New Voice First Look

There is a new optional Voice First Look viewer available! You can download it here. We’ve made a lot of changes based on your feedback over the past few weeks, particularly to the voice user interface and the Communicate window.

We’ve added ability to hide and show the Participants List in the Communicate window, changed the icon on the Push-to-Talk button, and added new icons in the Participants List. Speaking of the Participants List, it now defaults to closed, and opens after voice has been engaged. You can also open or close it at any time. Finally, text from objects can now be muted in the Participants List in the Communicate window.

By popular demand, you can now accept incoming voice calls in one click instead of two (i.e., by clicking only the Accept button instead of the Accept button + Call). Voice UI elements are grayed out until voice is enabled in the viewer, which has been a significant request from those of you who love voice and those of you who don’t. The Say, Shout, and Send IM buttons are also grayed out when there is no input text.

New keyboard shortcuts have also been implemented. Ctrl-T toggles the Communicate window, Ctrl-W closes the selected tab the Communicate window, Ctrl-H goes to Near Me (Chat History), and Ctrl-F goes to My Friends.

We thank you again for all of the feedback that led us to make these changes, and encourage you to continue to provide bug submissions and UI requests at Voice Jira (link corrected, thanks Drew Dwi!).

Relatedly, there is also a new Beta version of Voice available for download here.

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122 Responses to New Voice First Look

  1. Ryu Darragh says:

    Has the bug of spatial voice and person to person voice only on mainland sims and not on voice enabled private islands for some clients been addressed ?

    I get all functions on mainland sims, but only conference voice chat on private islands.

    (And, yes, I submitted a JIRA on this :P)

  2. Kamagic says:

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    O Brasil é pop, visite a ilha de Porto Alegre.

  3. Adam Hickman says:

    hhhmmmm how about all the other issues SL is having tonight

  4. Adam Hickman says:

    not to be a troll but it seems that maybe there is a link

  5. todd action says:

    thank you for listening to us. we appreciate it. LL has been much more transparent as of late and seems to be listening again

  6. Shoshana Epsilon says:

    I tried it already. You can’t close chats. And you can’t get to someone’s profile from the chat window. What’s wrong?

  7. Zen Zeddmore says:

    I dled to take a look, and nope they still don’t get it. We want our real estate back. I didn’t see any benefit to ‘tearing off the windows’ other than as multiple windows they take up even MORE realestate. gonna put a solution up to the forums tonight, and No I’ve been to the ‘jira’ it’s an abomination i won’t be returning to. check the forums there’s a real solution there.

  8. anonymouse1 says:

    Could you PLEASE make it possible to universally refuse all voice IM’s even if voice is activated? I really don’t want to have to hit NO all the bloody time.

  9. Winter Ventura says:

    VWR-210 Support Voice on Linux
    SVC-329 Add Voice flags for llGetParcelFlags
    VWR-1108 No voice and related functions
    VWR-1248 Voice-map totally inadequate.
    VWR-1089 Frequent Crashing of Voice Beta
    VWR-369 Firewall Blocking for Voice Components?
    VWR-376 Voice Viewer randomly crashing
    VWR-1210 Voice FL] voice jittery when push-to-talk enabled
    VWR-1413 FL Voice client: Voice only functions with built-in input/output devices
    VWR-1272 Random Lockups on First Look Voice
    VWR-329 No sound/Voice output, No display of Voice icon, No response to chat except nearest user on Mac client (VOICE BETA)
    VWR-1208 Mac Voice First Look Client borked
    VWR-328 Turn off voice dots above the user’s head.
    VWR-454 Avatar Locks Up in Voice Beta Client
    VWR-892 Voice kills frame rate – less than 1fps
    VWR-1224 FL Voice viewer crash on changing audio prefs
    VWR-1404 FL Voice disables reception of music feeds
    VWR-1512 Mute button doesn’t totally mute Voice chat
    VWR-1342 Can initiate/join group voice chat. Cannot initiate spatial or individual voice chat.
    VWR-1317 The option to see (or not see) the “voice enabled” dots should not be restricted to people who have voice enabled.
    VWR-599 Crashing when closing the IM Window; Voice BETA
    VWR-842 voice beta FPS very below 2
    VWR-433 Vivox-gw.exe crashes in Voice Beta after 5-10 minutes; voice chat does not work at all
    VWR-1310 FL: Voice: Sounds slider doesn’t work
    VWR-151 Vivox continues to delay Linux Voice client.
    VWR-1244 landowner on mainland unable to set parcel to enable voice chat

    And that’s just the “unresolved” bugs on the first page (of 4 pages) of result when I did a search on the jira for the word “voice”.

    I think it’s neat that Linden Labs has found a way to make it appear that only ONE bug exists with the Voice First Look. Unfortunately that’s just not the reality of things. Here is a bucketload of bugs, unaddressed, unresolved, some dating back to when Voice was on the beta grid. Ignored, unassigned, unacknowledged.

    SINCE the beta, we have been telling you, in every limited way you’ve allowed us, that the “Communicate” window (aka “Chatterbox” is completely unacceptable. You have NOT listened. You have not even addressed it. In fact you’ve gone so far as to keep decorating it with more artsy pixel candy.. when the simple fact is, we don’t want 1/6 of our screen eaten up just to keep up with the local conversation. in text chat.

    83 votes: VWR-1076 Meta-Issue: Usability suggestions for new voice/chat Communicate window
    18 votes: VWR-1205 The new ‘Communicate’ widget in the Voice FirstLook is… too large/unweildy/bad
    2 votes: VWR-1311 Suggestions for Communicate Window
    9 votes (closed as duplicate): VWR-1237 The Communicate window is far too large

  10. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Neither of the biggest problems with the Voice client have been fixed.

    * You can’t tell who around you is voice enabled unless you turn voice on. So there’s no way to tell if the people around you are in IM or AFK (so will come back) or using voice (so are zombies forever).

    * There is STILL no way to get rid of the extra junk in the chat history.

  11. anonymouse1 says:

    Also how about PLEASE adding a voice changer integrated into the client as was promised by Philip originally so that people can maintain their privacy and anonymity easily?

    Most of your competitors have it, why don’t you? Joe’s disingenuous response of “you can get them from third party vendors” or “voice is optional” is, honestly, unacceptable.

  12. Oz Spade says:

    Uh, how do I hide the giant stupid thing above the Chat History that shows whose speaking when I don’t want it there? I don’t see any option or button to do this.

  13. Winter Ventura says:

    How about giving us back a separate “local chat” and “IM windows” and add a third “local voice” floater?

