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An open source community update

After we made the initial open source release of the viewer, we found ourselves in a quandary. Community members were sending patches in, but we didn’t have enough resources to keep up! Fortunately, over the past month, we’ve hired some … Continue reading

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[UPDATED] Rolling restart cancelled for today (Tuesday) June 26th

[UPDATED on 2007-06-26 @ 12:31 pm: We’ve been busy addressing login issues and the crash-on-edit problem (now fixed internally!) so the rolling restart originally planned for today has been cancelled. Tomorrow’s planned release of Second Life 1.18 will pick up … Continue reading

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[Update] Slow Logins and Login Failures – Fixed!

[Update 12:54 PDT]  We have brought additional hardware online to help resolve this issue and logins appear to be back to normal.  Thank you for your patience. [Update 11:49 PDT] As our loads have increased this morning, we are receiving … Continue reading

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Crashes Reported from selecting Edit in the Pie Menu

[Update 12:47 PDT] As has been noted in the comments and on the Public JIRA site for this issue, this bug has now been fixed internally.  The fix will be included in tomorrow’s viewer release.  Until then, please use the … Continue reading

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Support Portal Down Time

We have arranged with our Support Portal vendor to have down time this week at the same time as the rest of grid instead of overnight on the weekend. We hope this is a better arrangment than having, effectively, two … Continue reading

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[Update] In-world Lindex purchases with PayPal

[Update 6.26.07 3.47 PDT] PayPal purchase and payment facility is now functional. However, some Residents may experience a “restricted” error that we are trying to fix. [Update 6.26.07 3.03 PDT] We are close to resolving the PayPal purchase and payment … Continue reading

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Día de la Liberación and Het-Grid

Very soon, Linden Lab will release Second Life version 1.18.0. As Zero posted about “Message Liberation”, almost all viewer updates will be optional, so you can download them if and when you want. Message Liberation lays the groundwork for a … Continue reading

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