Optional Viewer 1.17.3(1) Available [UPDATED]

We’ve posted a very minor viewer update to Second Life 1.17.3 which addresses a viewer crash on startup for certain classes of older hardware. If you’ve been running with 1.17.3, there’s no need to update – there are no functional changes.

[UPDATE 2007-07-10@10:00am] We’ve reverted back to 1.17.3(0) as the recommended viewer; it does not appear that the fix substantially helped on the affected hardware, despite our internal testing. The fundamental changes causing this issue (a performance increase in avatar rendering) are being reverted from 1.18.0 (due tomorrow).

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83 Responses to Optional Viewer 1.17.3(1) Available [UPDATED]

  1. Zlad Voom says:

    still not fix any memory problems, SL is not fun anymore since 1.17.X
    Just a matter of time to crash or freeze due to memory leak with Nvidia.

  2. Livinda Goodliffe says:

    Okay…but, what I go to login, it fails and a dialog box says Optional Viewer 1.17.3 (1) and there is only one button…the Close button.

  3. Tyler says:

    yep, I cant login

  4. Alicia Sautereau says:

    #2 – LOL, every one stay away from 17.3… it`s cursed, just read the forums for all the issue`s it created, stick with 17.1 or .2!!!

  5. Farrah Foss says:

    It seems there are a lot of bugs in the 1.17.3 viewer. I have several items in inventory that no longer match the name. I was given a new version of one of them by a friend, and it is correct for her, but not for me. I am still seeing under “recent” items that were aquired over a week ago. I have cleared cache, etc.

    I am so frustrated with bugs that get fixed, only to appear again in the next version. It seems clear that LL has some serious problems with patch tracking and version control.

    New contitents etc are great, but when the basic functionality is as bad as it is now, I think all available resources should be devoted to getting this stable and functional.

    In the many months I have been here, I have sadly seen the quality of SL degrade. Sure, some things work great, but the proliferation of SPAM IM’s and SPAM Group invites, the horrible situation with the stupid ad parcels, and failure to be able to have a feature work or work as it is supposed to, requiring continuing adaptation to work arounds, has made me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t be looking to reduce my presence here before it all goes to hell.

    Come on LL, please pay attention to what people are saying, and help us create a viable, working world that we saw the potential for before the big member rush.

  6. Alicia Sautereau says:

    btw, with the 1.17.* joke, u guys still seriously plan to release 1.18.* wednesday as i doubt a crash fix to not being able to login(makes sense?) is sure appriciated

    go on vacation and leave us with 1.17.1/1.17.2, it`s bad enough as it is allready

  7. Juicy Babii says:

    Still crashes instantly upon start:
    (All viewers since Jan 2007 have worked on this
    hardware until now)


    Second Life has encountered a problem and needs to
    close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost.

    For more information about this error, click here


    CPU: AMD Athlon (Thunderbird core) (801 MHz)
    Memory: 640 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce FX 5500/AGP/3DNOW!
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.3
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/986 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: 74976128-e130-f1a3-4de5-fdc783786157

  8. U M says:

    wow taht was fast.but its the first look client that needs updating.

  9. Beth Marama says:

    The new viewer is still crashing at the same spot. I probably have the oldest machine out there trying to run SL though.

  10. Farallon Greyskin says:

    If the 1.7.3 series is not working for you you can try the firstlook wuich is built on the 1.7.2 code.. Might work if .2 worked and you don;t have it to reinstall.

    You’ll then have to put up with the “COMMUNICATOR!” (a UI so bad it makes the biggest voice hater not mind it one bit in comparison)But frankly the more people that test drive it then apopepticaly scream about what a horrid thnig it is, the less likely we’ll alll be forced to use it one day 😦

  11. Jim says:

    I still get the same error, “Second Life has encountered a problem and must close, sorry for any inconvenience” on my XP Pro computer, before anything happens at all. Version 1.17.2 still works fine

    Hope 1.18 doesn’t do this, or I guess I won’t even be able to use 1.17.2 anymore after the server upgrades, right? Great. 😮

  12. Astro says:

    I’ve been quite content with 1.17.3. I’m ruthed a bit more often, but I think that links to my poor internet connection.

  13. Zlad Voom says:

    i am really tired about all that s*, as a paying coustomer i expect a working software. Or is LL already a subsidary of Microsoft ???
    So we may wait for version 4.0 SP6 until is almost stable :->

  14. bigmoe whitfield says:

    cant login with either vrewer

  15. Bettina Wunderlich says:

    I will come back when I can have a stable version of SL.
    I had sold my land, my stuff and I dont pay more for SL.