  14. Danielle Harrop says:

    Lose the chatter box….go back to the old way. posters, please list any way I can do my part to let the Lindens know that NO ONE likes the chatter box….and my friends on sl, who were anxious to try voice took one look at the chatter box, and decided to stay in skype or msn for voice, simply because the chatterbox was half the screen, pointless, uselss, and hopeless.

    Lose the Chatterbox, Lindens….and maybe you’ll get more ppl wanting to Beta voice for you..and we’ll quit using Skype, and MSN and Yahoo and other voice providers…..

    If forced to go to chatterbox format in all viewers, I have a feeling a lot of us will opt to go elsewhere.

    Please take a moment from your lawsuits to hear this…dont change the IM/chat format to the Chatterbox? Please?

  15. Alexandra Rucker says:

    Make sure you vote for the Jira bugs you want fixed.

    It might take a slew of votes before they even consider fixing some of the longstanding problems.

  16. Ben says:

    btw Jeska the link you gave only shows 1 issue because it looks for Fix For: instead of Affects Versions:

  17. Adam Hickman says:

    happy holiday this wont get fixed till they get back from their tokefest

  18. Serenity says:

    The other day I was in a very busy sim, and something occurred that convinced me that this voice thing is really REALLY going to be a problem. All of a sudden, someone started streaming a long invective of very angry and very offensive abuse. I found it so disturbing, I had no choice but to tp away.

    I foresee no end of bugs and abuses with this very questionable feature. If people really want to talk in person, there’s this amazing device called, like, the phone. It works great. You can even get headsets for them. So cool.

    Please shelf this one LL, and focus on making what we already have function superbly. Even basic things like the Friends List are still not operating reliably. Facebook, with many thousands more users than SL, can manage “friends online” very effectively, so we all know its possible.

    Everyone at LL does a terrific job, so don’t get me wrong. Like many others, I just want this wonderful world to function well. I’m really not interested in flashy features that, when you really think about it, are quite unnecessary.

  19. U M says:

    Lets hope this works?

  20. StacyAnne says:

    My opinion is forget the voice, and fix the bugs. I play another game that has voice abiltiy. Less that 2% of the people even use it. It causes such horrible lag that you finally just give up and log. You can feel the freeze everytime someone speaks. I personally used it once.

    Personally, the the type of language used in SL not what I want coming from my speakers and certainly not appropriate for people with kids.

    People that really want to chat now use skype and have yet to hear a complaint. I say leave it that way, don’t load up the SL servers with voice data.

    I think that it will also be a problem with it bein an international game because of accents. I have friends that type in english very well, but understanding them if they spoke might be very hard.

    So my opinion, forget the voice that is only reduntant of what is already available and fix the stuff that is broken. like the Friend list that hasn’t worked reliably in months. And the constant crashiing.

    And there are still some major memory leaks based on the fact that the longer you stay logged in the worse it lags.

  21. Cubey Terra says:

    I had a look at the “new” communicate window. All — and I mean *all* — of the problems that everyone told you about before are still there. The chat history is still combined with a non-resizable gigantic “Communicate” window. You can’t make it smaller, and most of it is still used up by a mostly blank area with a volume slider — completely useless to those who don’t use voice.

    Please… I beg you… actually read the user feedback and make changes to the UI. This is really dumb interface design, and refusing to change it in the face of overwhelming feedback is incomprehensible.

  22. Ann Otoole says:

    @17 Serinity, what makes it worse is that you cannot *prove* anything related to voice abuse. therefore abuse reporting against these people will in fact become a form of griefing as people abuse report anyone they don’t like for voice griefing. since this is so easily gamed there is no way Linden Research can honestly take action in respect to voice griefing abuse reports.

    the best thing to do is avoid sims where voice is enabled.

    unless, of course, you are willing to turn a deaf ear to it and go on with your normal voice enabled activities even with dozens of screaming griefers you are constantly muting.

    There are many, even though they are a minority in sl (only 200 of 6 million voted for voice), that want voice. voice is coming. concentrate on lobbying for, getting people to vote for, making jira entries related to, etc., for voice features to be made acceptable to non voice users so it doesn’t interfere with non voice role play, etc.

    As for the sl UI, the entire set of voice related UI devices need to be isolated from all other devices and not even be available to display if voice is disabled. If we do not wish to use voice then we should not have to see voice related things in the UI period.

    note that i expect Linden Research to make it so you cannot have any audio (music or movie streams) unless you have voice enabled as a means to force the number of users with voice enabled to be falsely higher since metrics at Linden Research are rather obviously gamed. I will be pleased to be proven wrong on this.

  23. Lestat Demain says:

    ok linden lets put something intelligent in…when we tp to a place the server sends its max speed…how about putting an auto button in the preferences for those with decent connections?

  24. JeanGenie Jewell says:

    omg, I will have to go around with the music turned off to mute all the people?? :((

  25. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Yes, have to agree and reiterate. You took care of several small concerns but the major complaints are all still valid 😦

    DO you have any idea just how much of an uproar of complaints you are going to unleash next week? And you may be tempted to write it all off with the (generally correct) platitude that people resist change, but it’s far more than that, there are several steps BACKWARDS in this new UI. Grandted there are /positive/ things about some aspects but there are still HUIGE basic problems with the layout.

    1) Friends list does not belong in the communicate window at all. It needs to remain as it is in the released client.

    Checking friends takes only a click no the friends button, the list, streched top to bottom on the left pops up, all friends on line can be seen in a single glance then closed instantly.

    With the Communicator friends list you have to scroll scroll scroll because the IM list HAS to be streached horizontally to handle more than 3 IM tabs at once. The proper aspect ratio fo the friends window and the IM window are diapetricaly opposed. You CANNOT combine them in a single window 😦

    2) The “near me” stuff at the top of the history window. Ugh, the near me info is NICE but it needs it’s OWN window! It should NOT be taking up half the space of the chat history 😦 Even seperatting the IM/Frieends from the chat hostory (while nice thankyou), the two of those windows still take up TWICE the space AT MINIMUM of the previous IM and Chat windows, mainly because of all the extra stuff crammed into them (Friends windows HUEG minimum height in the IM window area and the near me stuff in the history window that requires you to have it open large just to see a few lines of hostory.

    3) Why do I still get IMs and open chat printed in world (Lower left of the viewing area) when the history wondow is open?!? I don’t need to see it printed out TWICE all the time do I?

