[COMPLETE] Rolling Restart Beginning at 10:00pm PST, 5:00am GMT

As noted in the blog earlier this evening, we tracked down and fixed an inventory bug that was plaguing some Residents. We’ve decided to do a rolling restart this evening to get this fix out to the grid ASAP as the fix was a relatively minor change, but with a potentially large impact. The rolling restart will commence at approximately 10:00pm PST (5:00am GMT), and should take about 2 hours. We’ll update this post as soon as the restart completes.

UPDATED: 10:31pm – Rolling restarts commencing and will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

UPDATED: 3:22am – The rolling restart is complete!

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40 Responses to [COMPLETE] Rolling Restart Beginning at 10:00pm PST, 5:00am GMT

  1. Brett Finsbury says:
  2. Day Oh says:

    BTW Wrong place but I’m very sorry to report that the “include mature content” checkbox in Search is broken

  3. hugsalot says:

    greedy vendors? it’s just a bug.. doesn’t make them greedy.

  4. bactine bates says:

    Hopefully this will fix alot of the problems, I know that I’ve crashed atleast 6 times today. Keep up the good work with making SL better for all of us ^^

  5. willbeyour babii says:

    Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, this will also give us back all of the missing items that are now gone from inventory due to the “un able to rez item bug”. I didnt know it, but thought it was just the regulay SL hiccup untill i saw that i had lost about 7 or 8 HIGH dollar items.
    PLEASE, SL gods, give them back!!!!!

  6. Brett Finsbury says:
  7. Tes Tiramisu says:

    What is the recourse from Lindens for a recognized bug to all the people that have lost No Copy items tonight. The problem also happens when a Sim or Parcel is full and they try to rez an item. Its not just a Permissions issue. And Temp Rezzers can cause an easy exceeding of Prim limits because of how Lindens have changed calculating that too. Many people are out many valuable items tonight. What is Linden Labs doing to recover the losses. The items are still in the Linden Labs Databases. They could recover if they cared enough…

  8. LinXoa Yue says:

    I’m just waiting to recieve an updated viewer that works correctly. Each new viewer seems to be worse than the last and well, I’m lagged to death over it:)

    Failure to rez an object is a scary sight once, like me and many many others, you have thousands of inventory items and also the relative value in REAL MONEY down the proverbial TOILET.

    Hope you guys will eventually get it right Linden Labs ;P

    ‘GOT LAG?’

  9. @2 Please feel free to file a bug report from the Tools menu…

    ..or even better, visit the Second Life Issues tracker

    * https://jira.secondlife.com/

    Be sure to provide as much information as possible!


  10. hugsalot says:

    Chill out man. I’m not one of those greedy vendors, so please direct your pronouns elsewhere. It’s also possible that customers can be greedy and are trying to commit fraud. It’s not easy to verify what people claim. It’s not like the event of a vendo giving the customer merchandise appears on transaction history, only the money coming in gets recorded. Even if the vendo is scripted and keeps it’s own transaction logs, it would be nice if it was recorded in transaction history.

  11. Coventina Dalgleish says:

    What in the hell have you done to it now

    Log in spend 1 minute crash

    this is totally PATHETIC

    I have very few crashes in this game until now

    please pull your heads out and pay attention

  12. MichaelZ Market says:

    I am having multiple inventory problems…the folders are there but wont open. My avatar body has changed from and adult to a child but all the clothes I am wearing are adult. When I try to use appearance it does not respond. When I try and change clothes it returns a error message it needs shape and body. This is a very new problem and has something to do with the server database

  13. Hg Beeks says:

    “I cant wait util the bug shows up that nails all these greedy vendors that gives inventory and doesnt take your money.
    Nero will dance as rome burns. :)”
    The greedy vendor that give inventory and doesn’t take your money?

  14. astarhy bad says:

    i have issues where if i clear cache (or automatic) it disconnects me rather then sending me the invitory any idea to fix the cache issue would be great..

  15. Rivan Carter says:

    This bug occurs even on land where you have permissions to create objects. My item immediately said “Attempt to rez an object failed” when I tried to drop it on my own land. The item went back to my inventory but I could not wear it – it kept saying “Attempt to rez an object failed”. Eventually, the item disappeared from my inventory completely! BEWARE!

  16. I’ll be inworld until the rolling restarts are finished. Feel free to ping me for a Linden Bear to add to your collection.

  17. Deej Coakes says:

    @HG Beeks

    I agree totally with you on this. No way that’s greedy at all πŸ˜€
    (Also Dana says hi!)

  18. Dystonee Dagger says:

    I think the lindens do a great job keeping up with upgrading this program !!!! Great job indeed. Yes its been a bit buggy here but hey life happens!!

  19. Magi Merlin says:

    Oooh a weekend update! Spooky!!

    Here’s hoping all goes well!!

    Frontier: Are you hanging around to monitor this little beastie?

    @#7 Huggsie: Your right, as much as I hate counting beans their needs to be more and easier auditability avaiable to residents (and 24 x 7 support and…) and more detailed transaction and other logs are a good step towards that end. It is hard to get issues resolved, or even acknowledged, when you don’t have the ability to point to the cold hard facts.