    Bye folks – I´m tired.

  16. Zlad Voom says:

    @8 same here, all investments are on hold :))

  17. Ye spoke nasty about the ghost of Voice. Because of thou 17.3… is cursed Only by bringing on Voice will SL be whole again. *big smirky grin*

  18. Bleu Drake says:

    Hey all,

    Please remember, sometimes bugs will only effect a small subset of machines. You aren’t the only paying customers of LL. SL is working just fine with 1.17.2 or 1.17.3 on my machine, which has an nVidia card, and I’m sure it is on numerous other machines of people who just don’t bother posting. One thing you can do to help is try to make sure the bug you are encountering is documented in the JIRA.

    However, one thing Linden does need to do, especially with the change to het-grid in 1.18, is make it easier to download older versions if you have problems after an upgrade.

    Just remember, Linden labs is just made up of humans, not superheros. They’re doing what they can. 🙂


  19. I simply dont see why everyone seems to have the same problems with every new release…

    my machines that my RL family uses to play SL were all bought in the last 2 years. I have video cards ranging from 64mb to 256mb (all nVidias) and sound from integrated to SB Live.

    Aside from the occasional crash when I empty the trash, and one when I initiated an IM, I have never, ever had all these problems everyone seems to be having.

    First, I’d suggest that everyone take the time to make sure ALL drivers for their computer are up to date – this includes even the motherboard.

    Make sure you dont have a bad memory stick (SIMM, DRAM, whateva) and that your CPU is not overheated (you can find hundreds of system tools, most free, thru someplace like CNet or Downloads.com).

    My computers have been labeled, by those that have actually SEEN them, the Millenium Falcon of home computing. I must be the WORST at keeping my computer in a clean environment AND I beta test everything from utilities to games. I find I need to reinstall XP at least once every 5 or 6 months. Basically, I have got to have the most UNSTABLE platform to be running a complicated (and quite bug infested) piece of software like SL, yet I do it quite well.

    I have found, in my nearly 20 years of internet experience, that it takes something on the scale of a cpu/gpu intensive game like SL to point out all the flaws in your system. I’d start there, then cry to LL when you can, without a doubt, claim your computer is at LEAST in this millenium with regards to hardware.

  20. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    Everyone. A few months ago, I too, struggled with memory leaks. I crashed reguilarly in any busy area, as memory consumptiion soared.

    So I did something about it. I upgraded, from 1Gb, to 4Gb. Solved all the problems immediately.

  21. Dirk Felix says:

    Just for fun, I tried this with my desktop:
    MacPro OSX 10.4.10
    Two 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    16 GB memory
    NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 512MB, Stereo 3D

    Guess what? It didnt work and then for more fun, i did a compare to MacBook Pro. Same unsucessful outcome. How come?? 😉

  22. Drusilla Demar says:

    Still not working – still crashing on start-up.
    Too many botched releases… is it that hard to test them THROUGHALLY..?

  23. Fleur Rasoir says:

    After I downloaded this, my computer now says:

    “Unable to Connect to server.
    Could not resolve domain name: userserver.agni.lindenlab.com
    Please check your network connection.”

    How can I fix this to get back into Second Life?

  24. Theo Soderstrom says:

    Bitch! Gripe! Piss! Moan! Did ANY of you whiners and complainers even THINK to “Create a Restore Point” using your Win XP “System Restore” app BEFORE you hey diddle diddle download and install a new SL version? Then if the new version does not work, you know you can just restore right back to what you had before the new install, real quick like a good ‘lil bunny. Jeez! Gawd PLEASE deliver me from a job where I have to serve Ye Publicke!

  25. Alicia Sautereau says:

    don`t have to be a genious that 1.17.3 is borked with the spam of issue`s that hit the forum compared to befor the moment 1.17.3 was released
    most used answer was “revert” and it went silent for most issue`s

  26. Zlad Voom says:

    brand new computer, public bug tracker is just a waste of time coz nobody respond. Support? no respond.

    Seems SL is Vaporware like the MS products, i know the people do a job and i know there are humans. But you cannot charge for a buggy System and hope the charges will finance your development.
    Why should i buy land or a island if i cannot use it really ???

    all Investments on hold and i hope the community will do it too, so the Linden$ need to react to this problem.

  27. Cherry Czervik says:

    Sad but true – yes there are issues which come up from time to time but the clients are only going to evelve and get MORE complex and memory hungry – having said that I’ve seen some fairly jaw dropping resource hogging lately – but that’s the same everywhere and upgrading often helps a lot.

