. The learning curve is daunting for most, which partially explains why 90% of new sign-ups quit after about a week end never return. (I volunteer as a greeter at one of the welcome areas and you get a real sense of the confusion and struggle most noobs have when you try and assist them. Many find walking and flying to be a huge hurdle to overcome. Building and scripting are on a DISTANT horizon for these folks)

    SL is a very imperfect environment. It grows in capability at an astonishing pace, but the price we pay is some instability and fairly regular glitches in performance. This is the kind of software for which the term “bleeding edge” was coined. All of us long term residents know this and have (more or less) come to accept it, but remember…….it took all of us hours and hours of frustration and perseverance to master the interface and the tools which we now take SO MUCH for granted! I can understand the reviewer’s opinion of SL after stepping in world for maybe a couple hours….all he saw were griefers in a laggy welcome area, probably, and as you all know, it takes time to find your purpose in SL, as it does in RL. Are you really so surprised at the content of this unpleasant review? I’m not, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t LOVE my SL. I will persist in my passionate embrace of this brave new world. Long Live Linden Labs!

  91. Perefim Cao says:

    Well, I really think, that Second Life is the focus, the website works and functions as it should. The lindens don’t need to waste time making a website that impresses some moron media magazine, and that would only take away from their time fixing things in SL. So anyways.. if the website never improves who cares it is in Second Life that we expect things to grow and become better.

  92. pantaiputih korobase says:

    Q56, no there should be no problems, I did it yesterday, everything worked fine

  93. Wiggy Bingyi says:

    I’ve been doing web design and development for a while now, and I have to say that the secondlife.com website is excellently designed. It does the job that it’s supposed to do. If TIME think this is one of the worst websites, then they obviously haven’t seen the horrors I’ve had the displeasure of visiting.

    Keep up the good work, Linden labs.. I think you’re doing a marvellous job.

  94. Marina Mincemeat says:

    Thanx Torley! Bravo! Everyone touches on how difficult SL is at 1st to navigate, well to my knowledge, that is why LL supplies and takes in Mentors and Voluteers, I myself have been an “unofficial Mentor and Volunteer without the credit! It took me 3 weeks in Help Island because I was busy helping my peers navigate it and made many friends. Now I do this for my SL landlord.
    And this Second Life verbal abuse consisting of ignorant utterances from the unknowlegdeable and inexperienced about how SL is a “website”, and one of “the worst” is just journalist gobbledygook and why O why do we listen to the media??? Listen up those without the IQ to “live” in Second Life’s network of many websites connected, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see untill you have sampled the full experience!!!

  95. Obsidian Stormwind says:

    I think Time misunderstood the potential and the uses of Second Life.

    It is hard to define what Second Life is exactly. One can say it’s a series of tools and a world for people to use them, but it’s also more than that. Second Life is also what people make of it. Nearly everything seen in the world of Second Life is created by the people in the world. For some it’s a world they can be anonymous in and vent their anger and grief people, for others it’s a business, and even others use it for education. For some it is entertainment, for others it has been self-realization, and for some it’s a means to escape their reality.

    As for why we enjoy Second Life, there are the reasons above and many more. Where else can I be an anthropomorphic dragon in a pirate outfit chatting with a giant robot, vampire, hippy, and myriads of other personalities from all around the world? Well, and have this be considered normal I should add. Maybe a sci-fi convention… Without the smell.

  96. Vanessa says:

    The only thing that will be laughed at in the future is LL’s vision of SL. It’s fun, it’s great, but it’s primarily an entertainment product, and it will never amount to anything more than that.

    The only reason SL has business potential is because people are willing to spend money on their entertainment through shopping, or renting and businesses come to target the disposable income dollars or euros.

    It’s also ludicrous to call SL a creative platform when it’s a tiny minority who actually creates and the large mass just couldn’t care less as long as they can buy their cookie cutter houses and consume products made by that minority.

    The sooner LL realizes that SL is never going to be the “3D web”, the better off we’ll all be.

    “we can commit to making progress and communicating regularly to you about issues”

    If that’s true then why isn’t there a single high profile bug (read: with many, many votes) fixed in 1.18, and why does 1.18 have bugs that were introduced with 1.17.2 and 1.17.3 that weren’t present in the initial 1.17 release?

    Group IMs have been broken for quite a few updates now, same with embedded notecards to name just two. Where is the commitment to actually fix things LL breaks other than a hollow promise that LL “cares”?

  97. Ann Launay says:

    Perhaps they were talking about the actually website portions of SL? Let’s face it…with the Support Portal, JIRA, and blog being run somewhat separately, it CAN be difficult to find the info you need, particularly for newer players.

  98. Josef Anvil says:

    I thought the editors at TIME had to proofread before publishing. They wrote the article about Philip Rosedale, so SOMEONE over there had to know SOMETHING about SL.

    I have to agree with them though. SL is one of the worst websites ever. So is my telephone and my television and my video games and my toaster and my cat. I guess its cool to get on a 5 worst list that doesnt apply. Didnt those guys notice there is no URL for SL?

    I have to wonder as well, what poor schmuck got the insane task of finding the 5 worst websites on the net, but I digress…

    The answer to the question is different for all of us: For me SL is social like AOL and visual like the SIMs and has gaming like WoW. Then there is the creative aspect. Im probably overlooking a ton of other things because I no longer think of them, they are just a part of my SL.

    I have to laugh at the learning curve. I thinks thats the best part of SL. I often wish that people in RL that cant deal with the learning curve would just drop out.

  99. Marianne McCann says:

    There’s lotsa things to enjoy here, from new and exciting places (Greenies Home! Whoo!), to having a place of your own, to building a little business (Livingtree! Whoo!), to the ability to create wonderful things, to partners,and to, in my case, having a really wonderful in-world family. These trump all the Update Wednesdays an other “surprises.”

