New mainland continent on the way

Since it first appeared in April, we have been selling land on the mainland continent that we affectionately call Nautilus, but that continent of 740+ regions will soon be complete. A new continent, Corsica, will therefore begin to appear within the next couple of weeks, sitting to the north of the Nautilus land mass. The new continent will have a larger quantity of waterfront land, plenty of bays and waterways and will be sold in region sized auctions as usual.

In advance of this, today we will be placing 40 regions for auction on the current Nautilus region.

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  1. Dallas Seaton says:

    740+ mainland regions brought online since April – and the price of mainland has been going down – guess that’s one BIG reason why! Care to comment, Jack, on just what kind of pace of introduction you intend to follow with this new continent? If you continue to roll out new mainland regions at the same rate, mainland land would appear to be a VERY poor investment to make right now!

  2. hey_guys says:

    Now how about fixing prim drift and the new memory leak(s)?

  3. Well…

    Mainland tier fo 65k sqm is still very different from estate.

    Dreamland is now on the way to rise prices…

    what about a decreas of the estate region fee, or a rise in Linden tier for large sqm ?

    a fair competition between Lindens and estate owners would be something many people would enjoy.


  4. taralijie says:

    Do these “continent” names have any real value, to the average user? As far as I can tell, the only real difference between mainland and island is who you pay the tier to – and that generally, mainland doesn’t have any covenants to it. It might be nice to indicate the “continents” on the main map, and/or indicate major regions of islands as “archipelagos”.

    For that matter, is there a good place to see a graphic of the entire world map, at some reasonable resolution?

  5. Schizm Neutra says:

    When you say ‘regions’ what size is that please?

    I just don’t have that information handy…

  6. Dragonlord949 Kit says:

    I know I might sound like a pest, but why not put the new continent on the Teen Grid as well?

  7. Schizm Neutra says:

    K, got those numbers for others:

    65,536 = 1 Region
    32,768 = 1/2 Region
    16,384 = 1/4 Region
    8,192 = 1/8 Region
    4,096 = 1/16 Region
    2,048 = 1/32 Region
    1,024 = 1/64 Region
    512 = 1/128 Region

    As for tier prices are they the same?

    And…if I wanted to buy land to fulfill my present tier payment (I still have some land left to buy on my tier allowance) could I buy it on the new continent?

    I’m sure I won’t be the only person asking these questions.


  8. Rez Menoptra says:

    Typically a region is 65k sq m, or an entire sim.

  9. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> 740+ mainland regions brought online since April – and the price of mainland has been going down – guess that’s one BIG reason why!

    Still, given the lag on the mainland, you couldn’t drag me back there with wild horses! I wonder if it will ever be possible using the SL infrastructure to have a lag free SL? Many people to try SL appear to give up because they didnt’ get high speed in order to experience something so slow on the Internet.

  10. Aki Shichiroji says:

    Schizm> one region refers to the one sim. ie: 65

    For the sake of my own curiosity – what is the name for the new(ish) continent that came before Nautilus?

  11. Aki Shichiroji says:

    Blah. i meant to say 65536sqm 😛

  12. Didn’t somebody falsely predict that Nautlius would be the last ever mainland continent? 😉

  13. Darien Caldwell says:

    For lag free Estate land is the way to go! 🙂

  14. Silation Regenbogen says:

    Im guessing this will be Main Grid, NOT Teen Grid?

  15. not a thieve says:

    Dear Lindens, u piss me off.
    not only you steal me thousands of lindens, now u steal my inventory too.

    ppl, dont return aything to urself, the motherfucker will broke them up before deliver them to u

    yess i am very angry.
    u all better dont buy anything this weekend or spend any money in SL

  16. mmccann says:

    I’d love to see a list of some of those other affectionate names, so I know what continent my home is on. 🙂

  17. Ava Glasgow says:

    Nice to finally hear the Nautilus name officially announced. Is there a name for the eastern continent just to the south of Nautilus, the one built right after the southernmost continent was finished? (And does the southernmost continent also have a name?)

  18. Gnash Rambler says:

    In “about land”, on the covenant tab, it shows The Region Name, the Estate name, and the Estate Owner. It would be nice if Lindens would put the continent name as the “Estate” name. I think it flashes up “mainland” quickly, then hides right now. It would be nice to see something like “Estate: Nautilus (mainland)” there, and perhaps “Governor Linden” as the Estate owner. Just a thought.

  19. Alicia Sautereau says:

    what`s the point?
    it will be turned into the same crap we know today on the mainland in days, adfarms will grow faster then u can alts with bo registration policy and not to mention the amount of bugs

    if u need money to hire new and better devs, just say so instead of releasing 400 more regions as half the grid is up for sale

  20. Quiet Sinatra says:

    one side complains that mainland is too cheap, the other that it is too laggy. Sounds like a good free market to me. Want less lag, spend more money – want to spend less, accept some lag.

  21. Dana says:

    The part about “larger quantity of waterfront land, plenty of bays and waterways…” sounds great and all… if LL does it right. Nautilus suffers from beach land being cut off from protected water due to too many full-water sims being sold. There isn’t a single Linden river or waterway on Nautilus making casual travel very difficult, and scripting is disabled on every protected water on the continent. If they fix these issues on the new land mass I’m sure it will be a big success.

  22. Ceera Murakami says:

    What a pity that all that hard work creating beautiful new continents will be wasted, as land barons and land bot scam artists carve it up into tiny bits, fill it with ad farms, flatten it into pancakes, and generally trash it.

    The land barons and landbot operators get richer, the mainland gets worse, and no one but a handful of greedy speculators wins.

    Could LL at least CONSIDER creating a mainland Continent that was zoned to some degree, beyond PG/Mature designations for sims? A continent where it is not allowed to carve parcels into sizes smaller than 512 M2 would be a step in the right direction, as would be a ban on ad farms and obvious land extortion griefing. SOme costal areas where it was zoned strictly residential, with no ads or businesses allowed, might actually be worth paying for.

    But there is little sense buying a beautiful mainland waterfront parcel, when any land estortion punk can destroy its value at will by surrounding your beautiful build with ugly rotating ad farms on 16 M2 micro parcels, priced at extortion rates.

  23. Alex says:

    I doubt the estate sims are really running on faster servers, it is most likely because there are rules so people do not have spinning objects and other laggy and moreso ugly stuff to bog down the servers. Also, there are much fewer child agents and main agents for that matter on estates which accounts for a big decrease in lag.

    Over the last few months, the number of ad farms has gotten way out of control. There needs to be a minimum plot size of at least 64m and a max number of times (like 4) you can cut a contigues 512m parcel. But will LL ever do this? I doubt it. I’d wager to that that 80% of the time they make more money off island tiers than they do mainland.

  24. LeVey Palou says:

    PLz PLZ PLZ if you are going to do this, LL plz do these common courtesies.

    1) put linden water ways in between owned property ( you have this on original continent but not on nautilus and owned property impedes any enjoyment of said waterways.

    2) set the linden open water sims auto return to 60. ( Again on original continent you can cruise out to middle and “hang out”. ON nautilus the auto return is set to freakin 5 mins????? really what is the point in having the big lakes if you cant enjoy them?)

    3) bring back some of the beauty expressed on the original continent with uniqueness like wanton rivers, damns, etcetera. make exploring these so called water ways something enjoyable.

    If you are going to do another new continent then plz PLZ do it right??

    I think Nautilaus was an attempt to recapture the beauty of the northern part of the original continent, but lacks in many ways.

  25. Sling Trebuchet says:

    A new Mainland sim inherently more laggy than a new Estate sim? ? ? ?
    Same sim servers, same asset servers, same presence servers, same grid, same Internet. I don’t buy that.

    OK! I’ll bite.
    If so, Why?
    Someone’s going to tell me that Mainland servers are on bandwidth-throttled racks?

    Maybe people mean that eventually some Mainland sims could become very laggy because of an unmanaged free-for-all on script and texture resources by plot owners.

    More mainland? Love it! Bring it on! 🙂
    Yes, more ad-farms (to block), more builds that make one want to puke.
    But at the same time more space for someone who can’t afford an island to develop something unique and wonderful that an Estate manager/covenant would suppress.

