Optional viewer now available, Second Life 1.17.3

Hi everyone! More fixes on the way in the form of an optional viewer update: Second Life 1.17.3, is now available and offers these 2 key fixes:

  • VWR-1418: Progressive memory consumption (leak) since 1.17.1
  • VWR-1203: Avatars eyes are constantly crossing in 1.17

Please see the release notes below for the complete list of fixes in this optional release.

Thanks again for contributions from our open source community and to everyone reporting issues in the Issue Tracker.

Release Notes for Second Life 1.17.3(0) July 5, 2007
* Added muting for permissions requests
* Added viewer channel info to Help > About Second Life…

Bug fixes:
* SVC-21: Request for making identification of llOwnerSay messages possible
* VWR-1418: Progressive memory consumption (leak) since 1.17.1
* VWR-1410: Quirk in net.cpp
* VWR-1351: Violation against the conding standard in llfloaterchat.cpp
* VWR-1203: Avatars eyes are constantly crossing in 1.17
* VWR-1184: [Linux VWR] Signal 7 (SIGBUS) Error (caused by libtcmalloc)
* VWR-1147: A patch set is provided to add an optional ‘Confirm Exit’ pop-up window for most user client exit methods. Prevents the ‘Accidental Quit’.
* VWR-605: Include the SL date & day with the time
* VWR-561: Blurry arrows in camera control and other graphics issues
* VWR-53: Inconsistency in order of AV texture layer between the upper and lower body
* Fixed Top Scripts window not refreshing when button is pressed while Top Colliders list is still open
* Fixed odd text overlay on About Land > General tab
* Fixed format of llOwnerSay chat text

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142 Responses to Optional viewer now available, Second Life 1.17.3

  1. Livinda Goodliffe says:

    What, no more funny looking crossed eyes…oh, I am going to miss those. They were funny.

    As for the memory leak, I just place a bucket under the keyboard to catch it all.

  2. Smiley Barry says:

    Another optional viewer? Whee o.o Sooner us Residents will be Optional!
    xD Just kidding Linden ‘^_^

  3. Tyler says:


  4. Argent Stonecutter says:

    * VWR-1147: A patch set is provided to add an optional ‘Confirm Exit’ pop-up window for most user client exit methods. Prevents the ‘Accidental Quit’.

    I’ll take this one over all the crossed eye and memory consumption bugs. Thank you.

  5. Taz Amat says:

    Can’t wait for optional viewer

  6. Brenda Maculate says:

    Nicely done, Lindens! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  7. Gaius Goodliffe says:

    “* Fixed format of llOwnerSay chat text”

    Object say, thank the gods. 😉

  8. Hoping there’s a fix for the animation bug soon – see https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1407 (it has 28 votes so far plus a reproduction)

    Of course, thanks also.

  9. Amaya Nagy says:

    * SVC-21: Request for making identification of llOwnerSay messages possible
    * VWR-1418: Progressive memory consumption (leak) since 1.17.1
    * VWR-1147: A patch set is provided to add an optional ‘Confirm Exit’ pop-up window for most user client exit methods. Prevents the ‘Accidental Quit’.
    * VWR-605: Include the SL date & day with the time

    Yay! 😀 And yes i know its more or less Spam but what should i say else? xD

  10. Kenn Nilsson says:

    Won’t install…error:

    Error opening file for writing:

    C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\mozilla\components\xulutil.dll

    I can delete the installation and re-install…but thought I’d point that out.

  11. Lisae Boucher says:

    Quote: “Violation against the conding standard in llfloaterchat.cpp”

    What does “conding” mean? Sorry, but English is not my native language… 🙂

    Did the spelling checker break down? 😉

  12. Frank Skosh says:

    not being able to accidentally quit will be nice…that’s good since my IM window keeps expanding all by itself and now sits right under my X button….is that getting fixed?

  13. Gil Druart says:


    The … heck .. with all this other stuff

  14. Riverrat Moonlight says:

    well,the only problem i’m having is that as soon as i dl’d the new update, for some reason i can’t connect, i keep getting errors, any ideas???

  15. Jayden B says:

    Were not the llOwnerSay, Confirm Exit, SL Day and Av Eyes fixed in .20 or have you had to refix them ?

    Which also has a hovertext issue so that things like Huddles and Omicrons are borked beyond belief

  16. “Hoping there’s a fix for the animation bug soon – see https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1407 (it has 28 votes so far plus a reproduction)”

    This issue is the reason I still run and will continue to do so.

  17. Chaz Longstaff says:

    How about a fix for walking around with my head up my arse? Now that really makes me cross-eyed, LOL!

  18. Kenn Nilsson says:

    Just to confirm:


    Error opening file for writing:

    C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\mozilla\components\xulutil.dll

    Tried a complete uninstall/reinstall and ended up having to install the FirstLook version of SL in order to get a successful install.

  19. When will the Spacial Voice Chat on private islands be fixed?

    Altho it says some of them are ‘Enabled’. t\They are not really enabled as only group chat works and that works anywhere.