  100. not a thieve says:

    # 53 another nice try to secure the idiots they sell US!! to open Source.

    SL will never be back same as before.

    So , People, when SL is freeware, dont pay a cent to them… its all free like the BUGS THEY NEVER TOOK AWAY….
    problem is… LL cannot put away the Bugs we all reminding….. when one of my customers have a bank outside my country, i start to investigate that….

  101. Chronic Skronski says:

    Regarding TIME saying SL is one of the worst “websites”, LoganB from SC put it best: “I heard Time Magazine is rated one of the 5 worst Radio Broadcasts of all time.”

  102. Gil Druart says:

    Forgive me for the intentional and the unintentional misquotes, but the oxymoron of ‘TIME journalist’ recalled this to mind …

    One cannot hope to bribe nor twist,
    Thank god, the Yankee journalist,
    But seeing what he unbribed will do,
    There’s very little reason to.

    Why do I enjoy SL? Today I’m not. Is that the measure of everything?

    Yesterday someone close to me in SL died in RL (RIP Sy Semyorka).
    Today I spend most of my day sitting at the keyboard crying my eyes out.
    I weep over someone I never met physically, who lived and died thousands of miles from me.
    I love SL for the fact I met her and so many other wonderful, beautiful, creative, talented, marvelous people.
    The instrumentality is virtual: the emotions and ideas are real.

    Why do I enjoy SL? Why do you enjoy living?

  103. Brett Finsbury says:

    other than the few problems that popup I would say the majority of the time I am out here It is a great experiance.
    Maybe Time should look into how it is a great tool for people with physical handicaps to go out and at least have the ability (even if its virtual) to do things they cannot do in real life. Instead of being trapped in my house stressing about this that and the other or shut off from the rest of the world looking at the same four walls all day I can go fly my planes,meet other people,dance in a club, listen to live music, well the list is endless. Yes the bugs are a test on my temper not to mention the griefers but I would say thats only a small percentage of my SL experiance.
    I am glad it is out here. Thanks for making it available 🙂

  104. Marianne McCann says:

    Also: Kevin and Kell ( http://www.herdthinners.com/ ) has been doin a whole series of ‘second life” comics this week.

  105. Lola Namanari says:

    The time we spend on SL is time we are not spending reading TIME, watching CNN or using another Time/Warner product.

    I prefer to spend my spare time in this interactive world. During my near-year here, I have attended virtual U2 concerts (and flirted shamelessly with the bass player), visited far-away cities like Dublin, bought land in the West of Ireland and made many many virtual builds thanks to classes at places like TUi.

    I regularly visit Taff’s Bar, which is located in a sim that replicates a rural area in Wales. I’m the only American regular, and I love the easygoing banter I exchange with others who hang out there, and live in places like England, Wales, Singapore and the like. Try to do THAT while reading a copy of TIME!

  106. Yvonne Johnson says:

    Why do I enjoy SL? In there I can be young and beautiful and explore all the wonderful places that my physical body is no longer able to to. Because I have found wonderful friends and love….yes, even love.

  107. scott tureaud says:

    why do you play any game. for fun* and escapism. both of those reasons go all the way back to say chess.

    *where else can you have a finished system in a week it’s very refreshing when compared to projects you do in the real.

  108. maryjane candour says:

    ok i have been in sl for 2 years next month and i love it… im disable and dont get to socialize much but sl has helped to make it so i get to when my health allows it… yes LL and many use sl as a money making place but for me its pure entertainment… i have met many that met in sl and got married in real life and are still happy… i learned the meaning of my rl last name and my son’s as well from sl met a man that was germany that spoke perfect english and gave me the history of my name something my entire life out of game never found out…

    there are bugs in the game but what game or computer programs dont have bugs… its funny cause i serf sl just like i do the net been to hundreds thousands maybe even millions of places that go up and down in sl, change names and are redone again and again… so much to see in sl that you could never stop surfing it…

    i bought my own land well more a giant island (Angelz High).. the island is given me so much to play with and idea on how to make it entertaining for everyone… its an ongoing project i get to play with… but i also dont use the island as a way to make money i just want to be entertained and to entertain others… i dont charge for vendors and am just about to rent out 4 houses for the first time… the giant waterfall gives great romantic place to spend time with friends family or just sit back and listen to the music….

    last note for me sl has been pure joy many see it that way as well they keep sl entertaining and fun but those that just want to make a business and make money take the joy away from all the rest… and if yall keep taking your lindens out of sl’s economy to get cashed in for real money you will help to bankrupt the economy instead put it into Ginko one of sl’s oldest bank that pays interest…

    have fun enjoy remember keep the drama in rl not sl…

  109. Aphanteus Iuga says:

    The website is not completely user friendly. If the information sought after is not directly linked to the first page, it is difficult to locate. This statement is oxymoronic only to those who reference the site on a daily basis. For someone who only references it when they have a need, it can be a very fustrating experience.

    I personally find the website an excellent resource. But I didn’t when I first joined SL. And those who ask me, in-world, “Where do I find………?” are equally fluxmoxed by the list of links they are told to navigate just so that they can find an educational or business oppurtunity.

    But the bottom line is that the frequent updates PROOVE that Linden Labs is focused on improvment and OUR enjoyment.

    Thanks Lindens!


  110. NOT A THIEVE says:

    # 70 “The instrumentality is virtual: the emotions and ideas are real.”

    for me too


  111. Raul Crimson says:

    I ENJOY SECOND LAG!!!! oops, sorry… SECOND LIFE!!!!
    I can create, i can share, i can see what other people creates, i can have a different adventure everyday, i can make my dreams and my nightmares come true.