  26. Rob Bargbahn says:

    WoW! Millions and Millions of square meters for Campers and ad Farms and just in time the prices are so high on lots 🙂 Really though shouldn’t we let the current supply dry up a little before dumping all that on the grid?

  27. Susie Boffin says:

    I think it’s great for LL to make more land for residents to live on but the new land will soon be bought up, ad farmed to death and turned into a trash heap that few would want to live on.

    I don’t know how you could do this but I would love it if LL made a continent zoned for residential only with no ad farms and trashy looking malls and clubs.

  28. Khamon says:

    Which ground textures will LL be applying to the Corsica sims?

  29. Ric Bonetto says:

    All resident should have access to a little piece of land, to be at home, with enough capacity to build something in peace and discretion : that would be nice !

  30. Brett Finsbury says:

    I agree with post 18. can you turn on object entry in these empty water sims? Like Yabby and dugong? even with a one min return just so we can set our boats down and actually use some of this open space fer recreation? Was able to use them before but since some bozo encroached their wall into the protected water strip it is unpassable now.
    And yes ad farms are becoming a serious blight. does anyone even use them ? Most people see them and become so mad about them why would they want to visit a place that is ruining their view with their advertisements. I block them so they cannot be seen from my property.

  31. Ann Otoole says:

    lmao.. mainland cheap? i see land for sale there that is priced way more than an entire island. guess there are still an inventory of available gullible people somewhere lol.

  32. GC Continental says:

    Can’t afford a region. How about selling smaller plots? Only *want* a 2048 in a roughly square area… but do NOT want to spend in excess of 40k + on it.

  33. Iexo Bethune says:

    You know what’d be lovely, is large swaths of Linden land where one can can come to just enjoy nature. All these tiny parcels with horrible-looking n00b builds and rotating ad-farms get old after a while.

    Know what else’d be lovely? Connecting the new continent(s) (Nautilus and/or Corsica) to the original mainland by some Linden watersims. I always liked being able to sail between the original two continents, even though I couldn’t actually go anywhere on either of the continents because of the very tiny rivers that lead inland. SL does, indeed, need alot more watersims, alot more interesting stuff on the bottom of these watersims, and more deep water (80m or so).

  34. Caribou Zaftig says:

    New mainland? Hmm…I’d love to take a look at it…too bad I can’t get in anymore because SL STILL ISN’T COMPATIBLE WITH VISTA!! Is this EVER going to be resolved??

  35. At0m0 Beerbaum says:

    Oh god this sounds like the plot to superman r– actually hey, this means we get more land, hopefully the continent wont be as laggy as the mainland.

    I also suggest in the middle of the initial land you create, put a large volcano in the middle of it.

  36. While I agree with the people asking for SOME (maybe all) of this new continent to have some type of Building Zone attached to it, I also know this will never, and I mean NEVER, happen.

    A long time ago, in a SIM named Slate, there was a man who built a railroad. People came from all over to see it, and loved it. This man decided to make his choo-choo actually go, and started a group that would go out and either buy or get people to donate land for the railroad passing thru their area. At one point, over 15 SIMs had joined the cause.

    Around this same time, someone at Linden Lab showed up in Slate and asked what the Slate Community Leaders were thinking about the overall Second Life experience and how it might be better. We brought up the idea of the Railroad going National in Second Life. That any new SIMs being brought online would actually be made in such a way that Linden Land would connect the railroads from one SIM to another. Of course, this was met with a resounding “NO”, but in my efforts to change their mind, I told the person doing the asking (and who had the power to see it get done) that they weren’t thinking far enough into the future. A National Second Life Railroad would be a great experience for all, and fun for the Social player who just wants to explore without flying everywhere. Still, we were told, “NO”. About a year later, I received an IM from that certain Linden, who asked if I still thought the Railroad would be a good idea in Second Life. I sadly had to inform this person that the time to jump on the Railroad had passed. Too many SIMs had already been added and the logistics to make the National Railroad connect thru each SIM just wasn’t possible, but, I appreciated that they finally understood what we were telling them over a year earlier.

    What’s that got to do with today’s announcement. Simply put, Linden Lab decision makers can’t see past tomorrow, and therefore, they WILL NOT ever understand WHY the community wants some Building Zones in place. When the Slate Community owned 99% of Slate, we had a simple Building Zone, it had to look natural, like a lake house, or cabin, and people were happy with that. Many people wanted to join the Slate Community for that very reason. It’s sad really that Linden Lab decision makers can’t seem to understand what the community wants, until the community yells and screams.

    Now, if I were to setup another 400 SIM continent, I would map out Rivers that connected from one SIM to another, make sure the waterfront property for sale DID NOT include the waterway to keep accesses open, and put in Lakes and Ponds. All this area would be under Linden Control so NO ONE could erase what was created. I would then think hard and long about how the areas should be zoned, and fight hard to keep some of the beautiful places in Second Life, beautiful, not turned into Chaos, as most SIMs have a habit of doing.
    Philip, if you are interested, I would be happy to come out to San Fran for a couple of weeks (on your dime of course) and plan out the new 400 SIM continent 🙂

  37. aeper jie says:

    Ok LL Why Not Give Teen Grid Alot more Sims. The land Barrons are takeing over and raiseing land above what it should be. Plus you should Ban Boting. But Give Teen Grid MORE SIMS or Lower are Privite Islands! Please LL Save TG

  38. Christopher molinaro says:

    This makes me very happy. I bet the land will be selling quickly and of course will sell for a high penny. Christopher Molinaro shouts:this will make a good profit. Aeper Jie trust me linden lab will give teens land
    In the future. The only reason why the main grid is getting so much attention is because linden lab is experiencing a lot of stress do to the high percent of new ADULT residents. When the time comes these continents will be recreated for teens use. I am very glad that you are sharing our thoughts with the lindens and i hope they see your understanding for teens and second ife
    signed Christopher Molinaro
    active second life resident on main grid

  39. Sling Trebuchet says:

    “Now, if I were to setup another 400 SIM continent, I would map out Rivers that connected from one SIM to another, make sure the waterfront property for sale DID NOT include the waterway to keep accesses open, and put in Lakes and Ponds.”
    Second comment to say Amen to that. The Nautilus sims are a con. Mostly the water areas seem to be prairie ‘land’ that you can’t stand on (i.e. water), so people plank down prim ‘ground’ and treat it like any other old non-water mainland.
    If you want to sail your boat with a guarantee that you won’t run into ban lines or a wall, just make your house and dock really tiny. 🙂

  40. KillerMonkey Spire says:


    Good say, but thtey’ve never gone back and developed (roads, etc) the “roads” going through existing sims…

  41. Tegg B says:

    2 Ralf Haifisch Says:what about a decreas of the estate region fee, or a rise in Linden tier for large sqm ?

    Yeah why no just charge $1 for the land to buy and $1600US per month tier?

    Darien Caldwell Says: For lag free Estate land is the way to go!

    You have zero lag? My class3 mainland has less lag than many class 5’s

    And for gawd sake put some roads in even if they are useless for cars, no bugger can work out where the front of property is.

  42. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    Why are we building new continents while the old ones aren’t finished? Where are the sims that should be west of Jadu, for example? There’s this huge swath of missing sims on that continent, and rather than finish them, we’re adding new sims elsewhere? It doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention hideous chops missing from the shoreline like at the west side of Nogojiri.

    I guess I shouldn’t care — I gave up on the mainland a long time ago. But it makes me sad…

  43. Oz Spade says:

    Would some Linden be so nice as to post a list of names of current continents (and which they correspond too)? I’ve missed a few!

  44. Jdtrue Writer says:

    Aki Shichiroji Says:

    July 6th, 2007 at 2:39 PM PDT
    For the sake of my own curiosity – what is the name for the new(ish) continent that came before Nautilus?

    10 mmccann Says:

    July 6th, 2007 at 2:59 PM PDT
    I’d love to see a list of some of those other affectionate names, so I know what continent my home is on.

    Ava Glasgow Says:

    July 6th, 2007 at 3:01 PM PDT
    Nice to finally hear the Nautilus name officially announced. Is there a name for the eastern continent just to the south of Nautilus, the one built right after the southernmost continent was finished? (And does the southernmost continent also have a name?)

    I too would like to know the names of the other continents?

    Ohh and great news that you are adding more! Since there is no more first land this will help to keep land costs down!