    As reported in Jira VWR-1342

  20. Ochi Wolfe says:

    In version 1.17.1 and 1.17.2, performance degraded rapidly not only for me on Linux, but also for Windows user I spoke with. Version 1.17.3 is now freezing my whole system to DEATH. I am not expecting Second Life to become a shiny example of clean programming practice from one day to another but this is becoming worse with every single sub-version release Linden Labs makes us use. Not only that this is getting more and more annoying and exhausting to all users but this is starting to harm life and business in Second Life at large. Please, Linden Labs, rethink the latest changes you made to Second Life since version (which I am still using) before you make the next versions mandatory. And at last, I would not miss the ‘beautiful’, ‘innovative’ features like WindLight or Voice in Second Life if just simple TEXT CHAT and FRIEND LISTS would be working as expected, like such things are working for hundereds of other online communities reliably and rock-solid all over the world.

    A whole bunch of dissatisfied residents

  21. Thor Lumet says:

    When I download update 1.17.3 my anti virus control gives an warring of an Trojan horse virus – DNSChanger.gen11 –

  22. Vanessa says:

    * VWR-1147: A patch set is provided to add an optional ‘Confirm Exit’ pop-up window for most user client exit methods. Prevents the ‘Accidental Quit’.

    Really? Out of all the bugs in all of SL that’s what Lindens consider to be of the highest importance?

    It has all of 3 votes as well. I guess I must have dreamt that Torley just posted that votes help Lindens prioritize issues.

  23. Myke Patton says:

    “”Unable to connect to Second Life”” The system may be down. Please try again or click help. xD Could I get an extra bag of peanuts for the long ride? Last viewer worked fine. I install this one and get snipped. heeeere we go again ^_^

  24. Destiny niles says:

    Thor you wimp, don’t you know realcomputer geeks don’t use antivirus.

  25. Infrared Wind says:

    Thanks Linden Lab!

  26. Pendora Noel says:

    Doesn’t work with Windows XP Professional – Get an error before I could ever start SL – Ty now I can look how to get back to old viewer – What a pleasure !!! 😦

  27. Myke Patton says:

    You know it’s funny… out of curiosity (and for something to do) I clicked on “Help” ….and got an error message. Very National Lampoon.

  28. KMeist Hax says:


    VWR-1172 took no effort to fix: it was submitted WITH a patchset – the work had already been done anyway.

    I had the same problem with the 1.17.3 install. It complains at the same mozilla directory that everyone else is choking on. So I decided to uninstall – same problem. I ended up nuking the install from orbit – just deleting the SecondLife folder. But it wouldn’t delete… Finally I checked task manager to see that SecondLife.exe was still resident and holding on to appsettings. So before you try uninstalling, check for resident SecondLife.exe processes.

  29. Moll Dean says:

    Only 2 weeks for the MOST AWAITING PROTOCOL CHANGE? humm.. I think I will pass and wait for.
    But looks great. Thank you all.

  30. Juicy Babii says:

    It crashes instantly; wow this is the first time I’ve been one of the unlucky ones after an update.

  31. Bleu Drake says:


    Vanessa, Linden didn’t spend time fixing VWR-1147 “confirm exit”. An outside open source contributer, Fremont Cunningham, sent a patch set providing this feature. All Linden spent time doing was confirming the patch was good enough to include.

    Hint, for future reference, any bug that has “patch” or “patch set” in the description is probably something provided by an outside open source contributor.

  32. Wyrdwolf Legion says:

    Is there any chance that group IM’s might again become usable anytime soon? I could live with crossed eyes if i had to, and its nice that you fixed it, but group activities are suffering at the lack of communication.

  33. Woohoo i was wondering when the memory leak would be fixed. This should improve overall performance and cause fewer crashes! Thank you Linden Labs! 🙂

  34. Anylyn Hax says:

    Update fails at 48 K saying there are problems with the firewall.
    It doesnt say witch one ? mine yours or bill gates’s.
    The funny thing is I dont have one. Shure I am in a Nat. But other then yours, my Router works PERFECTLY!

  35. Jeffery Beckersted says:

    This client crashes about 3 times more often than the previous one o.o

  36. Dmentia Elswit says:

    I agree that the head up your bum thing needs to go… it’s sooooo not a good look (did you know you have a spine in there! EWWWW!!)…

    I like my head up my bum in RL only… and my hair on me head, my teeth in my head, and my shoes on my FEET in SL!

    (love the accidental exit patch tho)

  37. Myke Patton says:
  38. Patrick2 Chama says:

    Average inworld time before freeze, 1 minute. A new record LOL.

  39. Ryutsumi Kohime says:

    I’ve had crashes, lockups, screen freezes, avatars that won’t fully load, downloads that don’t complete, inventory items that dissappear MINUTES after I have moved them in my inventory…

    THIS is what you call a FIX?