  112. ari blackthorne says:

    Sheesh, what a question LOL

    Because if I could do it (life) all over again, I might choose one of the paths SL allows me to play with. It’s like test-driving different life paths.

    Awesome work, Lindenonians… keep the faith. I have it in you 🙂

  113. LilMatty Althouse says:

    As I am someone who is experienced in community management I must say that fromwhat TIME has said it loks to me they are pointing towards the website portions of Second Life.

    The website is shocking – for a long while you advertised a phone number that was disconected (might still be) your knowledge base contains out of date material. The support system for tired, confused customers is shocking. The RSS feeds around the website generally have nothing to do with Second Life as spammers figured out ways around the feeds.

    In short the actual website for Secong Life gives off mixed feelings about Second Life. Confuses exactly what Second Life is.

    It is at times hard to navigate, information is either out of date or wrong – For a long while after the pulling of Live Help there was no way to contact lindens as the email system was down. The support portal althougha nice idea in theory just is not pratical in everyday use.

    Just to file a bug report we have to navigate through a jungle of pages on the website before reporting – this once was done through world.

    Chop down some tree’s in the jungle and create a field –

  114. Yvette Kumsung says:

    At least we know that Torley Linden (he/she/it) is a singular form.

  115. NOT A THIEVE says:

    is it poaaible, that LL uses our computers for some other things?

    only a question, but i cannot delete all ……

  116. Phoenixa Sol says:

    hmmmm, (in reply to) “We’re sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?”

    Well, I’m sure I could *read* about someone else’s dancing once in a coon’s age in Time magazine,

    or I could be indulging in my lifelong passion of enjoying it again, albeit vicariously through my fun avatar on Secondlife.

    I could turn a page in their magazine and be assaulted by their biased opinions,

    or I could be indulging in my own creations and forming my own opinions while others share theirs in secondlife.

    Oh, and make that the crossover to Real Life with one of them, since I do enjoy Kermit’s game TRINGO on my gameboy.

    I could merely peruse their glossy pages about people they think are important,

    or I could enjoy hours of meeting new people I’d probably think are much more important in secondlife.

    Certainly folks who have inspired me much more than anything I’d ever seen in Time magazine at any rate.

    Secondlife gave me back the ability to enjoy something that was taken away from me in 1978 by a drunk driver… which is a LOT more than Time Magazine ever gave me.

    Thank you Secondlife!

  117. LifeFactory Writer says:

    I recommend that those who do not agree with the Time article go and post a polite, nice and serious reply on the Time website.


  118. Nonsense says:

    Cant but agree with them…

    and after half a year experience of this nonsense cant still see anything but full of emptyness in sl.And where is that amazing age verifying system or will local school teachers still have to prevent use of sl so that everybody not all the time fucking with married women there..lol

    really sad to see that rl companies and even embassies have rediculous lands in sl..shame for them.

    But sure for many second life is first sex life so go on..rofl

    Lucky me after last update cant even download it anymore…thanks for that..;)

  119. It is so easy to criticize from on-high or be a Monday morning quarterback. It so happens that the SL website is an integral part of managing one’s Second Life and it COULD substantially use improvement. That said, it is highly functional and is reasonably stable and useful. I also come from the camp that would really like to blur the lines between a web browser and an executable viewer. So to the extent that popular press fails to understand the nuances of where the Web ends and the Metaverse begins is something that is an important future indicator of what it will take to make the proposition of virtual worlds become more mainstream. All of the above said, I do step back every once and a while with gratitude. Gratitude for Linden Lab for taking the initial leap in the first place to build this thing. Gratitude for the way it continues to prevent chaos and anarchy without redirecting a semi-natural ecosystem of natural expansion and expression. And while I sometimes curse at the screen for bugs or crashes, I do feel that Second Life is an important and significant flagship for the entire Metaverse movement. If we didn’t all believe that, we would have been long gone. But all you Lindens should know that ultimately we support you 110% and want to make sure you make the most informed and intelligent possible strategic and tactical decisions to keep the growth happening in a way that is aligned with our individual virtual aspirations. To that end, let’s pull back a bit further to acknowledge that TIME is talking about Second Life AT ALL and the fact that it IS signifnicant that we are on the world’s radar screen. From where I’m standing, I find that alone as a huge opportunity. My only request is that Linden Lab never make the mistake of thinking of its populace as a group of complainers but rather as a group that believes in the dream and doesn’t ever want to have a rude awakening. To that end, it would be nice to give the site a face lift in the next year or so (after voice is on the grid and things are more stable) because it could DEFINITELY use many improvements and it isn’t a purely promotional piece. I consider it PART of Second Life and they are at this moment in time extremely disjointed and unintegrated. That to me is the result of a error in philosophy that seems to suggest that the web aspect should not be as innovative and immersive as what happens in the viewer.

  120. Markopolis Balhaus says:

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” -Albert Einstein

    Time Magazine embarrassed themselves on this one. lol

  121. I believe what they meant by ‘worst websites’ is _probably_ the fact that SL users need to go to several DIFFERENT sites to gather information. That and the fact that the forums are all but erradicated. Most of the ‘cool features’ are merely places for the ‘133t’ to bash newer folks with good (but badly worded) ideas (ie the feature voting/forum).

    I truely hope I am one of those people that, in 3 or 4 or 50 more years, can look back and say I was ‘wrong’ about all these things, but right now things truely need to be fixed:

    You want us to report bugs, yet we are told that the IN-WORLD bug report forms are insufficient and we need to go to some retarded JIRA WEBSITE to properly file and get the bug ‘voted on’?

    You want us to ENJOY your product, yet you have done a serious amount of work to REMOVE the easier forms of HELP – once again pointing us to several EXTERNAL WEBSITES instead of incoprorating that into the client.