    @/RE 16: Customer Service. When are you guys going to move ops to Brighton and recruit me? LOL … but seriously, you’ve had my resume … shrugs …

  28. Eddi Decosta says:

    I have of good comments, since the version 17.2, to continue your good work

  29. Corvaire Wind says:

    Yes, down load FirstLook and Vlad.. that MS thing was an April fools joke, just FYI. ;O)-

  30. Corvaire Wind says:

    oops, Zlad*

  31. Nightbird Glineux says:

    I’m using SL Client 1.17.2 and Nicholaz 17g2. I haven’t bothered upgrading either because we’re supposed to be forced to upgrade to 1.18 on Wednesday anyways. Not upgrading apparently has saved me some trouble, according to the other posters here.

    My experience lately has been very good, with no crashes or other problems. Let’s see what horrors are waiting for us on Wednesday.

  32. Wyald Woolley says:

    #14 who wrote “ust for fun, I tried this with my desktop:
    MacPro OSX 10.4.10
    Two 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    16 GB memory
    NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500 512MB, Stereo 3D

    Guess what? It didnt work and then for more fun, i did a compare to MacBook Pro. Same unsucessful outcome. How come?? ”

    Good question. I’m running an older MacBook Pro with a 2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo and 2GB of memory. The laptop has the stock ATY Radon X1600 graphic Chipset (256MB VRAM) and I’ve kept the OS updated so I’m at 10.4.10.

    I also am connected to the internet through a DSL line and an older Airport Extream wireless device. It’s not the best setup in some ways, yet I have as good a SL experience as most people I talk with. Pretty regular lag that intensifies and lessens without warning. Slow rezzing at times and none at other times for no apparent reason. Friends getting ruthed often, hair and shoes stuck up my butt, Frieds list busted, inventory loss…but that’s just the normal low-quality SL experience.

    Version 1.18 comes out Wednesday…eat, drink and be merry for in 36 hours we’re all gonna die.

  33. defrag says:

    I Sold My Land and Quit Paying for Anything in SL …

    I now spend my time helping noobs at Welcome areas they all claim the voice client is a laggy pice of work …

    Lets do something here linden lags …. maybe just maybe get someone to code who knows somethin about it ?

    yea seems like microsoft owns this place anymore lol …

    service pack ? ?

  34. jefferey Heart says:

    Had several issues with all of the 17.x version’s so far… Only one that seems to work reliably for me on this end has been the FIRST LOOK voice client. Seems to be the MOST stable so far. Others won’t even load just CRASH right off the bat.

  35. Hey guys may i suggest something you use a program thats called Clever Cache Pro

  36. Yanik says:

    With all the stuff people buy, sell, create, rez, delete, etc, I would recommend a full defrag and a chkdsk. Helped a lot for me. I’m running on Nvidia too and don’t have all the problems mentionned here.

    Except for the occasional hair and one shoe up my butt when i cross regions, all is fine! 🙂

  37. Candi Lustre says:

    Anyone else having problems installing this version? I’ve tried several times and everytime I get this error::

    Error opening file for writing:


    Click Abort to stop the installation,
    Retry to try again, or
    Ignore to skip this file.

    Anyone else?

  38. Marcuw Schnook says:

    About people having problems…

    So far, except for the friendlist, which has been buggy since forever, I do not encounter many problems. I’m running SL both on a new kind of laptop (Asus A7T series, 2Gb ram, NVidia GeForce Go 7600, Athlon Turion 64) as well as an old PC (Ahtlon 266, 1.5Gb, NVidia GeForce 6800) without major issues.

    However, seeing the complaints about the versions, I notice people talk about Intel’s Dual Core systems.

    As a Systems Administrator I was made aware of an issue with those processors. Some aren’t REAL dual core processors, but it’s being emulated by some kind of hyperthreading.

    This caused application like databases and intensive harddisk active software to cause problems.

    How to tell a Real Dual Core (hardware) Intel Processor from a Software Emulated One? Check the Bios settings for an option to Disable the emulation of the dualcore! And then try running the game again, without the use of DualCore emulation.

  39. evariel evelyn says:

    anyone having problems since 1.17* …like being away when u didnt even minimize it ?

    it’s annoying to see myself got away like away,notaway,away,notaway until i clicked on something

  40. Wiseguy Capra says:

    The “recent items” in the inventory show anything I received since the release of 1.17.3(0)… hope this will be fixed in the next update 🙂

  41. Jessicah Rhode says:

    I see a lot of complaints about how unstable this client is… but I only had problems wihen they first rolled it out and regions were going down constantly. I havn’t had any repeated crashing or lag other than the normal lag or once in a blue moon random crash you would expect from something like SL where you have hundreds of people out and about.

