Grid issues, some regions may be down [RESOLVED]

[Update] The grid issues have now been resolved, regions that were down should now be up or on their way up shortly. For any regions that do not recover, please use the usual method and report them to us through the support portal.

We are having some Grid problems currently, causing some regions to become inaccessible and to remain down. Engineers have been paged, so hopefully this will be resolved very soon and we can get those regions back up for you.

We will post updates on the situation here as soon as we know more. Thanks for your patience.

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105 Responses to Grid issues, some regions may be down [RESOLVED]

  1. Byakuya Runo says:

    Thank you! I’ve been trying to log in for about 20 mins.

  2. Wulfe Bain says:

    Thought things were a bit “flakey” Things slow to rez, failed tp’s, bits in butt, lots of lag.
    Oh wait!! Isn’t that as per normal?

  3. Sinnyo says:

    Ah, glad to know something was said. I had a fun time last night with poses and animations not working at all right in Kusanagi, and thought it might have been tied in to the optional viewer update. Good luck with the fixes; I’m sure these spurious problems are causing headaches on both sides of the consumer base.

  4. Hm, my Second Life doesnยดt work, it writes “bla bla system may be down bla bla” please help me, iยดm register, but it doesnยดt to login me.. HELP!

  5. Leena Deschanel says:

    Add “ejected avatars not disappearing” to that list of problems too.

  6. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Sinniq SIM was down for a couple of hours around 10.00pm GMT Sunday too. It appears to be up and running now.

  7. Nefeli Robbiani says:

    I crashed while trying to teleport to another region and now i cant log back in again….I hope this ends soon…I have a lot to do around Sl….And a lot of people to meet….Sniffffffffffffff

  8. demeter soderstrom says:

    thought it was me hope you fix it soon

  9. Zaldar Rhode says:

    Yep Tamaqua is down and that kind of sucks. Now what am I supposed to work one?!


    Good Luck fixing the problem guys. My heart goes out to you all.

    wow I’m tired.

    Zaldar Rhode

  10. B. Lindman says:

    I agree, I am now running a flight between two airports of the first continents (so Class 4) and I had to fly back 3 times so far as I’m lagging. Even in my own sim I get lag. I’d love to know what is causing the problem though…

  11. Kahni Poitier says:

    And can ya do something about the “verifying protocol” crash upon login? My god, that’s annoying.

  12. 1912 Miles says:

    Can you also do something about the PACKET LOSS please?

  13. Ysabel Beaumont says:

    Ok, is that why I can’t even log in? Just like Nefeli Robbiani, I’ve lots to do! That bites!

  14. danielluh Ashton says:

    The sim where i on life is also down, best part of it, i dont have to yell at my bf that he is littering our parcel full with his

    at least some shops are open, to kill some time and spend money.
    Hope our lindenfriends can fix this ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Remus Lykin says:

    For the last half hour I’ve been unable to log in. It doesn’t even get further than ‘Logging in. Second Life may appear frozen. Please wait.’

    I wait and I wait… and I wait, nothing happens. I was logged in fine 9 hours ago and nothing has been changed since. The viewer is 1.17.3 and my internet connection is fine (4096/512)

  16. IntLibber Brautigan says:

    yeah have had more problems with ejected avatars not leaving the region, they get stuck in a corner zipping up and down. LL really needs a default Home for avs to be sent to when ejected/killed, we see griefers first setting their home in a sim that will let them set it there, then they crash that sim, and go elsewhere in SL to grief with immortality. This has been an ongoing problem that LL seems to refuse to resolve. This isn’t difficult to fix. If need be just revive the Corn Field as the default destination for those ejected/killed without a home.

  17. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    Oh i love lag and regions down!!! Hipp Hipp Hurray!!