    I thank you for the dozens of small UI glitch type fixes but… This interface is STILL comepletely unhinged from the reality of how peopl e actually use the program. I sometimes wonder if many people (Designers/coders) at LL actually play SL at all in their spare time…

  26. Dirk Felix says:

    Its hard to believe that LL isnt listening to their customers 😉

  27. Philo Sion says:

    Um.. what happened to the dots? I liked the dots. Please bring them back.

  28. anonymouse1 says:

    @23 Dirk

    It is? Given everything that they’ve done to prove that they’re not listening at all? I think it’s very easily believable that they’re not.

  29. McCabe Maxsted says:

    Huzzah working shortcuts! *cheers LL for positive steps forward* Have a happy fourth, lindens 🙂

  30. Farallon Greyskin says:

    Oh the bug where the Communicate window jumps up in position when an IM comes in is still there.

    Close the chat bar, move communicate window to bottom, have IM come in, communicate bar jumps up the width of the missing char bar. (Yes bug reported)

    Ugh and pardon my giant adventure in misspelling above there… so late… so tired of typing the same thing over an over hoping LL will listen somehow.

  31. Kahni Poitier says:

    Screw voice, fix the lag that was introduced with the last patch.

  32. The Communicate window is a disaster. NO ONE LIKES IT. It takes up too much real estate on the screen. It makes it difficult to track local chat and IMs simultaneously, and there are a lot of people in SL who constantly have at least three IM tabs going all the time because we run groups, have customers, etc. Please put things back the way they were.

    As it stands, I have to drop everything I am doing to answer IMs from people because the Communicate window uses up too much space. If I am chatting and IMing at the same time, I can forget looking at anyone’s avatar; all I can see is huge opaque screens. This is absurd.

    Please stop telling customers who try to give feedback that we’re out of sync with the future. That’s just word salad and it’s also insulting. We’re here, aren’t we? We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think Second Life was the platform to be on going forward.

  33. Tillie Ariantho says:

    I can disable Voice completely, can I?

    And can I disable voice for my island so it doesnt work for anyone there? I don’t what that to be used there. There could be abuse and I would be unable to track it because I’d like to have voice disabled…

  34. Tillie Ariantho says:

    @28 right. The time consumed by scripts has almost doubled on my sim, with no changes. I’ve restarted the sim, didn’t help at all. We are at 18ms there instead of 10ms. That’s quite bad for a sim with only 1 AV in there.

  35. Johan Durant says:

    I’m curious about this Chatterbox. I hadn’t heard of it before, but then, I’m not the most social creature around. I may download First Look to see what’s so awful here.

  36. Ann Otoole says:

    @30 – Yes the sim owner should be able to disable voice for the entire sim. Parcel owners should be able to disable voice.

    However, to set these options requires the use of the voice enabled client. Otherwise you don’t see the options in the land and estate tools.

    Note that even though you may have voice enabled for your sim there will be no voice until that sim/region has the server side components set up for voice. Therefore, even though a sim may have voice enabled, there is no voice until that sim is configured by Linden Research for voice.

  37. barney says:

    Uh, so you fiddled with controls but ignored the biggest gripe all comenters had – the horrible UI of the commmunicate window. So much for listening to residents …

    I repeat what I said in the jira bug: bring back the separate IM and chat history and friends list. This abomimantion of the communicate window takes up far too much screen space and is far too clumsy and doesn’t allow to suppress the text on main screen, which is a big pain for builders.

    Everybody I talked to hates this communicate window. Comments on the jira page are negative. Comments here are negative. So dump this stupid idea and listen to your users!

  38. Kitsunami Chu says:

    Okay, voice is nice and shiny and all but GET RID OF THE UI COMMUNICATION WINDOW AND GIVE ME BACK MY OLD SETUP !

    Make the new window optional ! I cannot have 3/4 of my screen taken up by some crappy UI pixel art.

    Furthermore, there has to be a disable voice button. I can see you losing customers if we cant turn off voice, i DO NOT want to listen to some 20 year old retard whining about his life over voice. SL was fine without the voice ! Give us windlight instead, THATS shiny and usefull and doesnt break things !

    I know several people who will stop playing SL if that UI is in the final version, and if disable voice is not available. Please LL, listen to the customers ! get rid of that UI !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Taggie Boucher says:

    Sorry LL but if you insist on continuing this crazy voice project you are going to loose an awful amount of your residents.I was taught from an early period in my career that i must listen to my customers, you evidently are not listening. I have spoken to many people in SL about voice and I can honestly say that I have not come across one person who was in favour of voice. You seem intent in committing commercial suicide. Please please listen to your customers.
    That is my two penny worth I doubt if it will make any difference at all.

  40. Dave says:

    @1 through 35:
    Dudes, seriously, cut it out.
    Do you really think LL is ignoring you all? What the heck kind of business sense would that make?
    “Sorry LL but if you insist on continuing this crazy voice project” – Taggie Boucher
    Eh? Crazy? The *ONLY* thing SL was missing with respect to it being a proper social simulation with real interactions was… (drum roll) voice chat!
    All those who don’t want to use voice chat, shhhhhhhh, all those that do, do your thang!
    In the mean time, everybody, get a little perspective. Imagine you were on staff at a company who’s clients were… well… just read the comments and you’ll see what I mean.
    Being on this end of the conversation and seeing how rabid some people can get over things, I wouldn’t take a position at LL for any amount of money, which is a shame because I certainly agree with a lot of the things they’re trying to do.
    At the end of the day, SL is a platform for communication, visualisation, creativity and skill. Voice can only *help* this cause.
    If you think it can’t then I’d like some insight into what *you* think SL is for.


  41. Smiley Barry says:

    Awww, but, where’s WindLight? :-O

  42. Wendy Forager says:

    I don’t need voice chat really so I don’t install it. But what LL has to look at is the serious bug on Friendslist which still isn’t fixed after the last update. You see friends online but other friends who are online you don’t see. And sometimes friendslist doesn’t work at all. So my advice please look first at bugs you introduce before you introduce new bling bling that is not appreciated by a majority of ppl.

  43. Akiba Campbell says:

    >> We’ve added ability to hide and show the Participants List in the Communicate window

    Well, that’s nice, but please bring over that addition to the “Near Me” tab as well, at least for me that’s the one window I got open 90% of the time.

  44. Deira Llanfair says:

    I don’t like typing – so I prefer voice. I agree some aspects of the user interface for voice are cumbersome – and the window is too large… but these are things that can be fixed.

    Dave is right – voice is an enhancement. It is not a useful option for all people and all activities, but it is an asset for others.