    My setup;
    Pentium D940
    2gb DDR2-800 4-4-4-12
    Nvidia BFG 7800 GT OC
    SB X-fi (i think)
    6mb Cable Line

  42. Bekken Klaar says:

    I wonder if 1.18 will fix the issue with Recent Items… my Recent Items has everything I’ve accumulated since the release of 1.17!


  43. strat octavia says:

    I just don’t get it. The problems in SL are ubiquitous: borked friends lists, inventory loss, excessive lag, frequent random crashes, lost IMs; yet, LL continues to push on with “new features”. Please, please, please LL – JUST STOP. Devote your resources to making the game work! Forget voice, forget windstorm (or whatever it’s called), SPEND A YEAR DOING NOTHING BUT BUG FIXES. I promise to buy more land if you do! 😛

  44. Eddi Decosta says:

    Libre-Expression, me semble de voir ça je n’ai aucunement eu l’intention de posté de message ostile, ou d’attaque intentionel en déclanrant un bug, j’étais juste tanner que ce bug intermitant ne se règle pas.et depuis ce temps je n’ai plus le droit de posté sur le forum, bravo vous défendez bien la libre expression..

  45. Panoptes Argus says:

    Since 1.15 or so SL caused my graphics driver (ATI Radeon X300SE) to hang so hard that I had to hard reset the computer. This happened over and over again, I could seldom use SL more than 15 minutes. Finally my filesystem was corrupted, scandisk cannot fix it. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT!!!

    Since I abandoned Windoze and started using the Linux version of Second Life (openSUSE 10.2 with the proprietary Athlon driver from ATI) I have had virtually no problems.

  46. Shai Khalifa says:

    Hi Wiseguy. Yes, I’ve noticed this too. The term “recent items” no longer applies it seems.

    I was going to report it as a but – but hey – have so many problems getting anything to work in Jira that I gave up, and just go with the fact that it’s buggered. Along with a couple of other annoying but liveable-with problems.


  47. Shai Khalifa says:

    …. oh yes, forgot – I’m using the First Look viewer as it seems marginally more stable for me. But don’t know whether the “recent Items” bug is first look viewer specific.

  48. Tegg B says:

    No problems running any of the 3 versions from Australia……….
    You got to wonder after being here for 9 months why some people have NEVER had SL stable. And others have rarely had problems.

  49. blury bury says:

    ill try not to be too repetitive but i would like to HELP and not HINDER this blog and those reading it. I will now offer you over 2 decades of professional computing experience 4 computers (3 on same DSL with router WiFi and even a “switch” (like a hub only better) and an array of hardware and software configs. on top of that multiple accounts for bug testing and several tests ran with help of other friends online also playing/using SL.::: and here it goes….

    in all my experience i have never known a piece of software (other than windows itself) to be so vastly buggy in many random ways.

    I have managed to get SL to work even on INTEL based GPU (its ok u can laugh) and a brand new MAC in the BESTBUY store itself even. unfortunately it did not login because they (bestbuy computer store) ran their network on a proxy and offered no direct tcp/ip connection but the installer worked perfectly and everything seemed to function well. had a nice clean feel to it too. did this only a few days ago with newest MAC version available. I could not get it to run off a laptop that only had 512 ram and intel gpu with a 1.2 celeron. just was too slow and would crash after it finished logging in.

    But it works perfectly on my tower which i sunk $500 usd into it for a nvidia 7950 GT KO 512 and extra gig ram and power supply to run the new vid card. i can get FPS up to 80 at some times. so i know my tower is strong and it does well at times taking very nice photos too.

    BUT everything falls apart when the GRID or asset servers get tied up. always after a update (wednesdays) and the things which annoy me the most which regardless of their claims to have (attempted?) to fix are people not showing online when they really are. recent items is a joke! getting a simulator is going down msg when others remain on the sim but im forced to QUIT then RESTART the SL app to log back in only finding myself somewhere i was YESTERDAY and NOT REALLY where i was LAST AT.

    now the hair shoes etc up butt etc i found time with friends to do extensive tests and found out something EXTREMELY interesting.

    it is NOT SL….!!! thats right!! not the grid per se.. it seems to be a flaw in the writes to the memory of the video card!!! because others will c u as fine and then when u refresh the video memory either through rebaking and editing of appearance and or dragging a new costume/clothes folder onto self to wear new outfit the anomalies seem to disappear! works for the BLACK on the neck and underarms too. sometimes the black is showing for other people but not you. sometimes others see you with no hair but you see yourself fine. but ask around and maybe only half the people find you have no hair or maybe it is just the one person. so we all took turns rebaking editing appearances dragging outfits folders (including skins and shapes in some cases) onto ourselves and taking note of the randomness. many people r quick to say CLEAR CACHE and YES this HELPS MANY times but NOT ALWAYS.