  45. McCall Ryder says:

    When I came aboard in September, a lot went for an easy 4000Ls.
    It was when I sold it, cheaply, I hoped to another newbie, that a bot got it for a mere 5000. Pleeeze disallow bot purchases. Sometimes a low price is for friends. Or just a guy being nice.

    Yes, on the new continent, consider the location of commercial and residential zoning important. And yes, disallow the platforming and hard-walling of things like the sea.

    Second Life, very much, needs smooth easy travel that is continuously visible. I thought a yacht would do it until I hit an invisible wall. Could you also permit paving of your highways by its neighbors?

    Just want to see SL the best! At an age approaching 70, SL, it seems is my First Life.

  46. Khamon says:

    The old SF & colour (Core), snow, volcanic, island, and lake district sims comprise The Southern Continent;

    The crater sims to the north are The Moth Continent;

    I don’t know what the new continent of the asian and what is that Gaelic sims is called;

    The new new continent that they’re just finishing is just called Nautilus;

    And the new new nonexistent one will be called The Corsican Continent I suppose.

    Have I missed anything?

  47. Gil Druart says:

    Mainland land isn’t cheap, but the tier is ridiculous. Land prices have dropped by 50% (thanks to somebody dumping endless continents and islands onto the market) but the tier has remained fixed.

    Currently the tier on a 512 is about 50% of the purchase price, and that’s every month. Not very ‘first home’ friendly.

    The pressure on each sq.m. to generate ridiculous levels of revenue is why most of the mainland is looking so awful.

  48. Alex Warrior says:

    G’day Jack

    Nice to hear you are creating lovely water ways and lakes – always my fave especially when they are on hillside land!

    And thank you sooo much Khamon (post33)!! Now I know where I live!

    GO THE SOUTHERN CONTINENT!!! It’s the most beautiful and diverse land – I live on the volcano, the lakes, the snow and the beach ALL in “The Southern Continent”. (I have four homes and change every season). *grins* YAY!

    Alex – the girl that loves the original mainland!

  49. JJValero Writer says:

    Anyone can say what is the name of other continents?

  50. Nacre Swindlehurst says:

    So, is there ever going to be another shot at 512sqm plots again, or does the universe now belong only to those who can buy en entire region?

    This becomes a real problem when almost everyone is frozen out of land. Sure, it says I can have 512sqm if I can buy it, but rent is the only way, right now. And that is not in the picture.

    So, are the rest of us (who can’t afford to buy an island) frozen out for all time? Or is there something else that we can look forward to.

    Nacre Swindlehurst

  51. actually a few of my friends have noticed what appears to be a new continent that which was this gigantic desert consisting of many sims (too many for me too count) such as the nunki, camulus, seth, mercury and sterope sims. are these sims a part of one of those new continents or are they a part of something else?

  52. Stephen Zenith says:

    I’d be quite happy if the inland sections of the new continent didn’t have that ugly rock texture that Nautilus has.

  53. U M says:

    More land? um? wonder if it going to cause land prices to drop?

  54. U M says:

    Oh please! how long does it take to allow remarks?!

  55. Bluetiereign says:

    All of this land development is destroying the value of what we smaller landowners have. Keep driving it down LL, and you’ll get it down to 1L per m2. Everyone that is screaming ‘its a free market economy’ are forgetting something. LL can keep this virtual world growing until they devalue of everything to the point that ONLY people HEAVILY vested here will make money.

    Well, I guess I contradict myself. Its the same as the natural world. SCREW the little guy.

  56. Adam Hickman says:

    has to laugh……not to be ruse but you all are whining about your land……yes i have a free acct but i put in as much as most premiums….i rent a very nice low lag parcel….maybe that would be an option for the ones that are sick of mainland junk

  57. Robert Dodd says:

    Will somebody say hallelujia for more land? Poorer folks who want room for their creative visions, and to add value to the Second Life experience, have been getting priced out of the market. For myself, I’d be happy if all the Mainland land barons went bust, so that Mainland plots can go back to being what it should be – a working space for people’s vision, not merely a profit center.

    Well done Linden Labs!!

  58. Robert Dodd says:

    Now if LL could only afford to cut down tier a wee bit. 🙂

  59. That’s nice, but the continent I live on has a silly empty strip of missing sims right down the center. Couldn’t your design team finish a current continent before adding a new one? Thanks for your consideration.

  60. Samantha Glume says:

    I own my own sim, Necros, and have designated it as a community sim. However it seems it’s a never ending, and loosing, battle against the adfarms… If they can’t get small land they buy up 512’s and adfarm the rest. I’m getting so SICK of it. But there is no way I can afford a $300 a month island to the betterment of SL beauty. How about a tier discount for purely pleasure sims?

  61. MarmelaGramela Doesburg says:

    The mainland price isn’t down , it;s still up, as info for all the newbie sellers…so keep bolting them out ** the more the merrier **. Before certain planless people ran the auction orice for sims up to 3000$ it was easy to buy a sim between 1000 and 1200 $ and the land could be sold around 6 L per meter to the enduser.If you’re talking about a bad investment right now, then its the fault of the prices you pay….

  62. Don Enfield says:

    I guess LL is trying to drive all the private island developers out of business.

  63. Hypatia Callisto says:

    /me reads post, laughs maniacially as the prices plummet again and the panic ensues for a day… then expects the same as usual come next week. ad farms, land extortion, unfinished infrastructure… etc.

    is glad she lives on estate land and couldn’t give a toot about the mainland :p way less stress…

  64. When I first joined SL last July, I was on the mainland about a dozen times, each time more laggy and unpleasant than the last. I gave up on it as soon as I figured out there were private estates out there. Then, I went through a short period of wondering if I should take the plunge and become more than a free member- but the only incentive for me was First Land- we all know what happened to that! So I’m still a unregistered “no payment on file” and happy to remain so.

    Meanwhile, there are SO many private estates out there with none of the problems we’re discussing here. I think Otherland is top notch- they seem to be carefully watching LL and learning from their mistakes- even as LL ignores the same mistakes and pretends our concerns (voiced again and again) are invalid. And no estate covenant I’ve seen suppresses creative building- provided it’s high up in the sky!

  65. Hypatia Callisto says:

    Don – private islands aren’t affected one whit by mainland sales. Land rentals – har, not. People can’t get in fast enough where I am in Caledon. It is very hard to build community in the mainland chaos – I know, I tried, I gave up and moved to the islands. Find a reliable well known private estate and your headaches will go a long way to being relieved… this will not change, has not changed. Private estate orders keep coming in even at the higher price for them.

    yeah, maybe the people who do nothing but make pancake islands with nothing special about them for rental – people who want private estate rental land generally want a bit more and there’s a glut there too. But over in Caledon, people can’t get in fast enough. There’s a months long waiting list. I’m glad I got in when I did. I wouldn’t trade my quarter sim in Caledon for anything, not even for 2 whole sims of mainland.

  66. Cocoanut Koala says:

    I’m very happy on Azure Islands, where I live. But I’m also very happy in Rosieri, where my shop is. And the performance isn’t noticably better in one place or another, though it tends to be better on the mainland.


  67. Able Forder says:

    I agree with many of the comments with respect to invoking some sort of common sense policy across the board. Having said that, perhaps the fairest way to improve the mainland comes down to a single word: ZONING. By allowing landowners to vote for either a.) residential; b.) commercial; or c.) residential/commercial mixed, it would radically change the way things are being conducted now. If it makes sense to have zoning statues in real life to prevent a few from destroying an area for the rest, then it is long overdue here in Second Life as well. But to not have zoning, it creates a rigged deck market that clearly lines the pockets of those who aim to cash in on the obvious flaw that has been allowed to stand. It also speaks volumes about this having engendered a “mad dash” mentality with respect to members seeking out more expensive island properties, and it does so at the expense of insulting all those with mainland deeds. Before adding a new continent fair and reasonable rules need to be established on what already exists. Otherwise, the nonsense will continue.

  68. Cherry Czervik says:

    Island living is all very well, just sold mine (at a loss) for many reasons but while I don’t miss an isolationist feeling I do miss the lack of rubbish around me on a zoned estate. Mainland, these days, if I buy mainland it will either be the whole region sometime or I’ll just be building in the sky at 760 and not CARING what is around me.

    Do you think people will stop paying crazy money and making huge bids for mainland now please?

