Preview of up on the Beta Grid

As previously mentioned, the release of Second Life 1.18 is scheduled for next Wednesday, July 11th. Updated viewers can be downloaded from the Beta Test Grid page.

Here are the release notes, listing changes from the previous version:

Bug fixes:
* Fixed SVC-371: Fix the legibility and grammar/consistency of the new llOwnerSay implementation
* Fixed SVC-286: deleted fully-permissive objects owned by others skip trash
* Fixed SVC-251: Death teleport fails when teleporting to a home point you no longer have access to
* Fixed VWR-1418: Progressive memory consumption (leak) since 1.17.1
* Fixed VWR-1410: Quirk in net.cpp
* Fixed VWR-1351: Violation against the conding standard in llfloaterchat.cpp
* Fixed VWR-1184: [Linux VWR] Signal 7 (SIGBUS) Error (caused by libtcmalloc)
* Fixed VWR-1147: A patch set is provided to add an optional ‘Confirm Exit’ pop-up window for most user client exit methods. Prevents the ‘Accidental Quit’.
* Fixed VWR-962: llprocessor.cpp: enable x86 detection for GCC
* Fixed VWR-605: Include the SL date & day with the time
* Fixed VWR-561: Blurry arrows in camera control and other graphics issues
* Fixed VWR-53: Inconsistency in order of AV texture layer between the upper and lower body
* Fixed group chat sessions not working
* Fixed script email only receiving after sim is restarted
* Fixed permission requests not properly muted
* Fixed viewer “channel” now visible in the lower right corner next to the version number
* Fixed presence not properly being report to others upon initial login
* Fixed double text overlay on About Land > General tab
* Fixed “Top Scripts” window does not refresh when button is pressed while “Top Colliders” list is still open

NOTE: We’re working on final testing of an optional viewer update to 1.17 for release this week which includes many of the fixes listed above. Stay tuned!

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33 Responses to Preview of up on the Beta Grid

  1. Smiley Barry says:

    Woot! First comment!

    Wow, those are ALOT of bug fixes! Any new features?

  2. sirhc DeSanti says:

    Hey the memory leak and presence fixes sounds great 🙂 well done – but whats a conding standard lol *)

  3. Ann Otoole says:

    before complaining please go to the beta grid and test your complaints for status. if not fixed or if new defects are observed then please make sure they are registered for votes at

    here’s to hoping predeployment reviews include use of checklists to ensure such small, yet major, situations like compiler flags are set properly when compiling.

    bring it on!

  4. Psistorm Ikura says:

    woot, nice load of bugfixes 😀
    I hope 1.18 can roll out whitout major issues on the 11th, I cant wait to enjoy the het-grid. this is so going to faciliate bug-hunting and testing – way to shut up all the whiners!

  5. Calin McKinney says:

    I agree with what many have already said, in that I totally love this game, but wish the focus would remain on eliminating bugs rather than implementing new things like voice or windlight.

    Thanks for continuing to address the bugs! Smooth running grid that is able to keep up with the growing number of participants alone is enough to focus on for now!

    By the way, I am still waiting for my refund of 21,811 Lindens from the landbot that stole my land during a land transfer between me and my friend. You protected yourselves against that guy that stole your land from the auction block, now please protect me too!

  6. Atashi Yue says:

    Can’t log in 😦

  7. Dragonlord949 Kit says:

    “Death teleport fails when teleporting to a home point you no longer have access to”

    Thank you for fixing this bug, now noobs won’t come in and say “I CAN’T DIE!!!one11”

  8. I love them fixes.

    LL whips the Llame’s ass.

  9. Cherry Czervik says:

    /me READS those fixes and looks glazed

    Feels somewhat appalled that I also am not able to read that fluently and be impressed instead of wondering ‘hmmm wonder what that does – I *must* find out

    Realises that for the people who are not coming here from a coding background that makes me at least INTERESTED

    Hang on, aren’t I partnered to a scripter?

    Seriously, from what I can garner these look great – keep it coming

  10. Credit where credit is due. Well done for focusing on bug fixing like has been asked for so many times. I don’t mind if there isn’t a single new feature… if this long list of bug fixes works, providing it doesn’t cause different bugs, this update is a 200% success in my book!

    Keep it up. The more the better. I can actually say I’m proud that Linden Labs has altered its focus to take the issue of bugs far more seriously.

  11. Vincent Nacon says:

    Yay, more bugs fixed…… but I still want Havok 4.5. :/

    I wonder when that gonna come around?

  12. Jaii Benelli says:

    This is all great news, but for how long will SL run like a dog after this has been installed?

  13. Alysha says:

    In reading all that, I’m still not seeing the fix for the animation bug – – which, like everyone has said before, absolutely ruins the SL experience. For me, this started occuring with 1.17.2. Had I known this was going to happen, I would have never downloaded the update.