    Speeding up SL — defrag helps!!! we tested this and we all found significant improvement. especially with those whos hard drives shoed 30% or more fragmentation levels (good call Yanik Says!)

    I was prepared to invest an initial 200 usd into this game and then some more but i too am holding off until i see some better progress.
    Amid the fact that there seems to be many issues with the 1.17.2-3.x series releases i did feel that MANy of the bugs were being knocked down by the lindens with the amazing help of the open source community. THERE are some AMAZING programmers out there just not being PAID who are helping us ALL out with their limited time and extra special abilities by submitting MANY of the bug fix codes. if you go back and read the past few updates you will see how many are being submitted by open source community. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! it really brings HOPE to this bug infested and tormented community.

    side note: i noticed now that SL must not like us minimixing our SL apps now. every new update seems to re-write my settings file to make the line :

    can we please offer us an OPTION if we would like SL installer to re-write our settings files????? I like being able to NOT have to go in and edit them every time i update!

    THANK YOU for adding the quit/continue confirmation when clicking the [X] on top right corner of the SL window.

    also i not a land owner but did they ever add a confirmation yet to the ABANDON LAND button?? my friend lost his land for 5 working days because of this accident of clicking it. Glad he got it back but how annoying.

    speaking of which i will stop now. i could certainly go on forever about how many problems there are with this SL. the BIGGEST problem is that there are TOO many updates and there needs to be a way to DISABLE that MOST ANNOYING (login failed optional viewer!).

    and we also need to be able to reconnect to SL grid WITHOUT having to CLOSE and then RESTART SL application. it is so annoying!!
    Also if i lose connection while i am editing something. i may not know i lost connection till i try to save it back to my inventory only THEN to figure out i am not connected and course the past 30 mins or so of hard work for NOTHING!! close/restart SL and HOPE it dont happen again. we need some kind of client based code to check if still connected and alert us to this fact.
    oh yeah i was going to stop. i will now. thanks.!! amid it all i love sl and the people in it. most the people. the nice ones :))
    Blury Bury

  50. Lance Corrimal says:

    You know, these Lindens never fail to amaze me.

    On every update i think “Project management, QA and software development can’t get worse than this.”, and EVERY time it takes them just a few days to crank it up some.

    Honestly. An update just one day before an update? Are you serious?

    by the way, i have 100L in my pocket that say that the “fix” that made necessary will net be in 1.18.0.* yet.

  51. Listening to people brag about their fancy machines is amusing.
    I have a homebrew rig with only 512 MB memory, a low end nVidia card, and some generic AMD processor, and … SL runs fine if the grid is fine….heehee. If the lag is low, I can even crank up the draw distance to max and go zipping around with my untethered camera. While gabbing in voice chat.

    I also have legal, updated Windows XP Pro, and a good firewall program, and I don’t let garbage live on my computer.

    Comcast cable broadband is also very nice to have.

    Soo… I don’t think throwing hardware at the problem is everything… some people probably shouldn’t try to run SL and be part of a spam botnet at the same time… what you didn’t know your illegal OS, no firewall, freebie download virus trap was being borrowed? ha!

  52. Katrina Bekkers says:

    Is that 100L in your pocket, or you’re happy to see me? 🙂

  53. Leeloo Nykvist says:

    I get on average one crash per day, and that’s on the ALPHA Linux viewer. P4-2.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM, Radeon 9250. However, one thing I noticed is that SL is very sensitive to network problems. Buggy network code, not retransmitting lost packets or somesuch.

    Textures or hair not showing up? Network problem. Crash? Probably caused by a network problem. Sure a network problem shouldn’t be able to make the viewer crash, there’s no doubt that the network code is buggy. But with a good internet connection, crashes are a rare thing.

    And btw, network problems happen at both ends. Being on a busy unstable sim (like Help Island Public when the sim is in a bad mood), having a great internet connection won’t help. The packets will be lost (or damaged?) before leaving the server.

    In short: Yes, the network code is buggy, but you can mostly avoid the problems by having a good internet connection and leaving busy places when they start becoming unreliable.

  54. Dallas Seaton says:

    Posted by Joshua Linden on Friday, July 6th:

    “The final field always represents a unique build number, which denotes internal changes only. Various iterations will be seen while a version is in beta (e.g. you might see,, posted for the Beta Grid), but the official releases will only use the first three digits to have meaning (e.g. 1.18.0).”

