Announcing the Concierge Summer Party

It has been too long since the last one, so we’re pleased to announce that the concierge team will be hosting a summer party for concierge customers on Saturday 21st July at an inworld venue to be announced, from 10am until 2pm SL Time.

We are going with an underwater theme this time, so bring your goggles! Β As before, entrance to the party will be restricted through group membership, so here is how you can get an invite.. Β visit the support portal (, create a new support ticket and choose ‘Request Concierge Party Invite’ as the ticket type. You will then be asked for the name of one guest, so enter a name if you wish to bring someone. You will need to be a concierge customer to attend, however your guest does not.

The deadline for invite requests to be submitted is midnight on the 19th July (SL Time).

This is the only way to get an invite, so please do not direct IM us on the day – only those who create support tickets correctly in advance, through the support portal, are sure to get invites to the party group.

Note. If you are paying at a level of USD$125 per month or more (for mainland or islands), you are a concierge customer.

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84 Responses to Announcing the Concierge Summer Party

  1. Shiney Sprocket says:

    Will you finish outstanding island transfers before partying? Hope so, I need my future home! πŸ™‚

  2. Shadow P says:

    I feel like the fat kid that can’t get into the party. Who wantsta make our own party? We can play pin the lag on the grid, and have contests to see who can go the longest without crashing!!

  3. NewYorkCityDJ says:

    nice when you can fine things online shadow..:

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  4. Mmmyes Oh says:

    Come on, folks… you’re lagging here. Where are all the zzzzzzOMG! People might enjoy themselves! NO! Fix bugs first! Fix bugs first! posts?

    I hope you have a good time. πŸ™‚

  5. WaterTemptress Kohime says:

    Uhhh Im not sure what any of this meant? O.o

    —>> WORM_DIOXIN.B – Technical detailsHack Webcams and Aim accounts with O-Hax! This is the last day it will be …. Money Hack; RYL crack; Second Life Role-Playing Linden Lab crack; Shadow Ops … – 40k

  6. Smiley Barry says:

    I would be Concierge if me parents would allow me to loan money for my special sim project X.X But, enjoy, Concierge! :-D.

    (I’m a teen in Teen Second Life.)

  7. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day Jack

    YAY! A PARTY!!!

    Woo hoo! I am off to submit my ticket now!

    Then there is all that deciding on who to take and OMG – what am I going to wear??? *laughs* I only have 13,000+ inventory (wardrobe) items to look through… my virtual bedroom is going to be a mess!

    YAY! A party – I am sooo excited. Are you having a band or a DJ? Seeing as it’s underwater themed, you could get Frogg to play!

    Any ways – I have to get back to work!

    Excited Alex

  8. Smiley Barry says:

    P.S.: Since there are SO many islands out there… I think tommorow you’ll see a “SOLD OUT!” graphical icon next to the invite item in the Support Portal xD.

    I mean, 4,000 regions… There’s got to be about 2,000-3,000 private regions, so there are at LEAST 1,250 Concierge members out there. Not including the 10-20 teens lol. Plan one for the teens and teen grid organizations, guys. I think a party for 15-30 on the TG will be okie too ;-D.

  9. Dirk Felix says:

    Sorry, but I would have posted in Release Day Slow Down if LL would be transparent and allow this to happen.

    This build and release is pathetic and to suggest a party only adds salt to the wound.

    Concierge has yet to solve any issue I have had. Have a nice day πŸ˜‰

  10. Concierge Summer Party or Lag Fest 2007. I remember Valentines day and the Birthday party, any town hall meeting in 07. LAG FEST 07 not for me.

  11. Elvis Orbit says:

    I hope I can make it but the time is so off for me being in Japan hehe! I hope I can make it for a bit!

  12. WoW you mess up network performance & not gonna have a summer party.

    WHEN ARE THE BUGS GONNA BE FIXED??? Still haven’t gotten a word back on support help about my Zyngo that didn’t rez on that last bug 2 weeks ago. How about getting back to your customers on support messages & actually helping them fix the problem.

    Must I send the same messages everyday that I lost that machine. I know it isn’t much to complain about when there are others that have lost whole malls & etc but at least get our items back that NEVER REZZED & you stole from us.

    Some of these blogs we read makes it seem like LL is 100% bug free lets party take summer off & head to the beach.