    @#8 Coventina: It’s only a rolling restart Just teleport somewhere else while the region you are in is restaring, then teleport back a few minutes later – its not like they are taking down the whole grid!.

    And folks don’t pick on the vendors, most of them are good and reasonable people, just like most of you πŸ˜‰

    Enuf sed from me…


  20. Magi Merlin says:

    Free bears! Cool!!!

    Thanks for hanging around Frontier – PING

    I do hope you’re taking your pager with you this week end.

    Come down to the pier at De Newenham for a free beer – on the house – or something a little more sophisticated – this year’s vintage is gonna be a beauty!

    PS: Check the batteries in your pager before you head out the door.

  21. hugsalot says:

    i got my bear! yay!

  22. will says:

    This blog entry was so important, it got its own font!

  23. Eddi Decosta says:

    Inventory bug fixed, verry nice thx , you make a good job πŸ™‚

  24. I am currently seeing that there was a rolling restart started way before you guys projected time i wish to see this back running asap hence this is my main business “i make money off this not RL” thanks your playing with someones time which they truely need. and this shouldnt have happened on the weekend … people!

  25. hugsalot says:

    get a better traffic counter… jezz.

  26. Susannah Clary says:

    Thanks for the bear! And the milk and cookies. Now I can sleep peacefully knowing the mighty Lindens are fixing everything while I sleep. This WILL fix the incredible lag on the mainland right? I am hiding out on my island in the mean time!

  27. hugsalot says:

    I’ve had login crashes happen all the time and for YEARS. This isn’t anything new. It’s usually due to a bad texture cache. Just go into preferences, networking, and clear out your cache, then restart the viewer. That usually that fixes login crashes.

  28. Jonquille says:

    Could you have not picked a WORSE time than on a Friday night? I know it keeps with the standard of inconveniencing the most people at one time, but still…. NICE WORK!

  29. I had this happen last night and lost something custom made for me. Glad to hear it’s being fixed.

  30. Eddi Decosta says:

    I am sorry for the last time if I were also direct by deferring a bug on the forum, I know that it was not the best place, I should have passed by the system β€œIssue tracker” that this will not reproduce more πŸ™‚

  31. Celierra Darling says:

    Jonquille – it’s not Friday night anymore, it’s Saturday morning. πŸ˜›

  32. OMG…. the lindens look like they really screwed up this time! enjoy people. i am going to be surfing and chatting to my friends in the mean time if anyone wishes to add me on yahoo messenger go ahead. “tech_sbc_khawkins”

  33. Jesse says:

    WOW, there’s Some SERIOUS issues right now, and I am not just spouting about normal grid upheaval that is to be expected during a roll… and I would LOVE to know who’s BRIGHT IDEA the DELAY restart button was??? It locks you into a one hour delay , without the ability to reset sooner if you choose, wth?

    I mean if it has something to do with the fact that the grids a rollin’ and it may screw stuff up to reset at a sooner time, this I can understand. If that were the case, however, shouldn’t the reset functions be disabled on all sims during a roll, until it is over?

    delaying vs. cancelling seems like a rather pointless change if the “some changes you will hardly notice” updates to the messaging system really will do what it is supposed to.

    Lawd, it is sure irritating not being able to reset my sim when i need to.

  34. Takeshi says:

    This doesnt belong either, but getting irritated with no reply. When are you going to sort out your credit card issues? We were on the phone for 2 days with you telling us it was our bank, and come to find out it was you all along. Now other tenants are telling me they are having the same issue. Cant get their credit cards to register. Really, whats the point?

  35. give it time.. the reset is coming.. there working on it .
    and thats a good thing because better working on it then geting the bug ..good JOB lindens..keep it up .the more the better …!

  36. Dilbert Dilweg says:

    heh All time low for the weekend for user count 22,000 online and normaly about 25 to 26,000 on line. Didnt even hit 45,000 yesterday . As the User base declines with Discouragement and constant bugs Will be interesting to see how long it takes to lose about 50,000 users . But atleast we got Objects!!! coughs
    Oh yea feel free to file a Bug report . oh and a ticket too ..laughs hard…
    Whoops i spilled my coffeee

  37. Cargo Tomsen says:

    @#26 It’s the holiday season, which may account for some of that. I currently have 5 of my SL friends away on hols, so away from their PCs.

    Gotta say, the restarts don’t do wonders for a career in overnight camping, but glad the effort is being made to fix bugs πŸ™‚

  38. Morgana Hilra says:

    Is it just me.. or is anyone having an issue..with.. oh I don’t know…
    I can not login.. or rather if I do I can not move at all.. plus, my clothing is downloading for over an hour, til I crash, and have to start over again.
    My lindens are not logging.. I can not tp, let alone get out of crouch mode.. i had my sister, and my brother both try to log into their accounts, and they got the same issue..
    Is there any ..change in sight?
    BEFORE the “”new version””?

  39. SharpKnife Beaumont says:

    Hi lindens, This failed to rez bug also on land where you have rights!
    I lost a few things yesterday.

    A local backup on own pc would be a nice feature!.

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