  69. Cherry Czervik says:

    @42 and similar – absolutely right – land barons wanting to outbid each other/punish each other for being a competitior are the reason why this happens. Look on the auctions recently won page … same old names over and over again.

  70. Cherry Czervik says:

    Quote:Mainland land isn’t cheap, but the tier is ridiculous. Land prices have dropped by 50% (thanks to somebody dumping endless continents and islands onto the market) but the tier has remained fixed.

    Currently the tier on a 512 is about 50% of the purchase price, and that’s every month. Not very ‘first home’ friendly.

    The pressure on each sq.m. to generate ridiculous levels of revenue is why most of the mainland is looking so awful. QUOTE

    Ummmm … I don’t understand this here. First home, first 512 ownership … NO tier for 512 …

  71. Vocianna Ziemia says:

    I do think that putting out new lands FOR SALE are a really good thing. I am lloking for a piece of land TO BUY. I want to be OWNER of it. I am looking on the Search for land sale SINCE A MONTH. But people seem to ONLY rent land now. Even if their add say land for sale… they ask U to pay a damn little rental box thingy. There is a place in the classified to advertise ur land rental. So I tell why the hell U , big company who offer land to rent, are filling up the land sale section with ur land to rent?

    And oh for all the people who complain that the land prices are going down… well when I started to play the priced were more reasonable, but since then, there as been a huge boom of new players and lands prices just went up to the ceiling. So putting more lands out will – I hope – put back the prices at a more reasonable state.

  72. Quiet Sinatra says:

    @23 – just cause the land is over priced doesn’t mean it sells. I know there is a lot of overpriced land in sims I frequent that has sat unsold for months.

  73. hallo Carter says:

    Cherry, I think what they are talking about is after the first 512.
    On another note, I’m fairly certain it must exist somewhere in Linden Land…a full map of the SL grid for everyone’s enjoyment. Wouldn’t that be a party ice breaker…looky here…the world !!!

  74. Harwood Hax says:

    Vocianna, there are three ways of doing that…

    go to a secondary site like SLEX and look there… people will list that the auction goes to paying either them the tier or paying LL.

    go to secondlife main site; auction… there ARE lands there for auction/sale… sometimes, its just a matter of a lot of hunting… look on the grid map.. easier to find….. i think one of SL’s biggest problems is still the main website is still VERY hard for the average user to navigate…. i webmaster for a living and can find it sometimes tough to find what im looking for. 🙂

    the best way in my opinion… search in-game. I own a good deal of land, rent most of it out in order to make cash, and am always looking for more land at a good price to buy. when u click “buy land” it tells you weather or not it is covenant land or LL tier right on the buy page where it says “this will increase your tier by __ ” honestly, ive found its the best way to find and buy land… just map navigate it, then simply go there. odd that there isnt really a better way to do it out of game, but maybe thats something that could be improved in the future. most people anymore are inclined to sell land as a covenant agreement because of tier fees… its cheaper to deed the lands to a group, and gets cheaper still the more land u own… so most want to “sell” land to people to cover tier cost, while still maintaining the amount of land…. if that makes any sense :))

  75. Quiet Sinatra says:

    @34 “The pressure on each sq.m. to generate ridiculous levels of revenue is why most of the mainland is looking so awful.”

    This is an odd mindset here. It seems that thinking that your land needs to generate a certain income level is the mindset that causes the problems. You don’t think your cable/dish bill needs to be covered by profits you make on cable tv for example. Many of us find SL to be an entertainment or pastime. You know, something we are used to paying for like music, books, vacations. If I happen to cover my tier level from things i sell I consider that a bonus. But I enjoy SL and too much worrying about making a profit makes it too much work. And I make a lot more at my job without the worrying.

    maybe that is the big divider here – those of us who are here for fun and those of us who think this is a job.

  76. Corsica… hmm.. course it can… course it cant… get rid of mega prims, so they will still be used by griefers on Corsica.

    In the UK, what one can do regarding business, in villages, towns, cities, waterways, sea and the countryside is defined.. green belt, brown belt, etc.. What one can build and where.
    It determines how the environment looks.
    Public rights of way.. remain public, even though some are seldom used now.
    Lindens could do that with Corsica. Infrastructure…. course it can..

  77. Benja says:

    There’s a region called Quagmire!

    Giggidy, giggidy

  78. Slobie says:

    So anyone who bought a particular piece of land because it was next to a watery Linden sim and couldn’t be built upon is potentially out of luck?

  79. darling sieyes says:

    exciting news, yet like other’s i feel the dread of the take overs… i do not know how to find these new grids, nor really understand what a grid is…so if someone can ‘tp me’ lol i would appreciate the chance to see.

    I’d like to have a vote on creating a new grid, like the teen grid, for all those who have proved to be griefers, and scoundrels and criminals.

    i love this game, but am wearing thin, trying to protect myself…it is not fun for me to play this, it takes up time, so takes time away from the main object for many, we pay to have fun.

    instead we live in fear, of illegal scripting etc…
    i have had more av’s ruined until i found one with permissions to copy and mod…

    i am sure enough honest ppl would help support this issue, giving names is one thing.

    i realize LL does not have enough help to keep up with all the issues needing attention…so i suggest, those of us who want to live in peace among other honest ppl, organize with a Linden, to support them and guide…and sort thru reports of griefing, so LL has time to create a world in which they can not leave, until they have decided they want to live among honest and fun loving ppl.

  80. Gigabyte Schulze says:

    Why do you set up so much mainland sims ? So Landprice gets lower … but whats with privat sim ownerst .. you get a lot of money from them. I think we should have a change, so lower that prices too.

  81. Amilia says:

    Yes, in agreement with #27, the Teen Grid is rather sad-looking when it comes to area. When you’re done with this, would you take a second and give us some land as well? =)

    And yes, the ugliness of botters and giant, spinning, FOR SALE cubes runs rampant in both grids. If there’s a revolution soon for pretty parcels and actual (or as actual as virtual can get) communities, I’ll join it. Heck, I’ll lead it!

    Love to the Lindens,

  82. Bradley Bracken says:

    I’ve been on SL a relatively short time (just over 3 months) but I can’t for the life of me figure out what the heck people are talking about when they refer to the mainland. I look at the interactive map and I see two masses…are those two combined considered the mainland? Has land been sold connecting them that hasn’t been placed yet? What about the huge number of developed sims surrounding them? Are those islands? It’s all very confusing to me and since I can’t fly across the continent low enough to see anything (because of ban lines), I find the whole thing disorienting.

    While I hope LL puts more thought into designing Corsica, I don’t think it’s a good idea to add zoning restrictions (okay, maybe here and there for open land and such), but I’d rather let the free market reign. Dreamland? I wouldn’t waste my time buying there because there is no true zoning, however, I’d be more willing to purchase land in Caledon which is generally more expensive because of the beautiful way in which it has been developed. Watching land sales in Caledon it appears to me others agree that better quality regions are worth paying more for.

  83. U M says:

    wait for the blog lawyer to allow me to post………

  84. Fin Tammas says:

    Please people,
    Everybody in SL has about the same servers. The LAG on a sim has mostly to do with how it is managed. Also how a sim looks has to do with rules and enforcing these rules. Linden has no time to active manage SIMMs. So setting rules would not really help. I have lived in Otherland Estate quiet a while and there is no excessive lag and it all looks super-beautiful because of the strict rules and a team of managers that keep an eye on following the rules and controlling the lag all the time.
    After experiencing this, there is no way you see me owning land on the mainland ever again. I gladly pay this few dollars extra to have a house in a Lag-free and beautiful setting. And in addition, when I call for help, there actually is someone responding right away who knows what to do. 🙂

  85. Balthazar Lindman says:

    I read some posts about more transportation systems. And I want to say – that IS a good idea. A lot of people would gather near railroads and waterways. For the social, ‘meeter’ player, this would mean more friends, more chatting. For the explorer, these ways would improve transportation without flying or using planes. Just look at the Freebie Warehouse, at Burns. It is located 300 meters of a (disused) train station and has a road just in front of it. It is often too crowded… You see the link? I once heard Cubey Terra – Abbotts Airport owner – saying the waterways were mostly unknown. I should add : (too) shallow, (too) tiny. Teleporting is the best method to go around, but consider the fact some people may reather wish to live a more ‘natural’ life, and waterways, roads and railways are the solution.
    Now let’s think about the money side. Most sims which are crossed by ways are somewhat more expensive. The bigger that way is, the deerer the lands are. That’s why I tell it : We Need More (Rail)roads and Waterways.
    I’d also like to point out some problems with the road system. For instance, no airport has a road at less than 500 meters. Magenta airport is 600 meters of Slate station, Abbotts is 700 meters of Noyo (westernmost road), only that airport in the snow part has a road nearby. Also, the city of Nova Albion, which is notable, has no road linking it. Also is the fact that continents are not linked. Linden Labs should really fix those problems, and put more waterways, railways and roads on the new continents.