  18. Roxelana Laval says:

    Ughhhh…ive been stuck in loggin now for over 20mins and then i get a crash logger, anyone else suffering this? or am i suffering alone :((

  19. Steffy Runo says:


    The Nautice region is down to.For a couple of hous now.
    I can’t get home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  20. morimori says:

    ไปŠใ€ใ‚ทใ‚นใƒ†ใƒ ใŒใƒ€ใ‚ฆใƒณใ—ใฆใ„ใ‚‹ใฎใงใ—ใ‚‡ใ†ใ‹๏ผŸๅ…จใใคใชใŒใ‚Šใพใ›ใ‚“ใ€‚

  21. UncleB says:

    Has anyone heard how many servers were actually impacted, whether simply rebooting servers actually fixes the lag, or when the problem
    first was introduced?


  22. snap spitteler says:

    Yes i’ve noticed for the past two days that we’ve had some real lag issues,and thismorning i couldn’t get any group names to show in my group profile.I hope this will be corrected soon,i have things to do;)

  23. Taz Amat says:

    When a customer buys one of my products, then it turns out defective, I pay him back.

    Thank about this, all you land buyers and sim owners.

  24. Not a friend of Taz Amat says:

    Hey Taz Amat, I’m a sim owner, it’s not fault Your shitty stuff wont work.

  25. Mareike Rau says:

    Oh now i understand what Linden Labs tries – to brake the Msoft worldrecord of bugs in a programme. Why didnt you tell us? We would be patient and would even wait for your success.
    Or are you still working on higher tiers, age-control and other restrictions?
    Maybe Linden should repair one thing before damaging the next one…
    But Wednesday is near so lots of new bugs…ups i mean addons will apear

  26. Sir Defiant says:

    @ 4&8 Try logging into a different region. I had a similar experience and it was because the region I was trying to log into was down, instead of “my home” or “my last location” select and log directly into any sim you know by name, assuming its still there.

    Thank you LL, today I had scheduled to do some tricky building and to pay my rent in some vendor locations. As neither my workshop nor my stores are available I get to fart around for the day without having to feel guilty about it.

  27. Sir Defiant says:

    thats select “type region name”, didnt make it through last time.

  28. Remus Lykin says:

    @13 I realised that possibility around 2 minutes after posting *facepalms* but thanks anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ And like you, now I get to fart around all day with nothing to do, and nothing to feel guilty about *g*

  29. Jess says:

    I’m pregnate. You want to be father?

  30. Jess says:

    …On topic, you can’t change your hair.

  31. Ayesha Honey says:

    More money wasted when no one can get to my mall and for the renters that rent stores from me when is all this going to end (and your still thinking of voice) sighs

  32. dura voss says:

    paged? Who uses pagers?

  33. wilma says:

    some of my builds are going phantom on their own…had them checked no phantom links…

    could the current problems cause this?

  34. astarte says:

    Well no problem getting in. Just no picture uploads…server experiencing problems, so looks like day off for me too.

  35. will says:

    Paging Mr. Herman…paging Mr. Herman

  36. astarte says:

    Spoke too soon …ping 10,000…chucked out again.

  37. Richard Renneville says:

    @ #16

    Remember, Voice comes first, before bug fixes.

  38. AWM Mars says:

    I believe Walmart still use pagers… ‘Malcom.. cleanup on aisle 3 and 4’

  39. Kenny Stinger says:

    Lets hope i get my 512 back Gov linden got when i bought it Im out 5120 L$ Reported Still not fixed !!!! Been 2 & half weeks now !!!!!Why aere we paying for Shooty work & Peaple who dont Care??

  40. richard says:

    hey everyone update wednesday is coming! the fun is only starting!

  41. Vlada Zenovka says:

    @ #23: Don’t count on it…. Linden took L$ 20.200 from my account two weeks ago and don’t even bother to answer to my question “why?” even if I sent several reminders….

  42. The XO says:

    Not wanting to urinate on anyones parade but;

    1. This has nothing to do with rezzing, assets, etc
    2. This has nothing to do with voice
    3. This has nothing to do with TP’s or lag

    This was most likely a power or network issue causing those regions to be down/disconnected.

    Lastly, who cares how the engineers are contacted as long as they get there and fix it. They can use smoke signals for all I care – I don’t as long as it’s fixed!