  40. ostara voskhod says:

    doesn’t even launch for me.

    i get the ‘windows has encountered a problem’ dialog immediately on launch. i’ve seen just about every kind of crash, freeze and unintentional restart happen with second life but this is the FIRST time i’ve ever had a version refuse to even launch on me…

    anyone have a link to download the previous version? that was working fine for me!

  41. Eliphas says:

    I get the Virus warning for “DNSChanger.gen11”, to.

    Is the viewer update infected? Can anyone confirm?

  42. Alicia Mounier says:

    When are they going to fix that crash on cleaning out the trash folder bug?

  43. James Benedek says:

    It crashes on start ‘Second Life has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience .’

  44. Cherry Czervik says:

    Hi Alicia xxxxxxx (try the forum re the folder thing if you mean Recent Items, saw a thread on how to fix that but can’t recall what it said)

    If you’ve defininely fixed the crosseyed thing I might install this one …

  45. Sammy says:

    I’m not touching it. I’m too used to the fixes breaking 20 other things. Thanks for the warning this time guys.

  46. Yifei says:

    Quite often update is annoying.

    Seem not optional. It show me by an message when logging in.

    Anyway, update is better than none. 1.18 is just coming…should I border to update now….???

  47. James Frangible says:

    I had no problems updating.

    However, I appear as a noob female (I’m male), All the folders in my inventory are empty, and I can’t TP anywhere….

  48. Jim says:

    “Second Life encountered an error and must close” before even opening, on my XP Pro computer.

  49. Sy Beck says:

    I don’t know how badly the memory leak affected others but it has been the biggest bane of my SL since ver.17.1. In my case no work around or 3rd party patch solved it at all. So far since the update (2.5 hrs) I haven’t blue screened once, which is better than the usual 5 mins I’ve been experiencing. I am noticing though that my CPU is now operating more or less around 90% all the time in comparison to around 60% pre ver. 17.1.

    Firstly, is this patch solving the memory leak for others who suffered and secondly has it put extra load on their CPU as well?

  50. Mabb Dilweg says:

    “* VWR-605: Include the SL date & day with the time”

    Oh yaaaaaay! Thank you so much… it does get terribly confusing when you get invitations, what day is actually being referred to. Thank you from those NOT in a US timezone!

  51. Jakki Oh says:

    As Thor Lumet said:

    on the attempt to install there s a Virus Warning for -DNSChanger.gen11 –
    Tried several times, scanned the downloaded file and its definitly in this update.

    Anyone who wants to install – do it,
    I WILL NOT!!

    Some Info on DNSChanger:

    NAME: DNSChanger
    ALIAS: Trojan.Win32.DNSChanger, DNS Changer


    Recently we got a few reports about trojans that are designed to change DNS server address on computers that they are run on. This is done to redirect victims to fake websites that steal credit card information, logins and passwords for on-line banks and payment systems like PayPal.

    Detailed Description

    The DNSChanger trojan is usually a small file (about 1.5 kilobytes) that is designed to change the ‘NameServer’ Registry key value to a custom IP address. This IP address is usually encrypted in the body of a trojan. As a result of this change a victim’s computer will contact the newly assigned DNS server to resolve names of different webservers. And some of the resolved names will not point to legitimate websites – they will point to fake websites that look like real ones, but are created to steal sensitive information (like credit card numbers, logins and passwords).

    VARIANT: Trojan.Win32.DNSChanger.al

    Lately we got a few samples of this trojan that were named ‘PayPal-2.5.200-MSWin32-x86-2005.exe’. This trojan was programmed to change the DNS server name of a victim’s computer to address.

    The Registry key that is affected by this trojan is:


    Never open such files especially when they come in e-mail or via instant messenger (ICQ, MSN, etc.).

  52. Doris Haller says:

    I updated and it worked for me.
    Just a short 30 min test, but no crash and no freeze (except when I logged off and did not see the “are you sure you want to quit”-window)

  53. Mabb Dilweg says:

    hmm except that it won’t install. Same problem as #10:

    Error opening file for writing:
    C:\Program Files\SecondLife\app_settings\mozilla\components\xulutil.dll

  54. Maghnus Balogh says:

    I can’t explain it, but everything seems extremely detailed now, well before it wasn’t as detailed. It’s like all textures are a higher resolution. I didn’t see anything in the notes that would lead me to believe this was intentional, so I’m curious. o.o

  55. tx Oh says:

    what new bugs come with this new release??

  56. Bernhard Papp says:

    I installed it, but cannot open it. It always crashes when i want to start it. I dont know what I can do. Where can I get Version 1.17.2 again. I deleted it after installing the newer version, but 1.17.3 doesnt work at my computer.

  57. This update was good! It works for me. The grafix are a lot faster! Strange!

  58. Caroline Pakula says:

    bizarre, i am the only one how has a “recent items” nearby as full as the inventory him self? I hoped this will be fixed this time :/

  59. Anthony Hocken says:

    @Ochi Wolfe

    I just updated to 1.17.3 and experienced a big slow down too. The previous update speeded things up noticably and it was a joy to use. Now things like navigating dialogs is slow as heck for me again. Second Life was a joy to use, for all but one or two days while I had 1.17.2.