  86. Julian Maroon says:

    Its very nice that we get new continents allways – can’t have enough – I am in SL for having adventures (and not the –for me –boring sex ) I love roleplay-sims and areas without sex – and so I hope there will be a few more of it on the new continents, so i just want to say


  87. Donald says:

    How does Linden Lab figure out when to set up new regions. Surely mainland parcels aren’t selling that fast. I see thousands of bright yellow $ icons when I open up the big map. Parcels just sitting there insanely over priced day after day month after month. I really don’t see a major jump in residents to warrant 740+ regions. So maybe they are in need of about $1,500,000 right now.

  88. Anylyn Hax says:

    Thats just because the lindens want to show that they CAN grow 😉

  89. Ailik Ulich says:

    Stop buying these regions then flattening and ruining the landscape. Thank you

  90. Ailik Ulich says:

    #26. The infrastructure (coastlines, roadway/railways/rightofways, etc) of SL are somewhat like someone playing Simcity who is still learning… Many of the sections look like a ghetto.

    If the decisionmakers at SL would invest better resources into “Governor Linden” land, it would improve quality but also increase property value but its all cheap anyway unless you’re a bum who can’t even afford to rent a place in RL! =)


  91. Phil Deakins says:

    On the lag and estate vs mainland discussion:-

    There is no difference between them. Serverside lag occurs when a sim has a lot of people in it and/or a lot of prims in sight. There are horrendously laggy islands/estates just as there are horrendously laggy mainland sims. Islands don’t have a computer to themsleves and more than mainland sims have a computer to themselves. So there is no difference.

  92. Areth Gall says:

    Any chance we could bring back First Land and get some in this continent? It’d be a nice touch. Speaking of which, we haven’t had any updates on plans for first land. I know some people made multiple accounts and sold First Land at extremely high prices to actually make money off of it (amongst other reasons, such as some lawyers whom took advantage of glitches and whom I hope the federal government will have no taste for the actions thereof). But would it be possible to use the account identity stuff, since an individual has to use a credit card and prove their ID to actually pay for SL, to be able to buy one first land per real life person?

    And awesome. Waterfront land is a pain in the kabooshka to actually buy right now, so hopefully this will knock those prices down a little bit.

  93. Ishtara Rothschild says:

    Just a thought… why don’t people with common interests buy a complete region together, then split it up among the group? The easisest way to create a residential sim without ad farms and other ugliness. Should be easy to find a handful of neighbours who agree to the same limitations, like no commercial use, no sky-high builds, no ads etc.

  94. Spontaneous Radio says:

    You thing you will ever finish the mainland continent to the south, it seems that you have forgotten about that continent. Jadu, Guksu, Third Space, Beowulf, Whitlow, and Rundlelawn still need to bee connected together. And Pogon, Hyojong, Giyeok, Annyong, Pieup, Chebi, Kaemi, and Spurness just drop of the end of the world. It looks like about 31 sims are needed total to finish this contintent. And word on them. 15 look like they should be land and 16 should be water. You could use sim voids to fill the waterways to connect the gap if money is a problem to give the residents a completeted continent.
    Just a spontaneous thought.

  95. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @ 18, @22, @25, and all those of a similar sentiment:
    I wholeheartedly agree with these postings. We NEED: more rivers, canals, lakes, parks, nature strips, etc (with free and open access); less adfarms (they ARE getting out of control, and some of the more ‘mature content’ ads are just too confronting in sims where landowners are trying to build businesses and pleasant residential areas) – they really are stifling the creativity of SL residents who want to develop a better environment.

    @26. As a fairly new resident in SL (about 3 months) I was saddened to read Bob Blunderfeld’s account about the lack of foresight of the Lindens when they were presented with his plans for an SL-wide railway system. What a fantastic idea Bob! And what a pity Linden Labs were unable to take a step back to see the big picture!

    Since joining SL I have been busily buying blocks of land and have
    started developing them with the over-riding rule that any businesses or homes I build will have large tracts of parklands or waterways attached to them. And definitely NO adfarms!

    I sincerely hope that the new continent, Corsica, will be taking all these ideas into account?
    And how about having the names of all these continents on the World Map? I wasn’t even aware that they HAD names and I own about half a Region of land on one of them!

    And Bob, if you ever decide to resurrect your plans you will have MY full support.

  96. Klaatu Congrejo says:

    @63. Isthara, I’m with you 100 percent on that idea and would dearly love to talk to others who are thinking along those lines. Contact me and Let’s Talk!

  97. Kenny Stinger says:

    Be Nive I got my 512 BAck GOVENER LINDEN HAS !!!!!! CLITCH YOOK IT !!! & ITS STILL NOT FIXED !!! OVER 2 WEEKS NOW !!!!

  98. Pius Noel says:

    @26: Yes, it needs more public infrastructure. I think the railway is a good idea. But also streets, cable cars, waterways, parcs and gardens open to the public are things that would make SL much more interesting and enjoyable. In addition I could think of infrastructure provided and parcs created by the residents on LL donated land.

    SL will only succeed as a community. Think about what it needs!

  99. Katana Redgrave says:


  100. Schizm Neutra says:

    Hallo Carter; I wonder where the world map is now too, when I first came here in 2004 there WAS a WORLD map!

    I recently went to a freebie place where I saw old world maps–it was interesting and nostalgic! I too would like to see where I live in relation to the rest of the ‘world’!

  101. Effulgent Brown says:

    I dont care how many continents there are, all of them are being infected with the cancer of ad-farms,

    If your home or store is near a road, a sim border, the middle, anywhere you could be looking at some broads backside no matter what you paid for your land.

    Until the lindens decide that owning one 3prim square decreases land value of every piece touching it, everyone will be forced to either leave or go to islands. I dont want to go to an island I like the mainland, really what i would love is snow [pleeezzzeee

  102. Zarek Lock says:

    According to this Wired article from 2006:

    “The three main landmasses of Second Life – Heterocera Atoll, the Main Continent, and the Southern Continent”

  103. Calin McKinney says:

    I love the ideas of allowing unrestricted ocean sims between continents so people can boat between the two. I also think some consideration should be given to improving ones ability to fly from sim to sim without running into invisible walls. It is fun to fly over the land closer to the ground, touring, and seeing what others have created!

  104. As Ms. Hypatia Callisto said, many of us would never have a place on the mainland, preferring instead to rent on well run islands. And the demand is huge–like her, I rent in Caledon, and the waiting list is amazing. 16 sims, everyone of them filled with people actively building and using their parcels. And NO AD FARMS OR CASINOS.

    What does this say? It says that people want a certain level of management. Pure anarchy is all very well and good on paper, but the reality is the ugly wasteland that is all too often mainland. Not everything needs to be themed–but “common ground” waterways and parks, coupled with enforced rules about bullying one’s neighbors with builds would go a long way towards making mainland a place for something besides shopping.

  105. Cammi Hudson says:

    How about we sell some of the space that is available now!? anytime you look at a mainland map half of it is yellow with land for sale, yes most of it is overprices and not worth you paying for it, but more land? Guess its the more the better, gotta keep someone in a job making land. Its great to show the corporate ppl in R/L that this is viable but fix what is broken first then get all the pretty features in and make more land.

  106. walkinthewoods says:

    I think it would be beneficial to all of us if some people were to be a little more polite and constructive in their criticisms of SL. To remember just how privileged they are – compared to much of the rest of the worlds population, SL users are very rich indeed. A sense of perspective is something worth having – WE don’t have to worry about where our next meal is coming from.

    Additionally, I think it’s also important to consider the mind boggling complexity of the collaborative software/hardware used to create and maintain SL before going on an abusive rant about some glitch.