    Not wanting to ramble on like a rabid dog, but for those having issues with crashes, logging in, etc.. why not;

    1. Clear your cache (don’t rant, I know it’s often said but it does help – I clear after every downtime, update, viewer upgrade)

    2. Reboot your ADSL/Cable Modem/Router/Etc – yes, this does help. Mine goes laggy after about 3 days, and crashes after 5. Consider updating your firmware.

    3. Don’t use wireless – it sucks big time! The packets lost and constant dropping/reconnecting is hopeless. Not to mention the renegotation of speeds.

    4. Clear the poop off of your computer. Don’t run 100,000+ processes and expect it to work.

    It’s just a sad fact of life some people are going to use a computer that isn’t up to the job, others will be laden with processes, spyware and so on.

    Basically, unless you have a stable *wired* internet connection, PC above the minimum specs, up to date software/firmware, a clean running PC then don’t rant.

    Once you have exhausted all of the possible problems at your side, then start throwing stones and not before.

    I have a Core 2 Duo 2ghz, 2048mb ram, nVidia 7800GTX and a wired 8mb internet connection, running on Ubuntu Linix – I seldom have any problems whosoever.

  43. Alexandra Rucker says:

    @ 25 / The XO:
    hear hear! Well said, and a triple “A-Men” on clearing the poop off the computer! *chuckles*

  44. Tegg B says:

    Add, trim you inventory back too, several people have reported teleporting / rezzing improvements after cutting back 10,000 or so items.

  45. Beat Roelofs says:

    Making SL is at all a question of logical decisions. Uptime is a serious value. This should not happen any more

  46. Holly Cassavetes says:

    what has happened to inventory the last few weeks? Everything in my inventory is now also in ‘recent items’ When I start to type in chat or IM, every single folder in ‘items’ and ‘recent items’ opens up!! Trying to keep my inventory in some kind of order is bad enough, but now, it is impossible!

  47. Argent Stonecutter says:

    If your router gets “laggy” after a while, then it’s either not cleaning its NAT cache, or it’s not doing DHCP correctly. See if there’s a firmware upgrade.

  48. Tegg B says:

    Clearing stuff lol, reminds me of when my GF had her computer next to mine, Why is my computer so quick at starting? because my computer isn’t running MSN, Yahoo, Skype, 2 different freebie virus programs and 2 calender/screen slideshow programs.
    What does it run? WindowsXP, just windows and the game/applications I want.

  49. KnoKer H says:

    ma game crashes in the fase of inicializing QuicKTime
    i tryed to re instal Quicktime reinstal the game and nothing…

  50. Cale Alcott says:

    Good that the down sims are back…it was quiet annoying, but what is with the issue that Linden Dollars cant be purchased. I have problems since days…

  51. rocket bachman says:

    on this note, might I add, that a decent windows registry repair program helps as well, amazeing what 300 or so bad registries can do.

  52. Fritz Otoole says:

    no .. I dont comment this sh.. .. no .. (clapping on my fingers)

  53. Montana Corleone says:

    @ 25 The XO: Ah, not forgetting the borks and fixes that they then have to rebork of course. So was search working for you too when it was down for everyone else, the password bork, regions down, scripting errors etc. ? Never ever had inventory loss?

    Excuse me while I rush out and drop 2k on a new machine that I can keep clean and free and just for use in SL, the only app that causes problems.

    The next internet? Don’t make me laugh, a sandbox for the rich elite will never be the next global internet. lol

  54. Tillie Ariantho says:

    > Who uses pagers?

    @17: americans do lots of strange things… use pagers, vote for bushes, ask for 10 fingerprints and your credit card number when you are visiting… I would think pagers are the least annoying thing of that. .)

  55. Dirk Felix says:

    #25 The XO
    Gee, you must be special, very special ;-0 My puter is bigger, faster and actually isnt a 3rd party Frankenstein.

    Who cares who they get fixed as long as bug do get fixeed. Isn’t this exactly why most customers are more than annoyed with LL? Most bugs are patched with the same agile methodology that makes Microsoft the bane of engineering marvels. Shaghetti code on top of more spaghetti code is not will always create issues, that in all likelyhood will never be resolved.