    I understand Ann’s concerns too – and if I ever get into the position where I am continually muting voice griefers, I think I may very well turn the voice option off in the preferences – but that hasn’t happened yet, so I will wait until it does. Part of me thinks that I will have more success in dealing with any voice griefing by using my voice, rather than my painfully slow typing.

  45. Masuyo Aabye says:

    “If you think it can’t then I’d like some insight into what *you* think SL is for.”

    if i want to hear everone talking all over each other i can get that in RL. SL is about doing what you can’t in RL. voice is a bad idea. if you want to talk to people then use skype etc.
    i tried voice on the beta grid a while ago, it’s good but goes against what SL is. the majority of users don’t want voice, but most of the investors do want voice. go figure

  46. Inigo Chamerberlin says:

    I really don’t know how people are able to comment on the new FirstLook – because I can’t install it!

    I’ve now downloaded V1-17-2-122 three times. Each download fails to read the following – wrap_oal.dll – when an attempt is made to install it.

    I’ve had this sort of problem rather too often with both standard and FL updates from LL. Why? I download far more files from other sources and, in perfect honesty, can’t remember the last time a file download from another source proved corrupt.

    Obviously if people could download an intact installable file earlier there is a disk integrity issue at the server end – time for a drive replacement maybe?

  47. Inigo Chamerberlin says:


    Dave, the perspective is that virtually everyone who’s used the voice FL has told LL the UI is incredibly badly thought out. Despite this, and even though Jeska has acknowledged this – no meaningful changes have been made.
    THAT is ignoring the users. It also proves that both comments here, and the wretched JIRA, are pointless by and large.

  48. The XO says:

    /me shouts “NO ONE WANTS VOICE!”

    Actually, call me a liar a minute 0.00375% voted for voice (200 in 6 million). Yes thats right, not even 1%, not half, not a quarter, an insignificant 0.00375%

    Can we be assured that resources won’t be pulled from more important things (normal viewers, stability, etc?)

    How much time has been dedicated to the voice client, and taken away from the normal one?

    Can we be assured residents won’t be forced to use voice to inflate the stats?

    I tried voice – it was hideous. The comparison would be of standing in the middle of screaming hoard of banshees.

    I won’t be using it, ever. The proof will be in the pudding – or not as the case may be.

  49. Rove says:

    omg LL i wish you would fix the current issues with SL before adding a whole new feature! thsi will bring more bugs and more complaints for you!

    On a diff topic, im not really fond of sharing my voice with the world…. please add a voice changer as some1 said earlier (cant be bothered to look through it all to find teh number) =]

  50. alexia cournoyer says:

    *grins* welcome to the wonderful world of prototyping..

  51. Vylixan Fallon says:

    SIM’ reduce 50% in performance since the last update and all I see is talking about voice, passwords etc etc.

    eyes are still crossed making nice pictures hard, message of clothing being downloaded are back and crashes on empty trashbins. and still no signs of it in the blogs.

    Please FIX the grid first before rolling out stuff. and don;t start about the support and /or Jira bullshit. In the last update you did something with the performance that even make Residential Dreamland slow. which was always very stable . So PLEASE FIX IT !

    Cut the nonsens fix the grid first and make life happy for your customers.

  52. ninjafoo Ng says:

    Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux

  53. Khali Zenovska says:

    je n’arrive pas à me connecter. Est ce normal ?

  54. Khali boucher says:

    Je n’arrive pas à me connecter depuis déjà plusieurs jours

  55. Alicia Mounier says:

    Lol, Voice ain’t bad. I may be a bit embaressed at times to talk or talk at all but it aint that bad. It’s luike playing wow. We would use vent or ts for a raid, it would cut down on time and stuff and get everyone on track. Even if you didn’t want to talk or have any input it was useful for the raid to listen in. Like one guy said Voice is an enhancement not really a needed thing. I mean it helps for big meetings and such since if they all met in SL then wanted voice they would have had to use something like MSN meeting or something and get that all configured so they all could talk, or use some phone conference. I just want that that whole crappy communication window fixed. I don’t want my firends list, IMs and chat wrapped into one giant window that takes up a 1/4 or up to a 1/3 of window space. other then that I like to hear your geeky voices, don’t be ashamed but don’t expect everyone out there to embrace voice.

  56. Chaz Longstaff says:

    >> Relatedly, there is also…

    Relatedly? Is that a word now?????

  57. Warda Kawabata says:

    Any word on when voice will be enabled on my private island?

  58. Argent Stonecutter says:

    Uploaded some layout ideas in

  59. Day Oh says:

    You guys, you guys! Quit saying “nobody likes the communicate window.” I love the communicate window.

    1. Now I can tell who’s within chat range without wearing some resource-hog HUD attachment

    2. I can see who is typing even if they’re using an AO that overrides the typing animation

    3. You can see who’s in the group conference

    4. You can see who’s in the ad-hoc conference, and add more by dragging calling cards

    5. You can view the profile of a speaker from any of those tabs



  60. Argent Stonecutter says:

    “I love the communicate window.”

    I would love it too if it was better designed. See my suggested layouts on the link I just posted.


    My eyes aren’t young enough for that any more, whipper-snapper.

  61. tenguyamabushi says:

    “…We’ve added ability to hide and show the Participants List in the Communicate window…”

    I’m still soaking up coffee this morning, so perhaps that’s why I’m having trouble… but I’m unable to figure out how to actually _do_ the above. Has anyone else? If so, how?

    (and yes, I’m running: Second Life 1.17.2 (122) Jul 3 2007 10:21:47)

    Thanks! 🙂

  62. Day Oh says:

    Good suggestions 🙂

  63. Tijn Erde says:


    “voice is optional” is completely acceptable to me, as long as I can turn it off completely and disable it on my land and still see if people are using it.

    Put another way; as long as the user experience for non-voice users isn’t degraded, I have no issue with other people wanting to use voice on other people’s land.

  64. Chronic Skronski says:

    OMG, there is a pothole on Main Street. Stop the other roads from being built! Stop construction of that arena! You’re fixing the hospital!? Are you INSANE!? There’s a pot hole on Main Street!! I demand that every single person who works for the city drop everything they are doing and fix the pothole now! NOW!! It has been there for a year! Why don’t you listen? You’re repairing City Hall? Idiots! There’s a pot hole on Main Street!!

  65. Anderson Philbin says:

    There does seem to be overwhelming opposition to the new Communicate window, with all its complexity. Phew, I thought it was just me. Why not just provide both the old and windows. I assume somebody out there likes it.