  60. Henri Beauchamp says:

    Please, make the sources available on the open source portal…

  61. Wolf says:

    @40 i saw this recent item bug already in 1.17.1, accompagnied with not proper working friends list and some other issues.

    i keep on with 1.17.0, in one of the previos blogs last was a link to the installer of that better working downgrade.

    i fear 1.18 next week.

  62. Beezle W. says:

    Out of curiosity, did those having more trouble with the latest “optional update” clear out the old version first?

    I uninstalled the old version, ran ccleaner, rebooted, *then* installed the new version, and it actually seems to be somewhat stable now — I’ve move things around in inventory for over an hour now without lockups or crashes.

    Just a suggestion before I wander off to bed.

  63. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    Hi Lindens, good not get into Jira, but the animation bug (44 votes)
    now is really bad one, also the recent invent shows everything from start off viewer update.
    If with the animation bug both av’s relog it works ok for a while.

    Hope you fix the aninmation bug soon.


  64. Cliffy Rasmuson says:

    Yeah, I have rolled back the viewer to 1.17.0 to avoid the animation bug. I hope this is fixed for the next compulsory download – what is the point of SL if you can’t dance or smooch with the ladies?

  65. Katrina Bekkers says:

    Drat, yesterday I recompiled (again)! *big sigh*

    Oh, well, bugfixes are always welcome…

    I’m waiting for the source. Dum dee dum…

  66. Cinos Field says:

    This install file reports DNSChanger.gen11

    I’m NOT risking it until the lindens confirm. DO NOT BLOODY DOWNLOAD THIS.

    Report from F-Secure 2007.

  67. Elbereth Witte says:

    I, say Thanks for a somewhat timely fix!

  68. milissa rossini says:

    Thanks! great work about the crossed eyes:)

  69. Koroz Kline says:


    “Blurry arrows in camera control and other graphics issues”

    What other graphics issues?? There are soooo many !!!!

    Anyhoo…. nice one on fixing my scaggy eyes !! Nice one on the inclusion of providing the “option” NOT to quit. I crash out quite enough already thank you 🙂

    I just hope this one fixes the “de-focussing” on AV textures as that (together with cross-eyes) makes taking pictures an absolute lottery !!

    NOW… LAG… when we gonna fix that one…hmm????


  70. Allex Amdahl says:

    This installed ok for me (on Windows XP), but when I run it, it crashes even before it gets as far as the login screen. Tried several times but got the same problem each time. Have now gone back to version 1.17.1.

    I hope this problem gets fixed before support for 1.17.1 is withdrawn, otherwise I won’t be able to log in again.


  71. Katrina,

    I’m also waiting 🙂


  72. Chupacabra Decosta says:

    Is Voice present in 1.17.3 ?

  73. papa Tulip says:

    The Go Away/AFG Ani Idle bug introduced in 1.17.1 still remains.

    Do we have to use a LAG pushing anti idle scipt in 1.18.xx ?

  74. Hewitt Huet says:

    Well 1.17.02 was the fix for xxx.01. So 1.17.04 will be the fix for this, right? I kinda like the “Object say” thing, rather hoop-dee.

    Hewitt say, just wait ’til Wednesday!!!

  75. Dekka Raymaker says:

    @ 16 Chaz Longstaff

    Linden Labs only deal with issues in Second Life, you have to deal with your own Real Life issues yourself.

    j/k 🙂

  76. Dekka Raymaker says:

    Now my serious post, kind off.

    In chat I cannot type the word ‘end’, well I can in a work around.

    If I type ~> the end, on the window it translates to ~> the


    If I type ~> the end end, I get the desired effect ~> the end, so whenever I need to use ‘end’ within a sentence I have to remember to type it twice, which I never do.

    Oh I’ve asked around, but it does seem this is my very own personal bug, unless it’s been obsreved by anyone else?

  77. Foxxe Wilder says:

    Thanx for the minor fixes. Now could you RESTORE our LAND FUNCTIONS?

  78. Zi Ree says:

    @52: Do you have a gesture activated that uses “end” as a trigger?

  79. Tree Kyomoon says:

    thanks lindens!

    Folks, if you have a bug, post it to Jira, simply stating your dissatisfaction here is pointless and only serves to rain on our second life parade. If you have questions and want to talk to lindens, many of them hold office hours on grasmere in world. Go there, check out their hours, and visit when they are there to help. (Try to align your area of interest with the particular linden’s area of expertise). There are only 35 or so lindens, and 2 million of us or more, so please dont be so hard on them, they have created something very wonderful for all of us and its in our best interest to support them.

  80. Youri Ashton says:

    I just installed the new version, but now I can’t even start SL up! Whats wrong???? I’m going to re install the last version since that one seem to work atleast >

  81. Youri Ashton says:

    sorry for this second post LL, just found a “Signature of error” or something, here it is:

    AppName: secondlife.exe AppVer: ModName: secondlife.exe
    ModVer: Offset: 007a6970

  82. raban laborde says:

    how much will it slow down with this one?