    Not to poop on your head and add more than you have but…
    1. Assets don’t rez
    2. Voice has not been Delta – THANK GOD
    3. TP and lag are problems, now and because of this

    “This was most likely a power or network issue causing those regions to be down/disconnected.” – how would you know? Oh, yes, thats right you are The XO. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Brilliant words, I must say…

    “1. Clear your cache (donโ€™t rant, I know itโ€™s often said but it does help – I clear after every downtime, update, viewer upgrade)”

    – Shouldn’t software run without failure and constant fixes, work-arounds and patches? Even with my faster, bigger and more stable environment and constant cleaning of cache I still have problems. But hey, what do I know, my first puter was an Amiga.

    “2. Reboot your ADSL/Cable Modem/Router/Etc – yes, this does help. Mine goes laggy after about 3 days, and crashes after 5. Consider updating your firmware.”

    -If you comm node is active and functional, which most are this is just another deflective point that takes away the glory that we all call SL. My opinion, someone must of sold you a shoe box with blinky lights and called it a modem with the fun feature of dial-up modulation. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “3. Donโ€™t use wireless – it sucks big time! The packets lost and constant dropping/reconnecting is hopeless. Not to mention the renegotation of speeds.”

    – Even a caveman would disagree with this, but if you purchsaed a quality product, like the airport extreme, this comment like most of you have listed to moot.

    “4. Clear the poop off of your computer. Donโ€™t run 100,000+ processes and expect it to work.”

    – So you recommend that this quality software package should be run clean, not other apps taking away from the vital processes of SL because it interferes with all the spaghetti code? And the clearing of poop, wold you still be able to function if we did this?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having a dedicated box to run SL is more than whacky, need I say more?

    Most consumers and this means customers of Linden Labs have the required parts and configurations. We, for the most part feel we should see value in memebrship and the money wil give LL. Your comments seem to be the status quo of a standard marketing guy. Dont place or suggest fault on the consumer, don’t suggest the consumer knows less than you and consider removing the brown and replace with grey matter.

    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Jopsy Pendragon says:

    Can’t take snapshots and save them in world…

    Can’t edit and save notecards.

    I’m ruthed, and my clothing won’t finish downloading so it won’t let me change my appearance (used “test male” option under Client -> Character to bypass that at least).

    I picked a bad day to try come back to SecondLife.

  57. Mark C says:

    *** REALITY CHECK Most consumers and this means customers of Linden Labs have the required parts and configurations. ***

    REALITY CHECK: you have no way of knowing who has what.


    I think SL is wonderful…..

    Only posted this because I never saw it on a blog before and was kinda curious how it would look.

  59. Dark Otsuzum says:

    And add to the latest bugs… cant stop flying and flying disables pull-down menus *sigh*

  60. Kenny Devoix says:

    A person doesn’t need a dedicated box to run SL well just a well cleaned,well maintianed one. One that also is above the minimun requirements, but doesnt have to be a super gaming rig. There is a lot of differance between meeting the minimun and having a machine that handles SL as it should, but the differance can be made with a very midranged box containing SL compatiable hardware,500$ or less and proper maintance of it. It doesnt matter how fast your box is if its cluttered up by many usless apps that arn’t needed.How many apps need to be running all at the same time anyways,all thats needed are the ones that a person is actually using at the time.

    What XO suggested takes little time to do and makes a noticiable differance. Every thing he suggested I do on a regular basis and notice a large reduction in the number of crashes, amount of lag, TP problems and glitches in general. Wireless is noted as unacceptable for running SL and in experiance it has proven to be so.

  61. Erika Mahana says:

    My avi wont walk fore & backwards ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Clearing cache/relog/uninstall& install wont help ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  62. XanderMaria Nikolaidis says:

    a little story, I just stood on my sim (yeah McDonnell is up&running!) and one of the shopowner I talked to stared to act realy strange. After telling me she got to go, she started to talk with people in the chat who wasnt on the sim, started moveing through walls and made other unsual things until she IMed me to ask if I can send her a tp back to our sim.
    Is this a new case of the phenomeanal split viritual personality syndrom or just another taste of LindenLabs ability to supply us with a new feature, like voice or wind?Or is it possible that after more of six hours “pageing” for tech helper nobody turned up yet, monday morning in Califonia?