    I’m seriously thinking about a 22″ wide screen just to get 4″ more width. It would double what I can currently see.

  66. Brett Finsbury says:

    Great stuff. A group of us have been using it for the past week sitting and talking like a fireside chat. I do agree it is easy to want to use one or the other and not both. I like the option of being able to kick my feet up and just talk. Typing is the stone ages. It is also a good feature when your flying or riding horses and wish to talk instead of losing control of the aircraft or having to stop and hover to ask or answer a question. Or stop riding and type.
    Heck this is the best thing since sliced bread. Keep up the good work.

  67. Jazzman Jibilla says:

    Voice schmoice…I probably won’t use it either but if I can turn it off and it doesn’t (nudge nudge wink wink) have any effect on my regular chat game, then go ahead. I am not convinced however that it will have no effect, as I see bug pile ups on this highway getting bigger.
    I second the motion about FIX THE FRIENDS LIST first..that is an annoying bug.
    And….Congrats to LL for more blog postings about what they are up to…now if we could just get them in clear unambigious language..hmmm.

  68. Ryu Darragh says:

    #36 Uhm.. why was I included in your “cut it out” selection ? My coment was not related to your issue. I was not complaining I was being ignored. Merely that there seems to be an issue with Private Island regions and Mainland regions where voice icon does not appear in the former and *does* in the latter regions.

    However, I do agree we need the option to retain the old “ungrouped” (chat history)/(Friends List)/(IM Window) as three seperate buttons and have a seperate (Voice Box) button. I have a 24 inch widescreen (1920×1050) and the present chatterbox is too big for *me*. I can only imagine how it must look on a 1024×768 screen !

  69. The Communicator dialog is an abomination. The features are all there, and then some, and I appreciate that, because I’m a geek who’s been in SL for 20 months. But the user interface on it is unspeakably bad.

    Second Life’s biggest problem is NEW USER RETENTION. New users have no idea what to do with this World’s Worst User Interface you’ve made. It’s ugly and complicated. The Communicator is every bad idea in every other part of the UI, wrapped up into one.

    Don’t use teeny little mystery controls for docking and undocking windows and showing extra info. Put big friendly buttons in a toolbar that make it obvious what they do. You may actually want to hire a graphic designer for this, it’s worth it. There are now side-tabs and bottom-tabs for different axes of communication. That’s insane. The tabs scroll out of sight far too easily; add more rows of tabs so they’re easy to find, don’t use those teeny little arrows that scroll too slow anyway. Don’t pack more junk into existing tabs. If you have to show more info, pop up a docked window; the color/texture pickers in editing get this right. Whatever functions you would use 90% of the time, those should be the only ones visible normally.

    It’s now impossible to read a significant amount of local chat scrollback, without filling your screen with the Comm. The chat volume slider is already at the bottom of the screen with the other volume controls, it doesn’t need to be on the local chat panel.

    Something chimes in SL. WHAT WAS IT? You can’t tell. It’s somewhere in the Comm, maybe. Is it this blinking tab? How about that one? I’m gonna make a sound effect of the IM chime, and start playing it around people to drive them insane, because you’ve made it impossible to figure out where an IM is anymore.

    The overriding goals should be simplicity, clarity, and least surprise.

    Discard the Comm UI and start over, please.

  70. U M says:

    Well you PLEASE ALLOW me comments to be viewed!

  71. Maggie McArdle says:

    ok, i tried it…it sucked, communication window covers half my screen, and it took over half the day, to get it it to even to me its redundant. i use skype, and it works fine for to that 00000000.35% who LL felt the need to listen to over the majority, thank you for the new and improved bugs that this must have “feature” will introduce, im sure you meant well.

  72. Wiseguy Capra says:

    well thank god then that we have our very own voice server being stand-alone from SL on our sim…LOL…

  73. Wyald Woolley says:

    Transcript of voice -enabled romantic encounter:

    MALE: Ahh, it’s so nice to be alone with you on the beach (TV blaring in background)
    FEMALE: Oh yes! (chair squeak and keyboard clatter as she IMs someone)
    MALE: I love the way (emergency vehichle passing in background) your eyes sparkle (kids arguing nearby) in the moonlight…hold it down back there and someone turn down that TV.
    FEMALE: Yes, thanks, that TV was kind of hard on the mood. (more keyboard clacking as she continues to IM someone else) I love being with (Male voice in back ground, “Honey, who are you taking with?”) Oh, no one, it’s the background of the game.
    MALE: Maybe we better get back to this later. (kid in background, “Daddy, I’m hungry.”)
    FEMALE: Yeah (chair squeak) I need to fix dinner soon anyway.(Dog Barking) “Hi snookums, do you need to go outside?” One minute, I’ll be right back. (Long period of where the microphone picks up the streaming music and an argument can be barely heard in the background)
    MALE: Honey, do you have any extra cigs out there, I’m wired to the computer right now?
    FEMALE: I’m back, (chair squeak) God you’d think he couldn’t do a thing around here without me. Where were we? Oh yeah, we’re on a beach. (obvious chewing sound) Uh, yeah, your eyes (more keyboard clacking) sparkle in the moonlight too.
    MALE: Yeah, you and the surf at…I told you kids to turn down that damn TV, Now do it NOW!…midnight, it’s so romantic.
    FEMALE: Mmmmm…yes (more chewing sounds) ….

  74. Emma Nowhere says:

    @8 Winter:

    You missed the one I submitted about Mac audio input support being flawed:

  75. TyrisFlare says:


  76. Belial Zadeh says:

    @62 hilarious

  77. pantaiputih korobase says:

    @62 WIDE GRIN

  78. Elad Fardel says:

    I like voice. I really do. It’s a good idea.
    But seriously – this ‘communicate’ window is horrible! It makes it totally impossible to keep track of what’s going on. History opens ‘near me’?? this is not very clear labeling. on top of that, you can open it with the history button, but you cant close it with the history button!

    let’s get something strait: history, IMs and friend menus work alot better SEPARATE. This isn’t compact, it’s just confusing.

  79. Huns says:

    It would be nice if I could turn on caps lock in the login page without it crashing. It always does this. I think it’s because it raises a blue warning that the caps lock is on when you go to type your password.

  80. Nye Mu says:

    62 Wyald!!! That is fantastic. I spy a wealth of material for the upcoming NEW business of real interactive sit-down comedy. Someone somewhere must have web space to preserve the first faltering steps into virtual world farce. Such priceless snippets of our second life heritage must not be allowed to pass unrecorded…

    And it makes such a welcome change from the usual bleating that goes on here.