    I mean, none of us would like the casual surfer to stumble upon this site and think we were a bunch of spoiled brats, would we? 😉

  107. It seems that there is a natural pattern of stabilization, where a new sim starts out chaotic, then settles and eventually the neighbors learn to sell only to one another, or at prices high enough to discourage bad uses. This pattern was broken by the ad farmers and so sims on the old mainland that ought to be super stable are sometimes a mess.

    For example, I remember the old north continent being a bit chaotic, now it’s midbie land and quite stable, although we do get some ad farms. We have nothing on the oldbie land on the old south continent though, some of those mainland prices there are through the roof! But the old builds, hillyness, roads and waterways do a lot to make that land super desirable. So when I see an ad farm in Benham, it breaks my heart… right across from the steep hillside I used to live on.

    What would be stable, cooperative/anarchic unzoned neighborhoods are being smashed up by ad farmers. I’m happy to forgive a newbie neighbor with a poor sense of building. I just put up a screen. I can’t forgive the ad farmers. No!

    I don’t want to lose our right to do as we please on the mainland, but if ad farms could be defined as griefing, I think that would be good.

  108. Thaumata Strangelove says:

    I am sure I might be the exception here but in the year or so that I’ve owned my 1/4 sim in Wollaston on the original grid, I’ve RARELY had any problems, including lag, griefers, intruders, nasty builders or anything else people are complaining about here. The only time I really had trouble was when they built the original midian city on the other 1/4 of the sim and it grew so popular so fast that I couldn’t even rez a texture for days. They moved to their own space obviously and that was cleared up, and that is something that could happen anywhere.

    I looked into buying island land just a week or two ago, as I was craving some water. I was having a really hard time finding land that was actually for sale (way too many rentals in the land sales tab) and didn’t come with some crazy covenant that tells me what I can and cannot build on the space that I OWN. At least on the mainland, if I decide i want to live in a spaceship one day and a castle the next, nobody comes to whine at me. It’s like living in an american suburb with a homeowner’s association. How stifling.

    And I would challenge the curious to come visit Wollaston on the mainland. The area is very pretty, the neighbors are nice and I can’t complain at all.

    Would also like to say to the above commenter: Desmond Shang really is one of the nicest, most customer service centered people I’ve ever met in my 19 months on the grid. I would not hesitate to rent from him any day were I planning to rent.

  109. Oooh. More 16m ads, more people losing land to unscrupulous landbot owners on the order of *thousands* of dollars. I know at least 3 people who lost large chunks of land that they had spent between $1500 – $2500 US for, and many are claiming land system glitches.

    So NOW instead of addressing zoning problems… instead of addressing POLICY issues… and instead of waiting for the new architecture which will allegedly decrease land sale glitches… a new continent?

    Horse run over by cart. Film at 11.

    As far as Estate sims – they are much, MUCH better than mainland. Sentience sold out almost completely within a month; people want less lag and zoning. Mainland will not have zoning done properly until Linden Lab decides to do so.

    Developing mainland is senseless. Half of it ends up looking like Las Vegas, the other half ends up looking like the dark alleys around Las Vegas.

  110. Quiet Sinatra says:

    ad farms are clearly the elephant in the middle of the room that LL refuses to acknowledge. It remains a major issue on the JIRA and if you haven’t voted yes to ending ad farms I would encourage you all to do so. Define it as griefing – give clear guidelines as to what constitutes it as griefing and then enforce it.

  111. Ailik Ulich says:

    ad farms are a type of spam, report em!!!

  112. For the visual learners, how about a real “map” of where all this is? When WIRED magazine put out its article there was a map. I would be interested in seeing where my mainland SIM [ Huntsman } actually is. I truly miss using the SLURL feature. You could actually “SEE” where you were going to go…

  113. Great Mills says:

    LL, please bring back First Land. I would LOVE to own some land and be a true RESIDENT of SL. But, I cannot justify the expense of buying at the crazy inflated prices for land here. I am blessed to be able to rent at a reasonable rate right now, but I would much rather be an owner in SL, just as I am in RL.
    And I agree with all the comments above about putting in public infrastrucutre like parts, navigable waterways, roads and railroads. Too bad you didn’t do that one. I’m a train buff and would have happily paid a little to ride around on the SL National Railroad.
    – GM

  114. Mimi says:

    i havent had any big trouble with mainland yet..its cheap, which is a good thing for us who don’t have that much money in RL!

    But please linden labs try fix the inventory loss problems!!!!!

    the last few weeks I lost lots of textures, maps and items… slowly many of my inventory seems to disappear.. shame on you for letting this still happen 😦

  115. Brookston Holiday says:

    I have to agree with the previous posters. LL please make the waterways enjoyable again. I remember about a year ago just going out to sail on the mainland, meeting new people, and having a great time. The new continent isn’t at all navigable. So please, please make dedicated linden owned waterways between sims, so people can explore the new continent from the fun and comfort of their boats.

    Relatedly, auto return of more than 5 minutes is great for having short house boat parties out on the LL oceans. Please consider this as you plan for the new continent.

    Cheers – Brookston

  116. Praetor Janus says:

    Some weeks ago I was to buy 4 Sims in a Linden auction, I was the high bidder in the first to go and was eagerly waiting for the remaining 3 around it, making a larger square.

    Of the 4, 3 of then were more or less a mix land/waterfront and the remaining one just water, my plan was to design my own waterways and civilized roads (at my expense, keeping paying the LL land fee) build to rent some high profile buildings and some small shops in the “hot spots” (the most desirable ad space) and sell the rest in a kind of “ask me if I sell it to you – and make a Gentlemen’s agreement that if you want to resell you will do it for me at the same price you paid for it).

    My plan was to build a nice, classy, beautiful place. Well as they say “hell is full of good intentions”.

    My computer crashed and when I returned to the auction the other 3 Sims were gone to 3 different persons! Bad luck, ok!

    The problem is that the Sim in front of mine is the full water one, there are no linden waterways and the person that bought it is developing it completely! Just UP TO THE EDGE OF MY WATERFRONT! In some areas of my Sim there’s no waterfront, no beach ANYMORE and in front of my major mass of water a huge floating aberration!

    What can I do? Nothing! This shouldn’t be allowed in this situation, it’s plainly IMMORAL!

    LL better than any one knows that I have brought so SL several thousand US Dollars already (and plan to bring more) and I think that there must be lots of others investing heavy in SL so someone better think this things over, very carefully.

    SL is a beautiful experience but this kind of thing (bad LL planning IMHO), added by some of the remarks done in previous posts (old servers, lag, etc) is putting SL in Risk.

    Please don’t eat the “Golden Eggs Goose” ☺

  117. jonne twang says:

    question… why are not all of the land masses visible at high altitude on the main map?????

  118. PF Philbin says:

    There is another weapon against ad farms you can vote on. It is VWR-1017, which would allow the ability to “mute visibilty” on objects. Go vote for it! It could allow users to clear up not just ad farms, but a lot of other eyesores too.

    A way to enhance this option would be for object owners to see how many people have muted their object. Maybe if they see thousands of mutes they would decide their ad farm isn’t worth it.

  119. due to the difference in tier between mainland and private island the price of mainland parcels should be high. Basic economics says that the price should reach an indifference point where private islands are equally as desirable as the mainland. The big difference is on private islands Linden Labs takes higher value every month. On mainland regions they take that money up front. The savings you get on the mainland each month translates to higher upfront costs. LL did raise the cost of the mainland when they raised private islands they just did it quietly right here

  120. Sammy says:

    Ok, since we can’t get a Linden in here (and they stealthily removed my last post), here’s something on topic that still makes my point against them. Why do we care about a new mainland when the old one along with private sims still fail to function properly? In the 3/4 of a year I’ve been here, I’ve seen mysterious database rollbacks, the same bugs being rereleased over and over, and a general disinterest in listening to their customer base (my last post getting deleted proves this). Pull the plug on your nautilus and fix what you already have.