  63. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @25, clearing cache after each update? is this like throwing away all your food from the fridge each time you buy new food?
    requirements? if LL tells us about the minimum requirements and the program doesn’t run stable under these, why don’t they tell us clearly the “optimum” requirements?
    but I agree, since I have a new desktop, SL runs smoother, but would love to use it “wireless” on my laptop on the couch also, if possible…..(and hits laptop is also just a couple of months old).

    btw, meanwhile, I am even amused about all the new troubles each day coming up, it’s fun!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ and I love SL sincerely

  64. Dirk Felix says:

    Kenny, I think we can agree that dumping cache does work for some issues, but the fact remians that this spaghetti coded platform should run without requiring user intervention.

    I think that if you and XO can make a statement and call it factual then you both should back it up with data. Empirical evidence trumps that bown stuff any day of the week.

    Mark, if someone doesn’t have the required configuration they cant be a customer or access the grid.

    ****REALITY CHECK****
    I dont need to know the exact configuration, not does Linden Labs. If any given consumer doesn’t have the minimum there will be no grid access, no account. When you breathe clean air things start to become clear, don’t you think?

    I wish LL marketing would stop posing as customers with their comments. Even LL enigineering know and in person talk about the warts of SL and are frustrated as well.

    Opinions are one thing, facts are another. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  65. pantaiputih korobase says:

    login failed. unable to connect to a simulator.
    THOUGH clearing cache, bravo LL at prime time Europe.
    beside I lost some free prims in the meantime, thanks!

  66. Schizm Neutra says:

    #1–ROFL, ‘Bits in Butt’–that has to be the funniest description of finding my jewelry, my hair and other pertinent items in my crotchal area when I transport!

    Doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, I think the ‘ghost in the machine’ does it for maximum embarrassment factor!

    I vote we call this ‘phenom’ the BIB effect!


  67. Kenny Devoix says:

    I believe that it should run without user intevention beyond common sense in maintaining a computer. many of those suggestions should be a part of normal maintance of a persons machine and would help many programs run better overall. Sl is a very graphics and processor intensive program because of the way its coded and designed. It is a recourse hog also.
    But a person does need to do their part in maintaining their computer and making sure its running the best it can using SL or any other program. If any computer is clogged up by to many processes, apps and unneeded crap running at the same time it will slow any program down regardless of how well its written.

    That said I believe LL needs to raise their minimun req’s to at least what they recommend for a good experiance now because most OS’s use over 256 ram to just run their selves much less any major programs. Maybe they should have 3 catagorys there.

    Proven ( processors,graphics cards,connection combinations proven to run SL at the best leval that it can be run)

    But even with that they have no control over what a user has on their computer slowing it down and clogging things up. Also with the summer months here now heat is a major factor to consider also. If a computer is overheating it will and does cause crashes and glitches and many graphics cards slow down automaticly once a temp limit is reached. SL runs so hard that it can cause drastic temp raises in many computers.
    Not calling anyones computer a POS or saying that I have a super computer which I dont. But how a system is maintained makes a major differance in running any program.

  68. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @47: sorry, if I can log in one monent and the next one not wihtout having anything changed on my pc or have strange experiences (e.g. houses gone) from one moment ot the next without changes on my pc, is it my pc or SL?

  69. Kenny Devoix says:

    As an after thought then I am done here and will not take up any more blog space. As far as facts go this is from personal experiance from over a year and a half in SL and playing it on 3 totally differant computers depending on where I am at.The fact that I crash probally twice a month at tops regardless of the current viewer version or the computer I am on and don’t experiance many of the bugs that so many seems to have proved my thoughts out and works for me at least. It may not for everyone but if it does help someone then it is at least worth a try.

    My comments were nothing more then friendly suggestions and sharing what works for me.