    Probably repetitive at this point, but please look into including this in the next fix. Please.

  14. You mean a greyhound? They run pretty fast you know. On the other hand if you mean a yorkie, well that’d be funny to watch. >3

    I too would like to see Havok implemented. And SpeedTree. And Mono. Progress updates on these projects would be great, even if it’s as simple as “we’ve got an internal test going and so far it looks good, but…”

  15. feng says:

    dump up for LL.

    and 3 cheers for fixing that mem leak to LL !

    Youre back on the road to have people find there trust in LL again keep it up and soon we will all love you again 😉

  16. anna says:

    eu não sei fazer nada do login , porque não consigo não ta entrando o second life. espero uma resposta. 😦

  17. Spider Mandala says:

    Now this is the kind of update that takes me back to the early days of SL. Three cheers for smashing the bugs. If LL keeps this up I may actually start trusting new client updates again. Keep up the good work.

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  19. the water at sunrise/sunset looks different (i.e. glows a bit), and i think the position of the sunrise has changed…

  20. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Heck with Speedtree, I’d be happy to have the ability to extend the existing Linden trees. It would be relatively straightforward to implement an “llTreeSystem” call that attached enough information to a prim to get it to render as a modified Linden tree with custom textures and other parameters…

  21. Ruli Tenk says:

    Dual-Core support, PLEASE!

  22. igor says:

    too bad they still are not fixing the “away” mode bug that started since 1.17 came out. you uncheck the go away and you still get kicked off if the window is minimized.

  23. petithoum says:

    hello I have a problem of connection, I Pa to connect itself little to second life.

  24. Nadine Nozaki says:

    Nadine just hopes there will come a working version this time, Still no version for me to test, still no download, I’m sure this update will be a hell for us linux users.

  25. realflycutie Allen says:

    I test the beta version 1.18.0-5 and there is no Dual core support this is really bad 4 all the people that play second life coz we gonna have serius problems with the new release and dont need a good reason to upgrade.

    Upgrade or no upgrade always crash!.

  26. I do hope at least 90% of the hours spent on the grid were using the latest build before you forced this update? I know personally I’m still running an older build because of VWR-1407 and I’m not amused to be forced into a build with this debilitating bug.

  27. Zorin Frobozz says:

    I think not fixing the “away” bug is intentional.

    We have people who log in, sit on camping chairs all day while not at their computer and use up resources for no reason other than to get a few pennies USD an hour.

    I’d rather see it be more difficult for them to do this; it will make the grid faster for all of us.

    Camping chairs are evil and really should be abolished.

  28. Renton Eretz says:

    Ummm, still no Vista support? When is Linden Labs going to catch up with the modern era? When will they start supporting computers being sold today rather than those we bought 3 years ago? SL runs like a dog on the computer I bought a week ago; at around a frame a second. I’ve tried everything under the sun, including previous versions of the viewer, toning down the graphics, etc. The only thing that works is quitting and going off to play one of the 16000 other games that run perfectly fine on the same machine.

  29. Kell Ventura says:

    Regarding the no-longer-working “Go Away/AFK”, I would think if Linden had intended to disable the ability to never be logged out nor flagged as away, they would have removed this menu item. That they had not indicates to me it was an introduced bug. (From what I understand they tried to twiddle something and that affected this functionality — it might be a while before it is fixed, though, if not in the soon-to-be-released next version.)

    Anyway, if Linden does permanently remove the means to disable “Go Away/AFK” , then there will be a run on anti-idle scripts. I certainly plan to use one if the new release does not fix it — I’m currently using an older version (and my disabling of “Go Away/AFK” is not for sitting at paying benches but for other clearly legitimate reasons), and I assume this would probably chew up more resources than if Linden just allows an av to turn off “Go Away/AFK”.

    This is a no-win for Linden unless Linden wants to get “fascist” about it and put something into its TOS disallowing anti-idle scripts and requiring an av to always be attended to, and the protestations of Zorin and others will do nothing to stop the use of anti-idle devices. Thus, it is best if Linden fixes “Go Away/AFK” and restores it to the way it was in earlier versions.

    If the real issue is the loathing of paying benches and the like, that’s a different issue best handled by Linden’s TOS. Start a petition drive or something — I certainly will not sign such a petition, but if enough others do, then Linden may tweak the TOS to ban paying benches. Go to it!

  30. Spikez Stine says:

    I want voice and windlight to come out… xD

  31. Wyald Woolley says:

    @27 Spoken like a true n00b

  32. richard says:

    wait i’m running second life on vista home premium and i am on wirerless !

  33. Mischha says:

    Why can’t new users be able to access the beta server. I can’t login at this time. How convenient. When the the normal server be up and running? I would really like to play today.

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