    You want us to feel ‘SAFE’. Ok, we have the means to file GRs (or ARs, whatever the term is this week), but we get no SERIOUS updates on the outcome, simply pointing us to a COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS WEBSITE containing thousands of punishments (you could at least use ‘case numbers’ even if you don’t show any names).

    Yeah, keep adding eye candy that sucks down more bandwidth from this already bloated hog. Don’t worry about fixing things that are TRUELY IMPORTANT to your advertising campaings. People will get used to jumping thru hoops for a product they have supported for years.

    I have been boycotting adding my hard earned money into the LL payroll for almost a year now and I have seen many other people hop on that bandwagon. Pretty soon, you folks may have to fire the cleaning contractor and take out your own trash.

    I admit that my client doesnt crash as much as what a few people would like the world to believe, but I’ve never really had much problems RUNNING the game. It has an ungodly amount of lag and packet loss (even on a 7Mbit pipe) and the new cache system doesnt even work (when i leave an area and go to another OUTSIDE my draw range, it tosses ALL the textures from the forst area and redownloads them when i go back, dont matter how large the cache).

    As for the switch in TIME’s support, Phillip can STILL be on the cutting edge but his WEBSITE does suck.

  122. If you watch the movie _Silk Stockings_, at one point you’ll see a truly sad thing: the added number “The RItz Roll and Rock,” an attempt to poke fun at the upcoming rock and roll music as unsophisticated and crude…and while it was, at least initially, it did win out, and looking back, the song is a pathetic attempt at relevance from a dying style that was magnificent in its day but should’ve left well enough alone.

    The article in _Time_ is much the same; _Time_ is a dinosaur of old media, attempting to look hip and as a result only looking stupid.

  123. Why play, I mean live an expanded life in SL? … see below from recent survey I compiled on “What’s working well in SL?” … [QUOTED BY PERMISSION]


    . Great graphics, very immersive and interesting environment, interaction with others online in real time is key to the success of the project (not just another solitary video game)…
    . In fact, it really does not seem to be a game at all, but rather, another form of reality, one in which individuals are allowed the freedom to explore themselves and their interests in ways not attempted or conceived of in real life…
    . In this sense it can be uplifting, exhilarating, exasperating, heartbreaking, ecstatic, thrilling, fascinating, infuriating:
    . In short, it runs the gamut of human emotions while providing the relative safety of anonymity.

    . The entire concept, being able to own and run businesses, hang out with people, listen to music, make friends — it is in every way an extension of first life.
    . Also the ability to do things one might not necessarily be able to do in their First Life. I’m thinking specifically of the low amount of barriers to entry for start businesses as well as a medium for the handicapped.

    . The fantastic chat abilities.
    . The ability to hug someone, dance with someone and interact.
    . The ability to create something and actually enjoy using it.. whether it be clothing, building or a tool.

    . The great chance to meet and interact with people from all over the world 🙂
    . The chance to learn new things 🙂
    . Also, hearing great live acts and being able to see the ideas and people’s imagination and designs in their clothes and builds.

    . I have been here two years and have seen so much evolve. Communities growing, cultures and people interacting, businesses growing, with more and more able to earn real money and making Second Life so much more than a game.
    . We need to look back at what Second Life was to appreciate it today.

    . All the various tools at our disposal to build and customize our world.
    . The ability to hang out, work with, talk to people from all over the country and all over the world as if you all inhabit the same local space.
    . SL is a great leveler. People who feel that their physical appearance or abilities hinder them in real life can enter SL at an equal level with everyone else. You can look like what you want to look like, and you can do the same things everyone else can do.

    . The platform allows a great freedom of expression in many forms.
    . It provides a unique context for social interaction and artistic expression.

    . The ability for rl business to interface with sl counterparts and vice-versa the global networking potential by niche-targeting like-minded people who are connected by the groups they join – for either commerce or social interaction.
    . The increasing type and amount of scripting tools to help users build and create. providing a platform for people to interact with as much (or little) anonymity as they desire, i.e. social engagements, self-help and therapy, education, sex and role-playing, sport and hobbies.

    . SL is great, I love being there and meet friends from all over the world.
    . It is great too to be able to talk using my own language with fellow countrymen (= able to type using all of our alphabet, letters not in English). Chat box text is ok.




  124. quinton whitman says:

    Hey guys, I have a webpage – i show myself drinking from a 10 tennis shoe in ,y dorm room – aint i cool and famous – and very social guy want to meet?

    yeah that is really cool eh?

    SL– art, music, ideas, friendship, attempts to learn of other cultures, yeah grievers ( there is one in every crowd ), learning of ne technologies, bleeding edge is cool, crashes happen – so what anyone who uses a micorsoft product is used to that by now, social endevours to help rl.

    So they dont get it , maybe that is a good thing —

    or as i say

    dont u think
    or dont u?

  125. Blinders Off says:

    (( zebadee Says: both comic links link to the same strip… maybe time werent that far off the mark? ;S))

    I think in this simple statement, Zebadee hits it right on the head.

    I will be the first to stand up and say that Second Life is potentially an incredible environment. The building and scripting alone is genius. However, that genius is coupled with a decision-making and management process that often smacks of teenage hackers throwing together spagghetti code. Because after the FOUR YEARS that Second Life has been online, we still keep having the same problems, the same bugs, over and over. And Time was right about one thing: the asset server problems and the lag expereinced in this world are off the scale. if people were paying $24.95 a month for an island, that might be understood. But at $295 a month, each island should have its own T-1 dedicated server.

    The other thing that makes Second Life so problematic– and Time pointed this out very accurately– is that it is a society with no government, no judicial or arbitration body, no true police force. Griefers run rampant throughout the entire grid, and there is NO POLICING BODY that can immediately remove an offensive person from the grid as there are in other online environments. Linden Lab has taken a “hands off” attitude in daily affairs of the system, resulting in a chaotic and anarchistic environment in which literal criminals run free.