  70. Ed Kelley says:

    The suggestions listed by XO (25) is not excessive nor unreasonable. As Kenny Devoix (40) stated, it doesn’t take a high-powered setup to run SL, but it does take some minimal maintenance of your own PC – something we all should do as a matter of habit, like maintaining your car, etc. This should not surprise anyone. I run SL on a four-year old laptop without frequent crashes, but I do minimize unnecessary processes – those that I don’t want anyway. Circumstances dictate that I use wireless frequently, but I do take care to ensure the signal always remains strong. And yes, I do have a good SL experience!

  71. Kenny Devoix says:

    @48 that sounds like SL to me not your computer

  72. The XO says:

    @ Everyone who ranted at me:

    No, I had search troubles too and everything else that goes with it. And I always throw out my old food and replace it with new stuff :-p

    All I was saying was eliminate all possibilities from your side of things first, then work through it logically.

    Try decaf…. I love you all ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Dirk Felix says:

    #47 Kenny Devoix
    Do you know anything about engineering or are you just brainwashed thinking there is more than the requirement? There can only be one requirement, the minimum. Anything else is blah-blah-blah.

    Your suggesting:
    1. Minimum will allow you to log-in and not much more.
    2. Recommended will cause agony but hey, you can actually see a particle.
    3. Proven will crash and fail and lag just like most customers do.

    I would certainly hope that your “Minimum” is proven to work for what is stated as requirements.

    If LL was transparent with what they know will be future requirements customers would be able to make an educated decision on being a customer. I doubt that many feel happy about needing a dedicated box, which is what most unfactual statments are saying in a round about way. Some invest a lot of money in SL. I’m one of them and I expect value for what I have invested. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Beat Roelofs says:

    it seems that ~46.000 users’ peak is too much for the system. I would appreciate a statement on this situation before investing more of my USD. – Regards

  75. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @53, i can truelly understand you, once crashed, I can not return for a couple of minutes and loose money in SL in the meantime

  76. Duke Mcdonnagh says:

    While we have had some extra “greyness” lately and some slow rezzing the sims are running the best they have in a long time. Thanks to all for the hard work and continued deligence to issues.


  77. DeathAvenger Bade says:

    Good, cause I think thats what has been getting me stuck on “connecting to region.”

  78. Mudpaws voom says:

    iv been crashing a lot ,, still “””HELP””””

  79. coldFuSion Cheeky says:

    25 The XO Says:
    July 9th, 2007 at 7:20 AM PDT

    Not wanting to urinate on anyones parade but;

    1. This has nothing to do with rezzing, assets, etc
    2. This has nothing to do with voice
    3. This has nothing to do with TPโ€™s or lag

    Of course, how could 99% of SL residents possibly be experiencing these issues. We must all be imagining it all.

    We all just need to go out and build a system as XO described and all our problems will magically be resolved.

    “Core 2 Duo 2ghz, 2048mb ram, nVidia 7800GTX and a wired 8mb internet connection, running on Ubuntu Linix”

    The SL viewer nor the grid backend could possibly be causing any of our imagined woes.

    *rolls eyes*

  80. Brett Finsbury says:

    all this tech talk has me wondering. I clean my cache daily even more than once. I have a good computer great vid card ram coming out my ears switch off between dsl and cable internet to try something new. Piggy back on the neighbors wifi if I want to try to isolate the problem.
    Created a hot spot in my neighborhood. thats why I laugh about people saying to ban due to IP addy’s. I have 6 to choose from.
    So next step. I have only messed with linux a few times but find that a lot of hardware doesnt support linux. I have a whole drawer full of linux copies from playing around. I hear that linux is better because it doesnt have as much garbage running in the back ground. What is a good linux version?
    my system is
    amd64 3500+ 2.21 gig of ram vid card is a nvidia geforce 6600 GT.
    about to do my monthly reformat on wed. and might consider ubinto64 if it will work. Should I waste my time with this or should I reinstall windows again?