    If there was a rating system Id rate you. You have made me a happy furry metamorph.

  81. i think 99% of the voice naysayers are just people who don’t like change. i *DO* agree that the UI sucks and that the whole client UI in general feels like a kludge. the voice controls just made it worse is all.

    seriously, relying on typing 100% of the time in a virtual world is kind of silly, folks. i’m surprised some of you aren’t in IRC instead of SL – ya luddites!! 😉

  82. Tillie Ariantho says:

    Can someone please address the current issues? Everything is loading VERY slow right now. Picking up an item lasted almost a minute…. and textures rezzing after zoning lasts MUCH longer.

  83. Katrina Bekkers says:

    I think voice has some good points. But they are by and large outshadowed by the problems it adds to an already troubled system.

    I just hope that the voice parts in the source code can be commented out/disabled/ifdef’d and the viewer still compile and run.

  84. alpha says:

    @62 LOL. yup

  85. Melanie Milland says:

    I can only reiterate:

    Please keep the moduler UI, in _all_ respects. _Add_ floaters, modify individual controls, but don’t change the basic layout!

    It’s good as it is.
    The green scrolling text in-world, I don’t want! I keep chat history open, but very small, to avoid it. You can’t build with that junk text!

    With communicate/near me, the text doesn’t even turn off – _and_ I have a window that is ow too large to keep open at all times.

    While before I could happily go about my business, look around, shop, or build, _while_ chatting, IMing, now I have to concentrate on communication to the exclusion of everything else – because that huge window doesn’t let me do anything else at the same time.

    And, I need glasses already, have a hard time reading the UI text even with glasses – at UI size 0.9 already I can’t read anything anymore, UI size 0.8 – i might as well be blind!

    This is a royal mess and needs to be put back!

  86. element says:

    i like the communicate window, just needs a little streamlining.

  87. Caitlin Mariner says:

    chatterbox… bad… fix it asap please, I can’t be using first look all because I hate the chatterbox..its a mess takes up too much room on the screen (we’re talking about a 19in monitor)

  88. dave says:

    loaded the voice client,15 min later walked away from the computer and the client crashed, removed client.

  89. Kathy Morellet says:

    @72 element says:
    i like the communicate window, just needs a little streamlining.

    Um… by streamlining, I hope you mean totally trashed and given to someone with a clue about UI design to do over!

    PLEASE, LL, get rid of this abomination and give us back our usable UI!

  90. Cat Gisel says:

    As long as my windows are all back like *I* want them, I don’t mind. But I also respect that everyone else will be just as different and just as picky. Options are what makes SL unique, and the interface should reflect this like any other aspect of SL. If you take away our options, you take away our freedom. Some people love their empty screen space, others want tons of windows open so they can see everything that’s going on. I am in the latter group, but I wasn’t in my past worlds. It’s different for SL, so having all my chats amalgamated in one place is annoying and confusing.
    Either way you like, or in between, is about as personal as what type of cell phone you like to use, clothes you like to wear, etc. I am always open to change, but I also want the option to put it back if I don’t like it 🙂

    In other news, I STILL wish there was a decent (ergo: working) way to set and save my screen layouts.

  91. Fluf says:

    I am SO happy it’s not on Linux.
    Am gonna be very upset if it messes up text chat for those of use that don’t want voice.
    Am gonna be equally upset if it messes up live music venues for those of us that don’t want voice.
    In fact. If it kills the magic of SL. I’m gone.
    Meantime! Horray for Linux! 🙂

  92. crymson everidge says:

    I have a new idea, how about fixing the ability to clear cachse and finally emptying out Recent Items. Mine has become completely unmanageable!

  93. Loki Ball says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of things and posting to jirra is rediculous. The recent items list isn’t going away after clearing cache, or by manually emptying the cache from the HD. Its now so unorganized I can’t even find recent things I’ve gotten unless I spend time going through them. And there isn’t an ability to modify the search in inventory anymore by IE scripts, objects, notecards etc. Thats a really terrible change.

    Problem is if you guys are wanting Big Business or even more users to join you’ve limited the ability to find the quality items they’ve purchased. Let alone its become unbearable to hunt down items when your building, editing, and saving to inventory to test perms. With the way it is now I’d have to scroll through a weeks worth of recent items just to find my items each and everytime. Well I suppose I can close all folders and then hit the inventory in recent items then it will pop up just folders. But now I have over 30 folders in my recent items after a week of it not cleaning.

    Once again I’ve already cleared cache numerous times. Installed the updated viewers and cleared the cache off my HD manually.

    This is terrible.

  94. Moll Dean says:

    Will be nice if there is any tool to record chat voice into HD without using a external software. Then, we will be able to save some classes or business meeting.

  95. Anna Gulaev says:

    1) My IM window wants to be short and wide, to accomodate multiple IMs. My chat window wants to be tall and skinny, to accomodate some history. These two can not be in the same window. And the friends tab just makes this problem worse by taking more horizontal space. Put the friends list back into its own window.

    With the communicate window sized reasonably there’s room for one tab in addition to “My Friends” and “Near Me”. A tab interface with one useful tab is not a tab interface.

    2) I want to be able to see who’s talking (with the above-the-avatar graphics) even when I do not have voice enabled. How else do I know why nobody is text chatting?

    3) The Near Me part needs to be collapsible.

    4) The friends list…tabs on one side, buttons on the other make the actual list too narrow.

    5) I still can’t hear anyone speaking. Do I or do I not need a USB mic plugged in in order to *hear* voice chat?

    Really, just put it back the way it was and make the “Near Me” thing another window you can open. Make it dockable to the chat window if you like; just make it optional.

  96. sadly says:

    sorry I cannot understand why there are still BIG problems not being fixed but instead such a useless feature being introduced. Every second day my friends list is bugged, I cant see half of the people. Others have that problem too. One day ago, SL world seemed to be split into 2 parts. When I was at side 1, I needed to cross a sim border to have tp access to other sims in part 2. When I wanted to tp back, I needed to cross the sim border again manually.

    And for xxxxx sake who wanna communicate with voice, use skype, teamspeak, whatever! So many ways without integrating it. Solve the other problems first!

  97. Keera Woyseck says:

    I tired voice.. and disabled it on all of my sims.

    Personally, i would rather be able to TP. rezz objects, walk with out spinning in place, have group IM’s actually go thru, not have all my attachements sticking out of my butt after i manage to tp, have my inventory actually work correctly… Shall i go on?