    Posted by Joshua Linden on Monday, July 9th:

    “Optional Viewer 1.17.3(1) Available – We’ve posted a very minor viewer update to Second Life 1.17.3…”

    So, “official releases will only use the first three digits to have meaning” – well, for at least 3 days, or until we change our minds and choose to ignore that rule, whichever comes first. On one hand, this is a trivial detail which isn’t at all important. On the other hand, its symbolic of the total lack of discipline in normal software development-test-release regimens evident at Linden Lab.

  55. Lance Corrimal says:

    in your case, both 😉 *blows a kiss to kat*

  56. alexia cournoyer says:

    @32 “it is NOT SL….!!! thats right!! not the grid per se.. it seems to be a flaw in the writes to the memory of the video card!!! because others will c u as fine”

    blurry, that’s what i thought until a few days ago, then I saw a woman with every object up her nether region.. first time I’ve seen it with someone else. I thought of the message you get when clothing etc fails to load on startup and you get the message saying that everyone can see you fine.. not always true. a few times I’ve had strangers ask me where my hair was.. I say I’m starting a new trend in female baldness.

    but I digress..

    my only advice – apart from keeping your pc clean and shiny (hardware and software) is to keep away from optional updates.. I got burnt a couple of months ago and now will not test their prototypes. I don’t care how buggy the version i am using is, (as long as i can log in and do what it need to) at least i know what the bugs are and work around them – rather than trying to learn a new set.

    Remember, if it really is a fix that they’re comfortable with they’d release it as a mandatory version. If it’s optional they don’t feel confident it is as stable as intented and want to do some further testing. The biggest favour you do for LL is to download it and test it for them. Certainly saves their testing costs.

  57. Chakalak Skall says:

    I keep on crashing at startup with !
    The Voice First Look works for me (except from the “normal” crashes)
    I deinstalled – cleared cache and temp files. Nothing helps… please Lindens, fix that problem.
    greetings from germany

  58. Lance Corrimal says:

    @38: what testing costs? as long as they can make updates mandatory they dont need testing…

  59. Montana Corleone says:

    @36 Dallas – spot on lol. Yes, left hand and right hand, and the implication therefore is you don’t have confidence much in anything they do 🙂

    For me, I’ve not really had a good one since the last 1.13. Every version since then has made things worse, slower. With every optional it’s been so bad I’ve gone back to the original root version.

    So Wednesday is really Bite Your Nails Day for 1.18. The fact it’s been delayed for two weeks already means there was a very serious problem with it. Getting the crash reporter pop up for doing just about anything: standing, non-voice chatting, turning, doing nothing is getting a joke. I’ve cut my time inworld an awful lot since 1.17. If 1.18 is as much as a bork as all the others have been, then I’m off.

    I dunno about some of you, but it seems to me the updates have been WORSE since they let the open source fixes in lol. I think the code is so much like spaghetti that the slightest change somewhere can have far reaching consequences.

    Meanwhile, I think I’ll go look at HiPiHi…

  60. Xuxa Yue says:

    I still crash after logging in. How annoying.

  61. Aodhan McDunnough says:

    Both clients behave fairly stable for me. Firstlook voice is not causing lag for me, but it does have a serious memory leak (well they did tell us FL will be buggy so I’m not needling this point). Normal client has higher frame rates and is more stable than FL.

    Sim crossing problems still there, slow rezzing in some cases, some scripts not firing properly, and the occasional misplaced attachment (usually my belt or upper and lower arm).

    Occasional crashes are there, nothing consistent.

  62. ari blackthorne says:


    I have ~NEVER~ had any problems (except for the bugs) with any SL viewer… until right now!!!!

    Wow! It’s like 5-years added to the age of my machine. The frame rate has dropped drastically. Everything running sweetly… relogged (memory leak or whatever) and the viewer update was offered, so I said okay.

    Came backk to the exact same place and suddenly – frame rate is like 10 FPS!

    Stay away from this one everyone!!!


    C’mon Lindenoinians… I still have faith in you… I’ll deal with it for a day, but ~PLEASE~ make sure this problem doesn’t continue in the new version tomorrow!!!!!

  63. Candi Lustre says:

    @32…Just a helpful hint that I’ve noticed. When you get logged out and are still “in world” without knowing you are logged out, your mini map will turn red. :o)

  64. Zoliton Lubitsch says:

    Hmm, interesting seeing all those reports of problems regarding the client. I’m running either the Linux (alpha version) or the MacOS client. No serious problems. The Linux version even seems to do smoother rendering. My MacBookPro becomes quite host after a while – SL is stressing the graphics adapter. But then again the MBP is known for heat issues.
    So again: I’m quite happily running the client in the non-mainstream versions.