    So Linden Lab, isn’t it time to stop regularly patting yourselves on the back in the blogs and maybe actually pay attention to the criticisms that continue to pop up? No one has complained about the interesting things available on Second Life. I will admit that the writer of the Time article obviously has an attitude problem. But then… apparently so does Linden Lab. You can’t do anything to correct the attitude of the article writer, but you CAN correct your own and maybe work toward turning Second Life into what it needs to be.

  126. Serene Miles says:

    Why do I enjoy secondlife?

    Unending possibility.

    As a builder, scripter, landowner, I work here, I also work here RL for QTlabs, I would never be doing that not for secondlife.

    Where else can you have a business confrence while dancing on a rooftop?

    Here you can speak to people from every corner of the world on a daily basis, without race, colour or creed being an issue.

    Yes there is a high sex content in SL and hey if that rocks your boat, great! But it is also easily avoidable too.

    SL isnt something you can jump into on the first day and have any real clue about, it takes time and a little knowledge (RE: a brain) to be able to learn it, and to try appreciate just how fantastic it is.

    Anyone who has difficulty creating avatars well probably lack a little something, but HEY you can always buy one!

    Lag is a fact of SL life, I’m sure if you tried TPing around on a daily basis in RL you’d be a bit more challenged than just a little lag.

    Movements here also arent a problem, buy an A/O, but hey, I supose the guy didnt stick around long enough to get that!

  127. Deira Llanfair says:

    The video made me smile 🙂 I remember the good old days and the sound of a modem connecting through a dial-up telephone line…

    Why do I like SL? Well, there is always something new to learn in SL and it’s a fun way to learn.

    The web site? It’s not the worse one I’ve seen by far. Front page is a bit cluttered, navigation a bit clonky in places…could use a good graphic designer maybe. Nothing to make a big deal of though – what’s with this guy? Can he not find something more worthwhile to criticise?

  128. Samantha Glume says:

    I’m guessing Time took one look at the crap pile of mainland around my sim and that was all they needed to vote… Spinning ads everywhere and extortionist prices…

    Yes, that has to be it… Hell I’d vote that way too… Sigh

  129. Blinders Off says:

    One more point if I may…

    The current active user base of Second Life is about 5% of its “Resident” claims. That apparently means that 95% of Second Life “members” agree with Time… because they visit, and find it to be not worth revisiting. That fact alone should make corporate open their eyelids a bit. When you can’t get people to use a FREE system, there just MIGHT be some system problems.

  130. Betty Whitman says:

    Love playing and being a resident of SL. However, the game is laggy, the bugs are numerous (anyone mention lately that inventory no longer keeps the recent tab items strictly recent items and the folders open up once again)?? and sometimes, when old errors crop up again, like the one about logging out and please log back again at such and such time makes me feel you are only copying and pasting new code over old without any sense of discretion. Soon as my parcel is sold I am will no longer be a monthly paying customer. When you stablilize the game, stop bringing it down every week for a new version that only creates more problems, will gladly pay once again.

  131. Shades says:

    I like the concept of SL but there are too many bugs for it to be enjoyable.

    Personally I quit when I found out about the common bug where you randomly lose all muscles and height on -other- peoples screens while I look ok on your own.

    Since there was no apparent fix for it and no official recognition I just gave up. The ruthed bug I can live with but with this you don’t even know when you look screwed up since most people are too polite to mention it.

    One of the key aspects of SL is the ability to modify your apparence and when not even that is remotely stabile then it’s just too much for most people I think.

  132. Blinders Off says:

    And let’s talk about this “website” issue too. When I first logged on this blog today, there were over 120 posts. I entered a post, and suddenly there were 84 posts. That leaves two possiblities: either the blog software is BUGGY (surprise surprise) or LL is editing unfavorable responses (surprise surprise). Wonder if this one will remain? Really people, this is exactly what Time was talking about. It’s enver been about Second Life itself. It’s always been about Linden Lab and the way you respond to customer needs. I applaud your more open (supposedly) stance lately, but there is a long way to go.

  133. Barton Dowd says:

    Clearly a hatchet job by Time (and a bad one at that).

    Its funny, normally you read tons of RL bashing in the blog. But as son as some no nothing outsider bad mouths the community, most every rallies and supports the cause.

    Quite nice to see.


  134. Theodore Folsom says:

    I really like the secondlife.com website. Of course it is simple BUT it´s ok like that. I´m really glad that the developers keepin their focus onto Second Life and not on creatin a shiny flashy blinking website. It´s not needed!

    The magic and the power of Second Life is what we discover INWORLDS every day and night and all over the world – it´s not the website.

    By the way … what´s wrong with the website? It´s clean, (mostly) fast (remember how many people access it at one time), not overloaded, easy to navigate and you´re able to jump through the whole site without losing your orientation. In short words: It´s functional and that´s what counts!

    Keep the good work up 😉 Love u´r blog entries @ Torley ^_^


  135. Deira Llanfair says:

    I just took a look at the 5 sites considered to be the best by TIME and I have to admit I have never heard of any of them – however, I did know all of the 5 they considered to be the worst. :-/

  136. Desdemona Enfield says:

    Hi Torley,

    When Garrison Keillor was being lauded as ‘the new Mark Twain’ he later performed a narriation in which a putative uncle advised him (paraphased) “… watch out for the adulation, son, they are setting you up for the expose’ “.

    Incidentally, Second Life is not a web site. It is multiperson interactive role playing environment supported by a phalanx of servers using a spectrum of protocols. How clueless.