  98. Psistorm Ikura says:

    I could so see the bitching coming. granted, releasing a new beta with a lot of issues still unresolved /and/ not responding to the votes for a different communications window isnt a good move.

    however: its slightly amusing and kinda sad to watch all those people shouting. to say it like this: no, an openGL programmer can NOT fix up your database. you can make him try, but it will:
    A) take him at least 50 times as long
    B) work 1/100th as well as opposed to letting a database programmer do it.

    and I want to know one thing: do you REALLY think your shouting hre on the blog will be heard? seriously, all you do atm is steal posts away from the discussion. LL has provided tools to work with, so use these. otherwise your breath is wasted. just chill, take a break, then hit the JIRA and look up the respective issues. vote, comment, whatever. just stop trolling the boards, for heavens sake. its not as if the lindens didnt KNOW of these issues or constantly forget so youd have to rub it into theyr faces every single post…

    @62: definitely a hilarious scene – I just hope people retain enough sense to not try roleplaying in speech when confronted with such noisy environments. if they do, well thats their problem. I see voice as a nifty tool for some circumstances, and I will probably use it. it just saves me the hassle of running another program in the background, plus the effort of keeping my skype/TS/vent contacts in line with my SL friend list – at least to some extent.

    Id love to try it, honestly – problem is: my mic isnt working atm. ah well.. theres still windlight to check out, whenever the new beta hits the grid 😀

  99. Diomedes Nikolaidis says:

    @17 Thank you Serenity for confirming to me one of the major reasons I am totally against voice. As others have said, use Skype or other means to VC if you must.

    @75 Fluf, I have already downgraded from premium in preparation for the expected damage that voice will bring to SL. Am also holding off buying land. Like you, I will exit.

    Lindens: Beta testers are never representitive of a general user population. If you are basing acceptance of voice on Beta, then you are making a big mistake.

  100. Farallon Greyskin says:

    #81 I hope you ment to say that beta testors are ususaly MORE willing to put up with changes than the normal population. An even we are really slapped upside the head with this new layout and the voice untility.

    Thins will only be much much WORSE when this gets released as it is now 😦

  101. Ceera Murakami says:


    Give us back a seperate Chat window and IM window that have NOTHING to do with Voice Chat and which can still be resized as small as they can now.


    That UI may be just dandy on a 1620 x 1024 20″ cinema display set to run SL full-screen. But in an 800 x 600 window it is absolutely impossible to live with. I can’t run SL full-screen.To do my sim creation work and texturing work and roleplaying I have to have multiple SL sessions running in seperate windows, and other apps than SL running at the same time. I can’t have each window 70% occupied by UI elements for features that are TURNED OFF in my prefs, because I will NEVER use Voice Chat.

  102. Diomedes Nikolaidis says:

    @82 Not a negative at all toward beta testers. As a former Brand Manager, I get the feeling this VC is being developed without the proper “consumer research” of the end-users i.e., the general user population. Beta testers do an admiral job of digging out the good, the bad, and the ugly in SL Beta. What I have not seen is any attempt by the Linden Group to find out if we even want. It is coming whether we like it or not. As I have posted before, I believe it is the corporations pushing for it so they can hold their meetings in voice.

    Comments such as yours ans @17 are not making me feel comfortable. Keep up the good beta work and maybe it will help.

  103. Diomedes Nikolaidis says:

    @82 Clarification: *Comments such as yours and @17 are not making me feel comfortable about the introduction of voice chat.

  104. Anna Gulaev says:

    Ugh! I can’t watch text chat and IM simultaneously! Gotta switch tabs constantly. What a headache.

  105. Ceera Murakami says:

    The Chatterbox UI still has not addressed any of the most complained about aspects.

    1: The indicator at the top of the screen shows the icon for “Voice Enabled” even if your personal settings are to disable voice, the parcel settings are to disable voice, and the Estate settings are to disable voice!

    2: When looking at text chat history, 2/3 of the space taken up by the “Communicate” window is for the “Near Me” and “Profile” areas, which are completely UNNECESSARY in text chat. And there is NO way to eliminate that from the text chat history. Tearing off that part of the UI keeps those unnecessary parts welded to the text chat history.

    3: Even with the UI reduced to 0.75 size (the smallest it can go), this chatterbox UI is still too big, and still wastes 2/3 of its surface area on content that I absolutely DO NOT NEED.

    4: I get an Audio slider and control on screen 100% of the time, even if I have all Audio muted. Why?

    5: Anna’s comment about Chat and IM being inaccessable at the same time is a very valid one. I am often chatting with someone near me in Text Chat while fielding questions via IM. I need to see both at once.

  106. Ardic Danton says:

    I will echo the voices of many other residents who have posted in requesting that, at the VERY least, the Chat History return to being a separate window. IDEALLY, I want a NEW window or two for all the voice stuff (that I’ll in all likelihood never use) and the IM/Freinds/History continue to be the way it has always been since I started SL a little more than a year ago. There is NO reason to consolidate all of this stuff into one giant honking window. it does NOT make it easier to use, or to manage. What it DOES do, is make it harder to see who is text chatting to me (which despite what you folks at the labs seem to think, will probably remain the main avenue of communication), and more difficult to manage my Instant Messages.

    PLEASE do not let this mess of an interface find its way into the normal client.

  107. Charlotte Wirtanen says:

    The new communication window is absolutely unusable. I will be UNABLE to play SecondLife like this if it goes live and it’s completely unacceptable.

    Even at it’s smallest size it’s way, WAY too large. If I’m not using voice, why should I have my Chat History restricted to 3 lines? I can’t even communicate with people with a window that small!

    My only choice is to make it gigantic and game hindering, or so small I only have 3 lines of history, it’s just awful.

    Can you please, PLEASE get rid of this ‘NEar Me’ window and put the voice chat window into its own, seperate tab, and give us back history?

    Or atleast make the voice half of it completely closable?

  108. WarKirby Magojiro says:

    I crash constantly with this, and the previous voice viewer. Fine with the normal, thankfully. It’s extremely annoying and makes the viewer unuseable. Here’s my specs, hope they help.

    CPU: AMD (Unknown model) (2010 MHz)
    Memory: 2048 MB
    OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
    Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Graphics Card: Radeon X1800 Series x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE2
    OpenGL Version: 2.0.6012 WinXP Release
    LLMozLib Version: 1.1.0 (Mozilla GRE:
    Packets Lost: 0/67707 (0.0%)
    Viewer Digest: 2d419016-2cdf-12a8-bc96-9146228929ff

  109. Anna Gulaev says:

    I’ve been listening to voice in a welcome center for hours now. Some observations:

    When multiple people are talking the “Near Me” list jumps all over the place so quickly you can not tell who’s talking. You can’t mute the annoying ones if you can’t determine who they are. Also, the volume control, which I believe is supposed to allow you to adjust volume for individuals, is greyed out.