    Lot’s of bugs. Date to the Time was more important…

    Simply ridiculous

  83. Uli Jansma says:

    What about the VWR-1406 – Unchecking “Go Away/AFK when idle” has no effect in When I’ll minimize my SL window, my avatar will go immediately to that “Away” status, no matter if I have “Go Away” checked or unchecked and finally, I’ll be logout …

  84. Vittorio says:

    Tnx for this release! It is 1000000000000000% more stable now, i didn’t experienced a crash in intense uses where in the same conditions i would have crashed 1000 times (with .1 and .2). Now i’m almost happy.

  85. Lina Pussycat says:

    May i reccomend clearing your Cache to everyone experiencing performance slows downs….. Also make sure to do a clean install of SL (no that doesnt just involve using the uninstaller…) For windows users is in C:/Documennts and Settings/User/Application data (will need hidden folders to be shows to see it) Delete the SL folder here… That or simply clear out cache they get the same result almost…… Deleting the folder makes it like installing SL for the first time in alot of ways…..

    I usually do this every install….

  86. Lina Pussycat says:

    Also the dialog is working so long as you dont have the skip dialog thingy the added in on……

  87. Seven Nishizawa says:

    Heh. Okay, reading through comments can be so fun… For the windows virus posts, I have no idea what to say. That’s almost hilarious. Someone mentioned Recent Items never clearing. Yeah, that’s been happening to me too. To all the people in Windows where SL has slowed down tremendously… Well, I installed the linux client at it seems to be running far better. Which means something went right down at the Labs.

    Thanks LL and OSS Devs. Keep up the.. um, work.

  88. Vic says:

    My Firewall wont let the new version through – never had a problem before.

    I wont be opening the firewall so……

    bye bye until you remove whatever sneaky bug you’ve slipped in this time

  89. Villanova says:

    Does anybody know how to clean the previous versions on APPLE (PowerBook G4) before installing the new viewer?
    Thank you!

  90. Youri Ashton says:

    aint that Lina Pussycat, when I click the icon i directly get an error message. so it won’t even start up. Reinstalled previous version and its okay again. I do gonne clear out the cache soon to get the lagg gone (or atleast try). Lag meter doesnt show lagg but my pc has very much trouble with it (since the new version has arrived). I already cleared the cache with previous version which made it better, hope it does again now (even if the previous version is recently made)

  91. Finncaev Riederer says:

    Sorry but this current version is not properly executing. It jumps back to the W2K desktop with a drwtsn32.log entry Same aswell in the Beta 4 update.

  92. To test the “memory leaking” fixes, I’ve loaded two instances of SL at the same time, and stayed online for several hours. Well, it seems better than usual in any case. Of course, “memory leaking” can be a result of very complex interactions, but at least a first impression was that this one fixed it rather nicely… great work 🙂

  93. Gwyneth,

    )) Of course, “memory leaking” can be a result of very complex interactions, but at least a first impression was that this one fixed it rather nicely ((

    This particular leak (the one introduced in 1.17.1/2 when they fixed the other one) was related to avatars. Simply stay in a busy area like Phat Cats. If it doesn’t grow endlessly within half an hour they have applied the patch.

  94. Foxxe Wilder says:

    The only “Memory Leaking” I’ve seen is LL’s tendency to randomly turn off functions just in order to “better sell” how bad an “update” is needed.

    The memory being LL’s for thinking we are that dumb

  95. Lina Pussycat says:

    @61 my firewall with the older version of SL blocked SL to it simply said it may be the result of the firewall… Its nothing to do with a sneaky bug… Keep in mind your firewall wouldnt just block that in fact it should ask for permission for SL to go through by default depending which one you are using….

    Virus scanners often give false positives on viruses as well to those stating the DNS thing It may be reporting it as such and no actually be there….My virus scanner/firewall had 0 problems and it picks up malicious things on install or even if i just d/l it so i highly doubt there are issues with SL itself….. It may be something trying to attach itself to SL who knows…

    @62 This may be an error in windows (if thats your OS) What exactly is the error message that SL is giving you?

  96. Siyuri Watanabe says:

    My firewall wont let me download the optional update, also the main page for the download is a bust. The page wont work. Great! *rolls eyes* -_-

  97. Lina Pussycat says:

    Your firewall not letting you download something is a bit peculiar of an activity for a firewall alone…..

  98. Michael Skosh says:

    New install crashes upon execution. Had to rollback.

    Not good

  99. Celith Wendt says:

    It’s funny I read all these catastrophic things happening to all these people must be every resident in Sl that it happens too , ((that was sarcasm for the uninformed)) , and the most amusing thing it seems that these OMFG things my SL life is totally ruined never happens to me. But of course i don’t have a chip on my shoulder or should I say a boulder on my shoulder ((lets see how many can where’s that from :P)) nor a sense of entitlement the size of Godzilla.