  65. Becca Bishop says:

    As I sip my coffee , mulling over the last SL crash that not only required me to shut down the game, but my entire system. I wonder if a “game” is really worth all this aggravation…and my conclusion…YES! I’ve made a lot of friends here and even met some old friends from other “worlds”. I’ll be patient and let the LLer’s figure out all this stuff. I’m a good girl and send in my crash reports and all that happy jazz…patience is a virtue!

  66. Cale Alcott says:

    Well the new viewer has not solved the purchasing Lindenproblem, i cant still buy them and i checked all possibilities at my side..and i still waiting for help from linden side…..

  67. Lina Pussycat says:

    For those having problems make sure your hardware is at the very least supported…. the FX series of graphics cards from nvidia were junk look on the net. They got decent near the end of the series at about the fx 5700 or some such….

    My computer for instance far from grand…

    CPU: AMD K7 (Sempron (sl marks unknown but…) (1720 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
    Graphics Card: GeForce 6800 GS/AGP/SSE/3DNOW!

    I also dual boot to Linux (that client is borked.. but is supposed to be fixed tommorow) LL do fix bugs sometimes it is your own faults that things go awry sometimes its their faults…. But to pinpoint it isnt so easy. You cant outwardly go and point the finger at the company all the time.

    An example here….. There are many people with no problems and there are people with problems. If in fact its totally LL then everyone that plays SL would be having problems. It wouldnt be contained to a bunch of people. Sim performance is one thing that had slowed down that is LL’s fault, recent items as well LL’s fault and group im’s broken still LL’s fault those are very wide spread issues….

    However, some issues are created by your hardware and software combinations things you have installed on the backend, degration of the operating system after using it awhile and many other variables. And yet everyone runs around pointing fingers and simply blaming LL for all the problems they have just because an issue pops up for you doesnt automatically mean its LL’s fault and putting blame on them constantly isnt helping anyone.

    Check your systems matinance is important, Defragment (fragmented files can cause internet slow down and all sorts of other bs..) Run anti spyware software and antivirus software, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date (many people dont have them up to date you’d be surprised) Makes sure other things are updated as well motherboard bios etc are quite often overlooked…. and last but not least look through the list of supported graphics cards. If what you have is not on the list then you may have issues…

    I applaud LL for what they do there are bugs yes. There are bugs in any software and there will be there is no such thing as a perfect coding. The optional updates are jsut that optional…. Again i dont reccomend stacking one version on top of another do a fresh install or at the very least clear you cache before relogging last version my frame rate dropped right as i logged in because i didnt do either. Cleared cache let stuff load everything was A-ok there are many things that you can do to avoid problems.

    Just saying not everything that happens to you folks is LL’s fault!

  68. Lina Pussycat says:

    Also a side note…. the latest and greatest in hardware isnt always the best thing to actually use in your computer. Software and the like is pretty far behind todays hardware so sometimes the latest and greatest may end up creating more issues…

  69. AllieKat Stovall says:

    i never seem to get any of the problems that people are crying about here. i am running both vista and xp, on nvidia cards, and one is even a laptop. they both have 2GB RAM and 256MB vid cards. one is dual core, the other is a P4. i dont have any of the problems you all are crying about. you have to ensure your computer is 100% up to date (vid/sound drivers, network cards, modems, routers, mainboards etc…) check the drivers, the firmware everything. and to all of you that cant seem to make SL work on vista… i dont see why you cant. cause mine works perfectly and more stable than the XP machine that sits on a desk in my basement.

  70. Masami Kuramoto says:

    @ AllieKat

    Same here. I’m running the viewer on Linux with an ATI video card. No crashes at all. Version 1.17.2 which reportedly had a memory leak ran here for 12 hours (!) without slowing down the system in any way. 1.17.3 is fine too. People need to learn how to keep their systems clean and up to date.

  71. Kenny Devoix says:

    I agree with AllieKat and many of the posters on this particular thread. I also dont experiance the problems many have and run SL on 3 seperate boxes on of which has nothing more then a intragrated Nivida graphics chip ( its slow but stable).

    It’s refreshing to see people that are basicly having good experiance with running SL posting for a change.
    While I will never deny the bugs in SL and the need for getting rid of them. LL do not cause every single problem and many bugs reside inside a users own computer. SL tends to find and maginify every weak spot and problem in a system.