    I feel like I’m hanging out with people half my age. Mighta been neat when I was half my current age, but now it just makes me feel worlds distant from SL.

    Most of the voice chat has been about voice chat, and mocking people who aren’t using it.

  110. Coby says:

    Need to see IM and chat windows open simultaneously. Separate them, separate them. Pretty please Lindens…
    As almost everybody has stated, the all encompassing chatterbox is horrendous.

  111. Anna Gulaev says:

    Muiting isn’t working on voices any more. I guess I’m done with it 🙂

  112. Wyald Woolley says:

    91 wrote: “Most of the voice chat has been about voice chat, and mocking people who aren’t using it.”

    Interesting comment. I’ve heard some valid discussions about how VC will split SL into two groups: Those who use it and those who won’t. Each group dissing the other.

    So, the dissing has already begun b the VC group apparently.

    I have no interest in VC with anyone in SL and that includes my best friends because it blurs the boundaries of fantasy and RL. I can see the division in SL coming like other have predicted.

    I’ve been asked several times if I have a web cam and saying “no” was easy with no follow up questions like, “Why not? Do you have something to hide?” For some reason, this same mentality doesn’t seem to exist with voice and the attitude by VC users is that they have an entitlement to hear my voice.

    Well, no one has a right to do some unwelcome heavy breathing in my ear nor do I have a responsibility to satisfy someone’s curiosity or homophobic paranoia by entering VC.

    It’s too bad that LL is too stupid to realize what kind of divisive social impact this will make on SL. And sadly, it’s so unnecessary since alternate ways of voice communication is already available that will have NO impact on the stability and load of the current viewer/server setup.

  113. williamAvalanche March says:

    Tried voice, and let me say as someone who has a RL business in SL. Voice is a disaster waiting to to happen. We will stick to using Skype for our business meetings and voice will not be used by us.

    I don’t know who at Linden Labs had the idea for voice, but whomever it is should be fired.

  114. tekos says:

    when can we join second life because i’m trying everyday but it reached the max. limit of users ???

  115. Tomas Gandini says:

    If I want to chat w/people, I can do that in person or on the phone in RL or w/my SL friends w/Skype or one of the other voice systems.

    If I want pretty skies, I can go outside and look up, I don’t need pretty skies on my computer screen.

    I come to SL to get away from the the cacophony and dissonance of RL for a time. Voice and realistic pretty skies brings SL that much closer to RL. That being so, as SL gets closer and closer to RL, there is no reason to be be in SL.

  116. Dirk Felix says:

    For every comment seen here, there must be hundreds to thousands who feel the same way, the rest ignorant due to being noob or misinformed, more have spoken and once ignored are silent and the rest are sheepish. I’m sure there are a few who believe that SL is perfect. I would love to see a poll.

    You can vote for change, but until you actually do something to make this happen it will fall upon the deaf ears of pure capitalism. Eliminating a trail to which abuse could be documented serves an Orwellian world. Soon SL will be what LL needs it to be.

    While I believe that LL should be able to create a business as they see fit, I also believe that there is a responsibility to customer base that I have not yet seen.

  117. Cat Cotton says:

    Personally I am on the fence on this.

    1) I am not sure I want to know what everyone really sounds like. I like thinking the perception I have of my friends in their avatars 🙂

    2) kinda blows my cover being Martin Magpie doesn’t it. (lol ok for those who don’t know me)

    on the other hand;

    1) Could be used for business meetings.

    2) Could be a nice addition as a learning or support tool.

    Cat/Martin 🙂

  118. Giulio Prisco says:

    Few quick words of support for LL. Thanks for bringing voice in SL, which is something a “silent majority” of users need, and I am sure you will fix all that needs fixing in the voice beta client and integrate voice in the release client as soon as feasible.
    I have seen the technical points raised. I do not find the UI to be much of a problem, actually I like it. I suspect that some of the technical points raised are actually the old bitching against voice in disguise.
    Keep on with the good work LL!

  119. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    Simple question: Is the grid running at what appears to be 1/2 speed to accommodate this latest of bug filled additions. Since the patch was applied on the rolling restart all I have seen are massive slow downs on my islands to the point all it is worth is 1/2 price. If we have to live with such a massive slow down of the grid for voice, you get 1/2 price from me. I have also observed many people crashing, I had my share of them finally traced to the latest bug filled release of the 6 series drivers from nvidea.

  120. Dirk Felix says:

    1 last point, in helping LL in doing beta testing and giving them ideas, who reall benefits for this? Voice in my sim – NEVER

  121. Kahni Poitier says:

    Coventina: Yes, the grid is running HORRIBLY slow right now to accommodate this nightmare of an idea. I’m a Streetz addict, and lately it’s been taking anywhere from 3-5 MINUTES to tally my scores. Even my slingo machines are running like crap because of it. (I’ve got a little gaming corner, don’t ask).
    With my previous experiences with voice chat i other MMO’s and such, I absolutely, positively WILL NOT run voice. It’s bad enough putting a real voice to the people you know and deal with on a daily basis, but I DO NOT want to hear every other dipshit with a microphone screaming and yelling, talking crap like some Microsoft Live morons (go to YouTube and check them out, it’s a scream). If you thought TeamSpeak was bad (I played EQ and did a lot of raids), you haven’t seen ANYTHING compared to what uncensored, unvetted screaming morons can do.

    Nope. I will not use it, and it was a horrible idea to even consider building into the client. I want to be able to shut it off, not use it, and shut off hearing anyone around me using it. I don’t even want to know it exists. If you want voice chat, use Skype or something. DO NOT cripple the performance of an already sub-par performing grid to accommodate this travesty of an idea.

    Fix the damn grid first, THEN put your damn toys in.

  122. Melanie Milland says:

    Analyzing the new UI, the intentions of LL become clearer.

    Green text you can’t make go away is intended to make VC users yell at text users to quit text chatting!

    A UI that heavily favors voice over text is meant to make users switch to voice chat because it is easier than putting up with that mess of an UI.

    People who voice-chat need no chat history, so it’s being relegated to an afterthought on a voice chat window.

    The UI is clearly designed to make text chatters get disgusted with text chat and go the easy route (e.g. voice)

    Once again, LL have their own agenda and are not listening.

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