  81. Brett Finsbury says:

    oh forgot mostly run hard wired from the modem without wifi. my dsl that im locked into a contract with is my contribution to the neighborhood wifi hotspot so others who cannot afford highspeed can have internet to use.

  82. Bobo Decosta says:

    # XO : I’m running OSX on a high end notebook from apple. The OS of Apple is the most superior OS on the market right now. If you know that a lot of linux gurus already switched to mac because of it’s superiority you can imagine that a system like mine is hard to beat. So explain me why Second life is the only program that even makes OSX feel like windows?

    All the open source BS i heard on sl and actually my first real experience with a open source project reminds me every time why open source just sucks. It just let’s a lot of people screw up a lot in a project.

  83. Minni Trotter says:

    Buying lindens is down for days and not a word of it mentioned on the blog too.

  84. Dirk Felix says:

    I love you Brett, right on for doing this! I also share high speed access and still get 9 megs down stream and 700 up. God bless you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Bobo, your a fresh voice of reason and smart ๐Ÿ˜‰

  85. Winter Ventura says:

    New Browser? No Blog Entry? what is it and why should I get it? anyone home?

  86. Moll Dean says:

    What caused this issue? and what caused the low performance last week that decrease sim bandwitch to 50%? Strange that nobody talk about this.
    It’s also strange that even after I close my SL it still keep trying to access the internet causing lagg in my PC! (very old issue not resolved untill today…)

    Sometime I can understand why 95% of all subscriber never came back online again.

  87. Thaddeus Ning says:

    RE: # 56 – I’ve got a far better system than that, and SL is still lagged alltohell and flakey. I’ve got 18 IMs queued up from complaining tenants and shopkeepers, and I simply refuse to be an apologist for LL anymore.
    I just flat give up – I’ve now lost nearly L$75k worth of stuff out of inventory. I’m putting my two sims up on eBay, and I now absolutely refuse to sink another penny into this bottomless bug pit.
    Just color me gone…..

  88. Kenny Devoix says:

    Well in answer to #52 I dont see how anyone can even get into much less do anything with the stated minimum requirements that LL has posted, and their recommended should be doubled to have a decent chance of enjoying SL. A person doesnt have to be a engineer in computers to know what works best for them.

    I run two boxes at home hard wired sharing the same run of the mill DSL connection 1.5 mb I believe, through a lower end router.
    Both are Dual core AMD, Nivida graphics and XP pro. Both run equaly as well in running SL and are not in any way dedicated boxes for SL only. Maybe I just have good luck, maybe proper maintance actualy helps, but for what ever reason if I have problems in SL it is grid wide and affecting every one.

    I am not deluded and not defending LL in any way, its just the way it works for me. If I was as miserable and losing as much money as many seem to be in SL I would walk away and never look back,chalking my losses up to bad experiance. Not stay and continue to dump more money and time into something I hated. That is just a matter of common sense IMHO

  89. Breeze Winnfield says:

    You posted the issue as being resolved??? Cause the engineers have been paged??? Ummm, resolved would mean that the problem had been identified and fixed, not that you paged some one to come and try to figure out what was wrong. Clearly you have no idea what the word resolved means.

  90. Brett Finsbury says:

    one would think that kenny and if i was a basic account and had not invested thousands of dollars into sl it would be a no brainer to walk away. Guess it would have been nice if sl was acting this way when i first joined up then yes I would have flipped the middle finger and exited stage left back then when I was a newbee.
    I run maintence on my computer weekly running a cleaning program, scan disk,defrag. when Sl is down for maintence I reformat. every thing here is running in tip top shape and blazes through every other program I have on my other slower computer.
    I will say for the most part sl is great its the small amount of surprise problems that pop up when you least expect it that causes the anger and frustration. I have dropped my buying down to almost zero now since its a gamble on wether or not I can keep it.
    Guess its the hopes that one day LL will figure out how to fix all of this and things will run again like they used too. Cant believe I used to run a 1.3 processer with 512 stick of ram and a 128 vid card on dsl and things ran great. Like Archie Bunker once sang. ” those were the days “