  100. ari blackthorne says:


    Oh yeah… Lindenonians on the right track…

    Rolling restart finallly got estate back to normal high FPS (Yay!)
    The fixes in the viewer are timely! (Yay!

    Now – alpha rendering order (so transparent and semi-transparent prims do’t make other prims in front of or behind them invisible (VWR-504)
    And also the way built-in animations keep repeating themselce (open mouth looks like chewing) – sorry – too many ‘animation’ issues in Jira to know which one it is LOL

    Go go Lindenonians

  101. Craig Solzhenitsyn says:

    I like Fixes, Fixes are good, but is it stikll necessaery to reinstall the whole program each time when various other platforms/games/antivirus etc use self install patch systems and such?

    that is the fix im waiting for – the day i turn sl on, and it goes ‘boop’ ‘128kb patch downloaded and installed – feel free to continue inworld’

    with fixes coming this thick and fast – this would leviate the hassle abit.

    (for note, one of my brothers has stopped using sl for this reason, saying ‘i dont install half-life each time i play, why should i for this?’, where as my other brother just wants to be unbanned… is 24 REALLY bellow 18?)

  102. Foxxe Wilder says:

    meh, your fixes ain’t worth shit if you CAN’T LOGON due to the griid being offline!

  103. Lina Pussycat says:

    @70 that has to do with the invisiprims not actual alpha/semi transparent prims…. What your talking about is a script…. and actual alpha wont do that it may cause overlap if 2 are right near one another but aside from that ….. If you look its causing an overlap not actual invisibility on the jira post… They are fighting to sort. While it is an issue its usually not a good idea to overlap alpha’s in the first place since both of those things are in fact using alphas thats where the issue comes up from. Many games have issues with alpha sorting as well….

  104. Pendora Noel says:

    hmm .. first post deleted cause I said the new viwer doesn’t work on win xp prof and that I got an error before I had a chance to open the new viewer .. very nice …

    well, anyone knows when this problem (not working with win xp prof) will be fixed???

  105. ari blackthorne says:

    @71 Thanks… but no invisiprims.

    Example – Building – one wall panele with a texture that includes a windows (alpha-based) – a regular, solid prim pillar (clylinder) placed in front of it – no alphas, no transparency – just a plain cyliner with texture.

    Stand in front (the ‘window prim is behind it) – looks fine… move to the side, a chunk of the pillar disappears where the prim with the alpha-window is. It is the exact issue as reported in jira.

    But thanks for your thearoy (and yes, I know about that issue and it is a real one) – it’s just that the one I am referring to give similar (bad) effects, but also affects avatar attachments, such as clothing (solide skirt and semi-transparent outer skirt causes the inner skirt to completely disappear – go 100% transparent, wherever the alpha-based out skirt appears.

    It is an alpha-drawring order issue – the alpha is too high a priority.

    Either way – it is listed in Jira and I know the Lindenonians will get to it. I just don’t know when 🙂

    I know you Lindenonians are on it and all the other bugs… I’m with the silent majority who does have faith. Shaken faith at times, but faith just the same 🙂

  106. Jarod Styrian says:

    Does anyone know why the Recent Items tab in inventory no longer clears after logging in? Is there a trick to clearing it, or is this just another bug?

  107. ari blackthorne says:

    sheesh – okay, no flames or jokes please.

    Sorry for typos… new fingers and still breaking them in. 🙂

  108. Lina Pussycat says:

    @72 Well this seems to be an issue with newer cards then i have a 6800 GS and i just testing this just as you said and nothing is happening when i do it…. The only time i’ve seen an overlap like this has been when 2 alpha textures are fighting for dominance over one another…. IE hair with an alpha in front of a semi transparent prim (dont have that issue if its a full alpha…)

  109. Obsidian Stormwind says:

    Whatever you guys did to fix the memory leak seemed to also make SecondLife run a lot better on a dual-core processor. Animations no longer run “choppy” when the program is using multiple cores.

    Great Job!

    I still see memory usage reach 800k at times, but only when I am in a SIM with 20+ avatars in one area. But the moment I go to a SIM with less avatars the memory drops back down to a reasonable amount.

  110. Lina Pussycat says:

    In fact im standing in front of an alpha atm with alpha hair on and no issue….. however if i go into the lounge area of my club where we have semi transparent windows and look at certain angles it overlaps my hair making it appear off since its mixing semi transparent black with my white hair. My hair doesnt disappear though im curious as to what hardware the people having trouble with this are using….

  111. Bunny Kilby says:

    As per #31 – does not even get to the login page before “Second Life has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” Previous version worked fine.

  112. Youri Ashton says:

    @66 sorry, already got a clean install of the previous version. i am crashing again like usually but at least I can get in the game 😀

  113. Ruth May says:

    This is a good idea, but where is the modify button in INVENTORY?? I am so lost with out it! I have 16K in inventory I need some sort of orginising. lmfao Will all that said keep it up I hope this one works. it really looks like things are getting better on LL end 🙂

  114. So far so good. And my eyes are no longer crossed or rolling around in my head! {:o) Peformance is much better! Thanks everyone.

