Support Portal Downtime

[UPDATE] Sorry folks, they posted to me in Eastern time, so we have to adjust 3 hours. Should be  Saturday, July 7th from 6pm SL time to Sunday, July 8th at 2am SL time. My apologies.

Our Support Portal vendor will have down time this weekend, Saturday, July 7th from 9pm SL time to Sunday, July 8th at 5am SL time. The good news is that this is the last in this series of major updates that they are running and from now on their downtime should mostly match ours, Wednesdays in the AM and only for short periods for patches.

You will not be able to access support via text chat or ticketing, or to access the knowledge base during that time. This does not effect the ability to file an abuse report however, as that is a separate system.

We will increase the time period available for rollbacks to accommodate this delay. Concierge customers and Estate Managers can make rollback requests by contacting a concierge via the in world Linden Estate Services office if they are necessary during this time period.

Thank you!

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