    One must bear in mind that reporters, generally speaking, are not experts (or even well informed) on the material which they present. Rather than contributing to social discourse, they are merely conduits of that discourse. Their core function is to pander to our voyeuristic inclinations. This symbiosis provides, of course, great social and political benefits to an open society.

    Thank you for Second Life.


  137. Wiseguy Capra says:

    haha.. SL being a website… LOL
    It’s like “The fundament is the base of a solid ground” and has just as much meaning in it as SL being a website… thought LL has got a website and that’s kinda funny… cause it’s all about SL n’ stuff.. ya know 🙂

  138. ada radius says:

    I’m enjoying myself a lot, usually, because I love making textures and building, doing business there is fun, I’m inspired by the artists and poets there, I like the fast pace, and friendships with people I could not possibly have met iRL are irreplaceable.

    Building this platform and community is breaking ground, so it’s understandable when unintended problems happen. I love reading the SLDev list, even though I am no programmer.

    The game is NOT FUN, when LL fumbles badly on accounting and admin; I hate filing bug reports and support tickets over money and accounting issues. These are areas of expertise that aren’t difficult to acquire, and fledgling companies who underestimate their importance and fail to spend enough money on this, tend to, well, fail. I’d be real sorry so see that happen.

  139. Ludo Merit says:

    I like SL because I’m not healthy enough to do what I do here in RL.

  140. Lola Machin says:

    LMAO, the criticism of Times made my day. If you spend that much time reviewing the website, it means that you spend little time in SL. That means less griefers and noobs to deal inside SL. *grins

    Seriously, I use the website while I am off-world doing RL work just to check the blog and grid status, friends online, and account status, if I need too. And of course, I just recently started voting in the jira for bugs that I feel they need to be fixed soon. *grins

    With all the ups, downs, and ups again with the versions, bug fixes, controversial features such as voice (I’m still against it, but that is another topic), and grid slow downs at peak hours, SL remains the best place ever. The Time’s criticism is like telling a POTENTIAL world class marathon runner that he will never win because the color of his running shoes are ugly. *grins

    Lindens, keep up with the good work and keep the spirits up!!

  141. envo dagger says:

    second life is an awesome game where you can do what you want when you want i don’t care what other sites may think of second life but the decision of playing is up to you

  142. chiman says:

    Ok so ya, sl doesn’t have the best website. Fine, but lemme ask you this, you want sl to spend so much time making some sleek and sexy website or would rather work on the bugs in the game and create new options and content? can’t always have it all folks. plus its not like they have a HUGE staff or unlimited funds like for example blizzard or sony. Time? pfft, not only are they trying to bash sl’s site but then they continue on to bash the game totally. ya its got its flaws ya its not perfect, but uhm, is any other mmorpg? nope, personally i think that whoever wrote this needs to have less coffee and more sex. Going on to say that its hard to go thru the site and not new member friendly. as long as you look at the links and actually can read, you should be ok. seems that its just an excuse to complain. besides I never thought that a website (no matter who’s it is) had to be able to be used by every single person on the planet. My 6 yr old could navigate thru the SL site. So apparently you don’t have to be highly educated in order to work for TIME and become a writer. Wonder if they are hiring……

  143. Darien Caldwell says:

    Considering TIME has one of the ugliest and unimaginative websites i’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t take their recommendations seriously.

    Why do I enjoy Second Life? Because it gives me a chance to touch the lives of many people I would probably never meet. Because There I can be myself without fear of the repurcussions or backlash that might occur were I to do so in the real world. The day you can create an Alt in the Real world, SL won’t be needed. (not holding my breath though) 😉

  144. General Chaos says:

    I don’t like motorcyles .. motorcyles are bad.
    I don’t like camping .. camping is bad.
    I don’t like television .. television is bad.
    I don’t like kiwi .. kiwi is bad.
    I don’t like reporters .. reporters are bad.
    I don’t like roller coasters .. roller coasters are bad.
    Time reporter doesn’t like SL .. SL is bad.

  145. Lol, Darien. Given the fact that I’ve got nothing deeper to dwell on (as all I think has been said already), I though I’d just mention that I agree on TIME having one of the worst website designs out there – at least for all the resources they have. o.o
    It’d be a bit amusing to see them in an in-world office in a couple of years x]

  146. Pablicious Pessoa says:

    I just don’t understand how people don’t “get” Second Life. I wasted many years playing MMORPGs wishing for the day when developers would make an MMO that I could have an impact on and have a hand in creating and directing. My frustration with MMOs led me away from them and so I thought I would try Sim City and The Sims 2 because I had heard of people creating environments together. It didn’t take me much longer to find out about Second Life and then to subsequently drop all “video game” playing for the creative platform that is SL.

    It became evidently clear right from the get go of being on Orientation Island of what Second Life had to offer. It was so evident that I did not balk at the sub par graphics (compared to Everquest II or Vanguard or LotRO) or the fact that I had to wait for every thing to load. The sheer curiosity I had for SL superceded my “gamer” impatience and I began to explore.

    I’ve been here for maybe three weeks and I’ve already realized a dream that I could not realize in real life. With very little money, I purchased my own land and built my own art gallery, a home for my own art and photographs. In the real world, it would have taken me tens of thousands of dollars to do something like this. In SL, it cost me $50 (the price I paid in US $ for my land). Nothing, no World of Warcraft will ever compare to the satisfaction gained from building something myself and then be able to share it openly and freely with the rest of the “virtual world.”

    I don’t know why people fear Second Life so much. It really is not difficult for a newbie to orient themselves to the world. To be honest, it only requires a bit of patience and natural curiosity. Second Life also tests a person’s intelligence and I suspect this probably turns people away more than anything. They have to think before they can be entertained. Such a shame. The naysayers want to pigeon hole SL by calling it a glorified chat program. Every time I hear that, I want to slap the person because it speaks volumes of how little time they’ve actually spent in Second Life.