  115. Korena Starbrook says:

    several crashes later – and and annoying AO fly animation always on upon logging – I am happy to say I have been on for almost an hour straight – Hoooo!

    Loving the new Recent Items tab. It is nice to have things so organized now 😦

  116. Korena Starbrook says:

    oh – I just changed my shoes – for the first time in quite a while – I get the lovely feeling of a pair of heels shoved right up my arse.

    back to previous version for me lol.

    Another great update from LL 😦

  117. THANK YOU THANK YOU for the “Skip this next time” option on the quit. I am willing to send the time re-logging when *I* make a stupd mistake and hit close or Ctrl-Q by accident. However I am sure it is annoying to other people.

  118. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Not above complaining here at all…but 17.3 has been working well for me..’cept the “friends list” and the “recent items”. Sheesh, can you do something about that “recent items” which is now almost bigger than my inventory !!!

  119. Nicobar Sands says:


  120. Shire Pony says:

    llOwnerSay is now dark purple against a dark background – this is virtually unreadable and anyone who works with UI layouts knows this. This will need to be changed in the next release.

    Also, though I didn’t think it was possible, alpha layering is even worse than before. Distant alpha objects continue to be rendered IN FRONT of closer alpha objects.

    Is it really that hard to determine which object is in front of another? You do it all the time with object occlusion – there’s no good reason it cant be done with alpha layers.

    It boggles the mind that a multi million dollar company who makes its bread and butter on a 3D interface can’t seem to correctly render two alpha layers.

    All that being said, I am delighted that the memory leak issues have been taken care of. That alone has vastly increased the stability of the client.

    Second Life 1.17.3 (0) Jul 5 2007 14:45:26 (Second Life Release)
    CPU: Dual Core Intel Pentium D 950 (3391 MHz)
    Memory: 4096 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista x64 (Build 6000)
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: Radeon X1900 Series
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.6479 Release

  121. Solar Legion says:

    @59: I’d do that myself Lina – if I had issues or needed to anyway – if ti wasn’t for all the logs SL places there when asked to.

    Kind of need some of those to stay.

  122. Solar Legion says:

    @83: shire, the text color of the script can be changed in your preferences under the same section used to determine your normal chat text.

    I have mine set to a nice, bright green.

  123. Ilmira Yesheyev says:

    Had to go back to the non-optionqal viewer again. This latest update crashed after about 5 min in world just like the previous 2 optional viewers. I never crash with 17.0. Something has definately been messed up in the last 3 ‘updates’.

  124. Dytska Vieria says:

    I hardly ever have problems, but this one crashes repeatedly, even with clean install. Sometimes crashes before I can even connect, other times right after inworld, and one time, even the Crash Logger crashed!

  125. Korena Starbrook says:

    lol@crash logger crashing

  126. Shire Pony says:

    #85: This is true Solar, but perhaps the default should be set to that handy bright green 🙂

  127. Mindy Ames says:

    Ok, so I go the NEW Optional viewer hoping that it would fix my CRASHES. hahah.. Won’t even load, GET an ERROR just loading the thing. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times now. Let’s hope that the first look viewer will work, if NOT. I’m BUGGERED.

  128. Solar Legion says:

    heh, may not be for everyone shire. Only time I use something that bright is on a dark background …. otherwise it hurts my eyes.

  129. Loniki Loudon says:

    Ok, first off I would like to thank all the people who have tried this viewer and came on here and reported all the problems with it. You have saved me the headache of trying it. Thank you as I have enough headaches in my life and buggy POS viewers would just drive me over the top.

    LL, please don’t throw buggy viewers at us and say they are an improvement. You fooled us with the one before last but you taught us a valuable lesson along the ways. We can’t trust new viewers and the popups telling us a new viewer is available that will improve our experience are simply not factural.

    Is this really the message you want to be sending us? Call them beta viewer or untested viewers as they are and do not ever close these comments options on stuff like this. Nothing annoys me more then downloading a new viewer that makes SL unplayable or breaks crafting.

  130. ari blackthorne says:

    @91 “Nothing annoys me more then downloading a new viewer that makes SL unplayable or breaks crafting.”

    Well, don’t use SL then. In that case, don’t use anything from Microsoft oe Adobe or Macromedia either.


    The Lindenians I am sure are doing their best. of course – they -could- just stop releasing the viewer completely, concentrate on all the bugs and -not- release an update untill -everything- was fixed… oh, what, a year maybe? – in which case, you will whine about

    1) the current viewer is so damned buggy, when the hell will you fix it?
    2) you linedena never communicate, hell – haven’t heard from you, when are you going to fix this?
    3) the lindens just ignore us and take out money and do nothing, leaving us with this crappy viewer

    So – which would you prefer? 1, 2 and 3 above while the Lindenonians all go into hiatus to concentrate solely on the viewer and never release an update until it is ‘completed’?