  121. Melon Writer says:

    “Ok LL Why Not Give Teen Grid Alot more Sims. The land Barrons are takeing over and raiseing land above what it should be. Plus you should Ban Boting. But Give Teen Grid MORE SIMS or Lower are Privite Islands! Please LL Save TG”
    I agree so much! I am trying to start my company, but can not afford land because the barrons are taking it all, and selling it for ALLOT more than it would ever be worth, with the lack of moderation you give to the teen grid. Give us some sims, and restrict buying. As it has been proved many times, when the new sims arive, the barrons get it all. Nexus, a private Teen Group full of snobs, swept up 2 whole new sims with their near unlimited tier from their few members. It is cruel how you make a teen grid, and hardly care about us. And, if you give us more sims, don’t make them voids. We don’t need pretty schenery that will just be noobified, we need solid sims that we can rely on, and use to make the TG a better place. If not, you are putting the ~100 servers you give to us, and sometimes take back, to rot.

  122. Argent Stonecutter says:

    I’d like to third Lorelei Mission and Spontaneous Radio, that gap in the “Korean”, “Southern”, “Old ‘New'” continent is ugly. It needs to be filled in. What’s the problem?

    For the people trashing mainland, come visit Noonkkot or Tigger or Steamboat.

  123. Montana Corleone says:

    So, that’ll be another x 100 sims that will wait forever for the roads to be built…

    It actually would be nice to know where continents are, seems like loads of missing sims everywhere to me.

    Well, if ya want cheap land, buy one of these 40. LL have already said the next lot will be better. Looks like the LL land scam is surfacing: LL doesn’t give a hoot as long as idiot noobs come in…

  124. Dusty Udal says:

    I can’t believe I read this whole thing. But it’s a fascinating snapshot of how a tribe becomes a village becomes a city becomes a country.

    It amazes me how many people are prepared to give up their freedom of choice to Linden Lab by calling for top-down zoning rules. But I applaude Linden for not taking the bait. It is up to residents to make their own law. That is what makes RL interesting. Some countries and towns are very rigid, others very loose. The joy of driving in Italy is that there are no rules ;-). But if you jaywalk in Germany, you’re gonna be sorry. So, when you travel, you experience the thrill of “strangeness”. If Linden Lab homogenizes this world with a blanket of rules, why leave your home Sim?

    What is needed here is a little patience. I know that’s hard to have because we all live in electron time here. But this is a brand new society. It’s only existed a couple a years. We have citizens from all over RL learning how to live in a new world together. Some people are done with bling and want trees. Some people are done with trees and want bling. They both have a right to pursue happiness.

    @73, Brenda mentions the cycles of building that SL land goes through. That’s true. And eventually, enough like-minded people will find each other, and create areas with vastly different rules. For quite some time, those rules will be informal– enforced by the sheer weight of public opinion. These will eventually become countries with different personalities. But this is achieved by the people making those decisions. Not by a government. Because NO government has enough creativity to create a world.

    It’s all up to YOU. And that means YOU! 😉

  125. Umbra Lunardi says:

    What Bob said @26. Such an approach to management will make such a continent a haven away from the hideous ghettos that mainland is perpetually doomed to devolve into. Let there be regions where you can fill up a parcel with towering garbage if you wish, but PLEASE create a mainland continent where some kind of covenant applies for those who wish to live surrounded by beauty. Many residents and willing and quite able to co-operate with each other in creating themes of natural and beautiful builds but lack the blank slate on which to create it. This is definitely a case of One Bad Apple……

    And speaking of bad apples……PLEASE stop allowing ad farms to pollute sims, PLEASE!

  126. Venerable Broome says:

    Those of you complaining about ad farms should go to Pero (187, 153, 107) and join the Arbor Project which is actually doing something about them. Their Clocktower Network provides a free device to put on property which automatically bans the individuals who buy and break up land into those ad farms. The entire network of devices is automatiocally updated as more and more ad farmers are reported and checked out.

    The group also provides free giant trees which can be planted to block the view (and marketability) of ad farms.

  127. I read about half of this post. If you don’t like mainland, buy estate land and be happy. What’s the real issue here?

    I see a lot of bitter posts about, “land barons”. If you CAN afford a whole sim at $1675 and $300 a month, buy one and quit complaining. If you can’t afford that and dont want ad farms, it seems “land barons” are doing you a favor buy risking their money and providing some zoning rules so you can own a smaller parcel of grief free property at a lower price than mainland.

    Mainland is auctioned and purchased at an average of $2500 per sim, when estate land is purchased for $1675, flat rate. Sale prices reflect this accordingly, only mainland must be marked up to turn a profit. Tier is the same, only you need a premium account to own mainland lots.

    I’m always happy to help someone find a home, even if its not on my estate. Either way, best wishes in whatever you may choose, but choose wisely.

  128. Mosseveno Tenk says:

    Give the mapgeeks a map that means something! I have a vague idea where the mainland is, no no idea at all about these continents you speak of! The inworld map is impossible to get large landmass info from due to the stars and telehubs that crowd out the view as you zoom out. The only complete map I’ve seen on the internet has no naming system at all.

  129. tilstad Homewood says:

    To the posters that say they cant find land for sale… well I have 2 4096 parcels for sale on an island… no covenant, but there’s already a “city” like streetgrid you may connect to there, and good traffick of shoppers and people who hang out… and NO campers. Not sure if I should use this space for advertizing a sale, but if someone who was really interested in extending what’s already there, as in build up a larger breathing place with diverse offers, and generally trying to build nice realistic functioning places, I would be very happy to get in touch with you.

    You could look me up in-world, island is called ” paradise isles ” or just contact me, tilstad Homewood in an IM for a chat or a tour.

    As for the new continent… I have to agree with previous posters in the waterways. It’s all fine and dandy when you initially discover it, but you soon find out it’s really unusable, and unmanouverable, which really makes it kinda pointless. Which is sad, because it could be such a major nice feauture.

    Mainøand in general should get protected waterways, and a heigth limit to the banlines, atleast for an amount of time enough to fly over it. THis would make it so much better for everyone. Generally I find Islands more usable, as you have a more controlled enviroment, even without a covenant, but because of the estate owners advices and tips to new recidents. Although one is still free to build whatever one wanths, this “personal service” is a good help for newbies, which makes thing better for everyone.

    Sort the issues and get decent functioning and looking ( as in no terraforning + protect waters fly over abilities) and mainland would be SO much more interesting than Islands.

  130. Julian SKall says:

    awww man..i just bought land on Nautilus..i think it is..i should have waited =/

  131. U M says:

    @88 they dont really look at the blog these days. But whats going to happen when the over supply of land and nobody buys it? prices will drop? or bottom to the poit where they can`t get rid of the land.

  132. Broccoli Curry says:

    These things may have been said before but if not, these are my suggestions.

    1) Put in some Linden roads, waterways etc. Yes, I’m volunteering to do the work for you free of charge if you want me to.

    2) Sell smaller parcels than whole regions. Give people the opportunity to pay you instead of having to rely on some land dealer to cut it up; ownership is always preferred over rental.

    3) Consider some zoning rules (like many people have been begging for years), to improve the environment for everyone so it doesn’t all turn into a desolate wasteland full of spinning crap like the first continent.

    We don’t all want to rely on a land baron. They don’t do you any favours, they don’t do most residents any favours. I would only pay Linden Lab directly for tier, I will never pay someone else as you have no security whatsoever.


  133. Dharion Yoshiyuki says:

    ive been on SL for bit over half a year now i guess … and there is just one place i refuse to go unless needed … mainland!
    Not cause of the eyesores or the builds, but plainly the lag.

    When on SL i spend all my time on private sims, i RP in NoR — which is even more laggy at times then a mainland sim, but what do u expect if people shoot 500 bullets a minute in a sim *shrugs* — and live on a C&F estate sim … and i have no complains about that.

    Nice that they add a new continent! lets hope it will be less laggy and bit nicer build, but next to that i feel that there are more then enough private islands around to avoid the mainland… reasonable priced rent for enough land and if you want even with a covenant for building restrictions so you can keep it themed.

    Since im to lazy to read back i havent got a number of the post, but the remark about getting a group together to buy a sim sounds great to me! share the tier, you can even rent an entire sim off others if needed, makes the cost splitting also easier, noone has to fetch the whole tier alone except the owner of the island, which they have anyways.

    I can understand the frustrations, but people keep forgetting that its a game, i guess they choose a good name for the addiction people have to it, cause people do claim it as a second life and are as picky as in their first.