  13. Ha, ha! Funny, complaining commenters. The *real* ZOMG! is that I want to be sitting on the couch reading Harry Potter all day on the 21st!

    This is great, thanks! I’ll be off to the support portal as soon as a I pick a date. πŸ™‚

  14. Wuvme Karuna says:

    Instead of making little parties, you should try to focus in keeping your concierge customers, by lowering down the sim rates like it was 2 years ago, that is way better then any party and would make us buy more and stay longer.

    Enjoy the party while you still have customers willing to spend money on your poor customer service…

  15. Alora Perse says:

    I am a concierge customer, and if I could take a step on my sim without going all the way across or underground I might be happy about a party. But as it is I am a bit pissed off that i spent almost 1700$ and 300$ a month for something that this update made pretty much useless. Have a great time at your party! pfft

  16. Scott Deharo says:

    So how do you plan on having 3000 people attending a party? Also will their be a party like this here on the teen grid?

    I’m also a teen here on the teen grid.

  17. MIchael Kolache says:

    Ok… real freakin smart…. announce a party while most of the residence can hardly move on the grid. who is in charge of such announcements? have them contact me before they say anything else… i can help detour a lot of resentment. OMG!! I hope you dont think the announcement of a party would ease the ills of the upgrade.. please say it isnt so!!

  18. Fabian Tweak says:

    Is this open to teens?

  19. Rob Adelaide says:

    Way to go. Hey, the software doesn’t really work, but whatever it’s a freakin’ party for your Concierges….

    (I don’t hate you concierges, I appreciate what you do. I just wish your higher-ups would get their crap together and fix the software you charge people to use)

  20. Calin McKinney says:

    The fact of the matter, for me at least, is though bugs continue, I really enjoy this game, the people I meet, and the ability to create things from a cube! There are times when I am frustrated and want to sell out and leave…but I think LL is starting to understand the importance of focusing on getting things fixed and helping us have the best experience possible.

    Today driving back from the beach, I thought to myself…”They just probably need to up the salary for their programmer positions and recruit some additional highly skilled guys or gals to help get and keep this place running smoothly.” In addition, wonder if it would be possible to contract out service and customer support requests, such as my landbot theft and the 21,811 Lindens I am still crabbing about all the time. I think those two improvements …programmers and customer service reps, would really make the experience much better than it already is.

    I am going to head to the party just to celebrate where we have come so far! Keep blogging and commenting everyone…I know Lindens are hearing us!

    Oh, one last thing…it is totally not worth it to ever turn off the comments Lindens….I mean, why send out the message “We really don’t want to hear from you on this one.” It is pointless…the more complaints you hear, the more info you get on how to improve the game. I am sure everyone else fells as I do when I see the blog comments turned off…it feels like a slap in the face. Please stop doing that. That is one PR move that would be very easy for you.

  21. Scott Deharo says:

    Well I have noticed in my opininion that SL has gotten not better but worse in the last 10 months (about when I joined SL). When I joined SL it was nice and peaceful… the sandboxes wernt annoying. AND THEIR WASNT LAG. i cant imagine how peaceful it must of been in 05 :P,

    *waves from the Teen Grid!*

  22. Cocoanut Koala says:

    My computer is too lousy to function in a crowd, but thanks for the invite anyhow!


  23. not a thieve says:

    how would your us-president named the Lindens after this Update?

    Iraquis or Afghanis?

  24. Tegg B says:


    Well I have noticed SL vastly improved in the last 9 months, heaps new better functions too

  25. not a thieve says:

    Coco, its not ur computer.

    LL has no control above what they are deliver.

  26. Jesseaitui Petion says:

    The last one was kinda boring- Any events going to take place this time?

  27. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I still find it pretty sad that, with having bought a 65536qm (full island) but not being the ‘owner’ of the island, I am not a concierge customer, because the island owner is not Linden. 😦

  28. funny says:

    I still cannot upload the 8.0.0 version. The same problem with you?

  29. Thordain says:

    @8 “This build and release is pathetic and to suggest a party only adds salt to the wound.”: Very constructive. This really helps LL zoom in on the bugs and squash them. Thats a very detailed bug report.

    @14: Which Sim? What are your system specs. What ISP do you use? I’ve never seen any kind of behavior like this last more than an hour or so.

