June 2007 Metrics Published

Hello All!

I’ve published this next month’s installment of our public metrics, which are available through our Economy page or linked here in Excel, Open Document, and Google Docs format.

I am planning on enhancing these formats to include CSV text files but need to figure out how to deliver the metadata and definitions for the reports along with the data all in a single downloadable package monthly, so if this interests you please vote for the JIRA task and join the discussion about this in my Office Hours.

We have created new JIRA categories for requests for additional reports and metrics, or for changes to our public data feeds. Please add your requests there and vote for the ones that interest you most.

If you have any questions about the economic stats behind month’s numbers, Zee Linden, our CFO, will also be coming to this week’s Office Hours to talk about the economy. As of this week, Beaumont should be a voice-enabled sim, so we invite anyone wanting to use the First Look viewer to join in the conversation via voice also.

Thanks everyone, and see you soon!


(update: apologies original post had a problem with my unique and signup figures)

About Meta Linden

Data Warehousing and Metrics Analysis for the world of Second Life. A Linden Lab employee in California.
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37 Responses to June 2007 Metrics Published

  1. aeper jie says:

    Good Job LL. tg still below 5k residents. so when do we get more sims? kinda boring on tg. but Whats with the unknown? dont they have to put down a year that they were born in to get the account?

  2. Spontaneous Radio says:

    lol, I hope you made a mistake on the Metrics this month.

    Created Year Created Month Unique Residents Population

    2007 April 3,779,566
    2007 May 4,370,810
    2007 June 4,370,813

    3 New Unique Residents in the month of June, lol. I hope they are atleast premium accounts. Have fun at the all star game, in San Fran tonight.

    Keep up the good work.
    Spontaneous Radio

  3. Bobo Decosta says:

    Can you check the stats again, because population count sounds like the game is over.

  4. Meade Paravane says:

    TY, Meta!!

    /me waves to the 75 users in Antarctica! 🙂

  5. Meta Linden says:

    Apologies folks, fixed and reposted. Thanks for the quick eyes on this.

    Note: We likely *will* be restating overall metrics of signed up user accounts in the near future as we disable older accounts that have never logged in. Will specifically post about that as it happens.

  6. Oryx Tempel says:

    LOL don’t you have to log in to have an account? How about getting rid of all the accounts that only logged in one time and then never came back?

  7. Warda Kawabata says:

    When do you plan to note the number of active accounts by country as a fraction of that country’s actual population? Give us an idea of market penetration within each country.

  8. Spontaneous Radio says:

    853772 is alot better for unique users in the month of June then only 3, thanks for the update Meta.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. I suspected the L$ US$ flow was down last month. I see this confirms it. A slow month all round.

    How would you explain that? Bad updates? Summer holidays?

  10. astarte says:

    Interesting……. Us girls may be outnumbered by the Guys 3:1 but we spend twice as much time on SL…..

  11. Revolution Perenti says:

    Great job meta, its surpising how much SL has involved, since sl was in beta too now, many new things are involving, many idears are being put into the world, has sl out grown itself, its expaning so fast how does linden labs keep up.
    you guys done a great job, and thanks meta for all your hard work.
    see you in world as aways Rev :))
    *Hugs to our spider linden* ^_^

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  13. Katrina Bekkers says:

    It’s sad to play the role of Cassandra. For the fourth month in a row.

    But the LindeX data confirms the downward trend. Since four months, less and less virtual money is capitalized into real one.

    Bad news, as I’m commenting since I first noted the trend.

    Seems the we had the peak four months ago.

    Another bad signal. 7.7M accounts registered. But in “Age Bands”, we learn that the unique avatars active last month were below 500K. Hoped a bit more. Is SL just an overhyped bubble? 2000 called, and want the burst back.

  14. Kathy Yamamoto says:

    Am I misreading the data on the Land Size tab of the Excel sheet? It says the numbers are in km2. My high school math tells me that the total number of regions ios a bit over 10.

    712.6 x 1000 m2 – 712600 m2 – right?

    712600/65536 = 10.87 sims

    So I assume it was meant to be given in Thousands of km2.

    Or someone is about to demonstarte why I had to take 5 semesters of Algebra to get credit for a year 😉

    Kathy Yamamoto

    P.S. 11 thousand computers! Those bays must hum like all the bees in the universe 😉

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  18. Lavender Arrow says:

    @Katrina Bekkers

    Remember that the Lindex isn’t the only one of its kind. There chould be a trend to non-linden sources.

  19. The usage statistics on the teen grid appear to say what most people already know. Sex sells.

    Or is it that SL without sex doesn’t sell?

  20. One thing that we are really missing is a dump of the LindeX exchange rate history. The last one stopped at the end of 2006. (Added this to JIRA.)

  21. U M says:

    This is a joke about removing older accounts right?

  22. #20 I think what they are talking about is the people that sign up for SL and have NEVER logged into SL. I remember when I first started the big pitch was to sign up for SL, build and sell products and sit back and collect the L$ for yur products selling over and over. So I dont see them cutting accounts as long as you have logged in. Becaue I know a handful of SLer who serve in the military and are now over seas and can not log into SL. So I think there would be a problem if they cut those accounts. But I dont see it being a problem to cut the accounts of those who have just gone through the sign up process and never logging in to SL.