  91. Lucas Fairweather says:

    I think LL should concentrate on stability and support dual graphics systems, Namly the gforoc 7950 gx2 , I had one of those and SL did not like it and my dual core Athlon
    I now have one gforce 8800 gts with a new dual core athlon 6000+ Sl runs good and stable with just a few bugs
    System configuration is impoartent, also like it has been stated, Maintain your system and why run two anti virus programs, they will conflict for the same memory space
    I do admit SL is buggy and I think they should go over the code and leave voice and features for later, don’t be like M$, they still can’t write software, but I am forced to use it
    I am going to try SL on my Linux box

  92. Kahni Poitier says:

    NOTHING has been fixed. In fact, it’s even worse now than it was before. I can log into some sims, but not others. I can log into one sim and the one next to it will have NOTHING on it. I can fly in and nothing loads. I try to teleport in (a whole 50m or so) and I get the dreaded “handshake” error.

    I’m a contracted builder. I can’t work. I can’t get into 3/4 of the zones that I type the name of and try to log directly into. It seems my character info is saved on one server, and it’s having problems connecting to the one next to it. I try to teleport into a zone and before I even get logged in, the one I’m “leaving” logs me out. There’s NO coordination between the servers, apparently.

    EVERY version of the software gets worse and worse.

    It’s almost feeling like you’d rather drive half of your residents away than fix the machines to support the ones that do want to log in.

    I’m getting really, really mad. I spend an ASSLOAD of money here on a monthly basis.

    Why do I bother? I’m NOT getting what I pay for.

  93. Listening to people brag about their fancy machines is amusing.
    I have a homebrew rig with only 512 MB memory, a low end nVidia card, and some generic AMD processor, and … SL runs fine if the grid is fine….heehee. If the lag is low, I can even crank up the draw distance to max and go zipping around with my untethered camera. While gabbing in voice chat.

    I also have legal, updated Windows XP Pro, and a good firewall program, and I don’t let garbage live on my computer.

    Comcast cable broadband is also very nice to have.

    Soo… I don’t think throwing hardware at the problem is everything… some people probably shouldn’t try to run SL and be part of a spam botnet at the same time… what you didn’t know your illegal OS, no firewall, freebie download virus trap was being borrowed? ha!

  94. #21 (Remember, Voice comes first, before bug fixes)

    What does this have to do with voice?
    (answer: nothing).
    Some people just like to complain.

  95. Sweet Primrose says:

    Surely you have engineers on site 24/7……surely one need not be paged….

  96. buka fredriksson says:

    i had a crash for 3 hours ago until yet i can not log on .yesterday i lost a lot of things from my inventory,can somebody tell me waths apen.

  97. Milky Meili says:

    After 2 days of crash logger reports… and no connection at all, and no explanations, and no contact possibility, and no support mail address……… but lots of engineers and updating warnings, what else can I comment from Europe? Nothing…
    I should have expected something to work only 3 days… for a “log in” FREE, and this is the “marvelous” SL…
    Thanks anyway all team for your effort to attract stupid people like me who wanted to dream for a moment to a better world…

    No comment…

  98. Chrome Villota says:

    I have not been able to log in since last night.

    I keep getting the verifying protocol message then nothing.

    Tried clearing my cache. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the SL client. Tried installin and earlier version. Nothing seems to work. Never had any problems before logging in.

    Please Help!!!!

  99. Frost Schnook says:

    Has the Beta Grid perennially decided to crash itself now that you’ve fixed the asset server?

    I was getting used to testing it… Now it’s not logging in… But it’s supposed to be fixed?

  100. Jim says:

    “Unable to connect to second life. Despite our best efforts, something unexpected has gone wrong. Please check….status.”

    Status page shows everything up. I was able to connect long enough for it to tell me to get the new version, it received the new version, restarted SL, and then I’ve been getting this message for the last 2 hours.

  101. Nightwolf041076 says:

    can not log into the site without having problems with the login system and i still have not recived my information about activating my password and it is making me vary fustrated

  102. reville rossini says:

    I cant log in – help me anyone

  103. Vanati Babii says:



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