    @16: “announce a party while most of the residence can hardly move on the grid”. Do you honestly think anyone takes a report like this seriously? “have them contact me before they say anything else… i can help detour a lot of resentment”. Ya…that’s going to happen ;-). Keep dreaming. Buy a decent computer.

    @20: “SL has gotten not better but worse in the last 10 months (about when I joined SL).”. So basically, you’re saying you actually have no frame of reference. And Sandboxes? I’m surprised to this day that LL keeps sandboxes open. They spend 90% of their sandbox related time rebooting sims because some idiot decided to try and crash it.

    One of my personal favorites from yesterday was a guy who inferred that he knew the exact plan of attack LL should take to fix all the issues, and in the _same_ paragraph stated that he wouldn’t use the JIRA to report bugs because it was too complicated.

    Man, I hate to feed the trolls, but seriously! If LL never read a single one of these comments I would never blame them. About 1% of them are actually useful, constructive or beneficial to the Second Life community.

    [ Yes, I’m sure you’re all running NUMA 8-way boxes w/ 32GB of RAM and 2 TB of HD space, and have dedicated OC-12’s at home. Right…..]

  30. Tree Kyomoon says:

    all you have to do is pay the lindens more than 125 a month. I like to think of it as a riff raff filter πŸ™‚

  31. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 27, well they can each bring a riff raff guest, I’m sure there will be plenty of NPIOF scum there to tarnish the place a bit – you know, creators who put in rather than just suck out πŸ˜‰

    Well, I hope you can move with all the people lol, but I guess it’s all part of the new caring, sharing, listening Linden. That bottom line must be hurting bad lol.

    Let’s hope they’re genuine, and carry on listening, and next step is doing things people ask for. Hopefully with the almost complete release of shinies, we might get back to core stuff for a while, while the next debate on scaling, Havoc etc gets decided. πŸ™‚

  32. That DeFarge says:

    Ohhhh Jesseaitui (25) it’s the people that make a party not the games πŸ™‚ Let go and have some fun with us!

  33. NOT A THIEVE says:

    did everyone knows the song from Kim Seifert?


    Listen to her song…. its a special and so true.

    Its only about the daily Second life.

    and she is very fair to the people they got our money, just for nothing.

  34. Digital Digital says:

    I wish I would have gotten a responce about my being over charged when I bought some lindens.

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  36. Dekka Raymaker says:

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  37. laney valencia says:

    how do i get into this party? wheres the tickets?

  38. Sonof Marvin says:

    yay will look forward to attending

    -Sonof Marvin (Oakland Heights Island Owner)(TG)

  39. the Teen Grid deserves a Concierge Party. Don’t single us out!

  40. Zlad Voom says:

    yes does not make sense that, better they work on our tickets.
    I will invite everybody to a party if SL is bug free one day πŸ˜›

    /me wondering how long it takes until my 2 week old “new” ticket will be assigned to somebody…..

  41. alan edelman says:

    This is pathetic. All I see is posts here from greedy self-centered people who find it necessary to treat people like plow horses and beat them senseless until they’re dead. “Don’t have a party until you fix MY problem” – sounds like you need to go play in Active Worlds for a while. May be stay there. I’ve had plenty of problems and I pay $310/month for that privilege – I don’t like it but I’m not going to tell somebody they can’t take a break and have a party . . .

  42. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Just one thing… as it is not correct the way it is written: “Note. If you are paying at a level of USD$125 per month or more (for mainland or islands), you are a concierge customer.”

    Please fix this statement, as it is not true. Thank you.

  43. Hadley Yoshikawa says:

    If you are paying LL and not some dinglebob landowner (i.e. you pay LL directly), you are a concierge customer. fixed.

  44. Karen Palen says:

    Are small AVis welcome at the party or is this viewed as “ageplay”?

    Several of us have our own islands just to get away from the harassment.

    Personally i am waiting until the situation is more clear before I take that jump, I was invited as a guest but do not want to bring grief on my freinds,

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  46. Nancy Yohogania says:

    Sorry for causing confusion on the group for this event. It’s 14 hours time difference for me – so in RL it was already the 21st of July and in SL it was after 2pm. My aplogies – for me the start is RL Time 4am an the 22nd of July. I hope I did not cause to much confusion.

  47. Second Life rocks… a new dimension on being a part of the internet…

  48. Oh yes, I think this is calling me as the deadline happens to be my birthday. (the big Two Five.)

  49. Second Life pwns. I Love things like this.

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