    If you pay monthly, be sure you are happy with what they offer, bugs included, if you aren’t then dont pay and stay free so you dont have to complain about putting money in it… they keep the choice all yours and with firstland gone — and yes i pay myself — i dont see a reason anymore to pay next to the weekly pocketmoney, but what does that give you *shrugs* i earn more a day for doing nothing honestly…
    Im not saying that im gonna stop paying, but my only complaints actually are the people complaining constantly, SL is big.. VERY big … its easy to avoid most issues — unless grid related — by just roaming other places, and they sold so many private sims that you can find whatever you want without visiting mainland.

    dno guess im just to sober and used to MMO issues…


    PS; love the public transport ideas! maybe when the mainland gets more organised and managed to resemble RL that would come to SL.. but we can only hope *smiles*

  134. Tracey says:

    this is all very good, but how about getting what you have working fast and problem free?? Or is it just greed to sell more servers? After all SL seems to be going down the drains a bit, slow, poor service, problems, etc etc and you just want more money for more mainland!! Much like RL debt growing then a bust economy…

  135. Skye Wishbringer says:

    I think the Lindens need to take some more pro-active stances on mainland structure. There should be definitive blocks of streets or rivers so that people can pass through areas and maintained as Linden Owned so that nobody can put up stupid -no entry- walls to block access from one part of a sim to another because of one particular person’s privacy rig. One of the pleasures of visiting Second Life is wandering around to see what people have built, like a real virtual world, but with all of the no entry barriers that people keep throwing up, often at the edge of a sim so that you end up crashing because you can’t travel from one sim to another and get stuck in limbo in between.

    My suggestion? Set a border around all sims of at least 10m wide all around the edges on both connecting sims (For a total of 20m transitional zones) that people cannot own. This will prevent people from putting up no entry barriers right on the edge of sims where people might be crossing. There should also be sufficently widened roads or paths people can travel on that are Linden-owned as well (Maybe a road or walkway infrastructure) through a sim so that you can travel from sim to sim on the structured Linden-owned Highway and explore. These areas don’t have to be big, a simple highway or crossroads that people could privately build off of if they so chose, or set no entry barriers that stop at the edge of the road and no further, to travel between sims with would be excellent.

    By doing so, the Lindens can restore one of the original pleasures of Second Life – travelling from Sim to Sim to explore. This might cut down more on people clumping up in areas they know are safe to go in because they don’t have to worry about going from sim to sim and getting dumped out or have their viewers crash and can visit more of the world.

  136. Well…

    it seems , nothing new:

    if you prefer a no-covenant situation (waht means you can fullfill your wish (nice living in differnt styles) and your neibour, too (put a addfarm in) – mainland is for sure a good place. or a anarchy – anarchie – anarchia covenant, you´ll know them.

    if you prefer to have a stedy shape in the region (like costal mediterainin style or so), you definitfly should go to estate.

    lag can by on both, but open covenants are more likely to attract club/casino owners.

    however: what about the same price for 65k mainland and 65k estate, spoken in tier lindens ask for ?

    this would mean eastate could be about the same pricing in tier as mainland and would give everybody broad choices.

    i don´t think, linden try to kick estate owner out of SL, but right now it´s allmost not comparable market. and i don´t realy understand the reason.

    we allmost do plenty support for our user.

    i understand, that a new estate means more work for lindens. why not go for a rebate ?
    1 island 295US$
    2-5 islands 250US$
    10 and more islands 195US$

    remeber , this a question for everyone who ever thinks about owning estate. even such with no or very open covenant. 🙂


  137. Mrsbeachkos Sands says:

    A lot of great points here. Especially the ad farms. I bought some beautiful land and in two days time I had ads all along my back property line; top and bottom! Sure crapped things up! Paid a premium for beachfront that isn’t worth squat now. I’ll be right over to vote against them and for muting objects!!!

    The invisible walls are also getting ridiculous. I can’t go anywhere from my property now. We need right of ways!!!!!

  138. Vincent Nacon says:

    Time to make a new feature….. another world! Space traveling between grids. 😉

  139. Jack Linden says:

    Thanks for the comments guys,

    Several of you have asked about the names of the other continents; I’ll see if I can rustle up a grid map with those on for you. In the meantime I have put up a map of the new Corsica region in the foyer of the office build on Linden Estate Services, so you can see how that will look.

    Also a couple of people have rightly mentioned that other areas of the mainland continents appear unfinished. We will sort those out as soon as we are able to.

    As a general comment, performance on the mainland or on islands is largely down to what content is there, there isn’t anything ‘slower’ about mainland, all new islands and all new mainland are on the same hardware.

    @Dana and LeVey: I agree. We’ll look more carefully at how we split up the new continent, and try to allow for free access to waterways.

    @Drayko: Nunki, Camulus etc are part of a resident owned block of land, so not a part of this new continent.

    @Cherry: Mainland prices haven’t halved at all; in fact, though they have edged down a little from the high point in January, that drop has been very gradual. We watch these indicators closely.

  140. Whyt3b0i says:

    Ok umm Second Aint workin and im Not gunna Pay $10.00 a month for a game that doesnt work! so WTF!

  141. Zephy Toshihiko says:

    On the comment by Jack Linden saying that there is no difference in performance between mainland and island SIMS, although I understand that, yes, they are both run on the same hardware, generally islands are smooth and easy to move in and mainland is not. I think that is what we are all saying. I wander how often the Lindens actually go and play in SL? I like many others would have given up on Second Life if I had only ever been in the mainland regions as it is just not a pleasant experience trying to move around as if surrounded by treacle!

  142. Zephy: booth are right…

    Like Jack said: depending on content.
    Mainland is covenant-free, so people tend to put on more stuff, that is sucking power, and like said before: that is why people enjoy mainland, freedom of no covenant.

    any comment on pricing in este, Jack ?


  143. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    I have a little bit o’mainland, my neighbours all have a little bit o’mainland too (some more then others) but basically we have a neighbourhood.
    We got lucky. The only money hungry jerk among us put up a church which is much the same as a porno palace or ad farm in my book, but if he’s correct surely some “god” will cast him from his own temple.

    p.s. a “public transit” is a brilliant idea.

  144. Barbarra Blair says:

    Nothing should be banned, per se, but it would be nice if it were impossible to sell spaces smaller than 512 meters, in order to avoid ad farms. Also, it would be nice if Linden Labs did something to reward people who preserve waterways and forests. Right now there is no point in the land developers trying to create something nice, when the next person who buys it is going to tear everything down, flatten it, and sell it in tiny parcesl.

  145. When will the TG be getting some new sims… there are tons of little groupings, but none of them are open, also, when will these little islands like Rockland be open?

  146. Zeebster Colasanti says:

    Vocianna: I find your comment that people only seem to rent land now and that “they ask U to pay a damn little rental box thingy” rather curious, and I feel I need to respond to this one.

    I own private islands / estate, and I have land for sale. Since LL flooded the market with new land over the last couple of months, I have definitely noticed a slow-down in sales and I am now selling land UNDER MY COST.

    Now let’s look at tier and covenants. We all have to pay tier, and so let’s consider a parcel size of 4096sqm as a basis for the comparison. If you buy this parcel on the mainland, you must pay LL $25US / month PLUS $10US / month for your premium account. So it’s really costing you $35 / month, in US $$ which must be paid from your RL credit card or PayPal account. If you don’t pay your tier, you lose your land. And your neighbours can trash the neighbourhood or change your scenery from day to day.

    Now if you buy the same parcel on an estate land, you will likely be charged the tier of $25US / month as well, but you will NOT have to pay for a premium account. You will likely have an option to pay this tier either by PayPal or in-world using Linden $$. For your convenience, you may even have a tier box set up in-world to make paying tier fees as simple for you as possible. If your tier happens to be late one month, the estate owner or manager will likely contact you and will work with you rather than take your land away and run. If there is a problem with your sim, you can usually count on your estate manager or owner acting on your request far sooner than what you could expect from LL on the mainland. And the covenant is there for one reason and one reason only: to make your life on the estate more pleasurable and to protect the theme of the estate so that if you bought a beach property today, it won’t look like a WWII battleground, a public sandbox or an ad farm tomorrow.

  147. mmccann says:

    I hope there will be at least some protected land there. I was so sad to see the Eastern continent, shortly after it sold, become nothing but bad sex clubs 😦

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