    Just a spontaneous thought.

    Hope to see you at the meeting on Friday th 13th @ 10am SLT.

  23. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 14 Kathy Yamamoto, yes your maths is off lol. There are 1,000 metres in a km. That’s distance. Area, is the square of that, 1,000 x 1,000 so there are 1,000,000m2 in a km2. So, 10,870 sims.

    That’s sticking at the normal rate of about 800 new sims per month, while basically hardly any new people can get on, concurrency is not going up at the same rate, so the population is getting spread thinner over those sims, averaging just over 4 people per sim at PEAK user hours, or around 2 people per sim off peak.

    Welll, if they ditch old accounts from the data, that might pretty the figures. But it would be interesting to see things like av number of times logged in per account. LL should be asking why it is so many people come in and then leave. Is it really all alts used by griefers? If it is, then penetration is poor. If it’s people fed up with the service, then you know what to do, what the Open Letter suggested and some of us have been saying for quite a while: fix the issues, make payment more accessible, better language support, better customer support, but more important fix those bugs and increasing lag.

    As for the Business Owner figures, nice try, and good to try and cut out land sales and Lindex purchases, but those numbers will still include income from rent on land purchased, right? Maybe you could add the number of people in that who own, say, more than half a sim. It might give a much clearer idea of how weak the economy is outside of land dealing and rental.

  24. That’s Right I’ve Been Using SLexchange For most Of My L$ To US$ Exchanges. I Find That The Rates Are Better And The Transfer To Paypal Is Faster….Hours Instead Of Days

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  27. U M says:

    @21 Lets hope it never comes to cutting those account that have not been logged in for awhile. Because of said issues.

    It they are accounts used then for 30 days and throw them away, and or lost theeir pw and they just signup again i can undestand the reasoning.
    Well try to made meeting sounds like things are moving in the right dicrection.

    Thank you for the reply.

  28. Loydin Tripp says:

    Montana, your observations are very interesting.

    A chart I made of the numbers of registered accounts and of active accounts (logged on in 60 days for one hour) are rapidly separating from each other every month. The spread between them is widening, showing that concurrency is not the only issue but retention.

    It is almost impossible to know why people leave anything because it is notoriously hard to ask some one a question who is no longer around. There are plenty of useful theories but I am not sure that the LIndens are listening.

  29. Loydin Tripp says:

    Meta, I have a question…why is the number that you have in age bands, about 500,000, not with the other population numbers? And how would you define it in comparison to the registered, registerd unique, active and active unique?

  30. Last month I wrote an article about “less users but more usage” which is even more relevant this month!
    Numbers of active users have dropped in Europe by 8%, in Germany by 25%! However, number of usage hours of active users in Germany are pretty stable at 2,2 mio hours.
    This would mean for Germany, that there are 25% less active users who use second life 33% more! And really, average usage time increased from 36 hours in Mai to 48 hours in June.

    This heavy changes at the peak of the hype (users down, usage up) are a bit of a surprise – I wonder if the numbers of active users are correct for Germany … (especially because the figures are quite stable for the US)

    Could you check that and come back to me?

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  32. Freddie Waite says:

    In May you introduced the total counts of active users. I’ve found this very helpful. Is it possible to update the data for January to April 2007 so as to incorporate this statistic?

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  34. I may be missing something, but I have some questions that really trouble me as I search for answers as to why my once thriving business is collapsing around me as sales wither away. First, on the metrics, I don’t recall seeing a category that reports the number of closed or unpaid premium accounts so we can calculate what the truly functional population of SL is. Yes I believe for some businesses only premium account holders are relevant customer data, but the data seems half complete, or did I miss the retention rate figures?
    Second, this may be my subjective opinion, but for more than a couple of months I have noticed that the “online now” figure that used to be skyrocketing hovers around 40k . . . .for over two months! That seems like a levelling of to me. Anyone else notice this?
    Finally, today as like many days in SL . . an introduction of a new firstlook browser seems to have killed a weekend of business by ruining searches, stopping teleports and mapping. And in my case making a large deposit slexchange.com seem to disappear, or at least not be accessible when I needed it. These kinds of disasters happen more than once a month, often drag through the sales heavy weekends, and I can’t help but think they must be eroding other businesses like they have eroded mine. Some folks even believe this is an intentional instability designed to keep small businesses marginalized, and minimized. I used to laugh at that paranoia, but it’s starting to sink in now. Where is this great entrepreneurial environment that lured me in a year and a half ago? I had no where else to tie all these problems together, just searching for answers in the metrics, but to me the data seems misleading and incomplete, perhaps reporting losses would scare away large corporate clients starting to set up in SL. After all they are more important than individuals will ever be.

  35. Simil Miles says:

    As I started to offer translation services and need myself to have material translated, I wondered which exactly were the top languages in SL.
    I used June 2007 key metrics to create this PDF http://unconwtech.free.fr/doc/sl-top-languages-june-2007.pdf

    But I had trouble with countries having several official languages, such as Canada, Belgium and Switzerland.
    If I could know for example the percentage for Quebec, it would help a bit.

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