    Or get incremental fixes incerementally on a refular basis as it is improved on an ongoing basis?

    The problems users are all describing above are all one of two things:

    1) – existing bugs that have not been completed/resolved yet, though I am sure they are being woprked on now or in queue

    2) – the users system. A conflict in the user’s system, which probably is the same OS install since they boiught the thing and anyone with any experience knows that Windows slowly eats itself and degrades over time (why a full reinstall is recommended at least every six months, but 90-days is better)

    When the new update crashes, it’s suddenly LL’s fault? I don’t think so.
    if it crashed on -everyone- who tried to use it – then, yes – LL’s fault.

    But, since it is random and only certain users and not everyone (it runs sweet as sugar for me) – then it is the user’s system.

    I’ll even bet most of them have -something- in common.

    So grow up and stop whining. If you are fed up with SL viewer – leave SL and make one less resident in world and better for all the rest of us who stay. or, put brain in gear before engagin g mouth and think before you whine.

    ALL software developers work hard and bug crap pops up from nowhere. Hell, even this morning the ‘mighty Miscrosoft’ admitted their X-Boxes are crap (their fault or the actual manufacturers?) – and will dump a lot of money into making it right.

    All I’m saying is the negative vile the whiners spew everytime they get a chance is really getting tired.

    Don’t like it? No one’s twisting your arm to hang around. Must be one of those people who hate something for no reason.

    I hate Macintosh!
    Oh? Why?
    I don’t know – I just hate them!
    have you ever actually used one?
    No? But they suck.
    Huh, no reason, never used one, but you hate them, huh?
    Yep. They’re not Windows so they suck.
    Ok. Don’t use one then. 😛

  131. Korena Starbrook says:

    “The problems users are all describing above are all one of two things:”

    lol – glad you have nailed it down to two possibilities.

    Funny – I never had a problem with the Recent Items tab until now. Must be the crappy install of Windows. Probably a bad registery setting lol.

  132. Millie Thompson says:

    Alright! Just what I’ve ALWAYS wanted! An are you sure confirmation on quitting!

    Now I don’t have to be so paranoid when closing the main map, mini map, and inventory windows.

  133. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    I have to agree with #91, Loniki Loudon……..thank you everyone for coming in here and reporting what kinds of problems you have been having with this new update….~~smiles~~

    ~~does not update yet~~

  134. ari blackthorne says:

    @93 was talking about the exploding updated viewer – sorry for not making myself clear.

    And yes, the recent items problem is your registry. 😛

    LOL Just kidding

  135. Dajobu Ling says:

    The release notes in the installer for this one listed a bunch of issues I was constantly finding. Keep it up!

    I’ve already crashed once, but on exit. I’ve noticed most of my crashes are memory-management related. I suspect something with the texture cache, since I notice excessive harddrive thrashing lately. I just let the logger do its thing. (mine hasn’t crashed yet :p )

    The recent items tab’s contents are being cached beyond the end of a user’s session. I never took notice of the TTL for that, but I always thought it was either set to clear at the end of the session (when the viewer closed) or at the end of a day. Maybe when that’s fixed, there could be an option added to set how often to auto-empty the list, and maybe even a button to clear it immediately (might come in handy for people setting out on large shopping trip who only care about the soon to be recently purchased items, where items purchased even 5 mins prior might not matter to the user anymore).

    Just my 2L. : )

    I’m actually shocked about seeing my suggestion for the user-defined text output. I didn’t know it’d be implemented so quickly. I’m thrilled : ) I, too, have the object output set to bright green. I’m happy other users have found it useful, too.

  136. WyntarraSiddiah Singh says:

    NOT that I am complaining about using SL….goodness no….love the stuffin outta SL….~~giggles~~…but after the whole crash when click to eidt objects fiasco and me having to downgrade my SL, I’d just rather wait until the next round number upgrade comes…..1.18 that is…..also, for those of you who wish they had access to a later version of SL….when you know there is gonna be a new one, instead of doing the upgrade from the SL browser, go to the SL download page and save it to PC then install it…..that way if you have problems with another upgrade down the road, you can always fall back on an older version without worry……~~smiles~~

  137. Alphabet Qi says:

    With no firewall or antivirus running, only barebones processes on, this is what I got:
    At 48K, Second Life Updater says,
    “Error The Second Life auto-update has failed.
    The problem may be caused by other software installed
    on your computer, such as a firewall.
    Please visit http://secondlife.com/download/
    to download the latest version of Second Life.”


    So I went to the page, and it downloaded from there with no problem.
    I’m in now, my eyes aren’t crossed, but my fingers are!
    Hoping this is a good one!

  138. Dytska Vieria says:

    Got this working, but required a clean install (first time for me!). After uninstalling rebooting and installing, everything is fine.

  139. Uma Ceawlin says:

    Just download the update but every time I try to log in some strange message appears saying : unable to connect. Login packet never received by login server. Please try again..bla bla’ tried over a million times and it doesnt work . 😦 dying here

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