    In closing, I am here in Second Life for practically all the same reasons I am alive on planet Earth. The advantage of SL is that none of life’s unfairness and bullshit get in the way of people like me who just want to live and experience life. In many ways, Second Life has become an inspiration for my first life. If I can do it in SL i.e. realize dreams…why not in real life? I’ve even incorporated SL into my exercise routine by going to clubs and dancing in the privacy of my own apartment. I haven’t danced in real life for about 10+ years. Second life made me remember what a wonderful and free feeling dancing can be. When I get up out of the chair and move my body, it no longer matters whether or not the club I’m in is “real.” It doesn’t matter if all those other avatars are “real.” They are dancing. My avatar is dancing. I’m dancing. The connection is made and it feels just as real as anything else.

    One day they’ll all realize….

  147. Desdemona Enfield says:

    Hi again, Torley,

    To answer the question you pose,

    … I have that hearing problem alluded to on the yourTube video of the CBC news broadcast (what was the date on that airing?). Second Life liberates me to interact with people without having to constantly inconvenience them by reminding them that I cannot hear well.

    … I have had life long dreams and fantasties of what I could be and what I could do. Second Life has given me the opportunity, albeit brief, to live out and perfom these desirs.

    … but mostly, Second Life has provided me with an opportunity to transcend the confines of a small town midwestern US life and connect with fascinating people from all over the world. We have become a part of each others lives in a way that simply could not have happened in the people within ordinary physical context of mildly fearful reticence that permeates my local community.

    Thank you for Second Life.


  148. pup witherspoon says:

    HI Torley,

    Oh that’s an easy question !

    I enjoy Second Life because it let me be a Dreamer, and a Dream-giver !

    I can dream up just about anything and create it in Second Life

    I can listen to someone else’s dream and create that for their enjoyment.

    Most important to me, every time I cash in Lindens and stuff them in the 4 college funds i’m feeding, I’m funding the dream for my nieces and nephews.

    And.. grins.. I get to have fun doing it all!

    Where else can I do this… NOWHERE ELSE!!!

    Smiles happily and wanders off to log in to start my SL day


  149. Karo says:

    i much prefer this critic of SL to the one in Time:


  150. Bobo Decosta says:

    I think it’s a bit stupid to laugh with the article of the times and describing it as a website is not so unreasonable and that is where LL makes there big mistakes. The person writing that article is not a genius when it comes to technology. But do you need to be a genius to play SL? You make it sound like you have to. It doesn’t matter if people call it website or a messenger or whatever. It just describes how a normal person that want’s to have to fun on the internet experiences SL. And it’s actually a compliment that people that describes SL as website even tries a very difficult piece of software.

    The message i get from the TIME is the same message i get from friends I invite to come play second life.Please read that article over and over again because it’s very important for the future of second life.

  151. Paul Reitz says:

    When I read this article, the one thing that kept going through my mind is “How the yiff did SL make this list?!?!” There is some truly horrendous content out there. Neither the SL viewer or website come close to the five worst. And, as has been mentioned, these lists are pretty irrelevant. MySpace is one of the most atrocious sites I’ve ever seen, but look at its popularity.

    As far as I’m concerned, this rating is undeserving. The SL viewer is revolutionary, and the website is one of the better ones I’ve seen. Who ever listed in the worst five has lost credibility in my book.

  152. Rob Adelaide says:

    Lolzors. Time sux noodles. Whoops on them.

  153. Dorie Bernstein says:

    There’s a line from a Broadway musical that was written about the state of Israel, “Milk and Honey.” The line is so appropriate for us as we live and create Second Life.

    “For this is a state of mind we live in. We want it green and so it’s green to us. For when you have wonderful plans for tomorrow, somehow even today looks fine.”

    It’s the vision of what can be that is helping us through the trials and tribulations of today. No society that has set out to better themselves and create a better place to live started out with it all given to them bug-free. It takes work, love, hope, patience, and a good sense of humor.

    And as my favorite rat in SL says, “Better a shoe up your ass, than your head up your ass!”

    I could give a long list of why I love SL. That doesn’t mean I see it as all being perfect. Anything created by imperfect humans is going to be imperfect. But working together, we can make it ever better. Four years ago, SL looked and acted very different than it does today. It was an experiment that has taken off beyond the dreams and imaginations of the creators. Why? Because people saw the vision and contributed to it to see it grow.

    It’s easy to whine and complain about the bugs and forget about the positives that have come through the months and years. I’m only 2 years old in-world, and I remember stuff that is no longer a problem now. A big one? You can tp to the point you want to (not counting parcels set up with forced landing points). Old way? Teleport hubs then walking and/or flying to destination following the cheesy beacon.

    SL has allowed me to do things I never knew I could do. And I’m involved with people who are truly good at heart and do REAL good in the world (digital and physical realms). And that is the crux of what makes SL such an incredible medium.

  154. Ovaj Onaj says:

    er… what Overlords??

  155. Daedalus Young says:

    Well, their “25 sites we can’t live without” lists a lot of sites I have never heard of and a lot I rarely or never use at all. And Google isn’t even at #1 !
    So yeah, 5 worst sites… I really don’t care about what TIME says, I know what I think are useful and terrible sites, why should I conform to them?

  156. Winter Ventura says:

    * We can’t endow you with an insatiable curiosity, but we can judge you for your creative choices and threaten to eject you from the world and dispossess you of your hard earned business and property if you display the wrong kind of creativity.

    * We can’t find the love of your life, but we can surely dictate how you interact with them, and how your digital avatar must be dressed when you do it.

    * We can’t fix all the damn bugs (which we abhor too) in a single day, month, or even years, but we can take away every way in which you communicate them to us (making it appear that because bug reporting is down, bugs are happening less often, to less people), and replace them with the most tedious, overly technical, glitchy systems possible.