    One good thing is if your system can run SL relitivly smoothly it should handle anything else you through at it. LOL

  72. Brett Finsbury says:

    I defrag on a regular basis and when I do I see very little red on the graph.I run scan disk with auto fix. run window washer with the bleach settings when I see things acting up. reset my motorola at least every wek. Is there a way to scrub it? On top of the updates on my vid card. seems the nvidia website gives out the same driver file each week. did try the beta exp. version they have. No change in performance. Always update with windows update when available. Changed from dsl to comcast noticed some improvement for a few days but things seemed to go back to the norm. This computer is running windows XP, norton antivirus and fire wall. SL and window washer. Thats all. Did run a bandwidth monitor for awhile to see if comcast was dropping the ball. seemed fine there. Have 2.25 g of ram and another 512 on board with my vid card. Bought a better box an amd 3500+ . every thing looks good here computer wise. Any other tips that might help? Plan to bleach my whole system tonight and start fresh in the morning. Takes about as long as the down time to reinstall windows and get all the updates for windows and the hardware drivers. even took a shot in the dark and replaced the network cable thinking it could have an a bad connection. no change.
    This computer is only 3 months old. I am out of ideas on what to do on my end.
    Problems I suffer on a regular basis. Lag on both main land and on islands. Slow rezz, friends list not working and inventory loss and transfers. I do like the one odd thing that happened. A friend of mine who ownes the lot on the opposite end of the sim was sitting on her couch in her home but I could see her sitting on the ocean floor on my end of the sim. Took a picture of that to show her with me sitting next to her. We both got a good laugh out of that one. Guess the bugs are not all that bad ROFL if they can give you a good laugh. 🙂

  73. Sati Perry says:

    i downloaded the optional viewer before todays optional viewer and sl has been hell twice my avast anti virus picked up what it thought were viruses in the sl cache. Reminds of what someone said earlier the only known software on the planet buggier than microsoft

  74. Andreazza Amat says:

    i have an P4 2.8ghz, 512Mb RAM and Radeon 7000 64mb video card. when i run the for the first time, it gave me back: video card not supported.. so, i got a newer driver for this video card at the ATI website, and everything is working fine…
    so, my video card was working perfectly before, but it was not enough for SL… ok, fine, try to update the driver, i’m sure it will work well..
    http://www.ati.com or http://www.nvidia.com it’s easy!

    don’t complain before try… 🙂

  75. Garnet Merlin says:

    @32 “and we also need to be able to reconnect to SL grid WITHOUT having to CLOSE and then RESTART SL application. it is so annoying!!”

    AMEN! That’s one new feature I would love to have. Knowing that I’d have to wait for the entire application to start up again makes me stay off when I get logged off.

  76. CaptJosh Au says:

    Yes, in the name of all that is holy, make a way to log off without quitting the program! That is one complaint I am fully behind! As for those who are whining about “everyone” always having the same issues with every release, funny, I usually don’t have issues. I’m someone. Therefore, it’s not EVERYONE having the issues. Q.E.D.

  77. Xe Oh says:

    What is up with 1.17.3(0) ? Updated from 1.17.2(0) (which worked fine for me.) NOW it won’t let me logon at all (error.) The only way I can logon to SL NOW is through Beta Voice 1.17.2(122) Help !!!!

  78. BeastMaster McMahon says:

    sl was working fine till the new updates the first 1.17 worked just fine but once I updated I lost it and I even reformated and it still crashes on me I get red on both bandwidth and memory leak and I have bandwidth set at max. I empty cache everytime I start sl and if I enter where no one is it doesn’t crash on me for over 20 minutes but if someone comes near me or if I go where people are it crashes immediately and it never did before.

  79. Lightwave says:

    LOL this is so funny sry.
    i have protest billboards that say “JUST SAY NO TO1.2”
    this is nothing new in SL its always been this way and always will be.
    just wait the next best thing is comming….

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  81. Alphons Jano says:

    1.17.3 (1) Is Great!!!!

    I have logged in several times now, and not a single crash!!!
    This is my system:

    Thoshiba Satellite P100
    Microsoft Windows XP Prof 5.1.2600 SP 2
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5500 @ 1.66GHz
    Mobile Intel(R) 945GM/GU Express Chipset Family
    Conexant High Definition Audio

    Hope this is good news for the Intel Graphics users in the future.

  82. Brett Finsbury says:

    wow is there a better version of linux besides ubuntu that does not require you to be a computer programmer to install a program?
    not sure what this kernal bit is or how to use it. No wonder its free.
    Back to windows.

  83. Brett Finsbury says:

    all right brand new fresh reformatted hard drive wiped over with 1’s and 0’s back to the original state and new windows xp pro sp2 with all the updates and hardware has all the newest driver updates. waiting for the grid to open and sl should run like a fine tuned machine without any problems because I know its not on my end now.
    cant wait 🙂

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