    Torley, I’m not a happy person. I used to be, a long time ago.. before Linden Labs decided to start dictating morality on the grid. I used to cut Linden Labs a lot of slack, particularly when things broke on update days.

    Now what I see is a company with a product.. not a community with a common vision. Second Life used to be about exploring my inner nature, my wants and needs as a human being and as an adult. I was learning some fascinating things about myself, and was really coming to a place where I enjoyed the person I really am, for the first time in my life.

    Now.. Second Life is a job. Something I log onto every day with the singular goal of making money. I log on, I transfer off Lindens, and I take home a check.

    But I don’t love Second Life anymore.. and I don’t reccommend it to others like I used to.

    Phillip’s Green Plain is gone..sold to some corporate interest in Holland or Germany. Replaced by a different kind of green. I don’t applaud you for it. Add more features if you want, designed to segregate the world into the wills and wonts, the haves and have-nots. The corporations seem to be waking up to the immense lonliness within the world..and the media seems to be doing so as well.

    just for kicks.. go plug in voice, and unplug your microphone.

    Then try and have a conversation with voicers.

    Welcome to the new lonliness.

  157. Poppet says:

    Yeah — SL is not for dummies. People who come in expecting instant gratification (“I clicked the builder box and it didn’t work! I bought your xyz and it didn’t work! HELP!!!) are probably not happy. The ones who get over it are at least a bit bashful about needing help. Those who come with a New York City attitude of entitlement are really not going to like it here.

    I love: learning stuff, and SL has provided an endless platform for learning new things: scripting, modeling, photoshopping, building, terraforming, marketing…I could go on. It is amazing to find finally, at age 60, something I’m good at. And while I am working, that sound of money coming when someone buys something, gives me positive reinforcement.

    I came here after playing online games for years, and so I know to expect bugs. I have seen every comment here in the blog and on the forums and in some group channels a billion times before coming here, made about other games (“Skip the bells and whistles! Fix the bugs!”; “We pay for this??”; “It’s laggy!”; “The developers are chimps” etc. etc. etc.). I have seen it so much that I have gotten beyond even bothering to correct people who make those comments.

    The Time dude probably got a commission from Time Warner because such a huge percentage of its bandwidth is used to provide access to SL. Speaking of which, a lot of our lag and some of our downtime comes from THEIR subpar systems.

    Who reads Time, anyway?

  158. Simon Nolan says:

    Why do I enjoy myself in SL? Because of the opportunities in this world. WarKirb (#3) pointed out some things we take for granted every time we log in, but isn’t it funny when in RL you momentarily think of doing any one of those things? I know it’s happened to me more than once.

    @97 I think you got it right with “wills and wonts” because that’s what everything in SL boils down to. It really isn’t haves and have nots, because you can do and be anyone you want to be. It’s all your choice.

  159. I say to the old media folks in the audience: it is easy to sit on high and make pronouncements about lands which you have never visited. Why don’t you let go of the fear and *play* a little?

    And I say to all of us: it is difficult to imagine how big of a transformation this will be: http://www.centric.com/thought/2007/07/11/crumbs-on-the-hors-douevre-tray/

  160. Pingback: The Internet: an “embryonic brain” « Shannon Speaks

  161. Korri Peterman says:

    S/L for me has been the most wonderful experience and creation that i have been able to have a part of living in…yes there has been many lag faults n stuff, but once the greyness *smiles* disappears many of the places i see are absolutely gorgeous, especially with just Parks and one of my favourite landmarks is just full of forestry, mountains rivers and waterfalls, bridges that for when i first came into game i never seemed to know how to walk straight so would see myself walking along this long bridge following a friend and then suddenly just falling headlong into Water – was highly amusing to friends who would at the time just see me disappear from view and then just tp me to them.

    Another reason i love S/L – Meeting all the wonderful people that i have come to know as friends and now mostly an S/L Family that im priviledged to be a part of…but also meeting all those folk in Malls/Clubs/Sales in your Yards – to me those i have not met well we just not been in the right place at the right time *hehe* my motto anyway.

    Its always a new experience for me everyday and i always do a search of where i want to go and hunt out, and to anyone’s land that i happen to drop on unexpectedly its not intentional – you just have beauty surrounding these areas that many want to look closer at.

    S/L for me is Fantasy and i more or less never mix my s/l with my r/l and if you ever see me i dont mind talking about stuff that is random of r/l just no personal stuff…For everything i happen to do is certainly something i would never do in R/L –

    There is so much to see and do still – not even seen half of what i would like to see…..Im just happy to have my home and a bit of land at the moment, every thing that has come to me in second life is what i would call Luck…and im very very contented with my lot
    Second Life for me is that a Life i want to stay in for a long time coming and meet new people and share experiences with 😛

  162. Pede Yifu says:

    I remember reading Time once. It was a waiste of my time, nothing in it interested me. And since my opinion is law and no one else has one of there own, I will put those people into a category of stupid people and marvel over the question “Why?”.

    Sounds just as stupid when I say it, doesn’t it? That article is something I would expect from a 13 year old PS2 fanboys blog about why XBox sucks.

  163. Shockwave Yareach says:

    Why would I be using Second Life instead of, say, wasting my time reading a boring rag like Time?

    The question is self answering.

    I run Second Life because it is a fun creative exercise for my mind. I have friends there and some are friends in RL as well. We build, we code, we play games, we interact, we amuse ourselves, we try to make our lives a bit more enjoyable… It is a telepresence and FauxReality generator that allows us to ignore space and physics to form a cohesive band regardless of our real distances and situations.

    When you can find a news rag or television show that comes even close to that experience, let me know.

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